Giọng ải giọng ai 5 | Tập 12 Full: Bảo Anh, Trung Quân Idol cười quên lối về vì em gái bán sầu riêng

[The show is exclusively sponsored by Galaxy A21s, a pioneer in macro camera for smartphones.] [5000 mAh battery Lightning fast charging] [Infinity-O display] [Advanced macro lens for refined close-ups] [Hidden Voices] Hello everyone! Welcome to Hidden Voices! The show is brought to you by HTV and Color Entertainment and aired at 7 p.m. every Sunday on HTV7 Thank you our exclusive sponsor, Galaxy A21s, a pioneer in macro camera for smartphones Now, please welcome our 2 familiar hosts: Tran Thanh and Truong Giang Hello Suck in your belly, Thanh You look better without your belly bulge Hope that our guests today are as fat as us If so, we’re a bit less ashamed of our bodies – I’m not happy to have pretty boys and girls here – I’ll kick them out for sure Let’s see whether our guests are beautiful or ugly, overweight or tanned Now, it’s time to go back to your seats Please welcome our 2 special guests Hope that they won’t make us feel ashamed Welcome! – Stand in for me, please – Nope I wanna leave here right now – We assume that the guests would be – Warmly welcomed – But it seems that we’re not welcome here today – I have the same feeling with her That’s the truth, girls Actually, we feel a bit ashamed now Nah, I’m mad at you two What makes you that beautiful? I’ll treat you all to some drinks Please forgive me Wanna see that I’ll gain weight again? Pay attention, please! Have a look at Dai Nghia! I have to be here to do what I’m supposed to do, although I feel really ashamed of myself Ladies and gentlemen, let’s welcome Supermodel Minh Trieu, Actress and Singer Diep Lam Anh As a supermodel, Minh Trieu is definitely tall and pretty After getting married and having babies, Diep Lam Anh still looks so beautiful – How can you stay pretty after pregnancy? – After delivery, I try to take good care of myself, as well as work out to get back into shape – Do you follow a diet? – Honestly, I don’t – I just eat whatever I like – Oh really? How about you, Minh Trieu? Do you follow a strict diet to keep lean? Of course, I have to resist my food temptation to keep my body in shape Oh dear! Look at her innocent face! – Honestly, I’m truly a food lover – Do you like eating durian? What’s wrong with you, Thanh? – I’m asking Minh Trieu, not you – Your question really makes him jump I’ve just eaten 3 pieces of durian Oh really? 3 more pieces? As usual, we should have welcomed you two warmly with flowers and red carpet But we feel truly ashamed of our bodies This is the first time I’ve met Minh Trieu She’s truly beautiful – We haven’t met each other before? – Yes Actually, I’ve watched your catwalk in some fashion shows This is the first time I’ve met you face to face I hope that from now until the end of the show, after hearing my comments about the contestants, Tran Thanh won’t take back what he said – You mean you’re still beautiful in his eyes, right? – You really are Let me touch you and I’ll become tanned and lean like you My Goodness! Look at him You can touch Diep Lam Anh, Thanh After you have a baby, you will be as pretty as her You must be kidding, Nghia Let me – Let me! – Oh, touch her diamond, bro Gosh! Your diamond looks even much bigger than mine It’s just for decoration, girl Honestly, my diamond isn’t valuable at all Which team do you wanna join? You choose first, Diep Lam Anh – Excuse me, but may I jump in here? – Yes As for these pretty girls, their choices aren’t based on their preference for us – Instead? – It’s based on their face angle Oh I see You know, we had a discussion before getting here We realize that we have the same beautiful face angle – You have supported me for many times. You choose first, girl – Nah, you first You choose first – How adorable they are! They behave as if they’re attending a beauty contest

“You choose first” Choose first Alright, I’m wearing a white dress So I’ll join the white team Okay Come here with me, Trieu – Back to your seats, please – Go, go Come here Alright, sit down You know, health is more important than beauty Look at her! She’s very strong The same goes with her This girl is as strong as a horse Why didn’t you use good words to describe her strength? ‘Cause I’d like to describe her strength vividly What happened to your health after delivery, Diep Lam Anh? Of course, my health is slightly affected by giving birth But I’m still able to carry 2 people who’re as heavy as Tran Thanh – Oh Gosh! – Now she isn’t as strong as before Back then, I could carry three people at once – I was able to carry Tran Thanh, Truong Giang and Dai Nghia at once – You two are the models of beauty Did you try to carry your husband? That’s why you have 2 babies now Watch your mouth, Giang God bless me Alright, it’s time to meet our singer today Let’s welcome Trung Quan and Bao Anh [Hidden Voices] [Song: Nhin vao mua Composer: Nguyen Cong Thanh] [Song: Luoi Yeu Composer: Trang Phap & Luc Huy]

[Hidden Voices] Hello We look alike with each other, just like we’re triplets You and Trung Quan look alike But Bao Anh is different Alright, just stand here We should stand like this Although she’s standing with you two, Bao Anh’s still so pretty She’s lean and tanned Looking at Trung Quan, I feel much better now I know that you’ll be happy to have me here I love you so much, bro – Are you wearing your dad’s jacket, Bao Anh? – Stop kidding me

