Swingin' A's 1972 World Series Gm. 4 vs. Reds

Have share the mess that these things overcast in the Bay Area and welcome the Game 4 of the 1972 World Series the National League champion Cincinnati Reds vs. the American League Damn they open a profit by the makers of the Gillette back to his latest failing system and buy your Chrysler Plymouth dealer highlighting Plymouth Satellite or 1973 Built to be seen not heard Hi everybody Curt Gowdy of NBC Sports anymore the voice of the Oakland A’s When are they hitters going to start hitting Everybody’s asking about this 1972 World Series Each team has a team batting average of 178 There have been only nine runs scored in the first three games Cincinnati got on the board last night when there’s one to nothing victory And I’ll tell you the way that pitchers are pitching I don’t believe we’ll see too much scoring in this series They’re not only pitching with control but with excellent stuff changing speed And we have just had superb pitching the hitters have not been that bad Then I had a young left hander 21 years old Don gullet who was set back with hepatitis early in the Season 1 9 lost 10 is on the mound for Cincinnati and he’ll be going against the winner of the first game for the Oakland A’s Ken Holzman who won 19 and lost 10 misty night here in fact later we may have a fog rolling in back over in back of US air coming in and forming an invisible wall Marty Moore does the A’s games there and he can tell you when we get those conditions there is hard to hit a ball out of this ballpark Yes it is just that kind of an eye to Curt These two teams though they haven’t scored in the World Series can score Cincinnati scored 19 runs in their playoff games against the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Oakland A’s scored 13 in their playoff games against the Detroit Tigers Both teams of course playing five games to give you an idea of how tough runs are to come by here in the World Series and last night’s one to nothing game Let’s take a look at the one run that was scored Tony Perez from second base on a base hit up the middle Rounding Third and watch this now you talk about a guy scrambling scratching almost stopped to pick up his helmet Z Well I think I’ll go on Meanwhile the ball is coming in to the shortstop for the A’s can’t be Katherine Harris who didn’t know about all this falling going on but that’s an idea of how tough it has been for these teams to score But during the course of the season Cincinnati was the second best scoring team in the National League averaging almost five runs a game And the A’s were the second best in the American League with almost four runs a game So we’ll see tonight where the good pitching once again can stop these hitters Can you imagine how Sparky Anderson he can finally get a run in here when he’s man fouled out Leslie I told to go back feels about tonight’s game He’s down on the field Tony Put me down on the field Pete Rose and Pete I don’t mean to say this to sound like I’m discrediting either team’s pitching staff but is the pitching been that good or the hitters hitting just been lousy Well I think it’s a combination of both Tony they’ve given us four runs We’ve held our team to five hundred a great game and pitched a great game Booing him pitched a good ball game Holzman Pisco when he was in there and I don’t know it’s been tough hitting We had some days of it to the Pittsburgh series and then been three days of batting practice now But they say that good pitching was always overcome Good hitting that may be the case right now But I know some of the fellas including me on our block of our swinging a bat like we were against Pittsburgh in the playoffs and I think when we started swinging the bat we should be able to beat Oakland because they don’t score a lot of runs that they rely on your pitching mostly Pete do you think having seen Kenny Holzman over in the National League is going to be an advantage for your team Well it definitely should help you And it didn’t help me the first game was over four of his five games against us But just like DeMar Catfish Hunter fish for the second time around then we’ll get to see a fight probably by the Blues charity and in blue Minnesota goes seven games Sunday I think it always helps to hit her especially here like me because I want to know how a guy’s curveball breaks how a guy’s Ryder breaks or how he’s gone his fastball and I think seeing a guy more than one time really helps especially me Pete quickly what about Don Garland He’s had a few bad starts Well what do you say about a guy that pits 2 times against Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh and explosive ballclub in the West there is pretty good in the other native fish and pretty well Pete thank you Have a good day to day Thank you Tony PETE ROSE Now let’s go back upstairs another sellout crowd here in Oakland and we’re ready now for the opening ceremonies of game for the series Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen Welcome to the Oakland Coliseum for the fourth game of 1972 World Series Here are the official line up first the Cincinnati Reds here’s

the manager of the Reds number 10 Sparky Anderson Darlinghurst the playing left field number fourteen Pete Rose batting second and playing second base number eight Joe Morgan batting third and playing centerfield number 28 Bob Tolan batting fourth catchy number five Johnny Bench batting fifth and playing first base number twenty four Tony Perez batting six then playing right field number eleven how McCray batting 7th and playing third base number 16 Dennis manky batting eight then playing shortstop number 13 Dave concept John Barry nine and Jean number thirty five Don Dollar who is warming up in the bullpen and here are the remaining players and coaches of the Cincinnati Reds now for the Oakland Athletics Here is the manager of the A’s Number twenty three Dick Williams special recognition to a great ballplayer endured in the playoffs unable to play on the World Series Reggie Jackson but in person playing shortstop number 19 happy carbonara but a second and playing right field number 14 Mary Lou inverted playing left field number 26 Joe Rudy batting fourth and playing third base Number six Captain Joe Banda batting fifth and playing first base Number five Mike Estes batting 6 and playing center field number twenty five George Hendrick batting 7 and catching number 38 Jean tell us Barry Nathan playing second base Number one Dick Green Barry Knight and pigeon number 30 can host one who is warming up the ball And here are the remaining players and coaches of the Oakland Athletics ladies and gentlemen We invite you to rise and join in the singing of our national anthem which will be song by the bell recording artists The Fifth Dimension O day and you’ll see 5 one as the Blues stripes and bright

He’s a i o o o a fourth game of the seventy two World Series is about to get underway we’ll return in a moment ladies and gentlemen we direct your attention to the commissioner’s remarks were Lefty Grove who in 1931 the last year the athletics were in the world series won 31 games and lost only four And who in 1969 was voted the left handed pitcher on the all time all star team will throw out the ceremonial first pitch Any crime left lefty going to throw harder than at least back to some of the old timers who hit against him They say he was just fantastic He wound up winning 300 games and he wound up winning them with a curve ball for the Boston Red Sox when he lost his fastball But in his prime especially during the year the twenty nine thirty and thirty one when the A’s had one of the greatest teams of all time Lefty Grove was a premier pitcher in baseball and he has the honor tonight of throwing out the first ball And that’s the left hander Ken Hall for now starting his warm up pitches and in to take you through the first four and a half innings as the voice of the Oakland Athletics baseball team on air broadcasting through money more Thank you very much Kurt and I once again everybody Kenny Holzman one of the most steady performers in the American League this year You’ve got to look at his motion here and we call him stylish and I think when you see him you’ll understand why he has a pretty good fastball I don’t think it is as overpowering as Don guts but Kenny and he said this the first appearance that we saw he has to get his curve ball early and it makes his fastball more effective the umpires for the game here tonight Frank you might have the American League behind the plate Bob Ingle at first base Bill Heller at second base Chris Pelecanos the National League a third Jim Hanna Jack of the American League down the left field land and Mel’s Diner on the right field line He’s from the National League Frankie miners going out to talk with Ken Holtzman about something here I don’t know what it might be but thank you indicating to him that he can blow in his hand here tonight while standing on the dirt part of the mound rather than having to get off of it because it is a little cool Might be wise to tell Sparky Anderson the same thing Dick Williams is a pepper pot manager who always has been an umpire baiter and he was telling me before the game tonight the umpiring this World Series has been outstanding just excellent And Sparky Anderson echoes the same pot Well it certainly has and these fellows really bear down I think it means as much to an umpire just about as it does to the players to be able to be in a World Series and they know they are on display Here’s the first pitch of the game to Pete Rose the way with a straight rose for the season for the Cincinnati Reds hit 3 0 7 He has had only one hit in 11 invest in the series Holtzman misses law in a way it’s a ball and a strike throws a switch hitter and an ambition this year to hit 300 from each side of the plate And he did just that Huntsman’s

