Pokémon Glazed Legendaries | Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem and Victini!

what’s up guys and welcome back to Pokemon glazed I didn’t think I’d ever be saying that again and I’m the one that makes the videos so what does that have to say about me I don’t know I’m freaking crazy welcome back everybody today we’re going to be starting off a side series for this game Pokemon glaze which for those of you that have not seen my original play theater of this game go check it out first of all but I mean if you don’t really want to this was a very long running Pokemon hack that I did and it is one of my favorite if not my favorite because it’s the one I’ve recently played I guess so definitely in my top three overall favorite pokemon hacks ever and there are a ton of Legendary’s that we can actually get in this game in fact almost every single one of them up to the fifth generation so I decided since bolt lightness lock was very short-lived and yes I did lose the Nuzlocke I lost every single Pokemon I blacked out which means technically I lost and I’m not sure if I’m gonna bring it back at least for now I decided you know let’s do something different let’s bring back glazed at least until I figure out exactly what I want to do next it really sucks that I can’t run in this game because ever since the johto region or I updated one of my patches my B button broke in this game so I can’t run I do have the bicycle however which is kind of cool but I don’t like the bike music that much for this game I guess that it’s the Emerald music so maybe I’m hating a little bit on Emerald which is not very like me because I love emerald man I love ruby sapphire and emerald all right I need a flying Pokemon I don’t remember the layout of this game and there’s no map around but I’m pretty sure we go this way and I should probably also spray repel good thing the repels are literally right there anyway I decided I should do this just like I said to have a little bit of breathing room and think about what it is I want to do next what a lot of people suggested I do actually is go through both white again do a completely new nose lock up to a Norris gym and hopefully not lose as many pokemons hopefully also keep banana alive by the way this is where banana originated banana the Snivy it came from Lana banana this one so that’s kind of cool anyway I’m going to go ahead and deposit some Pokemon and also pick some back up I’ve already got it all planned out so no need to worry the return of Simba 2014 is now going to be gone again so it’s the return to returning of Simba and we’re actually going to pick up some other guys I want this exp share though I’m not sure why but I’m gonna put it on chippendale that’s right the return of I don’t know I’m gonna rename this guy though basically we are going to take destino back into our own hands you can interpret that however you want and also Jesus cuz I mean what’s wrong with having Jesus on your side you know anyway destino is gonna be returning I don’t know where the name Reiter is in this game I think it’s in North Coast town and we’re probably gonna be going there later on in this episode so it’s okay for now though we gotta get that fly hm on Jesus because you know Jesus fly that’s the historical fact and well this is actually my cousin hey-zeus not jesus the father figure of Christianity I mean it could be Jesus bird I think that’s why I named it that because of twitchplayspokemon but you know that makes a little too much sense so we’re just gonna say he’s my cousin hey-zeus the bird my cousin is literally a bird hi Jesus fly us to infinity and beyond and to our destiny which is actually going to be buying potions or sorry pokeballs first so we’re going to see pretty spray town as I’m spraying my spit all over that’s kind of gross actually but out yeah anyway for those of you that are new I don’t know if there’s that many of you but my videos have definitely been every day basically I gained a ton more subscribers so I always assume that there’s new viewers of social for those of you that haven’t seen this series before this region is very very big basically you go through an entirely new region that the creator of this game made why am I even going up I can just literally buy 99 of them let’s do that let’s go completely bankrupt buying ultra balls because we’re going to be catching legendaries man there’s going to be a lot of them but yeah there was an entirely new region which is this one that we’re in now then after you beat that Elite Four there was the entire Johto region re skinned with some new areas and then after that there was an entire other like kind of seve island-style quest with a couple of islands and its own pokemon league as well so there are almost two and a half regions I say three because catching all of these Legendary’s is kind of part of it as well but now that we have some ultra balls I guess we can start out by actually I don’t know what this area over here is I don’t think I ever explored this so he’ll straight there’s a lot of little islands everywhere trainer Isle I don’t think I ever went to that serenity we definitely went to but look at all of these little areas you know what we’re already here so let’s just head to this area oh my god

plants are in my way I don’t like it when plants get in my way you know what they say when plants get in your way use that tea or hm one yeah I don’t that could have been better but I’m not very good at coming up with these uh things swag Yolo 4/20 yeah alright so it looks like there’s not much this way there’s a lighthouse look at that or I guess it’s just a little Tower but I’ve never been here so I don’t know exactly what we’re going to find but you know we’ll probably run into a legend oh my gosh oh okay oh I guess that can happen you can just literally go through the sand I didn’t know Goldeen was Garchomp you know the sand shark or I guess in this case is the sand goldfish this Goldeen supposed to be a goldfish because it doesn’t really look like one looks more like a koi fish doesn’t it I don’t know what is that what is talking my Kindle just started talking on its own and I really don’t know why but that really scared me I thought you know y2k is coming back technology is taking over I was a little scary anyway here so heels house whoo so heal is I don’t know but he he has Healy’s so heal hey people don’t usually come to visit me not many people know it but I am an elite for in a different league really more elite for and more champions and more gym leaders as if this game didn’t have enough of them I’m pretty sure throughout this entire journey through blaze we’ve battled 21 different gym leaders and at least three champions so you know another one get hurt right let’s battle so he’ll also don’t know what level he’s gonna be at so we might be in for a little trouble but I mean my guys are very very strong the last league that we took on was actually ranked or that was the one with the little islands and stuff so yeah it was it was a pretty tough one I trained a lot and so our guys are actually at level 75 at least laser gator this dragon is only 50 so I think we’ll be okay I’m pretty sure we’ll be fine also I have the exp share on chippendale who’s gonna be gaining some levels they’re not sure why I did that but I guess you know if we want destino to come back it’s Destiny’s Child I guess it’s destinos child isn’t it alright I said I was gonna catch legendaries I don’t know what I’m doing right now honestly but you know what we’ll get to Reshiram Zekrom and the other guy at some point and for those of you watching this as a guide video first off I feel very sorry because I’m taking this really casual but I’ll probably put little timestamps in the description so that people can click them if you just want to skip to how to actually get to those Legendary’s also I’m kind of setting up for it right now I’m still treating this like I said I’m trying to just take it easy I guess and just think of what it is my next project is going to be because I have no idea and honestly I really really like blaze and I’ve seen a lot of other youtubers started up recently so I thought you know let’s go back to glazed it’s an awesome game I really enjoyed it and we actually didn’t get all the legendaries ever so I don’t know let me know if you enjoy this because there’s still a lot to do in this game at least legendary wise I legendary events are always some of my favorite parts of the Pokemon games so it’s kind of cool that this game has so many of them alright let’s go and surf you up Victini 16e doing here but the night gives a little peace sign I always found out kind of cute TVs a pretty cute Pokemon just in general I don’t know I should maybe consider adding it to my little list of most cutest little pokemons of course you guys know prolly manche know would be number one or stunfisk that means sunfish he’s stopped me it’s it’s just they’re so hard to deny the beauty of stunfisk really alright Shadow Ball Larry there he goes that’s so he’ll kind of took a lot more than I thought even though he was only level fifty I guess that was only because I wasn’t speeding it up but now Chippendale destinos child is going to be evolving and we’re actually going to change that name up later on because why not no no yeah well this is actually now the actual destino even though he makes a different sound that he should make also what is girder like those disgusting veins or like pool floaties I just I don’t understand I want to give you a gift please take it oh you have no room don’t worry I’ll send it to the PC okay well I didn’t think I didn’t know what so he’ll would be but I guess we ended up getting a legendary anyway out of it which was Victini well very very cool Victini is his favorite Pokemon so that’s nice I guess we got a legendary that I didn’t even plan to get in this video so that’s really nice anyway now that we’ve done that and we’ve got ourselves altra Balls we can actually head on over to catch red ram

first which is in mount furnace and I think mount furnace is actually very close to the two nod leagues so let’s head on over there and see if we can find out where it is okay so it turns out it is not actually in the path of victory it’s in the place before it which is the waterfall Gorge so if you actually head over here from Darkwood city you probably get here a lot faster unfortunately I don’t know anything this is actually mount furnace and I wasted a bunch of time so that’s okay with me though here we are finally in mount furnace and this is where we can actually find res Ram the white legendary of Pokemon black I think oh no those games don’t really make any sense as far as legendary goes all I know is it’s the Dragon Fire type guy and he’s white and he looks like the dragon from the neverending story so let’s go find him mean it seems like it would be a pretty straight path I don’t think I have like any ball swipe TM or anything like that so this might be a little bit more difficult than anticipated but we do have 99 ultra balls so that should be enough there’s a pokeball over there an item ball I mean and I am NOT gonna go get it because it’s already out of our way I’m pretty sure down into this cave is where we will find our legendary Reshiram that that’s pretty big I didn’t expect him to be that big all right so dragon fire-type as I said I’m gonna swap out Gunther up first because he’s got those dragon moves and hopefully he doesn’t kill him in one hit I come to this volcano to recharge the fires in my heart you trainer the fire in your eyes burns fierce it intrigues me lets us do battle all right I should have probably saved in case I don’t catch this guy on the first try so I’ll just do that now pretend you don’t see that thing in the bottom just just pretend you didn’t see that anyway um level 50 so we’re probably gonna kill this thing in one hit well let’s just try an aerial ace cuz that’s not super effective at least and it’s really didn’t take that much damage so g-get out there and hit him with your best shot by that I mean ice beam because that should be neutral and will actually kill it that that is definitely in a killer yep all right well you didn’t see anything guys whatever what are you talking about all right I just want to get it as low HP as possible without killing it and I guess Jesus might be able to do that for us cuz he’s level 65 not are you kidding me so what’s going to happen here is I really don’t like catching legendaries but I know most people do like when I catch them so what I’m going to do for these battles is try to weaken them like you’ve just seen and then I’m just gonna cut to when we catch it on like that time Oh hey we did it and it only took about 2 million tries all right the vast white Pokemon from Russia Rams tail flares it doesn’t want to get caught that actually I took so freakin long but anyway we got it and that’s all that matters and I totally didn’t cheat to get it what are you talking about all right we’re gonna get the fire plume out of this as well which will actually be an item that allow us to catch even more Legendary’s specifically well I guess I don’t really want to spoil it but we’ll see when we actually catch the rest of this trio so next up we’re going to be going after Zekrom I’m actually going to use our handy dandy bike here to get this item which was this over this way and that is a Firestone if we had a beautiful fatty you know we could evolve that but we don’t so all we have are 74 ultra balls left realistically though you know with safe States involved I probably would have used up all my ultra balls and not even caught it but you never really know because it’s completely random which is what I don’t like about catching Legendary’s but hey I’m gonna just do that I hope you guys don’t mind honestly I’m just trying to show it off and like this is a Pokemon hack anyway so I can’t really trade these Legendary’s to my other games so I don’t really care that much about them I really just want to check out the events and show off where you can find them for you guys as well so anyway the next one we’re going to be going after is actually Zekrom which is apparently at the ocean view power plant so we’ll see where of view is first I’m assuming it had it would have an ocean view like this but that’s apparently stormy City so I don’t really know which one ocean view is up there it is it does have an ocean view it looks a little more like a lake an archipelago I don’t know what an arch peligro is I’m gonna heal up I know what a peninsula is it’s like Florida you know three sides surrounded by water one surrounded by Georgia and the people that live there all right this is actually the power plant we came here at the very first gym I think to go save the gym leader I don’t remember if we actually save the gym leader or if we

just came here for other reasons but zekrom is apparently located the roof of this power plant so we’re gonna keep on heading upstairs what did this guy say be careful some of my friends are upstairs ooh his friendly friends and by that I think he means the trainer’s that used to be here but we’ve already battled all of them a long time ago in a land far far away part of the neverending story of Reshiram more like never-ending catching because it took so long to catch him I was a really bad one all right let’s keep on going through this power plant though can’t use a bike in here and again my Run button doesn’t work which really sucks I don’t know if in this game at least you could run inside buildings anyway I’m assuming you could though because I don’t want to pull the switch I don’t think this power point is even on anymore so we’re gonna keep walking I don’t know what those switches would actually do I guess we can know that one doesn’t even work so here we are at the roof and never mind because he’s not here why is it here maybe we do have to press the switches okay how are you doing visual glitch I love you alright let’s switch is stuck it must be the one that deactivates the generator so which one activates the generator we need Zekrom to appear please it must not be the one okay so I guess there’s one of these that is the one aha the switch is stuck are you kidding me all of them are stuck can one of them not be stuck is this one not stuck over here hey hey are you stuck too that one’s already been activated so ladies and gentlemen I am a gosh darn genius look at that there is a path huh how are you doing buddy we didn’t have to push any switches after all huh all right kirim is Dragon Electric so again I guess we’re just gonna keep Gunther up first and go for some aerial aces those will actually be not very effective not neutral so it’ll do even less damage this place I come here to recharge my doing dueling electricity trainer I sense the power in your heart it rivals even my own I would enjoy the chance to battle you I didn’t know these pokemons could even talk but I guess they can so what’s up zekrom I’m munching orange my real name is Ariel if you want to call me that you know no one really calls me that I could be nice you know people called me that but you know you can call me whichever one you prefer though I guess that doesn’t really help with people calling me Ariel does it you gotta be you gotta be uh what’s what’s the word assertive you got to go hey man my name on YouTube is punching orange but you can call me Ariel cuz that’s my mother given name that’s what I want to be known as man you got to be assertive you got to let him know man okay he’s at Red HP you know what time it is time to get thundered and on the ground Zekrom good one and now he’s never gonna be caught never mind as I say he’s never gonna be caught there he goes this Pokemon appears in legends in its tail it has a giant generator so we are literally taking the generator off of this entire city now I’m assuming he was powering the the city you know Ocean View but whatever we’re gonna take the Thunder plume now so we have the fire plume and the Thunder plume I wonder which one will be getting next it’s an ice Pokemon and it’s a North Coast town so uh let’s go find out you know what I find weird though is that North Coast is full of snow and it’s like here in the middle of the land but then freakin ocean view all the way actually in the north isn’t and then serenity why is there snow like in the middle of the map you know I don’t know man I don’t know so just just a little something I wanted to point out let’s go heal up again alright so I think the name Reiter is actually in this town I don’t want to walk though so we’re just gonna run there and I mean bike there I think this is his house let’s hope hello sir yes this is the name Reiter I don’t know how I remembered that to be honest but we’re going to go ahead and rename our pal Chip and Dale to of course be our best friend forever destino who this time around is actually a girl so we can actually name it destiny because last time you know in Pokemon volt when I was trying to name a destiny but it was a boy so I named it this Dino but now I can actually be our destiny so let’s see if things go better here than they did back in you know Pokemon but white okay so there is supposed to be a a cave around here somewhere it’s to the northeast of this town though okay why is there stone back there I was kind of curious you know what what is that little rock back there but I guess that’s not important so let’s head up to the blizzard slopes and actually I’m gonna spray a repel because I don’t know it’s also kind of laggy in here I don’t know if that’s just me but oh okay I’m guessing this is it icicle tunnel please

be icicle Tunnel is otherwise I will cry yes it is awesome alright let’s head in here and try to find our pouch erm as if you didn’t know that already we I said we were doing the trio so yeah we’re doing kirim you can also actually get both of his forms in this game so we’ll try and do that as well and that will wrap up this first video it’s actually taking quite a long time I’m pretty sure I’ve been recording for like 40 minutes or something so this will definitely be fun to edit down into a nice little video I don’t know actually how long it’ll be after it’s edited but I guess you’ll find out as you’re watching the video here is kiram though and you can see the little ball behind him it kind of looks like he’s grasping it with his tail which is a little weird alright dragon a nice type that’s actually gonna wreck günther both of those types actually are his only weaknesses so cool you look into the eyes of the cold one with no fear I’m impressed you desire battle do you not very well I accept your challenge you could have just kept it I I accept and then it would have brined I think but I guess you can you can choose whatever you want to do man so here we go erm gonna save once again because I don’t want to kill this guy and we could actually go for umm okay or we can try again you know I don’t know why this is doing so much damage to him I honestly have no idea this is gonna kill him even harder this is super effective so Gunther I guess you are too strong to fight the mighty kirim the mighty trm as I was saying he is very mighty or at least he’s supposed to be but he’s literally dying from one hit of everything up there we go okay that’s that’s perfect so you know the deal let’s catch this guy hey we did it then it wasn’t like like too terribly hard but we’re still kind of challenging and I also skipped his little pokedex thing so we don’t get to read is very important lore I’m sure but we’re gonna get the ice plume and with that I guess that wraps up that trio however those three plumes that we just got in case you didn’t know or I guess I didn’t really say this anyway their plumes there that means their feathers so you can kind of assume who they’re for that’s right it’s Zapdos vultures in Articuno I was I was giving you a little chance to actually say yourself kind of like Dora I guess I kind of uh watches Dora I watched or what are you talking about all right that is gonna wrap it up for this episode though next time on Pokemon glaze legendary galore battle I guess we’re gonna be starting off from the Kanto legendaries because we needed those three teams to actually start off Moultrie Zapdos Articuno I think now I’m gonna try to do them like in order of regions so we’re gonna try and do all of the Kanto legendaries in the next episode I don’t know where they’re going to be so I guess I’ll just stand here in the middle of the city which I also don’t know where we are it’s like we’re lost in a giant hedge maze kind of looks like a hedge meets actually see you guys next time

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e então sola que falou ter vencido com mais um vídeo do pokémon foi a idéia e vamos continuar nossa aventura em outro vídeo não seja chegou à cidade de virgínia é que este é que em cidades ribeirinhas já pegou software witten de prova qualquer coisa não quer saber de show é uma pesquisa do professor louca foi à loja pokémon densidade e veridiana e gastou mil por cinco bolas só que não aparecer não sei porque é melhor salvar o jogo neste local no entanto funcionam e esse episódio nós vamos eu vou descobrir um bug e vou capturar um ground é isso mesmo um dom evite um bairro é que no jogo do pokémon foi a eptv e atenção só na portuguesa no brasil aqui de escritório e com os disse que a captura e corta o último episódio e disse que capturar é o banho porque mostrava pigmento israel um ano lá em cima que o programa me curar rapidamente para fazer catedral round vou ensinar capturar um round no pokémon da stt é tensão só não possuir do brasil só no pt br an mas esse gráfico de uma hora atenção que não imagina em travanca com ground nelsinho negou 51 rooney ou 4 nem com 13 tanto a catedral branco nem preço local para que a fratura ok ainda não encontramos um kit gay o tempo seja luta vai namorar muito o bê de uma procura mais um pouco em troca bateu um charme entende é então o encontro achei que a piscina foi intensiva e que nessa não dava só agüenta mais morar estou rouco até agosto o efetivo talvez encontremos mais pressa vai ter um vídeo onde aparece bruno o desporto à época nunca mais aparecia de hoje ei sai e tatá e ei

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"March Into Savings Sales Event" VIP Auto Sales, March 2019

Wow it is windy out here today Jimmy Jim Jim is here at VIP auto Molly Jamie and keV over here and we’re marching right in to savings here in March where you’re here that’s it get it you got it right I don’t know how to March I’m just realizing this like what’s the real what’s the right March since I I guess whatever you want to do ya know that’s it more sure there’s a lot of things going on in March and better yet as of last month we’ve done the home deliveries yeah it’s been phenomenal crazy unbelievable yes yes I mean going to Kenya Pittsburgh yeah try to think where else we went back to the Virginia we’d been Delaware Maryland Maryland it’s been working great the responsible way and as you said you didn’t think it was going to pick up I I did not when we first started I figured maybe we get some phone calls however so we’re getting people calling their facetiming us they want to see the seats they want to as if they were here they want to see the entire car which listen we’ve been doing that it’s been great there’s no people over the phone listen he do it every day that’s it it’s 2019 yeah well everything’s changed so much and yeah you got to adapt with the new error everybody wants to you know instant right to their door just like anything else that we’re doing the home delivery so zero down to the levers always here Maple Shade 2809 through 73 south and our other location is just trucks in South Hampton so we gotta give a shot to them so Kevin tell us about these cars I know we got to move along you want to start telling me you always got to move along we got a lot to show you know the first one we’re looking at the Dodge Challenger 2015’s xq+ look at the wheels backed out 51,000 miles I mean you see the price on the screen nineteen thousand nine hundred ninety nine it’s got the hood scoops in the front black interior navigation backup camera ready to go and this is the only one that we have yes in inventory such a saying your watch on the commercial that home delivery service pick up the phone get on your iPad get on any device that you have put that credit application in it’s an instant to you approval right to you and we make it that simple you can do all your payments everything on this website we’re going to show you that as we’re doing the Camaro we’re gonna show you a lot of stuff that the new changes that we have done for you guys to make it easy easy easy process and we love coming you guys come into the dealership too but the at home delivery works out well yeah have oh this Mustang here you got a couple Mustangs I know yeah another one coming in yeah also that’s a GT yeah I think it’s the same as that one red correct yeah so what go when you’re watching the commercial if you’re seeing something better yet pick up the phone and we can make it happen for it that’s simple that easy cars are coming in daily so every single day it’s unbelievable Saturday I had people come in we had three cars I didn’t even see that we bought and they’re already sitting on our line like you know even though the information on so this one 5.0 it’s the 2015 what color is this again this is what an electric blue electric blue very nice color it’s got again the hood scoops black leather interior 48,000 miles price for what Jim what is the price one eight four nine nine wow that’s crazy unbelievable it’s always a guy research it’s the 50th anniversary edition as well it’s like four thousand dollars below on Karger yeah ready to go and you got that Mustang or this one only 12,000 Moss 2014 with 12,000 miles it’s the one owner you can see it’s the race red it’s got the nice Mustang on the side a beautiful car again another one ready to go seventeen thousand eight hundred dollars all of these cars can be delivered to your house who were three that simple that easy yeah it’s unbelievable I mean we got new stuff coming in every day lobbie hot stuff I mean these are our AmericanMuscle on the front line ready to go we got a lot of trucks yes Jeep Wranglers SUV cars with $200 payments $0 down yes no payments until what now April isn’t it aren’t you getting may Oh zero down delivers no payments until May so to be a lot nicer out there and you got your first car payment so here we’re gonna bout to kick it off and show you a great TV commercial here with all three was here here at VIP we cheat like a VIP can’t wait to see it come on come on into our march into saving sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP marcha the savings here we got a lot of trucks come out yes sir no and we have just trucks in Southampton yeah but again we are keeping the trucks here we have some nice inventory and as I said fresh pieces coming in so you’re watching a commercial we are open Saturday extended hours you said it’s easy to get to but

