FY16 Fire Department and EMS 05/27/15

ilysm that I’ve spoken of earlier is is evident once again in march and februari when we were struck stuck with struck dangerous cold ice and snow they never wavered in the service to the city they brave terrible conditions sub-zero weather I slick streets slip past the houses and things of that sort they braved these terrible conditions to make it to work only to face the terrible conditions again that they had in performance of their duty once again the slick streets too slick paths and things of that sort the unwavering service was to me a shining light during the worst winter weather weather that we’ve had in several years and I’d like to formally think every man and woman in this department the Nashville Fire Department row that they did for this city sometimes a great personal risk I hope you’ll forgive me if up again my formal presentation by bragging some more about our folks and what they’ve been able to accomplish in the last year because of them I’m proud to be able to say the residents Nashville today that we’re operating fully within our budget for the front for the current fiscal year better yet we’ve been able to significantly expand and improve our services to this community without any additional cost of the taxpayers the creative deployment of our personnel and equipment for example we’ve added three new ambulance companies by reallocating 33 positions to staff for shifts this allowance to grow our total number of ambulances on our streets at all times to 25 these 25 ambulances will be in operation 24 hours a day 365 days a year when Mayor Dean’s administration began we had only 19 full-time ambulance companies since then we have added six new ambulances ambulance companies expanded our Emergency Medical Services is a critical critical to our mission to this city as it grows and it ages I think I spoke with this last year but between twenty ten and twenty twenty-five it’s expected that the over 65 population and Nashville is going to increase by sixty four percent what does that require are you getting older you now have more health problems we need to really focus on this eighty percent of our on volume with the MS while at the same time making sure that we have adequate fire protection once again as its population ages these are our elders they may bear our grandparents they may be our parents it may be people like me or some of you guys here but this is a critical mission to keep Nashville safe and provide the best services that a city’s great advice as Ayer’s deserves all of these folks that are running these medic units in my opinion they deserve well equipped well staffed emergency medical services we’re working hard towards that goal with staying while staying within our means in addition to new ambulance companies this year we’ve absorbed 35 new firefighter emergency medical technician positions that were originally funded by the federal safer grant this brings the total firefighter positions our department has absorbed in the last two years to 67 all done was zero additional cost to the taxpayer over the last year we’ve reimplemented our fast car program new initiative or semi new initiative to cut down on miles and wear and tear of our fire equipment instead of sending a fire engine to all routine medical calls we place two person teams and Chevy Tahoes that five of our busiest stations in those stations these fast car teams have cut on fire engine runs by more than fifty percent at those five stations and it saved each of those heavy vehicles more than 4,300 miles of travel and wear and tear in this particular instance it’s a win-win for everyone is it’s a win for our equipment it’s a win for a personnel but most importantly it’s a win for the taxpayers the folks that pay our salaries I want to stress how important that is we’re in the business of saving lives and saving property but we also pride ourselves and finding ways to do it while saving taxpayer dollars going forward I’ll continue to make sure that all three of those goals remain a priority this department our department does much more than just putting out fires and treating transporting patients in addition to top-notch fire emergency and medical services we perform fire investigations our arson investigation unit which is a bright and shining star in the the Nashville fire department continue to stand as what I maintain to be the best arson arson unit in the nation in 2014 they investigated 309 fires 56 of which turned out to have been intentionally set our arson investigating investigation unit made 38 arrest in 24 cases and I’m happy to report that every year what rests we

made was has resulted in a conviction our duties also include public education which you know for the uninitiated may be easier easily overlooked but it plays a key role and our outreach to the community and providing services other than just people on heavy pieces of equipment and we we plan to expand on that greatly during the coming fiscal year in February we’re proud to host a 32-hour car seat safety course for public officials across the state through that we’ve improved our own expertise and plan to use that in the community at a number of events this year in partnership with the Safe Kids coalition we’ve also expanded our smoke detector campaigns a smoke detector remains one of the most important tools and keeping your family safe to that end we’ve increased our efforts to distribute free smoke detectors to Nashville residents in need by partnering with community groups churches and the State Fire Marshal’s Office we have