Bloomington City Council, April 1, 2020

you will come to order this is a meeting of the Bloomington Common Council for the first of April 2020 is the second special session conducted electronically pursuant to the governor’s executive order 2002 declaring a public health emergency for the code 19 outbreak as well as several further executive orders will clerk please call the roll it’s member Raleigh your skin be weary yeah rosenberger here Sims yeah rollin here P moans me here clarity here Smith you’re in Sandburg here present and accounted for tonight’s agenda includes reports from council members reports from the mayor and city offices in particular or reports from the economic stability and recovery working group reports from council committees and in reports from the public or fortune House committees I think will include and appointments to boards and commissions we will have legislation for first reading including appropriation ordinance 2001 to especially appropriate from the food and beverage tax on expenditures related to the convention center expansion and support of local tourism during the Kovach 19 emergency I see a foreign sports question EB after first reading of the council schedule discussion and a German followed immediately by committee of the whole to discuss appropriation ordinance 2001 should council see fit this evening with that we’re gonna go to reports from council members be the first time that members have had a chance to speak to the public since a month ago is there anyone who would like to speak I’ll start with councilmember Smith sure it’s been out tough last month and I know everybody’s reaching out trying to help each other and that’s a really great thing in it and it certainly makes us all feel better I I looked at my job in in a real world is working with people out in public and elderly and disabled in their homes and I did an informal poll of the providers probably about 10 or 15 providers about if they had masks of equipment and all of them said yes we have an adequate supply some of them are sewing masks some of them are gobbling it together from old supplies and some of them have been able to order some of them online so that we’re all kind of holding the line at that point but I just wanted to let everybody know that at least from my perspective things are being held up and we’re doing a pretty darn good job in the scary times so thank you Thank You councillor Smith that’s member Sims hi I didn’t happen on this but I think I will thank you that’s my council member just previously stated this has been a very tough time for us I do believe things are continue to be tough for a while but I think this too shall pass but at first what I’d really like to thank or acknowledge is the staff and the folks at the United Way Monroe County United Way and some of the things they’re doing in Monroe County and Green and in Owen the Community Foundation and I think that’s a Bloomington and Monroe County and IU Health Bloomington’s Foundation and I think many of us

already know what a lot of the funds that they’ve collected and how they’re utilizing it to help those in our community that have basically been hardest hit and there’s so many in this community that are doing things to help lighten the load overall things like the food train that we’re delivering food across the city to help those in need I know that the food bank is just very very busy because many of the food pantries across the city are meeting to be restocked and replenished so we can help a lot of those folks and as you can imagine most of that meat has increased since this Co mid-nineteen has started and even our little small pantry at Second Baptist we replenish it restock it help as many people as we can and do it all over again and I think that is being replicated many many times across this community and there are so many others out in the community that’s helping I don’t know of all of them and if I keep talking I’m sure I’ll not mention someone and I don’t want to offend anyone I just want to say thank you Bloomington is a great community to be involved in can we do better yes will we do better yes I believe we will but as we are now I just want to offer my thanks to everyone that’s helping us get through this time thank you Thank You council verse in Wisconsin brisk and blurry yeah I want to acknowledge a group that has done a staggering amount of work this weekend and that is an economic stabilization and recovery group this was recommended by mayor Hamilton and includes Alex Crowley of our economic and sustainable development office general referral of the Bloomington Economic Development Corporation and Fred more of the chamber Shaun Starwood’s Indian coopersmith also of economic and sustainable development Brian pain of CDFI Bloomington and it can’t eats their dimension though I think the Kovach crisis has created the number of immediate needs for us and a number of demands on any number of people for quick response to it it also is going to require us to think long term and this group has done amazing work thinking about how we are going to support our local businesses and employers in the coming months and I just want to applaud them you will hear more of their work tonight but I’ve been sitting in on daily check-in calls with his group every morning and I watched the plan that they’ll be talking about go from an idea to to a pretty well-developed rushed out plan in 72 hours and I just want to applaud them for that and thank them for their work on behalf of our local businesses my employers thank you thank you council where’s camera Laurie comer Sandberg thank you this is a time to thank a lot of people and I want to especially mention my own community neighborhood of Matlock Heights we are a close-knit neighborhood to begin with always looking out for one another and we are relatively compact and we keep in touch even in normal times but the leadership of the Matlock Heights neighborhood association has done a really good job reaching out making sure that we’re all checking in especially some of our more elderly neighbors who may have some needs and so kudos to Matlock and I’m sure there are neighborhoods across the city that are being good neighbors and looking out for one another and that that needs to be mentioned because I think that’s a big part of what makes Bloomington such a special place also while we’re giving thanks big thanks to the continuation of city government team and also our council liaison Dave Rallo for keeping us all informed of that really excellent work that’s going on there too so as many of my colleagues have said there are so many people to thank a lot of people stepping up and taking taking charge of where some of the need gaps are and so thank you to all who are doing that Thank You councillor Sandberg councilmember Flaherty sure you know the comments of others and just briefly think also city staff most of whom are continuing to work through this emergency and challenge I’ll be it through in unique circumstances so whether it’s you know folks that are at City Hall or Public Works utilities and out in the field everybody’s going to find new ways to get to work and work within this within the limits of of staying safe and healthy while still earning city services so I know it’s been a challenge for the city and certainly the continuity of city government team that councilmember Sandberg mentions has been leading that charge so thanks to all the

city workers also I just wanted to briefly mention that in addition to the economic Stabilization recovery working group the mayor Hamilton has also convened a working group on social services led by many in philanthropy in Bloomington and the climate action and resilience committee of City Council is laying with with that group which is also headed up by a Beverly calendar Anderson with the city so I just wanted to mention that for anybody watching if you have questions or ideas or input in the context of community resilience by all means feel free to reach out to me or the other members of the climate action and resilience committee which includes council members Rallo Piedmont Smith and Rosenberg thank you thank you that’s what were flared a councilmember Rallo yeah thanks well D continuity of city government purpose already been mentioned and I just wanted to say what an excellent job that they’ve been doing department heads and deputy mayor niacin mayor Hamlin saying essentially to keep the city running keep vital services going protect city staff protect the public who may still visit City Hall and particularly particularly mission-critical staff for instance in public safety and and at the water treatment plan so forth to protect them so they can continue doing their job just by also wanted to just mention that I think that’s when I wanted to make a call out to the Bloomington quilters guild at his Bloomington quilters guild out of work because they’ve been doing a really great effort in organizing mask-making we know that masks are in short supply we know the n95 are particularly needed by health care workers and so we don’t want to compete with health care workers in service of securing masks but cloth masks can work very well and you know they work as a barrier to prevent you from getting infected to prevent if you’re asymptomatic or you’re just starting to show symptoms to keep you from spreading is it’s a good means by which you can prevent touching your face which is one Avenue by which you get infected and then it may actually intend you eight the severity depending upon the dosage that you get so if you get a smaller viral load by having a mask that’s probably going to be better for you than getting a lot of virus at once so for all those reasons I think with hearing more and more about it that it’s a good idea to wear a mask in public and I imagine that very soon we’re all going to be wearing masks we’re going to see everybody wearing masks in public so that’s that’s all I have thank you Thank You councillor ello concept we’re rosenberger hi thanks I really don’t have anything new that I mean I am just so thankful for everyone working around the clock and grateful for all of our you know health workers and grocery workers folks are out there doing their essential jobs to help keep everything going so thanks a lot that’s it Thank You councillor rosenberger come over a few months Smith yes um I don’t know if I have anything to say that hasn’t already been said I am very impressed by neighbors friends colleagues professionals reaching out and tackling this problem from various perspectives the Bryant Park Neighborhood Association has an active email list among the neighborhoods that I represent that’s the most active email list and there have been wonderful ideas wonderful volunteer opportunities the neighbours have gotten together to make kits for salom center to make masks to share meditation techniques to have you know rainbows in the windows so people can go for a walk with their kids and they can count the rainbows to have packed lunches for a wheeler mission so I know this is happening in all the neighborhoods in Bloomington and I think that’s you know the very thin silver lining in this in this pandemic is that it is showing the best in people and bringing out the best and showing that our community really is filled with people who want to help so I really admire that and I commend that I wanted to just mention with the masks of course my colleague councilmember Rallo is is absolutely right the homemade

masks are a lot better than nothing but they are not they don’t make you invincible they’re not like surgical masks they’re not like the 95 grade masks so I do recommend people people wear them in public and keep making them for our frontline people but you still need to be very careful even if you’re wearing one of the homemade masks so I think that’s all for me thank you very much thank you concert people in Smith I am glad to hear that the neighbors are getting together as long as it’s not too close you know to help with Shalom Center but you know this is the new reality April has come and the news is we’re going to be doing this for a period measured not in weeks anymore but perhaps in months and what we’re gonna be doing is essential business only not just in council but everyone has been admonished by the state government that we need to shelter in place for the foreseeable future so I’m grateful for all the reports I’ve heard from my colleagues about how the citizens of Bloomington ever risen to the occasion but we need to brace ourselves that the news is probably going to get worse before it gets better so I urge everyone to steel themselves to resolve themselves to you know make our way through this crisis intact as one community with that we’re going to go now to a report from the mayor and his offices to discuss details of the response to the crisis mr. mayor would you like to present thank you very much can you all hear me okay give me a lot of money okay good thank you it’s really nice to see your faces good to be together in these new ways and I want to just echo you all discussed in such good ways many good things happening in the community to be thankful for and thinking our neighbors and our people doing the work that you all talked about I won’t repeat all of that just affirm it and add my thanks on behalf of everybody I’ve said we’re in a marathon that starts with a sprint I think we’re probably still in the sprint but we’re looking at the marathon soon you know there’s been a pretty intense effort to get a lot of things up to speed a lot of that is happening has happened of course there’s more to do in this sprint but I also think we’re starting to think about what’s the marathon gonna be like as you referenced we do expect we don’t know I don’t I can’t add any inside information but I would I would expect the governor is gonna add some weeks to the stay at home order that officially is still scheduled to end next week but I certainly expect that that’s gonna get extended so I appreciate the chance to come here give you updates every week as we continue to respond to this health emergency and answer your questions and give updates and get some dialogue and let the public hear about this too via Kat so now I appreciate everybody listening in who wants to get updated thank again all the employees all our residents I’ll just know thank you for all of your work nine of you and the clerk and the staff who are helping keep things moving at the City Council and clerk office level including thanks for your review of the food and beverage ordinance tonight which is an important investment in our continued cooperation we look forward to that so jumping into some updates as if in reference the continuity of city government team is continuing I think they’ve had eight meetings now and in two and 1/2 weeks or so they’re meeting now regularly twice a week we appreciate the participation of all on that including Clerk Bolden and councilmember Rallo as well as the number of administration folks that group again in a sprint but also thinking about the the marathon is really working very hard to keep city government functioning protecting against risk both as an institution and as all our employees one big step happening this week is the I think it’s called the families first coronavirus Relief Act something like that that is a federal law that kicks in today April 1st the big things that are relevant for you to know that does create a particular two weeks paid leave that we are making available to every employee who is dealing with a certain category of things in particular if they’re sick or if they’re caregiving for someone who’s sick and a couple other categories like that that’s going

