DJI OSMO POCKET User Guide: Everything You Need To Know!

what’s up everybody I’m brick harem Ella and today I’m gonna tell you everything you need to know about the pocket Osmo I’m gonna kick a little flow so here we go so the pocket Osmo is finally here was announced at New York City’s event called because life is big so rather than making a ton of youtube videos I’d rather make one YouTube video with all the information that you guys need to know so that’s what I attempted to do in this video so if you haven’t done so please subscribe to my channel so it can help me make more videos like this in order for you to make the best decision for you and show you how to use this new DGI device so I’m gonna start with all the specs and I’m gonna go into the features and as we go along I’m gonna give you my opinion show you some b-roll of how it’s used in order to give you a very comprehensive look at the Osmo pocket alright so when you unbox the Osmo it comes with a nice little case it comes with some small pamphlets one of them is the Osmos shield which is insurance for the Osmo pocket it includes a wristband for the case so you can just carry it around your wrist which is nice and convenient so you don’t drop it like your cell phone it’s gonna come with a USB cable to USBC cable it’s also gonna have a lightning adapter so you can mount that right in to your phone and use the DJI MIMO app what I do like about starting the Osmo pocket is as opposed to the other Osmos that you have to attach with your phone again to the app with the other Osmos it takes about 60 to 90 seconds really to start it up and start shooting but the Osmo pockets only a few seconds so it’s gonna be a lot better for running and gunning and for vlogging now not only is the Osmo pocket versatile because you can use it in so many different ways but you also can record in many different ways you can record on to the micro SD card with just the Osmo pocket or you can connect it to your phone and record all the footage that you that you’re shooting on to your actual phone so you have two ways of recording which is great that people want to record another phone cool if you want to prove onto the SD card you can do that as well all right so let’s start looking at the gimbal Canberra the unit itself there’s no surprise there it’s 12 megapixels with a 1/2 point 3 inch sensor we kind of expected that the maximum image size is gonna be 4000 by 3000 pixels the field of view is gonna be 80 degrees but has a very fast eff 2.0 lens which is gonna be very helpful in low-light and for anything that’s moving letting in a lot of light having that fast glass is really nice now you’re gonna be able to take panoramic shots time-lapse motion lapse and I’m going to talk about that more in depth later in this video much like the GoPro it is able to shoot 4k at 60 frames per second which is a step up from the other Osmos that were only able to do 4k at 30 frames per second and that’s something that even the Mavic 2 doesn’t do now all those specs aside the one that really counts that I’m excited about is the bitrate and a hundred megabytes per second I’m glad they didn’t make it at 50 or 60 megabytes per second because that would have been more like the other Osmos and more like the Mavic pro alright they stepped it up to 100 megabytes per second so in 9 pixel peeping geek talk that basically means you’re gonna get really really great video quality out of this sensor and because of this I won’t be surprised if the footage is actually better than the GoPro Hero 7 black you’re gonna be able to record an mp4 which is kind of universal or maybe more geared toward PC users and also MOV which is more geared towards Apple users the quality is going to be the same with either one so don’t worry about that you can shoot at codec of h.264 it doesn’t have h.265 but to me that’s not really a huge deal most people use h.264 and don’t have the computing capacity to use h.265 so h.264 is all good for me get this the micro SD card that you’re able to use is up to 256 gigabytes that’s right 256 not 128 like the Mavic – ok you can go all the way up to 256 that’s really nice because you can put on a big old card slap it in there and then you don’t have to worry I know a lot of people say oh you’re supposed to use more than one card in case the card fails but I’ve been using SanDisk cards which I’ll put in a link below and I can say the SanDisk I’ve never had one fail in 12 years of doing photography and cinematography so maybe I’m lucky but that’s just my two cents for that now looking at the specs the one question I have is the audio it says 48 kilohertz I’m not sure exactly how good the audio is but if you do have good audio this could be huge because the

Osmo pocket is so darn small all right these are the dimensions in inches and millimeters less than five inches and weighing only four ounces or about a quarter of a pound I mean this is so darn small it’s really great and that’s why a lot of people have been comparing it to the GoPro because of its size and all these functions that I’m talking about all right so it has 875 milliamp hour batteries which is about seven point seven volts and in layman’s terms that means it’s going to last about an hour and 40 minutes and it takes 73 minutes to charge an empty battery now if you live in an area where it’s really really cold or really really hot it’s going to be able to perform in temperatures from 32 degrees all the way through 104 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 to 40 degrees Celsius now one thing I noticed from DJI products in terms of temperature you are able to push that a little bit so if you wanted to use it in little colder weather on the freezing side you could just be careful you want to make sure you keep like a heat pack around it and make sure it doesn’t get too cold because you could damage the battery and damage the unit itself but all your skier is snowboarders it could be a lot of fun to take around because then you can just throw in your pocket and ski down the mountain and get really good first-person view shots where you’re skiing down the mountain or you’re snowboarding down the mountain etc as I mentioned in my previous video you are going to be able to use a lot of accessories with the pocket Osmo much like