High Standard Shotgun Gunsmithing

right on ham here and have you ever had one of those days well I buy used shotguns and I prefer to buy shotguns that have issues and I do minor gunsmithing on them do a few repairs and then I sell them well this happens to be a high standard pointer and when I saw it I saw that it had a problem and and then I was informed that it had a problem it wasn’t ejecting correctly and usually when it doesn’t eject in my experience it’s the ejector in this case high-standard has a funny thing called an ex jecht er it’s a combination of an extractor and ejector now here’s the primary extractor and here is what should be the secondary extractor slash ejector and when it when it reaches the end of its travel that’s supposed to poke the case out but it’s not supposed to look like that knowing that I thought you know hey here’s a little room to uh to buy a gun that somebody doesn’t want and and to turn it into something that somebody does want well I’m I live in America and let the buyer beware because I bought the shotgun and it had more than one problem well I knew what this problem was so I had a X checked er which you see it goes all the way along here it’s held in by a pin it’s under a spring pressure to go back and forth that way and this is what it’s supposed to look like sticking out there of course it doesn’t so this is the correct part I’m going to replace that but I also found some other issues and let me go over to those issues one of which I’ve already corrected it was a simple issue but an issue nonetheless here’s my repair part um this is the primary issue and I would have known that had i Function checked the gun a little bit better but I don’t normally function check by dry-firing so and that’s mainly reason of if you’re at a gun show and you see a gun and he tried to dry fire it and and it doesn’t it doesn’t it doesn’t help that people don’t like their guns to be dry fired so I prefer to buy the gun and if it’s got a problem with the trigger I’ll bite it but I haven’t had to do it until now and I’ll show you the reason because this is not the same exact part this is a part that I ordered it might be from a JC Higgins but this is the part that was originally there and if you look up inside you will see that one of these things is not like the other that one is clearly broken down inside of there not to mention that but I don’t much care for the gold-plated stuff the gold plating is mostly worn off here so what I ended up doing is I ended up buying this trigger and it had a non gold-plated safety with it so I’m going to swap those out and I’ve never dug into a JC Higgins trigger group because I don’t think I ever had to they’re pretty stout normally I just I have a reason to now this this is broken now I don’t know how it got broken but I do intend to fix it now seeing as how it’s a different design I worry that it’s a it’s different enough that I might have to do some fitting it’s got a spring down here and this one’s got a hump eyes I don’t really know I’m this might not work I’ve got I’ve got a back-up plan if that doesn’t work but well well do this together and the other problem that I had with this shotgun is some I would call him an idiot but you know it’s a tool and you could do whatever you want with your tool somebody had taken this which says 30 watt something or other no if it’s a fuse or what but it’s basically a hollow empty cup made out of aluminium and they had jammed a good half of this spring down inside of it and I think the intent was to make it the same length as the the magazine tube and to make it easier to load that’s the only thing I could think of because there very little pressure on the on the follower here so that’s what I guess I don’t know but that was an easy fix I just basically it has these little wings that kind of held the spring down in there it’s kind of an ingenious fix if if you don’t really know how shotguns work and it probably made it less reliable so I don’t doubt that’s the reason why I got this gun but they’re all simple fixes fairly inexpensive and in the end I’ll have a shotgun that I think will be fully functional and better and I might actually keep this

