stampylonghead Minecraft: Xbox – Building Time – Movie Set {50}

baile de taille bear who will win and who will ball we’ve had the World Tag hello this is gonna be and welcome to building time the show was good and I need to build in time on a friday and this is a very special building time because this is the 50th episode specials that we have a something some thinking store which I’m sure you’re all going to enjoy why didn’t you tell them script at yes so 50 episodes stretch I’ve been wearing the same pair of Underpants it’s not something that I’m particularly proud of but you know it’s just doesn’t fit does dedication yeah it for you ya know we can look forward to changing your underwear after the episode is that the special fresh underwear yeah it is yes that’s it i’m gonna i’m gonna sell them on ebay afterwards that’s what’s going to happen there so this is the 50th episode it is a normal episode but we do have something in store coming very soon those that listen to the the magic animal club podcast will know what is everyone else what but you’re gonna find out soon there’s gonna be a a mega building time coming up soon we’ll be talking more about that in the future but now we are going to be talking about last week’s building time so we have to build a jungle didn’t we yeah yeah it’s quite good last week it was a quite a narrow topic but we both did pretty good i’m excited to see who’s once are reported the same thing reported realized i want to close okay just look we both built jungles it was really weird i don’t know why that happened here everyone has voted and the results have been counted by me and they are squid with 59,000 and stampy with 65,000 square lon if not I feel naughty boy that’s every time i do the results that I when I feel can you so do that can we switch around now we’ve got 2 episode 15 can I say the results with it it was really bad me going and I warned you last week’s bills was that far like a father would look good yeah it was only 6,000 in it to be fair it wasn’t too bad anywhere it was it was it was close but so sorry authority for squared in squiddy’s help i want i want that week when one of it yeah but maybe this is gonna be your week maybe this is gonna be the turnaround because you whatever you win you don’t a good that you tend to go on a streak don’t use that maybe this is that I don’t know about your underwear every style break you going to drink for the three years as good as a site anybody lives near squared yeah maybe that’s why everyone keeps voting for me that I want you to streak anybody that’s good anyway we’re gonna have 15 minutes to build whatever is behind this trapdoor trapped all right well divert the trapdoor a movie share ok i was suggested by gupta 15 hips their GP stir this is a cool one nicely this is we’re not done anything like this before because i’ll be very unlikely for us to do the exact same in the air as each other yeah so this is gonna be this is gonna be an interesting one so are you ready to begin building think so i think i am ya think I’ve got a topic thanks to you we are you have movie set right let’s begin in three two one and begin right the other time has started 15 mins to do a movie set so see the obvious thing is to what I think of movie sets always think of westerns for some reason I don’t if that’s too obvious i might do hmm everything I want to think quick i got to think fast so i think i’m going to Western I know that’s the obvious choice but i feel like it’s like an obvious idea but it’s something i could end up making look cool so I’m not a gentleman again I’m gonna do that I’m gonna do like a modern see your mother is going to be a superhero feel that’s what i can do so i’m going to set up some like polytechnics like basically like some like fake explosions and things so as you pull a leave it can like set it off and if i can make it a controlled explosion so I don’t destroy you I could destroy the set like if i say before I do I could make it so it gets destroyed logo that’s my idea i’m not doing our Western i’m doing a superhero films i’m gonna do like a city so obviously i don’t need to to build like them and the entire city and because all of the houses they can basically be like flat houses if that makes sense like I don’t mean like flats person that doesn’t like a party I mean that they can be basically all 2d so you see the front of the houses and nothing behind because

you know the thing about film set is you know you only need to worry about building what people are actually going to see so I can kind of you know allow people to use their imaginations this is just basically going to be am a road going straight down the middle of the the set I feel like I keep doing superhero things recently so which which superhero are we going to have today let’s kind of let’s go to just think about the options i have turned to build a superhero I could do like him pumpkin man and have a move a Pumpkinhead might be an obvious choice seems like it easily do a pumpkin man and he can have his there you have lots of pumpkin powers yeah I guess Mandy could have like I don’t like pumpkin bombs or something I reckon like there’s been so many superheroes I reckon a pumpkin man probably actually exist i reckon if I google search pumpkin man some of you might already be doing it right now I reckon something is going to end up coming up so oh yeah i think i might do that i don’t know i might end up changing my mind halfway through the the old which is a something that happens quite a lot but for now i want to get like only at least the am the main set part of the set done if that makes sense i want to get the road and a bit of a pathway maybe some lamp posts and things like this would be really good in the the city texture pack we’re not in the city