to be available to all of our employees there’s also a provision of that act that creates a Family Medical Leave 12-week leave that is also paid though a two-thirds level basically this is a federal mandate we exempt from that 12-week family medical leave which is designed specifically for people who need to care for a dependent under 18 due to school closings or childcare closings we are we under the law we are to exempt emergency responders and we’ve identified those many that you would think of police and fire and dispatch also Water Works folks sanitation is included and that list has been has gone out to employees we will continue to work with that that that kicks in today and that’s going to be a relief to some we we by the way you should know we don’t get we don’t get federal reimbursement for that that’s at least in the current set up another update you all probably are aware we did have our first employee of the city with a confirmed kovat 19 diagnosis a firefighter they were diagnosed to confirmation last Saturday a few days ago they have been in isolation before that and have been since I can report to you I’m happy to report to you that this firefighter is doing very well and is actually itching to get back to work and they will be back to work when their protocols are met to assure no transmission risk we also implemented protocols as we have ready in every place of when when if when a person has been confirmed that way that were put into place with the fire department with other people being isolated and other things like that you know our parks just one of the examples of what the continuity of city government does our Parks Department of course we closed playgrounds last week we’re continuing to monitor we do want to let people get outside exercise with safe physical distance we did determine that the basketball hoops were not amenable to that we hope people could but they couldn’t so those hoops have been closed and chalked and and and and locked up changes at the golf course and and a lot of protocols like that happening and signage all over encouraging people when they’re outside to be careful and we will continue to monitor that that’s the kind of thing that the continuity of city government keeps looking at regularly just some updates to on police I think it may be of interest to you we have a really excellent collaboration going with the IU Police Department we okay you excellent operation zone with the IU Police Department in particular as students have returned to town we do see some and we get reports of some anecdotally and I’ve seen some myself of students gathering in ways that are probably not consistent with the governor’s order the IU police and the Bloomington Police have kind of carved up the city with with IU police taking areas closer to campus both west and east north to say if we have reports of people gathering in parties or gatherings that are not consistent with the stay at home order yeahyou police are gonna respond directly in those areas the Bloomington Police will respond directly in the other parts of the city and and one thing you should know of the IU campus and IU officials have been very cooperative in wanting to make clear their relationship to those students and to make clear to those students that they are expected to comply with to stay at home unless you have essential business order and the university is taking that very seriously in terms of their connection with the university and relationship to the to the Dean of Students so we’re happy with that just one other note council related to the changes in protocols you you know the police I think I told you before the police have changed trying to reduce any arrests if not necessary particularly for misdemeanors or lower-level crimes in order to relieve pressure at the jail and you probably saw the report today it’s very good the jail population is actually down by one-third in the last month both because of the County judicial system releasing people but also because of the police department and I think the sheriff to trying to reduce to the minimum necessary very people being introduced to the jail so all that’s happening in many other things and happy to talk about those I also wanted to remind you report that the I continue to coordinate with the kind of the health and civic leadership including the leadership of Indiana University IU Health County Health Department County

Commissioners and some of staff three times a week we meet regularly virtually to coordinator or share information responses that’s the kind of thing that can lead to that great police response as well we also now have a weekly press conference Friday afternoon at 1:15 that that group all is available we we share our updates we take questions from the press and the public to the extent there’s time and I’m really appreciative of that group moving forward with that and trying to keep keep the public as informed as we can be and also I appreciate you letting me do this each each Wednesday which helps do the same thing lastly in terms of updates you’ve heard mention of both of the working groups I’m really very very pleased to with these groups I asked to stand up because we have this excellent collaboration and coordination on the health focused effort which of course is front and center but there are these at least two parallel very important lanes and you’ll hear shortly from Beverly Calendar Anderson who’s coordinating the group of five philanthropic and civic organizations to really address where are the gaps the threats the immediate needs short-term needs in the social service safety net that are related to kovat 19 things like the immediate housing isolation that’s so important things like child care for essential workers when we have so many childcare centers close things like food security and that group has done a great job trying to align those resources find the gaps and in short order will be helping us try to assemble those resources I would not be surprised if they come to us to City Council asking for support and we look forward to that discussion second group also referenced is the economic stabilization and Recovery Group as outlined by councilmember Scambler II and you’ll hear from Alice Crowley with a brief update about their work again that economically and how do we try to minimize the economic pain immediately and help people stabilize both at a family level and at a small business or small enterprise level and then also thinking longer-term 12 months and 36 months even how what is it going to be like as we come so I really appreciate their work and you’ll hear more from them lastly just closing final thoughts I’d say stay at home it’s really important if you can flatten the curve we’re trying to help our health care system our community don’t try to find loopholes find the spirit adopt the spirit of this which is to diminish the threat of interacting and sharing the virus as much as we can all of us while those doing the essential work do so it will get tougher before it’s going to get easier we don’t know exactly how long and I hope the Health Group I talked about will be able to share some modeling soon about what we forecast the peak to be we don’t know that yet but it’s going to get poor it gets easier we need to keep protecting each other in our community this is very serious if you’re sick feel sick don’t go to war we will we do have protocols to check that there will be more testing arriving though there’s certainly not enough of that in our community but it’s wonderful how people are taking care of each other it’s important to do that we will get through it we know we’re gonna come out on the other side of this we’re trying to minimize the damage as we go through it and maximize our chance of recovering as quickly as we can on the other side of this so I’ll be happy I’m gonna I’m going to turn over to Beverly and then to Alex and then maybe open it up for all three of us for questions if that’s okay with you president Boland yes I think that sounds fine let’s go now to Philippa Guthrie sorry it’s a Beverly calendar Anderson next oh I’m sorry well it’s Beverly then Alex’s Phillip also presenting not not she’ll be presenting later in the food and beverage tax appropriation I see what’s going on out of Beverly Calendar Anderson director of community and Family Resources hello ms calendar Anderson hello president Bowen and good evening Council members just have a quick update the mayor talked about the social services working group just want to tell you a little bit about what we’ve been working on and where we’re headed and to start with I just want to let you know I’m been so honored to work with the members of this group it consists of John Barrett with the Bloomington Health Foundation Diane Bozell at IU Health Foundation a fried Fefferman with United Way of Monroe County Tina Peterson with community foundation and Dan Smith at Indiana University Foundation and so we have been meeting to really look at proposing a plan or a policy that is designed to be pliable we realize that

it’s going to have to be a flexible plan that will identify the emerging gaps that need to be addressed over the next 45 90 or 180 days in order to secure the Monroe County basic needs safety net as a result of kovat the kovat 19 pandemic and we’re looking specifically in the areas of food shelter health and safety and childcare those seem to be the the largest or the biggest emerging needs we are currently identifying key stakeholders and resources that’s our stage one when we move on to stage two so stage one is probably in interviewing those stakeholders and that’s we’ll be doing that and probably have that piece of our work done by Friday then we’ll synthesize that into a document and start to come up with ideas about how to move forward have a refinement stage and then an implementation stage which is Stage five and like I said we’re looking at the next 45 90 180 days we’ll be benchmarking that we’re considering what federal and state financial aid might be coming down the pike and be available and what might be the role of financial institutions as well so that that’s pretty much what we’re doing looking at our competitor capacity versus needs in each of those four areas and we are looking at other communities and what some other communities have done especially communities that are similar in size and structure to ours and we’re also going to be looking nationally and seeing what other ideas and information we can we can gather that way so just I just wanted to take a few short minutes just to let you know about that I’m happy to answer any questions at maybe after Alex you may have questions for the both of us yes we good mr. Crowley now Alex Crowley from Atkins stable development yeah thanks president Pollan and everyone for giving me a couple minutes to talk I’m Alex Riley director of economic sustainability the city so first of all it was a pleasure to present to the sustainable development committee of the City Council yesterday we went into some depth on what I’ll summarize today but thank you to councilmembers cammalleri Voland Sandberg and Flaherty for their input in the process it was very helpful if we will integrate that into our future thinking in light of the fact that we’re gonna spend only a few minutes here I just wanted to give you a brief summary I’ll focus on the short term activities in the interest of time and I will try to get very fancy here and project my screen which is disabled but hopefully will become a table it is a great group of people that’s working on their working group it includes as was mentioned her pearl who’s with a Jen Pirtle who’s with the BDC Erin Pridemore with the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce a greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce Pat east with dimensional Inc Brian I am painting with CDFI friendly Bloomington and then from from the ESD staff at the city jane Coopersmith and shawn Starwood’s we’re also very pleased to have councilmembers Campbell rejoin us regularly as a interface to the council that’s been very helpful so anyway we are pursuing a multi-pronged strategy as the mayor men are looking first at rapid response and then we are also looking at recovery which were thinking of as being a sort of four months to twelve month period and then and then long-term revitalization which is really 12 to 36 months so we’re trying to balance all three but we very much have a focus on the rapid response right now because that is the most urgent need we’ve got a lot of feedback along the way we’ve interfaced with resources at the University like the IPRC which is the Business Resource Centre at the University the Cooke Center downtown Bloomington a visit Bloomington and many others who have been really helpful in providing information on on-the-ground information about the economic situation as well as top-down information about about what what the marketplace as a whole looks like and what we can expect in terms of having to do rapid response so things are very much in progress right now it’s fairly fluid with the karasek becoming a little bit more clearly defined in the last you know sort of 72 hours and there are also other programs that are evolving potentially from the state and and even potentially additional phases of the Care Act so we’re trying to stay

abreast of what’s happening while we’re developing local strategy but basically the the ameesha Crowley that your screen sharing is enabled now if you want to try to share your screen so okay let’s try this I was just gonna show off the team can everybody see the team so anyway I don’t know can you hear hear me everything everything okay yeah yeah you’re still visible we can still hear you okay good the rapid response includes funding and non funding efforts so on the funding efforts and we appreciate you looking at this evening our efforts in physically four steps which is number one to establish the need number two to determine what the funding sources may be to meet that need number three and very importantly to build a administrative function that allows us to disseminate funding in a in a way that is fiscally responsible and discipline and then number four to measure that impact and also report back both to the council and and the public and other stakeholders about the the effects of the so next steps are for us to take what was called version 2 of a plan that we had submitted to the mayor and update that to reflect the latest thinking that we have we expect that to be available to the mayor by the end of the week and then the council at the beginning of next week and the public following that so we look forward to sharing that with you and again it will reflect some of the latest thinking that that comes from the finalization of the cares act and other information that’s come point we also will finalize rapid response funding and non funding programs there’s a lot of work being done to stand those up and and so we look forward to having those become available as they are finalized and ready for the public and then finally I just want to say there is this great resource at Monroe County koba 19 org I’m showing the link here and I would encourage the public if you’re not aware of this this is being hosted by the Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce we really appreciate them doing it and there’s this great compilation of information on that site that allows for people to sell for some programs that are available already and then also to get information about things that are coming their way so I will stop there and stop sharing my screen I will ask yes I stopped sharing my screen I will then open myself up for questions thank you well we didn’t actually see anything I didn’t see any shared screen and audio dropped a little bit near the end but I think we heard everything mr. Crowley we appreciate that very much I don’t know if ember has had a chance to see the second draft of the report that the ESR working group has prepared it is a pretty thorough document I recommend reading I’m looking for we’re just seeing what work product the other group that miss calendar Madison’s leading as well too when that becomes available but with that I’d like to open it up to questions from members for any of the three who have presented tonight so anyone who has any questions about it councillor Morello thank you well this is Crowley I have a question about the Kara’s eggs have you been able to establish maybe there are gaps within the carers act that we might be able to fill or is it too soon to evaluate it in in that in that way and I’m also thinking of evaluating needs of specific businesses in the community I mean is there way a metric that you we can employ because you know resources are limited locally I’m so to be most efficient and I haven’t read the landlady’s version so if it’s included in there you can just direct me to it well let me answer that quickly and then but it is as you say it’s kind of evolving but the carrots act is is frankly pretty impressive and pretty robust it helps employees workers it helps you know obviously it helps large businesses it also helps small businesses and individuals so it’s a pretty strong play it’s gonna be you know it’s time limited so there’s going to be some drop off after a certain period of time we’ll see if that covers enough so I think in the mean in the early term what we’ve been able to figure out about it is and we’re you

