College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and University College Commencement – Spring 2020

congratulations hawkeye’s and welcome to the University of Iowa’s 2020 spring commencement today we are celebrating the achievements of our remarkable students soon you will be moving on to new phases of your life professional community and educational we are recognizing your college graduation this year in a very unique way but our pride in your accomplishments remains as strong and bright as any Iowa commencement as always we stand together as hawkeye’s today with strength purpose and pride any college commencement is also a recognition of our team effort behind the success of our talented and accomplished graduates our family friends teachers mentors and many others who have supported and aided them in their success today we also thank the whole team who has made this day possible and let me remind you to always pay it back remember all those that got you to today and remember in your life will be others that you can help you our graduates have been central to the excellence of this university while you’ve been a student here and your future accomplishments will always be part of our proud legacy we will always welcome you back to your campus this campus when we are able and we hope you will be able to join us for an in-person graduation ceremony in the coming year once again congratulations good luck and best wishes for great success in the wonderful years ahead of you we are very very proud of you and remember once a Hawkeye always a Hawkeye on behalf of the Board of Regents state of Iowa I congratulate each and every one of you graduating today the most essential mission of Iowa’s public cities is the education of our citizens for lives of prosperity and service today we celebrate the successful completion of that mission Iowans have known from the beginning of statehood that knowledge critical thinking and cultural understanding are essential to student success and happiness and to the well-being of the state in our larger society we celebrate the value of education in our state by honoring you today our wonderful graduates of the University of Iowa today you embark on an exciting new chapter of your life you will enjoy many personal and professional successes you will share your talents to create a better future for us all and as you do take pride in being a shining example of how support from all of the people of Iowa and our public representatives in government is essential to the foundation and education that underscores the strength of the state of Iowa as well as our entire state once again congratulations to you all the Board of Regents state of Iowa is very proud now to call you alumni of the University of Iowa greetings graduating students family and friends we are all heartbroken that we can’t be together in person on this special day and that you are not enjoying the grand

celebration you deserve surrounded by your peers family friends and the faculty and staff who have cheered you along the way and who are also proud of you I am personally deeply disappointed that I would not be able to shake your hand as you walk across the stage and congratulate you in person but even if I can only do so virtually it is no less of a privilege and a joy for me to celebrate the dedicated and they were accomplishments and unique qualities are the very fine members of our graduating class of spring 2020 graduates you should be so proud of what you have achieved please know that we can now be more proud of you and we are honored to have traveled with you on your academic journey I hope you will also remember that what you have accomplished and what you have gained during your time with us cannot be compared with a transcript or summarizing a diploma for in addition to receiving the highest quality of education inside and outside the classroom you have received an education in life from each other you have formed irreplaceable friendships with your peers and with your mentors relationships formed during good times and bad you have faced daunting challenges including this unprecedented spring semester and you have navigated them with resilience and determination those qualities and those relationships will serve you well no matter where your journey takes you next as you leave this University your University you are carrying on a long tradition of excellence go forward with confidence do great things large and small I know you will always be proud to call the University of Iowa your alma mater yes as we will always be proud to claim you as a member of the Hawkeye family congratulations class of 2020 hello class of 2020 like you I wish we were sharing this commencement ceremony and Carver Hawkeye arena nonetheless I’m really happy to recognize your accomplishments and celebrate your graduation with all family friends and classmates who are with us from all across Iowa our country and the world I don’t need to tell you that these past couple of months have been tough you have lived it but I do want to tell you how proud of you we all are here in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences you’ve worked hard during your years here and then stepped up to face the intense challenges of this coronavirus crisis with resilience and a deep commitment to your education you inspire us thank you hello I’m Tanya food and Homan dean of the university college and i’d like to welcome our graduates as well as their family and friends to the spring 2020 commencement ceremony I want to begin with a special message to our graduates on behalf of all of us in University College you did it congratulations on this momentous accomplishment commencement is a very special occasion where we come together as a Hawkeye family to celebrate the success of students who have met the challenges we set for them and that they set for themselves and this spring semester has greater significance and meaning given the additional challenges you’ve faced due to the Cova 19 global pandemic because The Bachelor of applied studies and Bachelor of Liberal Studies are distance education programs you are all pros at learning virtually and I’m confident you’re finding creative ways to celebrate your virtual commencement with family and friends even if you can’t be together in person our students come up from a variety of backgrounds and experiences they’ve completed their degrees while sitting in home offices and around kitchen tables from a variety of locations within the state of Iowa and across the country many worked full-time raise children or served our country during their educational journey while some started their degree a few years ago others have been working on their goal of being a University of Iowa graduate over a number of years and sometimes even decades often taking one course at a time or returning to the university after being away for many years to achieve their goal of being a college graduate we applaud your determination and resiliency you should be incredibly proud of your accomplishment I know I’m very proud of all of you I’d like to end by wishing you all the very best as you begin the next chapter of your life’s journey and welcome to the University of Iowa alumni family greetings graduates parents spouses partners friends neighbors loved ones we’re glad

