Maine Coronavirus COVID-19 Briefing: Thursday, July 30, 2020

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the state of Maine center for disease control and prevention I’m joined this afternoon by governor Janet mills commissioner James member of Maine’s department of health and Human Services and Dan Brennan director of main housing today to provide everyone an update on the Kobe nineteen situation across the state of Maine for today Thursday July thirtieth two thousand and twenty I’m gonna provide a quick epidemiological update and then turn things over to governor bills right now in the state of Maine there are three thousand eight hundred and eighty eight total cases of code nineteen representing an increase of twenty two cases since yesterday all of those cases three thousand four hundred and seventy seven R. confirmed and four hundred and eleven our probable or update our update today includes an unfortunate piece of sad news which is that another individual in Maine a man in his eighties from Kennebec county has passed away with code nineteen his passing represents the one hundred and twenty second death associated with code nineteen and comes at a time when you United States itself has surpassed over one hundred and fifty thousand deaths nationwide we all of us are for this friends families and communities our condolences during this time of their greeting right now in Maine there are eleven individuals who are currently hospitalized eight of whom are in the I see you and three of whom are on ventilators to put that number in a better adjusted for our population in may our hospitalization rate is approximately one person for every hundred thousand people in may the nationwide rate of hospitalization right now is eighteen people for every hundred thousand nationwide overall in the state three thousand three hundred and forty five individuals have recovered and of our cases eight hundred and ninety two our health care workers as we talked about previously Maine CDC staff have been fielding a number of consoles from health workers across the state that number is close to eleven thousand one hundred in addition our colleagues at two one one have been answering calls in questions from all of you since early on in our response to the pandemic as of yesterday our friends at two one one answered nearly twenty nine thousand calls remain people to fuel their questions about everything going on with coping nineteen we really do think our friends at two one one for joining up with us to help get as many people as possible answers to their code nineteen questions if you brief updates on some of the outbreaks that Maine CDC it is with the first is one at central Maine Medical Center where there are a total of fourteen positive cases twelve among staff members into among patients associated with this outbreak Maine CDC has been working closely with CNMC and they have to so it is planning to retest selected members of their medical team their entire staff as the week goes on to see what the has been in the Kobe nineteen situation there as we have updates and data from that second round of testing we’ll make sure we share with everybody also at hand at Hancock farms there are now a total of eight staff members who have tested positive for carbon nineteen we continue to work with that farm to make sure that the individuals who have tested positive have a safe place that they can recuperate and as well as working with that form to conduct another round of testing and the near future also at the martial arts center in Lewiston episode he recently undertook a round of universal testing and the results from that round of testing should be available later today finally at surge would Commons in Falmouth where there have been a total of fifty seven cases thus far thank you so D. as well has been undertaking rounds of universal testing just this morning the results from their

residents came back in all of the residents said Sedgwick comments have tested negative we should have additional data on their staff testing very finally earlier this morning Maine CDC opened an outbreak investigation into Meryl blueberry farms in Ellsworth where there are a total of three individual workers at that arm who have tested positive for cocaine nineteen before I turn things over to governor mills a few updates on our data specifically with respect to testing based on two thousand seven hundred and twenty five he C. R tests reported the main CDC yesterday the one day points positivity rate was zero point six two percent that brings our seven day weighted positivity average to back under one percent two zero point nine five percent to be precise for comparison the nation positivity rate stands at eight percent finally a brief update on our overall testing ball you right now in Maine the number of tests being conducted per hundred thousand individuals stands at one hundred and eighty one cents on a seven day basis for every hundred thousand individuals and may we still have more work to do to increase that number in the increasing availability and online nature of art going online I’m swabbing incense right should help make testing more available across the state and hopefully increase the access to testing for more and more people statewide so with that governor mills I’d like to turn things over to you thank you and I am on muted thank you very much doctor shot for your detailed our news your daily update always so informative the days heartwarming and inspiring I just want to thank the people of Maine first of all are there any credible corporation your patience for the they all have taken to return to and taken the steps that will require continued to take the take those steps health and safety of all many people wearing face coverings not always without controversy adapting businesses to safely serve customers and encouraging friends and family members to get tested and quarantine of the visit our state if they can get a chance all the steps of contribute to our low cost to be rated which doctor shot