LaunchBox – Review and Setup Guide!

good day guys Asli and today we’re looking at launch box and oh my god is this a front-end now you know that I bring to front ends here and I try it you know Big B’s front ends up because there’s so much work that goes into these you know hyper spiel is probably the most favored one on my channel because to me it’s got all the bells and whistles it’s got all the flavor it’s got all the are it shows you it’s got a pizzazz about it and retro Fe the next one that’s coming along because I think that’s going to be the next evolution in visuals now this one Launch Box it has found its niche and I think it’s an excellent niche because it’s something that many of you guys have been hanging on for for a long time it’s got usability not in just in terms of actually utilizing the GUI itself as in choosing your systems choosing your games scrolling through avid and look around searching a lot all that kind of stuff it does that exceptionally well and I will cover that in a second what this does and the major thing that brings the market is compatibility in terms of setting this up this is a bottle to get up and running on your computer I mean if you are I don’t know going down the road of hyper spin and you’ve been brushed up against it before you’ll know it it’s a pain in the ass I try my best to help you out but there are certain pitfalls and certain amount of you if you aren’t that technically able you know it’s not an insult it’s just the way the world is some people are gonna text some people or not some people haven’t just got a time for if about say I understand that complete now this is where I think it finds its niche because launchbox has found a way to get this not only up and running on your computer but to get all your systems that you are using working inside launchbox on your computer without any hassle whatsoever I need minimum I mean this can play your emulators so I don’t know we GameCube main arcade classics tato type X all the ones that I cover on my channel Sega Saturn Nintendo DS Jesus go forever and it plays those but also it plays all your PC games but any hassle whatsoever in fact it actually looks Hold’em on your computer if you’ve got a Steam library already set up on your computer it will automatically scrape all your games and get them configured and ready to run with a click of a button again we’ll cover that in a second it also DOSBox everybody know it’s a pain in the ass as thousands and thousands of games on DOSBox you know and it’s a forgotten gem and it can be you know a little tricky to say the least sign it up on other front ends this one again click at the bottom it’s up and running in no time it really does take usability and functionality to the next level now as you can see it’s not the most beautiful problem Queen out of the box you know when you put this in comparison to retro Fe as we’re looking at and especially hyper spin this isn’t all the singing all the dancing bells and whistles that some of you may like from a front but that’s the thing that you’ve got to take into consideration when you’re thinking about your front end do you want it to be all singing or dancing or do you want functionality and for me functionality is launch boxes niche now first off like I said everything is almost done out of the box these large boxes probably I call over this but all those you do is basically tell it what were you roms are it will actually give you links of words or download the emulator isn’t and even tell you how to set them up it is exceptional of what it does but once you’ve added it it will automatically download all the information relevant for that game it will automatically download all the artwork or lissandra’s or the platform information the age ratings the actual user ratings it really does do the next level of well functionality again it’s a keyword for this one functionality and usability it is on par now the other things that when you’re navigating through the other front ends they’re limited in Allinol so let’s say for example hyper spin you can first off load your system so you choose whatever system we main Sega Saturn and you choose an Evo into it the only thing that you can do is then choose that system so once you’ve chosen that you go into a sub wheel now when you’re in your

sub wheel you can then scroll through all the games without any hassle whatsoever the problem is that what you’ve got is just a big long list of games and they’re listed alphabetically or data basically in other words whatever database you’ve got set up it will list them in that order and there’s not many other options over then choosing your favorites or choosing your genre so the problem is then it’s all pre config – whatever you put in there again adding another layer of complexity to the actual setup of it and also giving the wealth you have to actually input that yourself so that’s where I think it falls down in terms of launch box however it’s all done for you everything along each step of the way is done for you it it picks you up it’s like your little child and it picks you up by the hand and it walks you along your merry way of gaming and enjoyment it takes all the pitfalls and problems away now don’t get me wrong you’re still going to have to configure your emulators configure your controls however this actually utilizes them in an exceptional way and to be honest if you’ve already got another front-end and you’re already using rocket launcher you can actually already use that program in conjunction with this so in other words you don’t even need to configure it it’s already done for you but we will cover that in later videos for now though let’s actually have a look at what the hell I am talking about because this is I feel the next evolution for people who just wanna get gaming for God’s sake you don’t want to mess around so when you load it up you are greeted with something similar to this now don’t get me wrong you will not have anything in there you will have no games no systems no nothing inside your front end it will just be blank you’ll probably have your desktop behind it and you will need to do a little bit of configuration but watch this guy’s watch how easy this is to get up and running with a system now as you can see I’ve already done in