texture packs little help me very much but this is basically gonna be my like my area that i can build everything else is I can make it as if there’s some battle going on so i need a villain that I need a supervillain so let’s think about this problem so we can have met melon mad melon man that sounds good give me the melon man and then the villain can be hmm there’s not much else to her to play with it could be like an explosive man like it could be like splodey man or something or TNT man that could be a good thing because I can explain why he’s kind of blowing the area are possibly so I’m making the am I making the like the pavements quite being like that the sidewalks are quite big just so and yeah cuz they’re the actual buildings can be quite smaller doesn’t really matter and her cat was really getting in the way just running around in circles like crazy he’s just excited to be here that could be like one of the the civilians that’s going like no help me like the cows are riding around i need to kind of come up with a little bit of a backstory which is going on here getting a bit worried because you know i’m not too far off you know going down a third of my time losing five minutes and as well most of the time building a big road and I think it’s a lovely road i do like the road but i’m not going to win any year any building time vote for my lovely roads i do need to get a move on with them as some of the other buildings and then re-adding in this super superheroes themselves because i don’t think the rest is gonna take too long I would have got the the building’s building actually super hero and the villain won’t take too long so I’m not not to worry about that so let’s go and down start adding in some of the the building’s themselves first then so it’s just gonna grab a few different materials that we can go and play around with it have some stone breaks a maybe like some some black and gray wall or something and yeah it’s kind of like not worry too much exactly what they’re gonna be like and just kind of focus on getting like the the generic shapes done so let’s kind of just do a building like this and maybe we could add am wooden roof to this one because why not I don’t want to spend too much time and it’s not really don’t think it’s gonna make too much difference what it ends up looking like just need her to look like a row of houses basically and this one even them more so than ever i’m really curious to see what squids doing like whether he is doing am like a Western thing like I first thought of you know be really annoying if he’s done the exact same thing as me which has happened before but yeah hopefully he’s not done the same like I could pick it’s never been said in the rules that we are not allowed to peek on what the other person is doing I’ve always just felt like it just kind of makes it a little bit less fun if you know what the other person i was kinda like waiting for the the big reveal at the ends i’m gonna i’m gonna try and resist as much as I can peaking and let’s um let’s do this one is like a giant skyscraper maybe this one here let’s go and do this one huge here because i only need to build the front of it and i can leave the the rest blank I can kind of like this like this and see what i could do is kind of maybe do like some like supports behind the building like some structures it there they’re holding all of these are there is a bit of like a random weird space left behind them and so rather than leaving that blank I could kind of do as if there’s there’s something holding all of these are sorry they would like just blow over in here the wind up away so let’s go to do this is a giant skyscraper but i’m gonna leave is like a giant iron blog if i have time at the end i can go and start adding more details to this building but i really want to make sure i get to get to do their the fun stuff started to add in the the actual superhero ender and things as well so let’s maybe dad like at least a little bit of a rooftop here maybe kind of go and do something like that and then maybe put like a little redstone torch on the top something like that look ok then this is true maybe trying to do mainly one big building as I’m gonna spend the entire time working on these buildings are not have time to do anything else that maybe this could

be like the town hall or the bank or something they’ll ask what it could be maybe this could be the the bank and then this is what the the villain was trying to rob we could kind of say maybe that that’s what the story is I completely honest just make up the story when squid that comes over to have a look that doesn’t matter too much about getting all of that completely worked out yet just to save times I don’t have to build loads of houses that’s mainly just focus on when one a giant building here unless maybe go and do some staircases for the roof maybe we can have a cobblestone roof I’m not gonna I’m not gonna win any prizes on how pretty these buildings hard to be honest but that doesn’t matter too much as long as they they kind of look ok and we could maybe like go in a little bit and then do it like that again there just to make it look a little bit more interesting that look about equal I think that looks ok there then maybe do the same go in 122 a staircase there go in one to do a staircase we just heard you can add a little bit of variety and once I start adding in the the the actual doorways to these are these buildings i think when it’s gonna Liz when it’s gonna look better I just need to be careful to to only use the the doorways without windows because otherwise people are going to be able to look through and see that there’s absolutely nothing behind them so let’s do another couple doorways on this one here no this is that this is starting to look more