first curve ball is in the dirt it’s two balls on a strike rose at 315 against left handers and three or four against right handers throughout his career as a switch hitter He’s been a little better from the left side Nick Green Holzman is a smart pitcher He pitches from the left side a whole lot the same way that Jim Hunter does from the right He throws to spots in as little Joe Morgan who has no hits in his last 14 at bats in four games that counts the last game of the playoffs and the three World Series games It appears to me Morgan is pressing too hard First pitch it up in the air to Joe Rudy in left field and Joe puts it away to die He lives here He really wanted to do well He’s been swinging hard perhaps panic over the long ball too much maybe Here’s Bobby Tolan the very fine center fielder for Cincinnati and he had a two eighty three year average why’s he at eight home runs and a very amazing statistic to me is the fact he knocked in 82 runs this year in the World Series he has two hits in 12 advance quite a comeback he has made from two Achilles tendon injuries Kenny Hogan got a tough play to make them all very fine play by Kenny Holzman he threw that ball right where Epstein had the glove it bounded away pretty good bunt by Bobby Tolan Holzman bare hands it knows he’s got to hurry just off the edge of the glove of Mike Epstein now watch Tolan last night the Reds stalled three bases I want to play a running game or two down Ideal situation for him Tolan swiped forty two bases this year an error has been given to Mike Epstein on the play Here’s Johnny Bench Johnny led the major league in home runs with 40 RBI with a hundred twenty five and a base hits to right field Tolan will go to third base Matty Alou got the ball back into the green and the reds are set up now with runners at first and third and two down and here comes the hardest hitter for Cincinnati in the world series Tony Perez the only player who has hit safely in all three games he has five hits Then just lay the bat on that one purposely hitting the right field wasn’t Vanderpoel it now the error could prove very costly if Holtzman cannot get Perez Johnny Bench at first base Tolan and third good fastball strike one Ben stole a couple of bases in the playoffs against Pittsburgh It was quite a surprising thing was filed away on a he stole on the pitcher’s got a tremendous jump and you couldn’t charge blame St. Guillen for not throwing him out He was halfway to second when the ball was reaching home plate They have given the error to Kenny Holtzman not Mike Epstein Holtzman is ahead of Faraz Nardo and two see if he tries to go the waste patch and tempt Perez RFA challenges him bench took off and no draw has made a steal second base Johnny Bench steals second hoping that the A’s would throw and Tolan would break to the play Same kind of a play on which Reggie Jackson the A’s scored against Detroit in the playoffs to tie up the final game base it could score to 0 7 broke the curve down and then its two balls and two strikes can see the left side of the infield is back all the way Tolan and bench on third and second The action has started early and this one tonight Alloway Holzman with a good live fastball money

so far in this ballgame as opposed to last night the hitters are obviously seeing the ball better Cincinnati seems more aggressive at the plate than any of the other three games Sparky Anderson seemed to think the win they had last night really relaxed his ballclub They were awfully tight until they found out they could score No it wasn’t many Tolan and a bluff start off third Holtzman again challenging press with a letter half fastball its 2 and 2 is wearing kelly green over there Polar bear white fans tonight last night they wore a California gold color when they played home on Sunday They were still another uniform all white striking out saw it happen in Cincinnati nothing open nothing You’re looking at 21 year old Don Geller He is in his second World Series He’s got a Sandy Koufax kind of fastball money anytime he goes out to the mound He can overpower you does not have the callbacks curve ball but he can throw the fast one by you This is the man they expected to win 20 this year but he had a case of hepatitis when they finally discovered what he had it was called in subsiding hepatitis The tail end of the disease that really set him back this year Here is the A’s leadoff man can’t be campaigners ran up on the first pitch and it’s a strike from Guillen And he brought that one right on town Kevin Harris use it a big bad as you’ll notice it’s almost a bottle bat but it’s big all the way down to the handle Very light however he’s broken about 30 bats this year trying to it goes foul again it’s no balls to strike and rather quiet Pete Rose so far last night he thought he had about a dozen eggs and oranges and apples thrown at him out there I have a sign right and back at a Rose Garden Go reds There are some Cincinnati fans here too strikes the cannon as we look at camp owners that good writing fastball he wasted it is one and two Captain errors can hit home runs at twenty two home runs a couple of years back in one season and eight for the A’s this year swinging late on that Gallop fastball One ball two strikes no score Game Number Four of the World Series the fifth game to be played here in Oakland tomorrow afternoon Good stuff He fell down throwing that ball but he got him So there is one way still a little loose out there on the infield though they did allow batting practice and infield drills tonight That’s a fine job they’ve done getting this place in shape Here’s Matty Alou who joined the A’s for the last 31 regular season games He was with the St. Louis Cardinals He has had only one hit in the series and Manny was saying before the game Well I have only one slap all year Why would it be now He’s a magician with a bat He can hit it all feels Oh monty Notice the way they’re playing him in the infield especially over here in Oakland with the soft grass They’ve come in halfway there really and tight the outfield very shallow a blooper in a shallow left field coming on as Pete Rose Good catch you got him on the run and that’s why they play shallow He dumped the ball right in behind the shortstop with a little inside out swing Here comes Pete Hardy’s an accent field but he has really learned how to play the outfield quickly See that soft spot just to follow Pete it could be trouble for a shortstop and the second baseman on the other side Going back on the ball very soft Now here’s one of the A’s most consistent performers Joe Rudy the left fielder Rudy had a phenomenal year batting 3 0 5 19 home runs and Guillen NIPS the outside corner with a strike and a good fastball is all in one color looks quicker tonight than when we saw him in the playoffs against the pirates throwing harder he threw that one right by Rudy it’s two strikes now Rudy was the fifth best hitter in the American League league champion this year Rod guru of Minnesota who finished very strongly with a 318 Mark bench moved outside you