Tendo 64 and in tender with the same system inside no Gameboy we PC and turbo graphics 16 now this is the default menu you can change the colors you can change the layout you can change the sizes of the boxes all that kind of stuff you can change the actual styles and every fit of the boxes which you wish to do now also when it downloads it gives you all the details of the game gives you fan out in the background and you can change all this to your own you know taste to be honest at the end of the day there’s a hell of a lot of functionality that you can go into these little layers I haven’t got time to go through this in this video always will be here all day but what I want to do is show you the actual functionality of it at this early stage so to be honest there’s no better way of doing that with actually showing you the process of setting up a system on this front end so this is how easy it is guys first off go to your Tools menu up at the top here now you’ve got laws of options that we may go into and various other videos as we go through it however the first one up at the top here tools this is how you actually add a system on to your into your front end so as you can see we’ve got import now you can choose large boxes it package so in other words is thrown prepackaged stuff that you can add to it itself you can add ms-dos games as we were talking about before it’s pre-configured to set it up in a way which is very user friendly in its setup you can have rom files which is basically your rap emulation side of it also your snares nares we GameCube nintendo 64 amiga Sinclair spectrum Zed X bloody Blackmore forever but you get this gist on that one and also you can do Steam games or just your novel Windows games to be honest it’s all set out in a way which is so simple and well let’s actually do one let’s do a rom file so I’m going to set up an emulator in this front-end to show you how easy it is now very much bigger to rely probably upon my internet speed at this point and for those of you who watch my channel you’ll know it’s not the best to say the least but let’s get stuck in anyway so first stage then welcome to the ROM the setup the air blah blah whatever get out my face right this bit what it’s asking me for is the roms I want to add to the system so what I want to add here is not all my roms but the specific set for one system so let’s have a look I don’t know to do I don’t wanna do something too big because it’ll take all day you need to download all the arts my internet speed is shocking

so let’s find one of my rom folders that see what I’ve got ear and what’s good but not too big I don’t want to be downloading forever so the closer Sega system it’s a lot of and there are a lot of Nintendo so far so let’s have a look at what Sega has got to offer and Sega Master System why not let’s get stuck in let’s add that ok right so I’ve told it where the folder is if you’ve got your ROM split verb whatever reason whatever personal opinion may have on you know organizing your ROM sets you can add more than one location as long as they’re all to do with this same system so in other words in my example here I’m choosing the master system so next thing that we need to do is click on next platform that the roms are belong to so basically we’ve already chosen the master system but this doesn’t know that we’re actually meaning it to load the master system because well it’s not scanned the game so it doesn’t know the name of the folder so now we’re telling it what system all these games belong to so let’s go here let’s have a look at probably come on the Sega Saturn will it take a take a sound Sega Master System yep there we go easy as that shall default platforms yeah next one then choose an emulator so at this point then you can choose one that you’ve already configured or you can use one that well what tickles your fancy for just to show you I mean I’m going to be running this through retro edge but I want to actually show you how easy it is to actually add a emulator to this so I’m actually gonna in fact I’ll click Edit since messing them isn’t it now as you can see if you were to click Add and you had no previous systems already installed on this no emulators should I say then you’ll be greeted with a box well exactly like this but it will more than likely all be blank so here at the top right hand corner it will give you what it recommends as the emulator for this system now don’t take its word for it because to be honest a lot of the time it likes to you standalone emulators whereas in a lot of time you can actually get away we’ve installed in one a retro watch and that will cover you know 90% of all your systems that you want to work with list you know it does the Sega Game Gear this didn’t intend Oh Game Boy Game Boy Color Game Boy Advance Mega drive/genesis Master System snares snares bloody black goes on forever but you know you can get away with just setting one emulator at this point so I’ve done that I’ve chosen retro sizings dude is drop-down box above find whatever setup you want to add then browse for your Exe file and I’m going to show you all through that well basically find the Exe file for the emulator and that’s it it’s done I mean don’t get me wrong you probably a graph to configure your controls and your screen resolution all that stuff outside of here but actually adding this emulator to it it’s just a case of showing it where it is and some of the voids name is and that’s it it’s done the rest of the stuff is quite technical you don’t have to worry about at this stage because what’s be honesty it’s all user intuitive it it sets a lot of this up as common sense so unless you’ve got any weird systems going on this should be tickety-boo working without any issues so next thing then is obviously click OK and that’s wretch watch now open running on our system now next thing that we need to do is obviously for next now it’s asking us do we want to keep this in the current location or do we want to move all our stuff to a standardized location now because I use very well because I use various front ends especially for these tutorials our guides or reviews I like to keep everything in its own particular place but what it can do is if you’ve added this ROM set from a download or something like that it will actually organize itself by doing copies that a large box same folder or again moving it somewhere else but in this instance I want to keep everything in its current location because I’ve got lots of front ends and I’ve got loads of stuff using it from that location if that makes any sense am I just talking up my ass at this moment I’m probably but I’m gonna do that anyway ok next thing is a skater’s metadata feed games as I talks about it does all this automatically once I add this system for every game it will find the database the metadata from Gamze database or Wikipedia or from well various of a resources it will download the artwork is available it will download a write-up it will download the Stars it will tell you when it was made how many players have been done who published it what make it is the actual name of the game when it was released it goes on forever there’s so much information that can be sourced and not