know becoming quickly trying to read up on it that that the some of the gaps that are that are there have to do primarily with timing and when resources might become available so one of the things we’re looking closely at is to be able to create bridge loans that can go out cover people for a short period of time and then when things like SBA emergency funding or other funding becomes available that funding actually can be used it appears to repay existing loans and so those loans then can be Leary paid and potentially recycled into additional tranches of support add with the community so I think the I would answer the first question by saying the biggest gap that we help now is a gap of timing and availability of resources coming from the federal government and so tactical bridge loaning and potentially grants could be a way to fill that in terms of your second question which was – what was your second question again I’m sorry that’s what verella attempting to unmute sorry my second question was about a way in which we can have a metric to evaluate business needs relative to each other and to target that funding so that we can be you know optimally you used optimally yeah so that’s gonna be a complicated game but but at a macro level we can we can look at industry sector groupings within the community and understand that you know anecdotally what’s happening with a handful of them is probably able to be extrapolated across the others so there’s a there’s a way to do it from a top-down perspective by saying for example restaurants you know we’re hearing the X percentage of we’re doing some bottoms up research that we’re doing surveys out of the chamber and some other data gathering but so we can figure out that you know we’re estimating X being an impact at a certain industry code level so we we know we can we and we know how many businesses there are and we know how many employees that affects because we have that data from the IB RC so we can make drug we can make estimates about what that could be but I should say that you know the the rubber will hit the road when when we go and receive applications and that will be that application process is being finalized it will be posted everywhere and then we’re gonna communicate the heck out of it so that people know what’s out there that that will be really the the detail that we only need to establish what exactly is go on and we will use that but there gonna be some businesses that will not qualify I mean they’re they’re you know they’re businesses where they you know I you know I think it’s it’s tough to say this but they’re gonna be some businesses that are in a financial situation that will not be adequately stabilized for success with limited funding that we have and and if those businesses are eligible for whatever reason for funding coming out of some of the much more substantial federal programs you know it’s gonna be so we’re gonna have to be pretty selective it you know it’s it’s a fair amount of money for any individual but it’s not in aggregate enough to really carry an economy and so we have to be pretty selective about how we use it in the in the loan and grant phase do this further questions from Council members Scott’s Bruce Campbell ring thank you Thank You mr. Crowley for the report we’re gonna spend a lot of this evening talking about money and monetary support of the appropriation ordinance but you also mention on pending labor system that’s important to particularly in navigating this complex landscape could you talk just a little bit more about that and how that’s helped organizations yeah that’s a great question there’s there’s a lives in fact that’s a very important part of this you know we those who are paying close attention to federal funding programs and you know are reading all the details we’re pretty well-informed but but the general public will not be and so we feel that there’s there of things that can be done in the short term and and and I’ll give you some examples just to give you a sense of what those are so number one a navigate function a navigator function helpdesk if you will to help individuals figure out how to know how to leverage what’s happening from the federal and potentially the state government and and and also to be able to job to expertise in the key can help them take care of what they need so

there’s a navigating funding function that’s that’s very useful and and we’re standing that up and and dimension milling is leading the charge on that another example is actually something that our department is helping the parks department with and we’ve gotten great help from the controller’s office and others of the city it’s a virtual farmers market that is a product that we’ve thought about for a while but this has accelerated that and so we rush rushing into market is basically a software platform that we’ve purchased that allows growers in the community to connect with purchasers in the community hires individuals I just signed up for it I would encourage you to do it go to Bloomington the website would slash farmers market online you can set up an account and then you can actually purchase vegetables that are grown locally and delivered the switchyard Park on Saturday and you pick them up and off you go so it’s you know that kind of non funding support we’re spending money on it but we’re really standing up a process people to take it you know take advantage of both from a buying and selling perspective and and Rachel buyer in the in the SD Department she’s a grant a USDA grant vision has been chasing that down relentlessly it’s been she’s been amazing another another example is something we actually you know solve from Arizona it’s a it’s a mapping function that lays out you know in a map restaurants for example who are doing takeout or other other services that are actually open and if and mapping it out and in such a way that it becomes intuitive for someone who’s looking for services within the community that are within the governor’s order so that is currently being worked on through the mill it’s actually a 39 degrees north which is a local company local startup that’s that’s chasing that down and they’re trying to stand it up as quickly as possible to give people an opportunity as small businesses to continue commerce even if it’s in a non-traditional way and so that you know those are kind of those are different examples of another one is actually talent sharing so kind of like a if you know what up work is where someone has a job that needs to get done and someone has a talent that can be matched for that the city is doing that leveraging some capacity that we have at City to help other departments so we’re using an internal system thanks to the mayor to really set that up and allow for sharing between departments but if you take that to community level a business that may not know how to go online could be helped by an individual who knows how to support someone going online and so that kind of talent sharing functionality is another way to stimulate the move to what may be an uncomfortable way to do commerce in the short term while leveraging talent that we have in the community so those are all you know just examples of the kinds of things that we can put up and helps support and and help communicate that we’re working on right now great thank you for that and can you eat the farmer’s market online website please sure so it’s a Bloomington you know it’s a city Bloomington website which is Bloomington dot and dot gov forward slash farmers market online and if you go to it you sign up I just did it you sign up for an account and it will become active glitch with technology with the state but it got cleared you’re gonna be opening it up for Commerce starting hopefully as early as either this evening or tomorrow morning great thank you very much thank you for all your hard work for the questions for the city administration Isabelle City Councilmember Piedmont Smith yeah I’m sorry to harp on this but what is that website again because I typed it in as you were saying it mr. Crowley and it didn’t bring me anything is there an apostrophe in there somewhere I don’t think it’s just farmers market online so it’s ten dot i n dot gov mm-hmm slash forward slash right so farmers market online it’s yeah it’s not coming up for me either yeah change not found we try it alone one second that’s okay we can figure it out later just as a pointed point of information I know sometimes when you’re editing a web page that page will be down for for a moment so that could be the correct website if someone’s actively working on it right now it might not be functioning so go to the city website it’ll be there further questions from members that’s where Smith thank you very much for the presentation mr. Crowley and this calendar Anderson

and the question I had was so we have a business is it a a catch-all site or is it a catch-all telephone number that businesses could call for some assistance and then I’m gonna on the flip side of that is there going to be a some kind of a catch-all site a call site for social services that if people are experiencing stress home during this time for whatever reasons that we recommend they call 2-1-1 or whatever so Oh whoever wants to respond to those questions thank you so I can go first on the social services site one of the things we would ask people to do is go to helping Bloomington Monroe org that is it’s so two one one is is a staff line helping Bloomington Monroe is a 24/7 line and it’s on everything is online there are multiple resources that are loaded in that and so whether it’s if someone is looking for shelter or food or mental health services or they just put in their zip code and it will tell them everybody that or every agency in their zip that serves that zip code so not that is actually in a zip code but that serves a zip code and there are ways for them to link directly to the agency call set up an appointment and do a lot of things like that oh that’s great yeah it was online farmers market not farmers market online there you go and and will you please repeat the website that you just told me helping Bloomington org helping Bloomington Monroe data work thank you very much further questions for staff from cots members house Morello thank you that’s our L oh yes thanks this is for mr. Callender Anderson I understood that $350,000 will be available next week from the group but I wondered about the could you describe the distribution of those monies where where it’s where it’s targeted to go so not from our group I think you may be thinking about the grants that were granted from Community Foundation and in a way of Monroe County and so that money has been granted I don’t have a list with me but I can get that to you okay thank you I’ll take a question if nobody minds miss calendar Anderson maybe you can tell us about the state of repurposed housing for the duration I know that there’s been concerned about where the homeless have been sheltered even as there are many hotels and dormitories that are now devoid of of occupants is your committee addressing that concern and if so what conclusions if any have you come to so far so our committee is sort of looking like I said 45 90 and 180 days out so so for these immediate needs like that we have a subgroup of us that have been that have been looking at what resources we have available I’ve been working with chief Jason Moore fire chief Jason Moore to see what properties would be safe for the number of people that need to be sheltered during this time of course you probably know that Shalom wheeler new hope and middle-way house established an isolation shelter and so I think it’s waiting on its final inspection from the State Fire Chief but so if there is someone who has symptoms and need to be isolated they have a play at least a place for that right now so now we’re looking to help them find some places for social distancing purposes so that people are able to be to be the amount of feet apart that they need to be to stay healthy but we also want it to be safe for them so thank you so we are working on that now yeah I appreciate that also is there a draft of your report circulating yet there is and