My outfit is rather sexy That’s why I have to wear this jacket – Can you show me your outfit? – Nope, don’t be like that, Thanh – I’m so curious – You got married already, Thanh ‘Cause I don’t believe in her I don’t care, bro Don’t care about him Is it beautiful, girl? Gosh! You’re a vegetarian, Nghia ‘Cause we’d like to admire the beauty – Wanna admire the beauty? – Yes – Take a look at the man on your left hand – Oh no! I’ll leave here right now if your show us your body – Which team did you join last time? – Tran Thanh’s team – How about Trung Quan? – I was in Giang’s team – Wanna change your team? – Whatever Which team should I join? Just do what you like But don’t break up his marriage That means I should join your team, right? I don’t say so You know, I’m sitting next to a beautiful girl Gosh! – Gosh! – How can you say that? “My heart is broken. I don’t wanna be with you anymore I don’t wanna see you anymore” Give me a compliment and I’ll join your team Good idea! We take turns giving you compliments Who has more interesting compliment will have your in his team – Okay – Listen, dear You’re always beautiful in my eyes You’re always beautiful Such a brief but great compliment It’s your turn, Giang Whenever I meet you, three words go through my mind: “Khong Cam Xuc” (No feeling) Oh dear! She goes straight to Tran Thanh’s team You’re driving me mad Alright, it’s reasonable that a beautiful girl has the right to choose her team first – She’s truly beautiful – There’s no doubt But she isn’t as fat as me – In this show, you’re the fattest – Yeah, they’re not as warm-hearted as me You’re really curvy and warm-hearted Gosh! Why did you use the word “curvy” to describe a fat man? You should have said that he was rather plump – Come here with me – Okay – Thanks, Truong Giang – Come with me Ladies and gentlemen, our guests took their seats already Let’s welcome our seven contestants today Let’s see Nghia! Nghia! – Can you do me a favor? – What can I help you? Can the girl number 5 stop waving like that? I’m afraid that her hands will be tired She must do that for a reason Look at number 7 How long have she held it? Gosh! I feel so worried for number 7 I’m afraid that Tran Thanh will steal her durian for now That’s my line Our contestants today aren’t normal people They’re gods and fairies Sound good It looks as if we have lost in the world of Greek mythology Can you guess which god is the first contestant? – The God of Mental Illness – Nope! Only those who have mental illness stand in a trash bin ‘Cause she’s standing in a trash, we call her God of Trash My Goodness! Such a good name The boy number 2 ‘s holding a scythe He’s rather familiar with us, right? We’re all afraid of him He’s God of Death – How about number 3? – She must be God of Trees You’re wrong – God of Forest? – Nope She’s God of Miracle You know why? That tree is the Miracle fruit tree I know that tree Miracle fruit can change your taste buds When you eat it, miraculine binds to the tongue’s taste buds, causing sour foods to taste sweet That’s why it’s called Miracle Fruit It can change spiciness and sourness into sweet taste Oh dear! This is the first time I’ve heard about that Number 4 is God of Speed We’re all afraid of God of Speed, right? Why does she keep waving like that? – What for? – To make wind – Oh I see – She’s God of Wind That’s nonsense – God of Wind – Number 6 – It’s Than Dieu Dai Hiep (Duong Qua) – Exactly How about number 7? – She’s God of Durians – Correct – She’s more mature now – Yes I told you that women matured through hardship She’s God of Durians because she’s holding a durian They’re just their images in this show In real life, they definitely have their own job Let’s figure it out one by one

The girl number 1 sells vehicle insurance – Did you buy vehicle insurance? – How much does it cost? It’s very useful As for this kind of insurance, if you’re killed in an accident, you’ll receive 50 million dong With this kind of insurance, you will receive 10 million dong if your passenger die in an accident and you’ll receive 60 million dong if you both die Is it that useful? Why don’t you keep it for yourself Gosh! She said as if she wanna see me die – I was so angry to hear that – So was I – I think she’s from Dong Nai – How can you know that? Those who live in Bien Hoa usually have that accent He means those who live near Cho Sat market speak with that accent Yep, she speaks with a mixed accent – Just like how Phi Thanh Van speaks, right? – Nope, Phi Thanh Van has a different accent But she fully adopted that accent After watching the clip, I’m not sure about her voice But I notice that number 1 and 4 should be paired with each other – How can you know? – Number 1 sells vehicle insurance and number 4 likes motor racing – Is it right? – Yes It seems that the guy sitting behind her in the clip is number 4 Listen to Trung Quan, please I notice that those who have a lisp like me usually sing well In that video, her voice was tuned already – But I found that she had a lisp – Is that so? I think she can’t sing – Kick her out, bro. I don’t like the trash bin – Okay, I’ll eliminate her Gosh! He wanna kick our contestants out at the beginning of the show – How evil he is! – Listen to this business woman What? Ahh Sorry, I’m a bit slow What do you think about number 1? I think this beautiful girl can sing well I think so What do you think, Bao Anh? I have no idea – Are you serious? – Yes ‘Cause I don’t know anything about her – You can guess just by looking at her face – I think she can sing well She looks so cool – With her dyed hair, right? – Yes – I usually have my hair dyed, so I guess she’s a good one – Ladies and gentlemen We tend to assume that those who have dyed hair are good singers Nope Singers usually have their whole hair dyed like this – They don’t have ombre hair – That’s right Her hair could change its color itself? No, no If she’s a bit younger, she may be a member of a girl band You know, girl band may have ombre hair like that But she doesn’t look young enough Moreover, she uses bold lipstick That means she’s a girl who spends her time enjoying herself Those who have that style are likely to sing badly, and usually sing karaoke with their friends You know, not many people who love karaoke can sing well Remember that you usually ask me to sing karaoke with you? Is it right? But you can sing very well That’s why I think she’s a good one Stop being childish What ya think, Minh Trieu? I’ve got an idea – Listen to me, please – Of course, we all give ear to you She must be a dancer Look at them all The other contestants simply stand straight, but she has to pose like that Oh dear! Such a good idea! What is it for, Thanh? – To make a good impression on us – That’s right I really appreciate her I won’t take back what I said about her at the beginning You’re not only beautiful but also intelligent I like you, babe Is she a good one? I don’t know My bad! I’d like to take back what I have just said In the previous episodes, there’s always a clue about the contestant’s voice in the introduction video But I don’t find any clue in this video I’m afraid that I will make a wrong decision Please notice that Why is she standing in a trash bin like this? But her trash bin is a bit short Why didn’t she use a taller trash bin? – Why? – It smells bad That’s true. It’s because the trash bin smells so bad You know, both of her legs are covered by that trash bin I’m sure that she’s wearing stylish shoes Let’s move on to number 2, the God of Death