better yet as we know that at home delivery service has been working great yeah and again we’re for busy people out there we make that process so simple you go on the website you could do up everything a twosie on this website for you guys it makes it that simple yeah there’s truck here and I’m shocked on this truck because we’ve had this truck for a bit yeah and I’m just I’m crazy because you think about it why why it hasn’t believe you know it’s drawn interest it’s nothing wrong with the truck of course it’s it’s up there in price rights right it is but again it’s it’s an expensive truck and it you know the more expensive they sit a little bit more nothing I’m worried about I know the truck is a hundred percent I mean mechanic own this truck previous we sold it to him he did some stuff I don’t know if you guys can see but you got the trim work along the doors and the bed there you got the hood that’s got the black paint on it you got the nice wheels nicer wheels bigger tires aftermarket exhaust you got the aftermarket head unit with the navigation cover on the back you got the cover on the back I don’t believe it’s dual but I know it’s got that for market exhaust it’s a little more a little louder go check it out windows or most are aftermarket headlights I mean you just I mean we just went through a whole list of things that this truck has again it’s 100% ready to go 44,000 miles on a 2014 you see the price on the screen yeah I mean it’s it’s a beautiful it’s my favorite truck to be honest with you on the line we’re always priced right that’s just say hello you have for a long time we’re always or there’s somebody always gonna find but I yeah when they come here no matter what the situation is you were the great credit people with the bumps and bruises that don’t think then get approved we had somebody here the other day and the same thing you know what’s the process and it was that simple they were ecstatic to come in and that quick test driving a couple of vehicles and we try to give options all the time so I said if it’s a forward if it’s a Chevy if it’s a Nissan you know we’re letting you take it home show your family all right it’s all about you guys out there the true VIP is everybody out there that’s got us through the years and the reviews I mean the Facebook you see the post I mean it’s it’s a great thing and it’s a great thing to work here and we have so many repeat customers today yeah it’s just crazy you had the other guy the other day yeah Rogers right well yeah II bought the Camaro the two SS a beautiful car right after he left we had a referral come in she bought a charger from us she brought her fiance and he was interested in the Dodge Challenger right not very good credit listen we test drove the Challenger we touched her of the Honda core we touched her of a couple of things that caught his eye then we did the credit application I want to make sure just like all of us do here that you’re happy with what you’re purchasing it’s not about oh well your credit you don’t know if you got good credit or not right that’s the last part of everything I mean if we can get you in the car that you’re looking to get into that’s that’s our goal yeah that’s what we want to do it’s not okay well let’s sit you down let’s do a credit application before you drive anything and I actually had a customer I went down to Southampton real quick right I had a customer on the f-150 Raptor that we had there right he told me he drove to New York an hour and a half away on a 6.0 f250 they had their diesel they wouldn’t let him test drive the truck because he was a younger customer and they didn’t let him test-drive it he drove an hour and a half again to not be a little test drive anything they want the credit application before he could sit down he said no forget about this it’s principle at the end of the day sure he ended up seeing the Raptor on our website came over down there right and you know he touched drove it did everything before any credit applications anything and then that’s when he told me the story got him approved he driving the truck he loves it that’s kind of that’s how we do its customers it’s not you know what can we do we think we know everything that’s not that way at all it’s again whatever you guys are looking to do so you go through that process do you have the other people you can sit here and tell you stories upon stories a customer might come in the other one lady say on Saturday night the daughter bought the Jeep and shit with the dealership yeah and her the key one guy was like almost parallel funny stories but don’t come outside don’t greet the customers and we go over and beyond for all our customers out there that’s that’s for sure it’s a hundred percent true you can see is eNOS believing that’s we said VIP auto pilot should be your only place to go yeah no payments until May zero down delivers again if you’re watching the commercial and you’re not looking for a vehicle at this time send us a referral you have 200 bucks we’ll just send somebody in yeah that is looking for a court yep that’s easy money free money yeah this is an extended cab this just came in right yeah this is a 2010 with 82,000 miles again great mileage for the year sandy cab has a longer bed you’re not looking to spend the $28,000 on the crew

cab with 40,000 miles 2014 well here you go I mean you got seats in the back it’s the smaller cabin size but you’re you know you don’t have a family you don’t need the extra space in the back you want the longer bed I mean listen these are two forwards which we only have two more to show you I mean we have about 15 Ford’s in inventory against Southampton they have 25 30 trucks there right now Brooks there and listen I mean you know we can we can move them you you live it over in Browns Mills you want to take a look at this board take it down there you got you live in Marlton there’s a truck that you see online over in Southampton bring it down here I mean listen everyone family we’re here to you know help out the Delaware Pennsylvania Philadelphia if you hear us you can get to us yep this Toyota is a TRD sport yeah this one is a really nice truck man I like the wheels I like the color it’s a beefier truck yeah this was a 2007 17 yeah the newer body saw is I mean they did a phenomenal job they haven’t gone that far away from what they used to look like I like the front Hey look you got the nicer hood scoop on the front there the interior they completely redid beautiful truck all right in this we have a couple Toyota Tundras this the only Tacoma that we do have yes as I said if you’re watching a commercial you don’t know what we get coming in and you’re seeing something as I will go on that website you can see everything and there’s cars that aren’t coming in like I said they’re not on the website so again as we said earlier face timeless all right we can FaceTime you show you whatever you want on the lot in and out of any vehicle we’re here to make it happen for you guys because you are the true VIP here’s a two wheel drive right yes – will 2015 it’s the double cab Chevy Silverado low low low low miles one owner no accident here to sell I listed 423 five if I remember correctly off the top of my head you’re getting a brand new truck with I mean a payment I couldn’t even okay do math in my head but now you’re getting a Chevy truck yeah you know zero down you know delivers as I said we fight hard to get you the best interest rate the best term ya out there it’s all about the customers and taking care of you guys and treating it like a true VIP I jumped in to this side Nissan to move it earlier today and I was pretty shocked how then the newer ones how the radio is the screens yeah it’s there because yep it’s got the bigger screen and it’s it’s a different setup yeah it looks newer right yeah compared to the other ones yeah they were kind of plain yet and this is the only Nissan Titan that we have in stock we had another one but that one again sold within a couple of days 2011 I believe that we had yeah right that’s yeah we’re doing our job I guess alright that’s it yes what we’re supposed to do we’re cold and tell people you know come seen as we’ll even get here it’s March it’s a great time this is a long warm yeah army yeah with the Hemi I love the interior on this one the wood that’s it now yeah I’ll just I’m talking to myself here it has the tool box on the side yes it’s a random storage box yep so you can it lifts up you can store your tools in there it’s a great thing to have if you’re one of those people who are working you’re you’re making money with the truck you still wanna drive and luxury you don’t want just the plain Jane truck fully loaded again like you said got that nicer interior 2013 to pull it out and see maybe I’ll take a Cosell but you can see all the photos on VIP Oh calm you can see everything there that we’re doing the videos now this one is priced like every other one here priced to sell priced it and this is another one here this for ya and it’s crazy I mean it’s hard you can’t see ya but underneath you got the lights now that are underneath that light up blue on this one yeah we put the lift kit on here yep so we’ve been doing a lot of the lift kits on jeeps on on the pickup trucks yeah we’re a sponsored rough country Dewart yes so we get everything through them it’s brand new org and parts in takes a couple of days to get these guys lifted this one’s got the six-inch Rough Country lift with my 35 inch tires moto metal wheels it’s the XLT like you said it’s got the rocker lights in there priced to sell I mean ready to go to be yours and everything is done for you this is a Auto Trader yep purchase well Kelly Blue Book Auto Trader this is a 3500 HD right yep it’s a selling model it’s got the crew cab what is that six and a half foot bed right yes six and a half foot bed on there SL e 20 there’s a brand new 1,000 miles I believe I like how the mirrors here they got the turn signals in there and they got the the sonar so yeah this is gas 4×4 you see the price you see the

payment now and no payments until May now everybody has approved here no matter what the situation is we’re getting you driving all right that’s what the bottom line is this is it’s all about the color one another one that’s lift another one I’m surprised that has been here and which is crazy because you know we’re not here to collect them what the other one is all there it’s got the the blind spot sonar right this yeah it’s hilarious some lariats out there they don’t come with everything this one I mean again like Jim saying you got the sonar backup camera you got the blind spot monitor it’s lifted six inch lift kit beige leather interior navigation you got your fog lights yeah that’s it easy your house now your work it’s that simple that easy get on the website you could put all the information in and we’re coming to you so we’re going to go on the other side start showing you some other vehicles it is marching and men marching Marshall yeah we’re going so we’re gonna see on the other side a VIP treat you like VIP can’t wait to see you come on into our March into saving sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP we’re a VIP auto mile at 2809 route 73 staff we’re close to the highway near Kevin yeah all bridges all roads lead to VIP and we have the just trucks location in South Hampton that’s our service center so we stole this one from them and put it right here on the point that was a two thousand and I see we got a dually it’s a 2015 ram 3500 six-speed manual transmission it’s got the six seven liter liter turbo diesel crew cab it’s a tradesman trimmed with the dually again eight foot bed I mean ready to go I research these trucks they ain’t out there I mean usually I find one in Indiana and paid 3 grand to get it shipped like we leave I guess can you bring it to you for free for free exactly sir that’s charge nothing 93 free free free yes this one is I mean it’s a beautiful truck again very rarely annual – yeah that’s looking to make that side hustle if you’re driving you want to put a car carry on there yeah this is your money making here and manual you can save a lot and gas oh yeah that’s a big boy hunter I mean it’s tough I’m looking at it down the tires I mean it’s nice a nice beautiful truck yeah ready to go you see that price we’re here because here we are yeah Marty all right that’s it that’s the only one that we have in inventory so if you’re watching the commercial stop what you’re doing you could go ahead give us a call put on the pasta on it put that credit happen dreams become reality here day in and day out over and over again the customers that come in can go anywhere and you can sit there and say why buy well there’s tons of reasons why to be a part of the VIP family yeah and come and enjoy a great buying experience as you can see the videos the testimonials the pictures on facebook everything’s working and your favor out there the true VIP baby no payments until May you got I like it I like it so seeing us believe we’re gonna go to some SUVs we are here in March zero down delivers make it happen here our VIP Kevin treat you like VIP can’t wait to see you come on come on into our march into savings sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP this is Escalade this is the big boy status right here and boy that it is it’s the big boy ESV look at these wheels here black I love a man they are lag on black on black they’re 22s yes yes and I love that chrome symbol in there with the black this is loaded the price is unbelievable here the I say no more and I mean I love the black on black like you said and this is the only ESV that we have here zero down delivers making your dreams become reality here at VIP auto that’s what we do every single day take care of the country day every day man I love it can you say you never know what’s gonna happen man you come in I need people you talk to them on the phone you hear you know stories going to other places and we went hey we dare you not a steak dinner price race is all about you see it and on our website or giving you the best price we make it that simple that easy for the negotiation once you see on car guru we’re always priced as you know cuz you have the pricing yeah we’re always what a creep it’s not only just price I mean it’s the way it’s listed we loose everything honestly I mean if this car has the leather navigation soccer if that’s what we listen if it doesn’t we don’t listen with that and that again we are just like you’re saying we’re a great deal good deal or a fair deal and that’s it doesn’t get any lower than that I mean we’re there and then up so go to CarGurus go to KBB go to all these different web sites our to your disposal yes do your research

like and I want you to feel what we feel when we come in every day which is the confidence to be able to put somebody in a car at the right price where they’re gonna leave happy and they’re gonna become one of those VIP all the tools everything there and wherever you are let you take the extended test drive and again that’s what I said being treated right and fair and you don’t think that you know you might have the best credit or you know or read bahara has the other kid the other day same thing we gave him a car to drive found another vehicle for him in the meantime because he had no transportation you had money down yeah top seasons you know still here yeah but you know people have big refunds or not if you’re looking to put money down or no money down that’s a we can to extend to turn yeah we fight for the the best rate out there for you getting back to the cars smaller yeah I love the pearl white oh yeah it’s got the the Vista roof yeah it’s got every are you think of so if you don’t want the big boy yeah as we say the big Cadillac Escalade but you still want luxury it’s got the lead departure so actually the seat like vibrates yeah when you’re Doug going over either way there’s so many different features in these vehicles that’s why I said better yet to take the extended test drive yep and see what it’s all about get to know the car that’s what they’re to be driving right I love this color this is my fav yeah I mean the Jeep Grand Cherokee listen this is the first summit we’ve had in a while right these things the way they handle the pickup that they have it’s got the magnetic steering right I mean the interior it just it’s something you got to see something got test drive I mean it even says since 1941 and the headlights I mean it’s like little things and this act like we fell in love 39,000 listen yeah 32 999 2016 yeah you wouldn’t believe it’s crazy on have you been inside it smells branded oh yeah I mean it like brand new so whoever was in there they took care of it they good yeah and you don’t smell smoke like I said it smells like the new car smell yeah and it’s priced thousand thousand dollars below yeah and you can see our price beats everybody that’s what it is baby VIP how we do it these little Jeeps we’ve been getting a lot of these and things they come in they go man yeah they really do I got the deflection back there with these in person yeah so pretty pretty cool I really like I like how that interiors con as I said it’s hard to see during the commercial yeah but visit VIP auto outlet dot-com yeah and you can see everything like I said pick up the phone and we can like I said FaceTime yet we could say you can see the videos on the website yeah but again if you want more personalized Kevin said earlier we could walk around do whatever and deliver the car to you yeah so there’s only one Jeep still under factory warranty yep and like I said jeeps hold their value here you got another Jeep so we’re showing Jeep after the Jeep after Jeep yeah yeah we got a and these are only a few lime in terms of Wranglers in itself we have about seven or eight in inventory which there’s a lot on the front line which will still go over obviously but it’s that time of year I mean it’s summertime summers come around corner just sold a jeep to a younger lady again that we mentioned earlier on Saturday she’s a static the Jeep Wrangler is her her vehicle she dreamt it she’s never believed it but we got her in it on Saturday and she was again she was a static she’s asking how to take the doors off how to take the roof off hey man listen yeah I mean she she’s all ready to go she’s got the knowledge she’s she’s happy so that’s just part of that Jeep family yes as everybody knows you’re driving a Jeep they can wave to you and this one is a tank green as you can see yeah commando tank green soft top four-door Sahara Miss New Jersey was driving this so we just swapped her out put her in something different so again these jeeps are fun to drive and they do hold their value and we have a lot in inventory yeah when we try to do ones we have another one coming in that’s already lifted with some modifications done to it so I said if you see it and then you want the grill or you want different kind of wheels we have the company partnered with ya and we could probably include that in the financing too so you get all one shot ya all hooked up and ready to go yeah another Jeep that’s the Jeep Cherokee yes it’s a 2000 this is Grand Cherokee graceful Grand Cherokee it’s the 2012 if I remember correctly very slow model just like 65 thousand miles or something for the year I mean it’s great you got everything the roof yeah it’s considered a late Laredo so it’s of less value but it comes with all the options that you’re looking for in the limited so again so if you can’t get into that kind of Jeep and you want a Jeep and yet all the logs report and it’s it’s always what’s the commercial I was watching have it said about people always moving there like 11 times you know in your life that you have insurance same thing with course you know when people come in they want that first if

they’re first-time buyer yeah well then you see them want to upgrade and it’s great to know over the years and just like I was saying about your other customer they came back once twice and they’re able to treat the vehicles back in yeah and then a better interest rate and it’s just better for them and we’re giving you all the money we can for the trades yep in all fairness and it’s all about the customers out there this is another one that was a previous customer yep bought it from us traded it back in bought a pickup truck this one here is a 2012 80,000 miles x5 yep and again you see that price yeah you see that payment it couldn’t even get better right what’s the truth right what the payment yeah I mean listen based off a zero dollars then you guys wanna I’m not sure what the payment is let’s say it’s four hundred right you want to be at three hundred it can get done I mean listen you want this money down yeah we need everything the customer it’s what it’s all that’s what’s all about taking care of the customer yes I that’s you guys out there sir no payments till May who knows can we top on I’m trying to think zero dollars down you got the $200 referral fee that home delivery yeah you know the extended warranty we have we just launched a new partnership with Archie CC yeah they make great movement baby great sorry I’m not turning my back to y’all money is coming you see in this commercial that we’re doing it’s always filmed a little bit before here in March so we’re here at the end of February and it is and I’ll just waiting for March I have March it right into March right laughs so well more could still be not the best well we’ll find out this rather than this still under factory 14 that’s where we got the top on so a lot of one-owner vehicles yeah a lot of vehicles under still factory warranty yep so you don’t need you know which we can even extend that even that you gwc right yeah yeah go up to with yep yeah which is you got covered brand-new and extend that all the way this is priced I mean it’s a great price little this came through on at Auto Trader yep I say all the trade Kelley Blue Book guy was in the military want to get rid of it and here it’s priced right for you guys and I think that’s the only one that we have in inventory to see rvs yes RAF force yep we got a silver one you got the black one you got a white one so we got multiples of everything yeah this one here this one’s not even uh priced yet I haven’t priced well it’s no stickers enter yes sir free spring the test-drive is free you don’t have to put a credit application down you all got a plate cause you don’t gotta do nothing come on into VIP you wanna test drive not one but two or three make it five I’m trying to think oh my god I’m losing my thought I had the one customer he touched through eight or nine course oh yeah because he didn’t know it ended up being the CTS all-wheel drive right that he ended up going with because his wife was pregnant she had that truck the Black Widow it’s all coming back to me that was lifted up she couldn’t get into that truck he came in on the CTS it was low lower than what he originally thought it would be and he’s had back surgery right so it’s like you can’t go too high or too low so I’m like listen man I’m here you’re here it’s just not hot they’re too cold the options of yep you know driving something and taking the next day occurs in you know we do that because we want you to make the right design decision it’s the truth you know you get people that say oh my god I bought this car I regret it or you know we don’t want that yeah that’s why we said make sure you know drive it before you buy it yep all right we always say that you know taking that vehicle to you take that next step because we want you to be part of the VIP family for life fillet that’s it about the first one it’s the second to third another Cadillac SRX yep so this is the older buy saw – this is a 13 13 2013 mileages seems a little high but for the year again you’re right there on that 15,000 miles a year industry average smaller again then the Escalade obviously but still got the luxury all right black leather interior navigation look at pads rotors yes like brand-new tires and again you know you’re still gonna get a warranty from us even though it’s a hundred thousand miles we’re gonna give a 30 day warranty on this and you can get an extended warranty yeah you can get gap protection all that oh we had a customer the other day that one up crashing our car and didn’t have gap okay alright and then had to pay the deficient but we try to tell people you know we want you to be protected all the way around that wind is going deflectors I don’t see no but we’re gonna bout to go on the other side and show you some other vehicles here at VIP we treat you like a VIP and wait to see it come on come on into our March into saving sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP what’s up folks we’re here we’re in Maple Shade VIP saying next to Jaime jelly reto miss New Jersey and in front of this Escalade right here behind us

but before we get back into our cars we want to talk a little about Miss New Jersey so the most important thing we always ask you about what your platform is yeah so the issue that I advocate for asthma suture C is food allergy awareness so my platform is called don’t get nutty food allergy awareness and I’ve been advocating for this since I think officially since 2000 14 or 15 but it’s something that I’ve been advocating for my entire life unofficially my younger brother Michael has multiple severe food allergies Laxus I’ve always been his advocate and the other 15 million Americans with food allergies as well yeah so that’s that’s huge you know yeah there you go what in a nutshell ya know but again it’s always standing here with Jamie and she’s been you know great here for us doing the the commercials the Facebook so seeing is believing this girl here is great all the cars you get to drive and you meeting everybody it’s been a great great ride right or or March into March so again this kind of like Escalade here we have two of these in inventory and this one here is the the smaller Escalade so it’s we have the other one that’s ESV with the black wheels we’ll show you during the commercial this one here is a 2015 yes okay 2015 fully loaded gentleman he came in through Auto Trader yes the Jaguar which we never even got to get it on the commercial yeah in a few days the Escalade again we’ve had it for about a week now ready to go dolled up beautiful you’re looking for that bigger SUV you got a bigger family your limo service whatever it might be come check it out like Jim said we have another one we do on the opposite side which I’m sure if you can see catch it on the commercial you get here is an at home delivery service but you know we’re bringing that car to you you go on the extended test drive you know it’s a buy back on there also that we’re doing right at that home delivery service you have the extended warranty gap protection there’s so many things that we can bundle up here and again it’s cold yeah and I know we’re moving along and it is March and it’s March Madness but we’re having fun here and at the end of the day at VIP we treat you like a VIP can’t wait to see you come on into our March into savings sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP we are on the front line here 2809 route 73 south in Maple Shade and we’re about to show you another one this is an x5 this is the e so e e the e yes gasps and you can plug it in my hybrid yes sir hybrid priced right frankly brand-new and as I said it’s hard to see when we’re trying to show you the commercials or see the interior going on the website but I love the illumination in here lights up blue inside here at night I really love this vehicle we just had another one that we went up selling to people in Connecticut so that’s why it goes to show you you have that home delivery but some people want to call me when I Drive I am taking the drive and it’s well worth it good guy he took a four-hour uber Drive if I remember correctly yeah because I forget what the story was it was that ones customer right they apparently they were driving but then they pulled over for whatever reason and took it uber for hours to get here I believe they were priced right yeah bar easy and you’ll go anywhere to get yourself a great deal yeah and they’re paying to get here they painted over to get here because how good of a deal they knew there again so listen I mean the stories they don’t they just supply everything at the end of the day not only our stories go online again our views testimonials anything yes that’s why we love to show you guys and it’s all about the cars but you know hearing us talk and hear another relate with the customer saying you don’t get to see the whole ins and outs of everything and you know we have fun here joking with the customer so the other day you’re there you know the food we were pizza or a burger just in there hanging with us eat with us hot cocoa yeah popcorn machine yeah you know it’s a great buying experience and having fun and it’s great everybody talking to one another yeah that’s what said get here VIP auto Alan need i say more right we’re in the polls way man listen I want to shout out to a customer he hasn’t bought from us just yet but he’s uh he watches our commercial every single Saturday John Darden shoutout to John that’s right he’s coming in this week we found the core of his dreams a Lincoln MKS all-wheel drive oh yeah yeah he originally called in he said Kevin I watch you guys all commercial every single Saturday I record you every single Saturday we go over yet he knows more than what we say you know it’s very funny so John shoutout to you my friend he’s coming in again this week can’t wait to have him here he’s family and that’s a again it cuts the mind that’s another thing that we do we found the vehicle for him I took about a week week and a half it was a very specific that all-wheel drive it