no doubts that our efforts in this particular area will save lives and we cannot forget our fire inspectors we have no trouble staying busy thanks to the unprecedented growth and development in this great city of ours we have to there’s several major construction efforts going on I think everybody’s aware of that in fact we have two of those of construction efforts going on within our own Department in February we broke ground on fire station 19 which will replace an outdated station half a mile away and we’ll sit across from the new lens Public Health Center and just a few weeks ago we kicked off construction on new fire station 20 in the green hills area both stations are expected to be completed this year and will improve response times and the level of service in both areas last year through a 6.4 million dollar capital appropriation the mayor dean’s office and finance director readlyn we were able to also purchase seven new ambulances which we now have put into service it allows us to add those three new medic units we’re currently waiting for three more ambulances to arrive we’re expecting 13 brand-new fire engines hopefully they’ll begin rely on four or five will start receiving them four or five at a time in the latter part of July and when the process of putting 425 new self-contained breathing apparatus into service now one thing that’s management team has done since we all came onboard a couple of years ago we’ve stressed firefighter safety and I see an scba a self-contained breathing apparatus this is analogous to a soldier’s good as far as their safety is concerned we’re getting the best equipment out there and with that good equipment we’re going to make it a safer job when these young men and women have to go into what I consider one of the most hazardous things in civilian life that’s an interior attack on a structure fire I have no doubt that these new vehicles and pieces of equipment will improve the level of service that we provide our residents we’re proud to be able to serve the public safety needs of a city that has seen success and growth that’s the envy of many cities throughout this nation if not all and we’re proud to be good stewards of taxpayers dollars by continuing to live within our means but with that growth has come challenges and we cannot forward stand still when it comes to public safety in 2014 we responded to nearly 100,000 emergency fire and ems calls that represents a six percent increase in fire calls an ambulance transport since 2012 all those increased calls that wear and tear on our heavy equipment which is critical to our mission as a result our heavy fleet is quickly agent leading to frequent and expensive repairs just give you a sense of the state of our fleet average mileage on our fire inches it’s nearly five 95,000 miles the average life expectancy of a fire engine under the office of fleet management standards it’s 100,000 miles the average mileage on our ambulances is about 145,000 miles and life expectancy is 150,000 miles now due to the attention and quality clear provided by General Services and fleet management we’re certain that our vehicles without less outlast those life expectancy standards but it’s critical for us to continue replacing our fleet as it ages to ensure that we can continue to feel it fill our mission fulfill our mission our firefighters deserve moderns working equipment my paramedics deserved modern working equipment most of all our residents deserve modern working equipment we must ensure their equipment vehicles and personnel are able to meet the growing needs of this growing city before closing I believe it’s important for me to state our mission for all to hear our mission the mission of the National Fire Department is to provide high quality fire medical and rescue emergency responses and community

support services to the citizens and visitors with in nashville and davidson county so they can work and reside in the community where an all hazard response minimizes harm to life property and environment once again this is a mission we’re proud to fulfill every day as we respond to these different emergencies at the same time we have to be wise and spending our tax dollars and we’re trying to keep our thumb on that as well and we believe with your continued support we can continue to exceed those expectations thank all of you for your time Thank You chief I don’t know if I asked you the question but can you live within the mayor’s proposed budget yes we can thank you I open the floor to council members councilman party first in line I appreciated achieve good to see you by the way what’s the announcement looking at your paperwork here it shows that you’ve got twelve hundred and six authorized positions and only 1145 or field so not being the sharpest knife in the drawer that to me shows 61 people short is that true it would make one scratch their head i’m sure i will let Lee an answer that he can give you the explicit reason as to why that exists thank you yes sir you’re correct that we have approximately sixty vacancies today we have 35 of those vacancies that are unfunded it’s where we absorbed the 35 employees from the safer grant this year and we no longer have any funding for that did you ask for funding for that in this budget we did not include that in this year’s budget as we were encouraged not to we’re encouraged our winners do absorbance positions into our budget by who that is it over here come on that that is it that is advice we were given when we when the Department chose to accept the grant several years ago well I got to say that whoever