[TO DO TOMORROW X TOGETHER] [This content is produced with a sponsorship from KidZania Seoul] [Previously] [TOMORROW X TOGETHER visited] Isn’t this the place kids love more than [a children’s theme park to role play and experience real jobs] any other theme parks? This is the best. Really So, this is how it works [Various missions poured in for each job] This is it. This is it I’ve won, didn’t I? [Time attack. Each needs to keep their best records for each mission] SOOBIN, what’s with this 26 seconds? [What do I do?] I didn’t get 1st place [Nervous and anxious] I think I would be at the bottom of the ranking Which ranking am I on? [The moment you let your guard down, your ranking drops down as well] 3rd place This is really scary [1 line summary = chaotic] I left it there. I’m such a fool [We even got give ups] I only saw 1. Can I give up? [They approached the mission fiercely, but…] No. How is it over when I’m not done? [SOOBIN NO… 1] – There’s nothing where I’m in 1st place? – Right [Who will be the real 1st place in the time attach city?] Shall we move on to the next game? TO DO [This video was filmed in a safe environment] To get a chance to eat the ice cream, [in accordance with the government’s preventive measures against pandemics] I’ll just stroll slowly and take a look [Totally laid-back] [Coughs] [Finds a special force training] Isn’t that the special force? [Special force mission is dropping 11 m rappel] Go! [SOOBIN gives the special forces mission a go] Please open it Go like this and put the feet here and hands there – Then I just go down? – Put your feet on both sides [In a hurry] – Like this? – The yellow rope. – I go down? [Go? Really go?] I just hold the yellow rope and go down? Yes – I’ll go – Yes [Oh. The bunny Choi who came down from the heavens say…] [Hmm. It’s not a big deal] [Oops] Hold on [Children’s play. The mission was more dull than expected] It’s more dull than I expected [Resting on the fire truck] I need go come when the siren goes off, right? [Why is this the same?] Totally the same Doesn’t it feel like SOOBIN will come, going, “What is this? What is this?”? [He won’t be fooled by this, would he?] [Caught a big fish] What is that? Is that someone mimicking the sound or the real fire truck? – The fire truck – Is this the sound of the fire truck? [Why does the fire truck sound so flippant?] Why is it so flippant? SOOBIN’s over there [At that time, BEOMGYU trying out the news mission] This is the breaking news The National Police Agency has changed their prison window steel bar from the single rod [Buffering] From the single rod steel bar to the double rod steel bar To the double rod steel bar [1st danger] Ieung, rieul, ieung, rieul They put this in a twist on purpose The National Police Agency has changed their prison window steel bar [2nd danger] from the single rod steel bar to the double rod steel bar [Ah! (is that what you did?)] [Retry!] Challenge accepted. This is a breaking news The National Police Agency has changed [Re-retry!] Again. This is breaking news The National Police Agency has changed This is breaking news. The National Police Agency has changed their prison window steel bar from the single rod steel bar to the double rod steel bar, reportedly Accordingly, the Public Prosecutors’ Office also changed from the single to double steel rod The public’s attention is focused on this matter Next is the weather reporter, CHOI BEOMGYU Please come in This is the weather reporter, CHOI BEOMGYU I will report on the weather news The heart of the nearby supermarket is very warm The warmth of their buy 1 get 5 free event reminds us of a late April weather This has been CHOI BEOMGYU [Ending with an idol pose] [BEOMGYU: 1 minute 2 seconds 58] It’s 1 minute 2 seconds 58 [Suddenly demotivated] I won’t do it I don’t think this is the way to do it [The directionally challenged obtained a map] Nice I’m so bad with directions but I got a map It’s here [Entering a new path] [Isn’t it?] or not? [He really was directionally challenged] This way [Embarrassed] [And he goes into the electricity safety mission] Hello I’ll use this Tada A free entrance pass You seem to be so unlucky This is great [Round 1. 3 free entrance passes he obtained from the farm] Free entrance pass for 3 times I think this is so very good as well [Goes on the challenge for free without paying the grape berries] Ready, start [First, find out the cause for the blackout] [What’s this room?] [Staff storage] [The directionally challenged enters the underworld] [After he disappeared into the dark like that] [Switch ON] Yes? – You can’t go out that way – Is that so? Sorry. I turned the lights on for the storage [YEONJUN and TAEHYUN gets off after making a round around the city] Thank you, driver – Okay – Please take this guy further [Saying cool byes and going their separate ways] – See you, TAEHYUN. – Bye-bye Where would the electrical safety be? [It’s time!] YEONJUN, YEONJUN, YEONJUN, YEONJUN! [YEONJUN got there early] [Roams around] – This is so epic – Only 1 person can do it? [Nice. Both of them can try out this time] This time, 2 can