He works as a raincoat sellers Gosh! Is it artificial rain? No, it isn’t This is Huy Huy is facing great hardship He thinks he should do his best to overcome the difficulties When he feel extremely sad, he will immerse himself in music Gosh! What a sad voice! As if we’re in a charity show After watching this video, Minh Trieu asked me a question She asked why almost all the contestants were either vendors or peddlers ‘Cause the producers couldn’t afford to hire a shop for filming It’s much easier to film them selling things on the sidewalk There’s no peddlers wearing such a luxurious necklace Moreover, he has 2 different rings That means he’s a rich kid He may sing well That’s right With his good condition, he could learn vocal music I don’t think so He can sing but he will sing like [Singing] Why did you sing that song? ‘Cause I like that song I didn’t mean that I’m sorry What do you think, Giang? This guy This guy has a bad luck today He has to play a role as a God of Death He can’t be here until Round 2 That’s karma That’s why I have to kick him out How about you, Minh Trieu? I’m sure that he doesn’t sell raincoats In the introduction video, his face looks It’s a chubby face He must be a playful and humorous boy – It’s more than likely that he just comes here for fun – He’s here for fun I think so Alright, listen to our singer, Trung Quan Can we punish the editor Nguyen Thi Ngan for what she did? How can we guess whether he sings well just by listening to his sneeze? May I ask you a question, Quan? I wonder whether your sneeze sound better than theirs or not? I can sneeze with the rhythm Oh really? You look like a cartoon character, you know? Yeah, I’m Quan Cartoon I think he’s a bad singer I’ve said that he might be a rich kid I’m not sure that he can be a good singer because it’s a 50/50 chance You’re not sure I realize that he looks so eager to perform his great song It doesn’t seem that he’s a bad one I’ll consider whether we should eliminate him or not Alright, let’s move on to the girl number 3 She works as a staff at a leisure center I’m exhausted now, sis May I take a break? Alright, hide somewhere and have a rest – Gosh! – My Goodness! The editor Ngan doesn’t seem to show any respect to us all – Come here, girl! – Wanna hit her? She could lie down in a ball pit and sing when she got tired Wanna collude with Ngan to troll us? – But we still could see her face when she sang – Oh yes Of course I could see her mouth You’re still green, Ngan So what do you think after watching her clip? As I could see, she’s wearing a wig No That’s a wig, bro It’s her real hair But it looks like a wig That’s nonsense You’re so unreasonable! But why did she dye her hair like that? Perhaps she’s a girl who spends her time enjoying herself When her face was covered by the balls, I could see her teeth – Is that so? – Yes The movement of her teeth shows that she might be a good singer Yes No matter how hard she tried to cover her face, I still could see her teeth You behaved as if you were a dentist What ya think, Trung Quan? They drove me insane already Oh dear!

– Let’s go home now – Okay – I just wanna leave here now – Let’s go outside to eat hotpot Okay, I and Bao Anh will turn off our phones and go to eat hotpot together The producers asked them to do that for a reason – She was at work, right? – Yes Then, she lied down on the ground and looked at the roof Her face was covered with balls, right? That means she sings awfully – Is it right? – Yes That’s a good idea I agree with you Of course I was right to join your team – You’ve just said what I’m thinking Go home for now It ain’t interesting at all when my team members don’t say anything Alright, listen to the married woman What do you think about these contestants? As you know, I used to be a dancer So I could tell that this guy is likely to be a dancer Trieu said number 1 might be a dancer But I don’t think so I think that she might be a dancer I can tell that just by looking at her boots, body and face It’s more than likely that dancers can’t sing well She seems to be sharp-witted I think that’s a trap You said the editor Ngan can’t fool you this time But I think you really got trapped by her – Is that so? – Yes, she might be a good singer – Why? – Just because I wanna troll you for fun That’s all Such a clever girl I like it Okay, let’s move on – I’m sure that God of Wind must be so tired now – It’s not her turn yet – We haven’t discussed about number 4 – Oh really? I wanna skip his video ’cause I’m afraid that he will get hit by his motorbike Let’s see what he does The producers wanna fool us all, right? Look at him Oh dear! His customers just went away I thought it was his grandma who sold noodle soup Wait Did he sold noodle soup or cosmetic products? – His face is so white – Yep I can tell that he loves himself very much – As we can see, he has lots of accessories – That’s right Excuse me, the girl number 5 is getting tired now You see? She stops waving sometimes She said: “How evil you are, Ngan” “Why did you force me to do this?” You got it? It ain’t fun at all Let me tell you about this guy He’s wearing glasses but still puts on makeup like that That’s nonsense, bro! The same goes with me – Oh dear! Is that so? – Yes That means he’s here today to perform his song perfectly I have a gut feeling that he’s a good singer because he looks so cool with his outfit As for number 5, she may be a bad one – Don’t talk about her – Okay I could see many thing from his video And I agree with Thanh I think his job in the video is real But I still don’t know whether he can sing or not – Are you serious, girl? – Yes, I am Oh dear! She’s talking so seriously Please say something to make us proud, girl Sorry, but I have a clue about the contestant number 4 In the video, he looks so different with the boy standing here As we can see from the video, he can’t be a good singer However, by looking at him right now, I can tell that he’s a good one – It ain’t easy to guess whether he’s good or not – I agree with you I can’t believe that such a good boy like this works as a food seller I think I, you and that boy can form a music band That means he can sing, right? I’m not sure But I wanna keep him until the last round to sing with ,e Why don’t you choose him right now? If Quan chooses him, you won’t have chances to sing with him – I think he can sing well – So do I If you and Bao Anh choose him right now, he’ll have the right to choose one of you two Do you wanna choose him, Trung Quan? Yes, I do Alright, Trung Quan decided to choose number 4 to sing with him

