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1982 – Gandikota, Rayalaseema What a proud tradition! Sacrificing lives for love Taking lives for pride History written with the blood Okay Who was in the phone line? Your paternal uncle has come out ofjail Why this rivalry with relatives? Are they strangers to you? The man who insulted my clan and sent my brother to jail, my brother must kill him Today he must uphold the pride of this region Sir, Raghava Rao has left Hey, pick up the axe Stop hubby…he’s your paternal aunt’s son, right? He’s not a stranger, is he? lnstead of calming down your brother, why are you sending him to fight? You’ve given birth to two sons, still haven’t imbibed the pride of this region? For pride, there’s no difference between relatives and enemies Must take lives must take revenge lf you give place to thoughts that legs and eyes are ours Won’t it mar the opportunity of feasting a bloody revenge? lf we think our blood and our relatives Won’t the epic battle of Kurukshetra become a big joke? Before thinking who are Kauravas and who Pandavas are Heads would roll down and rivers of blood would flow wiping out the lives Come, let’s go to hospital – Later! Let my son look at me proudly Raise my son with the pride of this region Tell him to see our enemies as dead people Sir, only his body is in the house l think his wife has ran away Let any number of years go by, don’t forget to take revenge, don’t show mercy on old or children, make a vow to wipe out his entire clan 28 years later Customers are leaving in anger without stock Are you making fun of me? Where’s he? – He’ll come, wait for 5 minutes, brother lt’s me, cycle My ill fate l’m under him He must look after a beautiful cycle like me very well but what is he doing?

He’s pedalling without a proper service for years Watch out! Apply brake! Do you think am l a horse? Why are you galloping, bloody? Why are you riding on top? – l’ll get down l may get broken, get me down Why are you climbing wall again? Coming late every day! Watch out a car…careful – Be careful! Why did you come again? l told your boss to send in auto l’ll come faster next time – Don’t come again Why did you stop now? You don’t have the capacity to service me properly, but you’ve the tendency of social service too Bloody idiot is in dilemma now Shut up and get going Come Carrying you is too much, do l’ve to carry the little girl too? Can’t you ask your add to engage auto instead of asking life daily? Go! Why don’t you but a bike instead of using this junk cycle? Got a good stick, ldiot! Go! Give me a plate of idlies, brother – Two idlies for him Order cancel, brother Are you playing drama? – l’ll come early from tomorrow Will you come? You’ve very late today l’ve to come on cycle – Keep it there From where do you guys come to spoil our business? l came late just twice only brother lf you come late again, l’ll break you and your cycle Sorry, l’ll never come late again – Go away You’re fired, brother Ramu, retailers are fed up, l can’t lose business for you, right? Please don’t fire me, l’ll deliver on time from tomorrow How many deliveries can you make on this junk?- Junk? Since you’ve given me the much need rest, l’m forgiving you You’ve a job if you’ve an auto l don’t have that much of money That’s your headache Mastan, load the bags Brother Got fired! Now jobless! Not even a stick to hold on to swim across river Godavari Not a penny to offer and seek divine intervention Lips have gone dry stomach is empty Life is sapping up Why am l so unlucky? Upside down lt’s upside down Upside down Who said hard work will drive away poverty? l do work hard, but poverty still remains