was hard to find man but we got it the exact color he wanted color combination all the options everything so he’s going to be excited I’m happy for him and then yeah just said that in you talked about be careful there I know we got everything but it’s true doing the custom buy you hiding and taking the time and showing that customer we’re bringing it in they’re not obligated to it because we’re gonna sell it regardless money up taking that process and taking it in the next step further to get you really what you want yeah no this is a SUV just got it in this one just artist I believe this is an auto trader if I remember correctly the price you guys see it on the screen I remember it blew my mind when I saw what this is priced for it’s under 20 grand for an Audi SUV ready to go on the line yeah this is another one – I’m shocked that we’ve had this Jeep here for some time yeah and it’s got 9,000 in my correct aasumal’s yeah 2016 right um listen you know it’s just that time of year I mean we’ve had a couple of things it’s not that we’re priced wrong or anything the cars are ready to go yeah it just gets a little slower I understand that but we’re picking up into that time of year you see something you like where all these cars are gonna be going they’re gone and great February yeah that it gets good it was janitor was great so we’re starting a new year right 2019 and we are going to be part of the VIP family yes that’s what it is home delivery baby has the home dealer has worked out great it’s very I know it you know I want to show you on the other side over there but mr. Johnson give a shout out to him okay we just got his deal done we sent everything to him and now the cars getting shipped on it’s a Fairfax Virginia well I think that’s cause anymore that’s the Jaguar okay that’s it so I found you found a side Court guru okay made that process easy got the paperwork to him off and deals funded yeah and now the cars don’t hold this fun man this whole it’s really changed so much yeah and you learn so much and you get to see you know really what the customer experience is on a whole different kind of level yeah you know then that whole process it makes it so much easier it makes me feel good at the end of the day because you have these people who are calling you hours hours away calling about your vehicle because they not only seen the vehicle like the vehicle they did the research they read the reviews they seen everything you got the seven day guarantee I mean the customer feels good enough with us yeah warm and fuzzy they’re loving it and you know we’re loving it – yes we all great experience it’s fun for us again doing the FaceTime and doing that whole thing so listen that’s what we’re here to do yeah man to take care of because I said zero down delivers have you got a trade if you don’t have a trade no payments until May all right I could go on and on and on that’s another one owner yep a jeep that’s no longer factory wards yeah this one here I love the color and the right 7,000 miles on this Jeep so again you could go to the big box store and buy a jeep and again jeeps hold their value but why you’re gonna buying it then it’s still under factory warranty one owner you got all the comforts but thousands and thousands and thousands below anyone else yeah so our price says it itself VIP auto outlet I’m gonna go this way we’re trying to walk yours going backwards this one just came into this another auto trader Kelley Blue Book vehicle this is uh what years this one can I’m not sure yeah I don’t know I see I got to sneak in through here hold that belly in 2015 Toyota Highlander Limited whoo all-wheel drive so it’s got every option you can think of in here only 34,000 miles on this one on a fit Jeanne yes Wow so under 10,000 mozzie it so as I said it’s priced right still got balance of factory warranty we can extend that and come 40 up to a hundred thousand miles all right we’re getting every bank to give you the best rate possible no matter what the situation is we work hard to get you what you want and so it’s almost like I say have it your way yeah I don’t want to say franchise you know at the Burger King but you know we do custom so much all the way around or the customer out there yeah that’s what it is so let’s all moving slide with me here we’re a laugh a 973 stuff here in Maple Shade it is Saturday you’re watching us on TV hearing us crazy saying whatever and you know something is here yeah that it’s you know we’re rocking we’re rolling we are we’re doing it we are doing it with Parsons bar these guys out there this is a 2016 Jeep Cherokee now this is the latitude four-wheel drive 27,000 miles on this one it’s got the big screen I really like these jeeps there’s so many different options and I said when you mess around it you can turn on heated steering wheel heated seats and so the big screens on you know there’s so much technology in these vehicles yeah that’s

crazy yeah they’ve changed so much and the new buy styles we’ve done a lot of these too yeah I know what I’m trying to think the other one the trailhawk in the trailhawk yeah they’re rare to come by and there’s a couple people that we got one of them coming in actually I think yeah yeah yep so again we got cars coming in that Williams that’s what I said if you’re watching the commercial and you’re thinking alright I didn’t see something yeah right what else let me check the website better here they said give us a call because we have vehicles that are even on the website that come in to go to South Hampton yeah that’s our service center yeah that’s the just trucks location we rebranded that over there and we don’t want to put any vehicle online until it goes completely as you see that yellow sticker in there yeah and then we get it to detail and then the videos so we’re doing videos now on our website we have a brand new website so VIP auto outlet calm you can see everything all the tools are there you guys we make that simple that easy listen like you said you don’t see the car you want you go to our website you still don’t see the car you want but we have 30 or 40 vehicles that are not on our west so we have about 150 cars in inventory between the two locations so pick up the phone give us a call again we’re not asking for your credit application we’re not gonna tell you you got to pay us over the phone in order to get information it’s just a friendly hello find out what it’s about you don’t like what you hear you know whatever it might be right it’s a phone call listen call us come here see what it’s all about we have fun I’m sure you’re gonna love us oh yeah we you know listen I love you but we’re always yapping fun we’re always reinventing stuff and we’re always making it easy for the customer yeah this is Chevy Equinox I know we have a couple of these in inventory yep same year same mileage so you know one over this one this was the 17 the one over on the other sides of 16 we got a couple of 12s I believe 13s whatever they might be but yeah well we try to have most of everything for the customer yeah because you might want a different color combination yeah miles or whatever else right you’re looking for blue Nissan Rogue that’s another one owner still under factory warranty have 2016 and this is your base model yeah so if you know and it’s something that’s looking for a real first time buyer you want an SUV that’s practical yeah and cheap yeah don’t need all the bells and whistles this is for you yeah listen there’s a lot of people out there I mean we’re car fanatics we love talking about cars looking at cars selling cars some people could care less about a car they just want to make sure it gets up to point A to point B and oh I should have liked artful it’s the ass of your board on here yes we’re marching marching into Mars ready keyboard hello all right everybody on the busy highway here there Brian looking at like crazy yeah we’re having fun we gonna go over here we’re gonna walk real quick I guess yeah my boss over here mano come on to dodge but both dodge Rams all right Kevin yes yep no this one here I love the black wheels this is the Express it’s got the shorter bed right it’s the 2015 again Express crew cab it’s got the Hemi motor in there the five seven liter pretty plain inside but again you’re buying the wheels you’re buying the full crew capsized you’re buying it for the price coming yeah man all about it is zero down delivers yes are we gonna sneak over there how we gonna sneak on the other side now all right I guess we’re gonna stop because with the highway here we got to stop like this this Ram the Express yeah it’s dirt they’re classy and all that truck but it’s still got that cool edge to it yeah as you can see the front and everything but we’re gonna go on the other side here at VIP we treat you like VIP baby come on into our march into savings sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP so you just see the RAM over there you think so tricks yes so listen we talk about variety differences having this truck that truck whatever it might be they’re both black they look like the same exact truck yeah obviously the wheels are in black but they’re completely different so this one’s a six and a half foot bed compared to the five and a half foot bed that’s got the double cab compared to the crew cab right so you’re looking at the price that the other one that one was also a year new or a little less mileage I believe this one’s a year older and again it doesn’t have those little extra amenities that people may or may not want you have the option it’s your option it’s up to you you guys y’all just give me a choice I’m the VIP it’s all about what you want what we can do for you we got Jimmy Jim Jim we got all the inside mortar newton-meters right baby that’s how we do it every day yeah and we’re so excited and Static I should say yes March is here but how the time just go by and every day is something new here and we love what we do

yeah we wouldn’t be here every day in the groin taking care of you true VIPs out there so now we’re gonna on the other side that’s today yeah give you a little variety little arch and everybody likes that a little bit of course yeah you got luxury got inexpensive stuff we got we got it all every budget for every type of situation to the great credit to the first time fire to somebody that just needs a practical vehicle yeah I mean we got some cars that have high mileage on there we have the banks that you can still finance up to 150,000 miles if somebody’s looking for you know still a nice vehicle yeah and you know maybe a higher end vehicle yep and we can again the extended warranties for so many options and we make it that simple that easy i VIP we treat you like VIP baby so you come on into our march into saving sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP hey how you doing everybody this is a great March is here man there’s a lot of things in more got st Patty’s Day yeah March Madness March Madness yeah bundle of savings every day is a special day here we don’t need to have a sales event no because every day is a great day to always buy a car yeah to make your dreams become reality we’re making it happen yes that’s what it’s all about it’s happening right now how about that’s right yeah so people are watching you know that you’re about to buy car paint like that you’re watching me you’re watching keV oh and you’re gonna buy a car you know the funniest thing we haven’t said yet and I’m curious to see if this is gonna happen in the near future is if somebody’s watching the commercial they go to our website and they start doing that home delivery process cuz you’re sitting there right now you can do that go to our website WV IP Auto alle dot-com you can test us see how easy that process is I mean you can do it right now go on here while you’re here go on to the computer yeah and yes see it’s a one two three step process I mean during the commercial we talked about it yeah showing the customers if you’re watching a commercial and you’re not having a computer or iPad or tablet whatever smart want to know how we’re going to show you the tip it’s a brand-new launch website we got just trucks in Southampton yep so that’s all your truck galore there to our vehicles there also and we are keeping always about 15 trucks here here at any given time yeah of different models different years a lot of one owners lot of it’s a factory warranty another a Hyundai Sonata we have a couple of these in a story yeah it’s unbelievable how well they can be priced and what kind of payment you’re looking at you’re looking at on the screen yeah I mean 2015 little over 20,000 miles and you’re looking at that payment again you’re looking at the price you’re getting that you’re coming in you’re getting what your what’s your theme yes yes all right yeah you doing it’s all about yeah until May here’s a I’m looking at here brand new tires yep on this little Honda clean got great miles on you want to say right keV oh I think it’s got 60 some odd thousand miles for 2012 right yeah and these are fun little economic are great first-time buyers somebody’s looking to commute you know or downsize whoever I don’t want to say it’s really downsizing but I mean it’s got everything in here it’s got the Eco button about 30 listen these are the cars I’m driving right now I live in Philadelphia I’ve driven the launcher I’ve driven one of the Civic’s I’m driving Lowe Miata right um and it just it’s the perfect car for me it’s easy to drive I don’t need something fancy I don’t need something special and I’m just driving whatever is really available for me to drive and I love these little cars I mean I’ve never I went from group yeah I went from a lexer size 300 with 180,000 miles that was the coolest thing ever I had 20-inch rims on it now I got the Jeep Wrangler which I can’t fit into my parking garage in Philly which I found out after moving into Philly so again I’m back here and I never thought I would be going from the one side of the spectrum all the way back to this side of spectrum and that’s what listen life you know it’s like Purple’s a when you down the time yep customs here you don’t need just like you said somebody wants that high-end car yeah right the Maseratis to BMWs Mercedes we have it all yeah and anybody that wants a practical reliable vehicle yeah and it’s even as I said I’m trying to think of the words I was trying to get tongue-tied here but referral no being reliable for a dealership that on our level that we are yeah it’s it’s really taking that trip taking care of the customer and as I said being reliable knowing and letting you take that vehicle home yeah you know we had somebody else the other day there they’re like no here’s the key you know check that out the car the guy was like alright well there was a check engine light they wouldn’t let him take it for a test drive okay you know and again it’s funny how you hear all their stories you have from other yep we tell them hey come on we show you everything pull the car out for you yeah well you would go on test drive me how that’s confidence man yeah and it’s because of everything that takes place before this car gets here right for sale I mean we do every single

little necessary thing that needs to get to take place so again for you and I think we said this last commercial when we’re talking about that home delivery service we would never have it if we never believed that it would work because if we were selling those cars I had check engine lights and scratches and weren’t properly maintained that would never succeed that whole portion of the business would never succeed so again we have that because of the vehicles that we saw the the services that we do offer to our customers and it’s been working out great like we’ve been saying from the very beginning of this commercial of how you know successful it’s really good to your door yeah or office now we’re bringing the vehicle to you and I’m just even look at the card and people to understand there is a lot behind the scenes in the car and the reconditioning and doing it right some of the other day same thing oh wow you put that kind of money into that vehicle yeah and again we buy just like anybody else buys but we want you to know it’s peace of mind that’s another word I was right there why would you want to buy something and even if you have you know two months your first payment and then know that you’re gonna need brakes net wiper blades yeah tires little things I don’t know stuff that adds that heads up yeah if people don’t think about that so why buy from us need i say more it’s VIP treating you like a VIP that’s what you guys are out there and say they I look at this fusion that know everything tires brakes they’re all change wiper bleeds if it’s down to a cabin air filter you know touch-ups around the body of the vehicle interior touch-ups there’s a lot of stuff that goes into making a car right when you get your yeah serious that’s it listen however yeah but you know we’re sitting you’re doing these commercials over and over the people out there they said or watch a commercial and if you’re not looking now sooner than later you’re going to be part of the VIP family I know that for all the years that we’ve been here now and it does work yeah we’re gonna take care of you we’re gonna get you driving yep it make it happen the Malibu’s are still there sharp man I really like you were saying about the lights too but using horizon got the Chevy symbol in there you got the sensors all the way around the two-tone wheels yep it’s a bigger screen in there yeah I mean it’s a beautiful car dice you know that are on the street so much technology you know with a lot of young doors heads up display sorry I’m getting to say it’s the technology that are coming into these newer by saws 2016 or newer if you haven’t test-driven them if you haven’t seen them if you haven’t looked into them come to our dealership here in Southampton wherever might be wherever come ask us questions tell us what you need we’ll provide you with the information that you need everything to make a knowledgeable decision so yeah that’s it the end of day you could go anywhere I move this today oh my god I mean I’m I’m believing impressed yes I mean great role I mean it’s got very low miles but I mean smells brand new it’s not the big screen on there that’s pretty cool this little Corolla it’s a 2017 with seven what are you doing about it but a brand new vehicle yeah still the factory warranty in that price yeah talk about luxury huh talk about luxury that comes with the reliability I mean right it’s a Toyota Corolla it’s fully loaded you’ll if you saw that the entire car you would not think this is a Corolla because they are the bigger size not a fan yeah they stretch them out a little bit they said it’s too small absolutely yeah they it comes over time right – yeah it’s awesome the whole retro look – yes I said you know if you for a Honda person and now you want to try a Toyota or you want to go to the Nissan family and to say we got Honda Nissan suis got everything yeah the extended test-drive yep Kuehl it’s all about for you guys to take something home and make sure that you’re making this is another Kelley Blue Book yeah Viva that 2015 with 19,000 miles praising 19,000 miles I actually have a customer who is on this vehicle right now he’s coming back inside yeah well he’s like that hahahaha funny guy yeah beautiful car yeah 19,000 kidding me yeah yeah the price did we see the price on this coming up they they hold their value and you can’t go wrong with a Honda no Nissan joy I mean you can’t go wrong with any vehicle no you know we have them all here we’re collecting them to put you in that driver seat no payments until May yep zero down delivers yep all right we’re making half oh man I don’t know if you’re looking my hair’s on my house and tough Nissan Versa look one point six motor still a little little card zip in and out yep with 84,000 miles this looks

like my next demo this is like my perfect scenario car right here nice a moral in and out car for me to have reliable and cheap we very yep it’s all about fitting in the budget and that’s what it’s all about when people come inside I want to be 150 a month you know if there won’t be 150 people yeah and again if they feel that they can’t go higher based on their finances where we don’t know for failure not a within your means and that’s what we want you to do we don’t want you yeah yeah and that’s what it’s all about baby we’re a VIP and what do we do here at VIP hey we treat them like a VIP whoa let’s go to the next side next I’ll exercise come on into our March into saving sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP we are back here at VIP that’s it VIP very important person yes you out there that you’re hearing us you’re sitting at home if you’re at work you’re watching us TV commercial seeing is believing get here yep better yet we keep on saying over and over we can bring the car to you or or truck SUV low or right to your doorstep that process is that simple that easy all right and you’re gonna see this car right here I’m gonna have I think I might take this down myself okay bought this vehicle it’s going to Virginia okay all right we got it here it’s gonna get you know ship I’m not going to Virginia okay and I know we got to wrap it up but the thing is and just as you said yep the guy we hate body I mean we built up a report okay that home delivery you know it’s not a hop skip and a jump but lie that customer you’re engaging you’re getting them approved they got the money down he needed a couple weeks to make the extra you know down payment how can we kept the car form and we make its simple that easy yeah it’s not that easy so I want to go down there cuz I want to do a video with him a testimonial and go through process because I don’t get to see that yeah as you know we tried to do over over and so it’s more nervous they don’t want to be on TV I don’t want to be on Facebook hey I saw the Jeep the other day that Jeep and I said come on let’s put you on Facebook they didn’t want to and that’s understandable when I was first asked to do this job I said no but Here I am you know listen Autotrader this is another auto trader yeah I’m not sure of the facts but it came in in great condition they even have to get a detailed ran it down the South Hampshire real quick everything checked out the car was very well taken care of it’s here right into Garland like they don’t make them no more but a cheap nice luxury vehicle than all the bells and whistles this is an all wheel drive all wheel drive – yeah yeah so nice again we keep on saying at home delivery and work zero down delivers yeah we’re marching in yeah this March Madness everything’s going on in March why delay get here that be a part of the VIP family yeah baby VIP okay we got it yes we treat you like a VIP can’t wait to see you come on into our march into savings sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP and it’s that time to say goodbye it’s been a great commercial so Jamie you have anything to say to anybody out there you all need to come down and check these cars out for yourselves because I’ve been driving them since last June and I have nothing but great things to say so you all need to come and check it out so here we are March we are here and we’re doing deals every single day the at home delivery service where a car guru will Auto Trader Kelly Blue Book am I missing anything a car true car so all avenues everything every website you can think of better yet visit VIP or calm if you’ve been watching the commercial at the end see what the trying to hype what it’s all about watching – see ya – a man you know zero down delivers top dollar for your trade and here on VIP we treat you like a VIP can’t wait to see it come on you advantage broadcasting move ahead

2018 Chevrolet Traverse Redline Edition Auto Show Test Drive – Nexccelerator

Hello there everyone, this is Michael from Nexccelerator here, and welcome to another Auto Show Test Drive And the vehicle that I will be test driving today, will be the all-new redesigned, 2018 Chevrolet Traverse And the Traverse has recieved a complete makeover to give itself a more competitive edge in the Mid-Size Crossover SUV Segment But does the Redline Edition of the all-new Traverse have what it takes to be very competitive? Let’s get into the test drive, and see what it’s like to drive the all-new Chevrolet Traverse All righty Now what is your name? Michael Michael. My name’s Kelly. Nice to meet you Kelly Pleasure to meet you as well And how has your day been so far? It’s been great How about yours? I have no reason to complain So I appreciate you asking All righty So if you’re nice and adjusted, or feel free to adjust your seat or your mirrors Just make sure your nice and acclamated Hmm Hmm So you can bring your seat forward, back, up, down with that one that you’re actually utilizing right now The second one’s going to be for your back and the third one’s going to be for you lumber Ok So just toggle it right there, on that left side Unless if it’s good All right so take it nice and easy Not hitting anyone or anything Wait wait wait wait. [Assuming] So you’re going to go via right and just go all the way out once it’s safe All right and then we’ll just keep on going Ok Keep on going to your left side All the way out towards the gate And then as you get closer to the gate, it’ll raise up, and we’ll be able to exit out going via your right and then we’ll make a left onto the street Ok All righty so we are in our 2018 Traverse The Traverse actually comes with two different engine sizes You can get it in a 2.0L 4 cylinder turbocharged, available in the RS model That one isn’t out yet however, But the one that is out and what we’re in right now is a 3.6L V6 engine 9 Speed Automatic Transmission So it has 310hp 266lbs of torque So lots of get up and go for it’s size Very amazing It is avaliable in all wheel drive as well as front wheel drive So I’ll give you the fuel economy on both Ok So were making that left Stay in your left lane and go straight all the way to South Alamo Ok Dun Dun Dun How long do you think it’s going to take to get out of here? That’s a great question I’m gonna guess two years Ok Yeah and I’ll just be like, “Oh hey, more time in the vehicle for us right?” This is true Yep No complaining here in this joint So right after that Mustang, we’ll go and stay on that left side going towards South Alamo Ok That’s perfect And we’ll stay right in this lane, going straight Ok So for your fuel economy for your All-Wheel Drive you’re looking at 17 in the city and 25 on the highway If you were to get it in your front-wheel drive, and this actually has your front-wheel drive, you’re looking at 18 in the city and 27 on the highway It also has your tri-climate zone So with your tri-climate, you’re temperature doesn’t have to be the same as mine You can have a different temperature in the back as well And that second area, where your second row seats are, you actually do have your controls there So you can change the temperatures there You also have vents going all the way towards the third row Up here, you can also control your rear climate control up here as well So you can actually lock someone out in case if they were like messing around with it and things of that nature Ok It also does have your 4G LTE so you can use your vehicle as a Wi-Fi HotSpot It also has your Android Auto as well as well as your Apple CarPlay compatibility

so those apps can be projected onto your 8-inch touchscreen Now behind your screen, it actually does lift up, giving you a little bit of storage you can actually lock it and you have a USB Port hiding back there as well Hmm Hmm You’ll be able to lock it in your valet mode so no one will have access to it via a PIN Very Secure Yeah In your vehicle You know what they say, that just makes life easy on everybody Exactly Counting the driver itself as well Exactly And I will in fact make a pretty quick note here that I’m really impressed with the all-new Traverse so far And from pretty much everything to like the way the interior looks, I can honestly tell that Chevrolet put quite a bunch of thought into putting it together very well And everything is really easy, well-labeled, legible, and obiviously pretty easy to read overall And even the Chevrolet MyLink System is without a doubt pretty simple to read as well So honestly, there’s really a lot of good things going for the SUV And honestly, I can really see that they really put a lot of stuff with a lot of thought into making sure to having the customer in mind at the end of the day Which is something that I really love about it And I mean, not just like the infotainment system and the gauge cluster itself, but visiblity wise it’s really easy to see out of it And even pretty much, as I’m driving it right now, I can really see good out of here And visiblity is like really huge And honestly, whether you’re looking left, right, or even behind you, Not right now [Assuming]. There’s a red car coming Ok And after the Dodge, we can go Ok Perfect And then just stay in that left lane Keep on going straight down to South Alamo Once we pass all the vehicles then we’ll be going to your left We’ll make a left on South Alamo then a left onto East Market Street Ok So it also does have your 2 USB Ports per row It also does have your auxiliary port, DC Port, and that 2nd row you even have a three-prong charger as well Ok It also does have your rear vision camera So you actually have a camera perspective of what’s behind you with no obstructions So typically if you have people in the car, you’re looking for heads, or you’re looking, If you have things in the car then you’re trying to look through boxes or whatever you have in there So now you actually have a camera perspective on the outside of the vehicle So no obstructions which is great That’s nice I’ve actually got to say that this is probably one of the niftiest features I’ve actually ever seen in a person for the first time in a vehicle in my life So honestly I really like it And it just really goes to show that Chevy really took an extra mile and took a step up to make the Traverse even a much better SUV to drive than what it once was from the previous gen Got to really give them excellent props to them for really putting safety first and for even trying to implement all of this amazing technology into the cabin Turn lane Ok And honestly there’s just really nothing you can really go wrong with it Cause I mean for like what you would pay for, and getting this many safety features, honestly it’s like a huge amount of bang for the buck like with no doubt Hmm Hmm I agree And then it can be at any speed So it can stay on for your entire drive And if it ever becomes distractive, like so you ever see a pretty Camaro or Corvette you just flip it and then “Boom!” Regular mirror But you can have it on the entire time which is nice Ohh Ok It also has your avaliable heated and cool seats for your front driver, passenger, your heated 2nd row That second row, the seats can actually slide forward, back It actually reclines a little bit so you have a more of a, for those long journeys. [Horn Honking] And it also tilts forward and slides up. [Horn Honking] Ok So you have easy access into that third row All right For our lower trim levels you can also get a bench seat on that second row On our higher trim levels you’ll get your captains chair And this one is a Premier so it has lots of the upgraded features But if you want it even a step further we also have the High Country so you can get it with the stiching and the Headrest that says “High Country.” You can get it with that beautiful ash brown with the suede, Oh Sorry. [Horn Honking] (Slow-Motion) with the suede, (Slow-Motion) Oh Sorry. [Horn Honking] Sorry about that they just did something they weren’t supposed to do So. Didn’t mean to interrupt you there You’re completely fine It also does have a 360 camera And since were stopped can I show that to you?

