7A Girls: Hoover (28-7) vs. Spain Park (22-11)

We get ready do side they go state championship in the state Alabama on a make on media over and the Jaguars of these girls I’m in a go on a limb here and say these two teams probably know each other And our closer geographically than any team that have face off this year and the final four This is in a red rivalry A lot of pride on the line and a lot of good Basque well-placed I’m still catching my breath from that 6A boys game But for this one you are right not only is this a stage of the chip on the line its first as a high school but these girls know each communities splashes of both the school Kennedys More than just the championship game pride is on the line and bragging rights But there are you looking at the Jaguars and even though in football regional he there in the same then and that and the same and basketball There is a look at my’s Chase in the Jaguars coming in here at 22 22-11 They defeated McGill 49-48 in a thriller to advance Of course there are the box of Hoover as we get ready to tip it 28-7 they won the Northwest regional 59-46 Gary Harris back open all set of bring you seven a goes championships With the orange trim The shot is out missed by Wiggins Rebound here comes the jags on the run Scrambled to the basketball at skipped And runs it down Blair Holt does everything for the Jaguars Were in a see what they’ve learned since February 3 his back him up third of February Hoover handed the lady Jaguars a There off to a good start Bowers gets buried it 3-0 Spain Park early in this one I don’t know that games can a have much of an effect I’m gauging how this one place inside line What of pretty play Williams finishes it She really did she got away from her defender Spain Park and I a man-to-man defense Look how well coach Spain Park TheyThere we’re two passes a crossed the line Nice job by coach This time putting it up and in the leases team almost 18 again great defense A steal by Spain Park here goes hope again Spain Park coming out like they we’re shut out of a cannon a little more than a month ago they less by 26 to this workload workload There off and running and speaking of tradition Hoover was basketball They played on that 2,001 championship team and now she’s coasting her alma mater Spain Park is looking for their first they have a player down And obviously in pain She’s a six to post presence for this club Hopefully shall be able to shake that off and get back into this game Put some more weight on it beer Checking and will be Monique she comes and at 6’1″ so they don’t lose a lot of height but she is down at the end of the bench trainer Second free-throw attempt by holds is missed Hoover with the rebound A nice grab on hand The outside shot the open three in and out The senior Spain Park with the basketball

Hoover is playing a little matchup zone everyone is zoning except for number 11 And she is following number 12 clear hold for Spain part she is in her grill You don’t see the box and one too much you really don’t But holds deserves it and earns it The running jumper up an end Maddux the sophomore Averaging ten I game 7-4 with the early need Averaging 20 points a game and now Hoover defense paying special attention to number 12 there is a 102nd call first one I’ve seen This is our seventh game Hoover will inbounds a basketball a look at my Chase A little bit more than me The 17-foot jumper that one is put out by Williams no good Of pretty move on the baseline And filed You know Matt we go to the line earlier she didn’t think that early February meeting with over beat them by 26 would be a factor I’m with you I certainly think Spain Park has But in the back of your mind you know the history of these two schools A lot younger high school than Hoover high school And a split on school Spain part is athletic But Hoover his big brother a little bit This would be a huge moment for the jags coming here with the state championship at not only a A couple of missed free throws And Spain Park turnovers And Cooper five Here’s a three ball put up and missed of the top with a key rebound that won’t go And this one underneath the file Good news Back in the Basque ballgame number 30 and they need her One area where Hoover has a edge rebounding team and Spain Park needs number 30 in their Because they play with regards and 90 number 30 to get on the backboard And keep Hoover off the glass Full-court pressure is applied by the ladybugs The scoop shot He’s a dynamic offensive player number 12 can light up she has 41 this season And you saw why just a little underneath scoop She just blew by There is the three ball They are not bashful about taking a three-point shot You have to love the start No fear Does Kaz straight to the line Through the lane 608 points for the season and she has an entire arsenal Outside and inside She is not an overly top player at 65 You number of points she scored 608 It’s more than double any other player on the team If there’s any question who you go to Are you kidding me Down the left quarter And we have a break in the action as Spain Park leads Hoover and girl seven a 9-4 Spain Park has a five-point lead

and our lead goes to chambers A sake to the head coach crystal between these two Hoover city schools she said is not really weird for her because Spain Park didn’t exist when she was playing in high school at Hoover game especially that Hoover has a Spain Park a transfer on the team she’s not playing are eligible this year to play at Hoover because he transferred from Spain Park it is a rivalry and that emotion is definitely there The rivalry extends into the stands Started his career at UCLA as a player transfer back home to Alabama Three ball will not go Here is Hoover on the run and laying up and and is Maddux Spain part has to get back on defense They can’t around a run out Here comes a rare up an end Are you kidding me While Just a Junior Claire holt has all the moves she can make the jumpshot but why like about here It’s a little scoop shot that it absolutely incredible block as you go high she goes underneath it A file on Jennifer Andrews And holds drops of free-throw She already has a She averages almost 18 I game at 20 the other night Hoover with the basketball chilling by six Three minutes left in the first quarter and they girls seven a championship She does everything she drive the bus of a hair she the run Great defense and a jump ball is going to be called as Kelsey was able to tie it up Spain part 250 remaining in the first .-period they did 12-6 There is a look at crystal Johnson Who’s a great player in our own right Being a high school coach it’s a special location all of these people care about kids both are crystal Johnson to coach at her alma mater that has to be even more special She has done a terrific job and this program is one of the best in the state of Alabama but being challenged today by the neighborhood rival In bounding the basketball for couple of Hoover players We get a tie and a jump ball possession will go to Hoover Off the back of someone @looked partly complicated for what it needed to be Hoover has the basketball down by six Won’t go There a file on the floor Barker was looking around like on me That’s her second I think I think she’ll have to go to the benches had a rough day so far Came out with an injured ankle a Hoover has the basketball Seem Barker wearing a huge brace

