Bánh Mì Ông Màu | Tập 6 Full: Quang Tuấn điếng người khi Tường Vi rơi lệ thú nhận đẻ con cho mình

Color Man Food Mart proudly accompanies the film “Mr. Mau’s Banh Mi” MR. MAU’S BANH MI I can’t In the past 3 months, you haven’t had any outstanding articles I have no reasons to ask the accountant to give you an advance on your salary I know that I still got many shortcomings in work But to be honest, I really need money for my son’s medical treatment How about this? Are there any contracts that need to carry out? I will take care of it I will try my best to close the deal! Alright We got a contract of Van Thinh company Yes They haven’t accepted our payment terms yet I don’t want to assign anyone else for this because I know their boss too well He never goes easy on anyone! Don’t you remember the time when you worked with him? I believe I’ve made it clear Our payment will be made within 3 periods The final period will be on October That means we will finish our payment within 3 months That will be unacceptable In August, we will publish articles about your company regularly So you gotta complete your payment at the end of August Unacceptable? We still got this deal We can totally handle this It’s completely acceptable Please don’t make it difficult for me I think my demand is reasonable enough This is not the first time we’ve worked with you We know you well That’s why we’re done preparing your articles’ pre-production All we need to do is writing and publishing the articles I’m afraid that you can’t reject our deal What? Rejecting what? You mean that I will cancel the contract? We haven’t signed anything yet! I don’t care how your firm has trusted us and prepared everything for us It’s none of my business You can’t blame me on that We’re done talking If you accept my demand, deal If not, get lost! Please, can you reconsider this? Read this again and decide You’re making it too hard for me Want me to think again? Fine Actually, there’s another way What are you doing? It’s nothing What’s that face? I don’t want to work with a scumbag! Hey boss you can trust me, I will get this deal for you OK If you can win this contract, I will totally let you get your advance Thank you so much, boss Don’t You can thank me later I will get ready now! Thank you so much, boss Phat! Bring me the scallions! Here you go! Leave them there! Dad, I brought everyone some sweet soup! What? – You again? – You again? Why are you here? What? Then why are you here? This store belongs to my dad I belongs to my dad It’s totally normal for me to be here Hey, this store belongs to uncle Mau I – the beloved staff belongs to uncle Mau It’s totally normal for me to be here Hey Are you his daughter? I didn’t see you congratulate him on his store’s grand opening

Hey, I had been here earlier That day, there were only my dad and Minh I didn’t meet such a mad lad like you That was a beautiful day If you just stand here and argue with me, you’re so done with my dad for not focusing on your job You think I am afraid of you? Uncle Mau is kind and wise, unlike you You always want to make a fuss and try to fire me! Hey, beloved staff! He might not fire his beloved staff But his beloved daughter can cut his beloved staff’s wage What do you mean? You heard that? Do you want a banh mi? Is an assorted one OK? A Mr. Mau’s banh mi a day keeps the mad lads away I am the mad lad? That’s what mad lads usually say Minh, where’s my dad? He’s just got an order of 100 loaves He’s preparing the sauce Oh, Quyen’s here Dad, how is your business recently? I am doing fine Thanks to Minh and Phat They handed out a lot of leaflets Several people passed by and tried my banh mi My friends also want to try it Well, I suppose we are doing fine I think it’s because of your skills and Minh’s hard work This guy’s work? Forget it Don’t scold him He’s helped me a lot My job is preparing the banh mi, its fillings and clean the stall He’s our shipper – What else? – That’s all That’s all? You help them “a lot” You really help! I gotta run around under the sun That’s tiring Stop making excuses! Anyone can do your job You just need to sit on a bike! You can go to somewhere else I dare you to take my job Can you do it? Stop fighting, please Are you done with the order? I gotta make only 4 more loaves Prepare to deliver the order, Phat! – Still fighting there? – No, sir Quyen should go home What? Dad We can have some sweet soup now I don’t wanna share it to Phat Sweet soup? – Let’s have some sweet soup, Minh – Thank you! Hello I’m from Mr. Mau’s Banh Mi Mr. Duong ordered 100 loaves from us Here is his order Oh, wait there Uncle Mau, why is this bag here? Oh dear, Phat forgot this! Let me call him to get this No I’ll deliver it myself I wanna thank them It’s hot outside I’m used to it. Don’t worry! Alright. Here it is I told you guys He had only one job! What an useless guy! – This order is too huge – Don’t rush, OK? – I’m leaving! – Drive safe, dad OK Poor him. He gotta do that in his age It’s Mr. Mau’s Banh Mi’s pleasure to serve you Here’s your order Oops There are still 30 loaves at the store I will be right back I’m gonna be quick. Don’t worry No need to do that I just need Mr. Mau to know that I did support his store Well to be honest, Mr. Mau’s banh mi tastes nothing special About 30 loaves at the store, you can keep them Or you can give them to anyone Don’t you think this would upset Mr. Mau? It’s better to buy one loaf and truly enjoy it It’s bad that you ordered 100 loaves for nothing If he knew about it, he would be really upset I did buy one loaf and ate it I’m being honest, his banh mi tastes so dull Let me tell you this If I bring these for my staff to eat, you might hear worse words If so, Mr. Mau would be depressed If you find his banh mi dull, you should give some feedbacks to him Why do you have to make such a big order with that attitude? Oh, boy! In business, if I don’t do something like that, our business can’t run properly Alright If you want me praise these, here you go His banh mi tastes awesome! Wonderful! Marvelous! You know what will happen to these? In the garbage! Instead of giving them to you or my staff You’re being too harsh! – Phat! – Uncle Mau Mr. Mau, please have a seat Thank you This order of yours is free Next time, don’t do this again to me If it tastes bad, I’ll try to make it better I will find many ways to enhance its fillings You just need to give feedbacks Thank you