like a natural street this is looking like actually kind of happy with how this is looking is over and maybe on this one because I’d like two sets of double doorways on either side and just to make it look more like the Heather that always they would have won a giant skyscrapers here we go here is a my stretchy i guess i need one more little building town here if I could leave a little bit of a gallis just do like a little blue building down here and kind of a makeup that this is something i was going to do this one tiny because i already on to the fun stuff i want to to get onto building the the actual superheroes themselves for now we’re just going to ignore the fact that none of the buildings have any windows because yes i did windows your den see behind them which would which would kind of ruin the effect America this is my film set here let’s build a melon man dinner so I guess he could be two enormous because it would look really weird like I don’t have to be a giant but let’s do in them I guess green and red kind of almost like a watermelon might be some some good colors to to do a man so let’s do it wears like he’s got a red pants on–he can be flying he could be flying as well he can fly because men can fly so there we go here is melon man and now we need to we need to do his face and how should we know should we do this let’s do his face with a sign that’s always a fun way to do things faces though he needs to have am heroic expression on his on his face so you can have wide eyes like like this and then what sort of eyebrows let’s do earn kinda do like eyebrows like this maybe is that kind of matching up with his eyes there we go you can get a little bit shocked because he’s being attacked you have a little nose like that and she doing smiley that’s what I’m smiling she’s like in a battle let’s just do like quite a stir now fly that there we go there is everybody’s hero melon man and we can do like their the Superman pose look we do one up one down he’s like going to get better and then we can do his his cape on the the back and this can be he can have a red cape . used a different color cake let’s do $TIME a.m he can have a yo cake because he kind of has the yellow Cosmo go there is kate looks a little bit like a turtle but there we go there is the superhero middleman given the hat as well let’s give it a red hat as well which you can happen either the top and there we go there is melon man let’s go and do the the villain so I didn’t come up with a good name i said like explosion and emotion TN the TN something the tea at the TN terror TBS TNT that’s what it stands for the TN terror that’s what the the villains going to be and I guess he’s gonna be reddened and white because he’s like this and this guy could be he can be a bit bigger this guy he can be like a bit of a giant super villain so let’s do him with them white legs just to make him different from melon man and he can be standing on the ground i guess so he can kind of go up like this this can be his belt he’s gonna be he’s gonna be pretty ginormous if I’m honest and then his head is going to be entirely made out over $MONEY of tnt there we go there T and terror and then he needs to be like shooting TNT out so he can have his arms kind of going out like like this and then have like he could have TNT hands and so many punches things they blow up that could be quite cold let’s have a bit more detail here that’s gonna make maybe I’d like a stripe there like that and now we need to try to his face which might be a little bit more difficult it’s going to do is his eyes with these item frames and he can have black eyes like like that and then we go I think they’ll do the TMT actually kinda looks a little bit like a mousetrap almost there anything else we can I just turn let me just turn to Him to explode off of our

accidentally blocked my appt entire build it wouldn’t be much fun let’s just kind of had a little bit more detail you can have some earrings on either side like that with these trip wild ok no I don’t think you can put them on TNT you put these on the the top like that so there we go this is the the tea and terror can maybe at can I’d like trap doors to the side of him maybe I just just going to add a little bit more details are gonna let me do that nope doesn’t like it’s gonna let me do that but never got asked the the tea and terror so i kinda want to do now is let’s do the $TIME a.m. let’s do like a big hole in the the road as if he’s like just smashed it and kind of destroyed it so let’s kind of put some-some stowed in here but then also some some never act as well and we can go and set that all our honor on fire as if he’s just going to like just punch down we can add a bit of them are destruction to some of the buildings as well as if there’s like this this big old fight going on and then I want to have some sort of them some sort of attack that the melon man is doing as well as at the moment it kinda looks like they’re the tea and terrorists winning but we don’t want that in our superhero story we want beer the heroic melon man to come out on top so what could be the melon man attack be he could do they’re the melon mountain where he buries his foes in melons yeah he just good like have loads of melons firing down on them maybe i could add am I don’t know how I’m going to dispense of firing balance out it’s just their focus on adding a bit more destruction so this is the the bank that he’s gone into destroyed as well as if I could just build behind here is gonna look a little bit weird but it looks like it’s got really thick walls and he’s kinda just blown a hole into it and then we can go and add some some never rack into the the side here as well as if all of this is a its kind of blazing our way like this doesn’t make you look a little