Phim Tết Ngũ Hợi Tấn Hỷ|Tập 1 full:Màn đụng độ nảy lửa của cặp đôi Lương Thế Thành, Đàm Phương Linh

It’s our great honor to cooperate with Best Fund Thank you – Is everything ok? – Great Try your best Let’s move over there to get the opening ceremony started Ladies and Gentlemen, ABC real estate company has invested in flats in different sizes but this is our first time cooperating with Best Fund We promise to carry out the rise of top smart and luxurious flats in Vietnam Liar! Don’t trust him He looks classy but that’s fake If you keep dating him blindly, one day you’ll see He’s married. Who do you think he’ll choose if your affair is exposed? You? Or his wife? Sorry for that incident It’s time for questions. I’m gonna answer them all Please go ahead Go back to the company right now! We don’t need you here anymore Well…Anyway, we haven’t received any complaint from our customers It was such a tiny incident. I think you shouldn’t have reported it to my superior You really think it was a tiny incident, don’t you? Go away before things start getting worse! Gee!! Holy…! I’m so sorry Are you okay? Sorry! After you So sorry What the heck on Earth is going on? January 18th, ABC real estate company has signed a deal with Best Fund to begin constructing deluxe flats for upper class in Phu Thuan Ward, District 7, HCMC

Mr. Nguyen Phi Long, investor, said: ABC real estate company has invested in flats in different sizes but this is our first time cooperating with Best Fund Phi Long is a young businessman who has accomplished remarkable goals in his career at the age of 36 and dedicated greatly in ABC’s success Last year, Business Magazine has honored him one of young businessmen who obtained admirable achievements Hello It is on the media that you’ve just hit the jackpot, right? You should hold a big celebration Okay. I’m visiting you on the second day of New Year. Then I’ll treat you whatever you want Cool! How do you think if the feast costs a penthouse? Not a big deal As long as you can find a restaurant which meets my requirements, your wish is my command I found one. I’ll send you some photos of it later Does it meet my requirements? I don’t know. I’ve found you some restaurants before but none of them could satisfy you You contacted the owner directly or through an agency? Through an agency, of course I myself can’t find any restaurants which meet your harsh requirements You also asked me to rummage this place just to find you a bottle of fish sauce Ah, have you found it yet? I’ve just listed out some brands But you must come here and check it by yourself. It’s gonna be useless if I think it’s good when you don’t Okay dealt Cheers! Tell me! What is this? You knew it. That’s my resignation letter I promised you to win that project for our company and I did it. So I want you to keep your promise I haven’t dealt anything with you Mark my words. Nothing could ever be more important than our family business We’re holding a company party tonight Come early. I’d like to introduce you to an important partner Sorry mom, I must get my own business done tonight No matter what happens, you must show up ’cause you’re the head of the party Men are meant for business, not kitchen This is just a temporary passion If you just want to eat delicious dishes, let’s hire a premium chef to cook for you Remember, to those who run business like our family do, every single moments are precious Don’t waste your time chasing this meaningless hobby I’m mature enough to be fully aware of my life You are forced to go to the party tonight Installation art is special works arranged not only on walls but also on floors or even outdoor to create a space of art, not simply art on paper like it used to be Mai What? I feel so sorry for you It’s no use to against him and now you lost your job just because of me It was lucky for him that you were there If not, I would have been smashed him into pieces Sweetie, why do you still not believe me? Promisingly, you’ll learn a lot of valuable things if you accompany me on this business trip Let me tell you a thing Not everybody gets this chance to go with me I’m giving you priority