They say the more you sweat, the better your life turns What did l get? Just sweat only Lines on palm let me down Fate on forehead has become ill fate Totally my life has plunged into darkness SRI BALAJI Bad luck is following me like shadow Not a penny in my pocket Misfortune is attracting me like a magnet What am l to do? l’m the most unfortunate man Beggars…will get ashamed Pick pockets can never pick my pocket Then, why don’t you die? l can’t kill myself even if l’ve to die Luck turned against me, it left me shattered l’m losing out Have back so early? Half day leave? lt’s long leave hereafter l’ll not come for night dinner, cook for yourself only Did your boss fire you? Has the news reached you so quickly, uncle? Nobody needn’t have to tell me, when you look at your mother’s photo silently, l can understand it Come home to have lunch Rs.2 lakhs! Tata Ace auto trolley, uncle Just Rs.2 lakhs with registration and insurance, uncle How much you’ve fell short? – Rs.1532 minus Rs.2 lakhs No mother or father, no relatives, all you’ve is just a junk cycle – Take your hands off me Who will lend you money? Courier? For whom? She died long back He’s her son.- Yes sir Please sign this From Tadipathri MRO’s office Do you’ve anyone there? l don’t know Bye sir – Okay According to the District sessions court’s judgement, in Gandikota village, Tadipathri Mandal, Ananthapur district, Govt. which confiscated 5.10 acres of land, is being returned to the holder You can apply for holder’s passbook with Mandal revenue office Uncle, l think l’ve got my auto 5 acres? Even if at Rs.30000 a acre, l’ll get Rs.1 .5 lakhs What do you say, uncle? Why don’t you answer me? Your mother never told about your family background But at times she told you belong to Rayalaseema, and she hated that place – You mean? l mean may be your family has some feud there.- Feud? l mean the fights, clashes that’s common in villages l don’t know why your mother feared that place so much, l feel you shouldn’t go there for the property What are you saying uncle? How can l leave the property? What if you get into trouble there? Trouble? Would anyone dare trouble me looking at my face? But your mother feared – Uncle, mother feared unnecessarily Men who had a feud with my family 30 years ago, would he still be waiting to take revenge on me? lf we think of all that, we can’t sell this property Father, they’ve arrived

Baireddy, they’re coming here first time, they must remember our hospitality all their life ls entire Rayalaseema region like this only, Natarajan? No water resources, sir My Rajasthan is desert, this looks worse than it Don’t reject outright, sir lf not for the Bauxite mines, would you dare come here? lf you can charm Ramineedu, you can mint money l don’t know about others but these people are different Why? Have they come from heaven? Local SP too warned us before coming here lt seems over 100 murder cases have been filed on Ramineedu and his sons Not one has been proved Was yourjourney happy? – Fine sir My elder son Mallasuri Greetings – Greetings Younger son Baireddy Greetings.- Greetings Give him water to wash legs Please come You said something and scared us They don’t seem as what you said Hold the umbrella properly We were eagerly waiting for you They too…stop! Hey, clear the dung – Okay sir Village, right? – So appearances are deceptive What? – Nothing sir People scared us with stories about your murders, but after coming here, you’re not stone but sponge Please come in Why are the cattle inside home? – Please take your seat That’s our culture – lt’s surprizing This region’s tradition is to accept cattle too as family members We take care of them as one of our own Yes, indeed l don’t see any difference But you were clothes and they don’t Let’s discuss about this house and his wife later, first business lf you show us the documents, we can discuss other things About those things He can’t understand it and doesn’t need it too Look, l’ve been a broker to many big contractors We generally offer 10% cut to mafia in our region, this region has a special name to it as Factionism, take another 5% extra for it What do you say Ghanshyamji? Let’s discuss business later, shall we have lunch first? Why don’t you also join us? – No problem sir Won’t you sit before your father? Excellent! Though 6 feet tall hunks, you’ve them in control Madam, get me chicken Deal is over l’ve seen many like them Would you like to chew betel leaf and nuts? Won’t you marry Baireddy? Are they searching any bride for you? You’ve any girl in your clan l should’ve killed the moment he took our goodness for weakness But, home is like mother to us

