Bánh Mì Ông Màu | Tập 21 Full: Minh Quang mặt dày tới đưa đón con hờ đi chơi, ganh đua với tình địch

Color Man Food Mart proudly accompanies the film “Mr. Mau’s Banh Mi” MR. MAU’S BANH MI Can’t deny that he gave me a hand with this article I’ve been too focused on writing articles I forget to thank to him Hello? Your article is highly appreciated, isn’t it? Yeah, and I mean to send you a text message Thanks so much! Thanks to you, I have such a great article Huy asked me if I gave you those pieces of information I told him that I just told you a story This great article was on your effort and talent But objectively speaking, without my story, you couldn’t have had such a brilliant article, huh? You didn’t have to say this I already knew that you gave me a big favor this time I just want to prove that I am of use not a burden like you once said So from now on, don’t say that to me ever again It has haunted me so far, you know It was a slip of the tongue I had no idea that he will mind that I I’m terribly sorry To be honest, I meant nothing How about tomorrow I take you and Ken out? Well… tomorrow? I’m sorry. I arranged to have a meet-up with my friend before Maybe another day. I’m hanging up Once again, thanks so much Friend? Could it be that guy? You got wet There’s a shelter Come inside or else you will get wet Don’t worry for me I’m a man, this is not a big problem for me I just don’t want you to catch a cold What’s wrong? Raindrops hit your eyes? Well No The rain has removed my makeup Don’t look at me Don’t worry You’re still gorgeous Turn away. Don’t look at me I… I don’t love you Ideas about a new marketing campaign have just come across my mind I love this eatery so so much! It’s tasty, isn’t it? One more bowl? Go ahead. Just dig in! What did you say? Dig in? Well, I mean one more bowl for me Sure Auntie, one more bowl for me, please Oh my goodness!

Why this exclamation in the early morning? Is it because I’m so beautiful that you can’t hold back your emotion? You fall in love with me, don’t you? What’s wrong with you? We’ve got a large order 10 Meatball with Salted Egg Yolk, 10 Pork with Peppercorn Sauce, and 30 assorted loaves 50 loaves in total, you know Oh my goodness! Does it hit you? No. I’m overjoyed to know that we have such a large order – So go inside and give me a hand – Yes But I do fall in love with you at first sight Come on in! Boss! This is the schedule of charity event Please have a look Are you waiting for your partner’s phone? But you have no meetings today Why? Why did she hang up while I was talking to her? Didn’t she realize how charming and graceful I was? She is supposed to call me back But why she hasn’t called me yet? What? What’s wrong with him? Tell me Back then, you wife did she dare to hang up on you while you were still talking? She didn’t It was because she fell for me by herself I didn’t need to flirt with her So why? Why such an normal girl dares to hang up on me? She even doesn’t call me back I’m done for If my answer displeases him, then I’ll screwed up So what? Hard to answer it? No Well I think that it is because she is quite embarrassed She wanna call you but she hesitates Because she doesn’t know how to strike up a conversation, and what she is going to say to you I’m so sure that she is at a loss right now You’re exactly right Even film stars get embarrassed when having a talk with me, let alone her, just an normal girl No wonder Yes I wonder who that important person to you is Your partner or your girlfriend? That is What’s up? – I don’t wanna let personal affairs affect the work – Understood, boss – Give me the report of the charity event – It’s here Boss, if there is nothing, please allow me to get back to my work Correct – It should be flawless like this – Yes What did you say? Please allow me to get back to my work You can go Thanks a ton I was scared to death ♪What a convivial atmosphere! Not only the bridegroom’s family is cheerful but also is the bride’s♪ Hurry up – Wait a sec! – How excited! We’ve got an order of 100 loaves – Hurry up, man – Phat! Let me go with you You should look after the store. Let Minh go with me Nah, nah, nah I wanna go with you Nah, nah, nah Unbelievable! I got goose pimples hearing you You stay here It’s scorching hot outside You’d better stay here I don’t want to Minh is right You should stay here, or else you’ll get sunburned You care about me? How embarrassing I am! I did say the same But Phat is much sincere than you – Then you should stay at home. Let me go with him – But why? – Because I’m more nimble than you – Hey! Nah, nah, nah You stay here. I’m delivering banh mi Phat! I’m leaving See you Jesus! How cool he is today! I’m waiting for you to come back Hey! Are you sure we’re going the right way?