I know. But I think I’m under qualified for this chance Hey!! What are you doing? Sweetie, don’t deny me Look. Your innocent face is driving me nuts Stop! Hey! What the heck are you doing? Let go of her Let me drive you nuts What are you gonna do? Lucky for you that I haven’t penalized your fault at the event now you dare to criticize your superior? Do you want to get a sack? It’s no use to threaten me. I’m out I don’t work for such a pervert superior like you Pervert! Let’s go! – Hey! – You pervert!! – Mai – What? If uncle Duong knows this, you’re done There’s no way back Moreover, I don’t belong to office work Let’s take it a chance to release myself from it Last but not least, I can’t work with that pervert You, go find another job. No need to restrain And don’t ever hear him sweet-talking. It’s no use Okay I got it What are you gonna do next? I’m going back to my hometown My dad will certainly tell me off harshly But this time I’m determined to pursue and stand for my passion How? Don’t worry. I have my own weapon When are you going back to your hometown? Right now What? – Now? – Yes! Yes boss? Please come and pick me up Where are you going? To the airport. Right now Sorry boss, but your mom told me not to Okay. You don’t have to come anymore Mai, we’ve been standing here for 15 mins You should stop being hot-headed Just tell me you’re gonna go back home and you do it immediately! Gee! I’ve been being jobless for a long time. If I keep staying here, I surely can’t afford a plan ticket to go home. Right? My ride is almost here. Don’t worry How about booking a taxi through hotline? The plane won’t wait for you It’s gonna be okay. You must stay positive The taxi is on its way Okay. Be positive Here it is. Hey! I’ve gotta go. Bye! Bye bye! Take care! Text me when you’re home – Are you going to the airport? – Yes I’m going to the airport too He’s my boyfriend. Please help me with my luggage – What the…! – Let’s put them in – You? -You? We promise to carry out the rise of top smart and luxurious flats in Vietnam Liar! Don’t trust him If you keep dating him blindly, one day you’ll see He looks classy but that’s fake He’s married. Who do you think he’ll choose if your affair is exposed? You? Or his wife? Gee!! Holy…! Sorry What are you doing? You’re going to the airport, aren’t you? I’m heading to the airport, too Unless you agree to share the cab with me, I’ll miss my flight Please! No! I don’t wanna go with such a troublesome girl like you How stubborn you are! I told you that was just an incident. I didn’t do it on purpose Plus, I also apologized for that None of my business. I don’t care – Please. I beg you – Stop and look for your own cab. This is mine Hey! I haven’t got in. Hey! -Gosh! -It’s all your fault Your fault! You still dare to blame me? – Your fault! – Yours! Walk! – Such a troublemaker! – How useless you are! Hello

The fish sauce we’ve manufactured this time tastes so good – It’s completely pure – Right Guys, how is it? – Hello uncle Duong – Hi The anchovies we harvested last time were good. But the ones this time are even much tastier Really? They’re all big anchovies, no miscellaneous fish. So the fish sauce we made this time must be more delicious Great Uncle Duong, have a look at this Its color and good smell can tell me how delicious it is Pha Le Restaurant has called me many times showing their insistence on buying our fish sauce It’s explainable If Thuyen Xua fish sauce is ranked number 2, then no brand can become number 1 Hardly can they find such clean and pure fish sauce like our product Though they insist on purchasing our product, we aren’t able to provide the numerous amount they required I told you to send them an email telling that we can’t make this deal but you seem still considering Uncle, as Pha Le is a huge business, why don’t we take away some products we supply for small distributors and provide them for Pha Le? No way! You must keep our prestige like we’ve been doing for years Our products are manufactured 100% in traditional way You must keep prestige among distributors Without them, Thuyen Xua can’t reach to this position