Right. When we go about doing it like this [Mission – minus 1] We’ll do rock, scissors, and paper minus 1 [Gulp] Rock, scissors, paper Minus 1 [YEONJUN wins!] Nice! [YEONJUN successfully acquired 10 grape berries] – YEONJUN wins. – YEONJUN wins [Please give me the grape berries] – Thank you. – Minus 1 How many are there? [10? Please give a bit more] That’s honestly too stingy. Please give a bit more [Negotiation failed] No? Alright [Following, TAEHYUN also succeeds!] Rock, scissors, paper. Minus 1 Wins Sir. Hold on, please! – Sir. Is this perhaps the electrical safety mission? – Yes I’ll do the electrical safety [If someone’s in the middle of their try, others need to wait] You can’t go in now – Why? – Someone else is in the middle of their mission [At that time, HUENINGKAI completed up to finding the lost items] [HUENINGKAI: 4 minutes 21 seconds 13] Thank you Goodbye [BEOMGYU came to do the hotel mission] 1, 2, 3. Challenge accepted [Hmm…] That’s already there [BEOMGYU’s mission picture] [BEOMGYU’s checklist Teacups, slippers, drawers, fruits] [Done?] Done [Only 4 out of 5 are correct] Can you tell me what I got wrong? [Such a shame that he got a very trivial thing wrong] You got 1 wrong. Very trivial one The guests won’t even notice that What is it? [What did BEOMGYU miss?] [Trying out the news mission!] Challenge accepted A new chanson singer’s new spring chanson show is blowing a new breeze It’s been reported that calls are flooding in the Hangyoung tailor shop, which is next door to the Hangyang tailor shop who made the outfit for the singer Next is the weather reporter, TAEHYUN Please come in Hello, this is TAEHYUN. Tomorrow, my friend’s mood is forecasted to get rapidly better This is due to me treating him to a meal The friend’s warm smile is forecasted to continue until next weekend. This has been the weather Is this the end? [TAEHYUN: 34 seconds 91] It’s 34 seconds 91 [Not happy with the score] I’m not pleased with that 34 seconds 91? Oh, what is this? [YEONJUN visits the farm for the 1st time] I don’t need anything to do this, right? I want to give it a go. How do I do it? [Farm – Play a random game with unlucky production crew] [to win and get a chance] I’ve won [YEONJUN tries the pirate in a barrel game] I’m really good at this! [Confident] You’ve picked a wrong person to go against [Ah. Already laughing at the thought of winning] [Thinking you’d lose] You’re scared, aren’t you? [Battle continues on without any hint of ending] [What is this?] Wow. Hold on Hold on [Only 2 slots remain!] [How will the wheel of fortune turn?] Really? Nice! Nice. Nice [Cough of joy] Please give it [Getting a chance from the hit and miss game] [YEONJUN’s chance Reduce your record of choice by 3 seconds] Nice Thank you. I’ll come back later, sir Thank you [HUENINGKAI came after the fire truck’s siren] It’s HUENINGKAI What is this? I was just running by chance You should’ve left that. Why did you take it? [What do I do? Oh, no] What do I do? [He brought the mission prop with him in his hurried state of mind] [It’s alright] Sorry! I’m really sorry. I took it with me [Sweating] [It’s hot] [Hello, I’ve come to put out the fire] Hello [He starts cham-cham-cham covered in sweat] – The game will start. Cham-cham-cham. – Yes [Only the left and right this time] There’s only going left or right It’s changed – Only the left and right? – Yes. It was too easy Cham-cham-cham A success [Sweet grape berries won with a single try] Thank you What is this? [Courteously greeting] I’ll see you a bit later then [Whatever others may do, I’ll continue on my eating ways] [Yum yum] [Looking around] I wanted to go and see the cereal cafe I’m curious [Not a care in the world] [SOOBIN looking for the next mission with a relaxed sightseeing manner] What’s this? Why am I back here? [A repeat sign] [What is this? Is it an inception?] Huh? [Going back the way he came down] [A salmon SOOBIN] What is this? Where’s the airplane? [Circling back] Where would the airplane be? Oh, it’s here. What’s this? It was right nearby Wow, this is so real

