CNPS 2015: Peter Sujak: Reasons for Denial of Main Physical Theories of the 20th Century.

go ahead good afternoon ladies and gentlemen it’s my great pleasure to be here again after two years my name is Peter project I from Brock integrity and make some talk about which I call the basic historical to logical and physical reasons for denial when he caught the oldest of twenty century I think that we had many models about all the little lights and attain this important models which will be interpreter for other facilities but on this stage i think the in fact we have to gather together opinion why in fact the mainstream the bridal night in the heater was removed and what is the reason for this step and try try to bring back physic believe this man physical subject which is not possible to explain and if physical actions and physics the purpose of the physical is vital to college distribution 20 century such as special special and general relativity quantum mechanics four steals their ways using force many particles the big bank and the heat voluntaries is to conceal the existence of physique our fields the real Italian media force action of this media is required in this theory spider mathematical kinematical quantities but in fact the kinematical quantities describe the physical material world each work on the principle of bars and change of pressure of density of material bodies and of the material force fields around his body’s special relativity has I moved from the physics of the air today as we are from area is covered by the many generation diseases that hundred-year asked of exploring the electricity and magnetism during the 19th century general relativity eliminated from physics Bonita survey our physical an idea of the gravitational field discovered Shin of his exists in turn Big Bang the media on the integral intergalactic space the dark energy energy about into the Hubble until the end of his life assumed that it may be the main cause of the several red kerchief and the spectra God sees quantum mechanics and there are your exposure levels from the physics that heater quantum physics clown non-insured area at creation ambulation where the particles broken into the electronic grace let me say about some historical facts in the development of the man above the surrounding physical world the other fellow astronomers of cumin a permanent air the development of Greek philosophy of the nature deGrasse the Hopi tues and maryadas work on beans that is written

in Newton’s Principia beige 5011 that under the stars drifting through the ETA on rotating swerves pairs in the sky the planet’s orbit around the Sun that ass as one of the always around the sound in an unloved typo they’re a little tight around its own axis that the Sun is in the center of the known universe them they had number five comets and were convinced that converts it was like five around the Sun very eccentric orbit they were who is the Milky Way is made up of individual stars and had named the tanta Milky Way galaxy they were all means that the matter is composed of the smallest indivisible particles of atoms today for the creek atoms we would mark the father in individual proton from the beginning of the excavation of the scrambling covers in addition addition to the physical motion of the object originated in the material honey production which men can see could see their home our eyes a man needs also the existence of the film era electricity and magnetism which are his own pace in invisible about the dead by fields or variance by motion of physical objects initiation of the sixth century before Christ there are written records of ancient Greeks palace Miller who’s Lord lodestone attracts Iron Cross has a soul that mention that the magnetic property for stone if we’re in the green he told me he’d ever presented your stance which pleases the god aristotelis claimed it only the natural natural motion eater as defeat our hand which is located located in the area from the sky is the temptation in the till calm and therefore stars are appointing all the celestial bodies but also today this is the right way to explain currently observe compact rotation of garces move out early view of the political structure of the accession in the first century of the new airplane the toy aisle guilt endings gathering big image universe as the official and the rocket or illegal imagine of the universe the calendar remember burst dead drill down you know who lectured about form and claimed the stars are our remote sons surrounded also lies of lines and the universe’s infinitive also the condemnation of parallel ceased instantly life imprisonment this imaging of universe persisted until several cat after Kepler the reason for the provision of the toll annoy the authentic imaging of relievers the official and only to labor reverse both its consistency in the idea of the my main roof of the quietness of the dormitory imaging of universe was found in the mathematics the conference relative of the secret of the calculation of the motion for the planets of the stairs complex complicated matter of T coins for each