Okay I got it I wish we had more barrel houses I’m old and quite weak now When I retire, my heir can expand this business as big as he wants Uncle Duong, you look still strong enough to run this business in the next decades ‘Til Mai has her grandchild I do think so. Only around 50 years that I can live up to I’ll find a son-in-law and pass the recipe and handover this business to him Can I be a candidate? – You? – Yes Definitely yes! Good morning Miss I want all of you to be neatly-dressed ’cause you’re the face of this resort Yes Miss Okay. Let’s get back to your work Mr. Hai! What’s up, sweetheart? Stop calling me that way or people will get it wrong Are you about to go out now? Won’t you stay to greet your special guest? I’m in my hurry. I’m leaving a couple of days for business purposes In case I’ll be too busy, I’ll stay a bit long. Otherwise, I’ll be back soon Hey, I order you to take care of him directly Wait Business purposes? What’s that in particular? Don’t tell me you’re gonna chase after that girl That’s not “chase after” She came here all alone from Da Lat. I must accompany her to the airport just to guarantee our guest’s safety That’s it. Bye bye Hey, Mr. Hai! Let’s go, darling Hi. You’re here Am I your debtor that you keep calling me nonstop shortly after your flight landed? ‘Cause I didn’t see you around I thought you’re gonna leave me here Oh my! How can I leave this little sister Little sister? You jerk! We’re friends Future little sister-in-law! Stop being insane! – Let’s go – Where? To eat Bun Quay. I’m hungry and craving for it

Eat again? Don’t you know dining with you is one of my biggest fear? Awesome! I’ve been crazily craving for this dish – Hey! – What? Let’s be frank with me Why your Tet holiday starts too soon? Did you get a sack? I didn’t. I intentionally quit What? How dare you? Has uncle Duong known this? Not yet, of course Hey, don’t ever tell my dad about it! Okay? – Wait – What? I haven’t told lies to Lan If Lan knows I’m covering up for you, she’ll certainly get mad at me Lan Lan Lan all the time How about me? Am I not your close friend? Nah, let me get it straight We’re close friend. You get mad at me? I can deal with it Lan is my crush. I feel sorry for myself if she gets mad at me I think that’s just a little crush. In fact, it’s deep, hah? You know. Lan is my motivation actually my biggest motivation to work for your family’s fish sauce factory – Mai! – Huh? Can you do me a favor? Would you mind helping me express my love to Lan? Please! Only you can help me with that If you refuse to help, I might run away from this place I beg you Please Alright I’ll be your adviser who will help you approach my sister. Okay? Promise me? Anyway, it’s your ability that determines your success Trust me I’m good at it Mrs. Ba, one more bowl for me please – Hello Sir – Hi I’m Xuan Lan, Mr. Hai’s assistant I’m Long I know. Mr. Hai told me already Where’s Hai? He went out for emergency problems He ordered me to take good care of your stay – After you – Thank you You probably have to stay under great pressure working with Hai He’s humorous. He loves making jokes You always take his side. That’s why he took you a long way to Phu Quoc just to assist him Actually, Phu Quoc is my hometown Ah, let me introduce our resort’s new program To make customers feel like they’re at home, – “Feel like home” will – I know. Can’t believe that Hai put my recommendation into operation Ah! Is that you who proposed that idea to Mr. Hai? I’m just kidding Are you okay? I’m fine – I’m sorry – It’s okay Thanks This way, please This is your villa Did Hai mention that I have some special requirements? I’m a bit ahead of our schedule so I can wait outside if everything isn’t ready I’ve finished the preparation If there’s something wrong, you can tell me Okay Let’s see your room He prefers a spacious room with simple furniture designs in cool colors