I sent it to mr. Sherman last night so you may not have gotten it but I can make sure everyone gets to all the councilmembers yeah we look forward to that one as well any further questions from me I did may I just add a moment of course mr. just as as Beverly said and thanks again to both Alex and Beverly for great work an example of what her that group may try to do is we have multiple space needs for example we’ve already heard from IU Health some concern and thinking about childcare for their workers we’re gonna be heading into really tough tough sledding here over the next few weeks and they’re also talking about housing for their workers who may not want to go back and forth they may live a couple counties away and if they’re intensively working so one of the things this group needs to do is think about the different assets we have and whether they’re that asset is better for housing for a health care staff or whether it’s better for isolation housing for people who don’t have housing or whether it’s better for childcare usage and trying to try to align and coordinate that because we have multiple needs that are lining up and pressing right now and it’s really important to have a group that helps coordinate and collaborate that with our wonderful social service providers so I really appreciate their their work on that thank you any further questions Hey seeing none mr. Costa Crowley just clarify I’m sorry this is me trying to do it from memory and that’s always a bad idea the site is at Bloomington Diane go online farmers market right emailed it to the council email address so you have it as well and we got a glimpse of it on a shared screen a few moments ago wonderful thank you all again for the presentation with that we’re going to move into the rest of our agenda next up of reports from council committees are there any council committees to report if not we’ll go ahead our member reports from the public mr. Lucas do you have any sense of how many people have wanted to speak tonight on the covert 19 emergency has anybody know I’ve not received any chat requests right now now might be a good time to ask folks if they’d like to make a comment if there’s anyone who is attending the meeting virtually who would like to make public comment now is a good opportunity if you would indicate your interest by typing in the chat box mr. Lucas will acknowledge you and depending how many people will speak you’ll have up to five minutes to speak is there anyone who would like to speak from the public now is your opportunity and this is for items that are not on the agenda so if you’d like to speak about the food and beverage tax appropriation that will occur later that’s correct please enter some text into the chat now to let mr. Lucas know that you would like to speak if you’d like to speak publicly here’s your opportunity mr. Lucas no takers yet and we do have a couple of different hosts on the meeting this evening so I apologize I believe I’ll see any chat that comes through but if that’s the issue send your chat to council meeting host but um there’s one raised hand oh I do see yes give me one second you may also choose the raised hand function and zoom I think we’ve got Greg Alexander can you hear us can you yep perfect you should be good to go okay hi Greg Alexander I just figured I should let you know I’m still here for sidewalks I wanna tell a story about a friend of mine on Facebook this is a different story than the last time but it’s actually the same story from though it’s a different person she she lives up in Blue Ridge and she so that’s on the north side of town between walnut and Dunn north of the bypass and so she works at IU and her car died and she’s not made of money so even though you know she lives up there she knows she’s gonna buy new cars she’s gonna fix the car or something but she she can’t buy or rent a car she can’t use uber every day just to get to work and so she walked and so she walked down done where there’s no sidewalks about a high-speed

traffic around rush hour and she walked in that and then she walked across the bypass and she walked in the parking lot because that’s the only there’s no sidewalk south of the bypass that’ll get her where she needed to go undone and she goes the I you bus stop which is really nice they have the bus stop in this stadium parking lot and so she she then could take the bus to go to work and this worked for her you know people who feel lucky to have a job will do that if they have to and that’s a mile and a half of walking basically most of that about at least a half mile but without any sort of sidewalk whatsoever of walking and that’s that’s kind of a lot of walking to take the bus most people won’t do that as their daily commute but people who feel lucky to have a job will absolutely a hundred percent do that and she’s walking in the street on done and we’ve had a plan on the books for more than ten years already to do something about that undone so you know a couple unlike a month ago we had the presentation from staff and from a consultant about a transportation demand management plan and the consultant said something real why’s that it’s got to be composed of carrots and sticks and we prefer the carrots you know but the only thing he presented as carrots was van share and what was a guaranteed ride home and and and both of those were basically just a website and I don’t want to denigrate the opportunity there but it’s really it’s nothing it doesn’t cost much because it’s nothing and the stick is we’re gonna charge for parking well that stick works really well that’s what I you does and that works for a lot of people but we we need to consider some carrots and you know I’m not I’m not criticizing staff or the consultant but you can see that they they felt a sense of defeat that the only kind of carrot that they could imagine would be basically if we didn’t spend any money but we need a carrot we need to give this lady who has to get to work and I yeah we need to give her sidewalks she might not use that sidewalk every day she might though she likes going outside in addition to complaining that she was walking in the road she posted pictures of the flowers and everything that she could or that plants this you could see starting to go green on the side of the road you know a lot of people will walk if they can but they can’t because there are no sidewalks and at the Planning Commission meeting where they approved the for Street Garage council member scan Berg was there and she said again she said the same thing a year ago when that when you all approved the funding that she can’t stand how people always pretend that it’s either spend the money on parking garage spend the money on bike and ped we treated like a zero-sum game well if it’s not a zero-sum game then why is this lady walking in the street undone when are we gonna get sidewalks we really need sidewalks staff is discouraged because they know that it’s just not an option to ask for sidewalks why isn’t it an option to ask for sidewalks why when we try to come up with a consultant to come up with an imaginative carrot stick approach to getting people out of the car staff just knows you guys aren’t gonna pay for sidewalks you guys have to pay for sizeable thank you very much thank you is there any other public comment yes in Randy Paul my finger instituted by the way that loud Gong means that there’s 60 seconds left in the period to speak it’s not the and the beeping means the end all right go ahead mister Paul did you want to speak his microphone is still muted oh it’s it’s it’s off tonight it’s me it’s unmuted now no it’s meet it still muted not on my screen on my screen it’s on mine it’s still shows muted Randy can you hear us there you go hear me yes go ahead I wanted to speak on the beverage tax later not this one neither sir oh okay all right we do have one other person Daniel Bingham give me just a second Daniel can you hear us can you speak a little louder can you hear me a little louder be a dear my clothes are using hair that’s now you now we can hear you go ahead again yeah all right I just I’ll bend over to make this comment real quick um I just wanted to follow on to Greg Sidewalk comment I’m not sure what the average width of sidewalk is in Bloomington but in the

u.s. it’s about five to six feet and I wanted to point out that we are supposed to be maintaining social distancing of at least least six feet between people which means two people cannot pass each other on our sidewalks with the amount of distance that they are supposed to maintain in this pandemic right now and it’s worth thinking about that when we’re designing future sidewalks that’s all I had to say thank you any further public comment mr. Lucas any requests no we have had a few new folks join the meeting if you’ve joined to make a public comment do so by typing a message in the chat function and let us know that you’d like to make a comment but no I’ve not seen any other requests come in and again as the parliamentarian I just want to remind you it’s comments on items that are not on the agenda so the food and beverage tax comments will come later yes thank you I don’t hold the floor for another 30 seconds what’s that I don’t see any other any comments at the moment okay well with that there is a period at the end of the meeting we could return to that but listen now go to legislation for first reading resolutions madam parliamentarian mr. president I move that appropriation ordinance 2001 be introduced in red by the clerk by title on synopsis only that he’s a second a motion a second all in favor please signify by saying aye aye opposed say nay well the clerk please read appropriation ordinance 2001 she especially appropriate from the food and beverage tax fund expenditures related to the Convention Center expansion in support of local tourism during the co-ed 19 emergency the synopsis is as follows this ordinance appropriates funds from the food and beverage Tax Fund for expenditures to businesses and their employees that together are crucial to the success of the Convention Center and happens merely affected by the kovat 19 pandemic thank you welcome had a problem at arian oh that’s first reading I’m sorry I thought we were on second reading with that we now go to appointments to boards and commissions are there any mr. president I move that we appoint Nikolas campus to the Redevelopment Commission second so I get motion a second all in favor signify by saying aye opposed say nay the eyes have it that the nomination is approved thank you mr. president I have one more mr. Lucas mr. Lucas point of information I believe some of the guidance that’s come out from the public access counselor has called for all votes during these like that’s right it’s to be roll call votes so that the clerk should call the roll on these appointments okay if we can have a roll call vote on the appointment of Nick campus to the real discussion question council risk and blurring regarding this nomination or another nomination yes was there an opportunity to interview candidates for this position I don’t know it was not on the committee is there a member of the committee who can speak to a we have a motion in a second so it’s open for discussion is there a member of the nominating committee who like to speak to the cosmos capillaries question well I’m not so sure what she’s asking every interview committee has an opportunity to interview any candidate so if she’s asking did we hold personal interviews for the RDC and Ron and I’m sorry council member Smith and councilmember Rosen barber and jogged my memory but we did not thank you correct any further questions if not will the clerk please call the roll on Nick campus to the Redevelopment Commission yes let’s see council member skimary Phillip state

council member Rosenberger yeah Simms yes rolling yes Piedmont Smith yes clarity yes Smith yes Sandburg yes Raleigh yes thank you thank you any further nominations mr. president we have one more I move that we nominate I’m sorry a point David Wolter or reappointment as this were to the Redevelopment Commission second motion is second any discussion if none well the clerk please call the roll actually the question mr. clarity since for the same Commission I guess I’d like to ask – if interviews were conducted in this case for the reappointment of this nominee and just as a note for the public sim who’s an interview wasn’t conducted does not mean that applicants were considered based on the merits of your application resume etc for folks unfamiliar with the process but my question is specifically was mr. Walser interviewed no oh the answer to your question again specifically is no on us three as you know there’s three of us on the interview committee we all did meet we went over the criteria the information that the clerk has plus was what came with the applications and then us as the interview committee made these decisions councilman Rose embargo or councilmember Smith would you have anything that now I agree to Jim that that’s what we did we looked at the criteria we looked at the qualifications and felt that these are the best two candidates thank you further questions say sorry comment not a question oh I’m sorry customer Stamberg i don’t believe we are absolutely required to do interviewing they are sending in patient’s those are reviewed I think many of us do prefer to have interviews because it’s an opportunity for us to engage with people but under the circumstances I am Not sure it is required that there be interviews conducted again if the committee sort of look at the apps feel that they’ve got good candidates and they feel comfortable making the appointments they’re free to do so if I’m not mistaken this is all true mm-hmm any further comment if not let’s have a roll call vote on the nomination madam clerk come in Rosenberger yeah Sims yes rolling yes Piedmont Smith yes clarity yes Smith yes Sandberg yes Rolla yes scam blurry I will upstate okay and both our names to the Redevelopment Commission are there any other nominations to boards and commissions seeing none we will move now to issues of the council schedule mr. shermin well defer to Lucas to mr Lucas few reminders there is a council work session that appears on our annual schedule scheduled for this Friday we had originally thought we might need to cancel that but after hearing from the administration about a an emergency related ordinance they’d like to bring forward for you all next week councilmember Vohland as president thought that the work session would be a good idea or a good opportunity for the council to hear about that ordinance so I think the plan is to continue with that work session perhaps you all could indicate if you’d be able to attend that scheduled for Friday at noon and I see a few hands going up yes more hands okay I will be about a half hour late but yes we will there have that at noon and if needed I don’t believe that’s a meeting that cats or Facebook live would would broadcast I think we can record that that virtual meeting and make it available for any folks who want to

watch later on so I’ll try to set that up yes sir Ella if the media is relevant or am i unmuted can you hear me oh we can hear you go ahead great suppose the media or public one to attend this meeting the meeting sure the meeting will still be held on zoom’ and the meeting link will be posted on our council web page right at the top so anybody who wants to join I like they joined on this meeting would be welcome to do so and could could still attend that way thank you further questions go ahead mr. mr. Lucas next week we’ve got a meeting on Tuesday which is a little out of the ordinary that’s a meeting that was also on our annual schedule and I think that Tuesday meeting was to account for Passover which begins on Wednesday right now we have the appropriation ordinance that you’ll hear about at the committee of the whole scheduled for action next week and it also would be an opportunity to potentially discuss that that ordinance that I mentioned that you’ll hear about at the work session as well so just a heads-up that that’s coming down down the the pipe and finally I wanted to mention the April 15th meeting that is a regular session that appears on our annual schedule and after discussing with the administration and planning staff there’s been a request to address the two you do related ordinances the adoption of the conversion maps and some correcting texts and I think the tentative plan is to address those at the April 15th meeting which would technically be our first regular meeting after those items were certified to the councils so we’re still talking about that but I just wanted to raise that issue those things could be adopted in one one evening if the council was comfortable doing so the administration’s requested that the council consider that so that’s not for a few weeks but I wanted to raise that issue as well so no changes to the schedule just a heads-up on what’s coming up thank you mr. Lucas I think all members will be I’ve been properly advised and if they have any concerns they will bring it either to your attention or to leadership attention with that we have concluded our business for the moment immediately after adjournment we’re gonna reconvene as committee of the whole chaired by counsel Bruce Campbell Larry to take up consideration of appropriation or ordinance 2001 which was first read at this meeting any final concerns if not this meeting is adjourned this meeting of the committee of the whole for Bloomington Common Council it is still 1st of April 2020 do we need to call the roll could you refresh my mind oh no no it just goes straight to discussion of the item on the agenda with that we have one agenda tonight and that’s appropriation ordinance 2020 which we just heard about patience from I’m sorry do we have a quorum do you have we have a quorum yes okay a five Katrina please good catch thank you I believe education from Corporation Counsel Philippa Guthrie and controller Jeff Underwood yes I’ll start over to you thank you this is a continuation of what was started last week this is an appropriations ordinance following up on the request that you made to the food and beverage tax advisory commission and that request was for two million dollars to be appropriated to assist businesses that are either food and beverage businesses or tourism-related businesses they have been devastated by the executive order from the governor 2004 that essentially shuttered in person dining so they are reduced to carry out and delivery and not all of them can do that and then other businesses all of which while the food and beverage businesses are the ones that funnel the taxes to the state government which then come back to the county the nose have

