Use the Drugs, Luke – Velvet Assassin #1

hello world wide web i’m dr. shadow the inner personality the best hair and on Novus ass yes in this games a stealth game kinda you know got ripped apart by critics but you know accorded razörfist it’s actually relatively good and I gotta for like seventy four cents so I’m pretty sure I’ll get my money’s worth already the title screen looks better than a lot of the [ __ ] I’ve a lot of the indie crap free-to-play [ __ ] i’ve loaded up but in case you’re coming from this and you got velvet assassin yourself and it couldn’t get it to run you got this sdk error first thing let me just tell you i have that too and you have to download legacy drivers for physics from nvidia in order to get even this far and yes you have to do that even you are if you have an AMD card which i do so i did that it worked obviously here we are presented Jim Lowe PVCs in options yeah brightness audio controls critten I don’t have my mouse my dad this is great new game normal for rookie players answer that would be easy agent for experienced players that’s code normal so it’s not too infuriating frets 1944 those cruel war of all time sharing Europe and the world is reaching its climax mmm it shouldn’t there be someone else doing a voice over the bridge and agent violet violet summer lies in remote hospital badly hurt she’s haunted by dreams and memories shouldn’t someone be doing a voiceover for this right now just saying that those were subtitles not okay replay Studios presents velvet ass ass in oh yes gonna get that velvet ever this is you know some semi historical based but obviously not this is historically based in the same kind of way but you know Assassin’s Creed is historically based share some of these characters situations are kind of involved in history but hell no this is not historically accurate I long to be back in the war see it is a subtitle I long for war and damn women in there that was my true Helen their full love of violence speaks for all women as it must that’s what never has been telling me this year we were in human beings you’re dehumanizing yourself you’re supposed to let me field full of corpses corrupt and depraved you you are thinking of the enemy not yourself that’s not how war works it’s not the proper money some of viscera bin Laden bone cool okay creatures without Souls you see this is continuing to hold dehumanization but you’re doing it for yourself I still it he already gave me the title like three times ah ok I wanted to start this up I had this for a while but I haven’t actually played it I wanted to finish alien isolation first and then I kind of sort of forgot aiming is a suspicious action yet think the lost valiant is at velvet ass ass ok right memories of the final first mission that again that was a subtitle not a frickin I was flown back to France to blow up a gigantic fuel demo which the Germans had built in a bunker on the Maginot Line good for them she gonna spend this whole game asleep instead of oil they guarded every barrel like the crown jewels the main entrance were secured like the fears bunker all wars are for oil we know this every rat’s nest has a second entrance I had to try and find it and it was I jumped over a wooded area that bordered on the rear of a complex and rear unfortunately my equipment was stuck at the top of a blossom tree during the landing we were supposed to play that we’re supposed to get to tell what the new the intricate things are an idiot as Wes I saw that the area I was guarded by bathroom SS troops those units have one basically take no prisoners exactly like me well you don’t have any room for a prisoner so you have an excuse but you’re supposed to you know experience trying all the stuff ok please don’t turn off your system find

the entrance to the book ok I’ve got the graphics settings maxed except for anti-aliasing which generally i don’t like anyway especially at lower resolutions and I’m playing this is 720p it’s only recording at 39 frames a second so I guess I’ll just process this in 30 frames a second you know it doesn’t look too bad that I doesn’t look too bad i was trying to see get a lower view but she’s like no I’m out of this game [ __ ] ok Nadia Sarah wait is slang shichi wouldn’t gum my mouse wheel does something space is whistle without without moving your mouth what the [ __ ] oh that’s all your stuff that was stuck in the trick seriously you can’t shimmy shimmy it that you can’t and I like your velvet ass and all but yet that it’s got forget that you can reach that you can just yank on that [ __ ] but not it not going to have the gameplay where it teaches you all the tools and intricacies of the tools and then takes it all away from you no not we’re just gonna be like colored so it around violet into Kate’s that you are hidden in a shadow and mutually unable to spot you from a certain distance oh yes it I flashing a king i said ‘i voga have a smoothie hopefully lies in his I could easily take the soldier out of the way I only had to be careful creeping up on him yeah i’m doing the sneaky sneaky I’m favicon.ico he laid one [ __ ] hola hijo de medium sheisty laga associate I and many other keine kind of how do i attack accomplices fun it’s not the items like this let’s build on those women’s and I do it and really shy person operating the he is anh Dao de manifest what do [ __ ] Allison idly a step closer okay uh a mean mode freaking you gotta click the middle mouse but that’s just great i’m not gonna love it when you have to click the middle [ __ ] mouse button I’m not no no big pick him up ya know like that outcome I hate when I can’t freakin actually like do something useful with quarters like throw him over the head nope he just falls back fine leave him in the [ __ ] shadow so he’s not quite as the shadow directly under the lights so he’s not quite so obvious okay ah change the shoulders in woodbrook blue that’s not exactly what I call shooting hey a regular clicking does nothing but i can go stab stab I’m duty aim by the middle mouse button that’s that’s that’s lovely let’s [ __ ] this this is prohibition simulator there while we’re at it you know [ __ ] it I’m gonna get rid of one way or the other can’t get to over that then I’ll go over here to the frickin edge and see if I can drop you there how about that still looking at me that’s kind of freaky but it’s okay it’s a nice lovely cliff here i’m not a does an invisible wall for me so i can’t fall down it but maybe you can’t no [ __ ] I am very much in range of reaching all my gear just run and jump and grab just putting it out there Riley collectibles you found a collectible it’s not not

