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can you hear me guys okay I’m going to play my intro and then I’ll take off the screen cover please subscribe to marks shrimp tanks like two magnets we are drawn to each other how to push on my move raise you I can I am drawn to you me hello guys welcome to mark jump togs I’m listening to my own music so I can hear if you can hear things actually it may be a good idea if I listen to hear if there’s even music there he is what’s hard to do is there’s a delay from things I do on my technical safety for you guys here since a pin in the buck all right so I’ve taken away that side of it for today my stream is pretty poor technically wise yesterday so I thought I’d try and do something a little bit better today hello everyone hello Stanley nice to see here hello hello now my delay is like is 15 to 20 seconds and it makes it really hard for me to judge if you guys can hear things properly yeah they’re the intro is quite good isn’t it it’s nice to have a song even though it’s personally not my favorite type of music popular music is popular for a reason by the way guys as well I was I wasn’t aware you guys couldn’t hear the music yesterday you were here like through my speakers I didn’t know you can hear it like you can hear now let’s see who’s here hello Charlie hello Cal thank you for joining again hello Kris how’s it going it’s going great it’s been very hot here the last few days but today is kinda mad it’s like a thunder and lightning with

her hello sir Danny Danny did you not say you were going to livestream yesterday what happened Thomas that’s what you do you raise your temperature retain a little bedded and mixed and breed we depend on I like care rock and stuff best not really good for streaming you’re in last night it’s pouring down it said right now how to sex a shrimp you look at its underbelly normally a girl will have a straight line a boy will have a straight line like this the girl will have a bulge for Taiwan bees buried on 3f ones let’s hope I can raise some of them Thomas you probably will cut this if you want to know how to sex trim shrimp I have an excellent video on it just type in YouTube how to say shrimp in my video will pop up candles and wine kale that’s the romantic way you’re very welcome Curtis can you guys do me a favor many any of the mods see when I stream if one of you are on commute can you share the stream on my Facebook group Andrew Fraser you can leave moles in the tank you haven’t bought TDS Miriam does my GH will upgrade by using me yes it will it will go up a little bit Scot knock the the way to get shrimp to breed is to have the temperature at one or two degrees lower and leave it for months and then put up one or two degrees and mix and breed thank you sir Kyle for that you’re going to be made a moderator because I see here all the time kill is never muttering you see the guys I see they’re here all the time will be moderators if I think I can trust them I had a buried blue you had a buried blue jelly should I bury it then yeah hi seriously though a shrimp will often drop eggs if you have like too big of water change out of the water change if there’s a slight temperature difference double drop eggs Cal has the power now Power Ranger kale will there be ruffles do you think this is like bingo or something raffles what kind of ruffle would you like to see charlie what kind of ruffle would you like to see tell me the truth not strip ruffle I hope not like strip poker my comments are either stuck where there’s not to hear Curtis is still here it’s a tedious mirror essential skies if you are just into like if you’re just starting you want to be cherished and P probably won’t have to bother with the tds mir bayer will help you a lot eventually if you ever want to get one most importantly is the feeling part of the females have the eggs but they are able to breed I use twenty to twenty degrees the temperatures per house correct Thomas I’ve got got 30 Celsius in the room here heavy weather yep I’m in the same position as you cruising it’s not as warm as it was yesterday yesterday was almost 30 degrees but is if any of you are familiar with the term muggy that’s where as here is very humid very very humid very very humid let’s not be here again I was a kite on a nice stream Louis oh by the way guys the video that you see just nervous today’s video it’s just without sound best shrimp is cherishing for beginners yes definitely Thomas is correct again if your temperature is too hot then your shrimp

have a shorter lifespan they will grow faster but they live less they will live much less Johnny I use this camera this is an olympus tough tg4 this one cost me about $500 if you buy the red one it costs about $100 less which is ridiculous there has a very good macro function hello Emily should I drop a car commit cherub yes you do with ultra almost per se perfect here in Las Vegas Nevada 84 now you know that’s that’s hot for here that you be I would be like boiling literally my blood would be boiling term as you bear be back later what part of studio hello nice to see you here I think I see you saw you on Instagram ha part I think I think it’s the same person I’ve only recently started to upload again on Instagram because I found a very good way to do VR desktop it’s that are using my phone I heard that I load my tongue temperature after I saw a video by mark yes it works dear late look of Silla visit yes the only thing that holds me back keeping more shrimp is luck of tank space so it was you hopper I thought it was it could only have been you I suppose you love my new 2017 check our channel video is pretty cool if it took more time I could probably do it much better still it was kind of like rushed in 1d it’s like when you get an idea I’m going to do a video like this and then you do best temperature to keep shrimp in degrees Celsius 24 24 degrees Celsius I think there’s a temp in the front room change to the day or the seasons it doesn’t really change much during the day normally but in the seasons it does you like the lowest I think I’ve ever seen in there was 21 degrees which is fine for shrimp in the winter here and the highest is 28 I think which is too hot hi mark you have given the fans what they wanted I was jumping I come in some well trimmed areas on this start to climb out the book has no no like hell I do I’ve tested it with a TDS mirror to see how long it tips takes of you you know if you drip one or two drips per second how long it changes how long it takes to change one liter of water normally and it’s about an hour and a half exactly you’re in Thailand Johnny maybe your shrimp will be used to though Johnny so I wouldn’t worry about too much for you if you go up to like 30 degrees you probably probably should start to put bottles of ice in the tank or something like that it’s probably not the here that kills them anyway is probably a lack of oxygen how much time it takes will shrimp to give birth from the moment that the eggs are lean basically and say the shrimp’s belly is normally maybe 21 days if it’s warm like 30 degrees you’re talking 22 21 days if it’s colder you’re talking longer up to 28 days to a month basically can you keep multiple bamboo shrimp in the same tank as their internal generation more yes you can you bamboo shrimp are pretty harmless and the 90s apart would use just another day no I’m in Norway I’m from Scotland originally you’re Vietnam lots of shrimp keepers here use chillers yes oh and hello sir yeah what size of sponge filter I just go for the biggest one biggest ones because they are shrimps how do I say this mechanically don’t need a basically need a big

mechanical filter but they do need a decent size biological filter so that’s why sponge filters are great for shrimp just get the biggest one you can afford there were harpie care which put them in the bucket probably 67 varna hey here that’s probably the same temperature is here I think I have the wrong video on because this one is ended there’s ended too soon your dad’s from Kelso in Scotland that’s cool I’m from Fife place called five your beef shrimp are in the gars very good you make your own filter like mine very very good you’re researching TDS because honestly there is so many opinions on it I don’t use our war as the main problem for near flippy yeah because it meant tedious basically measures everything in the water so it’s like a scattergun effect measures everything it’s not specific until you use our water and then you make your own then you know exactly what’s in the water yeah Kayla’s correct that’s why I have I have a sponge filter in every tank because you always see babies on it as well some a slice hello sir Norway’s better than faith yes hope is is there’s loads of opinions on if you have just if you using just tap water you will never really know what’s in the water unless you take it to like a laboratory and get chemically analyzed if you make your own water then you know what’s in exactly I’m getting really close I’d MacGruder of water you know what you are yes don’t forget to thumb up the stream would appreciate a like a light goes a long way partly Curtis why does sometimes shrimp die for whatever reason as there’s two broader question Curtis hope our studio is right you can you can buy a our unit now for about fifty dollars you can buy a TDS meter for a good one for twenty dollars and then you have your your buffer basically your B buffer you can get for like ten dollars fifty was my – or good you like to watch my adverts do I make adverts hello max G Moxie G is that like honey gee so what was that math wise $50 plus 20 $70 $80 in in all and you’re making your own water from their own there’s a guy on em Amazon that sells ro units for $50 and I think the does the same listing on eBay for their $60 and he sends to anywhere in the world hunter guess you can give fashion cuttlefish bone come fish is actually very good for from you have to use very small small amounts of it because it can rot in the water it can brought to go off you did you bought you bought custom a ceramic carbon air stone as you recommend did I recommend from the local reservoir John eNOS Phillip Linea hello McMurphy do I use any DIY hardness buffers yes I do I’ve actually been making my own califor well and I can share with you the secrets if you like but I can’t guarantee that it will work because I haven’t tasted it long enough but so far is working great in my tanks if you want to know just see and I’ll tell you mark I don’t follow any of the rules I use Taiwan I do trips in watchings week we have common surgery they’re all pregnant there’s lots of beers over all right you’re very lucky though one day I