one very dirty as you would imagine with a 50 year old shotgun that probably hasn’t seen too much in the way of maintenance but good one good solid wood no splits that I could see a little in there but that’s where they commonly split up there and be the stock is solid and the receiver has no pitting to speak of just a few spots of some heavy rust that I would consider in a few areas of rust also that I’ll hit with my penny method of cleaning and if you don’t know what that is what I’ll do is right up here in the corner I’ll link that the video of that so the rib is in good condition unlike some of the other the JC Higgins shotguns that I showed you earlier that had the exact same rib on it the only other problem is and I do this when I bought the gun the only other problem is it’s a little ding on the muzzle there and I think I’ll just clean that up a little bit because that won’t affect function I might just wreak round the muzzle I might clean it up yeah I don’t know I don’t think I’m going to chop this shotgun down because I think I work just fine as it is all right I will pause the video I will do some work in I will get back with you okay I wanted to give you a little insight into how this works essentially I cleaned up the new part a little bit here and you can see how dirty the old part is but I doubt it was ever out of there just kind of broke so there’s the broken end anyhow this a slot here there goes you know lengthwise corresponds to this spring here so that spring goes inside of that slot and then this pin goes down in front of said spring believe it or not and that is what gives it its spring tension in there it’s a very odd system I guess but it’s way it works it’s going to be paying a buck to get back and get it back in there anyways that the raceway here is where the extractor slides and I haven’t cleaned that up completely is it’s extract or X ejector and so it’ll slide basically in there and it should sit flush most of the time and then kind of shove it out right at the end there so I cleaned up the both a little bit not too bad there’s also this pin here that’s protruding just a little bit I’m going to tap that in just as a note there’s a splines on this pin if you ever have to do the work yourself the splines you have to you have to drive the pan out from the bottom because the splines were in the top there you go I’ll be back in a few minutes so that didn’t seem like much trouble at all you go it’s a back together what I had to do is I had to push that into protruded just slightly into the channel there you can see the spring in there and what it did is it caught the beginning of the spring and I stuffed the punch in from the bottom here to catch the bottom half of the spring and I pushed it in just a little bit to make sure it was all free and I wasn’t kicking it or anything like that did in from the top it helps if you have three hands but I don’t so I had to hold yeah I had that I had to improvise so Alda knew the reason I did this one as it was the easier repair and I might be working on the trigger for a while and I wanted to get this one done before I get aggravated with that so dummy round here a zoom dummy Ram so what happens is the the shell is extracted like this and then when it gets to the end of its travel this here strikes the surface and it ejects the rim and that’s a little bit quicker you can see how this little nub gets is sitting out in the open and it’s exposed and you know it could very easily break off and I have proof that it’s done it at least once okay I forgot to knock that pin back in but when I get back I’ll show you what I’ve done with the trigger guard and hopefully hacking that or with the trigger group and hopefully I can I can get that done for you be back in a minute okay I ran into a little bit of a hitch here and I kind of knew what I wanted to do but I just wanted to show you what I am doing there’s a disconnect

er here that basically a secondary sear here’s the broken trigger by the way so you could see it broke and the reason to broke is because there’s a little slot cut out there for this disconnect er to go in there and and it’s it’s spring-loaded and what that does is that catches the hammer while you’ve got the trigger pulled back and when you release the trigger it the the secondary sear here disappears and the primary sear on the front of the trigger which is this surface here engages the hammer well without the secondary see or what happens is the gun can slam fire which is just fine and on the JC Higgins model which this trigger I guess is from I had to do a little research to figure it out first on the JC Higgins model it’s not only just fine but that’s that’s kind of the you know that’s that’s factory since I’m replacing with the JC Higgins trigger I am going to eliminate secondary seer the plunger and the spring here as unnecessary and the gun will function just a little bit different from the way used tube in other words it will function just like the JC Higgins model which is less expensive so just to show you here the looking down from the top you can see there is no secondary seer which would be in this area kind of and that would catch catch the the nose of the hammer right there I guess alright C load catch something but essentially it it’s unnecessary I’m going to function check this after I’m done here here’s another this is off of a JC Higgins model 20 which is the same in most aspects and in fact the trigger is similar but a little bit cheaper because this one has a set screw right there so I’m gonna go ahead and finish my job I just wanted to show you that little idiosyncrasy there here’s the complete stripped trigger guard with one exception and I also wanted to show you that in order to get the safety out see that little hole there that little hole you stick a end of a paperclip in there and you push up on that and that there’s a ball detent that goes up into the housing here you push up on that and then you push it through that way which and on the gun would be like you’re putting the safety or taking the safety off see right now that ball T to d-10 moves down inside of there and a little slot down in there that gold piece it moves that slot out of the way so that the hammer will hit this little nub on the hammer will will hit that that area and when it when it moves out of the way it’s like that the trigger can go down soon there we go and I clean everything up put it back together and I’ll be back in a minute I just wanted to show you the trigger group that’s been all cleaned out detail clean there’s still a few bits of gunk down inside of there and down inside of the spring hole there’s the safety remove you see they wear the hole where the detent would go and we’ll go and it is awful clean I’m going to while it up and put it all back together and see if it works be back in a minute okay that took me a little longer than I expected I kind of figured out what the problem was and why the trigger broke and let me demonstrate that to you you see I’ve got the I’ve got the non gold-plated parts in here so what you see here is there’s a there’s a little paddle and if you look closely inside there’s that little nub that moves forward in the way of the trigger so now it’s barely out of the way and you can see as I pull the trigger that trigger kind of clears that little nub and of course when the hammer Falls it that little lever goes back in the way of the trigger something Falls look of the trigger and that little nub goes back up in there but the problem was that little nub actually impinges on the slide release so you can see that that leverages that back of course it releases the slide up here well that part had probably been replaced or the slide replete release had been replaced one of the two but either way that