to have you here so at these kind of events its traditional to spend some advice about the future and I’m gonna stick with the tradition but first let me congratulate all of our graduates they’ve worked hard to get to this point and we’re all very proud of their accomplishment you know while you’ve been studying in our College you’ve learned broadly about things within your major and deeply as well but you’ve also learned broadly about other disciplines in other areas of academic and endeavor and what that is is the liberal arts education and what this does is it provides you with the foundation for an ever-changing future it also provides an enrichment that you will value for the rest of your life as faculty you know we’re quite aware you’ve worked hard to get to this point and we applaud you for your achievement so onto that advice so this is something that has served me well throughout my life and career and it’s pretty straightforward be friendly and courteous now maybe that sounds too simple but really it’s amazing what kind of return you get on an investment of just a little effort and saying please or thank you um or just being friendly with people you know I’ve traveled widely around the world in my career in life I’ve lived overseas and it is often surprising to me but that friendly face and a please or a thank you what that will get you when you’re talking with other people perhaps an upgrade on a long overseas flight that you weren’t expecting which has happened to me just because I was being nice to the gate agent or another thing one time tasting some special things that a chef has made in a restaurant they just have enough to give to everybody who wants to give it to you because you were courteous and white and friendly so really what this is about is respecting other people you know you and I can have various different opinions on things we can be diametrically opposed on some issue but that doesn’t mean I’m going to not be friendly or courteous because I respect your opinion to have a different opinion than mine that’s as simple as it goes we have to respect one another you know there’s another place where I think this is really important and that’s with your spouse or partner my wife and I we’ve been married for well let’s just say longer than most of you been alive but to this day we still use please and thank you if somebody does some little chore around the house hey thanks for doing that it’s just a matter of showing respect for that other person and as you go through that with your spouse or partner you will find things go much more smoothly so that’s pretty much it for the advice now this really isn’t not anything new this has been encoded into some of our sayings for years it’s easier to catch a fly with honey than with vinegar or perhaps the most important of all the golden rule do unto others as you would have them do unto you that is if you respect others they’ll respect you back so really as you go out into the world and do things big and small just remember be friendly and courteous you’ll be surprised at what it will get you as you go along finally let me congratulate you once again we know how hard you’ve worked all of us family friends everybody and we’re proud of your achievement class of 2020 it’s an honor to speak to you I’d like to start off with a story the story of my first experience at the University of Iowa it wasn’t for a campus visit a football game or a trip to the Museum of Natural History my first experience at Iowa was with the other kids in the pediatric oncology unit of the hospital the day I found out I had cancer the news had little time to settle in as the hospital staff quickly assured me they had a plan they were not going to give up and neither could I the lesson learned through years of treatments and doctors visits at Iowa is the lesson that has carried me through to where I stand today to be a Hawkeye is to not be overwhelmed by the obstacles ahead but to find strength in the struggle when the time came I was excited to attend the University responsible for saving my life but admittedly I was less than excited to join the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences I’d be joining 60% of undergraduates which seems painfully average but over the past four years I’ve realised how our vast diversity is exactly what makes our College so extraordinary we’re the artists the chemists the writers and the historians we’re the dancers the linguists the mathematicians and the actors we study the brain the Bible the earth and the stars we’re used to asking the hard questions breaking the old rules and thinking outside of the box we’re the ones bold enough to believe in a better world and brave enough to fight for it the challenges of today require