earmarked as you all know in both the county and the city separate funds for those funds and the cities has been committed to the mission center expansion project and these businesses are crucial to that if they fail if the food and beverage in particular fail that really jeopardizes our has the potential to jeopardize the funding for the expansion it also just jeopardizes our community the economy of our entire community it’s with the University and other attractions tourism is is a big business Bloomington and there are other businesses that are also essential to attracting convention center business so this request is to appropriate 2 million dollars to assist these businesses as Alex Crowley described earlier there we are thinking of them as bridge loans and there are other pools of money available that will take longer for them to access the ordinance itself is is fairly simple it has a lot of where as clauses that describe the situation how dire it is and then there is the request for the 2 million section to is an attempt to delineate the kind of process that we would be looking at for distributing these funds so we’ve said that and and this process is still in the works it’s not it’s not defined yet but enlisting community partners to help in assessing the need and distributing the funds that would include people who do this for a living for example forming a committee of people experienced in making loans setting applicant at eligibility criteria specifying conditions on loans or grants including but not limited to purposes for which funds may be used in any repayment terms accepting and approving applications for funding and then identifying other available eight resources the funding I mentioned earlier that might be either more appropriate for a particular applicant or that they should look to access first I do want to point out oh I should mention that the food and beverage tax Advisory Commission did approve and recommend that this is an appropriate use of funds from the food and beverage Tax Fund I did want to mention the issue that came up last week about whether or not this was going to be acceptable to the State Board of accounts as you know they are the body that audits the city’s use of funds and we had already issued to you both the memo and the ordinance when they came out with we asked them for an opinion on this when they came out with a memo that actually applies statewide so we are not the only city that has requested to use various funds to aid economic interests and social interests in communities due to this epidemic and I think you were provided with that memo is that correct Steven the SPO a memo so they do not directly address our request but they talk they provide guidelines for what would be inappropriate use and I think it clearly supports the City Council approving this use I think my memo and the ordinance cover all of the points that they say are they would like to see when they come in and audit in order to support you know to not say this is an inappropriate use when they’re auditing and one is that the governing body has adopt policy in a public meeting that approves the expenditures as an authorized use of public funds so that would be you next week approving us this ordinance the govern the governing body has received advice of counsel in writing that the expenditure has a legitimate government purpose and is acceptable under Indiana code during the current emergency declaration I think you that is in the whereas clauses and also in the memo that I provided there is a sub point under that bullet which is if the expenditures are from a dedicated fund source there also must be a

determination that the particular fund has a closer connection to the government purpose to be fulfilled than general fund money that is not currently in this draft of the ordinance but in consulting with Dan and Stephen and others including our outside counsel on a lot of these issues Bruce Donaldson we we thought that inserting another where as a second to last where us that you could amend the ordinance next week with and we will provide you with that language that just says whereas the memo from the city’s corporation Council which accompanies this legislation advises that this expenditure is about appropriate and necessary and the council explicitly determines that expenditure from this dedicated fund source there is a closer connection to the purposes set forth in this ordinance than the city’s general fund we would just ask you next week to consider amending this draft to include that and I think that’s it I’m I’m open for questions as is controller Jeff Underwood mr. Underwood did you come and said no I’m here to answer any questions you might have okay with that we’ll move into questions and discussion council member piedmont yes i wanted to make a motion just to structure the rest of the meeting a little bit I move that we have five minutes of questions per council member per round of questions as a maximum and then public comment three minutes per person and then coming back to Council for comment a maximum of three minutes per councilmember council member : seconds and correct me if I’m wrong this needs to be done by roll call vote roll call vote yeah then will the clerk please call the roll the clerk present yes sorry although I stepped away from the computer so you’ll have to repeat your question or statement can you call the roll on the motion to structure debate yes um council member Rallo yes scam burglary yes rosenberger yep Simms yes Boland yes Piedmont Smith yes clarity yes Smith yes and Sandburg yes thank you thank you and that passes council member bowling is cute you can’t bring in your timekeeping wizardry I will do so okay with that thank you again to miss Guthrie and mr. Underwood for being here are there questions and discussion council member yeah thank you well this good question could go to the corporation council or controller or maybe even the council president I wonder if we have an estimation of a target date where businesses might receive the funds I don’t know that we’ve come up with a date I think as soon as possible as very saying just from a procedural standpoint obviously next Tuesday will be the required public hearing that was advertised there’s a 10 day requirement for that assuming that you approve the appropriation will go to the local government finance for their approval so we’re hoping to have that approved by the end of the week next week from Friday so once that’s done the funds from the city’s perspective will be available and then there is the process of administration of evaluating the applications yeah and is there any idea with what that timeline might be I’ll let Alex jump in and answer that if he’s still on the call so I can speak a little bit to that so we are you’re hoping to stand up we’re trying to work in parallel paths here because speed to market is important so we want to set up an intake process we may jump the gun a little risky but jump the gun before all of this plays itself out just we’ve got things in hand and can start that process well the timing will be a little

delicate but I think what we’re trying to do is aim it so that the intake and review process can have occurred potentially and completed at least in the first instance of any kind of loan judgments that it can be issued out almost immediately file the availability funds okay excellent that’s a great idea to have that parallel process thank you other questions council member commencement yes so in in the actual appropriation ordinance of course it doesn’t specify who is going to come up with the criteria and the guidelines in the process but am I right to assume that it’s the working groups AES are working group mr. Crowley that you head up that will be setting up the the administrative process is that right well and even the criteria I mean the app or it is very vague on this point yeah so we intend to so you know there will be preliminary guidelines terms that are being published as part of the intake so people understand if anything is immediately disqualified will for you know if they’re in business type for example that would not be able to be helped gambling for example with some other things and then we are working feverishly in the background here to to set up guidelines be issued to the Advisory folks that would allow them to know what the parameters within which they need to work would be and then those those guidelines would then be be applied as as they were a few loans coming in yes thank you I’m a little bit concerned because there’s no council representation officially on that work group that’s going to come up with those guidelines could we have an official appointment I mean council members Campbell Larry has been attending your meetings anyway I don’t know if mr. Crowley could speak to that and maybe mr. ball and his council president well I you know frankly and I’d certainly you know council members Campbell Aries very involved in what’s going on and we we hope that she’ll be continued to be and so that that’s you know that’s that’s great I think the the final guidelines really need to be set forth and and and crafted by experts in the field of which I do not count myself and so we we are looking we as Miss Guthrie mentioned we’ve sent it to outside council we are also having a review by local lending authorities and experts in banking to take a look at those guidelines I think are are gonna benefit a lot from that professional input in the field and certainly we will we will be continuing to discuss that review them and lock them down and then look forward to having council members discussions so is would we be able to see those guidelines before our final vote on this issue yes our hope is and again as I said earlier in the earlier part of the previous meeting that the our hope is to have a version three of the document that we’ve already published available and part of the delay in getting it to you is in fact to try to work out some of this detail so that it can be incorporated into that document so we do we do anticipate have the headlines locked in by then and and yes it would be holy you know relevant to you as you make that final vote so we look forward to getting videos those to you in advance of that okay that’s that ole’s my concerns thank you very much Thank You councilmember Boland yeah mr Crowley I think maybe to sort of drill down a little bit more into account some people on Smith’s question you know we’re accustomed to the Jack Hopkins process which is for council members to members of the public or three members of the public or five and two and of course this is a very different circumstance it’s much more urgent can you tell us a little bit more granularly how you imagine it might work right now even though you haven’t got it the wordsmith out in other words is there going to be like a five person panel or a seven person panel will there be loan professionals on that panel it

sounds like it would be foolish for us to not have people who know how to how to originate loans what do you think yeah so I that’s exactly right so I think it probably isn’t that five to seven range I think there certainly will be heavy representation from experts in the loan originating field maybe not exclusively because we also want some industry representation for example or someone who may be able to understand and speak to challenges that pretend a particular sector trying to help you know what you know could do that a banker might not be able to do but but some makes that has diversity of expertise is is critically important to successfully reviewing applications as they come in and we do expect roughly that that sort of five to seven person group and and are working through exactly how that group can you know you have liability protection and issues that might pop up related to some of the process so we’re looking very very closely at that and you know just give you a sense of the some of the details of some of the decisions that have to be made we do have to come to terms with the fact that there may be some default on loans and so one of the questions has to be what is our appetite for default what you know how deep do we want get cut on this and and and that will have a direct impact on things like are we gonna require collateral right so if you if you want to minimize that number then use your criteria become more stringent on the other hand if you want to be looser then you have to have an appetite for a deeper default rate and so you know we just have to go through another thing I would say that this came yesterday and I appreciated counsel number of Flaherty’s reminder of it and it’s pretty much prominent in our thinking how do you prioritize minority owned businesses how you prioritize women-owned businesses you know perhaps businesses that are underserved typically in traditional circumstances and how does that elevate you know in the assessment of a particular patient so there are a lot of moving parts and we’re really moving as quickly as we can to try to lock down using the best expertise available to set those up so that they are serving Bloomington in the best possible way and I don’t mean to add to that burden but I do wonder how far in advance of the meeting we will have an opportunity to see the version three final rules that you are hoping to finish before them well I think we’re gonna be working every my my best guess right now is that our hope is to get it locked in and published to you midday on Monday recognizing that you have you have to have at least a little review time before your Tuesday evening meet yeah I was hoping for at least 24 hours to for us field to read it so if you can get it to us by Monday afternoon we will be I think appreciative and we all recognize the urgency of the moment so we you know we understand and I thank you for the answers Thank You councilmember Hall and other questions councilmember clarity yeah just a quick confirmation clarification from miss Guthrie and the State Board of accounts memo guidance specified a few times that the governing body has to have adopted a policy specifying a few things this appropriations ordinance will serve as that adopted policy is that right we don’t have to adopt anything separate okay making sure thank you that’s okay thank you can you hear me fine yep um I don’t know who this was going to but miss Guthrie and her presentation stated that the food and beverage businesses is where the the taxation or the funds were funneled through collected if you will and that there were other business that are essential to convention Convention Center businesses that may not be food or beverage businesses is that correct water that are essential to the tourism and do you have an example or one or two examples of what those might be The Pajama in the in particular in the downtown area well arts organizations for example yes and in some retail perhaps you know a

