Group Inclusion Report Instructional Video 3 15 2015

this jeff scott in response to a email request I’m going to do a brief video on how I create and utilize the group inclusion report feature within hgs I this is 3 15 2015 and this is a follow-up to the video that I made earlier today the purpose of the group inclusion report is to reduce some of the time that I might take in doing my analysis for example if I believe I have a number of Lists that create that contain great stocks then it’s possible that a stock that makes it to a large number of those lists might be a stock that’s worth looking at and so if you think back to what I did earlier today and I started with my group performance analysis I showed that there were a lot of groups that outperform the market now what if I could take a list of each stock in these groups and find out which stocks show up in the highest number of groups so here’s how I do that I open up hgs I and it’s fully updated I go into my designer now you should remember that in the designer you have three main headings reference groups which are things that are done for you and are not nothing that you can adjust but include the components of major indexes ETFs etc industry groups and sectors smart groups which are standardized views meaning filters and ranking modules that many of us have created that help us to shorten our work by identifying for us some of the most attractive instruments in the market and then user groups which might include a number of the groups that I make that I may have created on my own so I really do two different group inclusion reports the first group of rusian report i do is sort of my standard nightly review of what made it to the majority of the smart groups I click on tools I go into group inclusion report in in a second it will open up and I start with by saying make a group from report I use I i created a directory that includes my group inclusion reports but for this one I’m just going to leave it in my user group parent and I want to call the directories a test gif three dot 15 base smart groups and call it whatever you want I only want stocks that are in at least say five of the smart car for the smart groups that’s number usually is I don’t play games tonight and I want to find 30 stocks so next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to hit clear and wait to that arrow go that check goes away so I know I’m starting from scratch so this is the base one that I’m going to run every night and every week so I’m going to start with by going into the reference groups and I’m going to check off industries so I know there’s 170 or so industries in hgs I and I’m not going to separate any stocks based upon industry group but it’s going to tell me what each one is in then I’m going to identify my favorite smart groups and the morales and catcher I go for Bible gap ups I go for code blue and I go for pocket pivots five or ten days under my name I go 45 I go for 3x big and volume I could go for 3x or 5x but not both because that’d be repeating breakouts from a squeeze pull backs to the 50 with a Kahuna and then one of my favorites is squeezing stocks potential PSAR reversal to the upside then I go into the best of you know rhyme and I want a bunch of these I want best criteria I want best up best of under 15 consisting earnings demand urgh 240 growth HS 100 high profit margins leaders llu our quarterly PS shadow stocks and then careful to pick the stocks and groups to the upside

and strong eps all right then I go up to Gilardi and I want sprinters and for Steckler I want to get his pzo bullish and VZ 0 bullish so once again I’ve identified lists of bullish smart groups these are done automatically every night and now I’m going to come over here and I’m going to save my selection as i’m going to call it best smart groups for gif three dot 15 2015 i’m going to save that and now i’m going to just hit okay it’s going to ask me to name it in a second we’ll call it gif web demo 3.15 best of smart groups generate index for the group nope doesn’t really matter actually and here these will be the stocks that made it to my list now I could scale down this list and I could look at each stock how many groups it was in the first tells me what industry it’s in specialty pharma and then which smart groups were positive and we looked at almost all of these tonight in my smart group analysis now the other thing that happens is that I asked for a user group and this is my user group I’m just going to put a filter and that says no indexes so these are the stocks that are put into a user group and then I could hit my warehouse key and that will open up a warehouse with this user group in it and I could do whatever scans or things that I might want to do with this list trying to rank the stocks and identify them so again what I did is I went under tools group inclusion report and now if I did this again since i created the list give it a chance to open up here I hit clear so I get there I’ll come back all I have to do is load selection and now whenever I come in I can just hit on my smart groups for gif and it will check all those off and it will save me some time so since these smart groups they change the name but not only on the nano change a name but a change in date on the program has been set up so it really doesn’t matter what the date is they’ll identify them now let’s do another smart let’s do another gif let’s look at my user list that i put together today let’s look at all the bullish ones and see if i can do a group inclusion report for that tools group inclusion report we’re going to hit clear second when it pops up I have a few things open which is the problem here come on all right so I’m going to clear it I’m going to make a group here we’re going to call this a gif best of Jeff groups three dot 15 2015 now we’re going to look at some of