exactly what we bring to the table resilience creativity compassion and fearlessness climate change social inequities pandemics what these challenges are made of is exactly what we have prepared for but we have to be willing to answer the call we have to take adversity not as a reason to quit but an opportunity to do even better to find strength in the struggle so wherever you are in the world today no matter what you’re facing or where you’re going remember you’re a Hawkeye you have been trained to overcome the unimaginable to perform the remarkable you come from a community of problem solvers and global thinkers you’re ready for what’s next whatever that may be my hope for all of us is that we continue what we started at Iowa that we bring the spirit of liberal arts and sciences with us as we venture onward I hope more than anything we continue to find strength in the struggle thank you and go Hawks president harreld I am pleased to present to you the assembled candidates for The Bachelor of Applied studies Bachelor of Arts bachelor of fine arts Bachelor of Liberal Studies Bachelor of music and Bachelor of Science degrees these worthy and approved candidates having completed all of the requirements for the degree I recommended to you by the Faculty of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and University College for the conferral of these degrees on recommendation of the Faculty of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and University College and by the authority vested in me by the Board of Regents state of Iowa I confer on each of you the degree of Bachelor of Applied studies Bachelor of Arts bachelor of fine arts Bachelor of Liberal Studies Bachelor of music and Bachelor of Science as qualified and designated congratulations class of 2020 congratulations you are now officially college graduates now it’s time for the part of the program where we individually recognize each graduate we are proud of every student who has met the demanding requirements that we set for the attainment of degrees from the University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts and Sciences we note with special pride and congratulations those students who have earned the high crave grade point average that qualifies them for graduation with distinction with high distinction and with highest distinction Alexis Paige Abba doot o Muhammad Arif Abdul Malik Rachel Adkins Melissa a Adrian with university honors with high distinction a shoal Nanwalek toks muy WA akin rob a Tessa Alba Vanessa Elisaveta Noah has a Alonso Rachel Elaine ultra god Hannah Altman with university honors may see Marie Anderson Paulina Lea Ann and Ray Kristin Marie ankle widths Dylan Appenzeller Ariana Isabel arias Brooklyn and Arnold Jessica are Thiago katya k attends a– with university honors with distinction ashley nicole augustine cameron james asin house samantha marie ostrich Natalie Ava camp with distinction Bailey Aires Taylor and bacon barbara berra v nuts with university honors with distinction KCK been dick Clarissa Rose Barker Caitlin al Bates Kimberly Nicole Bates

Madison Beecham Austin Scott be bout Jennifer Megan back Stephanie and back-alley Becker with highest distinction Tyler Jo beaker mathy Lee bought Belle Calais with University Honors with distinction Daniel Beller Nicole are Bennett with University Honors nor Anita been solemn Emily Renee Benzing Michael Ryan bear she Ashley Berta with University Honors with distinction ricardo Bettencourt tori and buyer Michelina noel Bianco anis Ileana binti Harlow is easy with high distinction Jessica Isabella black Sydney Marie Belial with University Honors Hannah rose Bock Jordan Elizabeth Bochy Jenna bergoglio Alex Jordan Birchers Michelle basella he catch arena Bowsher Brittany Lynn Bach Aubree Irene Burgas Bailey Rae Boyer Nicholas Robert Bray Isabel Christine bright Felder with University Honors Emily Katherine brekkie with University Honors Avery Sheldon Brennan with University Honors with highest distinction Cheyenne Marie Brown Christopher Alan brown Sarah Komachi Brown Victor X Brown Rodriguez Justin Dalton Bruce Matthew James brookie Emily Anastasia bruss with distinction Alec Joseph Boucher Lauren Elizabeth Bullard with University Honors Katherine grace Bulls Oni Natalie Elena Burch Stephanie burr Isaiah Damon Burt Nicole Sarah Kane James Robert Caldwell Erin Christine Callahan Sara M caparelli Lydia Taylor caps Christina Elise Carlson Sarah McKee Carmona Bridget and Carol Thomas Arthur Carol Robert Anthony Catalano Laura hope to glaze Ian Xion Chen even a Scott Chism Derek Choi with highest distinction Connor Michael Christensen and Catherine son Alec cheo cheo Marcie Lee Clark with University Honors Scott Austin clevon Genevieve grace cleverly with university