just described and it has the steps to allow our economy to re open gradually but safely so far we’re not out of the woods as we keep saying we can’t you the deadly virus is still here and we’re not immune from the searches that we’ve seen in other states I want people to be healthy I want the economy to become strong again screen screen went down and to expand our economy as well economists and public health experts on many business owners who write to me every day said the best thing we can do for economic health is to protect our public health we G. he tried it continues strike that balance is not easy for instance you know many many people are still experiencing financial hardship as a result of covert nineteen which is impacting their ability to pay rent the last thing mean people need to worry about in the middle of a pandemic is losing their home so in April at my urging main housing established a rent relief program to help keep people in their homes under that program each household it next certain requirements was eligible to receive up to five hundred dollars in rental assistance it paid directly to their landlord in exchange for which the landlord read did not commence eviction proceedings for that month I want to thank her main housing for their partnership in this this area we do not use any general fund monies for this program but now it’s come time to look at that again as of July sixteenth six thousand seven hundred fifty applications for rent relief have been approved under that program for total more than three point three million dollars in direct relief to many people and several thousand applications for rent relief for still pending in process going out the door at that time I also signed an executive order that when taken in combination with a March eighteenth or mesa cream judicial court vented effectively prevented you immediate action of action of tenants who were unable to pay their rent you will cope with

nineteen related financial issues well and you remember that was at the time when our students stayed home order was in effect as well so we’re telling people not to leave their homes and people were losing their jobs and growth in Ireland for unemployment it was an important time to keep people in their homes as a means to bring judicial court now plans to re open courts for filings next week and as the federal government appears to be poised to reducing unemployment benefits or at least a six hundred dollar a week unemployment assistance I am very concerned that many people will be facing a housing cliff as it were losing income and also losing rent relief and coming subject to objection so today I’m dedicating sees another five million dollars in federal court corona virus relief funds to the covert nineteen rental relief program here in order to expand this rental assistance for many people in several ways with those funds starting next Monday August third main housing will double its rental assistance payments available or five hundred dollars a month two thousand dollars a month eligible households will receive up to a thousand dollars in rental assistance for up to three months that assistance may also be used to pay reemerges and I believe in some cases utilities once or rent so accepting accepting that payment the landlord will agree not to evict the tenant for non payment of the month the payment was issued we consider this five million dollars up to be an initial investment given the limited federal funding Maine has remaining compared to the expansive needs across the state because many sectors of our economy we conferred with main housing decided to offer this five million dollars as a starting point we continue to reevaluate the needs and we’re hopeful that we’ll be additional support from the federal government which I continued to advocate for course I’m also signing an executive order today number five for this fiscal year when this executive order continue some of the expanded time frames and protections for renters in the induction process while the court system reopens this new order will continue some measure of protection for renters or at will or month to month ranchers we were required landlord for them to a landlord to provide at least forty five days notice for notice to quit rather thirty days on the law and if the landlord is attempting to adopt a residential tenant for a resurgence the order increases an eviction notice from seven days to thirty days hearing the renter more time to collect funds and pay the rent this order also maintains strengthened penalties for landlords who might try to victims by unlawful means such as turning off utilities we hope this expanded rent rental relief program and the continued protections contained in the updated executive board will help renters and landlords alike during the continued pandemic also earlier today Maine department of health and Human Services announced a one million dollar grant to significantly and quickly expand education prevention and other services or housing to quarantine supports to reduce the disproportionate racial and ethnic Coleman nineteen disparities in our state this funding will go directly to a community based organization organizations are those who have the boots on the ground to protect and assist people in their own communities and to encourage testing and prevention measures these new resources will help secure and protect housing and serve the health and safety of many people during the call the and damage we’re not letting up more information about the rental relief program eligibility requirements application materials were trying to keep it simple and statistics about the program frequently asked questions can be found in Maine housing dot org backslash Cooper grant I urge anyone anywhere in the state of Maine who’s struggling to pay their rent to apply for this immediate assistance and I want to thank again the main people for their cooperation during this pandemic your continued patience as we deal with school school opening issues and continued terrorism issues in the academic issues we’re dealing with things every hour every day is so important to have the support and cooperation people name now I’d like to simply welcome Dan Brennan director of main housing perhaps you can say a few words about the rental program sure thank you very much governor I appreciate those comments could afternoon everyone first of all I’d like to start off by thanking you for your continued support of affordable housing efforts