mean all it takes is for a water company to do something to treat like a burst pipe or something like that in your shrimp our food by horde in the UK no to convince your hubby apart 2d is never all bunk hold in the UK me by the way I’m I’m streaming again because I thought my stream is really pure yesterday I thought I had music on on everything when and then when I rechecked the stream it was just rubbish so that blue ball Thor now that’s a good one unfortunately that one died but I got lots of babies from this one before I died of over 30 babies what is the best second shrimp for beginners I like crystals crystals are pretty easy to keep mocks eg my bad I remember now have it the worst memory ever what are the disadvantages of planaria and the shrimp tank will the everything has to eat if you’re not fitting the planaria then they will start to eat your soup you’d like to know the DIY hardness if you got pain you have to write this down okay I’m going to tell you cal you need one part calcium sulfate and you need three parts of magnesium sulfate and that is all you need mix it all together and then you have your own B buffer what makes you think is symbol B bit You cheeky mother hello margin sound was sliced they like to lick to sift through the substrate basically why am I so sexy put water who’s this person in the stream I’m going to go at the bottom because I can’t keep up with the comments the shrimp farm guy is Ryan from the shrimp farm I thought he was dead I haven’t even spoken to him for a while you got a pain have you not rented down here yellow find a shrimper maybe a little bit tough for a beginner because I’ve hear a lot of people struggling to breed them now you can see the montmorillonite in the back of the tank there yep so hard let’s use the GH yeah it’s a measurement of everything that goes in the war basically solid salts basically you’re dead no your buck I often see powers of road marble looking balls tucked up and shrimp tanks on YouTube Andrew those are minerals balls basically you go out run down good is there a secret then kale your GH is 300 but TDS stays around 170 so you so your GH and all terms is 30 which is pretty high 125 liter tank that is going through the nitrogen cycle what is a good shrimp for a community time with pH row number seven margin cherry shrimp are perfect don’t need a little care package I would love one right I would love one sec you’re doing unboxing for you mineral balls from Thailand oh we’re good the most important tip for a beginner is be patient I know it’s hard to not put your hands in the tank if you see shrimp dying but the more you do if you don’t know what you’re doing the more you will kill them you buried in your couch well Cal so far is worked perfectly for me once I’ve tested thoroughly I will probably make a video about and pure on YouTube and a good foods that I want to try a review you know writing I would like to if you have any back to AE I would love to test this thing with overfeeding I’m not sure I want to try and kill myself with it though there keep fish I don’t but my daughter does she has two

two goldfish Caspar sure that’s very nice thank you you’re very welcome of course what do you want your kids to do when they grow up whatever they want to do now once currently at university is studying you know robotics is going to build the next Terminator I don’t know what the other two are going to do hello beast ugh did I watch any other shrimp youtubers yes I do yet all of them all them apart from one guy now see Ryan I’m not sure if I want to experiment that I don’t want to kill shrimp for the sake of a video basically so maybe it’s not a good idea to send MIT up but back to AE when I had it before it was the best thing for building up biofilm you thought I ate one of my goldfish can you not tell that wasn’t real I hope you’re joking kale by the way I had a bit 20 people unsubscribe for me after I made that video who is this McNamara here he’s gonna make some Terminator probably eyelash of course constructive criticism is always good Johnny I am room is completely darkened Lee papaya studio I really struggle to not laugh in that video and we had to do in one take to make it look convincing Mark’s dear God fashion strip No Kanchana shrim bid with red fires from yes the Khan Curtis they can breed with them those are neo caridina species that can bid with each other okay cheers Ryan thanks for popping in it’s nice to see you here hi from Dubai hope you’re doing well mark I am thank you you’re probably boiling hot there Joseph if you lose 20 subs you’ll cry I know it’s never nice to lose subscribers you forgot the wasabi I saw the lowest grade serious at my local shop it’s been a long time since I’ve seen the very long ones if I had to add a first year sometime which none of one would you get none none at all none if I was forced to keep us our fish I would probably keep endless but I wouldn’t mix them with shrimp they’re like endless a look into cool Oh a mere that bad are they almost see-through you know you made a good video when people subscribe KL I don’t know what it was mean it mean people must know I have a lot of a sense of humor you know I’m not gonna kill an animal they know hello cow I just said kale and then I said kale is like a TT clear kale kale I used to keep red cherries and all my tanks with fish but had too many disasters both of the fish and shrimp yeah it’s never easy okay you asked for it your channel made me want to run away I think your subscribers including me would like to see you do more fruit good reviews ours to be honest right I can show you statistics in a video or something if people do not like review reviews and food on my channel as my lowest viewed videos hello Evelyn hello Daniel hello Evelyn again as hahaha yes it’s hot and you’re going to get a big thunderstorm coming your way I think don’t forget the auto auto sync colors Oh good to go nice live video you thunk shiroyasha Curtis you’re very welcome twenty dollars for one for one shrimp sony channel trailer made me want to run away well statistically it’s been a hit so far people have liked to remember our ashes for the popular viewer it’s not just for one certain group of tastes hello Daniel hello Amy Evelynn is more underway because we I’m just son to get a lot of thunderstorms and stuff now so you will be getting

more after me probably it is almost 7:00 p.m. apart I’m a ticket out all my shrimps are keep them on tonics wouldn’t a fish type right yeah Johnny that’s a good idea McMurphy yeah I did a so I’m Cory’s business channel it was pretty good I got some good tips from actually his video of a YouTube analytics and stuff was pretty helpful with quote Mel Cooley I had started that can’t please everyone correct careless what is I make all videos for you exclusively Irish I do can we pay for you even twenty dollars is a lot for one gem for one low grade crystal Thor Olson kid I might Thank You Thor just feed the shrimp butch I have no idea what that means still heavy here still heavy here as well that’s actually a blue sky what genius variation of shrimp have been the hardest for you to keep so far I’ve always struggled with Taiwan be still still to this day I I can get them up to adult size and then when the breed a lot of the time the females will die as they get Leone and the gestation and of course that I don’t see them die and they take all the babies with them what’s the smallest tank you recommend the smallest I would buy is 30 liters five gallons I think there’s it’s midnight in Thailand Johnny you’re very welcome have a good sleep have a good rest mr. Johnny five gone equals twenty liters Daniel is that in is that us Garland’s or you near Kingdom guns because I know the different how many ribbit Reds wineries yes I have quite a lot of them have loads of them lords and Lords are some us cons it’s a little bit different than UK Garner’s they also use rain water I don’t buy a con because I have a huge rainwater barrel outside their halls like a thousand litres of water it’s very big you I found your videos to be some of the most informative inant and to all hopper thank you how big is the tank in the screen leaders how many shrimp you have in it but this one is 220 liters by it’s been drilled so it’s a little bit less than 220 is probably 119 maybe the most having a shrimp to having it meg Murphy to be honest I could not tell you how many shrimp burn there I did trying to count them once and I lost count like three four hundred it was I’ve had lots and lots of shrimp in there before Lord’s much more than you see in this video Daniel Owens are you ki based no I’m in Norway a little Norway Daniel I’m from Scotland originally but change one thing about my shrimp very important to be I would have all the rocks purposely built from wood so I can maximize the space a bit better because now is your sleep I don’t know if you be familiar with the term hodge podge everything is like just thrown together it’s kind of rubbish I want to make the siwash a tongue rule Thank You Popeyes fish room be sucking our work right now and I have your live stream on the back TV oh really Thank You Casper ever let you be well ever then you’re looking for a nylon rope you can go to a hardware store buy buy nylon rope I bought mines from a shop that sells at bought

equipment doesn’t have to be expensive it just as long as it’s nylon so doesn’t rot do tannins affect pH yes they do and if you have you have a piece of driftwood this very large it will affect pH normally everything I put in the tank doesn’t I mean I mean things like in alder cones leaves etc nunim I’m not putting enough and my tanks for it to affect my pH you also measure what parameters on your River I will this year because I want to see what the crayfish in there living Maxie finds the next competition the draw for actually gives a good remainder Thank You Maxie the draw for the next one will be in a few days I have made the video for yet though I’m not sure about the next competition the prize is going to be either it’s been a kind of tough month for YouTube in small business wise as well shopping sucks every one but you can go to any hardware store and they will have nylon rope tannaz do create a lot of algae because of the amount of nutrients that live release in the water we got my English was so bad their nurse will be this Lord water how do you drive prepare no clear ready for the shrimp marks gee I use nature I only ever collect my dry leaves in the witness basic list to fall in America the autumn in the UK I never never buy major parameters API test got cause $100 here thunk my parents will cry for me no you want to go outside sometimes Evelyn there sometimes I see my other I have my other love to appear just so I can make sure the sadness that’s working boom go to effed up the cover work we also have tsubasa tongs for sale on eBay yeah I do but it may be running low actually I’d like to check I did notice on my my web page I had the wrong price for shipping I had nine dollars for shipping no wonder nobody’s been buying it recently at the wrong price Sophie hello welcome from South Africa I do feel like you’re the type of guy that never leaves the house besides for fishing I Russia I am actually never in the house you went till the bear weather comes here and I’ll be fishing videos kayak videos camping videos I love it and said best time of the year here kale they can share the eggs if you do like a water changing it and there’s a slight difference in the water temperature you never see the per sale in the UK I’ve sold lots of lots of it to the UK so someone’s buying it over there how do I go about removing Hydra from the shrimp time hello Angela angel at the thing you need to get is something that D worms your tank because a dewormer will kill Hydra something like no planaria no clean area pop art studios I wish there was a way to measure Carson besides gh well there’s different types of calcium that get measured not just by gh to get measured by pH as well what’s my favorite shrimp food the one I’m using just now is this pure Nordic stuff that you saw my last video review it is very good that stuff if I go here EBI cannot buy mussels clear water spray margin I will let me see I can go this place is some people