on her left knee still out there playing That’s one of those football braces Her dad played a little But she’s wearing ten can figure it out Just of freshman She is Artie got it Same Park no they stands the largest Twelve of their 15 outside shot put up by Hoover they need a bad bad They flip it back out front Led Chris best onto the corner Got a 1-6 they got it The sophomore guard had 11 new at night now has three here with Huber is trying to force a turnover almost did out of bounds Coach might coming off the bench a little bit says slow down calm down a little bit She came across a timeline and got herself into a bind quickly Technically of a third defender That’s a tough order For a couple of minutes the inbounds pass she throughout the legs of a Hoover players on new turnovers I’m not a coach I I’m I just point out by the way we’re of six We don’t have to play like we’re Being brought to you in part by the alum a transportation They want to remind you to buckle up and to drive safe Alabama There is coach Chase And their principal is Larry the Birmingham area a long time Hoover not bury baseball coaches back far enough He also coach a you a be Hoover has the basketball and they trailed by six Outside the shot is put up Off the offensive rebound Of been under move A good call Picked up the pivot foot what one way into much the other Under a minute to go in the first quarter It’s really different Mainly because the number 12 12 of the 15 points There can a run at down as we approach 25 takes in the left corner The offensive file Got a charge there She was looking inside for number 44 and had her but good defense by the Hoover box And she had a crisp at inside it was probably an easy to Got called for the charge her first personal Of what we’ve seen so far Hoover to the basketball a three-point up a missed on the intent by medics but here comes the Lady jags She drew a file Great offensive players Obviously have a lot of Talbot they also understand games she knows how to draw contact not only had a score by draw contact well Errant pass Hoover is can a have No they’re not She didn’t know how much time was left She committed the foul down there that made this deal the didn’t get that shot up in time We are going to wrap up the first eight minutes of play at legacy arena and a Raycom media is bringing you a state championship Spain Park is on top first let’s he was Spain part does with the basketball

Good one on the perimeter Barker and Bowers Shot by whole does not go hear from the box And they will play everybody Coach Johnson says I will play everybody A short jumper put up and and that’s a big bucket From Jessica Montana code Hoover is fighting back and last time down Spain part got a good look she didn’t knock it down Off a turnover that is Mannix who laid off the glass Mannix is a nice player That six-point deficit got away and a hurry Hoover has spurred ability they can turn you over and push the tempo A little sloppy basketball handling Hoover is on a 5-0 run That’s winds it won’t go blocked with a contact Out of bounds it will be Jaguars Again a box and one defense by Hoover They are playing zone and now they’re going straight man to man always Now full has the basketball baseline draws the file Early on Hoover is playing a zone and now they’ve gone straight man-to-man It’s on Spike are not positive she was in the vicinity Spain Park will have the basketball who may have to Long inbounds passes Down in the corner Parker misses gets her own rebound that one ball go Rebound to Hoover Shot outside will not go She fall filed a shot got inside We only had a fourth foul on Hoover Spain Park will have the basketball Good job defensively holding her ground and snatching away that loose ball Spain Park is already in the bonus We have almost six minutes in the second quarter Going to the line is hammering Who is no stranger to the file has committed a couple banged up And that is big Spain part goes ten points free throws second chance opportunities If they can score a lot of points and those areas that’s a helping winning basketball game Now back to two Hoover with the basketball Both teams are playing predominantly man We actually saw box and one earlier Driving the lane pick this shot up Frazier has checked in As I told you crystal will play