the GoPro now these accessories are specifically made for the Osmo pocket so if you already having Osmo unfortunately you’re gonna have to get new accessories for the Osmo pocket and I will include a link to the accessories in the description below some of these accessories include a waterproof case it does have a waterproof housing enabling you to use it underwater without distortion of that 80 degree field of view a controller wheel and D filter set wireless module extension rod accessory mount expansion kit in a variety of cases and bags let’s talk about the ergonomics or the way the Osmo pocket was built so if you look at it you can see it has a little touch screen which is nice now I don’t have to use just my phone you can use your phone put the Osmo pocket down like on a tripod or a little mount and then I could film myself further away so that’s really nice that I can use it both with a phone without a phone it has that nice little touch screen also like the other Osmos and the Ronin s I can use it in normal mode in flashlight mode and then in underslung mode also the Osmo pocket is so small for having a 3-axis gimbal so that’s great it’s super small and you get that three axis gimbal in order to give you really smooth footage whether you’re walking running on a bike or doing any other type of activity now the active track is something I wanted to see the other Osmos the only Osmos that have it have been the Osmo mobile one and the Osmo mobile two but now they added it to the Osmo pocket which is a great feature I don’t know why they didn’t put it in the other Osmos but I’m really happy to see it in the Osmo pocket the active track is great for vloggers for people like myself and make youtube videos or travel videos and just want to point on either myself using an extension rod or I could point on something else and I don’t have to do anything I just hold the Osmo pocket and it does everything for me it’s kind of like a lazy man’s way of shooting but it really is effective and looks very smooth and professional I also like the fact that using the active track you don’t have to really draw a square around someone like you had to do with DJI drones and the Osmo mobile so for the Osmo pocket all you have to do is just double click it and it will recognize you recognize portraits whether I’m pointing it in selfie mode at myself or I’m shooting a subject so I can capture the image really quick and this is great for running and gunning as a vlogger or someone who shoots spontaneous videos you don’t want to be setting up a shot doing all this stuff all right you want to get the shot quick all right before it leaves so having that active track and just double-click and I’ll execute the shot without any fuss now with that said if you use your phone you’re gonna have to use the mimo app or my mom I’m not sure exactly still how you pronounce it I think it’s MIMO and with this app which is free on Google Play and Apple phones you can just attach your cellphone go into the mimo app and then use your finger to highlight the person or the object that you’re tracking and it’ll track it for you again on the touch screen on the pocket Osmo you double click but with your phone you just make that square and the active fact basically does the rest one cool feature of the active track dimension is

that it doesn’t have to have the gimbal and center it can move all around in any position so no matter how you’re holding the Osmo pocket it’s still gonna follow the subject and be locked in now we’re going to talk about moving the gimbal around I recommend you get the controller wheel which cost $59 this is going to give you a lot of added functionalities so with the controller wheel you can just tap this small little button next to the dial and one of the modes you can make the gimbal go up and down vertically or you tap the little button to the side and then you can make the gimbal go side-to-side so having this controller wheel is really helpful now another way to move the gimbal up and down it’s just actually on the touchscreen of the Osmo pocket on the right hand side you can just use your thumb or your finger to move it up and down and the gimbal will go up and down as so another thing that the controller wheel does you can tap on the side button over here and then it just goes into selfie mode tap it it goes back to normal mode which is great for vloggers which I mentioned earlier I know I’m mentioning a lot about vlogging but this is a great vlogging camera when you press on that middle button or that button to the left and the controller wheel it’s going to go into the different shooting modes now you can go into the tilt mode the FPV mode or the follow mode now when you hold down that right button on the controller wheel the gimbal is going to be locked in position no matter where you move the gimbal the head will stay perfectly still and will give you nice smooth shots so basically that right button on the controller wheel is much like the Ronin s the trigger in the back or the trigger and the Osmo mobile that you have to hold down to keep it stable so once you take your finger off that button then you lose all that stability that you had it kind of goes kind of everywhere a little loose so in most cases you’re going to want to hold that button down one thing to know when you get that controller wheel if that dial is not in the center the gimbal head could drift it could start moving and this happens with other Ozma’s and people think it’s broken there’s a manufacturer error no it just needs the calibration so if you get your Osmo pocket and you attach the controller wheel and your head starts moving the gimbal starts moving to the side without you doing anything then you’re gonna have to do a calibration so you’re gonna have to go into the little touch menu so on the touch menu you’re gonna swipe down and then you’ll see a little icon for settings you click on that then you’re gonna scroll over to where it says accessories you’re gonna click on that and then you’re gonna click on dial calibration once you press that it’s going to do that calibration so you won’t get the head drifting off to the side so it’s just a quick troubleshooting here so you get this don’t freak out that’s how you fix it as we know Instagram has taken over