[BEOMGYU getting ready for the pit stop & driving track mission] Will it be faster to do them one by one or all at once? Should I do it one by one? That would be better, right? [Sneaks in to set the wheels] [Feeling a bit guilty] I can have them set and ready, right? – Right? – No. Just up till this Up till this? [It was good while it lasted] Okay. Let’s go Shall I? [BEOMGYU’s mission. Ready, start] Ready. Start! [Drilling] You have to pull it out from here like this [Drilling the same on the other side as well] [Pit stop is done!] [Quickly moving on to the driving track] Where’s the bike? [Hurries] [This bike is too much, isn’t it?] Too much, isn’t it? [+ creativity] I found a way [Suddenly became a quadricycle] [Chaotic] Is this right? [Finally, the tricycle is driven the way it should] Okay [BEOMGYU thought it easy, but went on a difficult journey] [Powerfully positive] It’s a train play going round and round [Move aside. The honky honk is coming] I’m getting faster now BEOMGYU’s leg power! [Welcome] [Scary] This isn’t it [Give me my leg] [Reaching the goal with his leg power] This course is Done [BEOMGYU: 3 minutes 54 seconds] It’s 3 minutes 54 seconds Am I the 1st place? [No] What’s that 2 minutes 53 seconds? Done Done! [With this, everyone’s completed the electrical safety mission] [SOOBIN in the middle of the airplane mission] [But, he’s doing the mission by looking at the mission card?] A cookie on the far left back And, a tissue for the next seat [Actually, during the interim check after round 1] For the airplane mission, which you found to be the most difficult, – I gave up on that – If TAEHYUN could be a bit [Airplane mission was made a bit easy with TAEHYUN’s consent] understanding and consent, could we change the mission a bit? [Relaxed] Yes, well, go ahead [At the end, the mission was made easy by allowing them to read the card] Why? I think it would be alright to just go with the current rule [Today’s job journal – For the passenger eating cookie on the far left back,] Cookie for the back [the passenger next to them requested tissues] And the tissue for the next seat [In front of the tissue requester was a passenger eating an apple] The front left passenger is [The front left passenger wanted to wear slippers] wearing a slipper [And the passenger behind them had a grey blanket on] The tissue requester Front is the apple and Done! [SOOBIN’s record goes on the 1st place with 36 seconds 33] Shall I change the 1st place? Bye, TAEHYUN I also got one where I’m the 1st place [Airplane Current Status 1 SOOBIN: 36 sec 33; 2 TAEHYUN: 1 min 29 sec] [3 BEOMGYU: 3 min 3 sec; YEONJUN failed; HUENINGKAI gave up] Hotel Hotel [Searching for the hotel] Hotel [Here it is] Hello Would you like to try it? Is there anyone who succeeded? [There isn’t anyone who succeeded the hotel mission] But it was exactly the same What? That can’t be [It looks like I can make it. I’ll try it!] Challenge accepted [Could YEONJUN be the first one to succeed?] [YEONJUN’s mission picture] [YEONJUN’s checklist Fruits, teacups, slippers, and done?] Done! Perfect Hold on [Adding in the drawer detail] [4 out of 5 is correct] [Failed?] – Why? – You got 1 wrong – Really? – Yes [What is it? I don’t know] [He ended up leaving without any records] Let’s go to the news [Changing to the news mission] I can try out other missions now, right? Someone’s doing that right now [HUENINGKAI / Weather angel (not rained on)] Hello, this is HUENINGKAI The dark clouds that shadowed the teacher Hello, this is HUENINGKAI The dark clouds that shadowed the teacher’s face is slowly going away It’s reported that the reason is because all the students did their homework this week unlike the last. This has been the weather [HUENINGKAI: 38 seconds 51] It’s 38 seconds 51 It is possible to break the record again, right? I need to make him not go through it successfully Is it 05? – It’s 38 seconds 51 – 51? Alright [News mission can be tried with 5 grape berries] It’s 5 grape berries. It’s a bit off, right? What do you think? [It’s too much…] 5? Shall I try it and break the record? Don’t you think I can do 24 seconds? [After HUENINGKAI went away, YEONJUN came back] Now that I’m on the 2nd floor… Hold on [The script is] Oh, it’s changed? I’ll see you next time [Still scanning the map] [Oh? It’s the siren] – Do I get grape berries from this? – You get grape berries. – I have plenty grape berries