advised you of that and it just city’s fire department 61 people short is a idiot and I don’t care if it’s a janitor if it works downstairs if we run in 61 position short because somebody advised you to that’s wrong completely I don’t start cussing but please don’t go go thank you your majesty going back to the fast cars chief yes sir you’ve got five stations running those correct and read yes sir can you or any of your staff that’s here answer the question one last couple of weeks we’ve been running a couple short well many of these fast cars have been staffed with overtime and the overtime budgets are getting a little late after july first we’re going to do a better we’re going to develop a better management plan for overall over time usage in the department and we hope to have that alleviate there won’t be an issue next year at this time well i don’t personally i don’t think that that burden should follow neither one of y’all if we fill the 61 positions you should have personnel to run the car is correct oh yes sir okay well I guess I’m done buddy all right thank you thank you council lady langster Thank You mr chair good afternoon chief and let me ask you a question about the budget how much would 62 maybe you wouldn’t know how would how much would 61 positions cost you I’m a Lancia the number wizards you’ll get you real close if not the exact number okay and while she’s looking that up the engine company 11 in engine company 19 you know there are two in my district yes has the I column chase cars I don’t know what the proper name for has that car been delivered that’s the fast car we’d implemented them at 11s and 19 as councilman pardhu pointed out we pulled them out in the last couple of weeks due to budget constraints but starting july one once again part of this is our fault in their management of the overtime budget we’re going to take care of that and it’s not going to happen again got my problem so you’ve already looked in your budget and found that you can’t do it after july want yes ma’am did is her name lien yes ma’am landed you did you get off just a

rough estimate the 61 positions we have are not all at the same rank perhaps you’re more curious about the 35 positions that we absorbed out of the safer grant salary and fringe that would be approximately 2.4 million dollars 2.4 million dollars yes ma’am to make this city a little extra safer I’m hesitating because I need to know attorney Cooper can that amount go in a wish list yes man that amount could be put on the wish list finding two and a half million dollars would be another another issue but it could be added to the wish list okay mr prodmore kept mr. prodmore I would like to add 2.1 million dollars for personnel in the fire department 2.4 2.4 I said 2.1 but 2.4 I’d like to add that to the wish list because this city does not need to run short of firefighters or police officers there are two very critical Department and if we can find the way I would really appreciate seeing that funded for personnel chief when’s the last time you’ve had a class graduate from the Fire Academy I guess the light I may be off on there someone to say about 20 months what’s the last time we graduated class 20 months ago do you have a list prepared ready to go as a matter of fact we we dealt we were a little unsure we’re going to be able to have the numbers that we could actually justify the fiscal cost of a class and right now we’ve got where the city has on contract a vendor that will will begin with hopefully by mid to late summer and start putting together the testing requirements the test you know setting up times where we can you know do our search our you know email search or advertising on social media whatever and then hopefully by I would say no later than the end of the second quarter of next step why we should be have we do have analista Stan established we could have done this two years ago but usually those lists only last three years and to me it just seemed pointless spending that money when you didn’t know how many people would be need you were going to be able to hire you’re exactly right what about EMTs are we close to being stable with that petition I think we’re very stable with the number of units that we have in service I think the numbers if they increase you know incremental incrementally throughout the years we’re going to need to add more medic units as well and with 13 new ambulance we’re going to need personnel to well it’s 13 new fire engines they’re going to be replacing existing piece of equipment that have a lot of weird hair on a lot of AIDS and on the short term that’s actually going to help us as far as our shop maintenance and everything is concerned we’ll be keeping you know the best of the ones that are in reserve now maybe some were taken out of service will be fully fit to be operating the reserved category so that will help us in the short term but the key to to all of this and I like the stress incremental changes in the way that we purchase equipment has your budget allowed you to do any promotions during this 20-month that amount no way okay thank you yeah now let me say this about the promotions part part of the reason why we haven’t done any promotions and I’m a playful responsibility for this I was trying to get a couple of different classes inserted in there it doesn’t look like they’re going to be inserted so we’re in preparation now to promote some folks and actually what we do it promotions before we start working on a new hire list so you have the new hyde list is there and you know people who have applied for promotion is there are you waiting for is the budget to pass to do not necessarily that all of our lists are very old when it comes to like captain’s promotions and engineers promotions and once again our civil service requirements you know pretty much require us to decant a list after a certain duration of time and started all over but once again we have been talking with CHS or CSH of the new Fender for training traded protocols and tests and things like that when it comes to communication with them we’re going to start working on that as soon as we can okay and again thank you for Engine