social media and has its stories feature which everyone seems to love it seems to be going crazy now so DJI is being pretty smart and trendy it made a story mode function so you can use this function to upload videos to Instagram to Facebook or to any other social media it will shoot edit add music and record on to your phone and you can upload it so it’s basically all in one no effort no extra downloading and doing this and doing that so if you want to shoot yourself doing any type of thing like a fashion shoot walking around whatever you guys do while you’re vlogging or just recording your life or your business you can do that very quickly and easily in story mode so let me explain alright so you have that little adapter on the side of the Osmo pocket right above the record button then you can attach your cell phone when you connect your phone to the adapter on the Osmo pocket the MIMO app is automatically going to load in the application you just slide over to the right and on the right side and the lower right side it’s gonna say story you’re gonna click on that but then you’re going to be able to choose from four different story modes leisure fashion cut and lively after you choose one of these four modes then you can start recording when you record the gimbals automatically going to go into that specific story mode and record the way it should and then process everything add music and then download it right onto your phone so you can upload it to social media so all your friends can give it a heart alike or whatever else you want I next let’s talk about panel mode so shooting a panorama you can do it with the Osmo pocket you don’t need your phone however to view what you shot you’re gonna need to attach your phone so you can do it with your phone attached or you can do it with just the Osmo pocket but in order to view it which you probably do you’re gonna eventually have to attach your phone so on the touch screen you just slide over and then you’re gonna choose panel on

the bottom right there and then panel you can do a 180 which will do 180 degree photo just go around and take it stitch it all together or you can do the 3 by 3 3 by 3 means 9 photos totals so $317 which is right next to it just press it and you have the option of doing 180 degrees or the 3 by 3 now let’s talk about time lapse and motion lapse you can do this with the Osmo pocket or with your phone you can connect with the wireless module via bluetooth or Wi-Fi the main thing you have to know is you have to either set it down on a flat surface or get this module to keep it nice and steady but you can’t move while you’re doing a time lapse or emotion lapse obviously because your footage won’t come out right now with the time lapse you can adjust the interval or every few seconds is it going to take a photo and then the amount of time that’s gonna elapse and it’s going to turn it all into a video you can go 20 30 minutes whatever you want to choose but to do motion lapse you’re gonna have to physically move the head the gimbal of the pocket Osmo so it’s much it’s kind of like waypoints on a drone basically you pick one point you like it you move the head manually physically move it pick another point press the plus sign move another point press the plus sign on the screen and so you have these different points once you like it then you press go and then it does it all for you I actually recommend using this with your phone because when you use your phone for the motion lapse you’re going to be able to press path and then after you press the path button you’re going to be able to press the plus button the plus as new points where you want to move the head so you move the head one position you press plus to another position you can also take any point delete it and then it goes back and then you can put in a new point so for instance you move it over here you don’t like it delete it and set a new point just to get it exactly right what I do like about this camera I like the DJ I added the fpv mode because in fpv mode you can shoot like a 360 kind of like the barrel roll with the Ronin s you can just go all the way around and it’s gonna maintain that horizon based on where you are it’s not gonna try to go back to the center and lock in but it’s going to do all this with that three axis stabilization alright so now that we’ve talked all about the Osmo pocket if you decide to buy it I’m gonna go quickly right now over activation setting it up so you have a kind of a QuickStart guide to get going with this mini stabilizer so the first thing you want to do charge your battery on the front of the Osmo pocket there’s two buttons all right you have your record button the button next which is a little red dot right next to it there’s another button you just hold that down when you hold it down the Osmo pocket is gonna freak out it’s gonna do that cable head calibration move around like it’s drunk and when it’s done with that then it’s powered on then you’re gonna remove the little cover and you’re gonna put in your adapter and attach that little adapter to your cell phone before you attach your cell phone make sure you down the DJI memo app you can download it both for Android and for Apple or whatever type of phone you have and once you download that then you’re gonna have to attach your phone to the adapter once you attach it go into the app when you start the app for the first time it’s gonna say activation there just slide that over and press turn on upload device information and press next then you’re gonna press login now you can either register for an account if you don’t have a DJI account or create a new DGI account if you are have a DGI account that you want to use you can just use that by clicking on login then you’re going to press activation and just wait and remember you need your battery fully charged and you need a good internet connection if you don’t have either of these it could lead to some problems then you press done and you’re all good you’re done activating the Osmo pocket after you activate the Osmo pocket then you’re going to want to do a firmware update so make sure you have an SD card on the side can’t do it without an SD card in the side of the device so after you put that in then you’re going to press the right button on the Osmo pocket to turn it on connect your phone with the adapter go into the memo app in the top of the app it’s gonna say new firmware available for download you just click on that and just wait for it to download now make sure your battery is fully charged and make sure you have good Wi-Fi connection so after you press download you’re gonna have to also press install at the bottom to get the firmware to download properly once the