a lot of folks To the board off the glass will not go we have a tie up on the rebound actually it’s a travel She does the basketball like that she usually gun knock that one end Even though Spain Park still has the lead this day is trending towards Hoover The starting to take the momentum away from stay part of the turn over there Back-to-back turnovers that’s clear whole Bringing across the midcourt straight the big star there you see on the Raycom media sign Three pointer put up and bald Of big bucket by the little girl girl That gave Spain Park back to a five-point lead That was a huge bucket much-needed Inside Williams now back out tied the soft jumper will not go in here come Spain Park That is Claire he better get a body in front of her she going straight to the basket as she’d is now shot of won’t go Here come the Lady Bucks on the run Quickly down the floor The offensive rebound picked up She goes hard to the basket possessing too fast Lu has three now Hoover not shy about putting up victories they’re not making many 20% 2 for 10 Spain Park quite a bit better 4-8 I know one thing they’re not going to stop shooting as part of the game Imagine we will not see her for the rest of this half with three same Park on the bench with three personals Tries to save a gives it right back to Hoover Great defense by Park State on their feet didn’t draw file Down in the quarter this shot is in it out Though come across the timeline The jumper is tipped around Clark hit her last month squared up on that one had a good luck Dendrite at Park is a five-point lead back at Birmingham in a moment Back at legacy arena and joining us is Christina My Chase told his girls the big focus coming in today’s game was making sure you’re getting rebounds because Hoover will be very physical on the offense as you see right there to the a Muscat the bucket that’s the biggest key for them getting rebounds and thing physical

That’s 44 Angela Grant is going to line and a 44 wearing the white Jersey for Spain Park and Think they had to sit on the roster Grant had the line and she begs the first one Tries to get Hoover with an four four Spain Park lead to the Basque 119-163 minutes left in the first half -period during what we talked about it’s imperative for Spain Park to be Hoover off that offensive glass they’ve done a pretty good job so far Hope is driving the basket I think I’ve said it a times already Here comes a bucks on the run Hoover has missed seven straight field-goal attempts Grant literally muscles the ball away Being harassed by number 12 who does it all for the Spain Park ballclub Here come Spain part Back to the man-to-man Dropping off They vote is on defend a number Barker drives A nice little pass inside That was a nice three by Barker Spain Park is up by five Going at it again inside That will be a Hoover at the free-throw line They both in the bonus now Does all the things a starter does that doesn’t get you a lot of stats or notoriety she only averages three and a half points things And that particular case she goes to the rim and through the file the free-throw is up and good Here come the Lady jags They lead the entire game I’m really impressed with the job and game plan might Chase has put together the exhibition on the offensive and they miss shots they’ve got good looks they’ve had great ball movement really playing team basketball Everyone else is chipping in And Hoover is helping him out because they’re not hitting the three ball They may run this thing down Any minute now Under hands Cooper She’s got 14 Inside with a great move That she creates space are what 61 Junior Avenue Williams tremendous athlete and it was an excellent move on the baseline She may be there best play overall she’s averaging right at a double double she rebounds he plays defense block shots and scores obviously Left-handed two they go off the glass and one There is one of those start foul calls very difficult and I see the replay in a moment I’m sure will get it Crystal Johnson they Hoover head coach soccer player and defense position Can I say something on look at the replay? I say something all due respect to my friend Jay Barker he doesn’t possess that quickness that’s a great move when she turned it on It was a great finish @only did should get the basket Christian she finishes it off with the bucket and the free-throwBrandt Brandt Spain Park has his biggest lead at seven points

Garrison Brooks Brooks The daughter of Jay Barker the national championship You and I we’re both there She is just of freshman at the buzzer will not go Elston I think to the surprise of many here maybe not those wearing teal and whiteTrey Elston same parks as 2619 need I don’tLuke Thierry Terry Terry doubt who was ability to come back in this game there not thatAlex Wayne Wayne right now That’s what happened when they met earlier in the season right now there on top of Hoover in the seven a gross championship 26-19 Garrison Brooks Works Preston Cook Clip Brooks Cook Grover Lawrence Collins Collins Will Solomon Solomon And will Solomon smack Smack Smack told her Watford Trendon Watford McCool Ben McCool Stramaglia ‘S dramaticallyDramatically a Paulie Stramaglia Colvin Sisson Hamp Sisson Sean Elmmore Sean Elmar Elmore there was a time where everyone wore white shoes and White Sox now you Starks have to match your uniformsBerman you your shooting shirts SoLior Berman is all a fashion statement which is good for us we like that How have the uniforms and jerseys changed over the years? Lineberry For example you got across the board year of the next the jerseys that have been around forever That’s transitioning on down to the height college and high school level Mikula It’s a constant change we’re seeing shorts go back up a little bit The past very short of a below the needs we’re say no shorts go Fashion is always changing don’t go anywhere we have a good the seven a Spain Park on top of Hoover 26-19 only on Raycom Frank Tolbert Tolbert

Back at legacy arena on our scoreboard the bottom of your screen on Raycom media the Jaguars of both from Hoover the Hoover bucks the original school day later beat and build Spain Park they met earlier in the year and Hoover handled the Jaguars pretty easily but that’s Park is up with seven and we are back with the highlights in just a minute bringing you some of the statistics as well Gary Harris along with myself bringing you the last couple of games of what’s been a long but very productive week a lot of great high school basketball a lot of great individual efforts team when and their first championship we just saw a minute ago with Paul Bryant we got the seven a championship game coming up between all men and home standing mountain Park right after this a lot of basketball A lot of the fact that they beat state Park by 26 backup every third these are two different teams certainly that’s the case That doesn’t mean Hoover has regressed but Spain Park has got hot Clearly it are not to lose by 26 at break Tried to run their game plan both these head coaches have game plans over shooting the three and crash the offensive board has not made it breeze as well as they usually do Spain Park has done a good job keeping them off the offensive glass number 12 clear over 800 points this season they know she’s a dynamic score You know she’s dynamic Bush’s guard teammates involved and they have taken advantage of their offensive opportunity they played well enough on the defensive glass they’ve actually outstanding for them thereof seven at the break Fee look at this thing to physically is shooting 45% to 25 25% Back with the second half in just a moment you’re watching high school basketball from Birmingham Alabama The first few minutes of the second half will be critical