Company 19 going up I really really appreciate it in the 21st district us too well aged 19 was long overdue Thank You chief in looking at my end councillor Langston looking at my notes but that I’m supposed to mention each each day infinitum is placed on the wish list the department head as soon as possible if you could send some supporting documentation to at least as to what the wish list was and I know you didn’t ask for it that council lady langster did so maybe you can get with counsel a lang stern and come up with whatever the sporting doctor or councilman pardieu whatever okay counseling Glover Thank You mr. chair chief let me ask you you may know the answer this you you said your call volume increased by about six percent yes sir okay but yet your fees collected if you look at charges Commission fees last year versus what is projected for next year is down by almost twelve percent do you know why you’re having such a decline in fees if I assume you’re running more more runs so let’s Hager can answer that more fully that I can there’s a lot of different factors i will tell you that but i’m gonna turn this over to Leanne to explain councilman we mentioned one more time exactly which which line item you’re looking on page f32 one and a public under revenue and transfers charges commission and fees 1314 was 9.6 million than 9.3 million and projected for 2015-16 is eight point almost two million so almost a almost a million dollar drop in fees and commissions and so and if you’ll flip over 2f 30 to 50 k you’ll see that in total our revenue for fiscal year 16 is actually projected to be higher than the revenue we had in fy15 and it’s where we’re realigning where the revenue comes in with our EMS revenue it’s difficult to predict the types of payers we will see each year when we pick you up as a patient we don’t know if you’re going to be a commercial insurance Medicare or private pay and we tried to realign the revenue projections based upon the historical trends we were seen coming in okay and so but you’re looking at the actuals obviously so it being tempting to be extremely conservative correct okay the reason I’m asking is because if a 2.4 million dollar request was just made if there may be a possibility of money being there that’s one of the one of the areas that I’m exploring and our revenue and fiscal year 15 was budgeted at 13.1 million and for fiscal year 16 we’re budgeting 13.4 India in the GSD okay but if you if you look and let’s just make sure I’m following you when we’re talking you had budgeted for 2014 13.5 an actual was 15 a little over 15 million on the same f32 five correct okay and so for do you know what your let me do you have an estimate of where you’re going to land this year I think we will be right on with our budget okay as you well know with the changes in health care medical payments fluctuate widely well I’ve heard we’ve heard from the court system and their their fees and things are down because of indigent care and so I guess I’m trying to find out is is that what’s happening here when you see a six percent increase in runs and you see a twelve percent decrease in potential fees and revenues its a mix of the change in our payers depends on how many we’re getting commercial insurance versus Medicare and what not we’re also under a Medicare prepayment audit which is just a standard review that an entity does so before any of our claims go through and Medicare pays us there’s an immediate audit done of those claims and it delays the payments significantly okay and what about Medicaid TennCare is their agreements there where you are able to receive funds for an ambulance run for lack of a better word or or do we just have to write that off we do receive payments for transports where patients are covered by ten care or Medicaid okay all right Thank You mr. chair Thank You counsel Aiden weiner Thank You cheer Thank You chief I appreciate you being here and LeAnn you as well I want to go back to the safer grant just a second and just ask a couple more questions

because I’m looking to see if there any funds to offset that 2.4 million dollars to cover those 35 employees what’s the rate of retirement per year about how many employees do we lose from retirement per year I don’t have the specific numbers with me I can get you an exact number I will say this our turnover rate is extremely low what would help to have that information because I’m also looking to see where you might have cut the 2.4 million since you had to absorb that into your budget where else did you cut in order to be able to sustain keeping those 35 employees we the bile that occurred two years ago that we had to start planning then we we’ve absorbed 67 positions as chief white mentioned and when the buyout occurred the first 67 positions that came through we had to hold for the safer grant got offer for both safer grants excuse me okay so I guess my next question goes to not operational but more budgetary line items for the firefighters themselves in terms of equipment