This is for free Give them to your staff If they find it good, they can order again – Phat – Yeah? – Let’s go – Yes Mr. Mau! Mr. Mau! That’s strange! It’s already 1 hour but nothing has happened Excuse me Can you ask Mr. Thinh if he finished his meeting? I have waited for him for a while and I gotta go back to my company to work on something – Can you please help me? – Sure thing. Give me a sec Hello boss Alright. Alright I’m sorry Mr. Thinh said something arose in the meeting so he couldn’t be here on time He said if you wanted to meet him, just go straight to where he is It’s totally fine. Can you give me the address? OK Here it is It’s a lounge? Excuse me, when can I meet Mr. Thinh? He’s in a meeting. It’s not finished yet Can you ask him when it’s finished? I’ve been waiting for too long I don’t know. Keep waiting here Mr., can you ask him to meet me for 5 minutes? Only 5 minutes No! If you can’t wait, then go home Okay. Please tell him I’m still waiting here For Ken, nothing can break me down Ha, try your hardest Mr. Thinh What’s the problem? Can I have 5 minutes of your time? Mr. Thinh Alright I see Okay Just stay there I’ll be there soon Okay No worries Sure Okay Why are you here? Mr. Thinh, I’d like to tell you something about the contract Contract? Your company refused to revise the contract and rejected all of my requests What’s the purpose that you came here today? Don’t you forget what you did, do you? On behalf of the agency, I’m so sorry Anyway, to be frank, we have different points of views We discussed again and realized that you had your own reasons to do that We revised the contract to meet your requirements Could you please reconsider it? Apologies? Apologies are merely words To me, only actions count But, Mr. Thinh, this contract was revised based on your requirements Please have a look at it Long story short, you don’t know how to show your sincerity? Alright. I’m leaving

I don’t have much time to wait I’m begging you Please. This contract is so important to me It’s a part of my son’s medical expenses Please reconsider it and give us a chance Please Your son is sick? This is because of your son If not? Never! Put it in the bag It’s 15,000 dong, Miss Here are your changes Please support us Thank you Dad is back Dad Uncle Why do you look unhappy? Dad, what happened? He placed an order to ingratiate uncle Mau He even didn’t realize that it lacked 30 loaves What? How rude! Why didn’t you do something? I did I was about to punch him in the face He dared look down on us It still makes me angry – Just “was about to”? You should have punched him! – Right! I nearly hit him But uncle Mau stopped me Liar! You’re such a chicken-hearted man You didn’t dare protect my dad Dang him! What an uneducated man! If I were there, I would beat him up Uncle, say something I don’t want to mention it Close the store. Today we’re off What should we do with the banh mi? Eat them up! What a silly question! You haven’t slept yet? We need to talk Is is too serious that you can’t wait any longer? You go home so early, just because of those silly stuffs? Do you know I’m worried about you? I go to work, just like everyone else You needn’t worry Don’t be too much If you want to work, go back and lead the company Our son is running the business by himself Don’t you feel sorry for him? Quang is capable enough I can trust him with the company Plus, Cuong is always there to assist him I didn’t drop the business out, you know I’ve been dreaming of a banh mi store for the past decades If you don’t support me, don’t deter me It’s not because I don’t want to support it, but it doesn’t worth my support I’m the only one who can tell if it’s worthy or not It’s not wrong to do anything I want, as long as it’s harmless to my family Do you really mean it? Have you ever thought about the reason they supported you? It’s just because you’re a chairman, not because your banh mi is delicious Hey! Where are you going? I haven’t finished yet There are still 30 loaves at the store I will be right back I’m gonna be quick. Don’t worry No need to do that I just need Mr. Mau to know that I did support his store Well, to be honest, Mr. Mau’s banh mi tastes nothing special About 30 loaves at the store, you can keep them What’s wrong with the recipe? Did I forget any ingredients? Why do they taste unlike the ones my mom made? Mom!