[Game – Mukjjippa] – We’ll do Mukjjippa. – Alright Rock, scissors, paper [SOOBIN’s attack went in!] Scissors, scissors, rock – Please give it – Me, too Excuse me I want in, too [YEONJUN got there before him] Mukjjippa Rock, scissors, paper [First attack goes in] Rock! Scissors! Yes Do I do Mukjjippa as well? [I’m totally good at it] Totally good at it [Game – cham-cham-cham] We’ll do cham-cham-cham. Only left and right Cham-cham-cham [I think something went by just now] Excuse me. Let’s do it just one more time It’s my first time on the fire truck We’ve built a rapport doing the TO DO show [Laughing out loud] He said we built a rapport [Korean’s are weak on relationships] This is how little our relationship means to you? Alright. We’ll do Mukjjippa [It’s Mukjjippa this time!] No hand, you lose. Rock, scissors, paper [Defense] Paper [Fails] Paper Okay. Please give us 3 chances per turn next year [1st visit to the farm] What do I need to do? Please give me some grape berries [You can only get the chance by winning at the games] You need to win over me at the game Easy [It’s the pirate in a barrel again] I’m scared. Hold on Let’s go easy [Luck] I won Thanks. Please give the grape berries [Acquired 1 free entrance pass] Free entrance. Nice [Retries without a break] I’ll do another one of the farm game [If the dog comes at you when you pick up the bone, you lose] Let’s go 2 bones at a turn [Tries to throw them off their game] [Tap tap] [BEOMGYU succeeded!] Give it, please You can’t do with me [Acquired the chance of 3 free entrance pass] 3 times I can enter 4 times for free [Young and rich] I’m rich! Goodbye [Hmph] I don’t need the fire truck any more I have 4 free passes! [Wow, so excited] Let’s go back up [YEONJUN came to check his ranking] Hold on, please 1st place [Currently, TAEHYUN is in 1st place for driving track mission] – Who’s 1st? – You are Do you think I can break this record? [Never. Nope] No Is someone doing the hotel mission? Who is? [HUE-telier / Not Hermione Doing the mission again] [Baby bro] That’s wrong Did the members do it with the picture? What is this? Why do I have such qualms? I’ll take a look. Let me see. I’ll look with you [Since they say many hands make light work] This is right. Go ahead now! What are you doing? The time is… It’s the correct answer [No matter how fast you solve it, you fail if you get 1 wrong] – Is it? – Yes If I don’t finish it in time, is it just out? [But it’s better to finish fast] No, but you win with the time But, the time is, whether this is right or not There’s no one. That’s why I’m taking my time [Rule of any shop. If you say there’s no one, they start to flood in!] They’re going to come now Right? [I should do another mission while they get it ready] It takes time to set the hotel, right? Then, I’ll come back after I do another one I’ll look around and come back He’s a fool. He is HUENINGKAI, you succeeded Really? [HUENINGKAI mission photo is the same as the one for YEONJUN who failed] [HUENINGKAI’s checklist: Fruits, teacups, drawer, tea bag (that everyone missed), slippers] Is it possible to get this wrong looking at this? [HUENINGKAI felt qualms because it felt too easy] Something feels off Did the other members have more difficult ones? Did it get easy with me, perhaps? [Same mission photo YEONJUN = BEOMGYU = HUENINGKAI] [Am I dreaming?] Did I really succeed? [HUENINGKAI: 4 minutes 27 seconds 56] Ah! Let’s go there. The steel rod bars? [Meaning he wants to do the news mission] The steel rod bars [Tongue twist exercises] Double steel rod bars [His body reacts to the siren] Where’s the fire truck? Where’s the fire? [BEOMGYU the fire fly] Where do we have the fire? [I love fire truck] Fire truck for me, too! Should I do soccer again? Should I do it again? [After all that troubles, he goes on to the sportsplex again] There’s someone there [Someone’s already in the middle of a mission in the sportsplex] So cute It would be something to watch [Let’s double check the shoelaces Let’s double check the fire you’ve put out!] [Urgent] Me, me, me [Me, me, TAEHYUN] Me, me, me [Me, me, YEONJUN] – Me, me – Me, me [First comer YEONJUN plays cham-cham-cham first] It’s YEONJUN. YEONJUN, YEONJUN [Only right and left this time also] Alright, YEONJUN. We’ll do cham-cham-cham – Yes – Left or right Cham-cham-cham [You… Rapidly failed…] Bye-bye [TAEHYUN can only go left or right as well] – We’ll do left or right. – Yes. – Cham-cham-cham [Succeeded and got 10 grape berries] [BEOMGYU arrives one step too late] The fire truck [Where is it?] The fire truck, fire truck, fire truck