my groups as I do this so I love that industry thing so I always leave that industry thing in so I’m going to put that industry with group in now I’m going to close that off not going to use the smart groups open up and I’m going to look at some of my groups so some of these are overlapped the Bible gap ups the pocket pivots the five times volume squeezing potential psl reversal best of Woodward okay these are from market smith accumulation accumulating stocks a did it advancing accumulating stocks add our new highs Big O are some filters that try and find stocks that are like the IBD 50 the second one is a DI crossover blog game plan filters an old thing that once somebody wants posted that’s been useful for me to find great stocks breakouts Delta Y is a another filter that was created years ago that I used to find great stocks fast-growing 150 fundamental strength which is from market Smith the gif All Stars which is what this list will be hgs 100 en pointe scores IBD 50 obviously I’m getting these from the IBD I look at market Smith I look at marks with accelerating leaders I run some bullish scans and metastock and I’m just want the bullish ones market Smith near pivots another bullish stock scam from metastock these are screens of the day from investors calm a lot of these thats a top are from market smith or investors business daily some of these are scans like these couple from hgs I and then I come down here and these are what i found in TradeStation Bible gap up screen candle lows mobile break out in a squeeze mobile break out hi closed oh geez which is a person indicator person long weekend stocks flip the positive and then from I strongly positive groups and now i’m going to hit okay i did not save that as a list because it’s going to change every week and now i’m going to call this gif scott leaders 315 from lists save now it’s running I don’t need an index of this so hit no and in a second it’ll pop up a new report I guess this is a new report and you can see that the leaders here which may be different because i’m using different loose different scans umbrella at centene so what I basically have shown you is a tool that allows me to quickly run through a number of lists and identify great stock so let’s now take those stocks put into a warehouse view and now we’re going to I want them all so I’m just going to go score card index 250 and 500 and I’m going to very quickly run through these most of these I’ve already looked at this evening and just show you what kind of stocks that came up on that quick evaluation in fact you could argue all I got to do is this I don’t need to do anything else freescale we looked at earlier leader small pullback flag broke out on Friday rising volume great earnings something going on in MA I’d want to check on that on this Malik rat Theo Questcor lower left upper right nxp semiconductors they’re doing an acquisition and they broke out on Friday good earnings had this Bible gap up certainly a leader it looks great nice earnings sucampo pharmaceuticals don’t know much about them except they’re starting to have revenue and earnings hi multiple but very high earnings per share growth rate this is a case where the earnings will catch up to their multiple ambarella the GoPro chip maker who sells to others is not limited by GoPro which is why they look like this and go pro looks like the reverse United therapeutics a they’ve got a number of drugs i think cystic fibrosis pulmonary fibrosis nice moving