lt’s our tradition not to spill blood inside home That’s why l spared him Baireddy, we are discussing here, take him out Come You don’t get good food on the way to Hyderabad, so packed food for you Packed plenty of fish gravy, Bal Reddy? – l have sir l observed you relishing it You may go now l’m not bothered about the percentage of commission, Ghanshyamji, l’m agreeing for a deal with you so that my local boys will get few jobs Don’t alter anything in that Bye Hey poverty stricken man! Why are you coming to station on a bicycle? You moron! You’re going away for 15 days l thought l would happily take rest but you’ll not leave me Bloody miser! Boy, come here How much for parking here? Rs2 per hour and Rs.20 per day, sir You mean Rs.150 for a week! Rent is too high than it’s cost What shall l do now? Had good stick? lf you return, you’ll lose ticket money, if you park me here, you’ll lose money, what will you do now? Make an entry of all that – Tell me l want to help them, sir Clothes? – No, bicycle Hey! Will you donate me? Have you gone mad? lt worked loyally for 20 long years lt’s enough if it’s useful to some destitute Load the cycle in that truck – Okay sir You used me all these years and donating me to flood victims You’ll ruin…you’ll go bankrupt you’ll be ravaged Sit there This is my seat, sir What are you searching? Did you drop anything? You said the seat is yours, just checking if it has your name Look at this – Where is your name? Why would it be on this? lt’s in the chart outside Then, sit outside Why are you sitting in my lap? Your lap? ls your name written on it? Sit there – Can’t dare see your bare body? Never heard, seen or known My eyes never seen it in dreams too Come on Give me the bag That’s it! You can run! Didn’t get hurt, did you? Why would he get hurt? Platform would’ve got damaged On seeing a girl, they stretch a helping hand Take off, can’t you stop train by pulling the chain She had to help you get up now Get in Wearing a shirt on shirt You come in dear. Go! She’s drawing my face!

He was posing like a hero! lsn’t it like seeing yourself in mirror? Wait, let others too enjoy it Look at our hero! Spitting image of him! Very good He stealthily took it, but l saw him Where are you going? Give him a copy, he’ll send it to his future bride Excuse me…please stop l think you’re hurt, l’m very sorry Please come and sit there l can’t get fooled again l didn’t draw this on seeing you l don’t know if it looks like me or not but the sketch is very nice Oh my God! Please look there! Did you draw that monkey? The boy with monkey was standing behind you l was feeling proud for drawing my face You’re not angry anymore, right? Gandikota? That’s my native place What do you’ve there? A small land deal, if it’s over, l’ll be happy Coconut water? Hey boy! Come here lt’s very good for health to have coconut water every day No need of straw, may it was used by many Fresh one sir? l know, we use and throw it, they pick it up and reuse it What should l do with it? Keep the straw with you and give me the coconut How much? – Rs.10 Fixed price? – Yes Fool! Straw is a health hazard lt will come l’ve had it many times like this Not coming? The seller asked him to take the straw He should’ve listened to him Said health hazard Anyway it’ll not come in, you go out and have it Keep trying…move Every man tries to become a hero How? Not sponge, original Want another one? Why is he stopping in every station like a passenger train? l stopped the train Greetings madam That’s okay, what are you doing here? Big boss sent me Do you eat so much? Look, what he’s asking? – l don’t know madam Boss sent it So many items, what am l to do with it? l don’t know madam Boss sent it What do you know then? – l think he doesn’t know that too Father! Dear, are you scolding Bal Reddy?

Look, how much food he has brought, father lsn’t that enough dear? Shall l send sweets in next station? – Father! Appu, eat and sleep peacefully Don’t waste your time spending on those silly drawings Are you listening to me, Aparna? – Okay father Bye dear Hello, l’m hungry, shall we open it? Okay Bye madam…bye sir Your father’s arrangements are excellent Give me that pencil Why isn’t it running? No problem – Just a minute She says, no problem – But l do, your fan’s running, right? Every man interferes Will it hurt him if l repair it now? Loose connection, switch it off Have been watching you, you’re interfering in everything, don’t you’ve any work? Can’t you sit in one place instead of moving around? Why are you scolding instead of beating him? You’re a big scientist and we are idiots Do one thing, get down, tilt the train and kick start it like scooter Look! You were angry a minute before, had he not stopped the train, would we’ve seen this spectacle? Yes, we chided him unnecessarily Though you stopped the train, you showed us a great scene What happened? We are going very fast Shouldn’t we reach out destination? Those fireflies, this moonlit night, these feelings, it won’t come back, right? Are we going? No, we are here only Look out once Those trees and hills are moving backwards The maiden is sitting next to window What is seen from the window? The world is moving at 70 miles per hour SRI BALAJI