Excuse me, excuse me I want to go on the fire truck [Replies instantly at the unique talent] Fire truck, fire truck, stop [BEOMGYU has to do cham cham cham too] – Cham cham cham time. – Where? – (Staff) The left. – This side? – Yes. – Yes [Left side] Cham cham cham I trusted you too much! [Whew… I knew they’d trick me!] Should we start here? Let’s start with this [Wait, he’s going to check the results] I did a really bad job How did HUENINGKAI jump from there? Wow~ I’ll go. Start! [Hanging~ Hanging~] [Nervous] [Good job] [Special forces results] 1: BEOMGYU 16 seconds, SOOBIN: 17,8, HUENINGKAI: 21, TAEHYUN: 25, YEONJUN: 1,56] 4: TAEHYUN 25 seconds 5: YEONJUN 1 minute and 56 seconds [After the Sportsplex mission] After the Sportsplex mission, I’ll be done [SOOBIN will be done] After the Sportsplex mission [He’s going to try the ones that he’s most likely to win first place in again] I think I can try Oh there it is [TAEHYUN goes first] Hello – Please wait there – Yes, take your time. – Root for me [TAEHYUN tries again!] This is taking more time than I thought it would I’m bad at that [It looks a lot easier for him since it’s his 2nd try~] I’m bad at these stuff They picked the things that I’m bad at [!He got it in with his first throw!] – That’s in, right? – It went in [He gets past the hula hoops in a flash] [Determined] OK, OK, I’ll go now [Shocked] [TAEHYUN 40,43 seconds] You were so fast 40,43 seconds [Will anyone be able to break this record] Get out of the way HUENINGKAI [SOOBIN’s first try!] Go [This isn’t it] [It almost looks like the ball is dragging SOOBIN around(?)] [He’s done with soccer and now it’s time for basketball] [The line] Oh, the line is here [Throws nonchalantly] [Looking around] [Please go further back] I don’t think I’ll be able to do this [I don’t know] [Huh? This works?] [Argh] I’m bad with hula hoops [What is SOOBIN’s score?] [SOOBIN 1 minute 29,28 seconds] [Not bad…] I did a lot better than I thought… I’m 2nd I don’t think I’d be able to break TAEHYUN’s record anyways so I’m satisfied with this People who did worse than I did, should reflect on their bad performances [All members can try again] [HUENINGKAI came back to do the electricity mission again] Hello [Tries again!] Here I go! [Shuffling] [The light comes back on once he pulls the plug out] [What he has to find] Vacuum cleaner, pencil holder, scissors I’ll go [He’s much faster since it’s his second time] [HUENINGKAI 37,91 seconds] [He got 1st place] Thank you Goodbye [Still practicing] Single window bars Double window bars [He’s bound to dream about that] Single window bars The national police agency has single iron bars [The national police agency has single iron bars and double iron bars] [Is it just us, or is his pronunciation getting weirder?] [He’s broken now] Double iron… Double [He practiced until the very end] Single iron bars [He’s done warming up!] I really practiced this [What!? A different line!!!] It’s a different line. Why did it change? [Calm] Did you know this important thing about P.E class? The vaulting horse [He’s going to give it a try] I’ll go right away! [Did you know these important things about P.E class?] [You have to differentiate between the vaults that you can and cannot jump] [Is that vault one that I can jump over or is that one that I shouldn’t jump over] [You should make a decision] [Next, CHOI BEOMGYU, weather forecaster you’re on] [Hello I’m CHOI BEOMGYU] [The dark rain clouds that were over our teacher’s face is gone] [The reason is that the students] [did all their homework, unlike last week That is all from the weather section] [32 seconds…]

[Tries again right away, since he has a free coupon] I’ll try again [There’s no room to back out anymore] I can’t go back anymore My vocalist! He told me that I should send him recordings of me reading lyrics every day! [Uses his free coupon] [The staff changes the lines again] Let’s not be like that to each other Then there’s no reason I’m going again Here are some living tips Do you know the difference between peeled and unpeeled pea pods? Peeled pea pods are peas that don’t have the pods I give up on this one [He runs with his free coupon] Hurry up and run Here I go. Did you know this important thing about P.E class? You have to differentiate between the vaults that you can and cannot jump Is that a vault that I can jump over or is that one that I cannot jump over You have to make a good decision? I’ll go right away You can go first since