Cephas will good with my website you can buy there as well as people see if just like EBS so I have the vaping simper I love kayaking I love it I mean I have a boat no I thought I would use my book much more of I still love kayaking more I think make merit makes a very good point there you I was stupid enough to do an attack where I didn’t remove the snails and I did get our ammonia spectrum mains killed half the snails in the tank try upsell looks very interesting Kel I’ve never I’ve never kept them so I could with a comment on how to keep them they look so cool done they look like prehistoric animals not so because I did my water change on Wednesday and then when I did a war change I only add Ward us up at 7:10 it could be anything Carroll and if they can eat anything anything that’s kinda like stress-related my god can we speak there again will Tommy hello Peter did you get your refund on eBay on ebay on PayPal I refunded your postage for your service are conve ordered because for some reason it charged you nine dollars nearly and it’s not not anywhere near that to ship the United Kingdom is $4 something normally it’s an error basically as good showed me that as well Peter because I had the salts of a certain from a website for a long time I think that’s probably the reason I also change the Leo on my website so it looks more clean it’s like just white now it looks pretty cool have a better video of general tank bugs like planaria cocoa pods limpets you have limpets I could try I don’t have planaria though unfortunately I have cool pea pods and limpets I may be able to video of them maybe whoosh we shall see now Peter that was excessive I think it’s just a mistake in people like I’ve I’ve ticked one of the boxes wrong or something like that where can I thank punkin to grow I don’t understanding me with our question was what’s my take on copepods I love them if you have lots of copepods in your tank it means there’s a good chance that you baby shrimp will live if you have no microphone are no copepods no little water fleas etc no limpet snail is stuff like that of you missing that in your tank you will struggle to keep shrimp I think I’ll check it your website to see here my favorite people arash most of my stuff is pretty cheap actually it’s pretty cheap Oh ash was it you’re looking for anyway that’d be a cool idea foxy Jeep did have you changed your name again foxy G or is this your new new name I have everything you mentioned in macaques yeah very good you know I didn’t mean like all the bad things I did have I have planaria once when I first started but was never barred by new to get rid of them so I did I got to know planaria and treated the whole tank that’s the only time I’ve ever had them but a guy I buy shrimp from he he quarantined his shrimp and he also treats for worms etc Rober diseases that shrimp can get and for video and shrimp diseases yeah but

the problem with stuff like this is is I don’t have any um I don’t have any pictures I don’t have any video footage of anything at all and you have to understand like on youtube I can’t just put anything on here because of because of because of copyright issues basically I can’t just take stuff off the internet and see its main is called plagiarism unless you can afford all the things my say you’d have to get your mother to buy it Peter our minds is running very low the motor service or tongue I have now cries on yes I have shrimp food in the shop I will have pure Nordic in my store probably from next week so I’m getting LuAnn and Peter I’m getting LuAnn service or time I have probably enough for a bit 50 or 40 more orders and then I have to stop selling it so I could regrow what I’ve used you won’t tell anyone yeah but Sam I can’t use videos of other people’s stuff because there’s algorithms in Google that know if it’s from somewhere else on on Google basically yeah but it’s not just arming Mervis the I don’t really meet like making videos about stuff the I’m not sure about you know I don’t want to give people bad advice the car dinner should be here Auggie oh when I can only say I don’t know I’ve never seen the meter we love about my shrimp rumors that you’re able to do so much in a small space yeah there’s lots and lots of people like this for part do most shrimp rooms are like mine most small hobbyist rooms are like my in behind so why certain wrongly gets called Rowand pili pili is a different type of plant altogether it’s a different plan appealing it’s a different plant it looks kind of the same there’s a different plant you know it’s a different planet wait I’m trying to win for the next question there’s no questions because my tedious watch it much and my tanks no it doesn’t know this is what happens when you have a good war changed routine and all your tanks if you change the same amount of water every single week and all of your tanks all of your tanks tend to be the same TDS let too much information out there Evelyn what does that mean is that the mono solanum tearing up you want mono soul and in there remember no hard worse for me to save my stream no tongue twisters no tongue twisters thank you I don’t know what the London blonde name is for it I’ve never been big on the lot names for things probably because I have an awesome memory hello grip sir yes I’m doing good today nice to see you change your picture as well have a Kuantan d or you asked Clinton you’re asking what you should do with your tap water if it’s high you want to lower it the only week you are going to be able to Laura is with our water beyond that sucks is thus what happens on eBay though I’ve had stuff order for weeks and haven’t gone yet a rash that is years dollars so when you see things are priced for 399 that means 399 u.s dollars Thank You Evelyn arash is about tank runners for one US

dollar maybe pay or nine crooners you should google it as an hour unit easy to set up safe to drink I know is I wouldn’t recommend drinking the water from an RO unit because it’s pure water pure water isn’t good for your body your body needs minerals it’s the best one you’ve got grip it will do do I see our less you hello Alice g’day Alice here mark so I got three Amano shrimp and a week ago two died one is still alive look super healthy tedious of the water is exactly how 300 could be anything broadly you’d have to go through exactly everything in your tank war conditions substitute filtration the silver can work as well yes this distilled water can still carry things unless until it’s triple distilled I’ve actually tried to use distilled water before and I tested with salt water i distilled it and the distilled water tasted salty so that tells you everything you need to know stop doing live streams from your drunk Oh money boys here hello money okay so you have to check out another unit then what’s the best tedious value for Crystal Reds block there’s there is no best value better to try and aim for a range like in-between so for crystals for example I would aim for a range between the lowest I would go would maybe be a bit 120 all the way up to about 300 so try and get something in that range and then when you make your new water try and hit that range all the time just another day the kids came home and you had to kill them all with food nice shot mark 100 Cronus equals it’s like $10 basically crows on meg Merv is correct again distilled water basically as most of the time distilled in these massive copper pots and they can be copper leaching on it so well spotted macmurphy will spotted McMullen see your wife was in here the other day I think she was checking up on you McMurphy make you look like a bug dud you’re making them drink bleach quinton you’re very welcome you’re very very welcome I have to have a drink before I choke to death I’ve noticed my walls I have creatures and vertebrae of about one centimeter she opal or peak in color that move slow send light limpets Niels Peter nothing to worry about obvious question by Auto or table or I want to start as I mean to go on thunks our water all the way Oh Chris you’re actually Chris and not crazy geobella fara policy for all inverts I wasn’t sure to be honest with her I actually love learning all this it’s easier to learn from someone than is to learn from your mistakes but we all have lots of mistakes I had Lourdes and most mistakes before if you’re feeding them bleach just another day bleach tablets Quinton that’s awesome you’re feeding your children bleach tablets and vodka all right I couldn’t think of any other

way to describe the water spray because basically that is what you’re buying a bunch of stems you’re welcome grip under you wish my life students were earlier where you found that you wonder which there is earlier because it’s early here still their full initial blogs forums no I don’t know the only one on whatever is the aquarium shrimp keeping group on Facebook now copepods mean they’re mean you have a healthy tank they may like you moxa gee I just notice I’m kinda my my beard is cane in gunpoint you’d know isn’t it like I’m becoming like a devil the shrimp devil shrim devil mother earth you Andre you’re stealing bill in Vietnam okay is buffering for you stream Cola is fine here is like I can see if it’s struggling it’s not nothing’s happening here I need some salt minerals to getting some potato chips that’s there we go Evelyn hello sir Sean how’s it going 1 2 3 p.m. here mark 4 times in Norway is 7:23 p.m. here there’s a Korean page on Facebook yours yes I am the owner I don’t miss their hard cheese how much is shipping to Dubai the prices that you see on there arash are worldwide so it may be four dollars per for me to ship service our tongue for example to the UK there’s also four dollars for me to ship the same thing to Hawaii as an example as shown as you’re heading to work or forgetting the time difference you have the next four days off that’s awesome marks GF j BM our line marker hope they die and come back Ashok food it would probably taste horrible Shawn why is it you do for a job for a living I rush do you not have a job either why are you asking your parents to buy you stuff I had my first job when I was but 10 years old I went door-to-door selling selling beacon and eggs and then after that I was selling milk and then I had a paper round and then I worked in a shop and this was all before the age of 16 Peter I’ve seen that better one token before yeah I may get stuff from them you’re wearing a high-end seafood restaurant or love seafood Shawn I bet you hate it though I’m a sixteen what job really must be the heat or your sexy hope our I think you can hear other people talking then unless I can never shave my beard because you will see my double chins I don’t want to shave my beard Alice please don’t make me do that I know where you live with where do you live if you tell me where you live I can tell you how long it takes for it to be delivered the longest it’s ever taken was three weeks in the shortest time was 1d but I was in Norway a centre one day and the next day the person called one guy in Australia claimed that he got the siwash a tongue the next day after I