Look at the palm tree lt’s waving bye by shaking the leaves Why is the moon following us? May be fallen for you What was the shaking earth’s response? lf you say yes, it wants to be a cradle for you What is the wind thinking blowing on me? lt wants to carry your tales The maiden is standing near the threshold What is seen from the threshold? Thinking at 80 miles per hour An unexpected journey lt made my imaginations to run wild The happiness l never l knew till now lt brought right into my life Cool dark night is enveloping Night is melting for the warm fire l had a alluring dream in sleep But reality is much more beautiful The maiden is sleeping next to window What is seen from the window? Sleep took over her at 90 miles per hour That’s all! l just ran away from there without even turning back Trivikram too jumped away from that side Had we been caught we would’ve got the stick We’ve reached the station l didn’t observe talking to you Train will stop for a minute only, come quickly Your sketch book! Hi! When did you come? – Today morning Father! Had a nice journey, dear? Why have you grown thin, Appu? Stop it brother-in-law Why are you cracking jokes on her? lt seems hostel canteen was shut down unable to feed her Hey you! – Leave me Have you forgotten any food in train? Come then Keep everything safely, don’t forget anything Come brother Nephew – Yes uncle Take my daughter to home We’ll visit temple l’ll also come, father How can you come without taking bath, dear? Tell me, for whom you’re waiting? – What? l knew the way you looked at the compartment What? – Appu, tell me. Who is he? Would be or could be? Nothing like that but quite an interesting character Liked him? Confirmed? Eloping with him? He’s just a friend, that’s all – That’s all? But why are you so interested in my love? lf not me, who else will be concerned? Your parents and my parents have only one wish, to see us both married Why don’t you marry me then? Don’t say it for fun too lf my dad hears it, he’ll fix marriage immediately Seeing us close, people mistake we love each other, can’t you tell your father you too don’t like this marriage? Aren’t you ashamed to say this? As a man you can’t tell your father,

but you want me to tell my father l told them, l told my mother and father, we know each other from childhood, l told them l don’t have any feelings for Appu He said, why do you need feelings for marriage? Don’t laugh, l’m angry He’s calling me – Oh uncle! Don’t pick it up – Why? He’ll not speak anything else No Tell me father Did you go to station to pick up Appu? He did go it seems Are you bringing her in your car, right? Yes…no…no…l went to another place on urgent work Urgent work? You brainless fellow! Fool! What’s more important to him than Appu? Why don’t you talk to me? Why are you saying hello? l can understand it Lost signal! Enough of laughing, come Why do you waste time on making silly sketches? Why don’t you find yourself a man? They are not silly sketches – What’s it then? l’m drawing the future life with my husband Does your silly sketches have so much poetry in it? No, look at this What happened? – My drawing book Missing? Good riddance lt’s gone! Gandikota junction, get down Water is cool, boy Uncle! Why don’t you become a film hero? Hey keep quiet Hey! What are you searching? Can’t find the way to Kaleshah Baba mosque That one! Go straight in this lane, after a furlong, there’s a turn near fig tree, forget it, after that take a turn and go further for half a kilometre, there’s a Hanuman temple, take a right turn near the transformer there, Stop…stop There’s a transformer in the right hand of Lord Hanuman After that…? Looks like you’re new to the place, come, l’ll drop you Okay sir No problem, hold me and sit carefully l’ll take you – Thank you very much sir l just asked for address but you’re taking me there Rayalaseema is known for honour and hospitality Why are you saying like that? ls helping another man hospitality? Ask anyone in city, forget about guiding, they’ll see as if we’d asked their property Greetings sir – Greetings brother Sir! – Come here Take him to Kaleshah Mosque – Okay sir. Come sir Can l go sir? Thank you very much sir. Come Mosque here is very big, very famous l’m not here to see mosque, l’ve some land near it Whose relative are you? Which family do you belong to? One Mr. Kovelamudi Raghava Rao used to live here l’m his son How far it is still? Can reach quickly from this short cut? This is my house Mother, send this milk to dairy – Okay Come sir – Let’s go What’s the going rate here for an acre?