He loves cooking so the kitchen should be well-equipped, with many spices Does it suit your taste? It’s nice. Thanks Hai said you were a successful businessman, and had a passion for cooking Give me more spices, okay? Of course, I’ll have it done Would you like some scented candles? I must ask for your permission first, as some customers aren’t pleased to have strange smells in their rooms They prefer to enjoy the sensation of living in nature Well, the same goes for me If you don’t need anything else, I’ll leave Okay Have a nice holiday Thanks Hi Hi, buddy Is it okay, buddy? It’s great except one thing What’s it? Fish sauce I see It won’t be a problem This pot has only one lotus every year How special! Don’t peep! It’s no use Uncle Duong will know you quit your job He will shave your head Oh my! I can imagine how manly you will be with that crew cut What are you saying? Hey! You promised not to spill the bean Don’t tell him that I know but it’s him who got you that job He will find out eventually I’m picturing your manly look in that crew cut Cut it out! I have no choice We should enjoy our life – Be optimistic! – That’s right – Got it? – Alright Let see how you tell him Get in Daddy! – Daddy! – Huh? You’re back? My daughter! – I miss you! – So do I I miss you, Auntie! You rascal! Why are you back so early? Your company went bankrupt or something? I just have an early Tet holiday, that’s all Ain’t that a nice thing to say? I miss you, Auntie How’s it going? – Yes? – How’s your job? Well Yes, everything is okay I work 8 hours a day, with one hour and a half for resting My payment, not including lunch, falls on the 8th Everyone loves me and I’m trusted by my boss! – That’s good – How well-prepared she is! I should call Mrs. Ha and thank her – No need – Huh? Why not? Well, I think if you call her, she’ll think that you want her to make me an official staff I don’t want that I have to earn her approval with my own skills – Don’t call her – Okay How boastful she is! Sau! Sau! What are you doing? Removing her grey hair? No, bro Remember to buy some mantis shrimps Mai likes it Yup Hurry up! Why do you keep laughing? You guys should be going to the market – Are you tired? – I am Take a shower and wait for your meal – Hurry up! – Okay My God! She’s become so beautiful after only a few months in Saigon

Ouch! What are you doing? What’s that? S-Stroking your hair You dare? It’s right in front of me What? Go to the market with me, okay? No way! You go! Those crabs will get ya! How lovely she is! My sweetheart! Have you visited Phu Quoc? Many times It’s my mom’s hometown I decided to live here for a long time What do you think? Phu Quoc’s beautiful You’re welcome to live here – You here for food? – Yup How much is it? – 100,000 VND per kilogram – No way It’s decent, man! Yesterday, it was 70,000 Oh my! C’mon! The price has increased, you know Is that so? You charge me more just because I’m your loyal customer No, that’s why I’m telling you the truth Well, I seriously doubt that – It’d be 120,000 for a stranger – Oh really? Yup I’ll take 5 kilos so give me a discount I’ll give you more – You sure? – Of course Okay, give me 5 kilos Here Just pick – Help me! – Sure thing Here! See? They all look so good See that? – Put it in – See? It’s much bigger than that one – A lots – Is it as big as me? – Almost – Really? Hey, you have a party at home or something? I buy them for my niece. She loves these Lan dropped by my stall and bought some Who? Your niece! – Oh really? – Yes Oh! Who did she go with? She went out with a handsome guy Really? Is that so? Look! She’s over there! Wow! How handsome he is! – He could be in my league – Nope, he’s more handsome than you – He looks like me, though – He’s fitter My Goodness! Duong will be so happy! Lan has a boyfriend He’ll have a son-in-law soon I think so Alright – She bought a lot, didn’t she? – What’s it? Yeah, she did – Really? – Yes Well, you can have these back You scoundrel! How dare you leave without buying anything? Wow! A big sale! I’ll buy it One more! And this one! You only care about clothes Sis! There’s a big sale – I’ll buy one for you – Nope You know, Long quit his job Goodness! Who will run the company? I’ll call him now No need I’m his mom, yet, he ignores my words What makes you think he will listen to you? She despises me? He’s very obedient to me What is your plan? Nothing Just let him relax After my new year trip , I’ll deal with him Yup – Hey – Huh? Instead of shopping, help me run the company Huh? Sis! How can I do that? Hey! Oh my! She’s always harsh on me Hi, Auntie Long? It’s me Yes You little rascal! How dare you quit the job! Where are you? I’m in Phu Quoc Don’t tell my mom, Auntie Sounds great! You’re enjoying there, right? Why didn’t you ask me to come? I’m not, Auntie – So what are you doing there? – I’m pursuing my passion