sent it from Norway I’m going to change in Hong Kong in two weeks for a vacation hopes back and find time to visit the years and Chris Lucas or onion that would be awesome I would love to do though gret 1957 if you can get akadama by akadama I would use akadama and all my tongues if I could get it here and I know of you in the UK you can probably get it get it there I know where you live us see some some places has been one week other places has been three weeks it just depends on the USPS Postal Service shave off my that’s an alternative unless I’ve never never done that before interesting loving a new stream sir I have going here my thanks Sean the the picture that you actually see is as media is video is a recording I do have the capability of of streaming live from my tank but is the quality is not very good by the ratio and this is the first day I’ve ever gotten to stream this good normally as the you know you guys can’t hear me stuffs not working so it’s good to eventually get it fixed like this Alice wants me to get a Hitler moustache not over – surely in addition I think the person was just been nice on my because they actually said on ebay as a as feedback they said the shipping was one day unfortunately since then I no longer shipped to Australia just because in the amount of charge or on the screen guys if you look down on the bottom left hand corner can you see there’s a tiny little this either a panda Taiwan B or a King Kong is just going into the gravel see ya now cool let’s off the screen again onion if you’re going to collect pollen make sure you do somewhere that’s far away from cities and Industry unless yeah that was weird I don’t know how that I shipped it one night and you go to the next day a bookie barred that’s weird I’ve never heard of that where’s the Gonzales any tips on changing the substitute when there’s a lot of baby shrimps at the only way you could do our Jesus Thank You Sean the only we could really do it Thank You Sean don’t know he could do it Wesley is you basically have to set up another tank you have to have two tanks to do what is submerse or ten exactly where does it come from so what’s the tongue is a kind of plant where it comes from I’m not really sure thank you for that Sean have a nice day at work the red petals in your website because almost at 6:00 as you more to buy they don’t use RSS you but those pen tools that you see don’t actually belong to me that that’s why it’s called relic on aqua buy shrimp from them that’s my supplier I let them advertise on my website because they have the shrimp I want another super chair oh my god thank you I know where you live you know every time I see your picture I’m like staring I are thinking is that really you I know where you live grip 1957 you need the akadama that is called double red lane it’s a mess a hard baked clay I don’t get the other ones you have to get this type or if you put in your tank it will disintegrate Chris loves the block king kong’s I beg you too Chris that’s me just photoshopped a little did I miss a question Chris did you see something shrimps like to eat pure Poland yes they

do Chris back on a grip 1957 you should be able to get a very cheap of year in the UK it will cost you like I can see bug zapper for sale 14 litres for about 15 pound which is very cheap I would rip your arm off for one of those bugs and black pandas the I love black pandas I love the difference in the contrast if pretty awesome in I crushed my pollen from my babies yeah I crushed mine’s a little bit as well no man press know that I’m actually doing very good unless my blood pressures come right down I’m almost at normal levels now but I’m on a lot of drugs for it but it’s it’s I feel much much better than ended I have no issues just now I’m on a lot of drugs but I have no issues that’s what she said Chris on bxl much buddhas are actually mean chris your name Chris 1 bx e b XL i don’t know what that means Chris I’m a peak performance artists did I just see that yeah I was on blood-pressure medication that wasn’t strong enough before I was on it for three weeks and I’ve been taken off and put off even stronger ones but the new ones are working so it’s all good my Graves disease is is it’s not cure but it’s not affecting me anymore either I don’t feel sick nothing just all good substrate do you prefer for Nia was I like Sondra but there is one thing we could talk about in the stream is I have noticed in particular if you have a good active substrate you get lice algae have you have a gravel substrate or just Sun substrate I have like all kinds of algae growing in those tanks you know I found 14 meters fortunia square I’m not looking hard enough Grif I would still rip their arm off for the two bucks for 30 is very good as well Alice you make that sound like that sir do you have any shrimp left oh they’re not all died on you as Algy good for shrimp yes I know where you live I think I said this yesterday as well the research paper I saw said I’m I’ll a shrimp eat the main diet consists of 70% of what they forage is algae 3 year of 7 you know Alice it is I know this is not going to be any condolence for you but a lot of people wouldn’t have the first tank they wiped the entire law I’ve killed a lot of shrimp in the beginning not knowing what I was doing why do you get less algae in an active substrate rule if you have typically I’m talking about if you have plants as well your plants grow fantastically with an octave substrate so your plants are able to out-compete the Augie I can show you them on my videos actually remember to do the bioactive live gravel works really well from a ghost that’s awesome to hear Amy I would let we’d like to know exactly what was in the salt and vinegar or cheese and onion you know I haven’t had a pocket of cheese and onion for years and there were my favorite crisp cheese and onion I absolutely hate salt vinegar no planaria I made all the Hydra Brennan and never good so you’re cured of it now are you Alice Chris one only one DXL okay you’ve all

give palates recently yeah you should give them to your shrimp like a daily thing not daily thing like every second day at least depending on how many shrimp you have like the like the shrimp you see in the video there I have to feed them every day I killed my two batches of ten shrimp three years ago third batch is doing awesome now I’ve done arash that is awesome to hear it’s good to know that people learn from mistakes like this I know where you live I use a liquid co2 based very very small amount so you only use like one milliliter pair water change on a sixty liter tank one milliliter is that the same for you is that the same my god my squash was coming it really buddy that I’ve seen for you Archie’s kicking your ass cheese and onion guy she’s onion I used to give the pockets from osdas big huge bugs need the whole bug in one day Amy odd I’m not sure did you send with ingredients Mei you know there’s something wrong with Facebook I think that always has been have you send someone a message if for me they don’t sure and I don’t have it like I don’t have a muted or any of that stuff you don’t show for me there’s no notification twelve shrimp today you’ll have a hundred tomorrow Peter if you’re going to look at real Kanak WA there I’m trying to remember now I think the express shipping to Yuki was like $20 something later 20 $30 something like that please speak proper Scottish any seals coming up sales of one here the best thing you do is you just send him a message on facebook and you’ll get back to you he does send things to Britain though please make Evelin a moderator hope our studio as soon as that you have a great husband dollar fishing and chota clean a single steel blue car dinner for $30 Marcus rum Ramadan I didn’t even know what that means Arash okay who wants to be a moderator let’s get this part of the way if you want to be a moderator and I think you’re a reasonable person I shall grant you moderator ship the part of you being a moderator is you have to share the stream if you come on and I’m live I rush I have the app on my my mobile my phone oh I wonder if it’s because I’ve muted my phones no applications are no longer get them on Facebook on desktop because it’s so annoying if you’re in bed at night time your phone’s gonna be moving all the time the shrimp father Oh I lost my chance to give up the dream make merry I actually see you as a good moderator so I’m gonna make you as a murderer I know where you live I don’t know you well enough I don’t see enough in the stream to make your moderator yet please consider you McMurphy I won’t consider you okay I’m adding some moderators Evelyn’s always here as well helping people so she can be moderators Ville shrimp Godfather Chris you can giggle just you I’m telling you roughly how much 100 Kroners is it’s like is if I have to google it it would be like $12 or something you how do I find her have you shared the video I wouldn’t

oh that’s can be a murderer’s oh she’s always here you’re technophobe well done Daniel arash I think you may be a little bit too hot-headed to be a moderator to be honest I think you’d end up burning people you didn’t like feeling honored I think McMurphy’s aways had a heart attack somewhere can’t believe has been made a moderator here if you use the hash further you want the royalties okay I don’t know what moderator does either I used to have some moderators that disappeared let’s go for this let’s go das gain Hamish Hamish gained Hamish ball leash McMurphy’s dancing around the rim I think so they disappear and so the people are going to pick his motor Aires will be people I see here in the stream regular there are sensible people how many liters of mark of akadama internally a tank I do I need the 14 litres 20 litre tank is very small grip you’re looking to fill the tank by like quarter of the way up that’s the ideal I mean I would have that and all my tanks quarter of the way up so water is carry the banhammer going to be funny did you start burning everyone does gang Hamlisch bullish Roli does gain hang nish Bullock I’ll never be able to see it properly I have problems speaking English make more of you actually deserve it you’re always here helping people you block everyone below you I think there would be some deep-fried Mars bars tonight oh that’s horrible everyone is going to be like evil I wonder why I have moved in the chart and they’ll look on the bond less than that everyone will do bond your bond just let me check something and I’m always looking at the wrong screen there you go have a try the dirted shrimp tank I have a long time ago a chide one I only tried one basically because is so hard to get substitute here usually what this was it’s so hard so I used a dirty tank and it was okey for the first couple of months and then I was getting my tree spikes and they could see the bubbles building up in the soil the mystery me I feel secret German lady you’re selling pure my Manila powder for some with spirit how many spoons you’ve grown a thirty Li attack that the dosa is absolutely tiny I know where you live you’re talking and you seem had a pinch hello sir Donnie welcome back our wash is his fancy shrimp even has he even ever been here as feared that my shrimp like shrimp wafers shrimp wafers are normally made from all yearly I know a 3/4 mark could you make an you better bet the food you your use now or do you still use the same as before just they

are less I’m using a combination of this pure Nordic stuff on the other stuff I have for sale on my website I don’t always use the same foods McMurphy mines mines was with three centimeters I had to keep him stick in a barbecue skewer and it never softened to release the gas bubbles and it never did well never did well you want me to unblock a mirage well you continue to use the Nordic food yeah I’m going to use it unless I’m actually going to be a reseller of as well have some of it coming next week bear sends small amounts to start with to see if I’m actually been ability to sell this stuff like for people in Norway Scandinavia etc it won’t be too expensive but if people that are living in the States and now if they want to buy it maybe too much for them because our currencies is quite high compared to of other currencies I know you’re unlikely to get official nuts like me in here by the happy to answer any fish based questions just give me a share etc mark CG I kept fish for 30 years I may have a shrimp rim box like I have kept fish all my life if I play cause piranhas I’m a brittle you don’t know up riddles and stuff before mark is there any chance to add one of the screens you said we’re going to ship me clear with the other Peter yes just let me write that down Ashley there are not assigned one before Peter no you all right that’s a render no remember to do send a test part to your moderators Alice I probably will get test packets of it Amy I know the stuff is not on my website yeah I don’t have a here yet I probably will get next week I think I tried dirt mix with pool filtration sound all the two centimetres thick and odd Malaysian trumpet snails for aeration murder last probably an awesome idea when I did mines before I don’t think I had a trumpet snails in Maine so it’s probably why Maine’s went pretty what would you call it stagnant the soil then too stagnant I didn’t have them in stock at the time PR okay I’ve right ran it down installed remember to add this to your order how come I can peel people become a moderator now the first thing is you probably have to be here like most of the time and you must be willing to you must have like a sensible head you must be willing to help people in the char yes I’ve kept a lot better as before I used to keep them in individual tanks when I was younger the last one I had in this house a jumper his little tongue I found it in the morning like a little dried crisp you’d be happy to receive a free sample of 30 red printers unless you know tanks that are newly started and how very little shrimp you really don’t need to feed them like I’m one of my large tanks through there I only have 20 shrimp in and I barely have to feed that time can you do an update on the new tank that you set up in February problem is there was either the pintle one or was a ton different one it was the pintle one wasn’t it I think they look so skinny