you got here I’ll go Did you know this important thing about P.E class? [You have to differentiate between the vaults that you can and cannot jump Is that a vault that I can jump over or is that one that I cannot jump over You should make your decision. Next, TAEHYUN the weather forecaster, you’re on Hello it’s TAEHYUN [Bothering him up close] You can see that there’s a cold wind front next door The dog Jjongee asked for a snack but they ran out of snacks later on They should be more better prepared That’s it from the weather section [He has to start the weather section again] Hello it’s TAEHYUN. You can see there’s a cold wind front building up next door The neighbor’s dog Jjongee asked for a snack but they found out later on that they ran out They should be better prepared from now on That’s it from the weather section [TAEHYUN, 34,82 seconds] [Now it’s my turn] Do I put this back? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 [The same line?] Do I do the same lines or different ones? – We’ll change them – Change them? [Different lines] You must have prepared a lot [Come on~ That’s too difficult~!] What’s this about Goryeo and uniforms? [Mumbling] Park study of law and law [I’ll go to the hotel and come back later] [Practicing] The Hanyoung Tailor’s next to the tailor’s [The one before was easier?] The last one was easier A rookie chanson singer’s Shinchon chansonson? I’ll just try the one from before [Bangs on the hotel door] I’m going to go first [BEOMGYU’s hotel mission] 1, 2, 3, go [Wow, it’s changed] It’s changed [BEOMGYU’s mission photo] [What he has to check] [Frame, fruit, blow dryer, gown, amenities] [Is this right?] [How did he do?] The end Am I good to go? – (Staff) You missed one – Which one? [Please… Tell me!] Can’t you tell me? [He didn’t pull the curtains back!] Because the guest said he wanted to be alone [Holding in his laughter] Isn’t this too harsh? [Come on out] Oh you have to pull back the curtains! Here I go A rookie chanson singer’s new chanson is creating a new sensation The tailor that made the outfit, Hanyoung Tailor’s next to Hanyang Tailor is getting so many phone calls Next, SOOBIN the weather forecaster, you’re on Hello it’s SOOBIN The rain clouds that were over the teacher’s face are going away The reason is because the students did their homework, unlike last week’s The end [SOOBIN 16 seconds] 16 seconds? [Is he human or a motor?] That’s unbeatable [Feeling amazing] [He got 1st place] Give HUENINGKAI an easy one~ [Look at how relaxed he is] – So relaxed. – Do well. I’m going now Are you in there? Is BEOMGYU first place still? [BEOMGYU came to see the records] Is BEOMGYU still first place? Huh? Where did it go? [The mission results are hidden away 5 minutes before the time limit] Wow… You’re scary people [BEOMGYU tries once more!] OK, 1, 2, 3, go! There are too many plugs here [The blackout was caused by too much plugs in one multi-tab] So these plugs should be removed The ones that aren’t being used [He’s so familiar with the items] Here is the vacuum And the scissors are here And the pencil holder is right here I found them all The end [5 minutes left] They don’t know the records of the members [Please tell me] I was fast, wasn’t I? [Nods] That helps I’m getting better records, every time, aren’t I? [What! The mission photos are all different?] There are different cards? [Oh no] [TAEHYUN retries the hotel mission!] Retry

[FYI, the mission photo only HUENINGKAI succeeded in] [TAEHYUN’s checklist] [Tea bag, cup, fruit, drawer, slippers] [TAEHYUN succeeds] Done! [What is TAEHYUN’s record?] Someone is doing the hotel [Looking bright] He must be done – Failed? – Try it [YEONJUN came to do the driving track mission] – I’ll go. – Shout out try first. – OK Try [Trying] [Trying hard] [Now changes it easily] [Changes the remaining tire rapidly] OK [YEONJUN jumps on the tricycle again, the hardest mission] [Urgh] [Who will be the winner of the driving track?] [HUENINGKAI tries the news mission!] Try A new chanson singer’s new spring chanson show is blowing a new breeze It’s been reported that calls are flooding in the Hangyoung tailor shop, which is next door to the Hangyang tailor shop who made the outfit for the singer Next is the weather caster, HUENINGKAI Please you’re on Hello, it’s HUENINGKAI It’s the weather for the playground in front of my house The heat of the playing kids is not cooling down and has issued a special report turning the playground into a truly hot place That was the weather [What is HUENINGKAI’s