Sure So you have a camera in the front, back as well as on your side mirrors [Walkie Talkie]: Equinox? So as you’re, you can actually see all around the vehicle So if there’s anything comes within your camera you’ll be able to see it And then you’ll be able to flip, Get into your left lane We’ll make a left at the light So if anything comes within your cameras you’ll be able to see it So that’s my hand right there Ok But you’ll be able to use your front camera, your back camera You can take out the guideance lines if you want to And it also does articulate as you move the steering wheel Stay on the left hand side And we’ll be going to make left onto Bowie Ok So one lane over And then at Bowie we’ll be making a left And we’ll take it all the way to East Houston Street and then make a right And I’ll remind you. No worries Ok So you can actually also tow up to 5000 pounds in here as well So great function as well It also does have your wireless F1 charging pad available So if you have an Android Device, if it’s a 6 or newer you’ll can place it on there once it fits And if the NFC feature is on it should be able to charge Now if you have an Apple Device there’s specifically a case that you’ll put on it in so that you’ll be able to charge I believe the 8’s are actually compatable though The newer iPhone 8’s are actually compatable So stay in this lane and when we get to that light, that will be Bowie, we’ll be making a left And then get into your right lane so we’ll go straight Ok So this Traverse actually, It’s in our Premier, more of the upgraded features and it also does have the Redline package on here So with the Redline, you have your black grill You have your 20 inch wheels It also does have the red markings on there We had the name Traverse towards the side where you’ll actually see that it actually has that red outline Giving it a nice sporty look It also does have your black bowtie on the front as well As well as on the back as well So appearance wise, it’s nice and sporty Very cool And honestly I got to say the appearance package just really makes it that much sexier in a way where it really stand outs to give it more of a sporty characteristic to it And honestly it’s like for those who really want a Traverse with a really bold attitude to it, it’s really something that no can go wrong with for sure Right on It also does have your Blind Spot Monitoring It also does have your Forward Collision Alert It also does have your Low Speed Automatic Braking to just to name a few of the safety features as well It also does have your Head Adjustable Rear Lift Gate So you can open it three-quarters of the way or all the way open And once you make that left just get into your right lane and go straight Ok Perfect And then three lights streets down that will be Houston Street You’ll be make a right onto East Houston Street Ok And one of the nicest things I really like about the Traverse is that whenever your at a complete stop that the Auto Stop Start Function comes into play where it shuts off the engine to where you’re not using it and it’s pretty much not only to save the gas mileage, but I know more importantly to even save excessive wear and tear on the engine Which is something that I really like about it Right on Also with your Rear Lift Gate, you can actually open it via hands free So you can do it with your foot You can also open it and close with your key fob as well as the button on your driver side door Ok So just keep going straight all the way to East Houston and then we’ll make a right All right And then after we make that right we’re going to go two lights down and make another right Ok Any questions about the vehicle so far? Not to my knowledge But I will make another note though that the ride quality of the Traverse really is outstanding without a doubt And not just that, but even the turning radius which is, even at a street like this one right here, it can really handle it without a single issue Which is absolutely outstanding to me because if you’re going to invest money into an SUV that can really do a lot for what you pay for

I really think that having an excellent turning radius really should be a no brainer And I really believe that Chevrolet just hit it right on the point right there on making the Traverse really competitive in that area Which is outstanding And right over here? Yep Make your right on the light Awesome And then were going to come across a stop sign And then were going to keep on going straight Then make a left Ok Excuse me So with your Dual Skyscape this front portion actually opens up So you can actually tilt it as well as slide it back And then you also do also have the one in the back as well That one actually is for viewing out of It doesn’t slide or anything, or tilt Ok But it’s good because it lets the light in for people in the back Oh absolutely And I mean it’s like, in this day and age, you really got to have something to offer the passengers too And I just know that having that kind of roof will really at least give passengers something to really smile about for sure Yeah Because I mean if you don’t like the darkness to be there all the time then you can always try to open it up with as much light as possible And I really do believe that the Traverse really is able to offer the best of both worlds Like easily and without having to really put a lot thought into how much, At least how many times you want daylight to come in for a couple of hours or for a few minutes Same way with having it closed and vise versa Right on. Right on And another thing I will make a note on like to add onto the ride quality, it’s not only really comfortable, but it really does an excellent job of really hiding the road noise and makes it for a really smooth sailing SUV So I know mean, I really like the way that Chevy really had tuned it to really ride comfortably Not only to tune it comfortably, but they really did pretty well in making sure that the ride on an overall scale though for everybody for the driver and passengers including the people sitting in the third row is top of the game and top notch And that’s really something that I really like about it Cool. Cool So so far what are you favorite features? Obiviously, Chevrolet MyLink is in fact one of the best features that I’ve really like about it From the touch responsiveness and even to that mirror right there which I can really see if anybody is trying to hit me or not Which I think is a really useful feature Especically for a city like this, which I think is a beneficial feature that a lot of people should consider investing their money on for sure if they were to get the Traverse But aside from those two things, I really love the amount room that I have You know sitting down here and being able to move seat to the desired height and pretty much to like how much room I have on that and pretty much the length as well So it makes it easy to really move the seat to where it suits you comfortably Right on And, And your steering wheel is like a little different because you toggle right there on that left side And I actually love the 10 and 2 grips right here And in fact I know a lot of the other Chevy products are gonna have it But in fact I really just love how the steering wheel feels pretty much And I’m pretty sure a lot of Chevy products are gonna really, [Walkie Talkie: Do you copy?] Sorry No you’re good But yeah I just really like the feel of the steering wheel and it just really gives you that really good sense of feeling to know that you can really, at least, depend on it to really help you really, at least, keep yourself in control with the vehicle, even in wet weather situations So that’s really something that I really like about it

Right on So we’ll make a right here And at the light we’ll make another right Ok Again at the light we’ll make a right Then you’re going to get into your left lane Ok Dun Dun Dun Will they,… (referring to the bus from behind) Is there a game supposed to happening around 6:00? Yeah somewhere around 6:00 And I’m guessing, Oh that’s where a lot of the traffic is coming from Yeah And I’m gonna guess kickoff might be around 6:15 or 6:30 Ok Probably around there somewhere But I’m guessing that goes with any football game you have All right and then we’ll be getting into that left lane Ok. [Horn Honking] And then at the second light, so after The Tower Of The Americas, we’re gonna be making a left back into the activation Ok So do you want to, Have you already tried your cooled seats? Did you want to try it or, Huh Yeah When I come to a complete stop right here behind that RAM 1500 I’ll give them shot So right there, Go ahead and, Oh just press it right there There we go So, that feels, Oh wow, That feels sooo good It’s perfect for the Texas heat Heck yeah And honestly they are sooo sooo comfortable And I honestly will say, it’s like when you instantly like hit the button you can really feel the cool air just like going onto your body in an instant And it just really makes that much for a better experience to really drive this SUV from an overall standpoint So I really love that really really much Thanks a lot All right so right after the light, we’ll be going to our left Ok Thanks a lot And then just stay to the right and we’re going to head straight back where were before I was overall impressed with the all-new redesigned Chevrolet Traverse, as it’s not only a huge improvement over the previous generation, but being able to see both inside and outside of the vehicle, made the driving experience, more pleasant For Nexccelerator, at the 2017 San Antonio Auto & Truck Show, I’m Michael Land Because we have a couple of vehicles behind us Perfect. All Right. Go ahead and put it in park

2020 Mercedes GLB 250 // Introducing the NEW Boxy Benz!

What’s going on YouTube? We live in a time where crossovers are key So brands are introducing a ton of new name plates to make sure they have something for everyone This all-new Mercedes GL B is one of those models Filling the space between the swoopy GLA and GL c with something boxier and unique Now of course this review is only possible thanks to our friends at James Motor Company So make sure to visit their dealership or check out their website if you are looking for any new Mercedes So with that all said, let’s see if this is the Mercedes crossover to get So starting things off here with the exterior styling any similarities It shares under the skin to other Mercedes models is certainly not reflected in the way. It looks Besides for the flagship G Wagon This is the only Benz that could be characterized as boxing which is seen particularly in the very upright grille design This is the standard front end but there is also an AMG line package offered which Substantially changes not just the grille, but also the lower bumper areas However, as far as the headlights their design stays the same no matter which model you choose as You can tell these are fully LED headlights and for $900 you can add adaptive abilities and auto dimming Standard models also have fog lights. But the AMG line does without them As far as the rest of the styling you can really tell just how squared off things are especially in the sight profile now dimensionally this is sized much closer to the GLC than the GLA since it’s only 1.7 inches shorter though something about the styling does make it look smaller than it actually is and Then around back it is pretty rugged to look at with black cladding a large rear window and LED tail lights that set low down on the body And then finally at the bottom you do have a chrome piece with two integrated exhaust outlets So all in all the styling of this GLB will not be everybody’s cup of tea But that’s exactly the point It is designed to appeal to a different person than the GLA, which is something I think will be successful at doing And moving on to the wheels there are quite a few options as you’d expect You can probably tell that these are the base 18-inch alloys but there are also three 19’s options and two 20-inch options available Heading up to the mirrors they are always heated but power folding and auto-dimming are part of the premium package Additionally blind spot monitoring is further available for five hundred and fifty dollars Now in regards to the other safety systems Mercedes does also throw an automatic forward emergency braking with pedestrian detection as standard equipment and Then choosing the drivers assistance package will give you active Lane Keeping Assist Evasive steering assist and active BSM as well as the advanced adaptive cruise control system called active distance Assist Distronic But anyways guys that’s all there is to look at here on the outside So now let’s go ahead and see how much space and luxury is inside the cabin before we take it out for a test drive So on the new GLB you do have mercedes latest key fobs however You are going to have to pay extra if you want the smart entry system as far as remote start that is include a standard For three years via the mercedes meaning application Now of course stick it inside the actual vehicle So if all you have to do is just grab the handle since there is a sensor And your ears will electrically fold out as well All right, so taking a look here inside this brand new GLB

You’re gonna notice there is some family influence from that new a-class and CLA that were introduced earlier in the year Now talking about your color and material options. You do have quite a few since this is a Mercedes after all So what you’re going to start out with is the in VTech synthetic leather, that’s what we have here. That’s it and of course a standard You’ve got the option of black or macchiato colour schemes and then we go for the AMG line You can choose between never gray or black with dynamic inserts You also have the option of real leather That comes in some different color So you have black and Bahia Brown and then the AMG line has two-tone black and red or titanium grey And then finally in regards to your different trims You have the spiral look trim or carbon structure trim standard and then optional wood two different varieties Now turning over here to your dorm it is very nicely appointed especially since this is the base glv We have leatherette that goes all through here as well as across the upper part with the double stitching detail. So it looks pretty nice Here we have some of that standard wood trim or excuse me. Standard spiral look trim And then as far as our seats here, this is the 12 wave power adjusting seat with three person memory seating That is of course standard equipment You also notice we have seat heating that’s available for a little under six hundred dollars and you can also add seat ventilation as well Where your windows are one touch automatic We come over here to the seat itself, like I said, this is the mb-tex synthetic leather Does have a nice look you also notice you have your lumbar support as well as a manual thigh extension? Now beyond the door trim as far as the rest of the material quality you have a pretty good selection Even though this is considered an entry level bins So across your upper dash here. This is all going to be finished and a soft touch plastic You’ve got some more of this nice-looking trim. You also have a piece of I guess imitation aluminum, but it looks very very realistic Altar here is piano black trim And then your heart touch plastics, there are some down through here. But like I said, they’re reserved for all the lower areas So you don’t really touch all that often? And everything does fit together very well Of course you do have standard push-button start And when you start up here you’re going to notice Not one, but two displays now these two displays are part of your brand new MB UX system. Just like in the a-class So what you have standard is two seven inch displays, but if you go for the premium package, which our model does have Both of these displays get upgraded to ten point two five inches to make this very nice long looking seamless looking display Now focusing on the gauges here exclusively This is the latest version So what you do is just control with this little touch sensitive pad and all three of these sectors. Here are fully customizable So you can just swipe through and as you can see, you’ve got a ton of different things you can put into each section, basically Even swipe over here and change different display modes, like for instance now we are in a full-screen mode kind of futuristic looking So like I said in past Mercedes with this system, this is one of the very best Reconfigurable gauge clusters in the business because there’s just so many different options Now you could also get a head-up display. But on this lower end model, we do not have it Now coming back to your steering really do have electric power assisted steering and all models will come with a leather wrap steering wheel As you can see you do have like I said, they touch sensitive buttons Up here for this side and then these are for the other display We also do have standard rain sensing wipers on every model And the steering wheel itself is manually tilt and telescoping heating is available as a two hundred and fifty dollars standalone option Now as far as the shifter just like every Mercedes model you’ve got the column-mounted shifter So for drive you just push down As you can see we do have paddle shifters. These are standard across the board And then for reverse you just push up the opposite direction Now in this specific model here we do have the regular back up camera with active trajectory however, if you go for the driving assistance package

You’ll have a 360-degree camera system as well as the ability to automatically park in both vertical and parallel parking spots and for park just press the P and There is an electronic parking brake right over here Now kind of related to that shifter is the amount of storage you have here in this vehicle because It’s out of the way. So it frees up all this area in the center console So we’ll start out just right underneath here as you can see. This is quite large It goes down a really decent amount of space there and it is felt lined There is one USB port inside of it as well Up in front of that. You kind of have some blank space if you have your cup holders right here And then you have a really large bin up here in the front. This is also very deep. It has nice rubberized material right there So things won’t slide around and then you’ve got a 12-volt outlet as well as your second USB type-c port Wireless charging is also available as a standalone option All right, so heading back here this is your MB UX controller one of these several ways you can control the system What I’ll focus on is not that but our audio controls right over here now On standard on the base model, which is what we have here is a pretty much an unspecified Sound system. They don’t really go into the details about it. But you also have the ability to get a 590 what twelve speaker BER mister sound system if you want to have a more powerful system But let’s go ahead and sample this standard version So overall, I have to say sound quality of this system is very good certainly doesn’t sound basic or anything like that All right, so now we’ll go ahead and roll on up here to our dual zone automatic climate control system This of course is very simple. It looks pretty much identical to what we saw on the a-class So you just adjust your temperature with this toggle right there and it does appear if they’re on the display Most of the controls are located physically here However, there are a few that you’ll have to press the menu button for and that’s where it will all come up here digitally So you can make adjustments up here if you prefer to do that for whatever reason Now this model here does not have the advanced ambient lighting with 64 colors, but if you did have that Of course, you’d having ambient lighting all around the cabin, but the coolest trick would be that these vents would be lighted as well So when you adjusted the temperature to be hotter, they would glow red and colder if they would glow blue All right, so now that brings us up here to our ten point two five inch main MBU X display So we’ll go ahead and take a look through a few of the features now we’ll be Super detailed about it in this video because we will have a dedicated tech help video Available if you want to learn more about the system and a link to that is going to be in the video description But basically this is just the all-new system You have brand new graphics everything about this system is brand new Like I mentioned a big thing about it is it’s a touch display You can control on the steering wheel the touchpad or via some really really good AI voice commands what I mean by AI is you can just talk to it with phrases like your hey Mercedes that’s the launch phrase and Then it will respond to different types of queries that you ask it in natural language Of course, you do have standard apple carplay and android auto both onboard On this particular model, we’re missing navigation. That’s part of a additional package the multimedia package But when you select the optional navigation system, you will get the augmented reality navigation Which as we’ve shown you and a few other Mercedes models basically it just shows you a live camera feed of what you’re looking at out in the street and then overlays the Instructions right on to it different arrows and street numbers and things like that very very neat. Very handy system Now coming on up here We do have the optional auto dimming mirror you could do also have optional garage door openers, which we do not have And then looking up here you’ll actually notice we are missing a moonroof There is no standard sized moonroof offered so you go straight to a panoramic option available for $1,500

But anyways guys that is going to conclude all of the front areas here in this all-new GLB So now go ahead and hand it off to Mason who will check out the back seats So checking out the new GL B’s rear door trim surprisingly you are going to have materials that do follow through from the front So all this area is leather padded and even the upper portion is also a soft touch leather route with stitching going through Down below that you have your door handle as well as a large amount of drawer storage. I Do want to point out before I get in that the seats can slide back and forth Now here in the center area even though this is a cheaper mercedes-benz product they don’t really skimp on the features So all GL B’s will come with a rear vents as standard equipment Down below that you have this little storage compartment and further below that you will find these pop-out outlets So you have a 115 volt household stock outlet back here as well as two USB type C’s And here in the center area You have any their traditional armrest with pop-out cupholders in the end And up top, of course you do have an assist crypt as well as a cookbook Now as far as the rear legroom is concerned in this new GLB This is one of the areas that I’m actually very impressed with it actually comes in larger than the Mercedes GLC at 38 inches of rear legroom and 39 inches of rear headroom Which is quite a bit larger than its main rivals like the Audi q3 It’s actually about 2 inches larger than that And as you can see behind Dru sitting position I have about I would say 10 inches of rear legroom and my feet definitely don’t have any issues sliding up under the seat. So I’m definitely very comfortable back here Now one of the things that I that is very unique about this car is that you can actually get a third row option As you can tell this particular model does not have that third row option However, if you do get that, I would expect the third row to have a pretty small amount of space. It’s rated at 29 inches And also it’s worth noting that if you get that third row, the second row is reduced by two inches as well Now heading around to the tailgate a power one is standard across all GL B’s And it’s also hands-free if you opt for the premium package So all you have to do is wait for it under the bumper to open it up And once inside the gops trunk you are going to find a surprisingly good amount of space you’re going to find 24 cubic feet of space behind the second row seats and that expands to 57 cubic feet if you fold the segment row now how that compares to other mercedes-benz models That’s right in line with the GLC and quite a bit above its main rivals once again however, if you opt for the third row option It is worth noting that you’re gonna have five cubic feet of space If behind that third row, if you go for that option and down below we do have a good carpeted floor board As you can see it pops up and you do have quite a bit of storage up under here I don’t know how much of this will be usable because it doesn’t look like there’s a floor But it does have quite a bit of smoke And off to the side you do have a little cup cubby over here as well as a cargo cover and some lighting Now looking at the passenger seat you do have your lumbar support right here and you do also have your standard 12 Y power adjusting seats right here as you can see Memory seats are also thrown in standard across the board as well And in front of the passenger you have this nice little area right here

Down below that a really quite large a glove box. I’m very impressed It goes back quite deep ways and it is also felt lined as well as illuminated And up top we do have a Sun Visor with LED illumination a mirror And it does also detach. However, it does not have an extension But anyway guys that sums up all of the rear stuff about the new glv So now let’s go ahead and take it out in the road and see how it performs there Now before we really get started here I just want to go ahead and apologize we’re having some technical Difficulties today, so we’re down to only one GoPro. And as you guys know from earlier in the video, we don’t have a moonroof So that’s why you could just kind of looking at the angle directly on us. We normally don’t Like to do that really we want to keep it facing out the windshield, but that’s not an option today who our faces Yeah, you get to get to look at our face today unfortunately Alright so that was our basically first acceleration here and the 2020 glb Idea why I keep getting focused I never get any phone calls. I just keep getting repeated over and over phone calls from different numbers anyway As I’m trying to say, this is just everything’s going bad today Acceleration is definitely pretty good. It really has a more scoot than I thought it was going to This engine is shared with the CLA, it’s actually a different version than our American version of the a-class so it is more powerful than that now as far as the actual numbers themselves looking at 221 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque from a 2 liter turbocharged four-cylinder and It is worth noting that the GLB 35 AMG will be coming that’s said to have 302 horsepower, but that’s not out right now yeah, there will be a 2021 and that would be at the end of next year. So you have a full year if that’s tomorrow wait out wait for And just kind of Cruising down the road. We’re going around 45 miles an hour This is where I kind of imagine most gops will end up being kind of in the city. Just kind of a little city car And you know, it does handle it very well. You know, I’m going to say that the ride quality It does feel pretty distinctly different than most mercedes-benz is still smooth and still quiet I just does have a little bit more of a rugged feel as you would expect from the outside styling But it still is very comfortable in here So that was our auto start/stop system just now engaging and in typical Mercedes fashion It’s it’s excellent. If refire is really fast really smooth. I Say I think Mercedes generally is best at the business Now as far as the transmission unlike a lot of the things in this vehicle that are shared with a class and CLA and the other compact models this actually Uses an 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission versus the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and the SIP dance One thing I haven’t discussed yet is the steering setup When you’re going low speeds is extremely light like in the parking lot you could turn the wheel with just one finger Once you get up to speed though, it does tighten down and as you can see it’s very fast responding So it does feel nice while you’re up to speed And like I said, it is very maneuverable in parking lots as well. Overall it, you know, it’s certainly light Matches with the theme of this, you know, like Mason says this is kind of going around the city Crossover, you know even though it’s boxy and square It’s not really an off-road type of vehicle. It’s more of just something that’s going to look rugged So you have real light steering a super tight turning circle you can turn around in just about any amount of space So that’s certainly very nice for having a compact crossover in the city

You know and with that another thing that might be really important to you for that type of Vehicle is fuel economy. And this car does very well with that So for the two gia the GLB 250 front-wheel drive, you’re going to be looking at 23 City 30 highway 26 combined And then for the oh-oh wheel drive model that’s actually gonna have a little bit of an increase in fuel economy So it’s gonna be 23 City 31 highway 26 combined So, you know, there’s no penalty for the all-wheel drive and that’s also a pretty good fuel economy to start with this time So overall a lot of you guys might be wondering you know, why why is the GLB exist You know, I was wondering the same thing myself But after driving it, I think I understand Basically Where the GLA is? Kind of the very urban looking vehicle, you know It’s going to be very sleek and appeal to people that like that type of design this pairs The driving dynamics the compact footprint the really good urban You know package, but with kind of a more rugged more masculine a little bit of cooler looking styling You know So that’s basically why it exists is just because we live in this landscape Now where crossovers are king and in the same way that mercedes has spent past all these past years You know getting filling out every little niche of you know sedans We’re kind of seeing the same thing happen here. We’re now gonna have a crossover for every type of taste and this is their crossover here for You know ultimate urban performance while still having a rugged design All righty, so you might be curious as to how this new GLB is positioned in a Mercedes lineup price-wise And I’m going to tell you it’s between the GLA and the GLC as you would Guess from the name So for the gob 250 front-wheel drive that’s going to start at thirty six thousand six hundred dollars And then you have this one here, which is the GLB 250 4matic for a thirty-eight thousand six hundred dollars now at the beginning of the production run it does seem like Mercedes is shipping out the more basic GL B’s so that’s what we have here We only have a few options so we have the Blind Spot Assist for 550 bucks as well as heated front seats for 580 and the Premium Package for $1,650 and then all told once you add the 995 destination charge this particular model as equipped comes in at forty two thousand three hundred and seventy-five dollars Which is definitely not a bad price point you are getting a Mercedes SUV With you know, it is on the more basic end We don’t have a moonroof, but you are getting you know, the shell and a really premium environment and it is worth noting that if you want to go for a higher-end model the GLB does top out around Sixty thousand and that can give you all of the goodies if you want to go that Well, Desmond enjoyed watching the first in-depth look at the all-new 2020 mercedes-benz gob We really appreciate you watching and be sure to hit those like and subscribe buttons if you haven’t already and we’ll catch you next time Is a sample more of the latest automotive delicacies?