your name in for your partnership with us in April to make the cover nineteen right lease program stand up so quickly in the early days of the pandemic and as you mentioned at the end of the day we will have helped nearly ten thousand people with that five hundred dollar assistance we’re grateful for the cures act funding and we’re also grateful to the commissioner Johnson and art economic and community development was also helping out some rental assistance funding you know as a pandemic continues we know that manners need more help unemployment is high many who are back to work and back full time in uncertainty does remain about the future federal assistance that’s coming to no one’s surprise rental delinquencies have increased since March in Maine is who are paying their rent are stressing the financial health of their households in doing so savings if any are drying up credit cards are being trapped in difficult decisions about whether to pay for food or medicine housing costs are having to be made we think this is only gonna get worse as the pandemic continues so is the governor said in response we are expanding because nineteen rent relief programs offer more assistance again we’re gonna go from five hundred to one thousand dollars a month and that will be available for up to three months it can be used for back rent if you applied to the five hundred dollar program which is still going to be available through five o’clock tomorrow you can also apply to the expanded program the additional requirements as the governor mentioned going to be on our website main housing dot org backslash who branch we’re going to start taking these applications on Monday August third again everything on our website in housing dot work next lunch who would rent if you have a hard time getting to a computer you can call two one one we wouldn’t be able to do this program and other partnerships with Maine’s community action agencies throughout the state there absolutely vital to the distribution of the program thank them for their work to date and work that they will do a future and all of us here at main housing happy to continue to be able to help since time thank you thank you very much governor we’re gonna turn over to our colleagues in the media for some questions and today’s first question goes to J. Michigan from WGME I’m good afternoon thank you very much I have two questions first ones out of the schools tomorrow so I’m wondering if the school systems have already been aware of what their red yellow and green designations are gonna be I left from what you know about it if any surprises are gonna come out worse school systems are gonna be surprised counties rather than surprised of what the designation it cool now maybe commissioner Megan has been working very closely with all the school districts for several months on this issue right now and I don’t think any surprises but I’ll let the doctor Sean response you this is being done you know this is under way it has not been released schools and I can’t speak to whether there’ll be any surprises but we’re gonna follow the numbers and release everything tomorrow okay oh one more if you look at our numbers in the state over the past month the greatest increase in age groups are those that are under twenty in those index funds which sort of matches what’s going on is what several other states including New Jersey are blaming house parties as one of the top cases either bars or else parties obviously our bar situation is different than many other states but do we have any documented cases of coke and spread social events or house parties in many so J. we’ve here as we as we undertake ontact racing with one of the things that we do is ask folks where they’ve been and then look for patterns among that we haven’t traced a large number of cases to any specific gatherings yet although there are some that are teams are working on trying to make some additional connections true we have an a singular one yes although that investigation is still underway but you’re correct yes to the increase of cases among younger individuals think that points the way at two real strong pieces of advice the first is that younger folks can get code nineteen there is a sense out there that could be only affects and really only just proportionately makes ill individuals who are older and they still comprise the bulk of cases but we’ve seen a growth of Gilbert nineteen cases nationwide in Maine included among younger individuals the second is that congregation density yeah getting together is an opportunity to spread the disease we’ve seen that across the country and so for younger folks out there right now where did you go about your your