honors chelsea lauren cohan Olivia lissandra Colosimo Kathleen Suzanne Conley Reese O’Connell Considine Kennedy cook Olivia Marie Corbett able Antonio Corral Katelyn furry crayon Emily Rose query with University Honors with high distinction Hannah Lynn crux Megan su Krotz with university honors Bennett John Cullen Nicholas Culver with distinction James Cummings Ellie Ann’s van gross Shima mamoon de Falla Jaime Eid Eggert Andrea May daily McKenzie Murray Dalton grant Paul Davis Jasmine Arielle Davis sauce and oz Holden web Mimi day with high distinction Nicholas Joseph de Stefano Sydney grace de Boer with University Honors with distinction Cheyenne Catherine Decker Jason Michael DDoS with University Honors Nathan Diggy Yun dang Taylor Dayne Dennis with University Honors with high distinction Jacob Emanuel Dickey Sean our deal Nicole Rachel Dietrich with highest distinction Sara Nicole Dickens may TM doll Abigail Lynn Donovan Carrie and Donovan Charles E Doherty with high distinction Andrew Maguire Doyle Taylor Murray Drazen Kelsey raid dresser Haley Nicole Driscoll she she do Bernardo Paul Duarte with university honors Thomas Duffy with University Honors peshwa Ellen duner Brian Dasia Emily Aikens jamie-lynn Eastman Zoe de Jiang Eckstein with distinction Morgan Renee edge ttyn Dawson Cooper Edwards hailey Marie Edwards Olivia Kate Edwards Kiera Samantha Airlink Charles Wain Ellis Candice Nicole eNOS Emma Kaitlin H Lehman Jessica Estill Vince fan Curtis Henry Feddersen Sydney Jane fatir Trent feckers Audrey and fellerman with University Honors with high distinction Griffin our fellows Sydney Diane Center with highest distinction Shawn Fernholz Maggie Katherine Fisher Riley and flair Lauren faith Flanders

Kelsey Joanna Florian hunter Jeffrey Faubourg with high distinction Riley B Francisco Becca Lin Fredrik Nicole Lilian Gabrielle Alexis Garcia Robert Garvey Kayleigh Alison cotone Joseph John Geller Amelia grace Gengo Robert M genius Tariq term avec Joshua Gingrich with highest distinction Amina Gomez long with distinction Sydney Lewis Goodell with university honors Jacob Michael Gordon Alexis Eileen Gore Colin Thomas Gorton Sofia Lorraine Granger with University Honors Dustin Michael Greene Jordan grief kimberly ann growin doll andrea rene Grabowski charlotte goood with university honors with distinction Jacob William gothner Naomi Esther Guerra Hannah see gulick with University Honors with distinction Emily gene Herman Jacqueline Michelle Hollis Colette Josephine Haley Samuel Robert Hall Andy Hammes Cassandra Handley Emma Brooke Hanson Isaac Hansen they fan how Alexandria Jean horns Kaylie Marie Hartman Elizabeth Haskin Danielle Hevel Emily grace hey CN he Johanna held Sarah Henry with University Honors Myra Hernandez Garcia with university honors Alec John Richard helm camp Johanna an Hetherington Rayna Tareq Hiwassee with University Honors with distinction Meredith Meghan Hickerson with distinction Melissa Lynn Hill Damon hints Jessica hip nur Noah Thomas Hostetler Naomi Susanne Harbor Stephanie Elizabeth holder Nicholas Henry Collins be Chrissy Hoglund with University Honors Clarissa Corby ahoy Zoe and user Briana Huffman Lexus Lovell Hughes Mikayla Christine Hughes Shaw Laura Frances halt with university honors with distinction Jack Henry honey hockey Kiera Jacqueline Hutchinson Molly Josephine hunter Amy Elizabeth ivanson Danielle Elizabeth Isaac Eric Eisenhower Molly T