chart don’t know much else about the company not great earnings per share growth but lower left upper right santi night auct about this on my webinar earlier tonight this is a leader in managed care you have a lot of government contracts great earnings per share growth for a managed care company lower left upper right and tight talked about this for two years valiant the serial acquirer sort of digesting now whether they’re going to get salix is why they sold off when there was a second bid that came in they’ve already started getting shares so that may be too late for endo to steal pinnacle entertainment also talked about this earlier today broke out earlier this week a regional a gaming stock and doesn’t have great earnings per share growth last earnings were here 1214 not sure what happened it’s probably news driven skyworks lower left upper right tight great stock part of the Apple component pipeline great stock certainly a leader great earnings per share growth much more than PE new link genetics talked about this earlier this eve biotech stock it’s got an Ebola play this one’s been talked about a lot as a potential at position biogen idec one of the grandfather is not only biotech but an orphan drugs a little bit of a pull back here at a pocket pivot on friday might be setting up to go again lantic company out getting talked about this is my ATM stock because i keep taking money out because of this thought it’s run up here hi base forming tried to break out on friday its profiled investors calm on saturday not sure if that would be a good thing or a bad thing hi base ESO fail break out with a failed new high and a red candle high but it only closed down seven point one seven percent or eleven cents i’m going to watch that one for a breakout on monday amerisourcebergen i talked about a mirror source Cardinal McKesson earlier this evening i called them he told the toll highways of health care if you want to sell a drug sell a device and if your customers a doctor’s office or retail pharmacy a specialty pharmacy or a hospital then you go through one of those three big distributors ninety to ninety-five percent of the material they have very tight low margins but they have no technology risk and they just their cash printing machines and all three of the same chart which is a tight lower left upright this is a Mara source if Obamacare gets overturned these things are at big risk they win by increasing volume jazz pharmaceuticals that’s been a favorite for a long time going sideways tried to break out on Friday came back with the sell-off it’s got the PS air overhead this is one of those stocks that I look at as a potential fly and buy stock where I can set a buy stop above the PSA are my stop at the 50 and get on a plane and not worry too much because if the market trades up I get filled if the market opens up big down tomorrow nothing happens activist is a generic serial acquirer a lot like valiant recently bought a leg and lower left upper right certainly it’s been a big leader we’ve talked about for ages Ave go another technology semiconductor stock in a small pull back here certainly lower left upper right up to that time krogers grocery store looks like a technology stock lower left upper right tight how to pull back here and then a bible gap up on earnings earnings per share growth about half of the PE so it’s probably fully priced probably grows ten to twelve percent from here in conjunction with what the earnings growth but certainly has been a big leader VIP s holdings as a Chinese retailer sold off on Friday it still had a nice move from the 50-day moving average it makes money has good earnings cognacs another technology play electronic equipment don’t know much about this guy it’s trading on the upper right hand corner it’s too loose for me I would probably have skipped this quickly and cambrex another biotech stock that this one actually makes money earning starting to come in the specialty pharma not biotech had a Bible gap up here it has continued to go up earnings per share exceeding PE don’t know of much else about it the 1-800 flowers calm and a nice run after acquiring harry and david alta had earnings on friday lower left up right the point here is I’m not trying to find stocks for you to buy because I have no idea when you’re going to watch this this is not a weekend review it’s in a supplement the key point is each of these stocks or lower left upper right these are great stocks Methot this is its upper right and lower left but it’s a mess to get there not one I would look at qualities in the app infrastructure software like pan West others sold off like VDS I did like site or like fire I did we’ll see if they can hold above the 50 and bounce it does have good earnings per share growth but a big PE Western alliance bank or regional banks are starting to look good

this is one of the leaders it makes money doesn’t pay a dividend and is trading in a multi-month hi O’Reilly Automotive a auto parts retailer has been a good stock for years lower left upright a little loose in here maybe it’s going to tighten up and run again sherwin-williams a paint store one of these days it’s going to roll over but this is a stock that’s really been on fire with splits and everything going back since this market started going up here’s 1211 and so from december of 11 i’ll go from September 11 it’s up two hundred and ninety-one percent in four years how many of your stocks are three and a half years are up that much what a great stock you know in a run until it stops running it looks like it’s getting top here it’s got the 50 close by to support which might be support in a good place to buy its earnings per share our about two-thirds of what it’s p/e certainly not way overpriced from that perspective mad another health care stock bible gap up trading up high multiple high growth rate don’t know much about it eep am is in our technology stock nice move up sort of setting up a wedge here underneath the PSA r dot the point of that exercise was not to tell you which of these stocks to buy but to show you that very quick maneuver with the group inclusion filter or is a gloop inclusion report function which is found in the designer under tools is a great tool for helping you find leading stocks in the market with minimal number of keystrokes i was able to find 30 stocks of which 20 to 25 of them would be on my buy list that i got from my exhausting for 268 our weekend review that I do before I publish so on that note I thank you for as always for watching what I do remember to clear before you start unless you want to repeat the thing you just did make group from report and that way it will show up under the user groups and I hope you find this tool to be as useful in helping you make money with hgs I as I