nights in your weekends and how you spend time with your friends can’t introduce risk and that’s a risk that you could inadvertently bring back to your family your grandparents other members books that are around you in an advert me in fact turn next year any brown over at W. E. are you thank you doctor shot of first just a quick follow up regarding Sedgwick comment you said that in the second round all of tested negative does have the fifty seven people who previously tested positive they’re all recovered of all the residents have tested negative in this latest round they’ve actually been undertaking multiple rounds of testing we’re waiting for the latest results from their staff testing but this is part of an ongoing effort at sense would you conduct multiple rounds of testing in terms of the fifty seven individuals I’m I’m not sure all of them are recovered will get you that exact number in in in terms of the exact number and that’ll break recovered but just to be clear this is not the second round it’s just the latest in multiple rounds of testing okay thank you and bye the question is initially going to ask is what kind of outrage is being done to the migrant farm community and how our positive tests among my farm workers being reported are they are included in our numbers are are they treated as out of state and recorded that way and are the migrant workers required to follow the quarantine or have a negative test before they start working in me I’ll take those in reverse order any the answer to last question is yes they are required to follow the governor’s executive orders with respect to either quarantining or getting a negative test and many cases it’s both that negative test as a reminder can be taken once someone arrives in Maine provided that they quarantine until such time the test results it is come the second question or the middle question you ask is how our cases in this situation being counted what we have found working with our partners on the ground is that most most migrant agricultural workers wist there states the state that they are currently in in this case man as their state of residence in many cases they intend to be in the state in Maine for several weeks throughout the growing and then the harvesting season so given that they themselves indicate that their state of residence as main we count them as part of Maine’s cases and then in terms of outreach I’m glad you asked that is that we work very closely with our colleagues and partners that made mobile help over the past several months this is what main mobile health does a specialize in reached a such as migrant agricultural workers who are riding into the state and they do so in partnership with growers so that when groups of migrant agricultural workers arrive they can be quickly tested and then if they test positive provided state support of isolation and if they test negative they can start their job and make sure that they’re doing what they need to do what with their communities as well so that that type of out reach it’s not just focused on covert nineteen I should note it’s focused on their entire properly it health concerns so it’s chronic diseases diabetes heart disease hypertension as well as carbon nineteen and I don’t reach is very much proactive it’s important to note that the results that I’ve mentioned up from yesterday are from Tuesday as well as today are the result of proactive testing not reacted just and that’s because of the partnership we’ve got with main mobile help thank you popular turn next to Bob Evans at new center thank you Dr John we’ve heard from viewers add a staff member this is for you by the way that they were they were tested for the virus more than ten days ago interstellar waiting for results they were told a backlog of tasks are delaying results could more testing being done mean more delays and should people ask were being tested asked where the tests will be processed in case that makes a difference in the timing sure so Bob what we’ve seen nation is that because of significant increases in cases pretty much everywhere else D national laboratories that process a large number of these tests quest lab core groups like that inundated with testing of dust intraday they they’ve just had a backlog and a slowdown in the return of tests backed individuals the state laboratory here in Augusta has no such backlog and remains able to receive process and report out results quickly but at a certain point but we’ve seen is that these delays as you’ve noted have stretched on more than seven days for that reason it’s not a bad idea to

ask your provider where your chest might be done or at a minimum ask your provider what she thinks the expected turn around time might be one of the reasons or one of the ways that we’ve set up this swab and send is that they will use the main state laboratory up here in Augusta in the hope that that turn time will be as low as possible we know that what’s important when it comes to cope in is not just when you get tested but how long it takes for you to get your result if you’re positive you need to take immediate action to make sure you stay in isolation and avoid infecting others the turnaround time is really critical by utilizing this Robinson cites partnering with the Maine state laboratory we hope to provide an option for many people to get tested with the low turnaround time which remembers or anything else okay I’m and I have a question from my colleague don Carrigan for the commissioner DHHS and your car’s spittle set up a rapid testing site primarily to help test tour is coming to me but the demand for testing has been far more than the capacity and now there is a two week waiting period to get an appointment why hasn’t the state set up more of these sites in York County tourist areas or in other prime tourist spot sure we’ve been happy to have that partnership with York hospital in which we are lending them those platforms that they’re using to be conducting this testing and we have let them but we have we don’t have anymore test platforms a lan because in part we’re using those seen rapid tests all the ID now well we were what we just heard about the mobile health uses them to test some of the workers coming in we use the men’s sites where we want to make sure there’s no imminent outbreak so we have let them what we have we’re looking to see if there are more platforms that we can deploy to that area and we appreciate the fact that there’s high demand but as a reminder we are opening up these other sites the so called swap and stands that we hope to open up more in your county in the coming days are certainly more in southern Maine where we know a lot of people are because we appreciate the fact that demand is high your turn now to Brooke Riley ABC seven thank you doctor shot now going back to the school traffic on should have concerns about potentially sending their kids back to school and if you