an eisley Michael Alyssa Jack’s read he Magette tab Camille Marie Jamie Emily P Jasper Ariana heaven ha so Tyler Joe Genest Barry Walter Jensen Connor Matthew Johnson Emily Kristine Johnson Emily Margaret Johnson Emma Tanner Johnson with university honors with distinction Tatiana Johnson Alvin Lamar Jones jr chloe jones Miranda Marie hores hailey Joe Jergens Sean Thomas Jimin Dan junus Hanna jus aide elsif crystal kangas Megan Ani carrion khari Carnes with university honors with highest distinction Joshua jerome cash Mitchell W kastorf Emma grace Keely with high distinction Natalie Elaine Keesler Brandon Keeler le Kilner Cameron a neural lock kimono Vong with university honors with highest distinction Breanna Nicole keys Zayn Khan with University Honors with highest distinction Lauren grace Kesey hee Jin Kim Jeremy Lee Kingery Paige Murray kingery Jerome Francis Kincaid Matthew Joseph Kinney Emma Corinna ch Michael Wendell Kistler Madison joke Ling Gabrielle Elise Koopman Reagan James Kozak with high distinction Jessica Carroll Kramer Kara Krantz Cody Charles Cruz Selene Coons ad Brogan jail AC Wei Hong Lam Lucas P Lang Kristen Rose Langer Colton Lang Fateh Caitlyn Danielle Lance Britney and lavender Emily Anna leverty with University Honors Melissa Lawrence Madison Maria Lazaro Vivian Miley humanly Emily Marie lefeber with University Honors with distinction Sarah Michelle leading a meal in Linda rank Lee Ann Phelan hearts with University Honors Carly page Lent Ilyana lens Brooke Levin dong Ling Li Mary Lee with University Honors Shin drooly Chauhan’s e li mi li ji r eally

with university honors with highest distinction kala Rose Lieberman Rock Kalyan Lilith all Daniel Daenerys Christopher Thomas lippy Rubio Liu Yu Lin Liu Yun Lin Lu Abigail Logan Emily Nicole Lomond with high distinction Kathleen Kennedy lowness with University Honors with highest distinction Ashley cherry long Timothy Michael Looney Angie Lopez Mary Kathleen Lesure Benjamin Jacob Louviere with University Honors with distinction Isabel Francis law Meredith Louise Luden’s Ronald James lund Kailyn joy Luton Nagar with distinction and really Lynch Keely Elizabeth Lyons you LOI Kathryn McDonald Alexander arene Macias Alexis Midori Mahana with University Honors shinu my AnnaLynne Maloney Yvette Oh Dulles Manzanares jasmine Genesis mares Lourdes Marquez Naomi Georgina more Hakeem Madeline Jane Marshall Alicia Octavia Martel with university honors Madeleine Martin Sydney Shay Martinez with high distinction Maggie Mae Martinson Brittany Lynn Matheson Thomas Taylor Matt Lee Jessa Elise May Brooklyn jizz erima Clinton Robert Quinn mccullough danielle marie mccomus with university honors Rachel McCracken Abby Elizabeth McCullough with University Honors with distinction Allison Marie MacDermott Hanna alia McDonald with University Honors with highest distinction Jacob Alan McDonald Ryan Edward McElroy and Celeste McLaughlin Smith Alexander Henry McMahon with high distinction Allison J McManus Jessica Marie McMurran Mia Bell McNeill Melissa meter Sarah Marie Meyer sky Elizabeth manake Anna August Moline year and Ming Asia Merriweather Dakota Gary Mayer Margaret pearl Micah kal-el Miller Kristen are Miller Megan Miller Michele Lee Miller Hannah Regan minor Marisa mo fo sho Cameron John Muller with University

Honors with highest distinction Shawnee Suzanne Mulk with university honors Elizabeth Kay Monroe Alanna Montgomery Michaela Jane Moore Spencer Avery Morabito Marsha Morales Clara Morales delirious Curtis Moreno Sierra Moreno Xena Musa Maki with university honors Emily Ashland Munt our she munjal with university honors with distinction chase Michael Murphy Meredith Lee music with university honors with high distinction Hannah Michelle Meyers marina Cena Brosky Megan Caitlin agronsky Jenna Elizabeth Nelson Ashlyn K nipple Mason J new hard with distinction hung t nuyen Riley Catherine neighbor Jacob yakuman Nishimura with highest distinction Ian Nolan with University Honors Christian Michael Mayer Nolte Anna Jean Nordstrom Morgan Brittany Novak Ileana and marine ovitch ah – a Oberoi Alison and O’Connell Katherine Evelyn O’Connell Hanna Michelle Agron ayato Llewyn Funmi edita Meola Owen goosey Cassidy Elyse O’Leary Melanie Lynn Olsen gia Erin on with university honors Marcus Devante Owens Jacob acyl page Claudia Pujol ik Lindsey sue Palmer ashley nicole pent Lee Edward J Park Kendra page Passmore Garrett Alistair pates Marissa Arlene Paulsen Marissa Jenny pain charles frederick peckmon Margaux rose peple Olivia grace Perez Brian L Perkins Deana persons Madison Ross Saffy Kathy Pham Erin piece check Diana Maria Polanco Alexis Blair Pataki McKenna’s and Claire powers Serena Heckman Kamiya with University Honors with distinction Kaylie Nicole Rada maker Hannah Marie rebel McKenna M Raymer with University Honors Hannah Margaret Rock offski Rachel rally Lauren Ashley Rawls Nikita V Raman chandrila Joanna’s Stacy Ramirez Jordan Lane Ramsey Katherine Riley Dakota James rueland Kristina Erica Reyes Hannah Murray race