the probability of the moisturizer in your arms others so why no more fish mark just because I’m into shrimp there I have like minimal space here to work with so I can keep a lot of shrimp in a small space basically so that is the thing people that like this seed you have to feed this amount that I mean every tank is different there was the V yep cribben incest fry I used to be cribben incest as well I’ve had everything Oscars discus everything you can think of one of my favorite fish I used to have was moonlight gouramis these things were huge big silver gouramis oh it was the on you know I 2d today I had I made a little bit of a video of the orange I blue Tigers I probably probably put up next week they have had a lot of babies now Lots like hundreds of babies Gummy’s are beautiful years have you ever had flower Hannam reason one at the moment has growth two inches a month nor I haven’t kept flower Hans biggest fish over kept was PACU I bought them as piranhas and the grew huge my really really big had to give them to a place in Scotland called The Sea Life Center what’s the least successful tank you have I don’t know actually I mean all the tanks are that you know one of my tanks is slick if you watched my videos that select the bottom left-hand crystal red tank last year high thousands of babies and now is there’s only like a handful handfuls of meal shrimp left in there Simmons McMurphy half a tiny strip of shrimp king parrot n shrimp you a lot of times you won’t even need to feed them as sealife center they they have become like our hostel for fish they get too big for aquariums I think I used to when I used to go other one in Queensferry in Scotland I used to see there for 4 or 5 hours the kids used to hate it because I’d walk round and round the road my shrimp hide a lot do you think they don’t like my extremely good early delay no Alice I think it’s because they can see your face your tank becomes overstock do you sell them I will this year yet we’re going to be doing a probably most of them will be pick up people will come pick them up I think rude unless you just go wrecked as Daniel just said you got wrecked roasted burned I’m only joking Allah she knows I’m joking if they’re hungry they comment maybe they are just well-fed the thing right with shrimp is your tank is basically a big giant living biofilm for them to live in tanks with like ten shrimp probably what do you need to feed them Oh Sookie are I have already told your mother I’m unsubscribing Noah let’s go please unless I read somewhere that shrimp don’t Lake like that’s too bright you believe it or not I actually think there is some truth in shrimping I am life sensitive you think about it they don’t have eyelids I have went through my room and nighttime some time with the tourists just to check the tanks to see of the shrimp removing and stuff and they somehow sometimes the the jumped backwards like the gala was shocked by

the lake she’s going to track me down a pit bleaching my shrimp types I think she’s already done now so basically shrimp are easier than fish keeping know if anything keeping fish is far easier there’s a reason when you’re going to shop there’s not like loads of expensive shrimp in the shop because the shopkeepers can’t keep them unless you should try a paper bag that will work better I’d have to say I saw a live malting against second week this time that’s great to hear I’ve never I’ve seen it like five times in my whole shrimp keeping career if you want to call it up just the five tens I’ve never been able to catch on camera never it’s so funny to watch as well knowing that they pool their faces all there always remained me of the bad guys in the scooby-doo cartoons you’re subscribing just to unsubscribe again Evelynn the last time I saw it this one of my shrimp started to more than us like God you know by the time I go through and get my camera it will be over and it was do a video on why it’s harder to keep shrimp max eg you can as I said you can go into any fish store and they will have the easiest shrimp to keep because they can’t keep the harder species of shrimp alive there’s a reason one of these tiny little shrimp costs thousands of dollars arash I’ve only seen it like five times in the last couple of years they did what Daniel maybe cooler I could make my eyes pop it you have all the fish keepers jumping up time Mart mad buy ten of your crystal red shrimp and embark from Asia oh yes alice is going to Asia for like a year and she’s not going to be feeding her shrimp there’s no excuse for shrimp abuse Alice now when you come back from Asia we can see where we can do all this I’ll try and ship something okay maxie cheaters there’s shrimp selling mode for almost seven thousand US dollars if i buy some most boys from ueb with some of the mod clay will I pay for shipping or both or just once the way it works I know where you live is if you buy one item it is I think it’s $4.99 and that covers the the cheapest shipping from Norway if you buy two items because of the way the shipping goes up to the next cheapest price but then after that there is no price increase so if you buy one thing it’s $4.99 I think is if you buy two things there’s $8.99 but then after that you can buy hundred things would be the same price hello r2 the Evelyn told me not to make you a murderer or two she said you were kind of weird is that debris themselves themselves I think so mark CG now wish the PayPal thing was easier for people to see because the because I set the PayPal up in Norway the checkout pages in Norwegian and I configured how to change it English arash I wouldn’t have that problem

you have a $7,000 it’s probably the place like they would sell it to other breeders I wouldn’t imagine you get the look any like hobbyist paying that much for one shrimp I would the most I’ve paid for a shrimp let me think probably $30 for one chef is the most ever that was probably for a King Kong available let’s see Chris says ten black pandas will cost me $75 almost that’s very cheap left Garth Garth Biel and eyeless you that weirdo you’re the shrimp shrimp lady I would send thousand dollars shrimp keeper and a golden tongue or unavailable chair Mitra yeah yeah Chris it was only like a few years ago that they used to sell black King Kong’s for a couple hundred dollars each no the Priya cheap the common the most common mistake people make in the hobby is probably doing two big water changes not using prime overfeeding he sold shrimp for 70 cents once I think that the cheapest I’ve ever sold them for was I was selling cherry shrimp for 10 crores each year a few years ago have you paid 7,000 for a shrimp you can go sleep in my bed not going whoa that’s too much information there max gee the blue one a popular now so this sell for more yeah the royal blue ones Tigers are really popular just now it was a guy that sent me a message on facebook that said the royal blue Tigers in Australia were selling for $300 if you can sell a buried female royal blue tiger 300 300 Australian dollars which is crazy crazy crazy place it’s almost insane that amount of money to pay for anything you know Arash the one I the one people always said to me when they find out that I do things for shrimp be like families or friends or anything like that they always say em are the good team and they oh that never gets old are they good T oh yeah they’re really nice T 300 of my complete time has stopped cost me less ok late we can talk about something here how much the average costs how much does it cost you on average to set up a crystal restaurant tank for me here in Norway you’d be talking about 200 u.s. dollars probably for one tank that’s including everything the substrate all the filtration stuff the shrimp the tank itself I wouldn’t get any changed from 200 US dollars for a tank here I don’t want to sell like this looks really weird I thought was smoking a cigarette there who’s the Alice’s turn up the music is sard in it hey Alice I was buying a lot my stuff from Germany as well what is the most expensive part the substrate the plants or of the fish did you say fish for me the subsidy is the most expensive thing here I don’t get any change from about $80.00 for substrate which is ridiculous $200 $200 as well yeah we’re talking I’m

talking about like a 60 centimeter long tongue that’s not too bad memory that’s a decent price actually Daniel exactly so 750 Kroners is how much in Euros Chris you’re going to have to use Google just type in and no region Kroners 2 euros it will come up a calculator probably you know and I just remembered I meant to make this video public I’m going to make it public here’s one I made for Sunday that I haven’t done year so it’s going to make that video public I’ll be right back guys if it was this one now because what I’m doing though is as I’m putting my video on Facebook a day early and it’s unless it’s so if you’re on Facebook you label you will be able to see my videos a day early let me see Hamid in here to playlist Pato is already public did I make it public already see my memory so bad I want to see there oh I didn’t save it I didn’t save it so it’s not public yet my god my memories hey crab are we who agrees this is best from talking you to you what might you I know you will make a better placed master our YouTube channel ok Thank You Daniel growth bills 7,000 shrimp quests have McCool $1,000,000 I save the beds for the evening on the couch now me to Evelyn I I don’t really watch stuff 3d at nighttime when I go to bed I will get the laptop oh and I will sit there and watch videos I’ve missed thank you for joining us Peter thank you for your orders oh I moved see Peter spoon so I will remember check my website shipping is our 180 what does that even mean our 180 what does that mean how often do shrimp more I found adult small at least once a month unless the adults mrs. Vyse a little bit tough on females because if you have a temperature of water that is slightly cold your females will carry the baby shrimp too long and I think this is a problem I’ve had quite a lot this this month is the female want more and they will die as a result and you of course you lose all the babies as well have you ever had a shrimp jump at the tank in front of you it sucks I’ve found shrimp a few times on the floor dried in I found them a couple of times as well in the little pocket of water is still alive I haven’t had one for a long time now here the young shrimp more alone when you can watch our baby shrimp if you were to watch if you were to film it there probably more every second D baby shrimp at least my waters no 22 degrees Celsius another set or no r2 unit on South African area Jesus south africans hunt great white sharks done there how do I get good shots of your shrimp rail they are moving and I have to change my camera to a fast shutter speed a lot of the time though when you see my camera shows like the ones you seen it in the picture here these are shrimp