Spain Park festival the wrote move is got a play the basketball game There can a be looking to cut into this Spain Park lead right off the bat I think coach Johnson told them throw it all to the side play hard and play fast Turn it over necessary She is one of the very few coaches are seeing in this entire tournament A lot of standings She talks he over with her team I’m sure she made some adjustments they have to go out and play For the Lady jags Now Hoover There is a battle going on inside Right off the bat that’s a travel I see a change in they game plan after going 2-12 in the first half they come out looking to pound inside That’s one way and the other Parks gives it up Back to Claire Got a little tripped up and take an extra step This entire tournament I can’t say enough about these officials officials They have been very few times live and then looked at each other and said they’ve missed it I think the best effort may have been the last game It was so physical Who is got take better care of the basketball You’re down seven-year lease want to get a shot attempt off Barker with a crossover dribble Georgia the laying off the grass grass Suite move that was a great crossover left to right created space and laid it and a little finger wrote with the right-hand right-hand Also the drivel midway was just brilliant She’s just of freshman the three ball by Hoover will not go Who led them in scoring with six at the half That’s a look day like manic wide open they just not going down for the Hoover bucks right now An errant inbounds pass that would never ever happened Three possessions with three turnovers This is not what coach Johnson is talking about Park having difficulty because of the defense Little full-court pressure by Hoover When in doubt get it from Claire Claire She was checked tightly all up and her grow She was the one that shattered her in the first half There is Barker Now they give it up Inside to grant Grant at six to play against the six to hearing she posted it up knowing is got 3,000 of the two physical now we get it They’re going into grant They can be caught on the air No you don’t buy grant camped out in that length and they caught her Clearly knowing that is got three files they are going at her And all the games that we have done and this one I’ve said ten caught sight and call and a 32 32nd call Parks across the timeline Jets towards the goal turnaround

comfort may been partially bark tearing got the rebound and then out of bounds and her defense They need to get grant on the inside A whistle and the ball is out of bounds Same possession of the basketball And they are mixing it up on the inside They are throwing elbows a short jumper put up That’s a good shot They are just really struggling from the field Just about 25% at the half there is a three ball bounces around and almost calls it too soon Eight of 29 from the field to a 13 from three Honestly they can only fortunate to be done seven Still down seven Halfway through the third -period They say defense travels and that’s a Hoover is trying to live with them Can’t get it ago they cannot buy a 32-15 With an offensive rebound Keeping it alive for another possession you are totally right Unless they get the open three Let’s see who it’s on That’s not what Spain Park needed They need her low post presence to give us to the line Jennifer Andrews A couple files on This get to the bench And that’s her fourth The have to sit here for a while now but I don’t blame her for putting in the game to start the She’s really only the other post player Another turnover Having a hard time play onto it Overages can get one to drop There as cold as ice She had the job They’re just not dropping They’re playing great defense They we’re playing great defense to over So many opportunities to give back in this game Tied this thing up and take the lead they can’t buy one right now The shot won’t go A strong rebound Needed team can find the basket right now That is Melanie Hall for less checked in grant off the glass Grant is the one person they can get going without herring and they game the grant take a timeout The canal a hard time matching up for 44 in black Starting to take it inside and they’ve cut into this lead is just for as we take a break Billy Bowers is right in front of us in Spain Park But it’s Hoover that as change momentum of this game on a five