noticed just a little bit that time asking for the waste stretch you watch the good catchers move around behind the plate they help out pitchers particularly men like gullet throw so hard they give him a big target Rudy really got jammed shortstop Concepcion takes care of it and the A’s go one two three in the first inning the score after letting a play Cincinnati nothing Oakland nothing give you a look at the differences and uniforms of the umpires on the right Nationally gunfire you see as in all black with a white patch over the left chest and that’s an American thing Bill Howard on the left He has gray slacks with a dark blue sport coat And they tell me that the American League umpires next year might even be wearing those white striped shoes Here’s how McCray Holzman starts him off with a fastball outside Want to know a lot of differences in umpiring in the two leagues not only in the strike zone but how they stand behind the plate The uniforms they wear and where they stand to cover second base McCray with a base hit up the middle and he has three for three in the world series He’s the guy Curtis says I’m gonna go up there swinging as hard as I can on every pitch I might fall down on my face but I’ll be swinging Let’s watch a swing here I’ve got to find a place for him You’re thinking about third base for the future good levels swing He’s done an outstanding job of getting in the playoffs and snap through and his follow through He can hit and they were trying to find a spot defensively born may wind up at third someday Dennis Minsky proved last night he can bunt maybe doing it right here He squares around and 110 admitted they’ve got a runner picked up with a good draw but they don’t get to throw Jean tennis had McCrae off first base and a good throw without nailing the throwing in the dirt Take a look at it again McRae gearing up for the bag monkey right on through a bathrobe by tennis Epstein did a fine job keeping the ball in front of him going in that right field corner Dennis monkey for Cincinnati this year at two thirty five but he knocked in 50 runs he’s had one hit in the series been up 19 Bando short hops it goes down a second green Whoa has he taken out a second base I’m afraid watch man no again he’s trying to get the lead runner now watch McGrady watch McCray once again had a good job by the little copper Now you can see I’m trying to get the angle and the shortstop does not like this That man should slide and not come in throwing a block McCray took two or three short steps right before he got to the bag and that’s the way they played in the world series bands Now here is Concepcion resident football coach in America who doesn’t have a big smile on his face right now And those who say that baseball is a no contact sport just lay back and watch one another cannon Concepcion a shortstop Holtzman a good fastball and a high one in one Mandel made a good play there by the way on a very soft infield turf He had to take the short hop and it does not come true all the time on this kind of grass Fouls dragged back into the crowd at a ball and two strikes Only one player in the National League wears number 13 and you’re looking at him Dave Concepcion for American League pitchers wear number 13 including Blue Moon Odom who worked here last night Still no score in the second inning Randolph green I got one and I may not ever play and green hung right in there He didn’t flinch he had back surgery earlier in the year to fans this telecast is presented by authority of major league baseball which meant coming in hard again on a replay Another difficult play for Green is much more difficult for second baseman because your back is toward the runner the shortstop You have the runner up in front of you You can see him slider You can avoid him Here’s Don going with the runner at first and two down he had a good rep got hit 211 for the

year his lifetime national league average 159 only 21 years old and his second World Series strike to Holtzman showing good respect is keeping that ball away from Guillen messed with a fastball I wanted to say this card for a series that has been so low scoring we’ve really had some action it’s been a tenseness of every game The low scoring struggles but very tight bouncing ball the green underhanded tossed the Cavaliers for the first play and the second no runs a hit one left on the score Cincinnati having an Oakland nothing statistic at which you’re looking right now indicates that left handers pitching to the A’s lineup with the Reggie Jackson and a mike Epstein and a Marylou all batting fairly close together gave this Oakland ballclub some trouble They were tough on right handers You can see 66 wins and 30 losses Jack billing Hamdan read those statistics last night He certainly did Here’s how Bando the A’s team captain product of that great baseball factory in college Arizona State University track and Guillen really let one go that time He is throwing hard Mendoza had only one hit in the series He was the key out at Bellingham got last night Bases loaded one out He got him to hit into a double play one ball and one strike in the last 16 games Alice played He’s really been in a slump he’s not had an extra base hit last home run was on September 20th here against Wilbur would hit right field man know his arm in the first open hit of the night and that brings up the big game I guess in this telecast it presented by authority of Major League Baseball and is intended solely for the private noncommercial use of our audience any publication reproduction retransmission or other use of the pictures descriptions and accounts of this game without the express written consent of the commissioner of baseball is prohibited Mike Epstein the top home run hitter this year with 26 still looking for his first World Series hit it’s been up seven times officially he has been walked a few times strike he hit a homerun off a left hander Mickey lodge in the playoffs Mike has not been platoon all year And Oakland is then given the job most of the season air the way he will hit the ball for power the left and left center field against left handers as George Hendrick just in front of the Oakland A’s dugout with skipper Dick William cleaning up on the top step right behind him you can see the players had their jackets on tonight yelling quickly ahead of Epstein at 0 2 Super Bowl misses you see the first baseman for is playing behind Bando lt better Epstein is up take that partially but the Reds first baseman have not held many aces runners on in the series jam broken bad Looper Joe Morgan and Epstein hope back with that one anymore Guillen has really jam two A’s power hitters he’s knocked the bat right out of the hand of Rudy and Epstein tonight our gallant will fetch the George Hendry he’s the center fielder for Oakland since Reggie Jackson is on the shelf with an injury Georgia they’ve won here in the series get a good cut right there gullet overpowering so far and he’s throwing strikes bounce that one across the plate one

ball one strike one ball one strike one out and one on where the last half of the second no score Cincinnati and Oakland Concepcion got one over to friends for the double play The score after two Nothing nothing you can say Cincinnati was awfully tough against left handers this year they won 28 lost 12 and right handers sixty seven and forty seven rose but picked up by Dennis Berry throws it in the third and my guess team backing out of there Gino is having a tough time throwing the ball tonight Epstein’s at three throws a little bit off target look at tennis again another side grab the ball with his glove and the bare hand gets his feet position and then it looked like he threw a soccer ball Epstein made a fine play on the same tennis an error both catchers very quick tennis and bench very agile they both jumped on bunch in this series here’s Joe Morgan who played out the left his first time NICK GREEN To his right Hurry took a hit on the ball and got a two down and did you see that ball when it hit that turf in the infield how a slow down in Cincinnati that ball is in center field both catchers bench and tennis played other positions this year as a matter of fact bench played some in left field Cincinnati Jean tennis is played everywhere including second base him championship series in Detroit Bobby Tolan thanks occur from Holtzman who has been pretty tough against Cincinnati in his entire career he’s won nine games the last three against the Reds including a no hitter he pitched against the column basket one to Epstein that goes foul often and that Curveball right in on his best that time oddity about Huntsman’s record against Cincinnati as long as he’s pitched against them he’s pitched only one complete game and that was a no hitter so as he says in Cincinnati Reds players all say we usually have something going against him but he’s been able to beat us and in both innings here tonight up until now he’s had somebody on baseball’s planning who that outside one ball and two strikes Holtzman a 19 game winner for the A’s with a late appearance of Vida Blue this year the trade for Holtzman was one of the biggest Charlie Finley made out of the A’s bullpen Dave Mack entrusted it to one of the little ball girls let’s see if he goes with the waste pitcher and is giving an inside target he went right after him and it’s a never that’s gonna be a tough night for Bhandari makes the play the first for the great ground balls in the third and after two and a half the score Cincinnati nothing Oakland nothing Hertha I believe we’re gonna have a pitching change for the marinade Gary Nolan was scheduled to pitch for Cincinnati and I think they’ve taken him out of there he threw in the bullpen last night I don’t believe they liked the way he looked I believe they haven’t announced the face but I think they’ll come again with Loughlin right hander Jean tennis ace catcher has had two hits in the world series he’s due for 10 and guess what they were hope home runs like you that they might be talking about the location of the batter’s box in relationship to the play Johnny Bench might’ve complained that tennis was too close to someone McLaughlan goes for the reps tomorrow afternoon Jim Hunter will be pitching for the Oakland A’s in tennis blown away by one game tennis hand and his organization as a shortstop made in the outfield wasn’t getting anywhere decided to become a catcher Take a look at a blazing fast ball for us grandkids one and one in ballplayer parlance Mr Gurlitt is bringing it tonight The A’s have one hit and I feel singled by Bando Gallic watches