How about you, Bao Anh? Think, girl Is your song suitable for a boy? No, it isn’t So I won’t choose him Okay Congratulations, number 4 You’ll be here until the last round and sing with Trung Quan Let’s move on to number 5 What’s her job? She’s a model How professional she is! Gosh! She stood in front of a fan Thus, the wind from the fan changed her voice She looked more beautiful in the video I believe that she is a model Let me think whether models can sing or not Oh no You’ve got the answer already At the end of the video, when she sang in front of the fan, was her voice changed or not? Is it her real voice? There’s nothing real in this show Her voice sounded quite good Hope that she can sing well Minh Trieu thinks she may be a good one – How about you, Lam Anh? – I have a gut feeling that she’s a student in a music academy She seems to be a singer – She and Bao Anh look alike – I agree It’s likely that she can sing well If she holds 2 chicken legs, she will look like Bao Anh Because you sell chickens, right? We’re opening another restaurant – Are you? – Yes I want my mom to relax her hold ‘cuz she’s old now But customers insisted us on opening another one Such attitude! Since their chicken is so good that customers don’t allow them to close the business up Such attitude! But she can’t sing well How about you, Quan? She looks so impotent She’s just tired – How could you use that word to describe a woman? – Such a weird word choice! For this girl, there are two possibilities Umm One, she’s sung badly since childhood Two, she can sing well – but this acting part tires her out – So tired of it all! – You’ll go ballistic if you can sing well yet are asked to keep waving – For sure! She’s talking to herself: “Why do you ask me to act like a mad woman, Ngan?? Are you out of your mind?” Like that – She’s blowing a fuse, right? – She is Alright. The singing ability is 50 – 50 Leave her there Now comes Yang Guo! What’s his job? A pool lifeguard My goodness! How manly they are! What’s that? – My gosh! Look at them – So manly! – My goodness! – Look like Ali and Truc Nhan Help! Help! Jump into the water and pull the man up That’s how their love story began This man in white joined the show once – Does he sing well or not? – Well Think about it They’re friends Uhm That one can sing well means the other can’t Their noses, chins and mouths look so alike Made by the same doctor – You’re always like that – That friend came back from the show and said: “It’s so much fun. Trust me!” “Truong Giang was bewitched by my voice.” He got excited Why should he stay at home? “Okay! Let me be Yang Guo I’ll appear calm so that they think I can sing well” Players number 6 and number 2, who sings better? – I think number 2 sings better than number 6 – You’re so doomed, Yang Guo! Yang Guo! With those eyes and lips, I don’t think he’s a lifeguard, but a makeup artist That’s it! This is Yang Guo, not Xiaolongnü! But a makeup artist can sing well! Right! I affirm that he can sing well – I don’t think he can sing well – You must be kidding He’s very confident He looks very relaxed and smiles at whatever we say He doesn’t try to act to hide any truth He’s confident in his voice He’ll sing like this Good catch! Hurry up! The durian is about to fall Her hand must be very tired now

Podium number 6. Li Mochou! She’s a durian seller Khuong Dua took the chance to promote his durians in the video They look just like blood brother and sister There are two standees at the back Khuong Dua with his durian is on the right Color Man with his fish sauce is on the left But while the picture of Khuong Dua can be seen vividly, that of Color Man was washed out – He must get his salary deducted – He may even get fired Color Man’s blessing on the left Khuong Dua’s blessing on the right She can’t sing well hands down What are you thinking? They are the two most powerful moguls of Dien Quan She must sing well for the sake of their reputation – My goodness! – Singing badly is what the show is famous for Umm With these two moguls by her side, this girl must be exceptional! Have you noticed how small Color Man’s picture was in the video compared to the huge picture of Khuong Dua? And she turned to him And Khuong Dua doesn’t sing well – If she turned to Color Man, she’d be good – Color Man can sing well Khuong Dua hasn’t dared to upload any MV Since she turned to Khuong Dua, the possibility of her singing badly is high Their faces are identical They must be relatives If you’re wrong, she’s gonna rub your face with durian shell Have you ever listened to Bao Anh’s mom singing? Her voice is so good that it makes you feel paralyzed She feels paralyzed for chopping too many chickens Not for singing She can sing well I heard Bao Anh’s mom sing ‘cuz her house has a karaoke machine – So this girl can’t sing – Just a normal voice – Just a normal voice – She can’t sing well Alright It’s time for discussion You have 30 seconds to pick a person who doesn’t sing well Go! This is hard I think he doesn’t sing well We’ve decided to keep number 4 Pass! This is hard – Can he sing? – He can Time’s up! Tran Thanh’s team, let me know your choice! No matter if you like it or not, beauty should be conversed I said number 3 sang badly at first But after some observations at all the players, number 3 appears to have more potential The girl number 1 doesn’t change her pose That’s the one Since she sings badly, she can’t switch poses for she’s afraid of being exposed I think it’s not the right thing to keep her standing near the trash bin anyway – She’s being mad – That’s right We should bring her out here as soon as possible How about Truong Giang’s team? Ladies and gentlemen, life is hard That’s why each person has their own job, and minds their own business Like comedians, models or singers But when a model meets a model, problems arise! Try to pick a quarrel with us again! That’s just one of the options You must have watched martial arts movies back in the day Worried! Yang Guo has to be paired with Xiaolongnü She’s sitting over there Here she is – White dress! – Xiaolongnü! This is Xiaolongnü and that is Li Mochou! But Li Mochou doesn’t fall for Yang Guo – because her younger brother decides to – To do what? Eliminate him! So you choose number 6, right? Yang Guo, they said you lost one arm and the other arm couldn’t hold the micro! Come here and blow their mind! We’re doomed He can’t even catch the rhythm The music is so upbeat! That one can sing well means the other can’t – I think he can’t sing – You must be kidding. I affirm he can sing well Again?