I think you’re too much What do you mean? Don’t you think it’s too rude to do so? Dad’s just come home after a hard-working day and still hasn’t had anything for dinner yet You shouldn’t have nagged him You brat! How dare you talk to me like this? I haven’t asked you yet I did nothing wrong It’s inappropriate to do so, you know At least, you should give him some time to rest You can talk to him tomorrow It’s not too late then Don’t you realize that he does everything with a great effort just to get your and Quynh’s support? But I think he doesn’t need to do that anymore It no longer matters if you understand or not If you care for him that much, you shouldn’t have helped him hide it from us This is his choice By the way, you ain’t supposed to talk to me this way though you’re trying to protect him Mom! I’m not defending him, I just show my own opinion Noone wants to worry his or her family, you know That he makes and sells banh mi is not a big problem at all Let’s think about it Actually, it is not his hobby You already know that it’s his family’s traditional job If you can’t sympathize, share, and support him to do that job, then ignore it Why do you keep hurting him with those unkind words? Ain’t you afraid that I’ll be sad when you talk to me like this? I’m sorry! I don’t mean that But if what I’ve just told you makes you sad then please think twice before you say those words to him As I told you, you can think whatever you want to I personally don’t think what he’s doing is wrong I’ll give him my full support You! Quyen! Ah! Finally, I make it – Hi! – Hello! – Excuse me, do you have banh mi with cinnamon-flavored sauce? – We do have Make me one Full of sauce, please – I’m really into this sauce – Yes – Wait a sec! – I have it right here Yes – You eat it right here? – Yes Please come in and have a seat Here – Take a seat! – Okay – Have some water – Thanks Have you tried banh mi with cinnamon-flavored sauce before? Yes, I have It originated from Can Tho – That’s right – I lived there for a short time – My mom usually bought it for me – Is that so? I like Mrs. Tu Lai’s cinnamon-flavored sauce most – Here you are – Thanks you! Enjoy your food! – Let’s try it! – Excuse me! – It’s super tempting – Okay Eat it slowly and enjoy! Does it taste the same? It tastes different Not salted enough Mrs. Lai’s banh mi with cinnamon-flavored sauce was such a delicacy. I was obsessed with it Could it be you stole her recipe? Nah. I’m her son I’m Mau who usually accompanied her to sell banh mi Do you remember? It’s too bland Awful Alright I’m gonna pay for it and leave – Keep it. My treat – Nah. I wanna try it and now I know how it tastes Here you are. It sucks Bye Uncle Mau, what’s wrong? Close the store for a few days What? But why? How has his eyes condition been? It’s getting more and more serious

so it causes many complications That’s why he easily gets fever That means he needs surgery promptly, right? Yeah. We need to carry out the surgery within one week The sooner the better Yes Got it I’ll try to have enough money Thanks so much! Think carefully! Can we borrow money from anyone else? I did think carefully But there is no one that I can ask for money Mom! I’ve dreamed about superman saving the world When will she come here and save my eyes? Only the doctor can heal your eyes, you know – You have to listen to me – Yes Close your eyes and then sleep tight – Then your eyes will soon get better – Yes Sleep now, my son You had a white night last night due to your fever Have you ever thought of Ken’s dad? Tell me now Who is he? Why do you keep silent? You’ve hidden it from me for so long, you know Now you can do nothing but go meet him Nah, I can’t – It’s not that easy – Why? He doesn’t know he has a son, you know What’s more, he’s in a romantic relationship with his girl How can I come between them? I I just can’t It would not be appropriate, you know He’s in a romantic relationship with his girl? It’s not appropriate to ask him for help, indeed But I know you don’t wanna cause him any trouble But you gotta think of Ken Moreover, you don’t wanna come between them, right? If Ken’s health condition is good, you won’t need to meet him But he has a serious illness now Think about it carefully, Ha I have no choice but go meet him I just wanna ask him for money anyway I have no feelings for him He may understand Should I meet him? I know you don’t wanna cause him any trouble But you gotta think of Ken Moreover, you don’t wanna come between them, right? If Ken’s health condition is good, you won’t need to meet him But he has a serious illness now Think about it carefully, Ha Can I speak to Quang? You wanna meet me?

Why do you call me in here? Don’t you know I’m too busy? Ken He is my son And He is also your son Mr. Mau’s Banh Mi airs at 19:55 from Monday to Thursday on HTV7 channel starting from 5th October, 2020 Color Man Food Mart proudly accompanies the film “Mr. Mau’s Banh Mi” Color Man Food Mart proudly accompanies the film “Mr. Mau’s Banh Mi”