firmware is fully installed you can press complete and what’s nice about the Osmo pocket is after you do the firmware it will shut itself down and then turn on again for other drones or DJI products you basically have to turn the unit off and then turn it back on after you do a firmware update because if you were to do the firmware update and then just start using it it wouldn’t work properly you have to turn everything off and turning everything back on but the Osmo pocket does everything for you which is great now if you’ve already used an Osmo or another DJI product the memo app should be pretty intuitive however I’m gonna go over it briefly just to get you started it’s not too complicated but here we go alright so all the shooting modes are on the right-hand side of the screen you just slide it with your thumb or your finger move it around on the right side that big circle if it’s white it’s for photos if it turns red that means it’s taking video so you can just switch it back forth you know if white is photo red as video the little icon in the upper right hand corner of the app is the selfie mode so you just press that and then the gimbal will turn around and look right at you and then if you want to go out of selfie mode just tap that same again and will go back to its original filming position okay that icon right above the red or white circle is the recenter button so when you press that button the gimbal will go right back to center so have you moved the gimbal to the side and it’s looking to the left or it’s looking to the right or down or up when you press that recenter it’s gonna go right back to the middle like I said before that big round circle is to take photos or video for video you obviously press it it starts the video press it again stops the video what’s great is you can immediately go into active track mode by just highlighting the subject with your finger so you make a little square on a person and object whatever and then it automatically will follow that object or person all around to stop the active track all you do is that box that’s around the subject is going to have a little X in the upper right hand corner you’re just going to press that little X to exit out and then you’re back into normal mode like the DJI Go app and the DJI go for app in the lower right hand corner you have that little icon that you click on to review your videos or your photos of course you can pick ones that you like you can delete them you can do whatever you like with them and they’re right there now a really nice feature with this app is the fact that you can touch the screen in whatever direction you want the gimbal to move so as soon as you touch the screen in that direction that point where you want to move the gimbal will move in that direction but it won’t it will do it in a very smooth and cinematic way you can just tap wherever you want the gimbal to move and it will automatically move in that direction which is pretty nice in the upper left hand corner you can see your camera settings and the battery life and the battery life is what’s on the Osmo pocket which will last up to one hundred and forty minutes now when use the active tracker you have the gimbal following something you can adjust that speed so you click on that icon the gimbal icon and you can adjust basically how the gimbal moves whether you want it to move nice and smooth or you can have it move much faster if you want to adjust your different camera settings you click on that icon on the left hand side right here now if you wanted to go into more extensive video and photo features you’re going to press in the lower left hand corner and that’s going to give you all your different settings you can also see the battery life and how much space you have on your microSD card when you just have the Osmo pocket on so I’ll say it on the top and on the bottom right on that little touchscreen so speaking of the touch screen let’s talk a little more about that to learn how to use all those settings very briefly so what you do is you just swipe down with your finger on that touch screen and you’re gonna come to your settings then you’re gonna just swipe to the side and as you swipe you can go to beautify mode Gimple settings full screen mode and brightness setting now when you swipe up with your finger you’re gonna go into your gimbal quick settings these quick settings include recenter selfie follow speed fpv follow and gimbal lock now when you swipe left on your touchscreen you’re gonna have a list of different shooting modes after you choose the shooting mode that you want then you’re gonna swipe to the left side and then you can adjust the specific setting within that mode that you want perhaps an easier way is just to press that right button right below the screen you just press that and then you can go into your different shooting modes as well now the button with a little red dot you just press that and you’re gonna be able to record photos or videos when you’re on that touch screen you can swipe right to review what you’ve shot to see all your different photos and your videos now when you want to turn off the Asamoah pocket you just hold that button on the right hand side and it turns off and then if you run out of battery on the bottom you just plug in a cable and then you can start

charging the little light above the red dot button is going to blink on and off and you can see when it’s done charging hot doggy that was a long video I hope you found it helpful if you did press that like button if you’re interested in buying the Osmo pocket or some accessories I have links in the description below to make it convenient for you and if you haven’t done so guys please press that subscribe button so you get more videos like this about DJ eye equipment about drones about photography and before I go guys remember siempre Avante Michael para