Great acting! So funny! He’s so into acting Such a singer His wig almost fell off You’re an actor, right? Yes Now, introduce yourself! First of all, I’d like to say hello to all the artists here today I’m Huynh Thanh Phong I’m a play writer, a play-actor in some plays A play writer, a play-actor in some plays He has a very good voice – Which theater? – I’m a new actor in Minh Nhi Theater Feel like Minh Nhi Theater is the wholesaler of this show – Ask Ngan! – I must call Teacher But none of them can sing well. Interesting! – How long have you studied? – Four years I’m writing script for a play performed by Mr. Thanh’s little sister When he said “little sister”, he had to point with his littler finger! Sophistication is a trait of a script writer Thanh, don’t you know him? You’ve never watched your sister performing? How can I know all of her classmates? – Your sister studies at Teacher Minh? – Right – Has she ever get scolded from Teacher? – Yes, she has Right But she’s very active Active But does she act well? Yes, she does She’s very optimistic! Optimistic? She’s optimistic about her acting? Thanh is speechless now Continue what you’re doing Don’t branch out! – Thank you! – Good bye! Tran Thanh’s team I’m worried now She may get her joint dislocated Sister, stand straight and sing well! Welcome! Let’s see if she can move on her own or she needs help Now she starts doing non-sense stuff! This music may signal that she can sing well She even doesn’t bother to look She can sing well She’s so pretty She must sing well Non-sense? She can’t sing – I think she can sing well – She doesn’t sing well – She can sing well – She can sing – You deserve it – My goodness!

– Look! – Can you help me stand up? Help her! Thanh, you prayed for blessings but seem like it was ignored I’ve got twisted neck What? Non-sense! Poor her! She’s only 15 See? If only I had gone against his choice – That’s right – Why didn’t you stop him when he chose number 1? Because he gave me this look – I forbid you – I forbid you! What do you want? Switch team? My goodness! – Sister – But that’s alright – Ngan is a dangerous woman – That’s okay You said you loved me, then you scolded at me, and threw me under the bus – That’s two-faced – Two-faced! Poor her! – Let her tell you about her difficult life – Your voice is so good I’d like to give you my compliment Your voice is very strong Not many singers today can sing live as well as her Where are you from? – Where are you from and what do you do? – First off, I’d like to say hello to all the artists Hello Mr. Dai Nghia and the audiences Thank you so much!

My name is Nguyen An An – An An? – Yes And I’m a freelance singer How old are you? I’m 24 – 24 – 25! 25. Not 15, Giang! He said your pronunciation was strange, and the trash bin was filthy – You should keep silent – Silence is gold But still I have to say a few word to explain myself You got possessed? Make it up for her You, the businesswoman! You should do it – You, the singer – You should go and show your sincerity You are the one who should give it to her You pay for what your peer does Be brave! And you shouldn’t be upset anyway It’s Bao Anh, not you, who has to pay for it – What?? – Don’t you know this rule, Bao Anh? What’s that? Guest singers are the ones who pay if they choose the wrong person I like that – I’m doomed! – My goodness! Her seven boiled chicken! Just another stupid mistake! It’s all because I trusted you Sorry. Your voice is so great I was way too wrong Thank you and good bye So in this first round, Tran Thanh’s team has made a wrong choice They lost VND2 million That number may not stop there, Bao Anh Many chances of spending money are awaiting Round 2: Lip sync [Round 2: Lip sync] My goodness! – How could you do such a thing? – That totally makes sense Make sense! She got mad and threw the shirt at him which accidentally covered his face Poor the shirt! Minh Trieu, what do you think? Not much different from round 1 I can’t see anything in this round anyway Pay attention to his acting The player number 2 may sing well – Number 2 can sing well – He can sing well The player number 2 looks calm and serious I could only see his mouth when he said the word “shoulder” – Did it match the music? – Yes He kneed down at the right time too – Take my money! – Trung Quan? I really wanna prostrate the girl number 3 I’m so mad at her – How could she cover his head with that shirt? – So mad at her! How dare her tease it! Let’s see how she performs It’s possible that the man will throw the shirt at her in return I encourage him to do it Number 3, please come to the stage – How’s her lip-syncing? – She lip-synced the verse so accurately – You could see her? – Yes. Very accurate! – Through that hole – Right, through that hole This rose bush is full of thorns With this bush here, I don’t know where to stand – How can the camera catch me? – Sit down! Then how can I talk to everyone? Thanh, as you walked closer to them, what do you think of her lip-syncing? – Exactly correct – Exactly correct But more importantly, she doesn’t sing well I feel like she’s more of an actress This girl is also from Minh Nhi Theater, Tran Thanh’s sister’s classmate So she’s number 6’s classmate? They acted so well together – That’s right – Ask your sister I’ll leave if I see my sister in the show someday – How about you, Bao Anh? – Good – Good. So you two have different opinions – That’s right Quan! She lip synced correctly, right? And her lip movement looked so beautiful She looks so bright – An good actress can also lip sync very well – That’s right. Eliminate her!