all run led by grant With back-to-back buckets Spent part two points in the quarter Spain Park’s jumper was can answer that for you grant with a bucks There out on the run despite the Grant get it done on both ends right now Timber ends up on the floor There is of fourth file Hoover will keep the basketball medics who had six look into grant who has six kids are inside off the glass and all the file She’s feeling it signs of a motion why not number 44 Angela Grant is taking over this basketball game inside for Hoover Let’s point out that was a great love inside terrific pass She did not have a lot of room between big baseline and players players A points trying to make it nine three of three from the field The defense for Hoover they have been able to withstand incredibly poor shooting from the field and now they’re only two down because they’ve taken over in this quarter They’ve got the basketball Chance to tie our take the lead They get it to grant turnaround jumper To strong off the glass A whistle and file She is being aggressive went over the back That is Claire who has four team at all those came in the first half Bashes tell it like it If you’re saying hey went to the storm number 12 has got to score some points She is there go to player without her offense they’re probably not can a win this game game 306 from the line just her numbers are quick 15 points five of ten from the floor she she’s made to trace she is just now 307 from the free-throw line It’s unusual for a shooter with skill set You just made a great point lead There is the runner up an end it The file is on Spain Park it’s in their And gets the rebound Though take the basketball over on a file against Hoover It’s easy when you look at a team like Spain Park for struggles three points and this quarter but somehow they have managed to keep the lead is down from seven until three but you feel like in this quarter Hoover and they go down by three points points Spain Park has a chance to go up 5-6 Melanie Hall she’s in that group Has picked up her fourth file Let’s go inside Hoover basketball And let’s take a look at the region that they are staying close ShouldThe knew they had to be fearful posted up caught it down down Calling for the ball delivery watch as they catch and bucket right there That is strong low post play And there can a keep doing it because 44 for same Park both the inspired players turnover and four files Length of the floor putting a shot up and drive the file Is Kelsey the senior guard She’s a tough player She is not a huge score in terms she’s a great defender we’ve seen heard checking pulled a lot You need that when trying to come back and I game she’s got the ability to get to the free-throw line and knock them down Brings the box within two It’s a one point basketball game 29-28 parks across the timeline through the star at midcourt Battle with Kimber

Kimber picks up the file In terms of the offensive player player Had her in trouble Quite frankly she felt like the official belt out a real smart thing is to turn away from the official before she grimaced They’re not can it take any And rightfully so Out of control with the basketball Going the length of the floor the left-hand and lay in And Hoover has the first lead of the basketball game Important right now composure for Spain Park They have inch out an entire Basque what game Intel now saw them give up the lead and you saw parks has shown she will play fast come down and hike one file by my count as she staying on the floor just in case someone missed it Now you have to bring her back The knocking a bring her back yet there and a bring in 50 in the game Checking in now We don’t have her on the roster You are exactly right Will have to get Christina on that find out who number 50 I know one thing there can a keep going inside Cutting get the shooter’s role here comes Williams she’s going to run the show Shall probably go coast to coast role and she is filed Madison McDonald is number 50 for Spain part into the game now Hoover again they talked about the ability to offensive rebound will be huge in the final quarter of this basketball game Williams on the line Gets it to go So Madison McDonald as her teammates call her Maddie number I raised a Maddie Here comes Claire They need her back in the basketball games going She drives around In bounding the basketball Means the bucket And they got her Maddux with the basketball all in the first half Gives it up Stolen away Drives in position person shot of no good good From the mid for stripe all the way to the goal An opportunity as you watch the pickup Then I can a conceit anything she does pick up the file Ultimate two free throws they’ve only scored three points in the quarter she misses the first Could’ve tied the basketball game They have missed the last six feel go struggling from feel goes and from the free-throw line Especially Blair She is a very uncharacteristic three of eight We had a one point basketball game when 26 seconds remaining in the third quarter The girls 78 championship boys to follow We still a lot of basketball and this one Let’s make sure they get a good a shot attempt and this final Just four points in the quarter for Spain part but if you’re an optimist we’ve only scored four points in the quarter we’re only half and we have a one point lead As positive for both teams were going into the fourth quarter That’s perfect for the TV guides

over here The fireworks are going to be going off and legacy arena And then maybe some Spain Park has battled to over times in the playoffs One of them they we’re down 11 with just minutes to go They are no stranger In the third quarter Hoover with four of 13 from the floor It’s amazing Hoover doesn’t have a larger lead than that They do have the basketball ladybugs are bringing it a crossed Kelsey the senior She gives it up They can a go inside the balls turnovers scrambled for it Will and the finals Chaotically in and in the third quarter eight minutes to play Hoover is got the lead When we come back we will decide who the seven a grows championship along soon the state of Alabama as the and in the final play of 31-30 that’s why Hoover has your ago Blair is guy start making these free throws Reset in the first half not only is she good offensive player of being able to shoot but she understands how to draw contact and get herself to the free-throw line She has to convert Before that one we now tell you she’s a 50% 5 of 10 And we have a tie ballgame It looks like all the sun she’s got that That’s not an issue 32-31 Spain part Hoover with the basketball They have been going inside in the second half An outside shot And I quick timeout by Johnson And a big three That’s just their first three of the second half there still three of 16 from three-point range They come right back down Sets up perfect form and drains it She has a very quick release will will willWas a good-looking you shot and even look better when willI went through the back you youEspecially for those in black Hoover will their largest lead. will At 34-32 it is their lead will youThey grew up in high school sports and so did I We have rivals but we didn’t have willa rifle that was our neighbor will will willYou had some of that. will There was some division of it will You really didn’t know that Lotta people that we’re your neighboring schools willThese kids probably played Little League together Don’t you think absolutely will And it’s amazing the state has divided them to different regions because they can meet in the final when you think about it Off-balance shot almost got it to go That is Madison McDonald he didn’t have her on the center We’ve got her here now in the scoring category youShe didn’t dribble she didn’t hesitate willWere all tied again Her in grant are battling down