intently as tennis digs at the plate Lefty Grove over behind the dugout probably with throw the next pitcher ahead right at him They say he was really mean it is balanced right to Cincinnati no runs to hit the A’s no runs one hit the pitchers continue to dominate the world series of 72 Dennis McKay works on the two Hopper and gets it to Perez to retire Tenants one out in the third hires Dick Green in our money this gala was planned a high school athlete and Leonard Kentucky We heard he scored 66 points for one game The high school halfback Tony asked who was eleven touchdowns and no 10 touchdowns and six extra points one game Green takes a fastball strike He made forty seven points in one basketball game though he had to take his choice probably of where to go with his great talents Many major league players were super athletes in all categories green and a good candidate Miss District 2 0 and 2 by the blue the A’s was a tremendous quarterback Drew thirty five touchdown passes his senior year Green fell out on goal I didn’t pitch long in the minor leagues either they took a look at his arm and only eleven games in the minor leagues and it was upstairs for him the rest of the way struck him out with a wrecking ball bench dropped it but tag him out other two down Geller gets his first breakout of the night and he brings to the plate Kent Holzman who was a good hitting pitcher for Oakland this year John Chancellor is clear and incisive reporting and the lively commentary of David Brinkley’s journal make the NBC Nightly News television’s best right here on nbc Holtzman had a little wager with the catfish Hunter Season started as to which would get a higher number of basis for the year and Hunter finish strongly to take him His lifetime average shows only a one fifty eight Mark but he has had a couple of home runs one ball one strike I think that might have been glass breaking ball Even throwing it hard money if he gets that snake over a lot of the fastball he’s got A’s might be in trouble he’s overpowering hazing thing that these young pitchers can come out here and throw strikes in this tense situation Often wonder aloud that Pete Rose will be there when it comes down and it’s three up three down after three innings to play at the open Coliseum in Cincinnati nothing and Oakland nothing You know Manny Johnny Bench leading off here in the fourth inning last night He dated the boss’s daughter only with the wrong boss He had a date with Charlie Finley’s daughter Carla to to the basketball game She is a beauty to a former homecoming queen at the University of Colorado We were kidding Charlie Finley about it You may want to borrow some money some Charlie has a big family seven children and six of them made the trip to Detroit then on to Cincinnati and out here is all his daughter Sharon is expecting a baby any day now and she is home in La Porte Indiana The only child that isn’t here in the Finley family and there is his owner Charlie Bentley next to his wife Shirley Kenny Holzman Dajani bench show that poor heads and he starts them off with a curve high on the way both Charlie Finley of the A’s and Bob has of Cincinnati and then Super jobs putting together Championship clubs here this year has him decided after the 1970 World Series team for the Cincinnati Reds that it was not the kind of team he wanted even though they had won a National League Bennett he wanted an exciting team one that thrilled the fans and he went out and got a Morgan and a Geronimo and other Johnny Bench has hit number five single up the middle and as a lead off man third in this series he has been something he has had about nine or 10 chances to lead off an inning in the series and he has been on a high percentage of times and has now been on seven times They lead the World Series getting on base and all the A’s felt when the series started and they could keep him hitting

ground balls up the middle and the right field so they’d be in pretty good shape They have kept him in the mark so far Now here’s Tony Perez struck out with two million in scoring position in the first inning let off Altman really blustered one by him in that first inning to strike him out You were talking about the trades that Cincinnati made one of the reasons they made him was moving to the new ballpark Riverfront Stadium where defense and speed was more important and then we’ll probably feel it look last year if it might not be the right thing They finished fourth But boy this year and Sparky Anderson and Bob Haslem both said all winter we have the kind of club that can win it now And they did the drive to deep left center field Easy riding Henry makes the bench all the way to second go back over grand for a bigger charge in that one But there was never any thought that it would go out George Hendrick covers a lot of ground and makes it look awfully easy His teammates call him easy George one hour now Here’s how McCrae and the A’s haven’t gotten him out of the series he that three for three including two pinch hit and Curt this year this guy pinch hit for home runs right in the Orioles didn’t get him out either he had five hits and eleven times up in the 1970s very very effective against Baltimore He got jammed up plenty then having errors I was in for a moment and green can’t turn the double play as bench comes in there on it He lost the timing when Katherine Harris by the wall just a moment Kevin can see the ball rolling up the arm of happy Kevin Harris as he really had to charge the ball just barely has a grip on it And Dick Green is really taking a beating down at second base comes bench took a glance at Camp Casey where he’s going to throw Oh he’s got green once again who just barely gets out of the way this time Green has done a miraculous job holding onto that ball with all those guys shooting at him tonight two out of an on and here’s Dennis manky 0 1 There have been more batters jammed and I had already about four bench broken pitchers moving the ball in moving it out both throwing pretty hard stuff McCrae is going The ladder goes straight the men know the score Nothing and nothing As we go to the last half of the fourth inning bird scavengers will eat it off for the A’s and Curt though the Reds are not coming up with too many base hits They are really swinging at bat tonight Happy Tex ball one much more aggressive than we’ve seen them at any time in this series They’re taking good hard cuts They look like the club that was scoring five six seven runs a game during an active league season great stop by by man And he got a pinkie playing shadow which made that a tougher play Katherine Harris almost hit it by Penske daring campaigners hit the ball by about six feet up in front of the bag diving staff by making noses but to hurry gets a good grip Get Katherine Harris Well we have had more infielders with their uniform journey on diving stops here in the last couple of nights Here’s who took the curve high He wanted that one Go it hasn’t hung very many tonight but he hung that one He hasn’t hit a ball hardness every all doom He really ripped it in the Detroit series he had four doubles against the Tigers one off the left center field wall He’s at one homerun He hit it right after he joined the A’s and hit it to right field goal is behind him three and on the mat is a little bit like Cameron Harris You really have to work to walk this guy They came out of that dugout swinging the bat for Harriet air pass Marylou on the back of the guns over at first base with Joe Rudy coming to the plate for the Oakland A’s really got jam then popped up to the shortstop in the first inning That three hits in the world series he’d been up twelve time strong man hurt This is one of the few men I know in Major League Baseball who will work with weights He spends a lot of time in the winter weightlifting He’s worked in every department of the game and he is very quietly sneaked up on Major League Baseball as one of its brightest stars You really have to be quick to stand as he’s standing right there and hit the high inside pitch trying to get a ride with

that when you could team shorten up on the swing just a little bit One strike again a very radical batting stance You have to be strong to be able to stand like that and hit the ball as he’s hit it this year Alomar and Guillen is ahead of Rudy now at 0 and 2 where scoreless in the fourth inning and we’re happy to have you with us on NBC tonight watching this game live and in color from the Oakland Coliseum It’s a foggy night over San Francisco and that fog is now over Oakland A’s lead in the series two games to one Rudy takes of all You’ll notice Rudy after every pitch leans down and picks up some dirt Herb nor the third base coach for the A’s a boyhood friend of Dick Williams the skipper of Oakland A lot of baseball together on the same lots of Los Angeles past the first year The Reds are made in a hurry open his May 5 that’s cut a little leading a little bit He made a pretty good throw right on the money I think press took his eye off the ball momentarily to see where Lou was and the ball got fired for their night Joe Rudy or Sal Bando can come up with a base hit The A’s could take the lead here devolves this drags Guillen went high and away on both waste pitches to Rudy 0 3 they have given the error to the first baseman Tony Harris it looked as if he made the tag before he got the ball 3 and 2 to Rudy Gallaudet not being cured he’s thrown Rudy five straight Hummers Rudy one of the slowest batters in baseball at getting ready He is a very strong concentrator he struck him our guy just poured it right by and now with Bando Coming up first base open What do you think Well a fix to this right ended better or save than fixed Epstein unsurprisingly Epstein hit over 300 against left handers this year and the reds know that they’re gonna work for him and walk Bando I was kind of smiling at the plate I would imagine he kind of said something the bench like man why are you walking me Either that or they’re not going to catch me like the court yesterday There’s been great camaraderie on the field between players of these two teams despite what you might have been reading in the papers all across the country They have a lot of respect for each other and Johnny Bench took Reggie Jackson out for dinner in Cincinnati and Reggie returned the favor here but you can see with players that we’ve had here tonight it’s all out for leather Once they got on the base Here’s Mike Epstein with the A’s first scoring opportunity in the ballgame Play Epstein back on the right side Morgan not playing anywhere close to as deep as they played in Cincinnati but I imagine they’ll still get back in the outfield grass Lou at second Bando at first Garland Galloway won nine games for Cincinnati and lost 10 this year Messed with a low fastball one and oh boy you can really tell watching him work on Joe really what he thinks is his best bet He threw him nothing but smoke Here’s the infield see the shortstop Concepcion playing over behind second almost Epstein pops it ball right back into our booth almost just below us That’s one ball and one strike That’s the pitch you have to lay off when it’s out there on the mound money Anything that starts about chest high you’ve got to lay off