no one will be risen from the physical point of view will incur the finding of the order of the universe and the confirmation of the accuracy of the physical condition the earth is the center of the universe tal mi multimatic vacuum at bickering but thematically ascription of motion of planets even though based the incorrect is about assumption calculating the position of the planet or deformed forbids even better pricing procedure then physically loaf around free right Copernicus has empty motel planetary motion along the tip our orbits around the Sun what was the reason what I was not accepted Kepler after 10 years of hard work finding the mystical mathematical formulas to explain that the data of the movement the planets from the pico de gratis precise from observation finally I came the simple maca maca maca roof to e to describe the human planets from the top of the winds from the south based on the historical based on the heliocentric model that Kepler did he described in America movements of planets why simple mathematics and we’d better qaseeda coraline but had not discovered the physical cause I mean physical all the baggage is ruined the moment brothers and so our system Kepler simplification of the mathematical description trivia relationships Newton discovered physical cause and order which is governed by the mathematics of kinematic descriptions of orbital system system the solar system Newton discovered the physical cause the doubling the order moment movement of celestial bodies is the existence the existence of gravitational fields as a real physical substances existing in the surrounding of each month Pollock the gravitational field Randall can’t believe is inseparable from animal body and noodle came to the very general validity of mutual gravitational interaction of Omega you can explain the situation of the planets around the Sun so that any diversity our bodies throw the own gravitational fields attacks each other just as falling Apple from the tree efforts also the earth don’t remember below force that that leaf was his of gravitational fields are for stable system first er transpiration robust bison dick 22 our forces and the abilities and thus always seek weight around the common center of gravity in the case of negligible mass in the planets to the last of Sun the center of gravity is located inside the Sun as a result but the movement seems like only the planet she flies around the Sun on the elliptical orbits so the planets actually surround sound or not exactly around each Center ruta de tributed the gravitational attraction without any doubt so as many of his contemporaries to the existence of force field as a real physical substance in the surrounding scrambling of each body the gravity so has sold that one more email back upon another at the distance to room of our home without immediate meditation of anything else by and drove which the action and forth may be

conveyed from one another is to me so great and absolutely that I believe on random who has in philosophical matters a combatant Faculty of thinking can never fall into it gravity must be caused by an agent agent acting constantly the growth according certain laughs this is this can be this station of mutant and we find in his letter apparently from 1693 this interview is formulated in smelly work states that gravity east as a certain power or energy defused from the center to all places down to move the body the dark and death you’re going to already known the existence of invisible phenomenon of of electricity and magnetism which drove for skills cause motion of other bodies of the phenomenon of gravitational force it is a much bigger phenomenon comparator electricity and magnetic moon and it isn’t in the regard of bigness and resources at the same time in the discovery of gravitational fields around animals body Newton other physicists discovered the existence of inertial force also inseparable from and he must believe wonderful x 100 years of the signs the inception of relativity countless time publicly repeats false claims about the Newton notion of Utah gravitational force forces as the fourth with intimacies past beliefs acting immediately and remotely from the voice phase of our room which infant with infinitive spay operation Newton however all gravitational force as the power of the medium and appeared apparently assumes that final speed gravitational force in his very own what may the reason why England interested himself and calculating the speed of the sound in the theatre relativity on the basis of plagorism magazine claims about the Newton’s idea of gravitational force as the fourth 15 that the distance from Baku then brings finally the civilizations our understanding of gravity at the pool couverture of non-material quantities of space and time and there’s a very decent achievement of all story of Emax p most of his its species in mobile involved from 1900 to 1100 on intensive exploration water under hosted fog like Oh Mexico health it isn’t Tesla who believe in the existence of electric and magnetic force fields as real physical substance substance called eater and they confirm the substance of the experiment this which stands can spread the vibration with substance caused by oscillation of the sources of this field which may even be spread independently of the source and transmitted with this with the sauce is it the power into the substance let me recall for all this visit is statement of maxvill who in very last gloves of his treatise declared declared in fact whenever energy is transmitted from one building to another that must be an end even worse which stands in which the energy exists for the early leads to conception radeon in which the propagation take place and this has been

my constant and industries the comedy connection of physicists to the end of 19th century of the full existence of in turn can be best seen in the search world of lawrence eat a terrorist and eat the models 19 192 examining work of many distinguished physicist of 19th century century or ether dogs clan crest Fraggle Explorer television human in 1925 in between Hubble bring his evidence often read that the drag for formations in the night sky in the meantime called the glass of separate grouping of stars galaxies and all other stars the water in the night skies free it all in with our own eyes belong to our galaxy the Milky Way for proof of the galaxy for proof of the day of the big bang the killing physics considers increasing the redshift with the distance distance of proxies measured in the spectra of galaxies firstly by Hubble the Hubble users even when he was pressured that international standing guard union meeting in 1920 late hour this afternoon it is unilateral levitation end of his life local price was planning to the 1950s was not empty and so how about they don’t have to succumb to this pressure unlike Milligan mobile prices 9023 which involve respect the greatness of his experiment of legal skills second birth to departure and agreed to the validity of the relation for photon energy disagreement of miracle was a condition of Nobel Committee for the a lot of Nobel Prize to entertain 1921 for Phil photoelectric effect Hubble for the more likely explanation then explaining the wretched spectra by nuclear receipt of proxies consider the explanation of this shift by loss of light passing through Matthew in dexter our space he can water from the work of hablar the observation our approach to cosmology from 1937 the features however include the phenomena of redshift some significance is still uncertain alternative interpretations are possible and Dwyer the interviews on the differences in the beach elder generation radio they lead two totally different conception the universe itself the conscious observer Angela examines other possibility liver before accepting the proposition even as a working hypothesis he recalls the alternative formulation of the law of patchy light loss energy propulsion to distance intervals from space the log is formed sounds quite legible internet space really you cannot be entirely empty also we can water from from the patronesses other schools more gift on definite expanding in the universe to aesthetic endless universe which is in fact also in our high from 2006 and is completely dead be sure when walking these verbs that have bubble remain cautiously against the