low to Anthony Williams That might of been McDonald Hoover needs Emily every Williams to get going She is a dynamic athlete capable She’s at the line For the third time With one of three Is got seven points looking for a willGrants gone down to the other end getting ready for defense really mixing it up down in the paint The second free-throw by Williams almost through it away That’s athleticism of Ebony Williams she closed on the ball and a hurry Now Mallery Duke has checked and in wearing jersey number 21 There is almost a turnover Parks almost fell in man together the Hoover bench Just under seven to go will over needs it by one parks with the basketball and a whistle There in the bonus now The eighth team fell on Hoover So parks will go to the line drive in this game We just saw the boys who don’t have a single senior on the roster Wayne state championship This is Spain Park only has one senior they return and tack next Out near midcourt with this deal deal The three ball off the mark willOverages cannot get the three to go Burnout three of 17 from the three-point line This marital matchup There goes Barker Tries to do the backdoor pass cutting get it to go And here comes Hoover With four files back in Number 30 The pass inside for Graham Quick cans to gather that one end The three ball will not go will will willWhat a great rebound by Parker cutting get it to go she’s challenging willinside They are going after it And Berkshire will will will not only she playing with a big knee brace she’s only a freshman and and This is action right here willNeither player was in And it’s worth repeating she’s just of freshman The starting quarterback this year With that man-to-man defense Playing with four files inside ebony Williams shot is blocked by McDonald’s And that is actually hearing will four files The Lady jags They have very efficient they just keep running and running we Spain Park InAnd Leggat might Chase and another like Hearing with four files Bolger ground gets a hand on the ball blocks a clean And makes a great play gets to stay in the game It’s tough to play with four files and be anywhere near aggressive she bodied up and there was contact willShe play just smart enough to get the block and not the file You have the bottom of your screen you have a dandy one going They did not lead and tell a final seconds of the third quarter in this game Spain Park is up seven at the break 26-19 but they had a

miserable quarter offensive late and the third But now the bottom line is this we got ourselves a one point game 514 to go State championship on the line bragging rights on the line We had a fantastic finish and the six a boys game Spain Park with the basketball They will andinbounds it On a seven-point Guarding closely by ebony Williams And either way parks that’s an alibi shot She’s an aggressive player I like her aggressiveness she average a .2 points a game but she went inside at 5’6″ against ebony Williams who 6’1″ it’s just not a matchup will that is good will will will for area help And now because of it she picks up the file and Williams was shoot free throws Won’t get the bonus While there is a collision right there in the paint and bargaining get the block will not the charge That was a collision those are two players who not only are they good players and holds and of course number 11 Maryville but they’re very competitive against each other you can tell this is a individual matchup between the two they’re both taking pride in trying to when will She is now six She’s 308 She’s made three and four in a row She’s regain the lead Under five to go with a one point lead You’re watching break on media will and the high school athletic Association coverage of all classes of the state championship We are can a crown 13 and 14 a couple hours They won’t go youRebound of Barker gives it up Barker on the floor again She’s a tough player A lot of elbow Burns Clears dribbles what this shot I thought she had the shooter’s role but it didn’t go Four minutes to go in a basketball game Titles at stake and legacy arena arena With the basketball That was pretty A little two-person game there Off the man-to-man defense blame Just lobbed inside Got a one point basketball game Of 37-36 there is the live inside Back for the final minutes of this one in a moment Battling for the state championship in that’s the good word because they been back in for the last few minutes Spain

Park lead the majority of the first three quarters but sense then as been seesaw and parks a drops a free-throw we’re tied at That once off the front of the rim Rebound comes off pulled down by Jennifer Andrews back in the game after somatic if it Parks making one of two we’re tied again Coming on the 315 Mark you youInside shot by Andrews won’t go to rebound is put back up and in but Jennifer a big bucket Hoover is up by you two Good work inside at first you don’t succeed stay with it And Hoover is back up by two Claire with the basketball Turns it over She had 14 in the first half Six in the second they’re all free-throw lines You have your declare game she’s She had field-goal attempts she was just filed That is Andrews And we have a timeout crystal Johnson is unhappy about something in someone She is not hiding it She’s letting this place hear from her this is crunch time now now You played this entire season for an opportunity to win a state championship down to the final 244 at two-point ballgame It’s going to come down executes the best That’s can a be the winner Stay Basque law championship is brought you by bomb house Any location across the state of Alabama and puts himself in your mouth 39-37 look at the faithful that it made their way and and now fire 15 minute drive His fourth quarter as for 40 They have not play well offense we neither has Hoover Three of 18 from behind the arc issued a better percentage of that Their winning they game That’s an opportunity to make it difficult on each other grant from the free-throw line won’t go what a great rebound by Andrews Grants shot won’t go Haring gets the boards She comes out of it with a avoid that fifth file Actually goes pretty much Kos to coach and they tied this one up That’s going to be a dandy as well two minutes to go and this one to the side the seven a championship and the girls division Hoover with the basketball Pulling it way back out front Is Hall inside grant over Harrington Just swatted it away She steps on the baseline I have to give it up it seems like she’s had for files most of this half and has made big defensive play after big defensive play and not got no foul Watch her leave her feet That’s a screen as you can get Inside over Harrington and she blocks it again Here comes Park 130 to go Haring with a jumper does not get the road rebound of the other way That’s every whims the best athlete on the floor Back out front and she’s gas settle everyone down and including Matt Inside grant we’ve seen this movie for shot won’t go You have to give her credit she said a couple toss right back in out and giving Hoover a two-point lead what a matchup between those two Trailing by two fault has it knocked out of bounds it was off A good call A went off holds knee