can’t sorry we’re going to make sure I heard your question was whether parents should have concerns yeah what kind of comparing should I have sure you know what what I think this would be a good topic that I know will be discussed at length tomorrow as well but I certainly understand that parents out there to say nothing of teachers and other staff at schools have concerns about going back in the classroom settings for the school year but the department of education has really stepped up as a system whereby if it’s not safe to return to the classroom in the judgment of local school officials based on what they’re seeing on the ground they’re alternatives in place whether that be hybrid education or fully going online but certainly we understand that everyone out there is expressing concern right now in Maine although infection levels state remain well that could change one of the things that we have the main CDC and DHHS or during this keeping constant tabs on those data we intend to update those data on our website so that everyone can see what’s going on in their county with respect to cope at nineteen and help is that in concert with school officials media traditions family physicians to make determinations about what’s best for their own family this is a situation where every family will have to approach going back to school in potentially different ways based on what’s going on at home based on health conditions the child may have based on what’s going on in the community we certainly understand those concerns we know that everyone share that share those right now we want to acquit everyone with all the data that we’ve got as they go about making these decisions thank you I’m gonna turn next to kickoff at the Ellsworth American thanks doctor shot I’m to questions are on both for you unrelated to one another I’m the first in the morning if you can give us any more details about the case is that Meryl blueberry farms and such as you know in those cases among migrant workers and are those workers being quarantined apart from other staff sure what we just opened our investigation into that situation this morning so the investigation is under way we’re not commenting on anything related to not just in this outbreak but in any outbreak we’re not commenting on any of

this specifics as to the individuals who might be affected what I can tell you though Kate is that in general our approach any outbreaks situation in a congregate settings to make sure that individuals who have tested positive as well as their close contacts are provided safe places where they can remain a part others so as to avoid any further transmission of disease that’s the approach we take in all types of congregate settings farm workers and all others including thank you and then the second one is and you know we’ve we’ve been hearing that there’s a bit of a delay in setting up the some of the swap in sand casting sites and we’re hearing that particularly at sites are affiliated with the northern light hospital group and so I’m wondering if you can tell us sh your husband partnership with Northern Lights and finalized and is there any change and when those sites will be up and running and we can get that there however you need had a excellent third partnership with Northern Lights they really have been helping throughout this pandemic including in circumstances where they have some of their nurses who have been helping to take those samples were made operated different site so they’re they’re are working hard on any of these sites my understanding is they are tentatively aiming to open up their ten state sites across this evening on Monday obviously when I work with them to make sure that works well but we expect to significantly expand our capacity on Monday but we will again make sure that all the systems work before we push the green light to say go thank you very much thanks Kate are gonna turn next to Kevin Miller at the press Herald great app to questions on the racial disparity that funding for racial disparity issues I guess the first probably to the governor mills governor if you weeks ago when leaders of some immigrant groups hell the Congress will press Congress they they asked for up for meeting with you sh that meeting ever happen to either or or in person and if so can you just tell us a little bit about what what you guys discuss their yes it did Kevin are we met I think about two weeks ago not not quite two weeks ago and was productive discussion sh five or six individuals and I did take time when evening one weekend to watch the entire hour hand close press conference that they the video of that and I was impressed by what some of the local organizations are doing and so forth and some of the challenges are having as well and it’s it’s just I think unacceptable that we’re seeing confronting a significant number of racial see significant racial disparities that right and wrong what this pandemic is laid bare about somebody and equities and racism in our society needs these issues deserve our attention both in the short run in the long run in the short run nine impressed with some of the people like followers to murder doing in their communities to encourage people to get tested otherwise because of cultural issues may be afraid to get tested on maybe not be able to lose their job and not be able to take time off from work and his families to support and getting people yes it is a big big variants on the communities and then when they are tested if they are positive making sure they have facilities for quarantining it isolate them totally from their families from their cultural in underpinnings and getting masks out into the communities those kinds of things so that’s what this money will help do directly to the orders to the community based organizations who are who are members of that same community and they’ll be affected we want to make sure everybody has access to services including wraparound services so that if they test positive they don’t have to worry about feeding your children don’t have to worry about the temporary housing you don’t have to worry about other services that are so vital to keep those families together keep people safe and healthy and minimize the spread to other great and I think he has a part of part of that but maybe commercial labor might have a little bit more details I just want to find out if you can provide some additional examples of how this money might be used to production money for food or for child care are there other examples you can provide if you are the questioner yeah so what we have heard and we have been listening because many of these needs are identified by these community based organizations are theirs first of all you need to get out there early there are a lot of people who think that they might have could be nineteen in these