Oh! Is it a girl? Right? You have a girlfriend, don’t ya? Just talk to me You know what it is A restaurant, right? Great! Hey! Can I be your cashier? I’ll manage your money No need! Just stay at home with my mom I’m busy now. Thanks, Auntie Hey! Long! That rascal! How dare he hang up on me! Everyone! Hey! Breaking news! You won’t believe this! My Gosh! Guys! This is just insane, bro! – What’s got into ya? – He’s nut, bro! Nope, I’ve just found out something Jesus! It’s just so unbelievable! Calm down! You’re acting like a maniac Nope, bro! I’m dead serious What’s it? It’s Lan! What? She’s pregnant – Oh my God! – What? What did you say? Lan’s pregnant? Nonsense! I didn’t You just did What’s wrong with you? – He said that, right? – You did Nah She has a boyfriend Really? That’s a good new! I didn’t know anything She didn’t tell me, either I think she wanna surprise us when she introduces her boyfriend – I think so – Oh, really? Bro! Don’t you believe his words Half of them are crap No It’s true. I’ve asked everyone else Is it? I’m sure of it – He’s so handsome – What’s he like? He’s as good-looking as an actor Really? His hair’s like this. See? His face looks like mine Pretty hot, right? – I hope not – That’s what he looks like I’ll have to run away if he looks like you You just don’t see my beauty, that’s all Anyway, this is great Yup Especially when he looks like me, right? Your family produces fish sauce? For several generations I’m certain that our fish sauce is the best in Phu Quoc I’m curious already I’d like all the dishes in my restaurant to be the quintessence of Phu Quoc That’s why I need a great fish sauce like yours I’ll show it to you tomorrow You will like it for sure I’m glad to hear that Excuse me Hello, it’s me Huh? I’ll be there I’m sorry I gotta deal with some problems at the resort I’ll be leaving now Be quick, okay? The food is almost ready Sure That’s my name My suitcase How…? Thuyen Xua Fish Sauce? What’s going on? – It’s your fault – It’s yours Go away! So stubborn! You are! What a nuisance! What a jerk! Huh? – Are you in a rush? – I am May I book a taxi for you? No, thanks. I’ve got one Can you take care of the seafood for me? Feel free to take it home Consider it a gift – Goodbye – Bye Thuyen Xua Fish Sauce

It’s here Hi Is it Thuyen Xua Fish Sauce factory Yes, you wanna buy some fish sauce? No. I come from Saigon Is there a girl called Xuan Mai here? We were in the same flight She’s small, with short hair A very vivacious girl We mistook each other’s suitcase Oh, she’s the owner’s daughter If you wanna find her, go to her house She’s not here Where is it? Go straight, then turn right Just ask for uncle Duong’s house Everyone knows it Thanks This is Mr. Long’s room, a friend of our manager You should take care of it carefully Of course, I’ll do my best Thank you Hi, it’s me Hey, is that Lan? Hurry and go home I have something to ask you I’ll be right there Sau said that you had a boyfriend Nonsense! Don’t listen to him Oh, really? He saw you with your friend buying seafood The guy is so handsome that he’s second to none but Uncle Sau, right? That’s obvious Hey! I have no boyfriend, just some seafood Really? Get back here! I’d love some of that Alright, goodbye Bye! What? What do you mean? Oh my God! She’s gone too far! I’m sorry I can’t believe she did that I’m so sorry My Goodness! Thank you! It’s mine, right? No, no! – Huh? – No It’s for Phung I made it for her There’s some left here Pour it into another glass Mai! – Come here! – I’m coming! Thanks Hey! That rascal! Wonderful! What’s up? You quit your job, right? Put it down and tell me! Is that true? How many times have you quit? Tell me! I’m so sorry Dad! I have a reason this time No, you do not! You lied to me You told me that you had an early holiday I raised you up decently, and you lied to me! I didn’t I’m sorry But I have my reason Wait! let me show you this Where ya going? Mai! Is this the one? Sir! Is this Xuan Mai’s house? She’s the daughter of uncle Duong, a fish sauce maker That’s it Are you her friend? – She’s back – Thanks Dad! I’m so sorry! I intend to tell you after dinner Well, you know everything now I’ll be honest with you Dad! I’m sure you’ll be happy with this This is my gift for you Let’s see