because it takes off out of the strike zone Hi George Hendrick close up look at the youngster on deck Epstein doesn’t move away from that play very much he just move back a little bit Mike led the American League being hit by pitches last year but not this year Sal Bando was hit about nine times this year by pitchers Sal over at first base right now and Mike Epstein at the plate with a two in one cup scoreless ball game base it could mean a run great play by Concepcion Well on the first base of second base and they got Mark Epstein and retired the A’s leaving two on I don’t think Morgan could have made the play as he was going to his right he wouldn’t be able to stop Concepcion raging far off the first base side of second with a fine player Epstein in the fourth inning home runs and two left one error of the score Nothing and Nothing grab in the right field corner last to the fifth inning George Hendrick rounded into a double plays his time He pops it up to the right side Joe Morgan read English Those arms squeezes it out No one next batter for the A’s will be Jeanne Tennis rounded out his first time there The last month of the season didn’t score many runs They were winning 2 to 1 3 to 2 receiving pitching just like the long drive by game on Saturday never won the day Charlie Finley with good manners the fireworks and the whole ball park run a late wonder how they get green at that fly ball the right fielder McRae and they’re two down tennis really had a body of headlight that was a line right over the left field wall That’s a typical gene Tennis blow I know a lot of a country baseball fans are wondering where in the world where his home runs all year he wasn’t playing much this year Curt we feel a bit of an playing all year He’s a 20 or 25 homerun a year man He is I think on what they call the tools of ignorance over the years that catching paraphernalia Meanwhile down in the Cincinnati bullpen Pedro a bone is going to work Ken Holzman lying to his first time all I want until 10:00 is hit the home run hoping to hit the ball the hardest of any a line drive your roads Do all of those right Well the A’s lead one to nothing last in the fifth inning The last player to hit three homers in one world series Don Glen Denham and a fantastic Mets in 1969 the A’s are out but they took the lead in the one run one hit Tennessee Homer were nowhere Nobody left the guy in five innings in a star Oakland one Cincinnati nothing The Reds trailing one another they come up with the sixth inning with Joe Morgan’s Bobby Tolan and Johnny Bench Your marketing Mike Epstein other regulars are the only players who haven’t had a hit so far in the four games Market has now no hips in his last 16 times up including the last playoff game with Pittsburgh curtain to give you an idea of how these players value World Series based Dick Green told me the other day that he said you know after my first World Series it I almost asked the umpire to stop the game and get me the ball OK Margaret is glad the left rounded it out the Reds offensive shots tonight over at somebody’s back Morgan and

usually play to the full hitter by George Hendrick the center fielder the A’s is playing him in the left center Randle tightened up a third one ball one strike one ball to strike to go Morgan Hunter against probably Jim McLaughlin the Reid thirty Eastern Daylight Time a World Series report Joe Garagiola and the coverage of Game 5 civil rights Bobby Tolan will be followed by Johnny Bench set off the First foul on my hands a remark that made money that’s now banned all I talk to sell the night he said No I’m 14 my playing weighs between 210 and too deep he just a heavy looking man He says that he didn’t gain much weight this winter ground ball a second baseman green on down south says his toughest problem with weight is when the A’s go to Cleveland and play and his mother is planning a Italian cook and a good one has him out at the house a few days Bobby Tolan has reached an error by the pitcher and has it out over to wonder nothing Oakland top of the sixth inning yet I just keep posting the glove campaigners fires and get the I think just hit the outstretched glove of the picture can hope with a deadly score that one pitcher the short the first three the last The definition of beer that college was losing a little bit off his fastball it’s just the opposite of most He seems to be coming on strong He’s throwing his best fastball in the ballgame the city Johnny Bench single arrived single center and Tony Brown lead the series with base hits five apiece an area that line right jarred by the end of five and a half year again by running snap by Mariano right field at the end of five and a half open ones again added nothing LAUGHTER The sixth inning of the A’s batting order campaigners Lou and Rudy ball one Pedro bar Bowen goes back to work in the Cincinnati bullpen having Arizona robbed of extra bases on a stabbing grab by making a third baseman on the floor He hit a high fly and deep lap squeezed over in the corner Pete Rose foul ground takes it one down Do you like collecting things Why not try something with a sure playoff United States said in like you can buy bonds right now through the payroll savings plan is easy and painless and assured you’ll collect peace of mind guard by U.S. trading bonds now and join payroll savings Matty Alou is flying out a walk there and sharing his glove not his back And Curt that’s a little unusual because when Manny came over here some of the reports from the National League were that he was not an outstanding outfielder He had been anything but a poor outfielder Brooklyn He’s even thrown two runners out on the bases he’s made several circus catches and he is remaining happy to having one hopper the third baseman make it go down Yo Rudy has popped up struck out Oakland had one I’ve

been on a home run by James Ennis with one up in the fifth inning The Reds have three hits The A’s have two hits Each team has made one error a win tonight for the A’s would give them a commanding 3 game to 1 lead the Reds but even the series up at two games apiece if they won one and 0 to Joe Rudy Williams Sparky Anderson all the way Sparky Anderson used to be the bat boy for Fred Haney Hollywood stars Dick Williams used to play in that same area in Santa Barbara Los Angeles They’ve known each other for a long time and they have a lot of respect for each other neither manager has made any kind of a remark disparaging about the other in this series they’ve both been very complimentary two balls ones that I’ve never heard Sparky Anderson say never say anything bad about anyone He is one of the kindest most complimentary men I’ve ever met That’s Sal Bando on a two hour single by Rudy H T Now at three hits the batters Bando single right then walked intentionally hurt gullet must be just losing about six or eight inches off that fastball they have really rips and drives you the last couple innings of him happened first of all it almost went out minor had it not been for this fog here for drifting in and back of this but it’s staying high like one the Sal Bando do out Yo Rudy at first base last of the sixth inning the A’s ahead one another in there too no balls two strikes I’d like to have this kid’s future one ball his right The Reds have Nolan He’s young Grimsley the young pitcher It’s a young pitcher Simpson young if they can get over his arm problems the Reds appear to be well stuck in the nucleus of young pitchers for a promising pitching staff for the future and Tom Hall in the bullpen go Bando gets out of there in a hurry he’s been hit in the head twice this year Curt one time he was playing again the next day with the whole left side of his heads swollen badly third base coach Herb Norm you’ve also described the Sal Bando brand to Rudy will be going on the pitch only Brad looked over the dugout How do you want me to play it till I hole right back off the bag with two down Brazos playing off the bag Rudy is going and there the base he has to back a second road left to throw to second base they have runners on first and second here it is amazing the ground that Concepcion coverage he came close to getting that ball and he was playing Bando straight up Concepcion again the ball slowed up just a shade by this heavy third hit very hard by the Global Concept Joe I have been looking for his first World Series here After the second baseman grounded his yard That’s right He was robbed of a base hit by Concepcion in the fourth inning He has not had a hit in his last twelve times up in the playoffs and World Series One another in Oakland last of