that are still it’s really hard to get really good clear picture of shrimp when they’re moving Fernando hello sir no I have never kept a bamboo your van person see Evelyn knows the tricks you’ve got to feed them first and then photograph them because they will often stay still after you feed them hello Nancy welcome to the stream Nancy nice to see you here he threatens them with a hungry better yes but Norwegians hunted whales I know where you live you’re talkative Norwegians did that in the past they still do it today the hunt wheels you can buy in the shops here you can buy will me in the shops but I’ve had it once it is like a really salty beef have you tried Alice will meet course of course you will see now Norway still hunts wielders there’s min there’s lots of places where we can’t like some places where they don’t have land for agriculture they don’t have animals like cows and stuff Norwegians are all had some kind of medication could be true it’s really expensive I tell you what anything here is expensive any kind of meat is expensive I’ll discover some it could perhaps curtain things true Daniel unless you’re not like a vegetarian are you I know where you live she’s putting the art sign before your name fight enemy from Scotland for work I moved here for work I mean I have tried it once mal never by we will never buy again here you’re a vegetarian okay each to their own each to their own the drink your bark is red now no wonder you love penis shut Ashley I love that as well it’s really good Martin moved to Norway to kill wheels are you drinking blood whereas the Alice let’s like ham cured me Evelyn it’s on the on the ribs of the animal it’s really good though this cure dried me Alice I did not say that I said penis shot I said it correctly you’re you’re mixing my words up I’ll show you the hard kind of soft kind of key edge that’s real blood it’s well know you’re always up for trying new food send me one with junk food when I order it’s called beat long biltong Daniel does exactly what I said but as exactly why said you know that we were you were to look

at guys right is I used to have this ethical thing about killing fish with me being a fisherman you know because I’m thinking I’m killing this animal just to eat it but then one day this changed because I caught a fish right and as I took out of the war it actually spot out another tiny baby fish and I thought well let’s try to eat that little fish we all have to eat your name is kids get all this cage oh god I thought you were serious there Broadcom imagine eatin biltong you know I’m seeing imagine even biltong they actually eat Bill’s tongue in Scotland I speak to fish I speak with my fists to fish you you get in my basket water jokes all we’re in that burn the shrimp keeping industry here Alice you have to keep up actually really like this song here it goes turn up a little bit for me maybe it’s not this song this channel is not shrimpo what does that even mean moose call our control yourself [Laughter] that’s terrible good morning crazy baby t almost afternoon in your sake good morning miss Cola that was terrible yeah don’t don’t like that stuff like that get on here that’s quite its cringy it’s not as funny but it’s not the kind of thing you want to see on on here because there could be young impressionable people here that was very funny and something fishy yeah I know I lost it was funny though we are to sin it wasn’t funny it was kind of funny do not agree you’re from Pretoria is that like some kind of planet planet Pretoria that correct Evelyn it was childish funny that’s probably why I left oh sorry anyone here working aquarium shop – that would be cool yeah it does Pretoria the capital of South Africa one of the three capitals Emig move a lot of people think we keep them for food I can imagine it would be a lot of work Daniel carpenter this is a video clip this one I say it doesn’t have a special namely the Alice maybe you can answer me this why did Oslo change its name from Kristiania have you know just seems like

a weird thing to do say it has a name and then to change it to Oslo EOG low they were funding a meet up with my father yes maybe I will but um it’s been hard because over the Norway you’re eating your car litter with the cop poop in it cut litter and cut poop smell or God I know right Oslo sounds crystianna is there something I’m missing here Alice your vein it does it Christian is a there’s a min Chris Oslo min Kristiania you go achieve a first what conversation are you having but image in my head from the I live in bloom font in you live in Valerio Villa villa area you live in some weird old ass places the conversation is going somewhere completely wrong max eg r21 some pleco our former friend okay it’s cool poor shrimp should you get an August after your World Tour you mean your world world tour of ship negligence tell you something though by the time you come back your tank will be super cycled give Obon happy Evelyn the forum cherished and nice and cheap very true let’s stay positive okay blue font n is Afrikaans Africa’s very close to Dutch it is actually where does she live you threatening her where do you live Netherlands nish Megan I can tell unless you’ve been to Africa Allisyn Norway is a will hunter and then when she went to Africa she was a killer wheel and elephant hunter doing some visiting unless you’re bringing shrimp carpenter you’re also from Netherlands there are lots of Dutch people here another Dutch person was happening here when I go on a cruise shop bought a shrimp boat to keep Daniel öhlins are you hinting at something else here what is shrimp or to keep I should do a fish room – at your house meg Merv I would look to do something like that one day unfortunately financial constraints would seen all in a moment all these Dutch people Zimbabwe is like the worst part of Africa is it really am I the only one from USA here no there’s other people from the US here as well a nice tune of your one tank it could be very big Panther could be like thousand

gallons or something someone somebody super sharp mark ten thousand time that’s a hundred thousand pay hey guys you know what’s funny is I think I told you guys I was paying for someone to do my transcribing on my videos well today they go back to me and they said they can’t do it because they can’t understand my voice I’m like okay then on to the next person Arizona is nice to see all you all you guys that are was a call of you are lurkers to know that you’re still here your brother is coming to the stream oh no don’t talk dirty mark roasted I don’t know where they were from but they said they could understand my English so I’ve asked another person today to see if they can do a French guy he’s quite good at this kind of thing so layer maxi Zhi nice to have you here I’m in buffalo new what’s that new why what Sammy new well maybe you will Tony wonder happy Memorial Day happy Mormon or miss village the FOS believe who are you calling a Nancy a me on I don’t know why people many of you look at the the captions on my videos even google can’t understand what I’m saying I mean my English is perfectly good enough I don’t know why people have such a hard time with it maybe for mud okay for another New York cool non succeed I’m going to change it to Nancy see the lurker and we’re going to have the open house that you’re talking about having this summer and I think that would be a good idea I think my would have to get my wife to agree to though Calabro is my brother hello Calabro youtube welcome to the stream art – is my brother Mickey our trained hashtag eme Mauryan link to six hello yeah I don’t know what that is yeah makhmur if i don’t know whether is mean I can understand you talking in your channel move into my washroom yes we should have a get-together I think I know Roger is going to come here probably sometime I have to get my wife to agree hi Lucifer Lucifer Phoenix huh Lucifer have you come for me Lucifer people wouldn’t leave I was loaded turning my parent’s garage in a fish shrimp tank by tank so they do Lewis until they can’t get the car in the garage what does that were me who are you calling a worm wife is welcome to join my face get rid oh did she just say that you’re doing the same thing with your living room Evelyn yeah I used to have lots and lots them in my bedroom before when I was younger I decided I don’t want any more tanks in the house kinda that thing on the screen our thing is on the screen what’s what thing is on the screen I think you see a worm that nobody else sees you talking about the shrimp you think it’s a worm we need to do meet next wave I’ll do MacMurray she has her own YouTube

channel that she no longer does is called cooking with heart is that really your name Lucifer No I told them I would sell my flower horn when it gets bigger they believe me grip thank you for coming before security have you here the worms is anyone else seeing these worms or you must think they’re shrimp the worms are shook yep the firing red worms in the screen what does he this was I honestly can’t remember what it was is some kind of algae tablet I think this one Lucifer I do apologize then if that is your real name they’re always talking about the fight in red worm is my face Alice Calabro youtube you think they look like words you grew up watching Danger Mouse Danger Mouse is look at English accent though there’s your new real name honestly I think your real name is Lucy and you added fur on the end Lucy Ferguson Phoenix yeah actually they came to do to collect silkworm a little bit not really my parents said that when I got my first batch of Killaloe cheese they said what yes it did is this is stock footage this is actually today’s video I think this one with different music on top okay my bad Lucifer ever is really your name is very uncommon I’ve never seen anyone entire life called Lucifer if it is your real name I apologize can you speak oh drift shoo know is em I know what you live this is a recording this was made last week my dad once what my dad said one South African accent is the best because other people like the examples quick to judge why is that why is 4 why is that quick to judge drift shoot I think alice is run away your brother is dumb how old is your brother are two Russians are the best nationally though rather than Scottish I is here love the expressions why is it uncommon Lucifer I have never ever my entire life heard anyone called Lucifer nobody he is 12 private jet or you’re on your private GRU you have never heard anyone called that in my life never preview sym crushed they’re still on for me yes I see a little bit large here’s lagging a little bit hopefully it