Behold! Oh my! What’s it? Why are ya showing me these? Ya wanna freak me out? No, I don’t – So what’s it? – My Goodness! Take it easy, bro! Don’t do it! – Phung! Talk to him! – Huh? Bro, please get a hold of yourself! – You will regret it – What? Ya mad or something? My goodness! – It’s mine! – Gosh! Watch out! Dad! He took my suitcase! Where is it? Give it back to me! At the resort! – Gosh! He’s getting closer! – Don’t touch it! Give me back my suitcase first! Hands off! Just wait, Dad! I’ll bring you the gift! – Hands off! – Go and get my suitcase! What the heck was that? She’s just fearless, isn’t she? – What are you doing? – Hurry up! – Give it back to me! – Hands off! No way! In your dream! Give me back my knives or you can forget your suitcase Didn’t you see that they were intact? What? Are you nut? One was chipped You know how important it is! It’s my life! How can you say that? Give me a new one or you’ll never have the suitcase back It’s just a small chip That’s the true I won’t give anything to you unless you hand over my suitcase Keep dreaming! You’ll get it when I have a new knife You heard? Be responsible for your actions! Ain’t ya a Dutch uncle? Are you sure that you didn’t break any of my stuffs? Of course I am Come in! I’m not like you Where is it? Where? “Where?” See? You’re so irresponsible You threw it away, didn’t you? How can you tell? I put it here this morning Where is it now? It’s very important to me, you know! Calm down! Don’t yell at me! I’m responsible I’m not you! Don’t worry! – I remember. Maybe – Don’t beat around the bush! Where is it? Hey! Let me think a bit, will you? Take it easy Miss! Come here, please You cleaned this room, right? Yes Did you see a pile of papers? I did Where’s it? It was on the ground so I threw it away, thinking it was trash W-What? Y… You threw it away? I’m sorry Why are you making such a fuss? Can’t you see? I’m in this deadlock because of you! Calm down! You’re scaring her I’ll handle this Miss! This is not your fault Now, I need you to focus and recall where you threw it Do you remember? In the wastebasket The wastebasket You go and look for it! Wh Right now! Here? Yes Over there, right? Honestly! You’re a man, ain’t ya? This is your fault so you should find it Getting you here is my duty You’re on your own now Nope, she got me here It’s your turn now Do it! Hurry! What a surly girlfriend – Do it! – Alright! May I interrupt? Hey, there’s nothing in here

I left it right there Outside? Yes Where’s it now? On that dump truck! Oh It’s gone You did this to me! What now? You’re responsible, right? You lost my possession! What are you gonna do about it? Quit your noisy whining for a bit and let me think Okay I’ll just pay you back. How much is it? Alright? Money, huh You’re all about money You think it can buy everything? What was that about? Hey! My suitcase! She calls this a surprise What a crap! Big brother! Calm down You’re an elder now You’d better keep your cool or your health condition will get worse She’s right, bro We’re no longer young, and with age comes sobriety Yeah If you easily get mad with such simple things, your blood vessel of the brain will certainly be broken one day You’ll be a goner! That’s true in your case – My case? – Yeah, don’t ya preachify me! Only chubby people, not skinny guys like me, will get that condition Are you referring to me? Are ya chubby? Yeah Ya darn right I am Dad! Hi Uncle Duong! Uncle Sau! Aunt Phung! – I’m home – Yes? – Hey – You took her home? Yes Dad, where’s Mai? Let’s not