About Rs.30000 an acre, sir – Rs.30000?! You mean Rs.1 .5 lakhs – What happened sir? Where can l find the revenue officer? – Why sir? l want to sell my land No need of them, sir, l’ll take you to Ramineedu sir, he can get any work done in a snap of a finger Ramineedu? Who is he? There’s lot to say about him You come Sir, please circumambulate the temple You want to break a coconut, sir? – Yes sir Break it that side Father! Sir! How dare you break coconut to hurt our sir, you beast!- Stop! Are you fulfilling vow? – Yes sir Can’t you see he’s fulfilling a vow? Don’t be so short tempered. Go! Don’t get scared Which is your native place? l’m from Hyderabad, l’ve some work here Whose relative? My father’s name is – Father, brother’s phone Tell me Mallasuri – Where are you now, father? ln temple, son father, Raghava Rao’s son is here – What? Rama Rao? lt’s Raghava Rao, not Rama Rao, father Rama Rao? Which Rama Rao? Father – Can’t hear you properly son? Let’s discuss in home Signal is weak What work? – l want to meet Ramineedu sir You’ve work with me and hurt me? – Are you Ramineedu sir? Sorry sir – No problem Why do you want to meet me? My land here – Sir, you wanted to discuss about festival Okay, l’ll come Let’s go to my home and discuss after lunch Please don’t take that trouble sir l’ll have lunch in some hotel You’ve come to our village, you’ve work with my father, how dare you’ll eat elsewhere other than in our home? What would become of our family honour? Come, enjoy our hospitality You can never forget our hospitality in your life Okay sir After years the big festival has come Thresholds are adorned with mango leaf festoons Goddess has remembered about the hunger She’ll give millions for sacrificing a hen She’ll give bungalows for sacrificing a goat lf you sacrifice sheep to Goddess Poleramma Grandpa! – When did you come children? Father-in-law, l brought them from Nandiyala today morning ls it? – Did you discuss with priest? l did. He’s…where is he? Ramu, give some food to the cattle – Okay What are you looking at? This cattle, these people, this busy work, great, your home is also very big like your heart Where’s Appu? ls there any end to her talk with Srikanth? l’ve been watching since morning, they haven’t come down yet Coming mother Go, go immediately, if not your mother will confirm many things You wait Go! You…! What’s it mother? How come you’re here? – ls it your home? Yes, where did you go today morning? Do you know him, dear? – l know him, father He travelled last night with me

ls it? – Yes sir Why didn’t you come with her then? May be hesitation stopped him, father Nothing like that Why didn’t you get down from the train? You got down in haste and you missed sketch book there Did you miss the station for her silly drawing book? You’re too much l’m Srikanth, Appu’s aunt’s son Stop laughing now Look, how he’s getting angry – We’ve seeing it since childhood Srikanth never leaves Appu’s hand – Divert the topic Where did you meet my father? Let’s gossip later, first arrange lunch – Okay Please come in – Okay Let’s play, grandpa – After lunch, children When did you come, Bal Reddy? – Boss called me, l came in a lorry ls it? – So many varieties? We’ve to do atleast this to honour our guest, right? Please sit down Eat before it gets cold – Okay sir Today l’m very happy – Why wouldn’t he be? He has come closer to you, right? – What? He’s trying to convert rail friendship into love What are you saying? Do you want me to believe he came here to return your drawing book? Coincidentally meeting your father, coincidentally coming Stop that sweet nothings Atleast till you’re married My fate! Constable took bribe from me for not having RC book for bicycle lf you’re so innocent, how can you survive in this world? Why are you standing there? – You are…? My elder brother-in-law Mallasuri How can l not know him? He’s the first man l met here ls it? Why didn’t you tell me? Father, please come aside What? – Emergency, father First, let’s have lunch Baireddy, you too come lt’s always emergency for Mallasuri You carry on l’m surprized, l’m meeting all of them strangely ls this also coincidence? What’s this urgency, son? We’ve a guest – He’s not a guest, father He’s Raghava Rao’s son who killed my uncle What are you waiting for, father? Let’s hack him to death No Baireddy – What are you saying, father? l’m also ten times more furious than you to kill him My hand is itching to hack him into two right away But l’ll not spill blood in my home l’ll not kill the guest in my home whom l served food with my hands Can we spare him because he’s our guest? l’ll not spare him The moment he steps out of our threshold, his body and head must get separated We’ve been waiting 25 long years for this moment, can’t we wait for few more hours? Father! lnform all our boys! – Okay, father He lives till he’s inside the threshold, the moment he crosses it, cut his throat! You asked elderly man to leave the dining table, what’s so urgent work? Please have some curd – No way l think my stomach will burst Where is Baireddy? He’s on job Would you like to chew betel leaf and nut? No way, no place even to swallow air Uncle, let’s play hide and seek game – Okay Children, don’t disturb the guest Tell me now, why did you want to meet me?