even [ __ ] tryna see experience points we’d secured click pulled every 1000 XP gains you upgrade you can upgrade your character skills so moving the mouse wheel change his weapon but clicking it pulls its that’s just [ __ ] great so if you’re gonna have the middle mouse wheel do something you better if you have the middle mouse button do something click of the mouse wheel you better not have moving elements will do anything if you want to actually work right but no [ __ ] hell does the right mouse button do anything I’m gonna [ __ ] change if I can’t [ __ ] use the mouse that options controls at tacos need customized does a secondary action is right mouse button [ __ ] well previous next weapon aiming mode you change that [ __ ] to something [ __ ] else yeah little flux is morphine so sneak attack girlfriend reload Oh I got I got to set to my mouse oh my freakin uh yes I want to see I got the mouse at two gaming mode so i can now just use one which is right right where my thumb is there we go no problem give me a lot easier than then click in the middle [ __ ] mouse button every time I want to do something checkpoints digit and here’s a guy right over there how about it we’re gonna say I do it actually there’s several guys okay no problem we can sneekybeeky you can get up there you just stab them in the ass gonna be no problems gonna be fun it’s gonna be like band camp except with death you click to jump and it doesn’t is invisible walls I don’t want this to be hard now I had to wait until they separated I’m leaving you Greg most anguish hammer he has found on Parvati under worker Fetzer valve nauhas piatt should we touch down hog referred a steer a leap Dallas need tonight if a treatment of ambition diviner masters did it undone do not you’re not purple anymore okay about this slide in here and can you see me in double cheese yeah you can kinda I’m slipping in and out of her please what the [ __ ] oh come on this is a nun shadow doesn’t mean I’m not behind something you don’t see my bill that ass no no velvet acid invisible nope nope can’t see just [ __ ] saddle what but I stabbed him and he butted me with the handle of his [ __ ] gun ah I get self game you so it’s it’s not supposed to be your way you’re not supposed to able to be able to just go [ __ ] Rambo and kill everybody but you’ve said that you could see me so easily from that far away but then from that close he couldn’t cuz I was in the shadow and then I was just trying to get him stabbing then it’s like though I turn around I could see you so clicking doesn’t do anything there’s no straight you know uh naming melee so I had to go into a mode to do anything about it I gotta wait through their [ __ ]

conversation I had to wait until they separated come on [ __ ] come outside was tiny hammer he has horn on the lucky I’m the Booker fight serve up Navas pie it should be there down ography relieved had this need to light if a treatment of ambition diviner matters did it dude dude dude did it oak town ankle honey pick him up k now is this guy gonna notice anything yeah I should slip for the back just in case oh I just left my friend right here and he’s completely gone oh well you damn right oh well okay he’s a little far away for me to just slip right this so no problem no problem at all knows that there’s something else search body oh he had a collectible oh nice I don’t think that the other body was searchable I know the first one wasn’t okay can you [ __ ] goes huh nope now this one thing I really liked about i think is a first level of the first hitman game dragon the bodies I didn’t give you too much control light in terms of put them in this put them in that but you were just allowed to grab the body from either foot or either hand drag it around with the physics and then let go and using that I was able to drag everyone into the [ __ ] go into the alleyway and dump the bodies in the sewer just using the physics and that was really [ __ ] awesome especially at the time and here is this leg no invisible wall their body can’t go on the river because that would be too much what do I got freaking one of five lighters a precious letter decorated with leather and gold it should be brilliantly capable of lighting a leisure time cigar signet ring obviously a precious ring it’s been handed down to the air in a traditionally military family and knights cross the Knight’s Cross is one of the highest military decorations of the Third Reich and will be awarded for continuous bravery before the enemy that’s wonderful but this isn’t actually a door and I guess there’s nothing that I thought that was like an entrance of some kind no just okay I mind then I can just continue down so it or can I okay what [ __ ] were directed am I supposed to go surrounded by invisible walls great [ __ ] great hey hey any idea I steadiness not not the [ __ ] wall his