lot of people bloomington has a very vibrant shopping district with unique shops and some of them are there not all food and beverage so that’s one idea people come i know and go to a bpp play or a jewish theater or a cardinal stage play when they come to a convention they stay over for a weekend and go to these things so i think we’ll know more when people apply okay and I was also thinking more about definitions I guess is that and I haven’t thoroughly went through the State Board of accounts report thoroughly yet but do their guidelines define what those businesses are that we’re talking about and who’s who’s eligible and who’s not no yeah the SPO a memo just lays out the kinds of information that they want to see in our records or why we thought this was an appropriate use of the funds because what they’re doing is is auditing the funds that we dispense and making sure that they are appropriate under the law so I mean whatever they said in that memo as long as we document why we’re doing it and his purpose did not seem wrong to them or they would have told us I think and they didn’t and I think what their guidance was designed to do was tell a lot of cities across the state who are looking at all the funding they have available and trying to figure out how they can help in this situation so that I’m sure there are all kinds of other funds that are that are being advocated for use in different ways so all they did was set out a process for how we can do that and pass their muster and I think the way we’ve set this up I think it will pass muster okay thank you so it’s safe to say that this is just one fund that’s going to be able to possibly help one segment of our commerce and then there’s other right yes I think the tie is pretty close though these are tourism-related businesses and that’s what this fund is designed to do expand our tourism sector by expanding the Convention Center and operating it okay thank you Thank You councilmember Ola thank you Miss Guthrie do we have any worries about liability in terms of if we I mean I assume we have a broad latitude of of targeting these funds and so say we want to limit to locally owned businesses only with that specificity is is that are we protected if someone objects for instance about how they’re targeting yes I we set up an application process with criteria we’re allowed to set the criteria okay terrific are there other first-round questions Ysabel oh I’m sorry cuz remember Keith mon sneh well it was a second round question but if you’re ready for second round I’ll go no more first round question please go her okay thank you so councilmember Rallo raised a point that I wanted to ask about and it may be a question that’s most appropriate for mr. Crowley if he’s still available and that is about prioritizing locally owned businesses and how we would define locally owned business you know whether what am I thinking of somebody local owns a change franchise franchise thank you very much so could you speak to what the working groups views are at this point as far as prioritizing locally owned yeah I mean it’s as I mentioned earlier pretty fluid you know we we do recognize that franchises are locally owned right so so that’s an important thing to recognize we also recognize as a franchise may have a corporate structure that is organizing to support it in a way that a locally owned independent business may not and so I think we have to the short answer and I to the honest answer is I I just don’t know yet and we have to really drill down and set that up the way that that

makes the most sense I do want to you know of course that that that franchises hire locally are often owned locally the income can often reside you know with the corporate parent in some part but also a lot of it flows by the community so I wouldn’t necessarily say we’re out of hand that we would discount them but I do think that we need to recognize that there is gonna be a difference between a shop that is independently owned by someone who lives here and a shop that is owned as a franchise here and what kind of resources they may or may not have access to from a corporate parent so that kind of question is very much top of mind for us we have to really drill down and decide so that so that we can apply limited resources appropriately okay so I will look for your conclusions in the final draft of the report then thank you another second round of questions in which case I’ll add – so this is perhaps for mr. Crowley probably from this country welcome back but could you comment on the uses of this money once it actually arrives it’s out of business so do you envision restrictions could it only be used to for debt service could it be used for payroll could it be could you speak to those kinds of things well we’ve already laid out in a draft of a term that would sort of entry-level terms that monies cannot be used for things like paying equity investors you know there’s some basic ship level restrictions that we want to exclude use of the money for so we’ve already thought through some of that we’re trying to list out the types of expenditures that can be made using the monies I try to be as clear as possible for that so it would be you know again it would be a broad you know expense base but it could be payroll could be read its to be mortgage it could be you know a number of those types of activities but we don’t want as people you know pocketing the money is over as owners and not distributing it or using it explicitly to stabilize the business in the short term pending access to to more significant money’s coming from federal stimulus thank you and we’ll see more of that in version 3 of the report correct yeah that’s already been itemized get a high level and version yeah we do intend to to clarify those guidelines right Thank You councilmember rosenberger was that a question no okay I surprised other questions before we get a public comment I’m not seeing any oh I’m sorry that’s my other few months no it’s me again so last week I think it was councilmember Flannery asked I’m sorry am i coming through okay okay so last week the question was brought up as to whether these funds could be applied for by individuals perhaps employees or former employees of businesses that have been hard hit by the cope at 19 an economic downturn what is the working groups current thinking on that and I need to apologize I have not read the second draft of the report I didn’t have enough time to do that but if you could just speak to that whether you think that will be an option or whether it will really be focused on the business owners we’ve evolved a little bit I think since last week I do think that we have much more of a focus on businesses and nonprofits that have employees so ultimately employees will benefit but but the I think at this point or less convinced that a targeted program for individuals makes sense and that that instead we really should be focusing in especially given the fact that the cares Act it has direct payment individuals that seems to be staged to flow pretty quickly that that convinced us that probably makes sense for us to be really

be focusing on more of the employer and nonprofit that has not be covered by funding from Social Services funding to really try to leverage the funding into a wider benefits Thank You councilmember clarity sure I’ll follow up on the same and we had this discussion a little bit last night in the sustainable development committee meeting and actually I’ll just mentioned for the benefit of the public too that there was a fairly robust discussion about all this last night and you can view that meeting on cats if you want to see other things that were said already about this and then questions that were answered but my question I guess relates to the same the same question councilmember Piedmont Smith had and how to make sure we are benefiting workers often lower wage workers in bloomington who are struggling right now so we talked about how you know we are complementing state and federal aid and dollars that are coming in and in particular I think two things we discussed with the Paycheck protection program as part of the cares Act which will allow for businesses to have loans and if they cover payroll with those loans and it’s correct you’re actively dated I think in February that those loans will be forgiven so that’s one way they can cover you know payroll with with a greater resource potentially than we have to offer second is that increase in unemployment benefits bringing people I think basically to 100% of lost wages so those are two possible avenues for out-of-work employees or potentially out-of-work employees and Bloomington to be able to stay whole and I so Mike I have two points or questions Rev related that the first is I want to highlight and emphasize again the importance of the wraparound services or the navigation services for our local business community as part of this effort that we need to make sure we’re being really proactive in making sure businesses locally know how to leverage that aid to benefit their employees and to which is the question part I think is just like we’re concerned about timing gaps for the business community and not having funds available soon enough when they’re in dire straits now I have the same concern about individuals that yes there’s a becoming from federal dollars and elsewhere but but there’s a timing gap there too you know today is April 1st people have rent and ulcers so their bills due and they probably haven’t seen any aid yet so I’m my question essentially is probably to mr. Crowley you know how do we I guess their social service this is one piece but how do we make up that gap and address that timing gap for individuals and I don’t know it’s a difficult question but but I just want to do acknowledge that gap exists for individual you know employees as well as the businesses themselves and wanted to make sure we’re thinking through how best to meet that gap for for individuals as well I mean additional thoughts well I guess I would say that you know my pending is at SBA and other sort of small business loan structures may be taking 812 weeks to come through so that that’s a pretty significant gap and my understanding of the cares Act is that that could be significantly shorter when checks arrive in the mail for people for the individual payment structure I’m trying to try to get up to speed on exactly what the best guess of what that could look like it is not available today certainly but it probably won’t take 8 to 12 weeks so there’s going to be a more aggressive move to get I think that kind of money out and I you know I think that we just have to be frank like we just don’t have the capacity nor the you know the the the ability to cover individuals in our community to the extent that that would be required and I think we just have to stay a little bit disciplined on recognizing what we can and can’t do and while absolutely there is a need from that I totally hear what you’re saying I’m just worried that the the system could just collapse onto itself if we tried to solve everybody’s problem and so I think we have what we’re trying to do is say all right what we do what did we do well what can we do given some of the you know longer delays that they’re gonna be hitting how does that get leverage through programs that were proposing to put in place have an effect on individual you know if a sandwich shop is they do distribute the monies that we would make available to employees in the near term the employee individual then that but there’s gonna there’s naturally gonna be a whole segment that we just we just don’t have

the capability to to support I think and and we just have to keep our eye on the ball I guess and and and you know try to stay disciplined on the things that we can do well otherwise I think it’s gonna be problematic for the whole system and that’s time other questions council members before we go to public comment and I had one questioned councilmember Simms Simms I’m sorry Smith you’re both right next to each other I’m most being right in the memo memorandum from the state of Indiana there’s the the line in there that I was just gonna ask if he could say something about was if the expenditures are from a dedicated fund source that little that sentence it says that the particular fund has a closer connection to the government purpose to be fulfilled in general fund money miss Guthrie do Anna can you kind of say a little bit about that what does that mean or in our case for example we the dedicated fund is the food and beverage tax fund and the connection to the the use we would like to make of it is is supporting businesses that they have supported that fund or be are tourism related which is what the statute says we can use that the funds for our general fund is is not that targeted this is this is literally targeted to the kinds of businesses we want to support so in our mind that and I think legally that is a closer nexus between the fund and the proposed use than the general fund would be for that use that make sense yeah I think I understand so that means in the in crafting the policies and the ways that the money will be given out it’ll just be language in there that ties that to make it a closer connection is that how it’s gonna work well I think the connection just exists by virtue of the types of businesses that we’re saying we would like to support which is food and beverage and tourism related but but we will we are we we are proposing to add or whereas clause that states that we we believe this use of this fund is better than using the general fund for this purpose so that we would cover that in the ordinance you can always have another whereas right yeah so thank you very much thank you other questions for I chairman the question I think mostly from mr. Underwood and Miss Guthrie the foodie beverage tax was originally conceived of to to support the creation of an expanded Convention Center and we have made some commitments in that regard and some we may need to undo could you comment on that process and what council may need to be aware of going forward I’ll speak to that as you know yes we encumbered funds late last year for the design of the Convention Center and for a garage obviously that project has been put on hold so we’ll be able to appropriate monies that we expect will be spent before that project starts back up we will then have to take a look at the collections and my law you you know you’re you’re limited to the amount of cash you actually have in it so regardless of the amount that gets appropriate it because in a general budget we’re looking at an 18-month period if the revenues don’t come in high enough along with the cash balance you can’t overspend your up to the appropriation amount you can only spend the combination of cash on hand in your revenue so we would be prohibited from doing that but we’ll take a look at that as we go on throughout the year and as we get ready to start that project backed up obviously we’ll look at the cash balance and the amounts that are available to us thank you I’d like to ask members of the public who wish to comment please let mr. Lucas know through the comment section that you have an interest in doing that and start queuing up Chad and going back to council or final go-round question okay let’s go to public comment then and