2017 Toyota Sienna Limited Premium In Depth Review & Tutorial

Hey hey everybody, Brock Frady here helping you enjoy your ride. In today’s video, we’re going to over a 2017 Toyota Sienna Limited The base MSRP is $46,170.00 and after optional equipment and destination charge its $50, 371.00 We’re going to go over all the features inside and out, safety and comfort and let you see all around this beautiful 2017 Toyota Sienna The power plant is a 3.5 liter V6 direct inject engine. It has 296 horsepower and is more fuel efficient than its previous generation It has an 8 speed automatic direct shift transmission and 263 lb./ft torque. The fuel economy is 19 miles per gallon city, 27 miles per gallon highway and that’s due in part to the 8 speed automatic transmission. Starting from the front here of this beautiful blizzard pearl 2017 Sienna, you have a little dot that is directly above the fog light right there And that’s Park Assist. That is a sensor that can sense things that are close to you and will give you an audible beep in the event that you’re getting close to hitting something Notice the beautiful headlights. You have LED daytime running lights and then your main headlights there. And then you have your fog lights down here. We’re going to go over how to operate all of those. And there is a plastic panel there that is directly under the Toyota emblem. And that is your Radar Cruise Control That will keep you at a set distance between the front of your Sienna and the vehicle in front of you, maintaining safety. The key is really easy to understand. At the top is lock, unlock, power door openers left and right, rear door opener and panic alarm. And that sounded like a train horn so you’re going to be safe should you activate the panic alarm For the rear door, let’s open the right side door and there is a brief pause and you can see that the door is opening. And then you can push it again and hold and it will close right up for you. Now you also have a little physical key that’s embedded into the key fob itself. There is an icon here that says push and you push down and it removes the key. You’ll never use that to start the car, you’ll only use that in the event the battery in the key fob dies at which point you remove this, place it inside the door and put the key fob up here, up by the start button and it has enough juice to start it. At which point you will need to have the battery replaced You can see there’s a little slot right there You can just take that and put it right there, turn it, pop it open, and its just a simple watch battery. This one also has remote engine start. And you’ve got instructions right here on how to use the remote start. So you’re going to press lock three times and this is how it works. One, two, three and you hold on the third. Here it goes. That’s your remote start. Now when you do use the remote start, when you approach the car and you touch the door handle, it is going to automatically cut off. It’s running now. See that, it cut off. The reason that it cut off is in the event that a child gets the key fob and runs out to the car without your being aware of it, they don’t want the child to come out to a running car. So its a safety thing. It automatically cuts off. Now take a look on the door handle right there. There are two little marks and that is to lock the door So I just touch this with my finger and the doors lock. Now to unlock the doors all I need to do is grab the door handle, it unlocks, allowing me in There 18 inch, 10 spoke, machined alloy wheels with P235/55-R18 Goodyear RSA Eagle tires The front brakes are ventilated and you can

see a little channel if you look there at the brake pad that goes down in the middle of the brake rotor itself. And that allows the brake rotor to be cooled so that the brakes don’t overheat. The headlights are high intensity discharge headlights. They’re really bright You can also manually tilt them up and down in order to adjust for the pitch of the front of the vehicle. You can control the level of them up and down. Another nice safety feature of the headlights is the automatic high beams So they will actually adjust automatically if they are on high and they sense a person in oncoming traffic. So you don’t blind others in oncoming traffic they will adjust down Then, when that person passes, they will go right back up into the high beam mode. You do have LED daytime running lights there at the bottom. Nice. Its kind of hard to see but there’s a little sensor there on the windshield and that is the sensor for rain sensing wipers The wipers will automatically cut on when it starts to rain and they’ll wipe in accordance with the rain pattern. To operate the gas tank door, there’s a lever here and you just pop it and then the door opens right up for you. You have a little hanger here that you can place the gas cap on while you are refueling so that it doesn’t mess up your paint. It does use regular gas. 87 octane all the way One of the most important functions of a minivan is that beautiful back door. And the way you operate that is to hit the icon on the bottom left of the key fob and you hold it down and then it pops right open for you. That is obviously a power rear door. It’s power open and close There is a button on the bottom edge of the door and that’s where you can close it there when you need to. Now check out these seats There’s a lot of different configurations that you can work with the seats. But one of the neat things are the switches that are up here in this top panel and you can see that it gives you an option to fold just the seat back down or to fold the entire seat down. So we’re going to hit the button on the left and check out what happens with the seat back. Very nice feature. I’m going to go ahead and do the other one so that we can get an idea of the storage capacity with just the seat backs folded and you see how the seat was actually stuck because it hit the seat there in the front and right now there a light there that is blinking that says Incomplete Operation. And that’s just letting you know whoa I got stuck on something and I can’t go any further. So what we did is just let the seat down but its actually going to come back up so that it doesn’t continue to move forward and possibly crush something. So let’s repeat and now she should go right on down Alright, so now what we’re going to do is fold this seat all the way down completely flat into that base cavity. And you do have to hold it the whole time. Really convenient Now we are going to fold the smaller portion all the way down to give you an idea of the storage capacity with just your captains chairs. And that is a really good storage area. Now a feature that is available on the ones that have eight passenger capacity, that is not this one, this is a seven passenger. There’s going to be a seat right there in the middle between the captains chairs but if you do have that seat, you can remove it and you can place it right there in the corner of the back So it makes it so you can store it there when not in use and that’s where its going to plug in. For more convenience you have a power plug. This is just like an outlet in your house. It’s a 120 volt, 100 watt and then there is a 12 volt power point there with an additional light. You have 12 cup holders in this thing. There are cup holders everywhere You’ve got two there and I’m not going to go through them all. But you’ve got four cup holders just for the third row seat itself But just know that you are going to have plenty of cup holders. You can get 7 people and 12

drinks in this thing. The exterior color of this vehicle is Blizzard Pearl. It is a gorgeous color and its actually a tri-coat paint. I am familiar with it because this Blizzard Pearl color was actually a color that Lexus had and its multi-layered. It’s just absolutely gorgeous. I hope you can see the detail of it right there. And then to go along with that luxurious external paint is a beautiful internal leather color and that is called Chesnut. And it goes really, really well with the overall look of the vehicle. Nice and sophisticated. Check out the contrasted stitching and the seats are perforated and they are very cushy. Take a look at how luxurious a feature this is. That is like a little recliner Isn’t that ridiculous? I love this. There is a handle down here and when you pull the little handle, the seat bottom comes out and it makes a lovely recliner and what good is a recliner? Well, when you have a massive screen like that that you can watch Blu-rays on. And its actually a split screen so you can watch like a Blu-ray movie on one side and even play video games on the other side Pretty incredible. But this seat is just made that much more comfortable with the fact that is has a reclining feature. AC 120 volt, outlet right there. Here is for your video, left and right so you can plug things in. And you can like this. It pulls out for some additional storage and makes the cup holders more accessible to the second row. You can keep things in here once you’ve closed this up though because this actually recesses into the storage compartment There is a power button here and you have a one touch automatic power there with your wood grain interior. You also have manual sunshades and that is really neat. In addition to that the back windows are tinted nice and dark but you can put that up for even more privacy. And what’s neat is that it going to shade the sun out of the cabin but look, you can still see really clearly out of it Now check out the shades for the back glass So all the rows can have their own shades So, you could actually take this vehicle on a road trip, put those shades up. You could recline back in your recliner here. You could watch a Blu-ray movie on this massive screen My goodness. There is a power button. There is a slide button right here and that is for the rear sunroof. So you actually have a double sunroof in this vehicle. And that back sunroof actually opens. Most vehicles, when they have a panoramic roof, it’s just for looks. This is actually a functional sunroof that opens and there is your other sunroof for the people in the front. Now you can see there that there is a little icon and that is an icon to let you know that there is a safety anchor for a child safety seat. Right there underneath My finger is on it right there. So that is where you’re going to want to hook your child safety seat belt to secure it. Check out the inside of the door. It is absolutely luxurious The padding on the armrest for your elbow is really really soft. You have the stitching here that is highlighting the beautiful color and the contour of the door. The power window is automatic and there is your lock and unlock button. You have the satin finish on the door handle. Everything is just really really classy You have plenty of storage there in the door pocket as well. You can see that you’ve got basically a big storage bin there and several different areas that you can put things. And that is a water bottle holder made specifically for a bottle. You’ve got your JBL stereo Alright let’s take a look at all the different little storage cavities and everything starting right down here on this panel. Two cup holders On the far left there you’ve got your heated for seats for the driver and the passenger

Multi-level heated seats. You’ve got a USB and a power adapter there. And then a 12 volt lighter adapter. Down there below is your Blu-ray disc player and you also have, you can put in a SD card there to view media that is a SD card. That is so cool. You’ve got another power outlet down there, a SD, I mean a USB and why not, another power outlet. Then you’ve got a grippy pad right down there for storage and two more cup holders. More storage And this is the drawer and it actually is only going to be used for storage like whenever that is open. You don’t want to close things into that because it will, it won’t close if you’ve got things in there. You can basically just use that for storage while that is open only. On the dash here you have your transmission, your gear shifter. And it is an eight speed sequential shift transmission. Sequential shift means that you can actually shift it manually without a clutch and that’s what that plus and minus is. And whenever it is in S, you can flip it over from Drive at any speed and change gears manually. You’ll see two big dials, on the left is the driver’s side temperature and then on the right is the passenger side temperature controls. Inside of those buttons you have Auto and you have Off. Automatic makes it so that you can set the temperature automatically just like the central air in your house and it will keep it at that set temperature. And whenever you do put it in Auto, if you cut the temperature down, its going to increase the fan speed until the cabin reaches that set temperature The middle of the button on the right is A/C and recirculate. And then for the back you have rear temperature there. And you can control that from up front or you can give the rear occupants command. You can press that Rear button there and that is going to allow them to control the air and the fan speed and temperature from the back. You can see Sync. Sync will allow it to basically sync all three climate control systems together to give the driver full control. Front and rear defrost and Mode The frost defrost, obvious what that is. Rear defrost. And then Mode will change the fan direction. So you can actually control the fan direction manually if you want to put it to your feet or defrost or anything in between. Your hazards are right there. And then you’ve got this screen up here that is a flat panel screen and it is touch sensitive and that is just such a cool look. I love the fact that Toyota is basically making it so there are not as many buttons in the vehicle as there used to be. There’s a lot of flat surfaces that you can touch to access the information that you need to access. So starting with Audio, let’s take a look at the panel You can press Audio and it’s going to show you the different Audio modes. AM, FM, XM, CD, USB, Bluetooth Audio, Auxiliary, and Rear Now, the reason there are so many is because you have so many sources that you can listen to. Over here on the steering wheel, on the left side of the steering wheel, you have steering wheel audio controls. That’s going to be your volume, your station scan, mode, and then your voice commands. Where you see Mode, you can press mode and that’s going to change your audio source here. So let’s say you were listening to AM and you wanted to listen to FM. You could just press Mode and it would change it. Okay, now you see where it says Apps, let’s press Apps and press OK. And so now this is going to be your applications So of which are internet based and move from your phone. And I’ll explain that. You can see the Navigation icon there. And that’s going to show you your map. Real quickly, you see the green arrows on the map there That’s called XM Nav traffic and that’s going to give you a color coded way of knowing the real time traffic condition. If those arrows are yellow, its going to be congested. If they are red, its a parking lot at which point we can route you around bad traffic if they are red lines. And so now we’ll press Destination at the bottom. This is how you find a destination By address, point of interest, and you can see all of the different selections. Okay Let’s go back to Apps. And then you can go Phone. No phone is paired and this is where you could pair a phone if you wanted to. We’re

not going to do that for the demonstration here. Messages, this is if you have your phone set up through Bluetooth you could actually have the car read emails and text messages out loud to you if your phone has the capability Really, really neat. Eco allows you to see real time fuel economy information. Setup, this is how you’re going to control the settings that make the vehicle work exactly the way you want it to work. That’s something that you’re going to need to mess with. If you get this car, I really recommend spending some time in Setup so that you can really get it set up from the start exactly the way you want everything to work. You see right it says Driver Easy Speak. This is awesome You can go here and there is actually a microphone in the car and it can pick up your voice from the driver’s seat. And then its going to route your voice through the speakers in the car in the back so that you don’t have to yell all the time if you want to have a conversation with the people in the back. And when you see Driver Easy Speak volume settings there, that means that you can actually adjust it Low, Medium, and High. The sensitivity or how well the rear passengers can hear your voice. A lot of neat stuff. So, this is like a said you’re going to go and basically set it up to work exactly the way you want it to work. And then you also have a micro SD card right there and that is the map data for the navigation system. You don’t want to mess with that unless you are having the map or the SD card updated at the dealership How about for more storage capacity, a double glove box. There’s a little silver bar right there and you can press that up and you’ve got a really nice storage area there. A lot of times in these cars, the glove boxes aren’t even big enough to fit the owner’s manuals But look, there’s the owner’s manual right there and so you can see how the owner’s manual takes up pretty much the whole portion of that bottom box. So why not throw in another box for your convenience to actually hold things. Really nice. Okay check this out There is a button right here and it says rear vent pull and push. Now watch what happens when she does that. It allows you to vent the rear glass and its power. That is such a neat feature. Go ahead and do that again I love that. And then the other buttons right here on this panel right there. The next one over is traction control off, park assist, bacon sandwich maker, just kidding, blind spot monitor, heated steering wheel, and then the manual control for controlling the leveling of the headlights. And you can see down here, down below that you’ve got a little coin tray and you can see on the right side of that that you can store your coins and then you have power door off. That’s if you want to cut off the access to the power door. Then down below is the hood latch, hood release To the left of the that is your gas tank and then your push on and off parking brake. Now the steering wheel is nice in the hands. I love the feel of the steering wheel and you’ve got the little indentations there and that is perfect for your thumb to fit right inside of. The operation for your headlights is going to be on this stalk here and you can see where it says Auto. And that is whenever that is set, the headlights will cut on automatically at night as the sun goes down. At the bottom here is says DLR off. That’s daytime running lights off. As you roll it up, that is your parking lights and that’s your headlights on manually. And this is fog lights and of course your turn signals are there. And another neat thing is whenever you just press it up without fully engaging it, you can see I’m just going to tap it up and it will pop back down. It blinks three times. So that’s just to change lanes. And you can see where it says Auto here. That’s because the wipers are rain sensing and they’ll cut on automatically whenever it starts to rain. In order to activate that I’ll pop this down once. The wipers just wiped to let me know that that feature is now active. And I can pull it down again and that’s low manually. And that’s high. You can see the ring on the inside says Auto This will actually adjust the sensitivity of the rain sensing wipers. Your rear wiper

control is here and that’s intermittent and that’s on manually constant. I can roll it to the far top or I can roll it to the far bottom there and that’s going to wash the rear glass off. I can pull the stalk toward me and that’s going to wash the front glass off. There’ s a multi information display that is between the tachometer and the speedometer right there. It’s digital and I’m going to be accessing that by this little multi information or multi directional key pad that’s here on the steering wheel. There’s an icon here and that’s your cruise control. You set the distance of your radar cruise control. Your cruise control is down here. And I press the end of the stalk to actually cut the cruise control on and I can see the cruise control icon over in this display at the top left and that’s going to be right there. Little green. And then at that point I can press that radar cruise control icon on the front there and you can see three little blocks that are in front of the vehicle icon. You see the blocks I pressed it once, it reduces it by one block Again it reduces it to one block. That’s three, two, one. And the controls the amount of distance that the vehicle is going to maintain from the vehicle in front of me if I have the radar cruise control active. It will actually apply the brakes if necessary. Now I’m pressing left on that multi information display on the face of the steering wheel. You can see I need gas. That is the settings. And so I can push the middle of that directional keypad and I can move it up and down. ECT is electronically controlled transmission and that’s on. That’s going to change the shift points in order to make it feel like I have a little more torque on take off. I can cut that off or I can just cut it back on. I can press settings and this is going to be how I customize the drive info that pops up on the multi information display while I’m driving. So things that I can change are digital speedometer, distance to empty. So I can press digital, yep let’s go with digital. I can press distance to empty, yes I want to do that. But I want to do it with the average fuel economy. And now I can back out of that and I can go drive info 2 And so now what drive info means is going to be I’m pressing left now. And that’s drive info right there. So you see distance and I didn’t make any changes to the other settings so there’s actually several screens that I can change. It’s pretty awesome. I can really customize this to really any information that I want. That is for navigation and when I have a navigation in the navigation system, if I’m going somewhere, a destination in the navigation system, I’m going to see more icons, you know. Like the next thing that I have to execute. If I have to turn right or left and the distance to that next one. Audio, radar cruise control, and then more settings there. And that little pages icon, you can see that little icon is here on the face of the front of the steering wheel and that tells me I can hold. I can press it down and hold to customize the screens. Pop-up display, accent color. This is where I it can actually warn me if I am exceeding a certain speed limit. That is so cool. By the way, the little speed limit signs like that are going to be on your Nav system while you are driving in many areas. It will show you the actual speed limit in the area you are driving. Pretty neat stuff. Thanks for watching everybody If you liked this video and you would like content like this delivered to you fresh, hot off the press then pound that subscribe button and I’ll be glad to send it to you Have a great day everybody!

Operation and testing coil over plug ignition (4 wire) – Toyota/Lexus

okay we’ve got a 2003 toyota echo with a misfire trouble code and what i want to do with this one is walk you through how to check this for pin coil over plug design ignition system we can stay low-tech first and by low-tech what we can do is well of course will read the trouble code and I’ll get you a quick shot over at the scan tool it is a cylinder number for misfire detected Pio 304 so there’s your side of the code and what we want to do because this is a constant miss we can hear it we can feel it it was we can stay low-tech first and we’re going to do a cylinder drop test and make sure that we’re identifying the proper cylinder and if we are in fact dealing with the number four then we’ll go through the ignition checks on the number four cylinder of course there’s still compression and fuel you have to worry about but we’re going to start with the ignition okay so what I’m going to do on this design is I’m going to disconnect the coil and we’re going to listen for an RPM drop and then we’ll go from there so go ahead and start it up not sure if you can hear how this engines running it definitely has a dead myth I’m going to start with the number one just so you can hear it oh unplug this one here we get worse you got a broken bolt on this number three for this coil worry too much about that I’m going to go to the number four that’s what we have a code four unplug it no change whatsoever through the number brief you can hear it good RPM’s y’all know we do so here rpm drop soul 1 2 & 3 no rpm drop on number 4 guys shut that off okay so we know it is the number 4 cylinder that is misfired and what we found so far is that our scan tool and our trouble code is indicating the correct cylinder we always have to be careful with misfire trouble codes sometimes they identify wrong cylinders but we’ve got this we’ve got this correct and what we want to think about with the number 4 is is it spark is it fuel is it compression and there’s a lot of different ways that we can attack this vehicle one of the things that we can do is a clear flood mode crank and then listen to it to see if it has consistent compression sound I’ve shown this in other videos so we can do that real quick I’m going to unplug these coils and I’m going to have you crank this and we’re just going to listen to the way that this thing cranks as a sound test this would be basically a relative compression test that we’re doing go ahead and crank it keep cranking so I tell you okay good what I’m saying based on that sound is this is most likely not a compression problem so from there what we can do would be go after the injector or go after spark and I think for this video let’s go after the spark because we want to really emphasize how to check these four pin four wire coil over plug designs real quick word of caution when you’re doing so in a drop test like I just did where you’re unplugging ignition coils you’re going to set ignition coil primary circuit faults when you do that on most of these systems so be careful with that you know these are false trouble codes and these would be sensed off of the igf circuit that’s ignition confirmation signal that Toyota uses we’ll be talking about that as we go through this the computer is able to recognize by monitoring that circuit which coil has an open circuit with it so false trouble codes we set be careful with that okay couple of quick things that we can do with this if we don’t have a scope and and I’ve done this in other videos just to figure out if we have maybe a bad coil or about plug or if it’s an

injector problem there’s a lot of different directions we can go and I’ve shown some of them doing tailpipe emission test see if your eight C’s are high and there’s some variables with that you know the computer may shot the injector off we’re going to focus on the ignition system for this and one of the things that you can do would be to swap the coils and see if your rpm drop test moves if you’re dead cylinder moves with the coil then you know you have a coil problem you can do the same thing with the plugs for our purpose we’re going to focus on this number four I’m not going to do that I’ve already taken the bolt out and what I want to do is just start the car and do a simple output check of this coil to see if their spark on it and this is an acceptable method – there’s nothing wrong with this and again the difficult part is to show all the procedures on one car that’s just not possible and it makes for really a long video so we’re going to focus on the spark just have a test leg connected to ground and I’m going to hold it here and I’m looking for a spark to come out of this coil it’s that simple so go ahead and start that up okay the law and I have to be honest with you guys you’re watching this at a later time I already knew that this coil didn’t have spark but I wanted to show you the procedures that I went through previously this is what we did we moved coils around it moved with the coil we pulled the coil back out we did a spark output test of that coil and we knew there was no spark now the issue at hand here is going to be is there a control issue with this coil this is a four pin coil and on four pin designs and three pin design coil ever plug systems the transistors inside of here but our concern is the computer wiring the coil wiring and making sure that that is good before we replace the core so what I want to do first is I want to take you up to the board and we’re going to talk about the internal design with this and then we’re going to do some checks and see what we have and be able to make the call with a hundred percent certainty using the scope okay first thing that I want to share with you guys this is in section 22 of my book no start no spark diagnosis and this is on page 18 and I have a generic picture of a three wire pull this is a four wire but what I’m showing up here is a three one and the reason I have this picture drawn is to show you that there is a transistor that is inside of this coil itself there so there’s no external igniter there’s no external module it’s done inside of the coil itself the coiled primary is right here I’m not drawing the secondary in this picture to simplify it we’re just looking at a primary circuit and so with that here’s your positive feed coming in and then this circuit where the transistor is would be the ground side or the control side this is coil negative right here and this is coil positive when this transistor turns on this will connect this circuit to ground directly so one of the things with this design is you cannot view coil negative control voltage on most coils you would have a circuit that you have access to coil negative because you have an igniter a module a driver that’s external let’s call this the ICM this would be coil negative this is coil positive you can connect to scope here and view the coil negative control the voltage spikes the on/off control you can see on this design you cannot because coil negative is right here and this side of the transistor is the side that’s going to switch from high to low voltage when the driver turns on this side of it is a ground all time so you cannot see coil negative voltage on this design on four pin or three pin coils you cannot see coil negative voltage so if you want to see control you have to use an ant prep we want to know is this coil turning on or turning off we are limited what cannot do this but what we can do is measure with an amp clamp on either the feed side or well we don’t have this wire but we have this wire this ground we can measure

current flow on the ground we can measure current flow on the coil positive so either here or here would be one of the tests we good all right a little background noise and that last sex and an air hammer in the shot what I was saying is to measure control on this cut type of coil we can’t view call it negative voltage but there’s other things we can do we can measure our current flow here or here which will give us our current rad pattern we can do that another thing that can be done is the base circuit can be viewed for control from the computer and the way that this circuit works is the computer is going to send a small square wave on this circuit which is going to turn this transistor on and off every single one of these coil over plug designs with the transistor that’s inside you will see a square wave pattern on that one single one so that’s another method that we can use to tell us whether or not this color has control we have no spark we know that right our concern is our coil bat do we have a wiring problem or do we have a computer problem and if it went in the direction of a computer then we’d have to check inputs and things like that but it’s just a good direction test the next page that I have this is on this was a case study on a 2007 Honda Accord you can see that this control this red trace the square wave is what is hurting this coat on and off when the base circuit gets turned on you can see that is the exact time that our current increases through the primary circuit and when the base circuit is turned off is the exact time that our current flow stops so if we go back to this page and plug that in we have a square wave here that is occurring this square wave controls the base as this circuit is high we have current flow taking place when the circuit base circuit drops to no volts we turn the base off we current flow and these go hand in hand the grant for this coil would go hand-in-hand with the base circuit square wave that’s what I’m showing in this picture so we’re going to plug in these tests on this code so now you might be thinking what’s different about the four pin design 3 pin design 4 pin design this is the wiring diagram for this Toyota Echo you see we have four different coils you see each one has four wires are common wires would be the black and red this is the feed circuit you would need the rest of the diagram to see that it comes from the ignition switch actually so all of the coils share a power feed another shared circuit is going to be our ground which is our white black you can see all of these this splice here all of the grounds are shared if you refer to the other toyota echo case study that I have already up on YouTube where we had a bad computer ground bad block craft was it no communication issue this ground for these coils is in that location so the nice thing about working on the same car again is I know where that ground is how nice would it be to put my amp clamp here and measure all four coils I can do that principles of current flow we can measure the current from the primary circuit on all four of these quotes right here at this location if we choose to of course we can just focus on our number four if we want to as well that’s the one that has the issue so we have our common power we have our common ground what are these other two wires there’s another wire this yellow one that’s a common water and on the wiring diagram I don’t have the whole thing up here but I’ll just tell you what it says this yellow wire comes to the computer it says igf-i D F and then the single wire right here is the IG t for the number 4 IP t for the number this would be the IGT for the number-3 again i GT number two and so on i GT number one so we have our individual wires and really with that info you guys already know what the IGT wire is that