l’ve some land here, l want you to sell it for me Not a big deal Shall we go right away? – Okay sir Grandpa, you’re always like this Never allow us to play – Bad grandpa Hey, shut up Why are you going out in this hot sun? Can’t you go out evening? – He may get late Nothing like that sir, work is there always Kid, get a towel ls this for you or the kids? – You’re doing too much l’m sure he’ll not leave the home till tomorrow Aunty, you must blindfold first No need, anyway your aunt is blindfolded now You! Aunt…this side Appu, this side – Appu, this side…- Aunt…here Little further Uncle! You’re out if you step out Brother! Now you must seek Come…come l say You caught him well. He was hiding outside withoutjoining the game Don’t move Stand properly Here…here Mother! l mean may be your family has some feud there Father, please come aside What? – Emergency, father Let’s have lunch first – Baireddy, you too come What’s this brother? We’ve the enemy in hand, without killing, what are we waiting for? What’s wrong to kill him inside or outside for revenge? Don’t rush, Baireddy Never go against father’s word We must respect our tradition Let him step out of the threshold, let’s hack him, bloody! Now, it’s your turn – Children, enough of the game Why grandpa? – He must leave now No problem, let’s play few more games Revenue officer is here, if we go now, we can finish your work Shall we go? What happened? – l’ll get my bag lt’s here only ls it here only? Did l return your sketch book to you? You gave it earlier Did l return it? – Yes Bye Bye dear…play well You study well, dear Doctor, bye l’ll say bye to them also – Okay

Bye madam – Okay Bye Trust me, l don’t want to leave this home What a great feast you’d arranged! How did that chutney get special taste? That is – We are getting late Bye Why are you going that side? l’ll say bye to Bal Reddy – Bal Reddy is standing outside ls it outside? Bye madam…bye My purse..? What’s this time? l think l missed my purse while playing Search it l found it lt’s here only Got it How many times will you say bye? – No problem Bye dear Bye! Bye sir Bye What’s this time? l’ll say bye to cows too Bye…bye l’m here for an hour only, yet l’ve developed a bond with this home Those cattle, this swing, this pillar who nice they are! This is not a home but a heaven filled with your love and affection lt’s not a big deal, you can walk into this heaven again, come Rajini, take the children upstairs l’ll offer prayers to God Swing hit my back my back is broken Move…move away You relax – Take out the vehicle Let’s take him to hospital ls it paining here? Get a plank quickly – Okay sir Here? Plank! Move little.- l can’t move My back is broken We want to take you inside Be careful Take me quickly My back is broken This is not a home but a heaven filled with your love and affection Slow…carefully