go there! We’ve had enough of her What’s that? It’s seafood I’ll cook it for you Your boyfriend gave you this in the afternoon, right? What do you mean, Uncle? What? Ya high or something? No! I feel perfectly fine – What’s it? – Bro! Do you remember that jerk who pointed a knife at us earlier? So? He’s Lan’s boyfriend He had a quarrel with Mai He did Well he was with Lan and argued with Mai And – What? – So!? So confusing Are you okay? – Wait! – Behave yourself! My blood vessel is going crazy He’s with Lan but knows Mai as well Are you okay with that? Will you stop? I have no idea what you’re saying Neither do I! You go and find Mai! I haven’t seen her since we arrived What a nuisance! It’s your fault! How come? – Aunty – Yeah? What happened? Well It’s about Have a drink, Dad Uncle? Uncle Duong? What? Please forgive Mai She’s still naive I think she learnt her lesson He’s right, Dad You know how she is As ever, she’s an energetic girl, not someone who can sit still all day Being an office worker is just not a thing for her She’s still very impulsive, even reckless sometimes I’m afraid that if you keep being so harsh on her What are ya trying to say? I can’t let her be childish like that forever She’s old enough to be independent and settled down Oh We have a new knife set now Pretty sharp Hey, it’s me Don’t scare me when I have a knife Where’s my Dad? Is he still mad? Honestly Our situation has never been this tense Can we settle this after Tet, Dad?

You guys are so annoying I’ve made up my mind Stop backing her up! Go away! Will ya? I’ll go then Dad? Uncle? I’ve never seen him this angry He seems enraged this time What do I do? Hide! One knife Two Three Four egg whisks Get rid of them! Get them out of my sight and throw them in the wastebasket! I can’t do that, bro I gotta keep them as they’re proofs Do what you want If you see Mai here, let me know I won’t let her get away this time Just count on me, your right-hand man, bro I won’t be easy on her If she shows up, I’ll get her to see you at once Just so you know, I’ll have slapped her twice before that I seriously doubt that I mean it Mark my words or you’re done I know, bro Okay I promise him to slap you so let me keep my words But I promise him It’s gonna hurts Yeah, right What should I do? I’ll be honest They say dog does not eat dog But this time From the look of his face, it seems that he’s very serious about your case Uncle! I have nowhere left to go now Gosh! Listen You should go and stay at our rental restaurant I’ll figure something out in the meantime You know him It’s gonna be okay Listen Your father is short-tempered but he’ll hold nothing against ya Alright? You can count on me, sweetie Sau? Yes? Prepare the rice! Give me a sec! I’m talking to Mai Bring her here! I-I mean no I’m just speaking to myself Okay, I’m coming! Go Uncle Duong! I have your chicken here Good grief! It’s pointless No one is in the mood for chicken Where’s everyone? What’s going on here, mister Sau? Hey, what’s wrong with you two? What do you mean? Is it a crime to call me your Uncle for once? That’s what we often call you I’m about to marry Phung so you guys should address me formally We will when you two are married Sooner rather than later! Ignore him, dear Where’s Uncle Duong? Who’re ya asking? You How can you ask me plainly like that? Call me Uncle! Alright! Where’s Uncle Duong, mister? I mean Uncle Sau! Forget it! I’ll look for him myself He loves pissing me off that much? As if I ain’t got enough troubles already Where’s Mai, Uncle? Mai’s done for She’s the reason why we’re in this situation Well It’s all because of her She got us in a big fuss It must be something very serious, which is why Uncle Duong is furious Darn right it is Brother’s always been a gentle person I guess I’ll have to bring this chicken home Hang on You don’t have to But no one is in the mood, right? Except for me I’m still hungry, you know Just go I’ll cook and save it for later Right? Okay, I’ll help You can but I ain’t gonna share it It’s all yours. I gotta get back to being blue Jesus! This family is in such a mess – Dang it – Jesus Unbelievable! Hello?