and clothing and those kind of things do they get an allowance for clothing does that allowance change per year with the costs going up do they get their clothing purchased for them how does that work yeah yes ma’am we do offer a clothing allowance to the staff chief White has made it a priority to focus on the field personnel so that they receive the first allotment and the height the higher rate we use a tiered approach you know funds are limited so we try to focus on those who are in the field and for lack of a better term as those that are involved in smoke or blood or you know any time any type of thing that will get you get your clothing dirty on the water sea cow okay and let’s see if I had any other quick oh are you negotiating reimbursement rates with your third party payers annually for ambulance runs and things like that we have a contract with a billing company that handles all of our EMS billing for us and that is a contract that was recently renegotiated this year we do not personally get involved with any insurance companies do we know if that company is renegotiating annually those reimbursement rates I can get back with you on that yeah because you know you can and and sometimes that’s helpful I think that’s all I’ve got Thank you Thank You counsel councilman Clayburn yeah choke you up oh yeah I promise to be good Thank You chief for being here I’ve but two three questions one is just for information when I have an opportunity to talk with firefighters if the conversation goes on very long inevitably they say why can’t we have our own shop back why can’t we take care of our own equipment so I was noticing in your internal service fees that you have in excess of 1.5 million for fleet I assume that’s you know repair the vehicles keeping them running and so on so have have there been in have you done as the department done any study to see what it would cost for you to have your your own fleet service back rather than running through general service garage well no sir and I get something I will take full responsibility for that I think under the budget constraints that all of us all departments have been deeded within the last few years we’re talking about 1.5 million that would not touch what it would take for us to establish our own shop I mean you would have to have a as be probably five or six million per year for you know added minute them okay okay that’s that’s the that’s what I’m looking for just let me tell you I know when you talk with these firefighters I used to be one by the way but you know you look back at the past and everything looked real Rosie I grew up in a house didn’t have air conditioning very little heat I had a happy childhood I look back on and I’m happy but I want to go back to a house it didn’t have any heater air-conditioned no sir okay well okay they at least I’ve got something other than my pat answer I don’t know we try

not do that Ash second question I have two stations in my district 27 min 22 both of those those folks do a great job but for people in district 15 and I have been lobbying for four years for station 22 to get a new engine I know you’re not the one that makes those assignments but if anybody out there’s listening that has that responsibility it’s time for 22 to get a new engine I will hand me down I will I will email you the status of whether 20 piece is going to get a new engine or not early next morning all right thank you yes sir are talking about personnel I know it has been the policy in the past to have three men on a truck when it goes out that’s not always that doesn’t always happen so how are we in terms of having three men cruise on with counsel enough Thank you’ve gotten some bad information there we will not send out a heavy piece of equipment without three people on it now our medic units are ambulances they’ll run with two people but there’s still even you know even operate none of the constraints everybody operates with money and everything there’s still a couple of aging companies that are so far outlined we have to keep four people on them and that’s another thing that’s that’s real good about these masks or programs if we can keep them staff that’s two additional people showing up on the background which helps us to commit to the federal regulation requiring to inside it to outside okay so you’re saying that presently there a minimum of three people on a piece of equipment when it leaves the station or call yes sir in all sincerity there better buddy okay and then just to comment as a follow-up to the conversation about the 30-something different positions that are being left vacant mr. chair as yo go through the finishing up and looking at the wish list and so on perhaps if that whole amounts not can’t be founder is available maybe it could be looked at as as a phase thing with half this year half next year or third this year third the next year and a third in three years certainly some is better than none and if you can’t have it all then to get a few and work toward the total number might be a another option for that thank you thank you and that would that would Elise is noting that on the wish list councilman tigard Thank You chief and I feel like council par dude not the sharpest knife in the drawer tell me if a fast car is a more efficient method of answering calls why it’s not done as standard procedure and why it falls under an overtime category as opposed to a better way of doing business well there’s a couple of different ways within these fast cars we could have a three-person crew van assigned a fast car that three-person crew and if