the sixth inning right to the FDA Rudy a second fan though at first due out Doctor right field Now McRae had it right at him and the A’s a return to the six no runs two hits no errors two left at the end of sixth inning Oakland one Cincinnati nothing and World Series game number five will be on tomorrow starting at three thirty Eastern daylight time because of the rain out Tuesday night was supposed to have three weekday night games in a row away game five here the man needed to go back to Cincinnati and play in Cincinnati Saturday afternoon Sunday afternoon and we have rally fingers nice Mike Hagan he’s got to first base We have rally fingers and by the Blues starting to warm up the Oakland bullpen Johnny Peraza struck out flat out leading it off a Cincinnati in the top of the seven and there’s a broken back blooper that may dump in there as a base for Perez he’s on the tying run for the Reds and the seventh broke his back turned a pretty good play by Hagan getting back as quickly as you did there’s blue the left hander fingers the right hander for Oakland and soft turf saved the double along with Mike Higgins hustle got a Perez leads the world series down basis with six of the A’s a stop bench and Perez from hitting the long ball that was a perfect pitch almost done by Kenny Holzman tennis gave him the outside part of the play target he hit the target perfectly Perez just horsed it out over first Al McRae a single left ran it into a force play ball back one strike to hell McRae they play him they hit the left field the Born in Avon Park Florida Live now in Bradenton Twenty five years old just inside doing the ball one of the ones on deck Dennis making Sparky Anderson call him his best pinch hitter from the right side and he’s starting him tonight he popped it up happened hours yelling Bart won out resting at birth Dennis monkey was turned into quite a motorcycle addict but only in the off season back he’s going to own a motorcycle shop Mickey Lawler to the Detroit Tigers is a chief devotee of motorcycles in the American League at some action in the Reds bullpen is not a desperate for Darryl Cheney one out of the box Oakland goes the green for one over the first ever go runs one hit no and then nobody left And the A’s are up in the seventh inning stretch but he is leading one to nothing The brains of the Reds is Bob buying them on the extreme left with the glass of the dark raincoat his wife alongside of him in his arms in the second row The first man in his dick Wagner who is the top assistant to Bob Francis Dale leaning over with a coat lying on the dugout is the president of the Reds house and runs the ball club there a quiet group right now Charlie Finley has been a one man cheerleader over and back of the A’s dugout last of the seven yards Hendrick leads it off Roseland ball one Hendrick it into a double plays popped up Don gullet That’s the beauty here Now back one pitch homerun swing

by Jean Kennedy and Ken Holzman they headed home right now one to nothing changed up This is all to strike one that George Hendrick back shortstop Concepcion second baseman Morgan playing a couple of steps Henry and run Curt divider blues throwing in the bullpen real hard right now which might indicate a dick Williams is gonna go with him the rest of the way Hendricks drags out one way for the A’s and the last of the seven here is the hand for Gene Dennis Mr. homerun of the series Charlie Finley in a gold column game tennis hit two home runs all season and Oakland A’s hit one tonight and it’s been a big one so far How’s it always strike one The A’s leading the Cincinnati Reds one to nothing heard one reason he didn’t hit any more home runs The A’s had another catcher named Dave Duncan who at 19 home runs before he lost his job to tennis back to an inside quarter the Reds will lead off the eighth inning with conception and gullet and will almost surely have a move by a manager Sparky Anderson One ball two strikes Pedro Bone is loosening up again and the reds bullpen 1 and 2 the gene tennis two balls two strikes we have one down nobody on board bone more bone Hall and Clay Carroll have all been exceptional pitchers in the playoffs and the World Series sinking fast ball strikes out to down anchor man John Chancellor reports all the world and national events And David Brinkley journal revised lively commentary on the NBC Nightly News right here on nbc Dick Green has struck out and Blinder right Nix Williams hasn’t been maneuvering no second baseman around much necessary to strike these low scoring game with excellent pitching He’s trying to keep a good infield defense out there one in nothing open last of the seven one ball one strike at the green card when he was doing most of the shuffling and second baseman is when the A’s would get behind early and it seemed as if we were in a period of about five weeks where we were behind the first or second inning every day 1 one pitch as a base regular hustling around is going for two rows rows of dollars and a safe watch screen again Pete Rose almost comes up with a whale of a play a little bit of the acrobat he learned around second base off balance leaping throw what’s green again coming in hard You’re right Tony that was a great throw by Rose and off balance growth falling backwards lob it in there can hopefully get the big hand here by the fans Dan Holtzman as Landa left grind it out but he has shut out the Reds for seven any he’ll come out to pitch in the eighth to down all the way back won The A’s have one run five hits the Reds no runs for Hibs each team has made one error we have had every game in this world series a one run ballgame One ball one strike The A’s one Saturday of Cincinnati 3 to 2 they won Sunday 2 to 1 Last night the Reds won one to nothing And it has one in nothing and I Oakland pop up monkey the third baseman will handle this one The A’s are gone and the 7 no runs 1 hit no errors one left We’re going to the eighth inning

here in Oakland to score Oakland one Cincinnati nothing Ken Hulsman leading one to nothing in the top of the eighth inning will face Dave Concepcion Julio Harvey errors come out on deck Evidently the bat for the pitcher Don gullet and then to the top of the order for Pete Rose Tom Hall is warming up now in the Cincinnati bullpen vida blue The left hander hears Hall by Blue a left hander Ronnie fingers the right hander are warming up in the open bullpen They’ll be ready in case Holtzman falters here in the 8 Concepcion has no hits and two dimes a curve or a strike Forty nine thousand four hundred ten the paid attendance a sellout Same attendance as last night One ball one strike Ken Holtzman was the winner in the first game of this series 3 to 2 he pitched only five innings just enough to get the when there’s Harvey air misting here now tiny ball There’ll be a tough play by Gray and gave it the big boarding house race but Concepcion beat it out and it was playing on the line particularly against an extra base sit down the line Camp he had to go further in his right than he usually does Bombing in the first place umpire with a very close play just out of the grasp of Sal Banda who was playing the line and in here he got over in the hole up with the overhand throwing the ball through the sink a little bit on other time runs on now for Cincinnati in the eighth inning on the infield hit by Concepcion who’s played a sparkling game tonight for the Reds in the field and he’s just come up with a big hit for them There was quite a throw by campaigners out of the hole then and that’s the gamble you take in late innings putting that third baseman right on the line that would have been an easy out for the third baseman playing in the normal position But you have to guard that line against the extra base hit of errors batting for Don gullet and young Gallen was outstanding tonight Now they’re looking for a buck Harvey air dumps it down the third baseline Bando will play at the first base one down and back They’re running because he can talk second front running back the tying run now and second for the Cincinnati Reds in the eighth inning The top of the order and Pete Rose Rose as rounded up and thrown out trying to buck and his flight up rose one hit and 14 time on hold in that way too often only one hit in 14 eight years in a row he’s had over 300 in the big leagues Concepcion a fast man of second base ball Pete Rose the highlight for Hulsman tonight is control He has not walked the batter nixing a fastball a sinking fastball with a curve ball exceptional control got play too late Kurt in this situation you might think about the A’s outfielders and how they throw Joe Rudy throughout nine runners on the bases to lead our outfielders this year and he has I think what you could call better than an average arm George Hendrick in an average arm and Matty Alou about the same one ball now strikes how he’s behind rose to an oh the left handers are going to be on deck Morgan and then tall and blue and fingers have both be ready Joe Morgan waiting for his