ass get a lot of jittering it still says I’m got like a solid 38 frames a second but it doesn’t feel like it okay so no not yet that day is it that is a damn door in what the [ __ ] do i search the bodies they didn’t have a key or anything like that what’s the [ __ ] gate hey trying to play you nice trying to be all hey this is totally worth that seventy four cents i paid for it but now y’all like eight it is a door here and good [ __ ] luck and is invisible [ __ ] walls everywhere so it’s not like i have too many options in terms of places to explore in dddddd duty to get it dude you do do do do do do do do do do not see 69 is you don’t even do that when I tell you to can’t climb this [ __ ] right yeah yeah yeah options controls what am I options it customizes as a move move move move attack sneak whistle secondary action primary action morphine Center camera toggle shoulder gas mask reload previous weapon next weapon can flashlight run and aiming mode great says go across the bridge and get in there some find the entrance to the bunker I’m trying that’s a [ __ ] ? Oh it’s like a question mark Oh for fight that pardon me for not seeing that right away what it did to decide whether you want to be metal gear solid or [ __ ] legend of zelda than just stick with it okay soon there’s no one in the watchtower cuz if there is they really suck at doing their job mr. schnaps monogatari fellow of blackness always only I just uh sneak around here no problem don’t mind me ah for [ __ ] sake get somewhere in shadow Heidi Heidi pneus sneaks there we go [ __ ] you I’m hidden oh hello de morphine what’s the [ __ ] that do it triggers cutscenes and depending in the bed pneus and the velvet and the extremely shiny skin he’s artists wedding or part xenomorph I’m not hurt I could use the movie near to increase my chances Oh freeze difficult situations temporarily when morphine learned you can try to hide yourself or bring down a tough enemy even from the front actually not possible in morphine

mode so you can [ __ ] drug out and well that’s what the [ __ ] else I can do besides just getting high as [ __ ] pardon me you don’t see nothing okay of course i can’t get in there cuz it’s blocked pipe barrels ah not barrels offer [ __ ] sake sniper badge I’d like to gotten that by actually having somebody my opinion on that hike and eyes to see my head but is is like yeah not worth it oh come on I forgot about the whistling that would have been useful to do earlier come on you son of a [ __ ] don’t really have to use the morphine blue part sorry [ __ ] it hey I shot my velvet ass very last check no no no no no don’t crawl back there leave okay all right so it’s morphing over there that’s a guy right there come on yeah I know I know I know yeah Jesus [ __ ] you know you could maybe not be shot to death so [ __ ] easily last checkpoint okay so despite it seeming to dis pick the morphine in an extremely negative light I had a strange feeling it’s what I absolutely have to do in order to have any [ __ ] chance because whistling doesn’t bring them to you so you can stab them now it just [ __ ] makes him shoot it why did my med kit disappear I could use the movie in here to increase my chances k it’s not gone too well they won’t be doing anything to anyone ever again why didn’t I get the guns from any of these guys so you can turn into 90 girl to Russian and just [ __ ] use and skill points up for the specific skill you’re careful okay so there’s an upgrade that a carrot

morphine stealth and strength increase the morphine mode duration increase speed of sneaking increase the number of hits you can take I guess none of it is really something that you would be absolutely needing is just going to be nice to have later I’ll go stealth probably be the most useful ah what that idiot gettin caught on jeez all right huh okay so that’s that rating assassin that’s good I guess four kills for silent kills five collectibles so I’m going to leave this now I’m gonna do but its load the next area so I can quit out but yeah this is gonna be the end of this video as it were and so start a velvet assassin ma’am what the [ __ ] going on what’s this is the first step was done I was finally in the bundle for you the fuel depot was certain to be in the lowest level to protect it from bombing raids the mishap with my lost equipment would not stop me but without explosive charges the situation was hopeless d realized oil is flammable it’s why it’s useful but the Germans were sure to have exclusive stored somewhere in the bunker soon they would see what they were good for we also have guns you could take your fuel depot and the explosive charge sound like a very promising combination the problem was I had to be back outside before this rendezvous develop chemistry they have guns big guns powerful guns actually you know German war machine so named because they had very good [ __ ] technology at the time but um anyway I’m gonna leave this here that’s not assassin and I would take this and see where it goes and hopefully I’m not gonna just be blinded by things that just like where is everything what is life and why does the butt of a gun kill me but stabbing this guy in the face three times doesn’t kill him well till next time