ITT wire is that little small square wave that turns the base of the transistor on inside of this coil this i GT wire would be in my generic diagram here this is off of a Honda but it would be a same thing this would be the IDT circuit computer this is my engine computer talking to the igniter or really controlling the base of the transistor inside of the quote that’s your IET circuit Toyota uses that abbreviation IG t IG t is ignition timing is where they get that radiation ignition timing IDT ignition timing the signal so the 4-pin the fourth wire is the IGF circuit that’s this yellow circuit IGF would be ignition conformation it’s a monitored circuit diagnostics for this is really no different than the three pin we still have a main power we still have a main ground and we still have a main timing signal and on/off square wave zero five volt zero four volt the difference would be the igf circuit now I can’t give you the internals of this but here’s what I know from monitoring these in the past when you have a primary field that collapses in in a coil we get a very large voltage but what’s inside of these coils is a circuit that creates a signal in response to that voltage spike and what it will look like if you were to look at say the ramp this would be the coil on this would be the coil off that’s where your voltage spikes going to occur in a secondary or in a primary pattern you see 12 like some kind of look like this to put voltage over the current you would have a primary pattern that might look something like this in this area this is where we get that collapse of the field that is where you’re I G that signal occurs you’re going to have a signal that will be a condition to square wave that occurs exactly where the spark occurs it creates a signal what’s computer use that for word for confirmation ignition confirmation that that coil just fired that’s what the IDF signals for okay now judging by our vehicle here and no spark in that number four coil shows you the limitations of the IDF circuit doesn’t it it’s not a perfect monitored circuit we have a problem with this coil yet we have no idea type trouble code we have no coil trouble cut that coil trouble code did not occur until I unplugged the court and then we saw a coil signal a trouble code for that coil because of no IGF signal now what you might be thinking of right now is how would the computer know if we’re sharing igf circuits how would the computer know which ones which think about this this computer is responsible there’s going to be some chip in here that’s going to be responsible for controlling the four coils it sends out that small square wave right so you got four different coils that are being fired at different times at at in fire motor sequence this would be the timing chip in here you’re going to turn this one on and off then this one then this one then this one and go in order so my question to you would be does the computer know which one it’s turning on and off take that tip and then run one say IDF signal coming in that IDF signal is also going to be staggered to isn’t it we’re not going to fire two coils at the same time so that IDF signal is going to be one two three four one two three four that signals coming back what’s the computer do it coordinates this one with this one and it wants to see them occur when this one turns off think about the square wave this is where coil primary begins this is where coil primary ends when does the spark occur when the primary stops so where is the igf signal take place if the computer sends this out it wants to see the igf signal occur right in line with this one what does that tell the

computer about that coil that’s good we don’t need for separate IDF sir it’s sharing the ideas okay one of the hard parts about doing this is to give you guys direction and what we can do and there isn’t one right way to do this I think that becomes more difficult as I continue to do this is to show a procedure and then alter that procedure and show you something else for this one I want to tell you where I’m going to go I’m going to choose the white black which is my ground wire for my amp plan we’re going to put our amp way up here so we’re going to watch our coil primary current on the ground side we could also use the power feed wire if we wanted to it would not make a difference whatsoever we can use either one current flow does not change if you go to this picture right here this generic picture if I have current flow coming through this coil winding on its way through the transistor to ground if you have six amps of current coming in you have six amps of current coming out yes voltage has dropped but current flow has not changed you can measure current here as easy as you can measure current here take your pick for what I’m doing for this video for no particular reason I’m going to pick the ground one the next thing that we want to look at would be this wire this IDT coming in that’s our base circuit now depending on what we have for this amp test we may not need to do that it’s as simple as this we have no spark on this coil right if we have a curve if we have a current ramp pattern doesn’t that tell you the computers base circuit control is working so we don’t necessarily have to show that but we’ll kind of overkill this a little bit for other situations you might encounter we’re okay maybe we don’t have a ram so what else do we do we’ll show all of the techs okay so we’re checking the amperage on the ground we’re also going to at the same time check this IDT circuit right here so I’m going to back probe this igt that’s our small square wave we’ll just do them both at the same time okay just a quick shot of my connections you see my amp clamp is on my white with a black and my voltage trace is going to be on my green with the yellow which is my control signal so let’s go up to the board again and see what they look like that go lights on no shop noises brutal sometimes all right scope I’m using is the Pico I haven’t hooked up already so let me go to my desktop open that up okay going to set my channels up this is the default you can actually set a default screen for this I don’t have one set channel a is my amp clamp I need to tell it what I’m using which probem using so I’m using my 60 amp clamp in the 20 amp mode and what that does is that’s going to set up my scales for me I’ll set it to a minus 5 to 10 amp scale there’s your amperage waveform on the screen and then my channel B is just going to be a simple voltage trace and so the normal probe the default is going to be volts and I’m going to set this I know it’s a 5 volt I’m going to set it to a 10 volt just to make the screen look good you can personal preference there it doesn’t matter it helps to know what you’re looking for you now get this a lot what scope settings should I use we’ll start the car get your signal and move things around them you’re not going to hurt it just be aware of your high voltage coils and injectors where you want to use an attenuator and everything else you’re pretty pretty good with time base I’m on a 50 millisecond screen right now that might be a little bit too fast to start with so I’m going to change that so we can see some repetition on the screen this is a 1 second screen that’s probably way too much but the nice thing with the pecos we can zoom in later on that picture so go ahead and start that we have a hose on this car okay I said that off for a second

I have my my AF crap was upside down I can actually invert it on here or I can go over to the car and flick my amp clamp which is what I’m going to do I’m going to start that back up again I was looking at this line to tell me that one of the reasons why I like to have screams I can tell what its inverted scales are off here these are thoughts references I can also in this was this air from the other coils that are all sharing the power beans and I can filter this but really right what this told us rain beer seven far gotta love the air hammers it’s the worst tool in the shop I hate that tool I’ve always hated that I hated more while filming right guys do we have enough information right here to tell us that we need an ignition coil do we have control our control is our amperage waveform here that’s the blue trace this is our current flow through the circuit and as I told you guys let’s go in on this just a little bit more get a little bit more detail here here as I told you guys this red trace which we can see is 0 to about 4 volts that’s pretty typical this is what I’m seeing across the board on coil ever plug the control circuit is 0 to 4 volt square wave that’s the computers control of this coil is the computer turning the coil on yes it is so how’s the computer it’s good how are the inputs can crank signals if this signal is here those are good too then we have an amperage waveform this thing’s upwards of 11 amps I don’t know if my if I see rode my probe properly here let’s take a quick measurement and that’s floating off to zero and then the top of that see what kind of number we got so we’re at eleven point nine four four or eleven point nine three our Delta between the two almost 12 bags that’s probably one of the highest current ramps I’ve seen on an ignition coil be curious to see what one of the other ones look like looks like maybe we should take a picture of that or what we can do is replace the coil and get a picture of the after sometimes aftermarket coils contains a characteristic though of the wave form so I think I want to look at one of the other ones as a point of reference and I think that’s where it would help to look at all four at the same time you can look at all remember I said originally that other ground all right there are certain faults in an ignition coil that you can’t see in a primary ramp and one of them is the secondary if it’s partially shorted or if it’s arcing somewhere else difficult to see sometimes with some of this stuff we look at I don’t know if this is going to be what the other ones look like or not I think if I remember doing this before they all look the same here’s what we know we know we need to pull it no question we have no spark we have good control is there a need to check the coil power or ground in this case and the answer is no because the amount of current flow that I have this is the highest current flow that I’ve seen on a cone so if I had a bad power background would net lower my average so I’m not worried about the power and ground check we need to pull it no question there’s an area right here that I’m focused on and I’m not seeing a turn on oscillation here and this is an indication of a secondary sort when you don’t see that now I could be wrong on this design that this is the way the other ones look but it doesn’t change the fact that this needs an ignition for I’m going to move these feeds to the solar next to it and we’ll take a look at what that would look like and we’ll throw the IGT set go in there – not that we need to look at that but just so you guys can see it I’m going to move to a

known good coin good pause that alright so I got this moved over to the number three and what we’re going to do with the number three is just compare what this area looks like right here to what that that number three looked like actually I probably should save this picture real quick let me do that okay can I get one you guys to start this we’ll see what this one looks like this is cylinder number three so it’s just on this area here to compare what we were looking at before and it’s subtle but there is a difference here if you look closely at that initial turn-on you will notice a difference here right in this area can you see it it was kind of a little straight up line on the other one and bridge looks about the same I’m about 12 amps of current but that issue right there that initial characteristic looks a little bit different pretty tough to pick that one out on this design let me throw in the igf signal here – we’ll look at that at the same time so can you start that back up for me again I already have it connected I just need to turn on my other channel okay pictures a little bit noisy but I’m not worried about filtering that right now there’s your IGF signal and I was I was incorrect in the location and where that thing actually is created this green trace is your IDF signal it is not charged by the collapsing field it must be charged by the current flow coming in I’m not sort of internal circuitry but this would be your IGF signal for the number-3 is it’s coordinated right with it and the other thing that you’ll notice with this picture is that our IGF is actually in my other channels too let’s just clean this up a little bit for viewing here on the camera notice that there’s your number three here’s your number three again and then you have an IDF signal all the way across so you have this is IGF IGF IGF that’s because it’s a shared circuit what’s creating those other ones there are other cylinders that are firing in here okay Heidi figt signals Toyota they’ve done this forever and again this is a known good coil that filtering has changed our characteristics here a little bit going to be careful filtering if you want detail all right we’re going to change that coil see what the new one looks like but really that’s pretty much good enough for us to call the coil replace the coil and I’ll get you a shot of the engine running running good after we’re done okay we got the coil Wayne we’re still going to we’re going to change the plugs and do the whole thing one coil change all the plugs but for now we just threw the coil in to get an aftershock go ahead and start the car for me please this area right here you can see what I mean no buy aftermarket coils what do we see with this aftermarket coil and as far as the characteristic of the ramp goes yeah it’s kind of goofy yup so we don’t want to read too much into that the other igf signals for the other cylinders they look pretty much like what we saw previously so there is a square wave with another little dip in here at our new coil while that has a really different look to it doesn’t it well the thing is is our misfire is gone and you can see maybe all right well you can see why in

after-market you can see Oh let’s get an average reading on this aftermarket coil 12.5 802 1/2 an empire current this is something to consider and I have a lot of issues with Nissan’s where people are changing coils and they’re not fixing the problem that you Nissan I believe is a 4-pin with an IDF circuit and the fix is to put factory coils in it so it’s just something to think about when you’re doing this you know characteristic differences between coil Rams that looks a lot different I’m going to do one more thing start this car back up I’m going to unplug one of the other coils once you have to pay attention to this igf circuit the green trace on one of the other cool i GF signal disappeared that is what looking at to know that there’s a problem with that foot a little different that cool back in are we going to worry about this idea they call looking different than this one I’m not going to worry about it as long as this quarter songs at a trouble code and it’s running properly definitely a different characteristic with that one more I’m going to get all the coils on the screen you can leave that role I’m just going to go I want to go to that calling feed that common ground so we can see the ball at the same time okay so now looking at this pattern now looking at this one I’m triggered off of this blue trace and you can see how the pattern is going to kind of change on us you see that what you need to understand when you’re looking at all four coils now then we’re going to change our triggers to make this better better view notice your controls or gets changing – you guys see that it’s kind of coming together if you wanted to focus that I talk now if you want to focus on only the number four what do you need to do change your triggers is something that you need to be – the number four and our trigger that you need to the number four is on the red trace so what we can do and change that channel B and then move this other some spice in there so that’s going to be a little difficult to see spike that’s triggering off of that spike going to be tough to pick that out maybe if I change my slope it’s better but there’s still some red spikes in here so we’re drawing some other pictures well the nice thing about the Pico let’s get a longer time base my sample rate so I’ll miss anything I’ll pause that picture there shut that off and now we can look at any of the ones we want to that IGF signal definitely looks different than the rest of these and I’m not saying that’s a problem but it is a good picture as to maybe why you don’t want to run an aftermarket coil so look at that look at that pattern that’s our this is our new coil this would be one that was in the car let’s do this we’ll look at all of it that’s our new coil that’s an existing coil another existing coil Gramps look

pretty pretty much the same there’s your fourth one so we’ve got three coils that look pretty good one that that doesn’t imagine you getting this car in with that different coil you would question that wouldn’t you if you had a misfire on that cylinder so just think about that it’s another variable hopefully that makes sense a little bit more on coil over plumbing how to test them what the igf circuit is what the IGT circuit is being confident and making the call no spark good control said we need a coil our misfire is gone I’ll get you one knocks out of the course you guys believe me that even though this picture we don’t like it and it could look better the ramps pretty goofy looking that our misfire is now gone and we do have spark so I’ll get you one more shot and we’ll end this stay left my connections in the screen so you can see where I was this is my coil control signal this is my IGF signal I haven’t put the bolt in for the coil yet you see where my amp clamp is now connected there is a main ground wire and it is down in this location it’s the same color see what gets you on that loop I think you can see it right between that rad hose right there there’s a white black ground wire that’s where I was I was able to measure all four coils from that location I’m just going to redo my cylinder drop test on the number four let you guys hear it take a listen so you see that we have a nice rpm change on that coil now that is a fix hope you guys like that you

2020 Mazda CX-30 Test Results; The Future of Vehicle Communication | Talking Cars #253

we discuss our test results of the 2020 mazda CX 30 while adding fuel stabilizer effect your car’s emissions test and we talk about some cutting edge safety technology that might be on your next vehicle next on talking cars [Applause] [Applause] hi everybody welcome to another episode I’m Mike Monticello I’m Jake Fisher and I’m Jennifer stock burger so before we jump into the news of the week I thought we’d jump into the Jenn stock burger news of the week because it’s my understanding Jenn you and your husband Jack recently made a pretty big purchase yes we did so I’m happy to be here yes we’ve been home of course but my husband did return from Vermont this week because we bought a new truck so very exciting for him I think I’ve shared that we have a teenage son who will be driving soon so we’re gonna pass down the other truck and my husband now got a 20-19 f-150 which he’s super happy about so yes that’s awesome and I guess a couple of questions I’m because you know everything has been turned on its ear these days with the corona virus pandemic I got to imagine the whole you know buying process picking it up process and also I mean are there some pretty good deals out there did you get a pretty good deal or good financing or yeah so I and you’re who’ve hit right on it the the deal on the price wasn’t that far out of the realm of what we’d expect in a normal time you know we did be able to get about six percent off sticker we got them down about five hundred below invoice so that was good but the real deal to your point was on the financing because it was a 20-19 we have a zero percent eighty four month it seems so long for us right now it’s awesome because we have college payments and things like that so just to keep the payment down it’s zero percent maybe we put that money on something with a little more interest like a credit card wherever it might go so it just allows some flexibility I’m hoping we don’t use all seven years of that loan but yeah that the deals are more on the financing and the other thing we found there’s these huge rebates that they advertise those are mutually exclusive you get the great four thousand dollars off or you get the great financing rate you do not get both so I think that was common we shopped on a couple other models of trucks well and that was pretty common it’s the rebate or the great financing and how did the whole you know picking up the truck I mean we’re used to you know at the Auto test center we’re used to buying cars these days for our program pretty much all online through text message or whatever we’re used to that I don’t know if many other people are but now you pretty much everyone has to do it that way but then there’s a whole picking up the vehicle process or did they deliver it to you yeah so so we absolutely did all the negotiating all of that was done by phone and text and email we did go pick it up they were they were willing to deliver but it was a little slower because you had to do mail documents back and forth so we opted to pick it up they were very you know the truck was sanitized we literally met with one person we interacted with one person with our face masks on signed all the documents with our own pen and talked to the business manager we were at the dealership in this room but we talked to her as far as offering extended warranty etc over the phone she just called us and walked us through all those documents you know do we want extended warranty do we want rust proofing all those extras over the phone so we literally interacted with one salesperson so in some ways Jen was it actually easier now than then typical with the way where they try to seem like they want to try to upsell you on things in the dealership and keep you in the dealership as long as possible was that like easier it was way more efficient yes the one thing that we recognized and we didn’t need it because of what we do is you missed the opportunity for them to sit in the vehicle with you and kind of go through the menus how you hook up your phone etc we didn’t need that because I was experienced enough with the truck but that’s what someone who maybe was buying a car that they weren’t familiar with they might miss that opportunity he actually said he was willing to have call us have us go out to the truck and he would walk us through some of that on the phone but we declined that but that’s what people might miss in this current environment purchasing but overall a pretty good experience piano does Jack does Jack love the drop he loves the truck I think they’re putting a picture up it’s very red but

he likes the color and and it’s funny how his preferences for what he wanted were a little different than mine and how we he wanted to only help more truck a little less features I was more allowed to get something a little smaller get some more features but if he’s the one behind the wheel so yeah and 2.7 EcoBoost v-six right correct yes yeah guys so okay I think well that’s awesome that’s kind of neat to get that like real in person experience of what what it’s like to buy a car right now yeah let’s move on to actual auto news not just Jenn stock Berger auto news and Jake we’re gonna I’m gonna throw this one to you the US auto industry recently committed to v2x expansion which if people don’t know v2x is vehicle to everything and they’re saying that they would install five million pieces of equipment over the next five years but it’s not quite that simple there’s some things hedging on whether they do this or not right Jake yeah that’s right so um so v2x right the ability for your vehicle to talk to other vehicles and infrastructure I mean it is kind of the really exciting thing of the future that’s gonna really save a lot of lives that a lot of people aren’t talking about and the reason we’re not talking about is because not happening very quickly and it really comes down to a lot of the ambiguity and whether or not well look so if you’re gonna talk to all these things right you need frequency alright just like your radio station you go you’ve got to pick a frequency band and the band that they’re using the safety band the FCC wants to basically give it away so they can’t use it for safety anymore why why do they want to do that well and they actually have a good point at the point is that it’s being underutilized so the HD oughta manufacture no one’s using it I mean there’s only so much band right so I mean there’s other there’s a lot of electronics that could use this so that’s what the FCC is looking to do now the auto industry is saying wait a minute we’re gonna use it and you know look there’s a reason why they haven’t been using it there’s competing technologies and and and all these things but what’s really exciting here is that the the biggest the Alliance for automotive innovation which is basically all the auto industry together they’re like hold on don’t take it away we promise we’re going to use it so they actually have pledged over the next five years to have five million installations of these so that’s part of it so don’t take it away we’re gonna be using it but the the kind of the latest news is what’s been kind of holding up a lot of things is like what technology we need a cellular we’re gonna use this DSRC which is kind of almost like a like a two-way radio kind of technology and nobody wants to invest a whole lot of money into one technology if the other one is going to be the long yeah that’s kind of like you know Betamax and versus VHS right I mean you don’t make the tapes if you don’t know which is gonna one’s gonna die so they’ve actually come up with a plan and what they’re saying is that they’ll use both technology for the next five years but then they’re gonna make a decision and you know it would be great if like maybe you know the government went and said okay this is the way we’re gonna go everyone go that way and that would kind of open up the floodgates but the auto industry is stepping up and they’re saying okay in five years we’re going to pick a winner and then become a star a phase-out of the other technology of the next ten ten years so this is look at the first most concrete solution that we’ve seen and there’s a long time going into this I mean our policy department has been working hand in hand with this Kelly Kelly Funkhouser has been really really involved in this talking to a lot of stakeholders so it’s really exciting that we’re kind of getting something there but the crazy part is that the FCC is still talking about taking it away so lots of pressure don’t take away our safety band that everyone from the auto industry to the department transportation is saying don’t do this bad idea there’s a lot of benefit to holding it open so we’re gonna be really closely monitoring the situation over the next couple months because the FCC hasn’t responded yet to this latest they have not said that there wouldn’t gonna take away this the safety band and start using it for other other reasons so so we’re doing everything we can and so are a lot of different organizations okay but you know I just can’t under you know underline this moment where it’s like the safety regulators the d-o-t the the auto manufacturers I mean you know even like AT&T I mean all of these they’re all saying no use this for safety use this ban for safety so everyone is kind of really fighting they actually see on that’s not you know most everyone there’s a few stakeholders that that want to use it for something else but um you know it’s some strange bedfellows for sure and why is the FCC pushing back so hard well they just see there’s other opportunities to use that band you know there’s only so much so they want to use