Alright Leave her there Number 4, the God of Speed Trung Quan has decided to keep him He’s gonna perform his lip-syncing now This can make you regret Welcome! Ngan is not the only one who wanna harm us The cameraman does, too He ran around with his camera and covered everything The God of Speed must have stolen someone’s necklace Those two girls are trying to find their way back The Goddess of Wind! Do you know how to get back? Lam Vi Da’s sister! Wanna show your support? She picks the durian up again Like a real seller As he whizzed by like a wind – I didn’t see anything – You saw nothing? The cameraman covered everything, right? – I even didn’t know who that person was – I didn’t know when it started I think that team will win this time You’re quick, Quan! I’ve been here three times I’ve gained some experience He could be a dancer – Don’t be too confident! You may be wrong just like me – Right I was losing face in round 1. Remember? Yes Since we decided to keep him, we lose the interest in saying anything So give it a pass, right? You keep him anyway – This is the one we’re waiting for – This is the one Let’s see how she creates wind Number 5, please! What song did she sing? What song is it? I don’t care what she sings I’ll eliminate her no matter what Don’t! She’s interesting! I love the idea of a duet between her and Bao Anh – Interesting, right? – I’m obsessed! The way she sings Others know when to start singing by listening to the rhythm No. She opened her mouth from the beginning and only closed when the music was off Remain idle and wait for the windfall! – Do you know why? – Why? She didn’t know when to start – She just opened it from the start – Right That way, she would never be wrong Weird! This might just be her scheme She knew we’d talked about it You’ve done a lot of talking But I’ll only listen to you when you make a correct choice Well said, sis!! That’s hurt, Lam Anh! Say something to regain your honor! Too embarrassed to say anything! No way to regain it – That’s a painful truth! – Nothing else to say Give some comments to show your acumen I said she could sing well at first But when she stepped up and opened her mouth like this, I changed my mind I changed my mind – I think she doesn’t sing well – I’ll just go opposite to Mr. Thanh’s choice – I think she doesn’t sing well – Is that so? Do you dare to say she can sing well? I do! Let’s find out who’s right and who’s wrong later Trung Quan? – I can’t find any word to describe her – This girl doesn’t sing well no matter what she’s trying to do Don’t be so sure! There were those who got smeared from the very beginning ended up delivering such an phenomenal performance We had to repent of our misjudgment Come sell durians! Lam Vi Da’s sister! Please come forward! She’s glancing Cheer up! How graceful she is! She looked like a warder She made such a stone-cold face! – Eliminate her! – She walked around with that face and told us to cheer up! Cheer up! Excellent!! I was so scared She’s got the face of a murder I worried that she might throw that durian towards us – My goodness! Excellent! – I’m obsessed! What now? She made that stone-cold face And she tripped over again and again

Now I’m even obsessed with this durian girl than with the wind girl You’ll have an even better duet with that durian girl I’m so obsessed! If you don’t keep her, she’ll throw that durian right to your face We must admit that she’s really self-possessed She tripped over again and again yet her expression was still intact Some people were born with such a grace, doing catwalk along the music all day long just to end it with two words “Cheer up!” She looked like the God of Water and then told us to cheer up! One question, is it a real song? This is a very long song Those are the last two words The Music Director used this music What for? To have us waiting for the lip-syncing part – And it was accurate! – Very accurate! – She lip-synced very accurately – Adorable! – She’s good – Keep teasing her. She’s gonna blow your mind – So keep her! – I will! Don’t eliminate the durian! Keep her no matter what! She could be the real sister of Lam Vi Da – I’m so obsessed – So obsessed. Must keep her! 30-second discussion! Go! Eliminate those who sing badly Say it! Say it! What’s your team’s decision? Ladies and gentlemen, the two teams’ choices may be identical But because of our business relationship with Mr. Khuong Dua, – That’s partnership – a years-long partnership, we can’t just say no – Color Man often gives me fish sauce, chilli sauce – I’ve just received two bottles of chilli sauce – Khuong Dua always gives us durians, avocados – And grapefruits Since we’ve eaten their foods, we have to let her stay another round As for other players, we haven’t eaten anything from them We can just cut them off When we’re too active physically, our muscles get tired The player at podium number 5 appears not very stable Time to go home Your family is waiting for you Number 5 Bro! These are some fruits that carry a lot of weight But humans are born hard-wired for relationships She’s so passionate about it She said “Cheer up!” We can’t just let her down Alright Stay there! Stand there with your head held high! I know what you’re gonna say next There are myths about the God of Miracle I made my choice in round 1 and I was wrong Their faces are gorgeous yet their souls ain’t They turn on me They try to put me down. I have to endure everything I wanna hear what my sister has to say first This area is all planned This is the icon of the show today She’s the icon – In America – The icon! America has the Statue of Liberty – The Hidden Voices has the Statue of Durian – Exactly! This is hard Of course What is your take? Diep Lam Anh made herself very clear – The player number 3 – Doesn’t sing well You’ll go opposite to what I say You say she can’t sing well I say she can! Means you’ll keep her till the end? She hasn’t decided yet What does that mean? – Just say your choice in this round – That’s right – The God of Death definitely – Let him leave first? That’s how it’s gonna go Bao Anh chooses the God of Death The God of Death number 2 Players number 2 and number 5 Let’s hear the player number 5 sing first I’ll stay hopeful that she can sing well I thought she could sing well at first But when she came to the stage and did this, I changed my mind – I don’t think she can sing well – She sings badly no matter what she does It’s over! It’s finally over!