communities but as the governor said four different systemic reasons are not getting tested they need support they need education they need to know how to get tested so catching people early as part of with this new funding can do as well as making sure that as they’re recovering they have all the services and supports the need to recover we also ensure that the right maybe services that were missing I would be that he to keep somebody in isolation or quarantine because as a reminder it’s not easy to do that you’re so separated from your family your friends so these people on speak English so that’s another barrier so we are trying to make sure that we are getting the types of support that these communities identify but I do want to emphasize that the different part of what we’re doing today is really working in partnerships because what we have heard loud and clear is that the community members can identify these needs they can provide the services and we want to take down barriers you make sure we’re supporting them in doing so and that includes new Mainers includes African American people have been here for generations includes a lab mix community we have some people from using your Asia’s so we really have a diverse set of communities are just one we’re supporting them all thank you so much thanks Kevin I’m gonna turn to Emily Tadlock at W. A. B. I. next you’re so on my first question maybe it’s for you doctor shot and governor mills dearest we’ve heard from a couple of different companies there’s worry of hiring migrant workers now because of the virus and because of their concerns of bringing it into their facilities there are and and such but without them finding local employees to help them is very difficult as well and to be able to get the job done so what would you say to to these places looking to hire migrant workers and who were worried when you start with and I think we’ve had migrant workers coming to me for some for a number of months we have not had to adjust just very recently on any serious concerns about covert among that population extent we detected will obviously responds we would in any other manner with any other population they are the people coming to the station be tested as my second quarter they are being tested and when they test positive we are of course warranting an air defense lawyers a quarantine them so I don’t know there’s justification for players to be fearful of migrant labor per se more than any other groups at home they might seek to employ I would I would agree governor at my my advice to anyone any organization out there would be to think about agricultural farm workers in the same way that you might think about any worker coming from another part of the country which is to say that because of the relative risk of being from other parts of the country as is the possibility that anybody be they be a worker or a tourist could potentially be bringing cove it and making sure they get tested as it as they arrive I do but in many cases as they arrive and then if that’s not feasible asking them to quarantine before their interacting with others so that route the likelihood of prompting an outbreak goes down significantly I think if we if we think about them as being in the same in the same category as we think of any out of state worker any out of state person that’s really the best way there’s nothing about them they’re just folks you might have been in another part of the country where there’s more covert circulate we’ve got systems in place working again with partners like main mobile health make sure that testing is made available and broader healthcare needs are taken care of thank you Sir bye that’s kind of what I meant was by migrant workers were not just ones out of the country that the state as well which is why I said hiring local employees might be difficult you’re going to clear out a questionnaire which was interesting all absolutely understood yep and fact they are but they’re they’re they’re what they’re at as would be the case with anyone from another state that’s not among the five that have been exempted the same prod the same approach from an epidemiological standpoint as well as risks procedural standpoint applies okay great and then my other question is about on this front relief program on I’m just looking at this from a different from the landlord perspectives you know some some of those landlords are really struggling to because these rent payments help supplement their income and help pay their mortgage on and help pay for the places where they live well I’m and I are I have a couple of friends who different places but