it for like Wi-Fi and some other things but but we we believe there’s other places that if you want to expand Wi-Fi there’s there’s there’s there’s other frequency bands they could use for that for okay go ahead Jeff I was just gonna say I call it the if you build it we will come No if you maintain it we will come we will fill it we will use it and I was saying you know this technology is truly one step better in terms of crash avoidance you know even when we think of automatic emergency braking or stability control they’re still reacting to an imminent crash the Vita acts be a vehicle the vehicle vehicle the infrastructure is one step better in terms of saying hey there’s this situation coming up or there’s this traffic thing coming up and in helping us one step further ourselves from crashes to avoid them in the first place and I just think it’s super valuable you know the manufacturers now saying so do we write well and even you know beyond the safety implications I mean if there’s a path that we want to do is towards autonomous vehicles or any of that I mean right now I mean there’s news of you know I mean Tesla is getting a situation where they can they’re trying to recognize the the traffic lights it’s not always perfect I mean this is a situation where they’re communicating the traffic lights so there’s data and they know exactly when not just what’s traffic light says but when it’s going to change so there’s just huge implication for this yeah not so not just safety but also just traffic flow which also in theory should improve safety as well right that’s right okay well we’re obviously going to follow this story for the next several months as long as it takes we have a very in-depth story on this topic up on our website consumer portal so definitely folks go out go check that out let’s move on to this week virtually at the test track I say virtually because we’re not at the test track but we have driven this car so this week we’re going to talk about the 2020 mazda CX 30 which we have put through our complete test program a little bit about the vehicle the CX 30 is an all-new SUV from Mazda it’s based on the Mazda 3 sedan and hatchback it’s going to compete against vehicles like the Nissan Rogue Sport and super cross track it’s bigger than the Mazda cx-3 smaller than the cx-5 there’s only one engine and transmission combo it’s a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder with 186 horsepower matched with a six-speed automatic it can come in front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection comes standard on all CX 30s blind spot warning and rear cross-traffic warning are standard on all models other than the base version we bought a CX 30 all-wheel drive with the preferred package which adds things like a power driver seat with power lumbar support heated front seats and a 12 speaker Bose audio system all told our test car came to twenty eight thousand six hundred and forty five dollars Jake I’m going to throw it to you first the car’s fully through our test program what do you think of it how did it do well look I mean we actually pretty high hopes for this because the cx-3 was always kind of kind of fun runabout kind of a sporty driving small SUV and the CX 30 which is really based on the Mazda 3 this newest Mazda 3 that came out that’s really you know it’s more grown-up it’s more mature it’s more you know it’s quiet and you know effortless I mean they really you matured this vehicle so it feels quite substantial so I’m like hey great a nice substantial small SUV you know Wow sounds great unfortunately once you started living with it I mean you look at it and like you look at the interior in the interior is pretty nice but really when you drive it it’s it’s not as grown-up as the Mazda 3 I mean it’s a little bit it just feels tinnier it’s a little bit noisier the ride isn’t quite as nice you know honestly you know especially you mentioned the price I mean it gives a really good reason to buy a cx-5 quite honestly because there isn’t that much daylight when you start growing up that smaller SUV you know the cx-5 is a great vehicle for so many reasons and if you really you know say you want to save a little money get a you cx-5 or even get a Mazda mazda3 I mean you could get the hatch you get that with all-wheel drive not that much smaller so um it’s kind of trying to be this goal that go to the next car kind of like right in the middle it kind of highlights some of their better offerings quite honestly yeah I mean Jen would you say would you agree that for a little bit more money you would you know say maybe the cx-5 offers some of the things that the cx30 kind of let you down like what are the areas that let you down about this yes 30 the biggest areas yeah so for me and again I always question like Jake says why sometimes the manufacturers squeeze

some model in there when they had two good offerings on either side I think in this case it is the competition I mean just look around how many rogues how many cross tracks do you see they felt I think like they needed something in that space those are some pretty good competitors to go up against and I think for me the size isn’t quite you know we described it as cocoon-like you know I would even go a little further that for me it’s a little tight bordering on almost like a claustrophobic you know we talk about those squatty windows being very close to the a-pillar I mean you really feel to me the tightness yeah Headroom you feel like you feel like the a-pillars would like right where your head is yes yes so so that to me and on the other end you know you do fit and finish you were saying the fit and finishes nice almost luxury like in this car so it’s this give and take to me a little too much take I would agree with Jake why not just go up to a cx-5 and and have the room back or a little bit more of the room back in that case so and I do think it’s some pretty tough competition for the cf-30 yeah it is funny how we do have these high expectations you know I think as a group pretty much at the auto test Center for Mazda products because we typically we typically like them quite a bit because they’re sort of like this they’ve become this sort of cheaper you know more inexpensive BMW but with the you know good handling and usually pretty pretty good ride and they’ve and for a while there they were loud inside but then they improved that on a lot of their models then and they man they really have stepped up the interior quality and presentation versus pretty much all their other competitors but you get in this thing and for me like you know 186 horsepower for a small vehicle like that should be fine yet somehow it’s not you know like it this engine really needs to be revved pretty high to get you know the real acceleration if you really you know need some real good oomph but then the engines kind of has this sort of what Izzy yeah it’s kind of a house of this weird raspy note that you just weren’t expecting from the vehicle at all and then it you know just it does some things like the transmission sometimes holds gears a little long you think well why is it not up shifting you know to the next gear and it’s not but I will say there are so good things about it too I mean you know the handling is really nice it has you know pretty eager steering I will also say despite being kind of us that hemmed in feeling once I sat down into the driving position I didn’t think it was that bad you know I was actually pretty good Headroom has comfortable well placed arm rests and and you know we talk about center consoles him and you in these days right it’s a problem in a lot of vehicles what Mazda actually padded that area slightly where they’re right needed so I mean they tried with some things but then when you think about the visibility and this kind of busy ride that it has on back roads you start to think I mean it’s just cx-5 just seems like such a better choice if you have to stretch a little bit it just seems like that’s the way you want to go I would certainly recommend that people considering the cx30 absolutely go out and give it a good thorough Drive with all the drivers that might be in it because like you say you were comfortable but when I have to pull my short leg itself up it feels more yeah yeah um and what we didn’t touch on infotainment and controls Jake I know that’s always a big thing with you you know the way Maz is doing it these days is you they don’t have touchscreens like a lot of like really most cars out there it’s you have to control it the the center console controller or the steering wheel but we’re not really a big fans of the ease of use of this system right no I mean there’s a reason why there’s a reason my own with I mean like the whole industry has made a decision right I mean touchscreens have kind of one I mean even the the ones you know you look at the you know BMWs that were you know holding out for the longest time they’re even doing cut screens so it kind of makes sense at least giving the option of the touchscreen you know Mazdas zigging well everyone’s zagging and they don’t give you that option and you have to use the the knob some people like it I you know you get used to it you could remember the sequences and whatnot but I think it’s a shame not giving you that option especially when you start integrating things like you know carplay and android auto which are just you know they’re really designed for a touchscreen interface so you know to go and see the icons that you’re so familiar with and have to like kind of scroll through them is just you know converse them for really no reason yeah so unfortunately a little bit of a letdown but you know especially in light of there’s there’s better competitors and there’s you know a vehicle within Mazdas don’t line up that you might want to stretch yourself to the CF s– v to get that instead of the cx30 but we do have full road test results up on our website consumerreports.org please go check that out why don’t we move on to audience

questions how does that sound sounds good I’m in okay and don’t forget folks uh send those questions comments 30-second video clips two talking cars at icloud.com hopefully you guys like seeing us guess what we like seeing you too so send those video questions and those those just make it a little more fun and speaking of video questions we’re going to start today with Jackson from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania let’s see what Jackson has to say today sadly I’ve now had two Subaru legacies with blown engines and so I’m looking at getting a replacement something less than ten thousand dollars safe reliable as well as fun to drive stick shift is preferable I was thinking about a 2011 to 2012 Infiniti g37 but I want to get your take thanks see you in the next one okay Jenn well why don’t we start with you I we all made some picks for Jackson let’s hear what and we don’t know what each one of us picked so let’s start with you and let’s hear what your pick is right so so I again the Infiniti G that Jackson mentions good choice but my concern there was that he was going from a legacy to a G maybe feeling kind of the constraints of the roominess inside the G so what I said speaking of liking Mazdas was like a 2015 era Mazda 6 so a little bit sporty manual available maybe not such a jump in terms of room for him one thing I didn’t know is whether Jackson needed the all-wheel drive you know he came from a legacy he was picking the G not sure so as a backup and again I know we’re not supposed to have to but I said maybe something like a 2013 Audi a4 I know it’s a little upscale but the price is in the right range and I think you know when we show the prices most people are buying manuals are not buying manuals so maybe the prices actually were a little lower for it for the manually equipped vehicles and would would sink in with his $10,000 range but yeah little little sporty on the mazda6 side would be my first pick okay well those sound like pretty good choices to me Jake what do you think of Jen’s choices and do you have a better one for Jackson probably not of course every better one No okay first of all I need to get to know Jackson better too I really make a good choice here so all I could do is kind of guess a few things about Jackson and my guess wasn’t he needed a whole lot of room my guess was he was real looking for like sporty and when you look at the legacy I mean it is all wheel drive but it’s not front-wheel drive and when you’re a car enthusiast I mean you know front-wheel drive it’s nice you know but I think there’s something about either all-wheel drive or real-wheel drive so for me the G is one of my favorites cars I mean probably in the 20 years I’ve been here it’s probably one of the cars Ivers really really enjoyed driving if I was that was one of the first ones I was really you know drifting on the track with and just just really just amazing you know feedback and control so yeah I’m a huge fan and if you need the space you know there’s the coupe which is really nice and it was available with a stick shift which is very nice so I would say just go for it and the reliability was very very good it’s kind of interesting that you know I mean to me it was kind of like the the the high-water mark for I think for Infiniti was that G right yeah those two years 2011 2012 were very good especially the 2011 model was much better than average reliability 2012 was above average reliability yeah so I mean reliability for sure you know they took kind of a tumble in terms of reliability with the q50 that came after it but also in terms of just the sportiness and the fun everything about it was just because it’s high-water mark that you know if any was trying to find itself they were like fancy you know Nissan’s for a while now I think they’re you know a little bit lost in some ways that G I think was just that the mark that the M was really nice to but I mean that G was just great car and and it can you could get it affordably right now so yeah I totally agree with you Jake that was my first thing was if you if you like that G and you can get it and if you can find one in a manual transmission there’s certain plenty of 7-speed automatic sout there might be a little harder to find one with a manual but yeah that G the first time I drove an Infiniti G was just it was so fun to drive like you said it was a great car for kind of sliding it around on the track just just has the great rear-wheel drive dynamics that did you know people who really like sporty cars would love I come up with one other option in case just you know as opposed to the G is a and and you may have already proved me wrong about this Jake because you said you know not front-wheel-drive but I thought well what about a 2013 mazda3 and this is not just to prove that we like Mazdas because I know we kind of

bashed on the cx30 a little bit but the 2013 mazda3 much better than average reliability you can get it with a manual transmission I could see it being if he likes that space of the legacy the mazda3 smaller rights but if you get the hatchback you then well now you’re free and space up again so or or if you just get the monster set yeah yeah you’re always right Jen Jax is far more practical than you guys are giving him I really like how we even this out it’s Weldon right okay all right Jackson hopefully that helps you a little bit or maybe makes you more confused move on to Jerry in Arizona Jerry says during my quarantine at home I’ve taken my Kia Optima out for two 20-minute Drive Steve to keep the battery charged as well as topped off my gas tank no one I won’t be driving as much I also added some fuel stabilizer my car is due for its emission test in a month and I was wondering how the stabilizer could affect the test if at all should I try to use that whole tank up before the test Jake let’s throw it to you first fuel stabilizer will it have any effect on an emissions test it shouldn’t you should be absolutely fine if anything there’s some probably some cleaners in there that are probably going to improve things I mean there’s a there’s a chance that your emissions might actually improve but I would not worry about it you could certainly go through the emissions and also the amount that you’re putting in there is really so small that in terms burning it’s just like it’s only a few ounces it’s gonna only be a few ounces right right so don’t worry about it don’t just use up you know go for a drive if you want to but don’t use it up just for emissions okay let’s move on to the next question Kurt from Cincinnati says I have never been disappointed in any vehicle Jenn stock burger liked oh come on Kurt you gotta be kidding me or don’t kiss up to her she already has a big enough very red head okay anyway Kurt continues so I’m hoping to get some of her advice I we rented a 2020 Hyundai Sonata and was very impressed however the performance of headlights is extremely important to me and I won’t even consider buying it until generates those headlights Jen how did they perform am i safe to buy this car for those of you that don’t know Jen stock burger is in charge of our headlight testing at the auto test center so Jen how did how what do you have to say to your biggest fan so Kurt is obviously again another very bright individual no bright bright headlights oh I didn’t get that very good yes but no it is funny when you find someone it may not even be someone who has similar tastes as you and it seems like you know it could be a car it could be decorating it could be fashion like you just like everything they do so I get that you know we have mothers that we work with and I’m like if they like it I probably like it but in a short answer yes you are good we have tested the 2020 Sonata headlights they are good they are standard LEDs just so you are aware Kurt so they’re very bright and white but they do a good job of lighting the road both low or high beam and they have standard Hyundai’s High Beam Assist or what we would call automatic high beams so they help you take advantage of that add additional high beam seeing distance more often so yes you are good if you like the car otherwise and that was the deal breaker be rest assured that you will have good visibility which is which is interesting because you have found out Jen correct me if I’m wrong that LEDs don’t always give as good of a you know distant seen distance down the road as you would like but this one actually was okay right and I would say the same about any headlight technology there are good and bad of halogen LEDs even HIDs which are becoming less less commonplace but you really have to judge you can’t say that just because it’s an LED it’s going to be better is it going to be brighter absolutely is it gonna be wider probably but is it going to get further visibility straight ahead down the road maybe not and we’ve seen that time and time again we’ve seen halogens outperform LEDs you know when we’re out there at on the same test night many many times just in terms of absolute seeing distance okay all right let’s move on to our final question this one comes from Brad Brad says I’ve watched talking cars for a while and became a CR member because of it I’m sorry to do this but I have to ask Jake to turn in his driving enthusiast card for only choosing SUVs as dis favorite vehicles to drive in episode 247 Jake Byrne what anything any Brad continues any way during that discussion you mentioned how cars must now have pedestrian detection to be considered a top pick these systems can cost a fortune to replace and knowing that cars stay on the road for an average of 10 to 12 years is there a tipping point where they will be on so many cars that accidents and therefore insurance premiums will go down or are we stuck paying more insurance and repairs forever Jake we’re gonna start with you because first cuz Brad called you out on your apparent complete love

of SUVs and also so you need to do some Jay explaining about that and also maybe you can talk to his actual answer not answering the question no I’m trying to remember when I said my favorite cars to drive our SUVs I mean I’ll have to invite people to go back and check that I mean I know when it comes to SUVs there’s like some cars that are better for enthusiasts like this XY we’re talking about but it could be an enthusiast oriented SUV you might choose but you know you ever going out saying you’re you just said it to infinity gee I I think I just heard the G but yeah my favorite cars to drive incidentally are cars that have stick shifts and I’m not there’s not a whole lot of SUVs with section s right that’s that wasn’t the question okay right so um questions about pedestrian detection and this is a really good one so look a lot of these advanced safety systems so you know get these cameras and sensors and if you’re in a crash you do have to replace them and they do cost some money when it comes to a pedestrian detection it’s not a whole lot additional hardware it’s more of like kind of smarts to recognize the the pedestrian and when you have like you know some of the the sensors that are behind the windshield and they’re high up I mean they’re not probably not going to be impacted in a crash it’s not that they’re gonna wear out I mean these cameras and things like that it’s like oh it’s it’s old so it’s just breaking on its own so we don’t see a lot of that but absolutely crash damage they do cost more but the way to think about it is these are systems that prevent you from getting into crashes so if you’re having less crashes it offsets the additional costs in fact in many cases you’re actually paying less in the long run because you know if each crash cost a little bit more but you’re getting a lot less crashes you’re saving money and that is what the Insurance Institute has has seen this is what insurance companies are actually seeing this is why they’re actually giving you insurance benefits sometimes in these because they realize that even though it’s more expensive it’s preventing these these crashes yeah well in its and speaking of you know less crashes I mean right now because of so many people across the country isolating it at home that just aren’t as many people out on the roads right now you got to think we’re gonna have less crashes I’ve heard there’s in big cities there’s less pollution I mean this is this coronavirus has had an interesting weird effect on things yeah so just on that point UC Davis did a big study isolated to California but still and they put some hard numbers to the crashes that have been avoided since the stay at home order in California so they were saying Californians in the 22 days have estimated a 40 million dollar a day savings because of the lack of crashes and they broke it down and it was stuff with it what I found interesting it wasn’t stuff you think about you know like through this question yes insurance premiums but they brought up the ambulance drivers that have to respond the street workers to have to go clean up the crash the the fact that insurance premiums are pooled so all of us who aren’t crashing for are still paying for those who are and that investment money you know that the premiums don’t necessarily offset all the costs of a crash and it’s the investment of that money that actually pays for the claims so this whole thing about all these pooled resources medical insurance premium the injury and death you know costs related to motor vehicle crashes if those come down all our health insurance medical insurance premiums come down so what’s this huge picture of what avoiding crashes can benefit all of us in terms of pay maybe not immediately in that yes you have to replace your AE B or your pedestrian detection system but in so many other ways that crash avoidance has real cost benefits to all of us and it was a very very neat study at fifth you want to read it well and and it’s interesting you what you bring up there Jen because you know we we are I’ve been asked you know to isolate at home to stay at home as much as possible and of course you need to get out sometimes you know not just for your vehicles sake for your own sake maybe you just go for a drive or to go for you know maybe a hike in the woods but you actually should think about maybe not doing too much even excess driving because think about it the more people on the road the bigger the chance of getting an accident now you’re asking more health workers to get involved in something that they didn’t need to have gotten involved in whether it’s the fire fire people police the health workers at the hospital so I mean yes get out and drive your car a little bit and don’t go stir-crazy but you know it is a good idea to still right now minimize any excess of driving that you don’t have to

do well I think it’s driving and it’s kind of that sign up everyone has now it’s like stay safe and everyone’s kind of thinking about you know be careful and don’t get coronavirus but the truth is I mean it’s you know I think of it all the time you know if I’m running the trails I’m taking it easy past those rocks if I’m going mountain biking I’m not going down that that over that rock that I normally do I’m gonna walk it because you don’t want to wind up having to have any kind of emergency for whatever you’re doing yep all right well let’s all stay safe out there okay folks that’s gonna do it for this episode if you want to learn more about the cars and the topics we talked about you can click on the links in the show notes don’t forget to send those questions comments 30-second video clips two talking cars at icloud.com thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you all next week you

Car Detailing The DIRTIEST Lamborghini Urus EVER – Interior & Exterior Car Wash – Stauffer Garage