only can it be sourced and given to you but it can sort by that data reg as well we’ll cover that in a second but yeah basically once they say there’s do you want to use that yes the course I do because that’s the whole reason of me using this so I’m gonna click next okay next thing is asking would you like to download the images for all your games so what it can download is not just the Box up but it can do the the front box are the plac box art clear logo fan art screenshots bloody blah do you want through that I would be a click yes because finished it’s not going to take up that much space you know it’s nice he’s not 1990 anymore we haven’t got the old 2 gigabyte hard drives we were into the terabyte area and even if you did download all the art for all these systems you’re not going to make a dent on a terabyte hard drive you know you’re probably looking into the tens of gigabytes rather than the hundreds or thousands depending on of course what kind of systems are going to be setting up I’ll get in so next would you like to specify any custom options again depends on the system that you setting up you may want to go into this kind of stuff but when it’s 99 percent at a time you guys should be clicking on a default which is look for a PDF file if is one available I wouldn’t mind on and look at the game manuals so in this case finish now what is good to do now is unlike many of the other front ends it actually uses kind of a what I like to call fat match because it’s a analogy it basically looks for the name of all the wrongs that you’ve given it in that folder it looks at the database for that system and all the games are available and it tries to marry up a match up all the game names in its database with the games that you hold so as long as you’ve not got anything to mental and in love with it’s a standard kind of format for the games and terminus most downloads at least have the full title in there I mean look at me wrong if you just got a cold as the name then you probably ain’t got a matchup unless you got something like Maine which actually uses a cold for bar but one which is you know unique to each game and is a standard that’s the only kind of way that you probably get away with that but basically common sense guys it kind of marries up the name of the game what it holds in each database in its tries to match as well as player now I’m going to trust what it says because I’ve done this a few times on quite a few systems my roms are usually in the no intro format which gives a full title and the why’d you say the place where it comes from as in the country and it finds them without any castle whatsoever so I’m gonna trust I’m gonna go on its word and actually trust that it finds the games because if you were to go down the list which would take probably all day for larger systems we won’t be let down put it that way okay finish so now what it’s going to do with my blazing fast internet is find all the games which marry up to that and now game time okay so I’m just great they’ve run now download all this stuff my internet is terrible so I’m going to be here for ages so I’m probably going to cut straight to this once it’s complete and then take you through the next stage of the process but as you can see actually add in the system there’s no problem all once this is complete all I have to do is take a few boxes and that’s it it’s added to the system and then going to take you through the functionality of it so see you in a second guys right okay it’s complete and as you can see it’s brought up a error this is probably due to the fact that my internet is shockingly bad or is it’s saying is that it can’t find the ROM in the database so obviously whatever that ROM is it doesn’t match anything that it can find in the database but consider it’s just added a couple of hundred games to the system one out of all that I can deal with to be honest I can deal with I can actually go in there and set all that stuff manually or I can redefine the name of it to actually name the date to match the database and it should then fall into place without any hassle whatsoever but for now I can deal with that okay so that is how easy is now as you can see on the left hand side I’ve not got the this system set up yet so if I was to click yes 278 games were imported successfully so now on the left-hand side it should show up the boom so as you can see now I’ve got the sega master system booming on my computer yeah and as you can see just by that simple act it’s downloaded all the cover up it’s downloaded all the details usually get like a little screenshot and background and all kinds of things going on it’s all ethically good yes sorry guys I get excited about the slightest