record?] Thank you You can’t tell me? I’ll go right away. My try Did you know these important things about P.E class? You have to differentiate between the vaults that you can and cannot jump Is that vault one that I can jump over or is that one that I shouldn’t jump over You should make the decision. Next, TAEHYUN, the weather caster is on Hello, it’s TAEHYUN. It’s the weather for the playground in front of my house The heat of the playing kids is not cooling down and has issued a special report turning the playground into a truly hot place That was the weather [Cool exit] Looks like I’m in first place, right? [Hi] [I’m here again] Hello I heard you show the mission card? You drank a pink drink but the one sitting next to you drank a light green beverage. Then? [Today’s daily work journal] [The guest sitting to the aisle on the second row from the front] [drank a pink drink, but the one sitting next to that seat] [drank a light green drink] Also, the second to the far left [The second guest from to the far left in the front row asked for slippers] – in the front… – It’s over [and the one sitting in the diagonal back left asked for some tissues] asked for slippers [The one sitting behind the light-green drink customer got a sleep mask] The very front second to the left I’m done [SOOBIN tries the hotel mission] I’ll go [SOOBIN’s mission photo] [SOOBIN’s checklist] [Cup, fruit] [Don’t know how many there are] You can’t tell how many there are? [Time over!] It’s harsh First, I think I’m the winner of the hotel mission and also the news mission I think I’m in first place for 2 missions [Forgot about the additional grapes for a moment] I forgot about this I was going to use it for the special forces This is my mistake I can do nothing about [Feeling fresh] It’s over [Reluctant to give up] I’m ruined What can I do? I did well just now, what a shame It’s OK, it can happen [TAEHYUN is sure he won the news mission] I’m confident because the MC I just gave up on that I think the first place is HUENINGKAI or me HUENINGKAI didn’t get it wrong? SOOBIN also finished it in 10-something seconds – 10-something seconds? – Yes – Is that possible? [TO DO TOMORROW X TOGETHER] [The missions were too easy] They were too easy [The result] I’m in first place – I don’t know – It’s the same as the first [Not confident] I don’t think I’m in first place – I think I’m at least in second place – Really? – Yeah, at least [Is that so?] [But I got 0 in the hotel mission] But I got 0 for the hotel I didn’t draw the curtains [Surprised] [Anyone got the green tea bag wrong?] – Curtains… – You had to draw it? – Wow – Right, I didn’t draw the curtains [Finally, the announcement of the mission results] – I’ll tell you the mission results – OK From the 7 missions, first the sports flex [The sports flex mission Who is the winner?] BEOMGYU was telling me, “When are you coming out?” I looked again and BEOMGYU went over 3 minutes, and I was like, “What is he doing?” The ball wouldn’t go in – The hula hoop was so difficult – I couldn’t do it. – The hula hoop The hula hoop was hard [The hula hoop was an unexpected obstacle] – I did it like this as I went. – It was hard? – It was the most difficult – I did it in like 3 seconds. – I am not [The result?] – good at hula hoops – Really? – I’m not flexible [RECORDS – sports flex] [#1. TAEHYUN] [I’m in 4th place] SOOBIN is in 2nd place How’d you get 40 seconds? [#3 is HUENINGKAI] – I’m third – How is 40 seconds possible? [Sports flex] [TAEHYUN #1 with 40,43 seconds] What did you do? [Who is he looking at while he’s so happy?] They’re happy. They had a hard time because of me today [A friendship formed with the director while running all day] They had to run a lot Did you see the hand wave? So cute [Next, the result for electrical safety mission] Next is the electrical safety You had to solve the blackout – Yes, I won that – Really? [BEOMGYU went about it in a clever manner] You need to take out what you don’t use The vacuum cleaner is here [Is first place BEOMGYU’s like he expects?] The scissors are here The pencil holder is here I found them all