they go to a medical they pull two people off that edge and it makes the medical in that fast car which essentially takes your engine out of service for fire protection there are several constraints that we really operate under relative to making sure we have at it with stamping on the scene and I’m going to tell you right now ever since I’ve been I don’t we’ve been one of the worst part was about doing that and if we have to use some overtime to make sure we’re going to have enough people so we can have two people on the outside waiting to rescue the two on the end that’s the only way I know to do it sir so the bottom line it’s simply a matter of personnel it’s not a matter of efficiency and whatnot yes there’s always a matter of personnel money you know that Thank You councilman Hagar thank you for coming I appreciate it I’m going to ask you about the ambulances you have now what is the mileage that you get out of those particular eminences that you have now we’ve got a set mileage of 155 150,000 miles that’s established by fleet in conjunction with the Department several years ago and when we first started doing that we weren’t making the transports we were and you know you could maybe get ten years out of an ambulance now we’re saying about seven eight years out of an analyst for it rolls over there and fire engines are a lot different than your typical diesel truck on the street they’ve got pumps and things like that the kind of complicate the mechanism involved just as the ambulances do you wouldn’t believe what it takes just in the summertime to make sure that the air conditioners in the back of those units

meet the state standards they’ve actually got a state standard that tells you how how much lower that below the ambient temperature it needs to be in the back of that ambulance and of course that’s for the safety of the patient so there’s a lot of mechanism than their other than just the drivetrain okay because I understand these are gas burners you’re talking about right now 150,000 miles like a diesel burgers all right these new ones you’ve got that are coming into 13 Newman’s are they not able to go 250,000 miles and the standards one would think family now I’m well familiar with diesel drivetrains these legends gasoline engines and all that and ever since I’ve come on this job I’m scratching my head that we can’t get more miles over these will drive train to what we get out of but there are several issues at stake first of all these things are going from a totally cold off position to you know running at least him some many cases 10 miles over the regulated speed limit so it’s not like they’re out here on the road and you know you can expect to get two or three million miles because they’re just doing that steady pace up and down the highways what’s the warranty period on these new ambulances coming in the warranty period on the new ambulances I’m going to have to get back with you up different components that would have different warranties is what i’m getting at the body is going to have a different warranty from the drivetrain now the one thing that’s complicated the the use of procurement of our ambulances in recent years is we used to we used to buy a frame and have that premium was built around it that had a 200,000 plus mile expected light a life expectancy and then all of a sudden that was dropped to about a hundred thousand so we had to go out here start finding some more different companies that offered us that so that’s a big part of it right there you know a lot of times if we could get us a limited medical asst limitless mileage on a frame it’s possible to Reeboks them you know go ahead and work on the engine do whatever you need to there just put a brand new box on top of it that’s when you can really start saving money on these piece of equipment yeah just let me know what that warranty is I will the other question I had at one time I know mother councilman brought up the maintenance department it was my understanding at one time that was it not true that police and the fire department maintenance crew worked on the emergency vehicles only well I can’t speak for PD but I know I came on in 1978 and we had our shop until godly of the brothers second or third year mayor / sales administration and that’s when the fleet concept and you know consolidation actually came into being but now we did all of our our own repairs and a lot of stuff about what they sometimes our shop would actually build a fire engine yeah would there be a study could that be done as to put all these emergency vehicles into one maintenance department since they are a priority out of the general services well I would be glad to entertain these come these conversations with General Services which fleet maintenance falls under but it’s going to have to be a it’s going to have to be a two-sided conversation on that they’ve got some very good ideas I’ll tell you and union president myself mark young we meet with Stacey wall who’s over a heavy fleet we started doing this recently once a month and hopefully what we’re going to be doing is looking at maybe some failures we had the previous month why did this happen was it mired mistake with secure mistake so we’re trying to work his stuff out and as far as adding EMTs to a fire station what is the criteria for that within a certain knowledge of another fire station or who sets that criteria i don’t really will prove that for the ambulance services right i mean like Oh Hickory does not have amulets service but Armitage as well we provide emergency ambulance service for all of Davidson County