in the end of his life contrary to the state statements of many modern authors even today the nonfiction the momentary glimpse of the most respected most are expected television or most respected web services of information dedicated to the description of the evolution of opinion of mankind on the physical image the neighbors state that the harbors of Federation are evidence for the next time the universe physics in 1932 under Sun and in 1955 laboratories in berkeley in the discovery of production of fires of particles and antiparticles of electrons and protons from electromagnetic radiation brought full of the existence of the ETA with mechanical waving with a magnet near barton pariah producer determination in the frequency Raju the frequency of today in magnet at sufficient frequency produce radiation we really grasp mass fast of electrons and protons this waiting pregnant we can do for an arbitrarily long time and produce any amount of electrons or protons but from the magnetic are not even peace must lay on the contrary manipulation of these particles after party was fast arise two photons of electromagnetic radiation which is subsequent strategy from the atoms they G still barb our bowling or space shall transfer to his body’s energy and completely dissipate into nothingness the steel bar the shworv are up from the photons cool down a day on the temperature of the universe around minus 270 degree Celsius I mean under the current physics right before our eyes an experiment about the invalidity love under the conservation of mass-energy energy of the electromagnetic field and subsequently muscle the electron proton or toward us we have under the flu and physically I created from nothing baby a mother hen around the wire and this middle and I hi Shannon and his better in animation and energy inspected in recent year before our eyes into nothingness very creation of bars apart because of the particles another limited phenomenon physics in laboratories but it is a common ground examined the mind phenomena of the in direction of magnetic radiation de cuenta electromagnetic radiation up to the ninja to the 1.0 to the garlic trombones interacts with substance in photoelectric effect or scaly processes from Donald lake for interaction over 1.2 mega electron volts up to two big electrum from bars pair creation predominate and over to me direct rewards outweigh the creation of proton antiproton parts in the universe and nature order us on the earth this phenomenon is continuously going on in a great quantity from the guardian of radionuclides of presented in the greater or less extending every substance from the parent with energy hockey 20 megawatt mega electron volt from storm of whiting with energy of 200 mega electron volt and from the high-energy gamma radiation from 18 the direct rewards to them from boat

incident on ours great quantity from the universe so the soul expand darling must conclude with the annihilation of protons and antiprotons which is the cognitive part of mass into electromagnetic all solution of the deter others are experimental is confirming the creation of protons and after photos from electromatic exhalation of edom but the coolant is it considers in theory of Higgs field that the Higgs boson is the only way of all particles of matter in the universe acquired yes perhaps that when physics do not want to claim us that encourage creation of photon from electromagnetic radiation at energy to be Gallic trembles orbital area in this process of conversion a proton into 2 Giga electron was electromagnetic radiation in between the proto asian stands an entity to energy daily more than 100 times very tight expose alone 125 I will shortly want to say an overview of the opposition of the facilities for the past haunting these against the physical image in each of the world forces like fast food culture to college after letting dance with each expedition on Trinity violence for the purpose of observational I band of stars near the Sun at the eclipse of the Sun in 1990 the greater part of my extreme visit east by the by the integration try to prevent of publishing the Junction’s our economic boom box is diverse community most mass good night to my house mainly in the UK and germany after an unsurpassed run successful integration in 20 the most respected physicist or fraud as being when I of everyone else and others based union of Chairman natural natural scientists and organized at the conference I hi pooch in Congress in 1922 summerfield was president of the German Philadelphia tea and from 1970 to death 1915 each year for four nobel prize Leonard was gowardhan noodle Bryce 1919 five the content of the pooch was ten tenors of bloody Ares anyone support propagandist the devil himself as a today’s this goes this board was occurring mercury delat anything they are tentative Lincecum pitch in generality on the right dreamy car sweeter the fields Elenna rotated at one point this is water from the google Tech car which was launched 2013 as it was always in the past history of mankind of his attract each other for growth mainly the failure from 19 5 and in the end of 2nd hua and subsequently to the violent ones are going to gain the subject of the start of international power structure at the highest political rally from 1920 after the congress in bed 99 hi to the 1925 facilities agreement establishing relativity is a single description of the physical world are related and persecuted after the change of political