time at bat Oakland one Cincinnati nothing top of the eighth inning two balls no strikes to Pete Rose throw him off the box green field it and throws him out get the horsemen floater down and Green came on board Green has played very well in the infield and at Rockland might have been a base hit had not Kenny slowed it down laying up the middle somewhat for Rose Now we’ve got Dick Williams coming out to speak with us pitcher think Tony what the big question now is what is slowing down with his pitching hand or the glove hand because if he had anything like that hit that hard on his pitching hand he might be taken out of here that’s what it is now talking to Jean tennis Is he all right You’re seeing him you should know he appears to be getting tired This is when a manager wants his honest answers Kenny is just that way too He’ll tell him in Dallas one day this year he was pitching and he’s probably told him they’re going to bring in vida blue right here The two left handers That’s right Morgan and Tolan they figure that maybe hopefully carrying a little bit and Vida Blue they brought on So we have a break in the action here at the Oakland Coliseum The score and the top of the eighth inning Oakland won Cincinnati nothing appreciating announcement was made on behalf of Major League Baseball Watch that play once again with Concepcion on second base and see if we can tell where the ball hits Kenny Holzman right back at them here as though he had zeroed in on it when right beneath his glove swatted down enough for the second baseman to make a play Joe Morgan up and blows over with a slightly right up has been outstanding and relief in the playoffs and World Series where he’s been unhappy too He doesn’t want to be a relief pitcher he figures in the starting star yellow marker looking for his first of the series outside doing him a ball and steps yards at third base there two down where you can see the velocity on that pitch it almost knocked the middle of tennis at hand Al Bando says that they do him Lopez for shutout innings against the Tigers to clinch the pennant That was top foul One ball to right He saved the game on Saturday four horsemen two and two thirds beating the shut out really he’s now pitched eight innings of relief in the playoffs and World Series without giving up a run The Cy Young Award winner last year in his rookie year and a long hold out a bitter hold out the one to six really a wild pitches to do blue one only six games a season behind and his physical conditioning his rhythm his timing and he is still frustrated about the holdout reception on third down the 2 2 delivery just outside Three balls two strikes that Joe Morgan Bobby Tolan on Dec. 1 and nothing Oakland eighth inning call Morgan asked for time he wanted to step out Morgan being played the opposite feel here’s a 3 2 pitch to him he walked in the Oh Morgan goes to first concept he owns a third bailout out Bobby Tolan up Dick Williams is coming out to the mound to talk to Vida Blue I’ve got to talk about what’s gonna happen if Morgan breaks to second base too it’s gotta be very careful here the A’s have just almost in this entire series in this situation given second base to the runner as if to say we can get that man at the plate now if the man makes it to second that puts the winning run in scoring position or the go ahead run the red stole three bases last night they’ve stolen the base tonight

Sparky Anderson he’s still predicting the World Series is going to seven games and he’s going to win it he looks very confident over there I just wonder if that yeah nodding his head Monty I think as if to say Yeah go ahead Joe they’re going to give it to you take it All right Runners on first and third two outs Oakland trying to cling to this one nothing lead Eighth inning he goes and he lashes out in the right field Watch Morgan the tying run Then Morgan they score Here comes the draw Morgan then and the reds lead to to one in the eighth inning He had a big job and he scores in first phase I’m Bobby Tolan Drive into the right field corner ball and our second two down Joe Morgan has had a hit but he just scored a very important one with his speed breaking with a pitch and scoring all the way from first strike to Johnny Bench he’s had two hits and three times single arrived single in center line the right of a blow came in a walk Joe Martin he’s giving up the double Italian the high fly ball to center field guard Hendrick galloping another hazard for the Red took the lead in the eighth inning Who runs who has no one left open Coming up in the last of the eight with a score Cincinnati to open one paid roll bar Bowen Well try and hold it for Cincinnati now and the last of the eighth inning We still have not had a complete game pitched in this World Series And Don Gullah now is a pitcher a record for Cincinnati He was lifted for a pinch hitter the top of this inning it went seven innings allowed five hits one run the home run by Jean tennis he walked to and he struck out for Gillingham last night good luck tonight critics have given the A’s some great pitching They tell an amazing story about this poor bone In Boston one day at Fenway Park Reggie Smith supposed to have a great arm He’s an outfielder and he and Ball Ball and a little wager and both stood at home plate to see who can throw the ball the farthest Reggie Smith threw it on 1 1/2 against the wall four hundred feet away and more ball threw it off the wall on the fly But errors leads it off of the A’s in the last of the eighth inning meant the entire against him a third strike having errors then thrown out by the pitcher Mickey robbed him of base hit There’s Mickey right on top of the line and on the grass You have an Arizona flat out the deep left He’s hit the ball hard his last two times up He’ll be followed by Matty Alou then Joe Rudy The ground ball to the shortstop except young throws him out There’s one down Manny Alou flying out walk round it up one hit and twelve time more bone has been an excellent relief pitcher in the playoffs and the World Series 7 in the third innings only two hits and one run play Carol heating up for the Reds Now they get one two Alou play Carol at the final three men out last night and he’ll be joined by left hander Tom Hall Donnie ball Joe Morgan down Lou just not getting a bat on the ball properly all And Carol Joe Rudy has popped up struck out and single and asked Dick Williams to roam that dugout with a pressure on him say Sara Geronimo is going down to the Reds bullpen and warm up his throwing arm go Rudy the batter Two down nobody on it’s a strike he run six hits for

Cincinnati 1 1 5 hits for Oakland inside one on one to Rudy 1 1 pitch Brown ball in the right field for a paycheck as a kind of an on in the last of the eighth inning Joe Rudy second hit he hits the ball field Rudy leads the A’s and in a series of five foul banjos had a perfect night similar right walk single Olaf ball one the Sal Bando Rozier first two down and the ground ball a shortstop this That’s all for the A’s and the last of the eighth inning they had no run 1 hit no errors one left going to the top of the ninth Cincinnati ahead to the 1 if we have a seventh game of the World Series on Sunday we would have a baseball football double header here on the NBC television network if the World Series is over and we would have a pro football double header featuring Cincinnati against the Rams Denver versus Oakland Tony Perez has struck out flying out and single parents are up in the ninth inning by the blue can be the losing pitcher in this game unless the A’s rally in time Go ahead Minutes One ball one strike Morgan Joe Morgan from first base on Bobby told his doubles guard the go ahead run and he’s Blue’s responsibility There is a drive sinking in the right field for a basic bras do hits tonight And seven in the series He’s the World Series based leader here a 1972 Rollie Fingers a right hander Dave Hamelin a left hander WARMING UP IN THE OPEN bullpen whereas in the 1970s series had only one hit and 18 times up there Dick Williams to the mound Dan Holtzman at seven and two thirds innings of five hit shutout baseball he was taken out in the eighth volley Fingers of command Vida Blue relieved he walked Morgan and tall and double and the reds lead a two to one as we have a break in the action here at the Oakland Coliseum Here’s Raleigh fingers again You study him in slow motion He’s been brilliant all year long in the playoffs and the World Series And he’s going to face the right fielder the red Hal McRae Everyone knew the Reds had the advantage of team speed It’s paid off so far tonight with Joe Morgan running and scoring from first based on a double the go ahead run now they’ve got him hung up Higgins throw down and out with the red four as he was trying to get a good job hit and run may have banana fingers catches them relight throw from Hagan as a tag is made well that makes it makes it one down slow curved and a grave for a strike Gray as single and three times make a schedule left behind here Cincinnati leading two to one of the ninth inning strike elegant 2 And for the A’s fans in the last