Stop! What’s up? Show me the message. I’ll check their address They didn’t text but called Give me their phone number. I’ll call them I don’t have it Are you kidding me? Why don’t you have their phone number? Tell me the truth. Who made this order? Well, actually, there is no customers ordering banh mi Because I’m sad, I wanna keep myself busy This may stop me from missing her! Ouch! You’ve got nothing to do?! It’s none of my business! Why did you drag me into this? Who would consume all these banh mi? You will! I have already had enough banh mi! Well help me finish them About these banh mi, just take it from my salary You think you’ve still have got your salary? What is love? Why would your love force me to eat these banh mi?! You nuts! Take me back to the store then you can do whatever you can! You can jump off a bridge! Hurry up! Let’s have some ice-cream! Can I have two ice-cream servings? I can give you three! Yay! Three? Once you get a sore throat after that, you’ll be punished! Come on! Why are you here? I told you that you couldn’t go with us We’re about to have some ice-cream I want to have ice-cream, too But Mommy, let him go with us I was clear about this. Come back here! We can’t have fun with a stranger! – Uncle Quang is not a stranger! – Yes, he is! He is even his close friend! Let him go with us. He’s already here He’s a pain in the neck! Let uncle Quang go with us, mommy Stop! How are you gonna soothe him? Ken would like him to join us Well Tung is gonna be there, too Isn’t that makes me gotta be there? Let’s go! – Yes! – Alright Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream! Hello, uncle Tung! Hello, kid! Come here. Sit with me, hurry up! Let’s have some ice cream! Alright Which ice cream would you like? What? Why is he here? What bring him here? Ken asked him to join us He is a friend of mine – Ken said Ken’s friend? Friend with this old man? He just wants to freeload on us! At a place like this? I don’t think so This won’t suit your taste? Fine! An ice cream parlor in America will do! Come on! Stop it Let him join us or else Ken will cry! I do this for Ken! Just for Ken! Stand there Can’t believe he joins us! What a shameless man! He won’t leave, will he? – Stop it! – I’ll leave him be I will get the ice cream for you all You will have raspberry ice cream, right? You’ll have strawberry one And you’ll have mint ice cream Alright, we will have several assorted servings! I won’t have ice cream. Get me a hot coffee Coffee? You can have it at a coffee shop not an ice cream parlor! – Ken! – Yes? Let’s get ice cream for all the ladies here That would make us gallant man I’m a Gallant Superman! Then come with me, Gallant Superman! Excuse me Get me four assorted servings You’re with women and children! We are not your inferiors! We won’t serve you! You don’t need to tell me that Improvise. Adapt. Overcome That’s what makes an outstanding CEO like me I’m here because of Ken If Ken wants to have ice cream, so will I! I won’t have any coffee They look yummy! Oh dear! What a flip-flopper!

He used to bully us! Is it good? Is it too good? I know you will like it! Ken! Yes? – You really like ice cream? – Yes Fine Excuse me I will take all of the ice cream here! Wow! You are the coolest! I have never eaten that much ice cream! I thought this only happens in my dream I will tell my classmates that I have just had all ice cream from this parlor Oh, come on! Hey, are you insane? What if he would get a sore throat? Ken, what would you like? I will get it for you Hey! Take it I can’t take more. Go take it yourself Come here! Mom! Uncle Quang bought all of the ice cream here for me! This is too much! – How can we consume it all? – Yes, you can! I won’t need any other meal today Hey. Don’t spoil him like that He will definitely get a sore throat with these! I did warn him about that! Well, someone didn’t listen. I bet that one has too much money that he didn’t know what to do! You’re adding insult to injury! Fine I will take this as a lesson Just stop fighting. Let’s have ice cream! Let’s dig in This is too much! Here you go – Ken – Yes? What would you do when there’s no school? There’s a lot of things to do Well, I play on swings with mom, or have cotton candy with uncle Tung Sometimes he teaches me how to ride a tricycle Tricycle? Cotton candy? Yeah! Fine, I will get you an enormous cotton candy! If you wanna go anywhere, I can pick you up with my car! Is that OK? – Is that true? – Of course! Excuse me, mister. Would you like me to serve all of the ice cream now? What? There’s still more? I don’t think it’s a good idea! We haven’t finished these yet! – Give it back to them – Hey How could I do that? Who do you think I am? Well, then you can bring it home There’s still a lot of ice cream we haven’t finished! I wouldn’t take that! Alright. Let me handle this Hey Since I have paid for everything here, I want that whenever this boy comes, he will eat for free That’s OK – Alright? – Yes – Thanks – It’s our pleasure See? Simple as that What a business man! He’s got a very great move! You can deal with anything, can’t you? This needs a quick-witted and flexible man After all, it’s a win-win situation – Ken – Yes? Between Tung’s ice cream and mine, which one tastes better? Of course it’s your ice cream! Since you bought me a lot of ice cream! What was that? We’re very close friends but you dump me just because of the ice cream? It tastes good? Yes! What would you give me? Don’t do that You may get a disease from him What disease? Snob disease! Let’s eat No kissing! Hello I love you Could you hear that? I’ll say it again I love you I I I don’t love you Oh lords! Why are you eating the cake paper? Hello, daddy Why the long face, my dear? Not going anywhere? Well, sometimes I need to stay in my comfort zone That would help me lessen the negativity Wait What are those banh mi? Don’t you tell me that someone canceled their order or something! Phat did this! I don’t know what happened to him He made several dozens of banh mi though no one ordered Then he left them all here! Well, he had his heart broken How do you know? Well I mean that that guy has no style, has no grace! He would definitely get rejected by a girl! Well, that girl made a big mistake! How could she reject him then leave him suffer like that?

