Em Trai Khởi Nghiệp Món BÁNH MÌ RÁN MIẾN 35K Duy Nhất Ở Sài Gòn Có Chinh Phục Được Thực Khách?

STARTUP YOUNG MAN WITH THE $1.7 INTERESTING STIR FRIED BANH MI WITH GLASS NOODLE MIXED IT’S NOT ABOUT IDEAS, IT’S ABOUT MAKING IDEAS HAPPEN (Scott Belsky) as usual, our route starts from Ba Chieu market ( Binh Thanh Dist.) Good morning lovely people- Let’s do some excircise to raise up the mood with PM food travel Channel We’re now at the add : 132/81 Nguyen Huu Canh st- Binh Thanh Dist. for exploring the Northern style Banh Mi in a new ( maybe risky) style called : Banh Mi with Stir- fried glass noodle mixed Basically, this young lad serves this dish for the shipped off orders only so, we’re gonna meet him first for further information. let’s stick with us, ok The $1.7 Banh Mi with Stir- fried glass noodle mixedc132/81 Nguyen Huu Canh st- Binh Thanh Dist- HCMC here’s Ngoc- our new friend today with his new idea of bring the new style of Banh Mi to Saigon He decided of startup the bussiness with ” Banh Mi with stir- fried glass noodle mixed” & the Banh Mi with fried wormwood chicken egg this’s my first time seeing such these ingredients in the Banh Mi, so, just check them out besides the familiar cylantro, chicken eggs, here we have the wormwood- normally very common in Northern style cuisine Wormwood egg dish became a common dish in the North for breakfast, lunch, afternoon of many people with medicinal effect especially women & elderlies. Wormwood tastes slightly bitter that the dishes made out with it are not really suitable for everyone & here is the glass noodles mixed including : pork, wood ear mushroom, carrot, onion & spices

for filling inside the Banh Mi- Ngoc uses only 1 condiments as this chili sauce for keeping the original taste from his homeland I like the banner he made here with some mischievious quotes yet enough the infos as: price, name of food & contact number just simply make a call, the orders within Binh Thanh & dist. 1 area get free shipping fee or you can also order via food apps ( Now or Grab food) with some extra fee Banh Mi with stir- fried glass noodle mixed is $1.7 & the Banh Mi with fried wormwood chicken egg $1.2 Inside is the small Banh Mi storage to keep them warm, maybe in the close future, he’ll set up his own place with bigger storage let’s start first with the Banh Mi & glass noodle mixed. it’s not so different the few first steps with some cylantro & chili paste Banh Mi then being brushed with some pork lard over & filled with the glass noodle mixed the whole thing now is being flatten a bit & stir fried on a skillet Ngoc choose the ingredients carefully, the banh mi must be the thin & airy one to be easily absorbed the flavors

the glass noodles & wood ear mushroom must be shipped from the North for the right & nice chewy texture the Banh Mi turns a bit darker golden brown & crispy after being flipped over a few more times what we appreciate Ngoc is his delicate preparation through the aluminum pag with logo designed himself ok- 1st Banh Mi is done 2nd Banh Mi with fried wormwood chicken eggs of $1.2 the portion has 2 beaten chicken eggs into chopped wormwood & the seasoning to compare with other types of Banh Mi with cheaper prices & common fillings almost at every corner of the streets it would be a little too risky for Ngoc to startup with such this price- he got his own opnion & strong belief by putting focus on 1/ the target market 2/ the market share & 3/ the competitive Advantage the price Ngoc makes is suitable for working officers & students Ngoc had experience in marketing & tourism management but soon quit his jobs to do what he really loves with all of his savings. For him, it’s worth for an exchange of folling dream ( respect) the fried wormwood chicken eggs now gets puffed up & turn to a beautiful golden brown

I frankly think there will be a big debate about Ngoc’s dishes. hopefully he’ll openly face the situation ok, i got a place to try out the dishes today & trying to repeat the information for your guys or you can order the food online either via apps from 6.30- 18.00. It’s kind of confusing & hard for him as well So, wait no more. I’ll just try out these Banh Mi to see if there’s any possibility to be a big hit The Banh Mi gets a bit softer after a while with not really eye catching look as others. And the wormwood smells rather strong Just like Ngoc said, This one tatse is not really suitable for everyone, especially the young kids It’s hard to taste the egg from it because the wormwood is very herby with sligtly bitter it’s strange yet interesting because I can feel ginger like aroma- a bit of cistrus, a bit spicy warm & even woody the more you eat, the more pleasant you can feel as taking a nice medicine mixture of sage and rosemary with hints of anise the 2nd Banh Mi with Ngoc’s homemade Soya milk of 55 cents this stir fried Banh Mi with glass noodle mixed is crunchier than the 1st one already from being stir fried with some pork lard It’s crusty & a bit tender inside. The glass noodles are both slightly chewy & tender, but not really savory

The smell is good & the glass noodles reminds me of the shredded pork skin without the seasoning fish sauce The wood ear mushroom also taste crunchy, rather interesting but a little mild to me personally I think this needs a bit more seasoning or some kind of extra seasoning sauce to adapt the flavor of Saigonese the most highlight of these dishes is just all about the crunchiness, still fresh tho- yet lack of something by looking at those preparation, I can see Ngoc is a methodical person I’m gonna finish it up to see if i can reach to any flavor explosion A FEW MOMENT LATER it’s nice & refreshing with some sips of the soya milk (it’s not too sweet) So, I’m glad to have chance trying out 1 new type of Banh Mi in Saigon & to share with you guys the most important is the price here. I’m sure we’ll have more to talk about this despite Ngoc was confident to share about his potential customers as office workers & students who can afford the buy & enjoy the new taste about the taste – I’ll be straight to the point- It’s hard to completely enjoy the Banh Mi with fried egg & mudwort The Banh Mi with glass noodle is easier to eat, but still lacks of something about the taste as the saltiness & spiciness at least maybe it’s all about authentic tatse Ngoc wants to keep- but in business, you should make something with both authentic & attractive enough for the customers to come back to eat – not just once to experience Alright, that’s gonna do it for the dish of today. If you enjoyed the video or learned anything leave a LIKE & comment. Bye