right right but but some fire stations have an ambulance and some of them oh yes or some doin some dough what’s the criteria for that well we we actually try to try to look at the run volume with those particular stations also you know we’ve got it from time to time two ambulances running out of station nine which is downtown station to have one or two depending on the time frame and everything and they’re real close to the inner loop and also their the stations are pretty close to the hospital so generally we can do a you know reasonably quick transport get them back in the service of the station you know so they can replenish supplies and things like that okay and as though Hickory going to get a new power engine Old Hickory yeah I can email you that I will tell you how we do this and really and it’s the only fair way I know but I know all you guys launching stations

have new fire engine Sun do too but we look at the miles the wear and tear on the engines that we’re going to replace also one thing I like to look at you know sometimes you might have one that’s got 125,000 miles even though the cutoff is a hundred thousand miles but you’ve never had a problem with it well that’s to me it’s just makes good sense go ahead and keep that one let’s just see how long it’ll last so it’s a little bit of it’s a little bit of engineering it’s a little bit of accounting and a little bit of magic involved all right Thank You cheek yes sir County Councilman Glover Thank You mr. chair you may know the answer to this you may not one of the problems you’re having right now it sounds like is because over time funds are drying up you’re not able to staff the fast cars can you tell me how much you have allotted for overtime and what is you know how is it used for the fast car what what what exactly is it used for and can you come back and reallocate if you filled some of these positions because I don’t know what you pay overtime I don’t know if its time and a half yes there’s time and I have okay on the base salary of individual okay so then so we’re missing fifty percent of an opportunity and I’m wondering if it could be budgeted a little bit differently and another thing about this time of year though I mean post Memorial Day you know schools are out of session people who want to take vacations and things like that so will actually pay more in overtime just to keep minimum staff and going probably my food I would say the latter part of October and we do the rest for years ok so it’s seasonal is what I’m saying okay and that’s the reason why you have to watch it right well I mean I know you can’t avoid overtime i’m just wondering if there’s a way to reallocate and so anyway Thank You mr. chair councillor Johnson Thank You chair Thank You chief for the incredible leadership you provide and all of your dedicated staff throughout the fire department you’re very much appreciated i know my constituents just they always appreciate the fact that we have a brand new fire hall not that far away and i had promised a constituent who lives over on Cedar Cliff that I would ask you this question today there was a incident that happened where it was a life-and-death situation and the ambulance was not available for area i know we have 33 and 35 because there’s one ova Hopsin pakka xanthus 35 and there’s only one ambulance and that ambulance was pulled away somewhere else and so the response time was really really slow and it caused a significant problem with this particular situation and he asked one is there any efforts to put an additional ambulance at the at 35 35 hours at 33 I think we’ve got units at both of those head bow okay is there any reason why both of those would have been pulled away there’s a lot of factors go into the short answer is probably just a large call volume day okay and you know sometimes you’ll pull a unit from one area town to another area town that’s got a wide expanse of zero coverage through the units being tied up and it does result in lower response times okay because he’ll give me the address and the date this occurred okay i can i can give you a more definitive answer i’m just college stuff off the cuff here and i don’t need to be doing that okay because he was under the understanding that it was only one of the stations that had an ambulance and so I was to ask you today you know to look at and see if there’s a possibility that both stations can have an ambulance at both stations I think we’ve got that in place already okay thank you thank you thank you councilman Tenpenny Thank You chair hey chief how you doing this afternoon pretty good people just go I’m doing pretty good I just have one answer as far as money goes how much did you turn back in last year well is a total approximately you want three making something like that total about three million yes sir and how much do you plan on turning back in this year we’ve committed to returning approximately 3 million dollars this year because we met with the finance director and the budget office earlier this year and they have graciously

agreed to let us use salary savings to purchase new safety equipment for the firefighters and medics so the money that we’re turning back in is just in exchange to spend it a different way and buy the equipment okay thank you that was all I had hadass thank you very much all right chief seeing no other council members in the queue we want to thank you for being here and think thank you all for your presentation and we certainly appreciate all you do once again I want to thank all you guys since we’ve had several more council members commences