Willkommen zurück in der Stauffer-Garage. Heute werden wir eines der coolsten Autos, die ich je gefahren bin, gründlich reinigen. Ehrlich gesagt würde ich gerne eines davon besitzen Dies ist ein Lamborghini-Urus-SUV, der innen und innen gründlich gereinigt werden muss Draußen und der Besitzer dieses Autos hat tatsächlich 30 000 Meilen auf dieses Auto gesetzt, das es fährt. Es transportiert Kinder, so dass es innen schmutzig ist und für einen Exoten, der in diesem Ausmaß sehr selten ist, werden wir es heute gründlich reinigen und lassen Sie dieses Ding wie neu aussehen. Wenn Sie unten neu abonnieren, geben Sie diesem Video einen großen Daumen hoch. Lassen Sie uns loslegen Bevor wir zu weit in das Video einsteigen, möchte ich sagen, dass die Pinsel mit den Fuchsschwanz-Haustierdetails offiziell auf Lager sind Ich habe sie in der Hand und alle Vorbestellungen werden am Montag versandt. Wenn Sie also eine abholen möchten, tun Sie dies jetzt, da sie buchstäblich aus den Regalen fliegen. Mein Inventar geht bereits zur Neige Sie sicher, dass man heute bekommen und eine bei foxclean.com abholen ersten dünnen gs zuerst werden wir diesmal mit der Außenseite des Autos beginnen und wir werden die Außenseite unter Druck waschen, um zu versuchen, jeglichen Schmutz abzuspülen, der gerade an dieser Oberfläche haftet, und dann werden wir unsere auftragen Radreiniger an den Reifen und den Rädern und lassen Sie das ein wenig sitzen, während wir die Schaumkanone jetzt fertig machen, während Sie hier ein paar Schaumkanonenclips genießen. Ich werde Sie nur ganz am Anfang dieses Videos darüber informieren Das Auto war in der Tat aufgewärmt, als ich es drehte, also alle von Ihnen, die unten bereits kommentiert haben, dass es kalt ist, Sie sind falsch, es war warm, also keine Sorge, und zwei, ich werde sagen, dass der Besitzer mich dieses Auto für einen ausleihen ließ einen halben Tag bevor ich es detaillieren musste und mir sagte, ich solle es genießen und es herumfahren lassen und ich werde sagen, dass dies das schnellste Auto ist , das ich je gefahren bin und nicht nur das coolste Auto, das ich je gefahren bin, das ich gerne besitzen würde eines davon eines Tages und wenn ich jemals die Gelegenheit habe, 220.000 Dollar für eine Verwendung zu werfen d eine, die den Standardpreis jetzt eine davon ist, ob das jemals kommt i sein wird gerne tun, weil dieses Auto ist erstaunlich, wenn Sie jemals die Gelegenheit haben, mieten Sie eine Fahrt man sehen, man Sie wissen genau, was ich meine, wenn Sie sehen einen persönlich in diesem Stadium des Details, in dem der Schaum von der Farbe getropft ist und den Schmutz mit der Schwerkraft nach unten gezogen hat. An diesem Punkt werde ich jetzt meinen Waschhandschuh verwenden, um meine Zwei-Eimer-Methode anzuwenden Um das Auto zu waschen, fange ich nach oben und arbeite mich jetzt nach unten, wie ich bereits erwähnt habe. Dies ist das schnellste Auto, das ich je gefahren bin. Ich möchte, dass ihr unten kommentiert, welches das schnellste Auto ist, in dem ihr jemals gefahren seid oder jemals gefahren seid gefahren oder wenn es dein aktuelles Auto ist, lass es mich in den Kommentaren unten wissen. Ich würde gerne hören, was ihr erlebt, denn ähm, vorher würde ich sagen, das schnellste Auto, das ich je gefahren bin, war ein neuer nsx, aber das ist definitiv der Kuchen denn dieses Ding ist nicht nur ein Urus, sondern es hat katzenlose Fallrohre in einer Melodie, so dass es besonders schnell ist und deshalb klingt es besonders cool, in diesem Video zu beginnen, sobald die Außenseite fertig ist, werden wir uns in das Innere des Fahrzeugs bewegen

und dafür müssen wir alle Trümmer, den ganzen Müll und alle Fußmatten herausziehen, bevor wir bekommen Sie eine Sache , die ich erwähnt zum Staub Prozess wollte, ist, dass, wenn Sie Details wissen Sie sagen, dass es ein lamborghini ist oder wenn Sie es ist eine hyundai am Ende des Tages nur noch ein Auto , das Sie immer noch fahren Detaillierung Um den gleichen Prozess zu durchlaufen, werden Sie immer noch die gleiche Sorgfalt walten lassen, die Sie mit dem Lamborghini kennen. Mit Ihrer Waschhandschuhmethode oder mit einer bestimmten Art von Politur oder einer bestimmten Art von Ihnen sind Sie möglicherweise etwas empfindlicher Sie kennen die Keramikbeschichtung, die der Eigentümer möglicherweise am Ende des Tages anfordert, aber am Ende wissen Sie, dass Sie immer noch das Gleiche erreichen werden, indem Sie dieselben Werkzeuge verwenden, um das Auto sauber zu machen. Wenn Sie also jemals die Gelegenheit dazu haben Um zu reinigen, wissen Sie, dass ein Auto dieser Art von Wert einfach behalten muss im Auge, dass es wirklich nicht viel Unterschied es so nicht am Ende des Tages nicht einschüchtern lassen ah mein jetzt ein Trick für alle von Ihnen, die Ledersitze perforiert haben, wenn Sie Sachen haben in wie in jedem dieser kleinen Löcher stecken Nehmen Sie Ihren Staubsauger und schlagen Sie einfach auf die Oberfläche des Sitzes. In dieser Aufnahme sehen Sie alle kleinen Teile, die herausspringen, damit Sie sie aufsaugen können und möglicherweise nicht alle herausholen können die wir kümmern uns um später aber zunächst können Sie Mehrheit von ihnen heraus bekommen, wenn Sie versuchen, diese Methode uh jetzt eine interessante Sache über dieses Auto, dass ich während des Detail entdeckt wurde, dass es

eine Batterie unter dem Beifahrer ist Diele und es gibt eine Batterie im Kofferraum. Normalerweise habe ich das noch nie gesehen. Normalerweise sehe ich sie im Kofferraum oder Sie kennen die Vorderseite unter der Motorhaube, aber dies ist das erste Mal, dass ich eine Batterie gefunden habe, die sich tatsächlich befindet unter dem Beifahrerrad gut Was Sie vom Schwerpunkt aus wissen, ist sinnvoll, aber es ist definitiv das erste Mal, dass ich so etwas jetzt für die Fußmatten sehe. Ich habe gerade meine Teppichreinigungslösung verwendet, um es auf die Teppiche zu sprühen Verwenden Sie meine Bohrbürste, um es zu bewegen und hier bin ich mit nur sauber altem Wasser all das Schmutz zu extrahieren alles schmutzig Extraktor Flüssigkeit und diese schwarzen Fußmatten wie neu aussehen wieder so, wenn ich diese Videos bin die Bearbeitung und diese Voice – Over für den Extraktor filmen schütte ich über immer denken Jim Carrey, wenn er in ace ventura sagen, lecker und lassen Sie es mich wissen in den Kommentaren unten, dass Sie wissen, was ich spreche, so danken

um uh danke jetzt für alle Innenverkleidungen und Komponenten ich bin nur meine einsetzen möchten Allzweckreiniger , der mit Wasser 10 zu 1 verdünnt wurde, und dann benutze ich meine Detaillierungsbürsten von foxclean.com, um in all diese kleinen Ecken und Winkel zu gelangen und den ganzen Schmutz von diesen verschiedenen strukturierten Oberflächen und in diesen Spea zu entfernen Ker Grills und dann meine sauberen Mikrofasertücher verwenden , um sie sauber zu wischen, sobald sie sauber sind. Ich verwende einen chemischen Seidenglanz als Decklack, um sie vor UV-Strahlen zu schützen, aber ihnen auch diesen schönen Glanz als brandneuen Kunststoff zu verleihen hat in der Regel, wenn es aus der Fabrik kommt so wahrscheinlich das härteste Gebiet sauber war diese Mittelkonsole Bereich zwischen diesen

kleinen Schaltern und Knöpfen, die ich hier bin Detaillierung um, weil all der Armaturenbrett Mitte wie ein Bildschirm ist, und es ist wie das ist wirklich glänzend schwarz Die strukturierte Oberfläche machte es wirklich schwierig , mit sauberem Glas und einem sauberen Mikrofasertuch sauber zu werden, denn wenn Sie es kaum mit Ihrem Handschuh oder Ihrer Haut oder nur einem nassen oder schmutzigen Teil Ihres Mikrofasertuchs berührten , hinterließ es Spuren Wahrscheinlich war es am schwierigsten, es zu reinigen. Es dauerte nur ein wenig länger, um sicherzustellen, dass Sie in jede dieser kleinen Rillen und Ecken des Mittelkonsolenbereichs geraten Ich kann meine Emotionen einfach nicht ändern Es gibt nichts, was ich nicht würde tun, um zu beweisen, dass alles, was ich sage, jetzt zum Reinigen des Leders ist. Ich benutze Lexal Cleaner, meine Borstenbürste, um so weit wie möglich in all diese Nischecken und Winkel und all diese kleinen Perforationen zu gelangen, aber irgendwann muss ich ausbrechen Ein Pick-Tool, das ich in der Vergangenheit für verschiedene Dinge verwendet habe, aber für diese Zeit verwende ich es, um tatsächlich in jedes kleine Loch zu stechen, in dem noch etwas steckt, bevor ich meinen Lederpflegemittel auf die Oberfläche auftrage, um das zu schützen Leder und gib ihm ein geschmeidigeres Finish uh Finish und Glanz Baby Ich kann einfach nicht eine coole Sache an allen Sitzen in diesem Auto ändern und dies schließt die hinteren ein, da sie alle Schalensitze sind, sie alle Sitzwärmer haben und sie alle In sie sind Sitzmassagegeräte eingebaut , und sogar die Rücksitze sind verstellbar und vorwärts und rückwärts Sie kennen die Einstellbarkeit, die ziemlich cool ist, wenn Sie darüber nachdenken, dass ich meine Emotionen einfach nicht ändern kann,

wenn Sie noch nie die Gelegenheit hatten, eine zu sehen Lamborghini in Perso n oder Sie wissen, sitzen Sie in einem der coolen Dinge über den Startknopf für das Auto, es ist unter diesem roten Schalter wie ein Kampfjet, wo Sie es hochklappen und den Knopf drücken müssen, es ist nur eine coole kleine Berührung, die immer hat war wie ein Lamborghini- Feature, also möchte ich mich bei euch dafür bedanken, dass ihr euch das heutige Video angesehen habt. Das ist, als hätte ich gesagt, dass es wahrscheinlich das coolste Auto ist, das ich jemals auf diesem Kanal beschrieben habe, und ehrlich gesagt ist es das teuerste Auto, das ich je beschrieben habe Dieser Kanal dieses Ding geht für brandneue über hunderttausend Dollar Dieser besondere hat bereits dreißigtausend Meilen und sogar ein gebrauchter mit so vielen Meilen geht für niedrige bis mittlere zweihunderttausend, was verrückt ist, ähm, und ich möchte nur wissen, dass Sie es wissen Wenn Sie jemals die Gelegenheit haben, in einem dieser Autos zu fahren oder eines persönlich zu sehen , wissen Sie genau, was ich meine, das sind wirklich sehr, sehr nette Autos, und ich möchte nur sagen, dass Sie einen schönen Rest Ihres Wochenendes haben und ich werde in t sehen Das nächste Video von dir

2020 Mazda CX-9 // The Fun-to-Drive 3-Row Gets Upgraded!

What’s going on YouTube? So in the marketplace there is certainly not a shortage of 3-row crossovers Options but there is a shortage of ones that are also nice to drive That’s why we’re checking out the latest version of Mazda’s nimble 3-row which is getting extensive updates in pretty much every area of the vehicle for 2020 of Course, we do want to take a moment to specially thank our friends at Paul Miller Mazda for giving us access to the CX 9 And if you’re in the market for any new Mazda, make sure you stop by their dealership or visit them via their website Which we provided a link to in the video description So what that all said, let’s see if the CX 9 continues to be the enthusiast 3 row So kicking off this review with the exterior design this is where Mazda spent the least amount of time It is pretty much unchanged from last year Including the grille which continues to be a large view shape with chrome slats in it It is worth noting though that even the base model now comes with this space. Whereas it previously had a cheaper black design Turning over to the headlights the very BMW like full LED arrangement sticks around from last year These are standard across all of the trims and on the top two trims. They will also be steering adaptive and Then finally below both Grand Touring and signature have very compact LED fog lights Now as far as the rest of the design again, it is mostly unchanged That means you continue to find some of the slickest styling in the segment Which is finished off with nice details like dual exhaust outlets LED tail lights in a nice chrome accent to connect them So all in all the cx-9 Continues to stand out with a sleek and upscale design that extends to all of its trim levels Which is something that most of the rivals cancel Now turning our attention to the wheels there is a small update for 2020 GT and signature continue to have these 20 inch alloy wheels But this year the signature has an exclusive dart finish Otherwise the lower two trims continue to come with dark gray 18-inch alloys Moving upwards the mirrors are now heated on every trim level for 2020 and you continue to have standard blind spot monitor And While we’re on the topic of safety systems for 2020 Mazda has went ahead and expanded their suite across the entire cx-9 lineup So now even the base sport does come with auto high beam headlights Lane Keeping Assist Automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control This now puts it in line with the best offerings in the class Well guys that’s pretty much going to wrap off the exterior updates so now let’s go ahead and see what’s new on the inside So on the Mazda cx-9 if you will notice the smart entry system on the touring and up However, all the models are going to get the brand new key fob. This is the fob Of course that debuted with the Mazda 3 and now it’s proliferating out to other monster products To get inside the vehicle itself, there is not a sensor behind the handle So you’re just press the button and it will unlock and also electrically fold out the papers All right, so taking a peek inside our 2020 cx-9 You will notice the main aspects of the design are gonna stay the same this year But Mazda has changed a lot of the details and giving us some new features which will point out as we go along Noticing our interior material and color options. What you’ll be looking at is black cloth through the sport only Touring and Grand Touring will upgrade to this real leather and they have the option between sand or black which is what we have and then when you go up to the signature, that’s where you’ll get the really premium nappa leather and New this year you have an extra color option of parchment in addition to the deep chestnut color scheme that had last year

And then you also have the Santos rosewood trim That’s exclusive to the signature model Turning over here to your door trim though. It’s very premium no matter which trim you choose so we’ll have nice leather through here and up the armrest with a Really nice double stitching detail all through here. You have leather and up here. It is soft touch As far as the windows, they are one touch automatic for all four And then driving down to our seats here This is one area that’s been refreshed because you have an eight-way power adjusting seat standard on all the models even the base support And this is where you also find your memory seating You’re like I was saying this is real leather definitely looks and feels very attractive and I like this dishing detail Now cx-9 has always been one of the class leaders as far as material selection And that does continue for 2020 so across our upper dash here we do have a soft touch plastic And this area here. It is also soft touch. We have this aluminum look trim that runs through here I’m like I said, it would be wood. If you go for the signature model all through here. It is nicely padded No when you drop down at the lower part here You’ve got a leather red trim with more about stitching as well as kind of a dark gray Trim right through here and everything does fit together very well Now standard across the entire lineup you do have push-button start As far as the gauges here this is Mazdas premium reconfigurable setup it is standard on grand touring and Signature as you can tell the middle part there is digital So you can just press the little info button here on the steering wheel and you can cycle through various Types of information regarding safety systems and whatnot Now in addition to that those same two trims are also going to throw in a color head-up display Obviously you can reconfigure this to display more information than we have on it right now But it is definitely nice to see it onboard Now coming back to the steering wheel Of course. Do you have electric power assisted steering and Mazda is nicely including a leather-wrapped steering wheel standard across the board one of the other nice 2020 changes that’s pretty rare for this segment is That they’re including rain sensing wipers as standard on even the very base model So definitely like I said rare for the class as far as the wheel itself It is manual tilt and telescoping it will also be heating when you go for the Grand Touring or above Now moving on here to anterior storage the cx-9 definitely has plenty of it So we’ll start over here with our center console. Now this opens up on both sides kind of Mercedes style and When you look inside, you’ve got a decent amount of storage It does have a really nice felt lining at the bottom and you’ll also find your two of your USB ports and an aux jack We’ve got two deeper cupholders and then we have a really nicely sized Center been great for sticking your phone Now coming back to our shifter here obviously, this is just a regular shifter So you can pull down for drive a bump to the left to shift manually right here But you will not find paddle shifters on any of the trim levels And then we head into reverse you’ll see what looks like a regular backup camera, but it’s actually not added last year to Grand Touring and signature is a 360-degree camera, so you’re just pressed down on that little emblem there and that will switch you to your 360 view So as you can see within this view, you’ve got both your regular back Up camera with trajectory as well as your 360 degree of view So overall, this is definitely the most advanced backup camera that monster makes right now Coming back behind the shifter you have both an electronic parking brake as well as a brake hold feature Now as we move over to the side here, you’ll notice your Mazda Connect controller area of course, you can control the system with this or Unlike the Mazda 3. You can still use touch the touchscreen as long as you’re under 5 miles per hour And then that brings us over here to our audio system now the standard models come with six speakers However, Grand Touring, it’s an insurer come with a 12 speaker upgraded Bose sound system. So we’ll go ahead and take a sample back

Yeah, this is definitely a great sounding sound system and has fantastic bass reproduction I will go ahead and go up here to have three zone automatic climate controls. These are standard across all of the trim levels And we’ll get up here a little bit So you see it better? But I didn’t see you’ve got these two knobs for the main controls and then everything else is represented physically here So it’s very simple to use Now one of our other very nice 2020 updates is that three-stage seat. Heating is now Standard equipment even on the very base sport model However, see ventilation that is going to continue to be reserved for just Grand Touring is signature All right, so now that brings us up here to our Mazda connect head unit One of the important updates is not super noticeable at first and that’s that this display has now one inch larger This is a nine inch display versus the previous eight inch display but As far as actual software as you can see, this is still the same It’s the older style software. So it has not been refreshed this year And like I already mentioned you can control with both touch as well as the Mazda Connect controller Now as you can see there, we have both apple carplay and android auto those are standard on the touring and above Our model does also come with navigation since we have the Grand Touring As you can see this continues to be Mazda standard system it’s a little bit on the basic side but like you already saw you do have of course access to Google Maps and Apple maps because those Android auto and apple carplay are already standard equipment Let’s pretty much all I want to talk about here We do have a dedicated technical video available If you want to take a deep dive into the monster connect system, but otherwise, it is pretty much unchanged this year Now moving on up to our mirror here this is auto dimming with your home like universal remotes on all about the base model and Then on your grand touring and your signature model Mazda this throw in a standard moonroof As you can see, this is just a regular sized unit. However, it does open up nice and wide and you do wind buffer up there All right, so that’s going to do it for all the updates to the front part of the cabin and the cx-9 So now I’ll go ahead and hand it off to my brother. Mason to check out all the changes in the back So turning to the rear door trend you do have a really nice one and the materials do follow through in the rear So you have a leather armrest all the way through here I’ll let there assist grip and you will also find a rear window sunshades on the Grand Touring and signature trims and Down below that you will also find some bottle storage And turning over to the seats themselves This is some of the biggest news in the rear for 2020 and that’s that you can now can get captains chairs They’re actually standard on the signature trim or optional and the Grand Touring or touring trims Obviously, we do not have that but you know, it is an option if you want Now here in the center area all cx-9 s will come very well-equipped so you will find these events standard across all of the models as well as your own climate controls as you can see you can adjust your fan speeds your temperature as well as your zones and You will also notice that this particular model has three stage heated rear seats Which is included in the GT and signature trims Center we do have a fold-down armrest You have cup holders inside as well as a little storage compartment with two smart charging USB ports In a cup we have your assist grip some lighting and a code But in terms of actual space back here the cx-9 does come right in line with most of the class

You’re going to be looking at 39 inches of both leg and Headroom Which like I said is on par with the class so behind your seating position I have about Seven to eight inches of rear legroom and my feet don’t have any trouble sliding up underneath the seat So pretty much all of your family members are going to be happy back here Now to get into the third row itself Mazda has made it really really easy So I have to just locate this little button. Push it hold And it does slide the seat forward and you can just slide it right out of the way It’s a very simple setup and looking back here at the third row itself You’re gonna find a very class competitive amount of space at 29 inches of rear legroom and 35 inches of rear headroom So let’s go ahead and get back there and see what it’s like So my first impression back here is actually a very good one I have about an inch to spare in mere Lightroom my feet can’t slide up under the seat which is a bonus and we do also have some amenities so you have cup holders on both sides as well as a smart charting USB port also on both sides and You also have some lighting And another thing I do want to point out is that this car does have I think a lot better thigh support? Than some of the rivals in this class My thighs are not exactly on the seat, but it does feel a lot better than some of the rifles do Now coming around to the tailgate it is going to be power on all but the very base sport model In new for 2020 is that it now has a hands-free function on both the GT and the signature trims So just while your foot under the bumper to open it up And as you can see inside you are going to find a a good amount of space once it does open You’re going to find 14 cubic feet of space behind the third row seats that expands to 35 cubic feet if you fold the third row and if you Fold all the seats. You’re gonna get 72 commute feet of space Now in terms of rivals that is a little bit less than the average car in this class however I think most of you will be satisfied with the amount of space that it offers and How they finish it back here is also pretty nice. So we do have a nice carpeting up underneath of the floor Here we have another little storage area It’s about I’d say five inches deep or so and it goes across the entire floor And off to the side, we do have a 12-volt power outlet as well as some folks Now to fold the third rail, all you have to do is grab this little lever and then push forward And there it is Now looking at the passenger seat we do have the same adjustments as a driver And you do have a good-sized log box as you can see it is very nicely felt lined however, it is a little bit narrow End up top. We do have a Sun Visor with an LED mirror LED light in miracle And it does also detach and have an extension Well guys, I’ve pretty much sums up all the practical stuff about the cx-9 So let’s go ahead and take it on the road and see how this Mazda compares to its big rivals like the Highlander and pilot All right, so initially getting up to speed here and our 2020 Mazda cx-9 It does have the same characteristics as 2019 because we do have the same engine but It has been enhanced to have even more torque And if you know about this engine it already has quite a lot of torque in and significantly more than the competition in most cases so as far as the specs on this engine it is a two and a half liter turbo four-cylinder standard across all the trim levels makes 250 horsepower and now

320 pound-feet of torque Now there is some variation between regular and premium gasoline that’s worth noting if you use regular gas models to quote set a 227 horsepower instead That’s the same across all their models that use this engine But really I mean getting up to speed I don’t think this feels any slower than the competition I could be wrong It’s been a while since I’ve been in a Highlander or a pilot, but it really doesn’t feel slow You know You might be hesitant to think that a four cylinder and a three row SUV is going to be just dreadfully slow and I’m going to tell you that the torque definitely offsets that power figure At least a little bit Right, yeah, the torque is really what you feel so you’re kind of looking at perhaps a little bit of a deficit and horsepower, but then quite a bit of a Improvement at torque versus the competition Yeah, it definitely feels like as plenty of pep to me yeah You know, I guess in some of its competition now does have a Four-cylinder the ascent has that bugs are for I would say that this month probably feels a little bit better. I would say I’m not sure the exact torque figure on that model, but I think that this feels a little faster As far as the transmission we continue to have a 6-speed Automatic onboard You know that Is a little behind the eight-speed automatics most of the competition has However, it does shift quite smoothly and I don’t find that it interferes with anything Now front-wheel drive is standard across every trim of the cx-9 besides for the signature it’s an $1,800 option if you want all-wheel drive on those three trims and New for 2020 Mazda does have a new system called a off-road traction assist system Now this is a Mazda after all so one of the biggest things people have in their mind is handling and This has always been known as kind of like one of the sportiest if not be sporty as 3-row crossover In this segment and I’ll tell you that does continue Here for 2020 as it is just such a great job with tuning their steering setups They feel very natural very progressive and they’re very fast and even here on a three row SUV Now, of course it is still a three row it should be so Body roll is present although less than most in the class as well But yeah, it really comes down to just the steering It just has such a nice linear feel in this segment. So many things are just really really numb really really void of any type of feel So this is very refreshing in this class You know and that doesn’t necessarily interfere with the ride quality The cx-9 does ride really really good As do most in the class, you know this class of vehicle. It’s really focused on comfort And this cx-9 definitely knocks that out of the park It’s comfortable quiet and it does feel like a very luxurious experience in here But overall, I have to say they cx-9 definitely remains The enthusiast 3-row, you know, just like pretty much everything any every category that Mazda occupies

they are the enthusiasts option and You know while this is not a sports car or anything like that? You know, it’s really nice and to have the option to not sacrifice all driving up You know abilities when you go for a 3-row crossover So you can’t have a little bit of excitement a little bit of fun While still having a ton of space and a ton of comfort All right, so now let’s go ahead and discuss the pricing So for this 2020 model, you’re not going to see very much of a price increase over the 2019 So it’s pretty much up less than a thousand dollars to cross all of the trims. So that’s pretty good So for the sport model front-wheel drive is gonna be thirty three thousand seven hundred and ninety starting The touring front-wheel drive thirty five six ten Grand Touring 41 four fifty and then you finally have the signature trim Which has standard all-wheel drive. So that’s worth noting that’s forty six thousand one hundred fifteen dollars Now we have opted for the Grand Touring with all-wheel drive So our starting price is forty three 350 and then when you add any destination charge of one thousand and forty five bucks This particular model as equipped comes in at forty four thousand three hundred ninety five dollars which is really quite an impressive price point Mazda is really killing it here with the value quotient of the cx-9 a lot of them in this class including the new Highlander the Honda Pilot are Upwards of fifty thousand and they’re fully loaded trims. And even the signature is going to be a significantly cheaper than them Well guys we’ve enjoyed watching the first in-depth look at the refresh twenty twenty Mazda cx-9 Grand Touring Please hit those like and subscribe us if you haven’t already We really appreciate you watching and we’ll catch you next time as we sample more of the latest automotive delicacies!!