Quick hands Hall with the quick hands and the ball went off of force knee the lead 46.9 seconds remaining The fourth quarter has just been sheer excitement The entire seven minutes It hasn’t been a pretty basketball game Two teams plane that gets out neither team has shot it well When balls are going and and three-point range and makes the basketball a little bit more aesthetically pleasing to the I’ve But this has been a great game we have seen toughness and desire Make a statement when those are draw they can play with their crosstown neighbors Barker has brought a spark to this team a tough player a lot of energy and at that point ties Just of freshman She’s been denied on back-to-back occasion the third time got denied input the basket basket If you’re coach Chase what are you doing play on before you file See if you can get a turnover before they worry about filing They found pretty early in the clock They have a few take it That will now be harvested and is the double bonus for Hoover and that gives the opportunity to catch a breath she can a get attempts regardless I thought they might played out a few more seconds before they file Nothing but net Arnold that would’ve filed found here 106 sometimes a don’t have a choice that time was timing up the file A poor free-throw shooter that’s not hurt It’s a to possession game She goes to the line number 14 Or number 11 knocks them down They will be people that wonder about that Now Park with the basketball Wants to shoot the three Battling for underneath we have a jump ball That’s the shot we know that she can knocked down Dinning get a chance I can’t say enough about the effort Say Park has to get it in Stolen by Hall Now Hoover Throws it away No it’s say there is a scramble on the floor We have bodies everywhere But it is Spain Parker basketball Did this back to a one point game You have a four-point deficit Now they want to change it up Good pressure by Hoover She picked up her dribble -period you get it across the timeline and just does The three ball it’s good how big The may had just been a two That stat addition saying that’s But it still a possession A three what a much much bigger that’s a big-time players do and a second has struggled on offensively we have a great shot Inside the circle good work guys guys Now obviously go for this deal and inbounds pass the don’t get it you fat immediately You can’t be too particular on who you file Just 106 from the floor One of the really good shooters Now you die don’t have any choice the bus send area for say inbounds pass You better believe Hoover has practiced this particular inbound situation with a hundred

Setting the scene 12.9 seconds remaining they have the basketball Andrews doesn’t have a lot of time finally gets it and Williams has a shot at it and tips it away Hall ends up with it Remember as Gary has pointed out a minute I go there all twos in the double bonus If you’re Spain part clearly are hoping he makes one of the two He makes too is can a be tough Get down and make a basket Some Melanie with a chance to make this a very tough Melanie Hall five to sophomore pointguard AndAndrew back in for Hoover Misses this one He makes that as a three-point basketball game a little over 116 to go That has to be holds dribbling down Into Haring Got it What a basket by the freshman Let me tell you there wasn’t a whole lot of time left on that clock she had to make it Let’s go to overtime That these two rivals go to overtime and a freshman and get overtime underway 44-44 there is the hero of regulation as they drain the three All-StarWas talking to head coach Mike he said is grows a been here before they had to when the championship in overtime and then and the semi finals an overtime just to get to this game he said that experience will deftly help them here and were ready to play for another four minutes That’s five on a holds She got them a fell and regulation I believe she just got the charge in the a leading scorer For Spain part they just an error watch the running 346 from if you’re us pain Park man your heart just drops Not a you still can’t when this game but is going to be much more difficult went out number 12 and they game Claire hold and she did it what she does try to get to the basket on offensive and play great defense I think it might of been timber that take that charge Let me tell you from my vantage point that was a no doubt her and a they just lost the best player and leading scorer She outscored all her teammates 2-1 inside shot won’t go Is tied at 44 and overtime Hoover with the basketball They play for minute overtime is is We have a file inside