It’s over! A round of applause, everyone! It’s finally over! You can bring people to sleep with your voice You have a mature voice Yes It shows that you’re a bona fide grown-up You’re insusceptible to ever-changing nature of all things You sing with all your sincerity Your family is happy to have you – My parents said that too – There you go Her voice is so lovely anyway Who are you? Where are you from? First off, I’d like to say hello to all the artists and the audiences of The Hidden Voices I’m Tran Minh Trang I’m a model and freelance actress – So you demonstrated your real job in the video – That’s right – Are you living in Hanoi or HCMC? – I’m living in HCMC Beauty is enough Good voice is optional – You don’t need a good voice – As long as you do well in other fields – Thank you for joining the show – Thank you everyone! Good bye! So lovely! One second! In the lip-sync round, you opened your mouth from the start Is it because you’re not confident in your timing? That’s right – So you just opened your mouth and wait for your part – That’s right Thank you So much fun! Thank you! – This way, please! You’re so pretty! – So cruel! – She’s so pretty. Poor her! – She’s pretty, right? She’s tall and owns pretty face Now comes the performance from the player number 2 – the God of Death! He probably sings well – Number 2 is a good singer – I agree! – I don’t think he sings well – I guess he just comes here for fun [Thuan Theo Y Troi Composer: Vuong Anh Tu] One after another

– What a pity! – No! Excuse me! – Please let me speak – What’s there to say? You’ve been a professional singer for so many years Do you have any problems with Thanh? – Why do you always go against him and make bad choices? – In this case, we should listen to Diep Lam Anh’s comment – Is this our fault? – It’s definitely not my fault Hey what?! Actually, I’ve never said that this guy sang badly Secondly, I’m sorry. It’s my ego to blame In the beginning, I claimed that I wouldn’t listen to Thanh’s advice – Bao Anh, is that how our family teaches you? – Great job! – Amazing! Let’s hug! – Since when do you speak just like Truong Giang? Nonsense! Since when you ruin someone’s future by believing in a joke? Well, you got to perform, to sing anyway, right? – It’d be better if he got to sing and take 10 million Dong home – Is that so? But 2 million Dong is good too Do you accept my apology? Em Khong Sai, Chung Ta Sai (This is not your mistake but ours – a hit song’s name) – Excuse me – Enough! Please stop speaking! – You’re here ’cause of Trung Quan, right? – I like all 6 artists here You like so many people huh? Who do you wanna sing a duet with? It’s Trung Quan I usually perform his song Chua Bao Gio in Nha Trang – Perform? – That means you’re a singer? – I’m a freelance singer – What’s your name? – I’m Nguyen Van Thinh – Do you have a stage name? My stage name is Thinh TOP Well, I represent Bao Anh’s family I’m her uncle. I apologize on behalf of my older sister, Bao Anh’s mother, for not teaching her properly – Today, she makes a mistake by sending Thinh TOP home – Sing your usual song! I bid you farewell and go on chopping chicken for sale What are you laughing at? Come give him the prize board

– What’s wrong with our team? – There’s nothing wrong Take responsibility for your mistake! – Once again, do you accept my apology? – I accept the prize board But how about my apology? – I only give you the prize board if you accept it – Hey, you have to give the prize to him no matter what – I know. But do you accept my apology? – Bao Anh, you already lost 15 chickens 15 boiled chickens are gone, dear Okay. I know I’m the one at fault Oh, do you hear her? How pitiful it sounds! – I’m sorry! – Thank you – Happy? – Thank you Thinh for joining us Last time, you lost one round and won another But this time, you lose all 3 rounds Gee, look at Number 3 and Number 7! Curious about the outcome? Let’s move on to Round 3 – Reveal! [Round 3: Reveal] Ladies and gentlemen, we have 3 contestants left The “God of Speed” is already chosen So all he has to do is wait for his turn to sing Our 2 ladies are equally outstanding Believe it or not?! I don’t wanna choose any of them I’d like to go home and have some nice dishes to help me overcome this nerve-racking situation It’s usually said that after the storm comes the rainbow. But all I see is rain Still, you can’t run away from your responsibility 30 seconds for your team to interview the contestants. Start! Number 3, which music genre do you usually sing? Pop ballad Hey there, durian! Who is your favorite singer? Mr. Thanh! Alright – Now we know! – Gosh, you make me speechless, lady! Thanh sings too, don’t you? – Excuse me, what is your preferred music genre? – Folk songs This one makes sense The previous answer sounds dishonest Time’s up – Who are they gonna sing with though? – Bao Anh! Yet she doesn’t get to ask them a thing How about you give them your 30 seconds then? – Gosh! No big deal! – Come on. Go ahead! 30 seconds given to you from Truong Giang start! Bao Anh, anything to ask them? Feel free to interview either Number 3 – Number 3, can you sing my song? – or Number 7. Otherwise, – you can even interview Number 4. It’s okay – Gee, let her ask! – You can ask for Tran Thanh’s advice if necessary – Oh please, time is running out No big deal. Time doesn’t matter You’re too much, Nghia! No. It’s great if you wanna choose the “symbol” of the show If you choose Number 3, things will turn out all well You won’t know what bitterness is and time’s up You know what?! It’s like you’re being haunted and talking nonsense without consciousness Can I ask now? Time’s up. No more chance for you What? How innocent she is! Should I make the decision or the whole team does? Even my grandpa wouldn’t have the courage to choose – But please share your opinion – What for? You’re going against it anyway And you’ll blame me later – No. Please speak. 2, 3! – Wanna hear my advice? You want a good performance or a fun one? – I’m so into Number 7 – Then keep her 25 million Dong doesn’t mean a thing to her – Right? – What is your decision? – Alright then – The “symbol”? – Guess I’ll opt for the “symbol” – Alright. Number 7! It seems like your words send a chill down her spine Oh gosh! Your choice makes her Hey, Nghia! Let’s re-enact that part! I choose you! Oh my freaking god! – She was shocked, you know?! – Please get prepared inside She was like, “After all that, you still choose me? Seriously?!” Come on! We know nothing yet, right? – Maybe she tripped and stuff – Let’s go! What are you waiting for? But she kept tripping, you know?! She is not used to wear high heels, alright? Maybe she’s the best singer at her college Now, please pay attention to this girl – The “God of Miracle” girl – I believe she sings well Her real hair looks like a wig Her tooth gives her away. She’s a real bad singer In the middle of her shift, her manager let her take a break When she lied down, she looked up at the ceiling and her face was covered in balls