Where are you? Sis, you home? I’m on the bridge Is Dad still mad? I’m home but he’s still very angry Why did you run away like that? Well I didn’t know what to do I wanted to show him but I just couldn’t find it It’s impossible for me to go home now What is your plan? I guess I will go Wait, I’ll call you back in a sec Yes? Hello? Sis? You there? Why did she hang up right at this crucial point? What am I supposed to do now? Here comes the food! Dears Yes? Did you prepare Mai’s food? I did Alright You guys called her? I got her on the phone but Dad came and interrupted us Don’t worry. She’s at our old restaurant Huh? Really, Uncle? Alright I’ll bring the food to her in case she’s hungry Auntie, I’ll do it Lan I’ll come with you, just in case No If your father finds out, he’ll kick you two out of the house If I go, it won’t be that bad Unlike your case Yeah She’s right Uncle Sau Are you sure Mai is there? You speak as if I’m a nobody in this family Well, you’re a weirdo It doesn’t matter where she is That doesn’t concern ya all, got it? How dare ya talk behind my back? Just wrap your things up and go if ya wanna back her up! I know darn well that some of ya are planning to cross me! Ya think I’m a fool?! That was scary He freaked me out You guys were talking too loud Uncle What did Mai do to make him this mad? Well, it can’t be help You know Mrs. Ha? It’s not easy to get a place in her company, you know Big bro swallowed his pride and asked her to accept Mai Suddenly, Mai just quit the job without telling anyone She’s unemployed now? Is that right, Uncle? Jesus! Are you nut? He’ll hear you if you raise your voice like that – Uncle Sau – Uncle Stop it! Have you gone mad? You want him to come back here? Just keep your voice down He’ll come back at any time Keep it down, okay? Listen What? Well Did you notice that he was a bit different than before? – Did you? – Nope – No idea – Yeah Well, as expected from those who are not close to him With my extensive experience of being a freeloader, as the right-hand man of big brother, I can tell that he was mad but in a charming way What do you mean? Well, his anger was very charming, not savage like before That’s nonsense You don’t believe me? Watch this Alright, listen up! I’ll kick ya all out if ya wanna back her up! – Right? – Yeah He was different today His voice was lowered His shaky shoulder when he turned away said it all It was shaky not because of the cold wind The reason is he was crying I saw him wiping his eyes What a crap I doubt that You’re so sharp – I didn’t see anything – Yeah Well, he was wiping the tear like this He had his arms down like this, he didn’t wipe anything – That was your imagination, Uncle – I’m a nobody in this house, ain’t I? You’re weird I agree Let’s stop this You guys enjoy the meal here I’ll bring some food to Mai Okay Right Sit down and eat with him – Okay, Auntie Be careful, okay? Mind your business Here, Uncle Thanks You gave me too much, boy More than I can eat That’s how you love me? – Yes Dear, don’t you worry

Have some Uncle Sau She doesn’t like peanuts I’ll take that What now? You’re a responsible man, right? You lost my possession! What are you gonna do about it? Quit your noisy whining for a bit and let me think Alright I’ll just pay you back You happy now? Money, huh You’re all about money You think it can buy everything? What was that about? Hey! My suitcase! Oh Auntie! I almost had a heart attack, you know That is my line You freaked me out with your scream I couldn’t help it It’s too dark for me to be walking and shouting all over the place, ain’t it? Right? Alright, eat up Yeah What’s it? Rice vermicelli With beef Awesome! Mai, dear You… go and open the door for me I can’t, Auntie. I’m scared – I just can’t – But You crybaby It’s alright It’s… just the security guard, that’s all Okay, coming! Auntie! Oh, no Remember this date, dear This date – of the lunar calendar – Don’t say that It’s a full moon today Auntie! It’s Sau! Your Uncle! It’s me! You freaked me out! Give me back my suitcase Fine, keep it to yourself I don’t need it You meanie! Good bye! You Watch out!