little things but that is how easy it is to add a system to this front-end all you need to do now is actually click on it and load it and it will play no problem so what I want to do now is take you through how easy it is to actually use this system so now we’ve actually added the games we’ve added our systems with are all easy this you’d actually utilize and get things set up in no time to be honest to get things up and running on our cabs on our computers our arcade machines our HT pcs now actually being able to utilize it in terms of a GUI in other words us interacting with this it is so easy and that’s what I think this guy Jason Carr he’s found his caveat he’s found his niche in the market for this kind of stuff now as you can see you are greeted with all this kind of information the write-ups the star ratings you can give it your own rating if you wish I don’t know the years they play account the ratings all that kind of stuff it can all be done and it’s done for you but then you can actually utilize information to your own advantage so as you can see down the left hand side there you’ve got all the systems that we set up so far we got the way I put my PC games in there it’s actually got all this from Steam so all the information the screenshots are all that kind of stuff it’s all there for you so what you can then do is take that one stage further so where it says I put a top here so far it’s sorting by a platform what you can actually do is sort it by loads of other things also so if you’ve got any favorites you can sort it by favorites we’ve got developers you can start it by developers so not only is it doing it for the system but it’s doing for all systems whoever developed this game I don’t know if you’ve got any star ratings regions actual ratings publishers if you’ve got any publishers that you like doing it the sort the list is endless and not only is this listed list but you can also make your own go into custom down here and as you can see at this moment in time it’s only got all so he’s showing all games that’s available so at this point in time if one of these few systems Perron i’ve got to show some 4543 games is showing the mall is more than time what I can then do is click on the box here and I can sort by all these or a combination of them all so I can sort by genre the rate in the actual title of it the play mode the series the state is the source number of players when it was added my favorites I can put them all into an order of war of each a combination of the ball or combination of some the possibilities are endless you’re only limited by your own imagination I love that little save okay so I’ve recovered that I think I’ve blown this ones trumpet enough and well yeah that is what we’ve got that is what we’ve come up with and Jason Carr an awesome thing this is now the good thing is also this is free everything that you’ve just seen is all free now I do have the premium version I’ll go into more detail in that in a second but that does add more functionality to it but everything that you see in this is actually free I believe let me have a look I’m still learning this myself to be honest go so I’m no pro I’m not gonna blow me on trippy too much on this but apparently if I was to press f11 I get this full screen and you can then lose the boxes on the side you can lose all this stuff down the side and you can actually start going into it and it to make it look a little more better and a bit more fluid but this is all free you know you can zoom in zoom out apparently for the ctrl + + I can make the boxes bigger and smaller depending on you know what I want to do but get out of this for a second f11 back to normal I’m still learning this myself but yeah there’s there is so many options that you can go through you can change the color you can change the layout you can change the systems that are added the way it’s brought to you and go on forever basically go interview find the set that you want however guys if you go to the website here is the website link in the description down below it will take you through well all the features that I haven’t added so as you can see by this screenshot you can change the colors the layout all the kind of stuff and it’s easy to do everything I’ve shown you is free now if you were to pay for the premium version you get an extra little addition you get big box now big boxes were this I feel comes to life and to be honest a is worth the money now take your own time go for this

website make your own opinion take the free offer and have a look download it set it up see if it if it it floats your boat see if it’s good enough but remember that actually to me is kind of like the I don’t know the config menu the way I get it all set up what actually I would use as a front-end is big box now let me just show you in real time what big box is all about now you can load big box from its own executable file within the folder you know you can put it up just as you know launched type spin game X Maximus arcade all that kind of stuff you could just load it as it is from its own you know front end however you can also get to it from here with this little tab at the top here if I click into this it will Wilo well into big box and there you go this is big box this is basically a completely user friendly version of what we just been looking at so this is the more instinctive version now the media is set up a lot better so many options you can go through for this so at this moment in time it’s showing me the you know the Nintendo at the bottom down there is showing the reason if I was to add favorites it would show it just above there it’s it’s really good and it’s just a case of up and down left and right it’s all made really user friendly and yeah it really does take it to the next level so let’s say for example I don’t know let’s have a look at Nintendo Entertainment System what’s going in as you can see it’s got the box art it’s got the actual write up it tells you how many times has been played it tells you about the game itself in words it shows you the videos and everything that goes with it so it’s quite loud this together it’s exceptional in what it does and all that is done for you sorry it’s really loud for a bride to speak all that is done for you you can add the videos yourself if you wish you can go to mu movies circle the guy over there he offers I think it’s a gig a day and that it basically will well it’s almost an entire system I believe a gig when it’s compressed you can download all the Nintendo videos for that day if you make 24 so believe it is then he will up that to 1.5 gigabytes a day which definitely is a system well obviously depending on what system you working on and then you can download all the art and everything but all the templates all the information hold the screenshots the box art and everything it’s all done for you anyway all’s you can then do is take it up one stage