AK Anthony Michael rakov elena Christine Ryker Chloe and Eisenberg Caitlin ELISA Riley Rachel irin heart Victoria Marie Rivera’s Snyder with University Honors Catherine Nicole Robbins Natalie Nicole Roberto Jenna Carolyn Roberts Deanna Robinson Amelia Rodriguez retroland Lucy Verdean Risa Roman Jordan rut Zoe Bell rusick diannemurray Roth Isabel Murray Roth Andrea Joe rotten house jennifer Nicole row Peter Rudin Sean Patrick Rooker Alicia Catherine ruff corn Philip Dale Renea Derrick rush Lauren Ashley rush amber Nicole Ryan Jacob Allen Salter Adams saman Alexia Guadeloupe Sanchez Garcia Curtis Randall Sanders Jonathan Sanford with University Honors amandajoy Santucci Medellin and sakowski Daisy Edith Salcido Cassady Joe shocker Carly Jane Schenkel Berg page Regina slick T with highest distinction Dale Tyler Schultz Meghan Rochelle SH Noblin Alexander Schultz Laura eager with University Honors with highest distinction Patrick Victor Schwarzkopf with University Honors Haley Elizabeth’s we so Meredith and Scott with University Honors Madison Seefeldt Holly Margaret Sesker with University Honors Mohammad gaber Chabon Sabrina and Shearer Matthew Bennet Shion Cassandra Louise Sheridan das Wang Shi Ella Rose Shroff Rizwan Sid who Samantha sees silk er Alisa Nicole Simpson with distinction Paul Anthony Serena Madeline Deborah’s later summer rose linenger with University Honors Brittany Jane Smith Elliott Adler Smith with University Honors Ivy Irene Smith Lawrence Marie Smith the third Lily Ann Smith Morgan Catherine Smith Jasmine Solis Emily Marie Suns Jessica Sorkin Cassandra Anastasia Speer Toni Marie Spencer Bailey Lee Spira Shuler de spines Mia

Marie Spitzer Ryan Stahl Morgan Danielle Stengel Jessica and steel with high distinction Emily and Stefan Michael Christian Stefan with University Honors with highest distinction Haley Rose Stevens Claudia and Stuart with distinction kendry and stock Javon al Stovall Jessica Maureen Stransky Michele she least Roman Avery Ryan Stricker Alexandria joy starts with University Honors with high distinction allison case tutting Michael Stanley Surma jr. Sarah Alissa Sutton megan marie Apsara with university honors zoe Swinton grace Murray Tafoya Kamal Achmed – Luke derp Alison Leah tesslar Derek Nathaniel Tate Jordan Tichina – Ceyda Alexandria may Tenley Coria Marlene Thomas Rachel Bailey Thompson Gabriella Jane Thompson with university honors with distinction Allison Christopher Tobias with distinction Tyler Toby Nicole Ashley tomecek and Kathryn top Seth Robert tortilla Brandon Anthony Toth with University Honors with distinction Tammy T Tran Alexander Thomas tree Antos Keegan Jacob turn bow Heidi Marie all Julian Cornelius Lambert us van hukum Brandi Rose von Horst Theodore Carson Van Winkle with University Honors with highest distinction Samer veterus jasmine Emily Velasquez Jeanette Abigail Velasquez amylin Verbeck Riley Jean built our page Michelle Wagler Brenda wall Matthew Austin Wallach with university honors Olivia Katherine Waller with University Honors with high distinction Liam Patrick Walsh with University Honors with distinction Ellen Murray wand ro Chuy Wang Jackie Wang Katie Wong suiting Wang Diane H Warner Liz Warner Andrew Blake Washington Isabel Judith Weber with University Honors Hali Joe Weber Joe Wellman hailey Welsh Sierra