little the little nub in there wasn’t being allowed to move back like it is now out of the way so what I did is I altered the cheapest part which in this case was this paddle that I could alter I could have altered this also and kind of carved Trench do you see where you see where it’s a it’s touching it’s a shiny piece up top you see where it’s touching there and it’s touching the slide release so I altered that surface and and got it I do have a luxury today of having another gun here so that I could compare the geometry and so that worked out pretty well so everything is fixed the reason for the trigger not working and the reason for the trigger breaking it has been found and that is a that’s clearly that little surface there I’m glad I got it I was able to fix it so let’s do a function check so safety off pull the trigger and the hammer Falls try that again okay so Falls let’s put the safety on and pull the trigger and nothing will happen and we’re done all right so I’m going to go ahead and put the gun together and I may I may not get to a range session but essentially solving well now for problems the the clearance problem and the the fit problem with the this little paddle here the trigger being broken because that little paddle was there the ugly safety parts that I replaced with the with good-looking safety parts cleaned up the assembly and now I’m ready to clean up the rest of the gun put it back together and I’ll do a function check on that with my dummy rounds and we should be good to go so I’ve got it back together now no uh no issues and I will demonstrate that everything works here okay it works good I already tried it with a couple of rounds here off camera because it’s difficult to do left-handed so if you see down the inside of yeah maybe you can see it see that little X jekt er there yeah see how it stops move it back just a little bit and yeah and it stops and pushes in and out and ejects now it’s working everything else is working put the safety on see that it does fire take the safety off fire and what it did is a didn’t necessarily slam fire that the hammer just followed the bolt home and we’re set everything is hunky-dory cleaned it up a little bit took some of the rust off and cleaned up the dent the ding on the on the muzzle is a little sharp what you want to do is you want to take away all the sharp edges so there’s no place for a crack to start the vent red looks good probably a little more cleaning up to do but on off decent shotgun I’m a pretty impressed with the with overall quality and workmanship on such a bargain again from the past I believe it holds five rounds in the magazine and one in the tube of course you want to put a plug in there if you’re using it for hunting or you know if you’d never intend to use it for that many shots it wouldn’t help to have a plug in there just in case somebody down the road decides to go ahead and you don’t to get in trouble most sports shooting you don’t need more than two or three shots anyways alright this is a round ham if you liked this video please click on the like button if you want to reference it for the future please click on favorite if you’d like to see more videos like this please click Subscribe if you want your friends to see please click share if you have any questions

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