will pass whoever is do have a fidget spawner no I wish it did because I got this pain in my hand I keep on fidgeting with people think mark is judging is just like jokes is sad that some people understand that wrong they are correct I mean I’m not seriously saying anything wrong about his name there is his name fair enough just I’ve never heard of it Stream is back lucifer means sitting in the USA yes it means the same where i’m from as well Arlis did you just see them could you just see his name as a car speed how big is the shrimp Robin NOAA is pretty small still but it’s growing very fast Lucifer Phoenix do you have a Facebook page sitting us here people their bond Lucifer please you don’t say that to people in the chow thank you very much just bottom there’s no need first for people to act like that as ridiculous I mean we’re just joking and he comes up with something like that 300 seconds has been burned for all because Amy said he looks like a car he she said he looks like a car he was smashed the shrimp on the top left why would you smash it he was I would smash that shrimp in the top left Alice to be honest I don’t think his name was Lucifer I’ve never heard of that name in my entire life for anyone ever so he was just acting on it basically he was literally looking for a reaction I think let’s see what options it gives me if I hover over his name it doesn’t give me any options so a ticket is bond only a few cuts Amy I’m getting him bond there yes even people in life Chaska bullet there’s no need for him to swear late either you want to hug all the shrimp but you want to squash the one on the left or the top left the blue one you want to squash it or you mean squash as in hug maybe you can’t do that to the shrimp you’d crush them you said the but if you seek a word to Alice yeah he was at all he will probably come back with another name another cane smarsh means to reproduce with them you want so you wanted to smush you wanted to reproduce with that blue ball I like here Alice you need it doesn’t talk to people lay down the choice horrible it’s like a plague on YouTube if you go to any other channel you see comments and some of them are her are horrific especially the gaming channels would talk to each other I can’t move on Alice it’s very affecting from the rest of the street a neighbor’s kid saw my talk and wanted

to pay the fish all it’s only 5m McMurphy will come back new dislike on the videos the what they don’t understand right is interaction is interaction regardless if it’s a like’ or dislike’ one time I pick my Honda my talking the shrimp jump on my hand and then want it tomorrow me okay I know where you live that’s but weird I used to be in a lot of gaming ruin half of my life before I discovered fish Daniel I used to have a gaming channel and the comments were horrific from people I really want some wine red shrimp well if you’re if you have some luck Alice when you come back I should be able to give you something I have a lot on the way I think if they are going to breed that is I mean on the way as in the buried shrimp they should be dropping babies zero dislikes now but is that true if someone dislikes a video and then if I bond them does it move that dislike Daniel I actually enjoyed it the thing with me was is the the Shi T talking people did against you was just terrible how to jerec click I would have to see how you do that people copy and paste worst occurs over other charts here how do I get the shrimp to claim on my hand later in the video that one video I put a paste food on my hand McMurphy it’s just a soft PC food like shove it into the pores of your hand log so now I’m not showing any log of meat on me here with me he he put food on his hand he view’d delete message what was this one I’m sorry I shouldn’t laugh or did it push the game some people never learn some people never learn so how many lurkers is there still here is Nancy still lurking so we’ve had Lucifer in the chair and now we have fu see see Jesus jr. there is a little bit of a coincidence or let’s all pray for better world yeah but your name is an F UCC jr though Perth’s cichlids hello hello fish tankers I hate fish I wish I was a motor bun Daniel I’ve never really seen you much here before so pray for bun Chester and I thought was terrible what happened [Laughter] eugie rection some name you have there thank you Jesus senior I’m good drink shrimp tacos yes donkey particulars Perth Australia or Perth Scotland now what is it is someone like voting trolls of the void to control this channel today or right Stellaluna shrimp I’m not true please them yes we’re gonna

have to bond you more blood is that shrimp blood perth australia I’ve actually lived in two parrots in my life one was perfect ileum one was in Perth Scotland do you have a serve day yes I do thank you Thank You cancer you’re not a troll I know where you live I think you’re a troll thank you for the donation huge erection legs I’m sorry I shouldn’t laugh okay we’re going to give the people to come into the chart we’re going to give them one chance if the if it looks like they have a a weirdly odd name that is offensive we will burn them do you agree do you agree we will burn them if they come in I know where you live sounds like something dirty I think we should you hello Hugh jeez halt I do you can you can just you can ask as much as you like and I’ll say yes if you want okay I know but you left the three pound for a bun I wonder if I can set up something here that binds them automatically you know like if there’s offensive words they get banned automatically is it not something like uber or something whether I should just end the cha early they could pay their way back in howdy nice was born hi he knows and they bought I know where you live you I’m just joking don’t pay any more money I’m just kidding your neighbor is that right neighbor I have to see how I get this netbook thing we shall see shall see where’s where’s everyone way I know you won’t bun I won’t burn you I know who you are I know who you are okay just let me block them at the come on please tell your story I don’t know any stories or a once alot long long time ago I used to live you want long long time ago I lived in Castle Grayskull and I was called heme on well that’s it with all these troll accounts the thing is when I bind them their

actual account gets bun from from my page so eventually they will run out of a case can you see me launderer kind of say what why don’t you just sear we’re what you my brother Bungie for the purpose okay yeah they’ve seen the same thing over and over but we can all I can do is we could just burn them I mean the computer will eventually run out of accounts where’s Amy warm te me yeah I am Bandar I think didn’t I I did I’m Bonner so Immy on if you’re there can you please talk Amy didn’t do anything I went to press bond and the chart jumped up when I pressed bond and a bunt her by accident it was not intended here’s all this is all has been banned as well there will be a couple of kids that have like three or four accounts and think they’re funny until they all get bun she’s pissed and they will unsubscribe I’ve ever tried to beat a mono shrimp I’ve had need yeah they do they need saltwater don’t even give them a chance if you look like a troll I can just bond them if they have a problem you’ll have to contact me some other way I wonder who is the sending all these trolls here I wonder who could be yeah most people have profile pics they will get bored of it eventually get to be evil yes okay are to think you’ve been here long enough you’ve been here long enough you seem okay your brother sounds like a dude my wife is sending them yeah probably I’m going to set Africa for two months my dad will do little maintenance over time do you recommend I should ton of it no dog do pure ton of food in who in some and leaves first or you can do is you can put leaves in a bucket for a week before you go and then put the leaves in the tank put them in some water for a week before you go let’s get this chart back on the road Congrats our two deep cuts either okay Owen congratulations on I know where you live do do the thing that I said put the leaves in a bucket of water a week before you go if you put all the leaves in all at once your taqwa

will Brown are too is that you in the picture and what I normally do is I put the leaves in and I feed them the day before I go as well are too now you don’t have to boil them I know where you live a pinch of aquarium salt is probably good for them yeah the entire stream is muds it’s probably a really good way to get rid of trolls though so that is a good way we can do if someone wants to be a moderator then we all have to vote do they get in or don’t Lee yeah I know where you live I personally don’t like you just for the coloration it’s up to you if you want to do you know make more if I leave my lights on just the same time I keep them in the same time all the time 12 hours a day regardless of what time of the year is okay let me see the next stream shall be tomorrow my swimming days normally are Saturday on the Monday but the only reason streamed today was because I wanted to test all these settings therefore the music and the trailer etc just to see the gear all working properly on this light I need to move that layup there over to here so on my face instead of like the shadow man Bianchi Lille ma’fucker kaki what this is how even mean huh oh it’s the motor going crazy here hey what time we’ll do the livestream I’m not sure I actually like doing it a little bit earlier as well so it’d be same time finishing about half past nine ten o’clock but I will start earlier I think I want to do my streams a little bit longer Buuren key must have been a trawl account so that is something I have to look into isn’t it this is a moobot or late book all right so that will be set up for tomorrow have to confine hope if I can find it how to do our to wants to bind someone what tell them in Norway for you I just know it’s 9 p.m. so I’m going to stream for about another half an hour I think but is bare isn’t it guys it’s better with some music in the background Evelyn is night book I’m going to change your name tonight boy Evelyn let me check wanted to see how many people’s here how did it do this now I’m looking at the wrong video of what the 3 p.m. in my part of USA is it too early or too late strip em here no it’s trippy

so the problem I have Israel Israel most of my audience is American 60% of the people that watch my channel is American right and so I should really stream late so that some Americans can catch my stream but I just can’t do it here Thank You Evelyn thank you for reminding people to click the like button all 28 of them obey it’s more than that I’m refresh the screen for a while 9 p.m. where you are we are in the same timeline then where were you from Chris the Belgium one dislike who I can call lick the video lick it four or five percent of mine uses American yeah majority of mines is American then then it’s something like 6% are Germans and then it’s a something like 5% is we think what’s the word here fibers the other breasts are from India basically Indonesia India I was going to say Indian there but I was I knew that was wrong word Indian oh I see Chris I see they only have one person from Norway this subscribe to me and she’s here today I can only see the top ten I don’t think there’s any from I suppose I can check you want me wrongly check right now I can look at my analytics on my youtube channel alright let’s make another page analytics yes is uls the only other person the only other living person in norway is you swear they look at the demographics is that the wrong thing traffic source maybe playback locations where will I look here watch time geography let’s have a look here we go +1 Denmark okay let’s go through the list I was talking about languages before the top demographics by am just country are are as follows 28% of my views are from Americans 28% a percent are from United Kingdom 4.5% are from Canada hello Duane welcome sir the 3% are from Australia and is really mixed actually I have let me see what is this 30 40 percent 50 percent are from like the top 5 countries and then top 5 countries I mean like USA United Kingdom Canada Australia Germany etc and then the race is only one trip sent from all the other countries well hold on wait a minute drain your name looks suspicious are you are you a troll we’ve had lots of trolls in here tonight Devane I make a I’m doing a mod as well he’s he’s been here before he’s quite good with these stuff how many from South Africa 0.8% how many from Norway 1% of my views from Norway shrimp trawl maybe yes probably okay so we all know the rules for being a mod here is I had at least have to know you a little bit this is quite