Morgan West Caitlyn Marie Westfall Tia Marie whited Jack Tyler we be Jamie Linwood earrin Jamie l will Annie Benjamin Michael wilcoxon Ryan Williams with University Honors with highest distinction Kaylee Wilson Monica Maria winter India Claire winters saliyah Renee Wiseman with distinction Nathaniel James wolf crimson Shelby would Lauren Elizabeth would Charles Woodcock ELISA Marie woods with University Honors with distinction Lera Xiao Li Heng Shu crystalline Jaeger Kaiser Imran Catina Carols ends with university honors Jehan Jang Joon cui Shang mu Yu Jiang Shi Hangzhou tien-tung-shan Dakota wanes in tech Abigail Jade’s aller Shelby wins ooh Caen with university honors every commencement ceremony is a milestone not only in the lives of our graduates but also in the life of the University of Iowa we cherish the joyful opportunity to send you our newest alumni into the next stages of your unique life journeys and we look forward to hearing of the impact you will have on your communities and professions greetings fellow graduates I know what a momentous day and occasion this is for all of you I also know that the degree you’ve earned will take you places that you never dreamed possible that is what happened to me it allowed me to have a great career in corporate America co-author two books and start a successful executive search practice in New York City my University of Iowa education opened doors for me I never thought possible you’ve most likely heard the expression once a hoc i/o is a hot guy and it is true as you stand on the breath of a multitude of possibilities ready to begin a new adventure I hope you will hold that mantra close to your heart twenty years ago I gave a commencement speech at the Henry V Tippie College of Business and the three messages I shared them still hold true today reflect connect and stretch I hope that as you go through life you will reflect on your days at Iowa make it a priority to connect to people you know and all over the globe will get to know and always stretch yourself beyond what you believe is possible I know that Iowa graduates across the globe are ready to support you on whatever path you choose they’re waiting to share their success stories to hire you and to mentor you they are opening the doors of their alumni clubs and inviting you to join them in supporting your alma mater that launched your life’s journey the University of Iowa no matter where we are the map Iowa alumni stay connected we get involved we give back and we’re always better when we work together please make it a priority to come back to campus as often as you can I’m a New Yorker but I did that I came back to Iowa to serve on the university of iowa center for advancement board a true honor to be at that table and be thank you to my fellow graduates has enriched my life in ways I never thought possible so as you celebrate this momentous day and rite of passage and embark on a new relationship with the University

remember that your AHA fight for life and that Hawkeye’s changed the world as I know all of you will congratulations on your University of Iowa graduation and welcome to the alumni family go Hawks Boulton Donald class of 2020 congratulations is an amazing job we wish you the best in the future we love you go Hawks four great years at the University of Iowa your family and friends are so proud of you good luck and go Hawks merry you’ve loved Iowa these last four years and made it your home away from home congratulations marry and keep that Hawkeye spirit as you continue on in the College of speech and hearing sciences congratulations we love you congratulations Rachel Murray Kachinsky class of 2020 we wish you the best of luck in your future go hawkeye’s congratulations to ginamarie Timberlake class of 2020 our favorite Hawkeye our favorite Kyle graduating College of Liberal Arts and Sciences we couldn’t be prouder congratulations Kristin on your graduation we are proud of you go Hawks Congrats Mia we’re so unbelievably proud of you you made it God dance the day you were born and I’m certain he was wearing black and gold go high 90 congratulations on your graduation we love you so much 2020 we love you congratulations to our daughter Emily a class of 2020 and remember the tassel is worth the hassle Iowa go Hawks he will never find a more proud father than me of my daughter Emily Jasper congratulations Kelly we’re so proud of you all the memories you’ve made by Avis city will forever be etched on your heart always the Hawkeye we love you Charlotte in your years at Iowa you have become an accomplished deep German exceptional passionate individual we are also proud of you