councilmember piedmon Smith refresh our memory these are limited to three minutes that’s right I thought I thought Kate had a question did you oh I’m sorry yeah I do it’s fine okay of course I guess I just wanted to ask in general when the statute says this should be it’s really related tourism or economic development project I think that is hard to define right so I mean I was just thinking about this TED talk this woman she travels and she takes this suitcase it’s like only underwear and buys all of her clothes for a conference like at like secondhand stores when she’s at her conference City right so I would things like secondhand stores be included in this tourism or related economic project and I don’t feel like I’ve heard us talk about we’re related project so like how is that related and are we using that for this I don’t know if alex is a better person to respond to this I don’t know that we are talking about economic development projects I think we’re talking about tourism related in that language as far as secondhand stores I if I can jump in I usually I think at this point what we want to do is is minimize the restrictions to the extent possible and and try to keep you know the second-hand store it’s a interesting cultural thing that we’ve gotten Bloomington right and it’s part of who we are and it’s it’s you know it’s an interesting about like clothing funky clothing stores for example I mean we what we wanted to do is make sure that we’re we’re keeping our options open we don’t want to necessarily disqualify a business is not right and we want to make sure that the Advisory Committee has allied it needs to make good decisions and and fund what it believes to be robust businesses can that can that can you know come back and thrive so so I think the the the broader we can allow you the ordinance to to be the better it can be for Bloomington over the long term yeah any other questions from Council members seeing none let’s go to the public mr. Lucas who do we have queued up we we do have a few folks I think Randy Paul should be able to can you hear me out yes yeah well first I wanted to thank you for allowing us to participate by zoom something that he’s a real help and I hope that you don’t end this after the crisis is over I think I could make a really strong argument that people with disabilities need this all the time not just during a crisis period but anyway back to the the topic here my hope is is that focus as far as guidelines is that you’re only looking at two million dollars you’ve got a limited amount of help you can give out and that we look at it from the standpoint of who can you help the most and who need it the most and one concern I’ve got are the employees who I think are suffering badly but the other one is on the business side they’re gonna be some businesses are gonna show a loss of revenue during this period and there are gonna be some businesses who might very well go bankrupt and not survive this and since this is public money I would hope that focus would be on those businesses that are so marginal that if they don’t get an infusion of cash it might very well be the end of their business they don’t have the ability to go to the banks in the private sector and get help so what was mentioned earlier about collateral I think we ought to focus on companies that don’t have a lot of collateral that can’t go out on their own onto the banks versus a company that will just you know certainly show a loss of income but they’re gonna survive they will survive and also with the focus of those companies our underserved minority companies those are the ones where they don’t have any options and if this is gonna be public funds I think this would be an ideal way to help those people out thank you thank you mister give me just one second I believe Daniel Bingham wanted to make another comment should be

ready to go quite well I think it’s really important when we’re thinking about this to remember that business owners have all the knowledge have all the power between them and their employees and they also get to walk away with the profits on the basis of the idea that they are supposedly the ones taking all the risk I went and looked up the businesses were primarily talking about when we’re talking about this relief it’s heavily the hospitality industry in the restaurant industry so I went and looked at the Bureau of Labor Statistics data for Bloomington of what people working in that industry make the the median salary for a cook is twenty four thousand a month which means their unemployment insurance before the carers Act was nine hundred and sixty dollars a month for food prep median was twenty five thousand a month so you’re looking at nine hundred eighty nine at unemployment for bartenders the median was twenty thousand a month so you’re looking at seven hundred ninety four median unemployment for waiters it was twenty thousand similarly seven hundred for dishwashers it was nineteen thousand similarly seven hundred Bloomington’s median rent is eight hundred and thirty five dollars a month so you know we started having this discussion because a bunch of local business owners and restauranteurs signed a petition asking that this money be used in this way to help them in that petition they admitted that they were laying off their workers and asking them to survive on this unemployment insurance which at that time pre cares Act was not enough to pay rent so in a pandemic they were placing their employees at risk of being homeless rather than taking the risk of supporting them which begs the question could some of these businesses that were laying off their employees had continued to support their employees and the answer unfortunately is yes one of them and an online conversation revealed to me enough about their business that I was able to calculate their average revenue using benchmarks for the past couple of years calculate their savings rate and calculate that they could have maintained their payroll for at least a month potentially more this was one of the more successful business owners in town but by no means the most successful business owner in town and this was a signatory to the petition we have to remain aware of the power structures ingrained in our society and it really bothers me that we are talking about helping and empathic mailing out those who are already enriched and empowered on the basis that they are supposedly shouldering the risk when they in fact in this crisis have the power to protect themselves from the risk and have laid off their employees placing them in risk of destitution and homelessness when we are in a pandemic basically shifting their risk right onto the backs of their employees we should be talking about how to help those people we need to be keeping people off the streets we need to be keeping people in their homes where they can shelter in place and we need to be asking business owners to do what you know the the deal is they take the risk they get the reward if they want the reward they should be shouldering the risk thank you thank you most keeping them mr. Lu I believe we’ve got Susan bright give me just one moment hi Susan are you with us and here right hello I’m Susan bright I’m owner and CFO of Knicks English Hut and I’ve lived and worked in our community for 40 years and I’m proud of what the council does and all our community members to make this a great city to live and work I’d like to give you a perspective from a small business owner and what we are going through to keep our business going and to reopen with a healthy financial business model we like we like most businesses during this kovat 19 evidently loans to stay in business we’re about one week away from using our funds up we generally have about two hundred thousand dollar expense monthly um bottom line for our expenses and that’s about how much we keep in the bank two hundred thousand dollars so we’ve had about one week left to finish paying bills up and we have kept our payroll going after we were forced to close for these last two weeks so employees did have the opportunity to work and what kind of work because they do basically cleaning tearing down closing up shop our precoded 19 business model we were able to manage our expenses wisely in proportion to our revenue now we have to barb loans and your

healthy business model the Paycheck protection program isn’t as ideal as I was led to believe from the media I went ahead and figured out how much money we’d be eligible for based on a 1.5 million dollar payroll a year were eligible for four hundred sixteen thousand dollars October is two months of normal expenses but we’re not open with normal operation so I mean our expenses I’m projecting are going to be about one hundred twenty two thousand a month what I’m thinking is our health insurance employee health insurance premiums our utilities I rent in our payroll are the critical ones that need to get paid while we’re closed with that said if you take an eight week period for those four categories plus payrolls I’m keeping our five salaried workers on payroll plus another part-time employee we need a hundred thousand dollars just to cover that eight week period for utilities read payrolls and employee health insurance premiums I think if you could award FEHB tax money to us who need it for those categories that would be a great start because our loan forgiveness for that four hundred sixteen thousand dollar loan is only seven thousand maybe eight thousand dollars that will be forgiven the rest of it we’re gonna have to pay interest on for the next ten years and if this keeps going I don’t even think you know 416 is going to get us very far but we’ll cross that bridge when it happened restaurants also have a lot of food that was lost so we lost about ten thousand dollars to date we might lose more if the stuff in the freezer don’t hold hold up and then we’re also going to have some labor costs to reopen so I took our labor costs to tear it down singing up that was about $10,000 and I’m just variety yeah you’re a time now could you please finish up your comments yep and I’m just figuring that summit and startup Cross will need so like I said if the money can go to those four categories to help us and gets a good start and we’ll go from there Thank You Liz yep mr. Lucas yes we’ve got mr. box Booker I believe you’re unmuted and ready to go can you hear us absolutely mr. Booker please go ahead counsel first of all it’s a pleasure with you this evening I appreciate you all taking up this this tremendous effort in this uncertain time real leadership is comforting I’m Malou dismayed that in a time that Dena some of us have mentioned we’re all facing a huge part of all population having food insecurity and worrying about just making rent and childcare those other things that one of the areas that I see you know a great deal of focus is on bailing out businesses I think it can be it can be great to build businesses if you’re going to support their employees I’m a big fan of bailing out people rather than entities I also want to make sure that that I say – I hear a lot that there’s a lot of effort to be moving very quickly because of the time crunch but I would ask that the council please do their due diligence in Serena as I checked the mayor’s administration we’ve gone down this path many many times before where there was some inconsistency between the view of the administration and some council members I want to make sure that if there’s a business that will help you more doing it because we want to you know keep those businesses employees we heard mixed speak to that they had kept their employees on payroll I commend them for that I think that priority above all it should be to businesses that have already kept their employees on pay well during this difficult time one of the areas that will also mention that making minority business owners of priority and and we get that that line a lot with minority businesses or peyote but we rarely get any teeth and in legislation on that I would love to ask that in this new this new body that’s being form to evaluate this long process that we would have

minority representation among that also once again I live there it’s no community it’s one of the reasons I live here but I also want to make sure that we’ll still holding up people the Earth’s will always be a thing businesses will come in though the people the spirit of Bloomington I want us to reevaluate I know that you’re not the body that directly controls us but I would love for us to reevaluate the viability of the convention sitting and continuing with this tax especially the food and beverage tax that is especially while businesses are already under this constraint at this time there’s no pressing great need that all community has to have a convention snow at the moment I’m at time good time all righty council thank you very much once again for your time I appreciate him Thank You mr. Booker muted myself that time we’ve got miss air and Fred Moore who I believe is it’s already movie time yes Thank You counsel and I get to thank you for allowing my blue and what I really look like here this evening on the greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce and it’s been a great privilege to work with the rest of the team Alex mentioned earlier on this and this opportunity to help some of our businesses in the community to provide this crisis and I just wanted to take a minute to respond to a couple of the comments made by some other other community members about concerns about employees not being looked after in this which I do understand a cruder prior to being at the chamber was in nonprofit management and community counseling and one of the reasons I’m drawn to this job is because I recognize the link between economics mental health personal stability and all the ways those things are inter woven and I think it’s really important to be able to keep all of those things at the front of our mind during a crisis like this so we make sure everybody’s going to be ok a lot of the things that in the conversations we’ve had as a as a committee as an advisory group it’s been talking about how payroll is gonna be one of the primary focuses so we talked about our term sheet and also the application that’s one of the things that I’ve been working on personally and so I can tell you on the application we say are you gonna use this for payroll for your employees have you made a good-faith effort to keep your employees on are there other essentials that you need these funds for like rent or supplies it’s those types of things to be able to keep your business open just recognizing that without these businesses we wouldn’t have employees and they wouldn’t have income so how do we keep this thing moving so that everybody can get back going as quickly as they can and I also wanted to I know mr. Booker had asked about minority businesses women-owned businesses and that’s also part of the application as well we’re asking for that information so that the as the application is evaluated and the decisions made that were able to have that ad that data to be able to evaluate those applications in that not full way to make sure so I hope that helps and allay some of your concerns about that it has been a a good good process with a team that’s really trying to take this whole picture in mind it keeps that community going thank you Miss pred more mr. dosoo do we have that I believe we’ve got miss Jennifer pearl who should be muted and then ready to comment miss pearl please go ahead alright thank you so much I just wanted to introduce myself my name is Jennifer pearl and I’m the president of the Bloomington Economic Development Corporation and it’s been a pleasure to serve on the ESN our committee alongside Alex and Aaron and so many other partners as we’re trying to help our community through this time I would like to second many of the things that Aaron said all the things that Aaron said so eloquently and also just add that you know the work that we’re doing when we look at economic development it’s people first and looking at not only our role in the Bloomington community but the role that we serve in the region as well we have about 70,000 people that are working here about 16,000 come from outside