bit side it’s going to add the am the supports in as well was an eye for like the the back of these areas is going up there now because otherwise there’s like this just kind of nothing behind here so maybe that’s gonna add these along the the top these the these fences like this and then kind of just do some trails just leading down to the the ground like that as well I just as if like these entire things are being held up and to go just looking at the time we got like about a minute and a half left another huge amount of time to do anything else I think this is a about the time just her just to be happy with what I’ve got done so far and hope that fingers crossed this is going to be enough to beat whatever ever squid is built but i still have no idea what’s good son i don’t know if you’ve watched his view first or I know a lot of people what kind of both use at the same time but at the moment I have no idea what he’s built but i’m very curious but the one thing that I know for sure is there’s no way he’s built something the same as me there’s no way he’s built a payer a melon man and a tee and terror back in the other than say what I’ve I don’t know what your body or loop 410 fire spread off its all turning down although I said fighter my road its overall Cole isn’t all this isn’t good and time’s running out let’s put this fire out here HAP why didn’t I think about that it looks good though I like that that’s actually a bit of an improvement if you are back if you ask me it all got a burning down like that i like it i think that that’s their a definite improvement i kinda wish i had more let’s just going to add more just fire all over the place then shall we hopefully nothing else is going to burn down now maybe we should do a little bit safer and kinda used never act not near other things that are going to end up burning but that’s actually a pretty cool effect i accidentally made my own my build a lot more dramatic and if I kind of just place it does this go out now that fire spreads know and I think I don’t even need the the the never acts so much i can kind of just add kind of things just burning all over the place like this let’s kind of do maybe like a trail leading up the side of obvious a little bit and you only got a few seconds left so I do a little bit more of what I can but here we go this is my board finished time is up so let’s go and speak to squid and yeah we can find out what he’s been up to for the last 15 minutes hello Doug its hello hello great how’s that for you that was that was good that was really good actually enjoyed it is it’s very good did well so yeah I’m excited yeah well everyone’s gonna be the judge of that I i did one of the end of the night a bit of drama which are i’ll explain about when you see you might be able to guess what it is but are you ready to burn the wall yeah let’s do it has been the world right burn actually built the the wall really hikes I don’t bother counting how is nobody always 20 blocks high but i think it’s like a first two blocks I obviously happened up there anything you’re building a big fields they’re ok there we have you started it yet because you all know I turned fire spread off da punch a little hole-in-the-wall yeah you can probably guess what drama i had on my side now Apple wow I actually started burning my down but wall what’s going on here can you explain so this is the film set from the original Jurassic Park is when they’re all going along the enclosure and the t-rex pops

up from behind the am the electric fence and then this is just the destruction that has come from it so we got the camera guys here they’re filming everything about free camera guys on here and this is obviously the two cars got to by the t-rex and these are the actors her and then yeah this is the star of the film is the big t-rex that some people don’t you see breaking through the fence as well yeah so that’s what’s going on this is also that’s amazing i didn’t build camera that i forgot about building cameras that’s a cool touch as well in their little purchase yeah uh-huh shall be ours and what’s going on so he burned down a bit but actually made it look better so this is this is a superhero film so this is melon man hey down here and he’s battling the tea and terror over here and the tea and tara has TNT fists and anything he punches like blows up like TNT and they’re having a dramatic battle and this is this is the city that he’s trying to say this is the bank here uh-huh it’s pretty good I guess pretty awesome and other walls just like on fire nothing’s happening to her yeah it kind of actually workers I i build up the road out of coal and then i added a bunch of never rack and kinda forgot the fact that colors colors are pretty pretty good for burning so yeah I’d are added and a half the road was on fire but actually makes it look way better though it could have been a tragedy but it ended up actually I’m working out okay so this is my model little city and my superhero battle over here nice cool well they’re pretty also really good so you guys it’s up to you to decide who you think is the winner you can do it by water to wet even talk about can’t forget it click on the top right corner of the screen via neither says what’s good about stops or click on the description and the same sort of things there but these are two very different bills this week stops he’s there yeah pretty good it’s gonna be interesting to see two people like superheroes or dinosaurs but remember i leave suggestions for next week’s topic as well so we can pick something and I yet maybe who knows we’re gonna be building what you want us to build next week yeah but that’s it for this week guys hope you have enjoyed yeah we got next friday when the building times thanks for watching we’ll see you then Oh