going without this hasn’t been easy and not being able to Avex obviously don’t want to have to evict anyone because there everybody’s struggling but in order to get these payments I’m you know is there anything that a landlord to do they’re also worried about going to get lost or anything a landlord can do to make sure that this rate relief is taking advantage of many good question hi my name’s John but in here and answer try to answer and Dan can answers well grass your vin balancing these interests trying to do this very and very strategically I know some landlords have actually given rant and want people to stay when they were good tenants and didn’t wanna pick them for non payment and we’ve had to actually had some tenets apply for the grant relief windows say now I’m just I just don’t want to leave and I’m not going to get them in and save your money for somebody else and I’m in some good tennis in bed tells glamour as bad loans landlords we also know that the courts want to reopen with some support from the state in terms of protections precautions in the coming months that will be hearings there will be an eviction or FED complaints filed in our courts are about writing reasons they’re going to go forward what we’re saying is this for financial reasons there are so many generators on the ranch want to give a little more lead time a little more notice seven days notice thirty days notice or on the person to be able to make the ranch or negotiate in good faith with the landlords landlord now and get up to date on the ramp at the same time have this phone these funds available for those who can’t pay the rent when we talked about seeing you figuring out a way that the landlord could apply for this rent relief program that didn’t seem feasible because it’s really relying on the renter’s financial order maybe several renters and want to one house their financial resources their income which spoke landlord is not necessarily privy so it really behooves the tenant in the circumstances to apply for this we’re trying to make a real simple process we succeeded before and I think we’ll succeed again make it easy and accessible no strings attached just wanted her money does your income rock rock confidential form and we pay the rent on your behalf to influence and the risk right now is in the coming months it will be eviction proceedings we saw the random but there will be additional proceedings we’re trying to balance those interests all starts also governor on we’ve been working with the court system and also with landlord association representatives we need landlords in Maine and we care about their businesses and they provide the housing that we live in so we’ve been working with the cartoonist you know during a pandemic sometimes people don’t make decisions that are in the best interests well now we have an opportunity with this program to incent landlords in the tenants to work together and I think I am working with the courts including some language in some of the initial notices that go out to parties that are heading towards addiction we can intervene early and resolves situations before they even get to the court so we’re hopeful that we can achieve that I’ll add that the first thing that happens in addiction proceeding I mean I want people to talk to Iran was talk their chances of something else going on a dress that didn’t behavioral issue addressing violence runs or anything like that please address that both sides should be willing to address those issues if this is your non payment and invention notice may may issue the government complaint is filed in court and served on the renter the first in the court will schedules mediation at that point I hope if it hasn’t been addressed before somebody will say Hey look this is Randall relief program why don’t you go for that and hopefully will will be involved across at that level as well thank you thank you right next to Steve bats at the career is that yes hello doctor Shaw my question is can I get more details on how the classifications will be released Kamal says screw me opens it’s going to be emailed her districts and then is there some way for the public and the media to see what those classifications are us too when you the department of education is really the organization in charge of school re opening they have had a framework that they worked on was superintendent and parents and teachers across the state

and that is on the department of education website on on that in that framework you will find a section describing both what will happen and that’s where these color coding for the counties will be how old main department health Human Services and CDC are partnering but also the clear language of what this is these categorizations are nothing more than advice they are trying to kind of give people a sense of what is going on for an epidemiological level at the county taking into account qualitative information quantitative information as commissioner maker Megan is repeatedly said that’s only part of what goes into the decisions that are our school districts will make it also includes are they ready in their school facility be modified or their parents be able to kind of help their children your comedy the new rules and recommendations that are there to keep people safe so the pieces coming out tomorrow is just one tool a baseline tool that we expect or school districts to be able to use as they’re making these challenging decisions looking at their student population their facilities in the situation in their county as they decide what to do when school opening service hello color codes will be on the department of education website to all that is correct okay how often they gonna be updated as the website says that the department of education they will be updated every two weeks okay thank you welcome to turn down a penny white at main public thanks very much doctor shot on gonna build my first question is for you the one million in funding to address racial ethnic disparities he said it will go to a community based programs do you mean by that you mean our specifically immigrant run organizations I think that that’s something that nearly two hours working for it something specifically for organizations run by members of their own community right there during I met with representatives from five or six different organizations and my impression is that there are several of them will be up and ready to go life is finding very quickly and do what they’re already doing with our help another name the organization because we do have a process yeah and I would just add that there are multiple communities in Maine that have experienced