further adding your own artwork as you wish so let’s say for example we just added the master system now this is what will load as default if you was to use the on well the screen put as is okay so it gives you the screenshots it gives you the box art it gives you all the information everything is there for you and it’s done as standard again guys there’s no messing around there’s no tracing down you know I don’t know master sister box are all the screenshots all the information it’s all done for you and that’s what I think sets this differently from but all the other front Ed’s out there it all the pain in the ass to be honest this one different okay let’s get out of this bit let’s have a look at interval graphics 16 as you can see the fan art comes up at the back it’s almost like it’s from I don’t know Cody the rom launcher all that kind of stuff it goes in hand-in-hand with that kind of setup cool game Battle Royale but yeah it really does take it to the next level I always say that but it because if you want a quick setup no hassles whatsoever this is the way to go now for this big box version as in what you see right before you know this is $20 now I know it’s deep and I always try and make you and well I always try to bring you everything for free and to realize everything that you seen before I loaded up big box was free and it can look a lot better if you spend a bit of time setting it up the way you want so to be honest all the functionality Jason cards made it so all this functionality all the looks all the downloads everything is free the only thing he charges for is when you get this functionality when you start messing around and you get all this kind of appearance this is where it’s 20 bucks

and you know I think it’s worth it because yes is 20 bucks but it’s 20 bucks forever every update that he makes and it’s aberrancy does update this quite often 20 bucks now and it’s done that’s it you know for the rest of your life you can embrace this front end forever so that is this to Billis that is the way it is let’s have a look at the week see if we can load something up I don’t even know if I’ve configured this correctly to be honest let’s have a look at I can leggo so as you can see he you’ve got the video you’ve got the box out you’ve got the right of everything is done for you I cannot believe he’s managed to do this without any hassle whatsoever but let me see if I have configured this correctly and we can actually play it I see that’s looking good yes there we go there is the a all configured but is it launching it’s almost seamless you know you can have this for every system that you own you can probably set up I don’t know a system every five minutes the only thing that takes time we’ve actually setting systems up on this is configuring your controls in the emulator and the actual downloading of all the box are all the Kartar and all that kind of stuff as you know if that takes long and to finish that all depends on obviously your internet now if you’ve already got box out that you want to utilize let me come out of here because it’ll take forever if you’ve already got box out that you want to utilize if you’ve already got Carter if you already got fun art or you want to add your own again it’s all user friendly I’ll take you probably take you through that in later videos but it’s just a case of drag and drop it into it into a folder if you want to use your old videos again drag and drop it into a folder you don’t even need to be named correctly as long as they’re along the same lines it’s good to go this is how this excels itself from the others now look forward in the upcoming videos I’m going to show you how to utilize this with rocket launcher so if you’ve only got a high to spin set up already in motion or you’ve got one and you just want to give this a go I’m going to show you how to make it so basically you don’t need to do anything you just install this program link it’s a rocket launcher and everything is already up and running because if you think about it rocket launcher launches your games it controls all your media it controls all that kind of stuff when it launches this is just a front-end which tells it to launch so in essence you don’t need to set anything up you just need to tell it to say ah don’t bother using an emulator just tell rocket launcher when you wanna launch something easy as pie so I’m going to take you through that in later videos because I think we’ve dragged this up with elect Jason cars us enough today at the hip but I think he really adds to the top-notch job and he deserves all the praise he gets now if there’s good person I believe that he would find it within his heart to give some free keys some premium keys to give out to you guys but of course that’s his wish I will not bully anybody into anything I don’t ask for any comebacks or anything of all this stuff that I do it’s all up to you guys with a praise and your likes and your subscribes that actually makes this what it is but thank you Jason Carr even for the work that you put into this stage it is exceptional and your front-end sets yourself apart from all the others you have found the niche my friend you really have found the niche and that’s why I intend to follow through with a few more videos along the this series because I think it deserves it and I think this is a very valuable option for people who just want to get set up no [ __ ] no issues dog bothering around chasing things down for 10 years just to get up and running this is straight out the box open running front end madness so there you go thank you very much Jason you really have done a good job right look forward guys christmas time is around the corner and I’m working on I’m trying my best to get you the biggest ever Christmas present that is available that I can get my hands on for you guys and it’s gonna be available for everybody so please look forward to that video is imminent now please as always please like please subscribe take a look at my facebook channel I try to give out as much information on there as possible ie in terms of games roms all kind of stuff because I’m limited to my exposure that can put on you so look forward in the future guys lots more to come as always and most of all guys most of all Merry Christmas laters you