communities and our ability to be able to keep these businesses moving along in payroll moving along has a multiplier effect so anyone that is still on payroll and can move forward is also putting money back into the economy there’s also many non funding mechanisms for support that our committee is looking at as a way to be a multiplier for the funding that would be put out there and so that’s a consideration as well but you know everything that mr prime Moore had said regarding a focused approach is something I would like to second thank you thank you Miss Pro do we have nuts I don’t believe we’ve got anybody else queued up at the moment and I’ve not seen anybody new join the meeting recently so that maybe maybe it you know let’s give it another thirty Seconds just to make sure we have all the opportunities we can and folks can either use the the chat function which is should be at the bottom of your screen or raise your hand which I believe is also an option I’ve seen a couple folks use that so either either option will let us know that you’d like to make a comment mr. Lucas’s Facebook play a role in this evening or no this is being streamed on Facebook live mr Krebs from the mayor’s office is running that stream and I believe he’s been responding to questions throughout the meeting but we don’t have access to those comments on our meeting but he’s been monitoring that chat and responding to folks that way thank you for that any further comments let’s come back to Council then for final comments this evening council member Boland yeah I just want to urge my colleagues to read the report over the next two days I know that it’s not the final draft but it’ll prepare you for it while I am sure that there are going to be some substantial changes you know you can’t wait until Monday to read draft three you need to read draft – now it’s 48 pages long it’s quite dense but it was the first time that I actually saw any kind of light at the end of the tunnel I mean there is a way to break down this huge problem with respect to the dollars in question I did a little math in my head the 1% food and beverage tax resulted last year in just under 3.5 million dollars I mean that the entire Bloomington food and beverage sector generated 350 million dollars last year divide that by 12 and you have just under 30 million dollars a month that the sector generates now we you know or rather a a two month period the period that it would take to replace the entire sector would be six two million dollars and there’s only six million dollars to the cretan beverage tax budget so that should give you a sense of how you know impotent we really are to fix things alone we are utterly dependent on money coming from the cares Act oh let’s not make any two bones about it this is a catastrophic moment and we have to respond to see viciously as we can this is why I’m eager to hear if the money that we use from food and beverage money could act as itself as a multiplier that it would allow lending institutions to loan greater amounts or to forgive more to the institutions that that desperately needed I do sympathize with the idea that a restaurant should not be rewarded for laying off its workers I do know that the carrots Act says that if you whatever your payroll was on March 24th that’s what they’ll fund so I don’t know if that counts people that they they’ve laid off because they thought there’s no end to this and we have to shut down so you know I’m willing to forgive businesses that they rehire their employees but

this is the kind of thing we need to think about and so I just want to urge you all to take a good look at the report it’s quite thorough even though it’s in draft form and it sort of it’s a small indicator of the enormity of the task for us thank you thank you coming councilmember Sandberg first of all I have read the report and even though it is going to be updated and it’s going to be changing with the fluid situation and all of you know ongoing effort of this group it is quality it is really good it was put together in a relatively short amount of time we are in crisis and along with that crisis comes the opportunity for us to do everything we possibly can to salvage jobs to salvage all the things that Bloomington is known for and but let us be clear we are not the federal government and I think I heard the word bailout used several times this evening as I have been carefully listening to all the comments and this is clearly not a bailout if anything this is of a bridge this is bridge funding this is gap funding and from what I have read and what I have observed in talking to the members of this committee they are the experts these are the people who understand what some of the small margins are local and small businesses have been operating under and will with this crisis if these businesses go under you know this is going to do not good things for the Bloomington tax base and so we’re gonna find ourselves having to do a lot more with a lot less if we can’t do everything in our power to keep the wheels turning to keep the shops open to keep the jobs that this community is going to need and so again I understand all the good input from people who are concerned about the individual employees but also those employees are not going to get rehired they are not going to get jobs back if we don’t do some serious bridge support for local businesses again in talking to many of them there’s fear some businesses are gonna make it and some are not and so we are looking I don’t want to be a doom and gloom er here but we’re looking at a really different Bloomington on the other end of this crisis and so basically what I’d like to say is I support this committee I trust them these are the ones that understand the business community the Chamber the B EDC all the other reps all the people from the cities economic and sustainable development department these are the people we need to rely on to make these very very difficult decisions I trust them I support them I’m looking forward to the next edition of this report I think it’s going to help us immensely thank you thank you other comments councilmember snow thank you very much I think that what brought it home for me was listening to miss bright from NYX our our great institution in Bloomington and you hear that it’s gonna be really hard to deal with the fiscal issues ongoing and and in my mind after she was talking about the amount specificity with the payroll in keeping the business going I’m two million dollars maybe a down payment right it’s kind of frightening depending how long this goes on and I would like to thank everybody at the city who’s working on that task force with with Councilman Rallo it’s really doing a great job so thank you Thank You councilmember spent mother coming that’s member kiemce on spent yes I’d really like to thank Alex Crowley and the group the working group that has been doing such diligent and quick work on this project I’m trying to for some reason I cannot remember what the whole name is Mabel ization organization and recovery workgroup thank you

I really we as a city rely on experts in the field to help us in difficult times like this and they have really stepped up to help in this case and in addition to the members of the working group I think there have been other people who have been consulted and have really helped frame the report and frame the draft guidelines which we will see finalized next week so I appreciate everybody who has who has helped I also recognize and I want to emphasize to the public that this is just a small amount of bridge funding we will not be able to help everybody who applies to the extent that they apply for help to the you know to the dollar amount that they apply for but I do think this is a big step in the right direction and I think we can help some businesses stay in business and that will help their employees as well so I like everything I’ve heard so far as far as what the working group is thinking for the guidelines you know to emphasize payroll to emphasize locally owned businesses minority-owned businesses and to have some guidance as to you know you cannot spend the money to just enrich yourself as a business owner or your investors so I look forward to reading the report well I don’t know if I look forward to it because it’s gonna be gloomy but I appreciate the work and I will be reading draft two and then looking for draft three on Monday so thank you very much thank you comes member peanuts no other come and let’s remember clarity and then councilmember Sims yes thank you again to the ESR WG for all of its really diligent work this last week to paint a clearer picture of what so the needs are and what what we can do about it with with food beverage tax dollars with other types of support and more also for the benefit of the public version too that was mentioned of this report it is a 50 page report but the body of the text is really only 27 pages and depending on what you’re interested in you can dig in it’s available in tonight’s packet on the council’s website so and as you heard version 3 will be coming out over the next week sometime with some changes in line with conversations that took place in this meeting and other evolutions that are coming as people keep working on this I want to just emphasize again I think the I certainly hear the comments of mr. Booker and mr Bingham and and the questions I’ve been asking you’ve really been looking at you know workers more than anybody or other folks who are struggling in our communities right now especially low wage workers folks in the service sector and figuring out how we can make sure they’re part of this conversation I certainly take the point the app the business goes under there’s no jobs and you know people can’t go job to come back to you that’s that’s true but I want to just make sure we’re keeping that as part of what we’re thinking about when we’re looking at this bridge funding so the navigation Center wraparound support to make sure that businesses are fully aware of and pursuing the actions they need to take in order to ensure that their employees can get the most amount of support and and benefit an a that they can from the federal government or state additionally I guess I’d like to hear a little more information I’ll be doing some research myself certainly but mr. Crowley sort of mentioned that he doesn’t think the time gap for aid coming to workers or folks who’ve been laid off will be as long as for businesses which may well be true so I’d like to look into that more and if the working group you look into that more and have a bit more information for us by next week that would be great it occurred to me we could ask as part of the application process and maybe part of our evaluation criteria we could ask what the business plan is for their employees we should have an understanding of how many people have they laid off are they keeping people on payroll do they intend to use any of this money for that or not and you know not necessarily that’s not necessarily the best use for it if there are other funds available but I think having an understanding of how they intend to prioritize their employees and what and what their plan is for that would actually go a long way in helping us evaluate applications and I’ll stop there for tonight but again thank you very much that working group for all the hard work so far and for answering questions tonight Thanks thank you thank

you I also to thank the work group for all the work that they’re doing many of us myself and many of my colleagues we have had the pleasure over the years of working with people like Miss Perot miss Pratt Moore Alex Crowley so we are well aware of their talents and I think we’re well aware of how difficult their job is right now some of the decisions that are gonna have to be made I was encouraged from hearing from Miss pred Moore some of the questions some of the criteria that will be addressed and I know there’s limitations but some of those questions pointed to the fact that the emphasis could be as much as I want to emphasis to be as much as possible on how we can help the people the workforce of those businesses and in that industry we know there’s limitations we know that may not pan out to be the biggest bang for the buck but I think as long as that’s part of the thought process and keeping it at the forefront I think that’s important also I think that’s fundamentally important is some of or much of the public comment that we’re getting even through this format it’s good to see that the public is still engaged even if not so much commenting there were many participants so that’s encouraging to me and I would like to ask everyone to stay involved and let’s get through this together I think we’ll do better than some of us may think at least that’s what we can hope so thank you all thank you other comment that I’ll just add mine anyone who has known me longer than a week has probably heard me tell the story of a former boss I had who was an economist by trade and was asked what he would do to solve all our financial problems and look that person right in the eye and said the first thing I do is remind you there are no solutions there are only trade-offs and I think we are seeing that brought to light in this process and I especially want to applaud the groups who are wrestling with this on the front line certainly all of the employers and the businesses individuals and especially the three working groups that we heard about tonight who are who are trying to find the optimal balance of trade-offs in the circumstances I again I’d only worked as one of those fruits directly and I saw them go from a collection of ideas to a report in 72 hours so I am grateful for all of your hard work not only even as a council member but as a resident I’m glad that we have your talents to rely on so thank you for that as next steps I look forward to seeing version 3 of the report from the economic stabilization Recovery Group as soon as that’s available and I look forward to a more robust conversation when we can reconvene next Tuesday evening and I believe we will see mr. Lucas I believe we’ll see that packet by the end of the correct and then likely a supplemental packet on Monday with the full report yes we’ll release our normal legislative at this Friday with as much material as we can for next week’s meeting as we saw this week we had the supplement last Friday’s packet a couple of times as we got more documents and information so we’ll release what we’ve got when we’ve got it as best we can okay thank you and with that it’s anything else for to go to the order and I’ll entertain a motion to adjourn we take a vote to recommend I’m sorry what oh yes is there a recommended path sorry I moved it pass thank you done good all the members now so that we can vote it has to be roll call vote please as well he may need to click something on his end and Susan there you go oh I’m sorry got the Brady Bunch box going on can’t see all there you go well then and well

the clerk call the roll please okay 2001 right this is a yes or no vote recommendation do pass thank you okay so council members Tim Larry yes rosenberger yes Simms yes Mullin yes three months me yes clarity yes Smith yes Sandburg yes Rallo yes thank you and that was nine zero zero ugly good thank you everyone and he’s our other business council member olih goodbye thank you come on one second do we need do we need a roll call vote on this type of motion no no we are everyone thank you everybody good job you