significantly higher rate of code in nineteen their underlying rate of rate of population or residency in Maine so we are talking with numerous organizations from different types of communities across the state so it’ll be I think a number of organizations and I do wanna actually correct something I said earlier today just realized in this book going back to northern late and there’s spot in St states they’re doing more of a soft launch with some say to open on Monday for some appointments so all ten states will be phased in but they’ll all be open on Monday I’m sorry for speaking great thanks and then I I got a question another question about schools reopening it I know the status will be sought guidance and color coded map is coming out tomorrow is this also looking at doing surveillance testing in schools even and you know certain counties where it that the he’s kind of higher and I’ve heard some people say that even using less accurate tests like the rapid tests that can be those can be effective for kind of broad surveillance is that something the state is looking at well it’s it’s it’s under discussion both from a scientific perspective as well as from an operations perspective I’ve had conversations with colleagues of mine across the country as well as with folks at the U. S. CDC to see what we would make of the data what we know about Kobe nineteen in children especially children less than ten is that their rate of having the disease carrying the virus is lower thus their rates of having clinical illness from Kobe in are lower so we were thinking about how to think about testing should be students should be others and then how we that what takes it just changes would be made based on that nothing has been decided at this point there’s a lot of discussion scientific and otherwise that are under way and we’re we’re trying to kind of get a sense of where the data go and how we might take that and what decisions we would make as a result thank you and the final question of the afternoon goes after a little from the AP thank you very much earlier today are you I shared some scientific studies about the role of sunlight in helping reduce exposure to the virus I’m wondering if you could potentially expand on that a little bit and talk about what role that could possibly play in any and and the way the state approaches the us as we come out

of summer and also also I could be mistaken about that but I I think the last day of the symbol of our emergency is August six I’m just curious if we aren’t looking at likely being extended again I can answer the last first if you don’t mind yeah we look at the state of emergency we look at the reasons that because of the state of emergency we look at it every day we look at what’s happening around us and rest and when when the northeast elsewhere in the country and I talk with my my compatriots in the Bahamas national governors association let’s see what actions they’re taking I don’t believe any of them have actually removed the state of emergency but we’re looking at the data John scientifically and medical advice public health advice that has counselors all along it turned out that emergency status should be continued as a cashier former question a little while ago a few months ago there was an initial paper that came out from some Japanese researchers that in general found that the risk of transmission of coke in nineteen outdoor settings was about eighteen to nineteen times well we’re not percent times lower than in indoor sex so that introduced I bought that outdoor activities were safe for there’s been a lot of research that she tried to characterize the mechanism of action behind that difference why is it that outdoor activities could conceivably be safer all other things being held equal the two papers that I tweeted about the other evening suggests that one factor could be ultraviolet light the ultraviolet light seems to de activate virus whether it’s on a surplus or whether it’s hanging in the air after X. number of minutes depending on different conditions in the papers detail that these papers don’t answer the question of whether there might be other forces at play that could also be working to reduce the risk about directed that could be a breeze that’s blowing aerosoles it could be the fact that folks are naturally more spaced out when they’re apart when they’re outside those those other factors are still being characterized by scientists but what I think is really important cabbie out behind all of Patrick is that it does assume that the nature of the outdoor activity is the same as the indoor activity if a bunch of folks crowd into a small small space the mere fact that their doors may not prevent code nineteen transmission so the factors that we’ve been talking about since gosh since April are made now are just as important outdoors as they are indoors those are the duration of the activity and the density of the activity no amount of outdoor activity no amount of ultraviolet light no amount of wind will prevent transmission if folks are packed together in a tight space for a long period of time if someone there’s got Kobe nineteen the likelihood maybe lower but it does not fall to zero so the same things we’ve been talking about for months now staying spaced out limiting interaction wearing face coverings they still apply in outdoor settings just as they would endorse so thanks for that question and governor that was the last question to this afternoon so I’ll turn it back over to you well thank you Dr drive thank you commissioner whenever thank you all members of the press our interpreter hi it’s snack time for me Dan Brennan if you were here I way and give you one of these what snack I’ll have one waiting for you next time I see you so from Wilbur’s chocolate to you thank you so much all of you thank you for listening thank you Dr Sharon commissioner Ranbir again Dan Brennan remain housing for all you’ve done to help us out last few months in particular with the special and urgent housing needs of many people thanks