of the night Mike Keegan is schedule laid off and George Hendrick and Gene tennis fingers got rid of him in a hurry Down when he comes in with that side arm curve ball to a right hander It’s wicked watch that last strikeout pitch He has a good fastball Watch this ball break from the side A little CROSSFIRE Let’s go out to the bad one That is Mickey hit and three times Reds have two way top of the ninth inning They’re leading to the 1 file back What is one to read We’ll have their bullpen ready They already have more bone in the game as Hamilton and locker now in the open bullpen More bone will come out for the night Two in one And Tom Hall and Clay Carroll were all loosened up and ready to go if they’re needed in the last of the ninth inning The 2 1 pitch a high drive and a deep left center Joe roadie back for run 1 hits no errors Nobody left last chance for the A’s with a score Cincinnati 2 and Oakland 1 Mike Keegan will be up for his first time in the game They replaced Mike Epstein who had gone Hitlers and three times Geronimo now is in right field for the Reds That’s a defensive measure One of the great throwing arms and baseball we’re gonna watch a left hander and then two right handers hit against Pedro born born open led all the way until the eighth inning hurt the A’s in the series haven’t had a fly ball of this guy yet and two appearances at the base hit by Rudy was even a grounder crack One of my Keegan Sparky Anderson on your lap Dick Williams on your right slashes and right down the many teams that are very shorthanded Third baseman tonight one down statistician Alan Roth for NBC our production stage manager Jim Gorman George Hendrick is going to be hanging out and Gonzalo Marquez is going to bat Marquez has been an excellent pinch hitter in this postseason play for Oakland heard he was made active for the playoffs in the place of a pitcher actually with special permission from the Detroit Tigers who were given special permission for another player But when Darrell knows regular reliever was injured the A’s put him on instead of another pitcher one out on to the 1 Cincinnati breaking fence for a strike And he was giving up the medal at the base said the runner Mark Yanez in watching the letter coming down as Alan Lewis Marquez we’ll get a big hand Just about every time he’s been up he’s delivered against the Tigers and here in World Series competition in the playoffs and the World Series in six pitch hitting appearances he’s had four hits and they’ve all been big wins curt and late innings as you usually use a man like this Sparky Anderson going out to talk to Bob bone runner over at first base for the A’s Alan Lewis called The Panamanian express and he stole one hundred and two bases one year in the minor leagues He spent most of this year at Birmingham and the double A’s Southern League and the athletic system He’s brought up every year just about as strictly a pinch runner and he stole some big bases for the A’s down the stretch and those low scoring games open was winning But he’s tried to go on Johnny Bench so far in this series and hasn’t made it tomorrow Jim Catfish Hunter College pitching for Oakland

Probably Jim MacLachlan a right hander would say probably they’re not sure Three thirty Eastern Daylight Time game five of the world series a strike at Gene tennis ran it out in the third hit a home run over the left field fence and a fifth struck out on a seven Don measures in the on deck circle s ball one big power hitting left handed batter Don Melchior now Dick Williams is claiming a buck something about the scratch not coming to the stop Stop for one second Two balls in a strike The gene tennis age are down by one run last laughter the ninth inning Sparky Anderson as the wheels turn here and the open policy moves to the mound and he is not hesitating He wants it veteran who came in and dispatch the A’s with such ease last night Carol Carol who is at a major league record with 37 saves this year did it in such easy fashion last night that it was boom boom boom and they were all in the clubhouse last night the guy was three balls and no strikes when it came on the pitch to Mark Epstein and he got Mike He threw the first pitch for a strike Epstein swung at the second one and then he went right on through the rest of the man But he’s a veteran he’s been around a long time doing this very thing and these relievers the short relievers who come in under pressure are I’ll tell you they’re a special breed of man some people talk about the low batting average is not baseball money compared to years ago I was talking to Lefty Grove Today you get around and talk to fellows who played in and he runs still watch baseball still follow it and they all admit that the relief specialist today has done what you do with it right Lefty you would pitch complete games when he had been given something like a big lead and blow in He says he’s done a lot of ball games all the way when he would give up six seven runs But today they don’t do that You look at these three men or Bowen Hall Carroll really outstanding pitcher They only have to come in for an inning or two they’re up the same with blue Rollie Fingers and Knowles who’s out of this series with a broken thumb Darryl no all clubs have great release specialists now two balls and a strike The jeans tennis great ball one strike and play Carroll thought he had that one That’s Allen Lewis at first base one out he’s the tying run for the A’s and the last of the ninth inning Bryant was now the ground ball in the left Bill and Team Tennis now becomes the winning run at first base Allen lowers the second make and Dunn measure is going to bat for second baseman Dick Green This has meant a second World Series He played seven games for the twins in a 65 series against the Dodgers Eight Hamilton and Bob locker Mitchell gets a hold of one He can send it He came over to the A’s from the Texas Rangers this year in a trade and has played very little So he’d been strictly a pinch hitter he’s heading only 216 but he didn’t have six home runs before he left the Texas Rangers The seasonal average to sixteen with six homers 44 RBI one out runners on first and second ball one the Don measure angel man as well as come in the on deck circle The bat for the better they get the shot One ball no strikes third

The game is tied over a third goalkeeper and is crowd of going crazy Angel man Well as Bill points down the pitching coach is retiring this year a winning run on third base for the A’s game tennis Are there measures at first There’s one out and the bullpen that failed both clubs tonight Dick Williams is going over to talk to his third base coach erm Orin Kerr He’ll do this a lot He wants to make sure there’s no mix up here The A’s have run a suicide squeeze play quite often this year going to be interesting is to see what they do here with only one out and how the Reds play the infield and now they’ve officially announced a pinch hitter and we’re gonna have a pinch runner Johnny Blue Moon Odom will run for mentor and he can fly You might wonder why a pinch runner at first base The big reason is in case the ball is hit in a hole somewhere he might be able to get there in time to break up a double play looked like Williams had an elastic band on him started out and he Williams has been out to the mound repeatedly in his day in court the hitters of the A’s first World Series they’re primarily a young team Sparky Anderson now is ordering is then feel in autumn is running for many a slow man at first the winning run is over third Jean tennis game is tied to the to last of the ninth inning the outfield will have to play very shallow the long fly ball beats the Rebs anyway and I want touch his Laker dumped in there and angel man well he’s been a disappointment this year and be a hero right now in Puerto Rico this is his first World Series appearance last year they were calling him the little Clemente infield in Rabaa looking in the last three and a great lead in a the fireworks crowd a mob man Well three pinch hit in the last of the ninth inning every game has been a one run ballgame in this World Series and man well is the hero a better loss for the Reds with rally to take the lead And of course a fantastic win for the A’s a big underdog for this World Series They now lead a three games to one and they could win the World Series tomorrow if they can defeat Cincinnati The Reds must win the send this World Series back to Cincinnati on Saturday The winning Fisher Rollie Fingers in relief the losing pitcher played Carroll in relief and forgotten right now that two excellent job by the starters Don gullet and Ken Holtzman money hurt This has been an amazing baseball team the A’s did just that against the Detroit Tigers in game one of the playoffs here in Oakland Actor Al Kaitlyn hit a home run against Oakland in the 11th inning to take a one run lead The A’s came back and scored two in the last half of the 11th inning The people don’t want to leave here Curt they’re just standing around and enjoying this thing And as you say the A’s have a chance to bring the first world championship team to the Bay Area in any sport of all time What a fantastic come from behind that one just like they’ve done many times this year Well observed