How could she do that to a handsome, adorable, good and kind guy like him? She didn’t fall for him? Dad! Why did you criticize that girl like that? Well, his appearance is fine enough Handsome? So-so Just so-so I think he gotta change a lot I can’t stand his personality! She was right to reject him. Why did you blame her? What? This is weird. Why are you defending her like that? Is that…? Stop right there You are the one being weird! Forget it. Don’t mention him He is always a buzzkill Whenever you meet him, tell him that he shouldn’t let his personal stuff affect our businees Copy that – I should take a rest now – Alright, dad Tell auntie Tu to give these banh mi to the locals Roger that, daddy! Alright He’s lovesick Your video has drawn a lot of attention With this method, we can reach many potential customers without wasting any money I see This is a good sign for us We gotta take this chance to develop our business At first, I think we should post our videos on a regular basis This time we should focus more on how we’re gonna show them the product That would help us reach more customers Hey! What the heck did you just do? – Well, I -So rude! Plus, a slogan is a must-have Let’s think of a catchy and impressive slogan that can reinforce our brand towards customers We’ll think of it, boss Do it well then I’ll treat you to a feast. Okay? – Dip it in this sauce? – Correct It’s incredibly tasty! It has amazing flavor This is my first time trying this dish Tasty, right? Super tasty If you don’t try street food, half of your life is wasted Is that so? Quyen, frankly, I don’t have much money I could only treat you to street food But, don’t worry Now I know where you love to eat I’ll save money, a lot of money then I’ll take you to your favorite restaurants More romantic, more We’re not a couple It gave me goosebumps OMG! So cheesy! Thanks to him that I could find the ideas for my marketing campaign That’s the undeniable truth Each of you must think of a slogan of your own then submit it to me We’ll review all of them and chose the most impressive one to be our brand’s official slogan I understand. I’ll submit them to you by this afternoon Gosh… I can’t stop myself from thinking of him What is he doing now? Babe, I’ve bought some sweets for you Why do you come here? I’m not a good cook, so I came to the best patisserie to buy this for you Guys, look You’re the happiest girl in the world I know you have to work very hard, but don’t neglect your health I’m sure you’ll achieve great success. Real soon Sure thing I dedicate myself to this project I belive I can do it. I can do it! Boss, what’s wrong? Are you okay? Guys, I mean, we only live once

So you must try very hard to make your dream come true Understand? We can do it! We can do it! Good Okay. We stop here Why do I keep thinking of him? Should I go to the banh mi store to check how things are going? No way. He will underestimate me Ah! Phat is in charge of delivering banh mi I’ll place an order, then he’ll deliver it to me His job is to manage orders Girls, Call Mr. Mau’s banh mi store and place an order of 50 loaves 10 loaves for each filling. Clear? Do it now. Right now When Mr. Mau is away, I feel like I’m the boss of this store Phat, have some oranges No You’re fired, man You think I’m scared? Oh my goodness Are you out of your mind? Could you please leave him alone? Hello? I’m listening, Mrs 50 loaves? Okay, Mrs Text me your address I’ll bring them there to you Okay Minh, we’ve got a new order 50 loaves. 10 loaves for each filling Come help me. Quick – 50 loaves? – Yep We have another order of 50 loaves? Are you trying to fool me again? Aren’t you scared of me, are you? Minh, be logical You think I’m that stupid to do it twice? If I aimed to fool you, I would have found another way Sounds reasonable If you do that again, I won’t be trapped But, I’m sure you couldn’t think of any better way, so you have to repeat that trick Minh, you’re nonsense! What’s the purpose of doing that? To waste his money? I trust you, Phat Got it? – Do you have that customer’s phone number? – Certainly If you want to confirm, I’ll call her for you Talk to her Hello This is Mr. Mau’s banh mi store Are you colluding with Phat to buy 50 loaves? Ah, you’re not Why did you buy so many? I’m sorry OMG! If we lose customers, it’s your fault! We don’t need to know the reason, man I’m still doubting you You asked your family to do that? Well, it doesn’t matter. As long as they pay, I’ll sell Alright. Go help me Quick! You two, go prepare her order You? I must wait for Mr. Mau to come back to return this seat to him Rubbish! Is she here? Anybody here? Banh mi delivery! Gosh, she isn’t here Anybody here? Banh mi delivery! Anybody here? Hi You’ve scared me out Look like a walking mannequin! You came to deliver banh mi? It wasn’t you who called to place the order, right? It doesn’t matter Give the banh mi to me Here you are I’m done I’m leaving Hey!

– Is there anything you wanna say? – Nope Yes Just go ahead. I’m so busy Well I I I “I” what? Just say it I “I” what? I – “I” what? – I haven’t taken any money yet You Take it! Take this, too I don’t want them anymore How silly I am! I put them here I’ll be laid off if I bring them back Phat, you’re so “Mr. Mau’s Banh Mi” is aired at 19:55 from Monday to Thursday on HTV7, starting from 5th October, 2020 Color Man Food Mart proudly accompanies the film “Mr. Mau’s Banh Mi” Color Man Food Mart proudly accompanies the film “Mr. Mau’s Banh Mi”