power in general in nineteen seventy the role persecuted and it was reversed and after 1945 again diverse bed scientists at lachemann octave special special and general relativity quantum mechanic force fields there is using force mediating particles the Big Bang the Higgs boson Tory’s to the present hundred the physicist and the many associations of his his dominant role in his workshop sputter animals and controversies of hysterics or good world digitus and the association cities though not comprehend found in the publication of 10-year boston project and get on project 95 years of criticism of special relativity 4000 communication within the don’t worry I don’t eat as a result of this but they are very significant in the next I want to stop in the question of identity of inertia gravitational forces Newton forgot doubt that the physical cause of the order of the movement of celestial bodies is the existence of gravitational field as a real physical substance as is then they distinct in the ceramic surrounding of each mass gravitational fields are atomic body instead of is available from any one foot at the same time with the discovery of the gravitational finish effective as Newton discovered the existence of inertia also inseparably linked linked with every mass body own inertia force of the 100 grams credit card body is measured in the math Center for in the middle for the spirituality belief but its own gravitational force is measured in the distance of a meter our meter on this mass center about energy inertial forces and emerging when body hugs accelerating Newton doubt that is physical changes how unknown to him so he will not fight cause but stays in the mathematical description of the proneural forces using quantity of acceleration of these bodies logically the simplest physical conclusion each could do would return to determine the class of inertia forces as his forces of the resistance of the body against the own maybe you move its gravitational fields inertia force of one kilogram mass hollow bodies the nether and almost enormous power 10 to 12 times stronger hom Barac come back to the gravitational force measured little distance of raw meat ax from in center and Newton in addition didn’t know his size of his own gravitational constant this was measured by Cavendish in 1790 day you can also didn’t know the size of death of the structure of metal two atoms which are roughly 10 to minus 10 which was his power my experimental apparently making so Dylan and also the structure of protons discovered in the first this these atoms and protons are the souls and the origin of manifestation of all floors must release we can show let me show in our trainers paper which is presently in Maryland proceedings the sound of gravitational forces on the surface atoms of one kilogram mass body equals its inertial

forces in this is remarkable views of Newton the the drive in the first paragraph death right in the first paragraph and he defines our state’s I have no the guards in this place place of the condition of quantity of matter to a reading room if any such there is the 3d pervades the interspecies between the parts of Holies likewise assignment of great inertia of all three strands of that however leave the deceleration of body what is moving at a constant speed in the environment the first initial principle of physics I’d the broiler then who are we other influences forces for the demise of Western uniform practically no motion for the past hundred years it is omitted that the absence of the resistance of eternity uniform in our linear motion was the main agreement even the condemnation of the eater the time interpretation of Mark wishes or more experiment least irrefutable contradiction about the mechanical resistance either in the uniform motion of bodies in three amber environment can however be removed from the discovery of death of structure of the mass and steam properties of all particles attack in the last hundred years science the nineteen thirties we found that all a metallic particles are the items were very powerful beings from the result dynamics and fluid mechanics of the continuum and that on a spherical symmetry rotating body moving in constant speed there are fluid only the same force from all direction perpendicular of spirit artery disease I mean the rotation in rotating spherical object is not a sell rating in uniform motion married alfred the direction of motion in fact this was about the evidence of da therapy in about 1750 peachyforum acting in his intuition the delightnotium is equal 0 the power of resistance of environment on advertising bullying a fluid environment in the direction its motion is manifested only accelerating that’s where anything on the body between the two speeds the subsequent referendum draw pressure on the surface of protecting spherical body moving at constant velocity fluid environment is proportional to the whiskey of motion in da Barca sorella as a result of the pressure changes of the surrounding environment on the spec house for face of the compressible professionally changes of its volume the current physics however this natural natural relationship of a chaos of internal and inertia gravitational force has not revealed sign in for