The benches can a half to do it for the Lady Jaguars It was away from the ball to shoes trying to back in and make her down in the low block A file is a file I understand that but your disappointed if you’re Spain Park and that she just trying to hold position And this is the shot that put us into overtime Ice water running through the freshman’s veins Just trying to hold her position position She got called for the body check and she’s out She had made her two previous But misses that one Will have the opportunity with the second free-throw And she gives them a one point lead Now you have Bailey that has checked in she came and she’s one the starters But the two players now that are Mallory Duke for Spain Park And that is Madison down inside She’s can a place play a significant role Spain Park can be very important These finals to:50 Is pretty much on Ashley the freshman by Clark I step it up to it should be noted that Barker Parker only has just that the one file No danger and losing her anytime Hoover looking to put the nail and a in the coffin here Grant way out top With the Basque what picked up by parks Had hard for much of her in the second half she had six to lead all scorers The Williams great dish inside to grant and found by Madison A good file by McDonald a grants going to score if you have the files to give And make earn it She now has three And now the freezer is goodbye grant and a two-point Hoover lead She now has 11 She has been big inside for this Hoover ballclub and she makes both her free throws Andrey will check in for coach Johnson’s club In overtime two possessions Two charges The go to offensive player here In this overtime Gives it up to Bowers And there is Barker They can use one of her threes any bucket will be welcome a little out of control She’s only get three now five Stepping up in the OT Williams Settling back down onto under the two-minute mark the ball and a Over time to decide seven a championship She did not and a big hurry They have a one point lead They’ve have ball Tenney on to you that Right and left hand Never turn your back And she is picked up Coming up on a minute now Maddux gets the screen from Andrew Finally comes out with a file The 105 Mark Going to the line William Maddux Maddux And she is not been there yet She has a couple big ones right here Both teams are in the bonus throughout the

remainder of this game Still very little hesitation with that one Regardless if she makes the second is still a one possession Duke out Caitlin For Mike because second one is off the Mark Berkeley with the rebound here comes Spain Park trailing by two She had the traded get us to overtime Parks screen from McDonald now she will bring you it back out Parks is driving on Williams with a great defensive move I just not a good matchup And Williams is a tremendous athlete I know she is one of their bond offensive players and they game averaging 8.2 points a game you see coach talking to her you have to be smart that’s a bad matchup driving on the 6’1″ Someone has to score the doesn’t mean she has to take on the mismatch in order to do so All said and done to the line does mile she drops a three-point lead for Hoover and this Makes a to possession game if a goes down We had a to possession game of regulation like this And they still tied it With a big basket in this overtime Maybe ten them will step up we see Top of the key We have McDonald out there trying to give her a little bit of an edge Picking up the file is actually I think it was a good call we will watch it again I think we right there got her hand on her a little bit I think her right foot got caught up I thought there’s a little bit of contact not a lot And she makes the free throws Twenty-two and a half seconds Make or Ms. Here is can a be a position to force a turnover and I thought that was can a go down is still a one possession basketball game She thousand Maddux One of two from the line she was shoot to with the double bonus Walsh just picked up her second 19.6 seconds remaining Hoover with the ball at the free-throw line 49-47 and a chance to make a it to possession basketball game game And she does It rattled by but what it went down down This is a huge free-throw If she can convert this one is going to be really tough on Spain Park Both teams have one timeout remaining it won’t go The long rebound they hero Down three gives it up to Bowers three The good for here didn’t go Rebound Maddux file With 4.7 seconds remaining Once the shot missed and they have possession you have to stop Now really your only chance is number 20 misses both free throws She makes one is the ballgame Silvers points and overtime have all, no one regarding them From the charity stripe They made their share And now just one of these two we’re just about shipping measurably to Hoover I don’t mean the city It will be going more of the Westside Could be number five for Hoover Wanting that first trophy so badly but might wind up being denied by Hoover Mike Chase is talking to his lady jags They came back from a very unlikely situation and regulation this one is a little bit more difficult particularly if — This is a huge shot of the game right here if he makes this I’m

confident in saying Hoover’s going to win the Basque what game if she does not and grabbed the rebound they have no timeouts though get it and go That’s a big free-throw In overtime Spain Park that will wrap it up Spain Park with a gutty performance but the lady girls What I game Incredible game Now we will wind it down to zero the celebration is on the lady bucks of Hoover have won the 2177 a championship and their fifth title All since 2001 Clearly we say this often and sports but it’s sure this is the The pages see either team lose both teams played their gets out out But there can only be one Someone has to when They when it 51-47 High-fiving And rightfully so The seven a girls great basketball game I had a lot of fun on that one We are about to see a lot of light green that shot through sharp through Organa see a lot of that Back with more post postgame festivities for Hoover they are your seven a champs we have now crowned all the one champions We do need to throw the laurels in the direction at Mike Chase the runner up Spain Park But in hand the big trip is to Hoover in just a minute is go to Suncor and public address announcer Congratulations to both head coaches for a great season Now present in the Coca-Cola all tournament team award is Justin DiMarco representing Coca-Cola As you name is:P’s report to center court to receive your award From central Phoenix city From Spain part Claire From Hoover Angela Grant From Spain Park high school Sarah Ashley Parker

Anthony Williams Please give them all out round of applause for an outstanding season and an outstanding title game And now the seven a state championship runner-up led by head coach through the Spain Park And finally congratulations to the seven a state champions led by head coach crystal the Hoover Buccaneers Backcourt side here Christina Chambers as they have handed out the most viable players and alternative midteens for seven a put the biggest he goes back to Hoover high school the ladybugs have won the championship that’s their fifth as you see on a Raycom media screen they won the seven a championship we’ve got the 7A boys to take care of and we are going to do that coming up live from Birmingham Alabama