common I have to know you’re low but I have to trust that you’re going to be sensible in the chair that’s why Irish will never be a moderator you Daniel Owens think you’re obsessed by shrimpo did I see that I had one dislike I always have dislikes Amy what’s the most the most viewed video I have half how many views as a half my most viewed video isn’t my most liked video which is weird love ha but this like is from Amy after I burn her she went crazy right my most viewed video is I know what this is already before I press the button I had to make a fresh watercress the restaurant planning target has 103 thousand views it has 939 lakes that is a largely the one where the shrimpie from my hand has 1569 lakes that is awesome that’s cool in that video with the ones where they go in my hand I would like to do it with them Amano shrimp but I don’t have the – nope I don’t think I can really say up a town just for I don’t think I use do your mono shrimp just for one video simple started with diesel he gave me authority he gave you authority you know you don’t need authority to do anything on YouTube as long as you’re not stealing content or using someone’s name I know what you mean though it is nice to ask people lul 69 that was a good year do I hear sarcasm I know where you live I honestly can’t remember what food that was in this video I dislike videos in all honesty but only after I realized that was it will also help him so who liked the video I think isn’t all of it will you give me Alice we talking about there well this one isn’t an old video the one you’re seeing on the screen this one this one was filmed last week now this is a new one in Alice I do have another video that looks kind of similar artoo stole your joke I can’t even see off where is he be nice however kick bamboo shrimp mark no have bamboo simply talking about the mountain fine shrimp is this so you’re talking about yeah Alice this isn’t live this is this is a video made last week someone someone wanted me to make a video that was of the shrimp feeding but music – so I did this was the video of it four elects people yeah it doesn’t matter the lakes and views on our livestream video because you get more views from 40 people watching a two-hour long video than you will 40 people watching a five-minute video if you get what I mean so this is why YouTube is favoring people that like to live stream are you talking about the piece they put

on my hand I know where you live that was garni Lea Tom’s shrimp it in classic unless this whole stream is alive you’re watching a repeat for two legs cool you know I can get the chart into block on the screen you think I should do though an array where it was okay shrim put in classic it’s made by a German guy gun Ellen Tom I think his name was go now and Tom he actually has a YouTube channel as well but he doesn’t post an animal McMahon is nice to have you here thank you for your help today with the the mud stuff now that’s true between black shirt black a bit looking too cool though the only thing is is I have to set up after the stream started so there would be a block block space there thank what is it is it easier for you guys to see the white text or with the black one look cool I know how to do you just go to the your stream and gaming mode later in McNary makhmur sorry I keep us in your name row makhmur how come how come you whistle increase to flying Dutch III the frequency of the Q’s knees well flying Dutch II it was something that you have to really dunno on youtube if you want to stay relevant everyone else is live-streaming if you don’t do it then you’re going to like fall behind drastically and it’s not the ice it’s actually good to talk to the community the people that you with what was the question I saw someone say do the mods keep the rank for the next stream Daniel do you mean the mods yes you do you do keep them yet now doing the there was we had a guy is probably one or two guys that were using offensive names basically and they’re asking us that we do certain things to shrimp but they’ve all been burned that’s a good thing when you moderate quite a lot of people is the trolls don’t stand a chance hey wait Amy and where’s that little range next to your name what does that mean Alec you knees are looking too – gaming doesn’t livestream yeah but is it just depends on your niche if you have a gaming channel you really don’t need to do this kind of stuff doing that is exactly what it is a troll got mud Amiens not a troll I know I actually know a me on a Mia is not not a troll I know her personally I speak to her on Facebook and stuff see I know where you live this is where I know you’re joking Daniel this is where am YouTube want people the direction they want them to go because they make more money from it the longer that they can keep you guys watching this screen here the more money they make so the favorite fever favorite eyes people that do this yeah are – I

can read the charge gamer no way Daniel be trolling I know for sure he is trolling you have to go in a Bob sponge live stream a Bob sponge live stream I know where you live how long will it take me to become a mod well you have to show up in a few streams first I know I’ve seen you before in here but although the people they see here are pretty regular or I know them for years r2 says it’s a field bludger drink yes it is it’s almost like the e net neutrality thing with YouTube get these days flying Duchy what do you mean as Alice’s blood what do you mean mr. Duchy I won’t go a 30 plus shrimp about six hours drive away from me this week there were two different times I goof Tundra that is green is not too bad just to lose to especially on that kind of goof Betsy abandon the net neutrality laws I’ll have to Google I don’t know I honestly don’t know what that means find out you oh my god that was a bit tasty nasty hello mr. priest from the east how’s it going example–you your Facebook could get more priority than you’d see your YouTube feed of mark sometimes yeah I know we mean but I also know that Facebook and YouTube hate each other as the prefer prefer being on YouTube I swear I started as well me get my facebook pages more there’s not there’s not so much interaction you hope my eyes are okay mr. priest is natural I don’t think I don’t think it’s a Patrol every piece the most to your ISP is the one you will receive best from now on now maybe I’m not sure without here nor we has quite a lot of different rules for this kind of thing I’m I understand to discover that more intense the selected bidding of the shrimp the more Dwayne as a hundred percent correct I’m noticing with some of the shrimp I have no the ones I’ve had for more than a year I’m getting a lot of deformities some of them because I haven’t introduced new blood for a while fine Duchy as well I mean I know for sure that I’m seeing I know for sure I’m not sure but they I’m pretty sure the Putin Facebook links in your description of your YouTube pages may harm your ranking on Google and YouTube I don’t know why they had a big following I have to Google actually yes Alice you’re doomed Alice is doomed so who who’s lurking is there any lurkers can I look at I can look at escala see participants one two three four five six seven eight nine it says there’s only ten of us in the chart there’s only ten of us really or is it not showing all the people

yeah is it’s not showing up all the people here mark regarding your video whether or not to keep fish with shrimp I hate to disagree with you but I have two auto : a survey stickers and their complete have a Bors I know where you live I know for sure that that is not the case I bred Ottawa’s before I fed them live brine shrimp I fed them live blood worm is how you conditioned autos for breeding a baby shrimp there is only one millimeter in size stands no chance against an owner tall that is looking for food Majid hello sir I am from Scotland you dozed off har cheez wait so there is more people here than says in the participant thing lonex shut or Yorkshire are you talking to me you can’t come to my line we can shine yeah I know for sure they don’t live in harmony with with newborn baby shrimps you will never see a professional breeder with with the fish in his tag none probably pleco they all eat they all eat baby shrimp all of them 23 people says so much today Majin it was like 100 people Jesus I couldn’t keep up with the comments let’s see participants I don’t know what it is it doesn’t show all the participants all the time you know like if they’re not talking it the issues there not being here and never have no chart screen there you go my chat was stuck there guys by the way okay doing if you have a ton of Java it just depends on what you want to do with your shrimp if you want to have some fish in your tank and you have tons and tons of cover you can do it with shrimp but if you’re looking to breed strip and have high grit shrimp you can’t give them a fish prepping to bake cookies what do you think of Bob’s breathing fish for profit type with shrimp hmm you could you know what you could do you can go on Facebook right and you could add all the professional breeders on there and you could ask them the same question Donnie’s bark some fish mates knocking eggs babies but I still like the house and fish matter that’s just a personal preference I think French macarons it’s like everybody’s coming back at once supposing breathing is not your goal can yes they’re the canyon done is you push your upgrade what you’re talking about how do me the service Italian there’s perfect spheres you have to tie it to would you have to tie the pieces with this size patroller stand no chance Andrey Vega yes I’m feeling much better thanks I’m feeling fantastic

you want a trawl to join them I don’t know what happened there is like the the chat went dead for lo well nose picking up again Andre Vega thank you for your coming into Daniel we alice is still here your city was making you video also with us fry you’re talking about Bob making a video are you Robert you want Lucifer to come back so you can burn them again what Peres does to people yeah took me a second dare to click why am I surprised you’re still here because I thought you go ahead and party on us are doing Sunday push you don’t go ahead far in it Sunday do you want to do an all-nighter I can’t unfortunately yes unless I move my whole computer to somewhere else I can never do long streams has a score end up and nor we have through work actually I go for the job here when I moved to Norway and I could refuse it because their wages were fantastic and then I hurt my buck Just My Luck Alice will know this is the wages are now we are really really good I was earning close to $2,500 a month after tax for me that was a lot and then of course my bark caves in yeah it’s a really nice place to live Alice lives in a bear part of Norway than me though I think she lives in Bergen don’t you Alice why does my shrimp because it sort of is surely a nice love story and what I actually moved to you the first time when it was a love story I’ve lived here twice first time it didn’t work out so well though I lived here I moved here to live with a girl and it didn’t work out so I had to go home whoo-hoo you’re moving to Norway spacing means and do a spicy meme of my face it’ll be trying to get my door step door into doing the drug and Sue again but she doesn’t want to do it I don’t know what meme is yeah like memes you better believe it Daniel I won there you unless remember I’m from Scotland so rains every day they’re darker not dark definitely not dunk I’ve been trying to get to come through and do again but she doesn’t want to I think she gets tired and bored of it pretty quick you know I would too so I think we’re going to call the sim guys it’s half-past nine here it’s time for Alice’s bed I know where you live once to go to sleep r2 is an Akuma do you hear the word water not sure it’s

serious removed my own message like a boss I’m going to keep the chat open though because Daniel and Alice are going to have a twenty four-hour chart session here mokuba can get a giant shrimp suit it was been a very good stream Ashley she’ll be call and they will see you in the next one big dragon super Martin Xtreme I would whatever can get it let me see so thank you for watching the stream guys I’ll cut you all and the next one how push on keeping and I’ll catch you next time bye goo goo