That means she sings terrible Every evil plan has its flaw. In this case, it’s her tooth. And of course, I don’t miss it I can tell she sings well as soon as the music starts [Lam Nguoi Yeu Em Nhe Baby Composer: Nguyen Jenda] I feel so sorry for you You’d make a great duet with Bao Anh Nah, her voice would only fit for a musical contest in high school or something like that – Which grade are you in? – First of all, I’d like to say hello to our 6 consultants and the audience Dear, don’t call them consultants They’re just participants You should have said, “I’d like to say hello to our 6 stubborners” Don’t listen to him. What’s your name? My name is Nabee. I’m 23 years old – What’s your job? – I’m a YouTuber I see – Which category is your YouTube channel in? – I usually uploads vlogs and cover songs – That means you sing very often right? – Yes – Do you like Bao Anh? – Yes That’s why she eliminates you – How cruel you are! – Thank you for joining us – Goodbye! – Goodbye! Thank you, everyone – Bao Anh, it’s your turn – Really? It’s time to enjoy your durian Give it up for her!

I’m certain that Number 7 can never sing well Color Man is on her left while Khuong Dua is on her right There’s no way she can sing well That means she’s more likely on Khuong Dua’s side? Doesn’t she look quite like him? She could even be a member of his family She’s gonna blow our minds! [Ai Can Ai Composer: Hua Kim Tuyen] Take them off and enjoy! She even took her heels off and danced You’re not gonna wear them? The heels seem to cause her lots of troubles She’s stumbled for like 10 times I choose the wrong size. It’s a little too big for my feet – You’ve made lots of wrong decisions though – The dress is a wrong choice too Nope, this my the best dress for me to shine – What’s your name? – Yeah right. That durian part alone already helps you shine – What’s your name? – First of all, I’d like to say hello to the artists and the audience I’m Thu, 27 years old

– What’s your full name? – Nguyen Thi Bich Thu I see. Bich Thu means everyone likes you? Good pun, bro! I get the name Thu (autumn) as my parents think autumn is a beautiful season. Plus, I was born in August, which is the start of autumn But what’s better? “Bich” goes before “Thu” is like concealing the whole beauty of autumn No. “Bich” means jade “Autumn” and “jade” go together Firstly, thank you Bao Anh for guiding her to the finish line – I’ve tried my best – Please go back to your seat Where are you taking her to? Nah, she’s holding my hand – Oh, I thought – Hold on, dear. I have some questions for you – What’s your job? – I’m working for an HR consulting company – That means your company is specializing in recruitment and stuff? – Yeah, kind of Who casted you for the show though? – It’s a secret – Not again! – You did a great job today – She looks a lot like Vy Da Kudos for the part where you walked around carrying a durian – But the heels are a little big – That’s why you stumbled, right? – Yes – But it was like a lovely highlight of your performance – Nice stumble, wasn’t it? – Funny, not nice Fun is what matters most, agree? Thank you so much for joining us! – Where are your heels? – Gosh, she has Le Loc’s lips but nose of Vy Da She does resemble Lam Vy Da, huh? You may go inside – Thank you, everyone – Why don’t you wear your heels properly and walk inside? Sorry, I can’t Once again, Bao Anh makes a mistake You’ll be listed as one of the guests that lose 3 rounds in a row Trung Quan, please So nervous! My heart is about to explode I’m shivering here This guy seems like a narcissist He comes here to own this stage I have faith in this guy He’s well dressed as well According to the information shown in the video, I think he can’t sing well [Chua Bao Gio Composer: Tien Tien] How lucky! Thank you for helping me save 2 million Dong OMG! What a relief! Thank you for making a great choice

Your eyes are sharp enough to pick him right from the start. You guys did a great job! – Indeed. What a spectacular performance! – It’s so good that my armpits keep shaking This performance makes me feel sorry for my niece – Thank you, Quan. You can go back to your seat – Thank you – Bravo! – I have a question If you got eliminated early, which song would you sing? I’d sing Chieu Hom Ay Oh, a song by Jaykii If Number 7 got eliminated, she’d sing a song called Ga Hom Do (The Chicken of That Day) What’s your name? My name is Vuong Bao, but everyone calls me Bao Vuong – I see. Are you a singer? – Bao Vuong is Bao Anh’s brother – Oh really? – Yes. I’m a freelance singer – Do you wanna hear him sing a song as a farewell? – Sure Alright. The stage is yours [Chieu Hom Ay Composer: Jaykii] Thank you for being here and providing us such sensational musical experience

Now, everyone, please come up here! Please welcome Dat G! Van Mai Huong! Why are you wearing a backpack on a TV show? Nah, it’s a journalist’s outfit It’s used to keep money I rush here right after selling Banh Mi Catch Episode 13 of Hidden Voices 5 at 7 p.m. on 20 Sep 2020 on HTV7 Bao Anh, you will go home empty-handed today You’re now one of the contestants who lose all 3 rounds – But it was fun, right? – Of course. It’s what matters most Look at the kid next door! Meanwhile, our own kid is standing with her hands in the pockets She even gives back 4 million Dong to the show Thank you Diep Lam Anh and Minh Trieu for joining the show For the 2 contestants who have made it to the last round, no matter how you sing, you’re gonna get – 10 million Dong each – This lady looks genuinely happy Please tune in and have fun with Hidden Voices every Sunday at 7 p.m. on HTV7 The show is brought to you by HTV and Color Entertainment Thank you our exclusive sponsor Galaxy A21s, with advanced macro lens for highly refined close-ups See you all next week!