[RECORDS – electrical safety] [#1 BEOMGYU] [RECORDS – pit & drive] [#1 TAEHYUN] [RECORDS – plane] [#1 SOOBIN] The end [The result of news they continued to try till the end?] 16 seconds? That was the weather. Thank you That was the weather [RECORDS – news] [#1 SOOBIN] [The best MC is me!] So fast [Proud] – I went there and didn’t do it because I thought I was in first place. – 19 seconds? You know what’s funny? The fast records are really fast, but the slow ones are super slow [What’s left?] What is left? [Check the results of special forces] Can’t we do rappel the last? – Rappel, now… – Let’s just do it – Isn’t now the last one? I know who is #1 – You know who is #1? – Yes – I’m #1 – It’s BEOMGYU [RECORDS – special forces] [The record board is blank?] [I erased everything!] I erased everything [Am I the only one who doesn’t understand?] – You erased it. – Is that possible? I reset everything [When the members were focused on missions] [TAEHYUN got a chance in the farm] [And the chance that is in his hand is…] Can you give me such a good chance? [So lucky] [Reset the score board you want] [Right before the end, TAEHYUN erased the special forces record board] [So excited] I’m totally excited [Wow…] – Nice. – That’s great [A genius plan that got rid of the special forces mission they can’t redo] They said we can’t do this over – It means I can redo others to win but not this one. – Right So I got rid of it [Just happy] Nice, my record was like 1’56” or something [I thought I was the other winner] I thought I was also in first place [First place is mine] I think I’m in first place [The only remaining mission is the hotel] – Is hotel the only one? – Hotel. – Yup I don’t have a score for the hotel [Just very confident] – Did you do well? – Yup [Most finished very quickly but] [not many succeeded in the hotel mission] How many seconds was it? [RECORDS – hotel] [SOOBIN, #1] [SOOBIN is the winner!] – Amazing. – Didn’t draw the curtains [Yay] [SOOBIN wins by a landslide with 3 wins] Brilliant [Incredible] Thank you [Winner’s prize is worth 500,000 won] – I thought I’d win at least one. – Wow, 500,000 won – It’s OK, I have it too. – Wow – What is it? – Seriously? [Wow! No worries about commuting!] You can commute on that – Can you really do that? – HUENINGKAI and I can ride it [The prize of today all members love is…] I want to ride that, not the car This is pricey, it’s a hard disk You can ride this when you go home [Rolling] You can ride this to nearby places What? Why is this so light? – Take is for a spin – Try it – Where is the pedals? – Take – it for a ride over there – We’ll wait here [Knows everything] – Why? You want to do the closing without me? I don’t think so. – No [How does it feel to be today’s winner?] How do I feel? I totally know what he’s going to say [Expected response 1. “It was obvious”] – Actually… – I was going to win anyway [Expected response 2. “All did well but I was perfect”] All did good but he was perfect But everyone did well, a bit I thought I might not win for the first time if everything goes like this but All staff members are laughing covering their mouths But at the end, I started slowly first not to bring down the others’ morale [Right…] I thought they might not challenge themselves if there is a big score difference But I did my best at the end But the amazing thing is [Credibility goes up, SOOBIN did not win anything during the interim check] there was the interim check – SOOBIN had no win then – That’s right But later, he got 3 wins [Big picture] – Right. – Great [Acknowledges] That is really amazing – Then shall we wrap it up in a joyful note? – Sure We will see you again with a new TO DO [TO DO TOMORROW X TOGETHER] [Time Attack City] [Today’s grapes] [Next] [TO DO’s 1st anniversary! TXT going somewhere] Isn’t this that? Playing games on the bus? It’s very easy [so easy. Why is everything going so well today?] Customer, are you flustered? [The suddenly generous staff are suspicious] The wish should have been granted by now Isn’t it because we did something illogical with the grapes? [Arrived at the mysterious place] Everyone, please look to your left [Wakeboard] Do we ride wakeboards? [Bungee jump] It must be bungee jumping [Summer special penalty… did you forget?] It’s the height of a 15-story apartment 15 stories… It’s higher than I thought They say I jump first [Ready to jump] [BEOMGYU will jump too] I’m ready [Precious lunch time after bungee jumping] – It’s not rice? – Meal. – Wow, lunch – Looks delicious – Bon appetit This is the second camping, right? [TO DO TOMORROW X TOGETHER filled a year] While filming TO DO, there was never a dull moment [The fun anniversary party begins next week] I think today is going to be the last time we can relax this year [TO DO TOMORROW X TOGETHER] [SOOBIN] [YEONJUN] [BEOMGYU] [TAEHYUN] [HUENINGKAI] [TO DO TOMORROW X TOGETHER] [This content is produced with a sponsorship from KidZania Seoul]