Appu, remove the pillow – Okay This side Be careful What happened? – Got hurt by the swing Get some ice cubes and hot water – Yes sir Looks like got hurt seriously Is it painful here? – No Now? – No Now? – No How can it not be painful? It’s strange What happened? Is it serious? I don’t see any vertebral dislocation No muscular abrasions too But highly trauma I suspect temporary paralysis due to deep impact in lumbar region But if it happens, the little finger of the left hands will shiver What’s the relationship between spine and finger? Do you want me to teach MBBS? It will happen like that It’s shivering! It happened as I’d expected What should we do now? Must take some tests, you take complete rest Don’t get down from bed, that’s what you want, right? Sir – Give him massage Okay sir Will he get cured? As far as I know no treatment for his disease in Allopathy How about Homeopathy? – No, it’s in Romeopathy What’s this joking on patient? Patient? My foot! He’s not Ramu, he’s a Romeo Shut up! You said about lumbar impact, shivering of little finger I just played and got the result You mean? He’s playing drama to court you I can’t believe it When the love mosquito bites, many strange things do happen If he manages to impress you taking such risks, how nice it would be! Make your move! SRI BALAJI Come…come my dear Saloni At an opportune moment this night, let’s elope Finding the girl not in home by morning Let the entire village writhe in pain and anger That’s it! – Do it today Do it! – Right away! Raise it! – The pulse rate! Do it my dear! Star! – It’s me! Kill it! – Follow me! Do it! – Break into jig! Shall we secretly plan our elopement openly amongst people? Like a thief in day time and like a king at night when I come to you Come on dance with me I like you very much You’re great shakes and touching you is enchanting, my dear Just an invitation will not make me come to you If you do little magic and charm me, I’m ready to elope with you I’ll not give never ever give you Hey you go away! Oh God! The girl is very fast Creating a scene in street Let anyone see, who cares let our love flag fly high

If people get used to the elopement Come my dear! Elope! – No silly dreams please Poor man is innocent I’ll tell him I don’t have any such idea Hey stop! He’s happy, what are you going to lose? Who knows may be the horse will fly one day! Hey you! Stop…stop everyone will get…wait Wait…don’t fight Take this Thank God! Reached the place By the way, who is my new owner? Hey Careful…my rim…my wheel my seat…hold it carefully Slowly…you bloody! Cycles are for humans not for elephants If your hand is so heavy, how heavy you would be Don’tjump why are you dancing? Hey Ramu! Where the hell are you? Death is inevitable Death is inevitable to every living creature Likewise the dead are born again This is a never ending circle The Sun will not be there by evening Moon will lose it’s identity in day time This life is just small journey of three days An unidentified body in Gandikota! A head separated from the body, who is the young man? who killed him? Family feud Don’t you like any TV program? You’re not hurt so serious to die Will I live then sir? If you’re lucky, even if stabbed brutally or attacked with bombs one will survive If time is bad, just a small blade is enough to get killed I came here to sell my land for livelihood How am I connected to daggers and bombs I mean how are children connected to it? If you can share parents’ property, won’t you share their sins and good deeds too? Are you here only? Father-in-law is very upset because you’re hurt He can’t bear any guest getting hurt Hubby, Srikanth wanted him to take rest Father-in-law! Shall we go out? Come Today I couldn’t do it I’ll definitely finish your work tomorrow I mean your selling your land It has been written in your fate to get sacrificed at the Goddess’ altar After this night Enemy’s fort filled with swords of revenge No where to go, it’s dead end Can’t even dare take a cat’s nap? This is Akashavani, Kadapa radio station Next song in the program is from film ‘Chenchulakshmi’ Sung by Ghantasala, Jikki Can you climb trees, my dear? Can you climb hills?

Can you climb tree and pluck the tender leaf from the top? I can climb hills, O dear Can you tell your life span? Can you survive this morning? Can you sit tight till then? Can you count the stars? Can you escape death and be alive and kicking? Hey he’s here! Get a rope! Take rope! Your backache? It vanished strangely Then, shall we leave now? Your back pain has eased, shall we leave now? Why so early in the morning? It’s important to finish the work, time doesn’t matter Come – I’ll get my bag Your bag is ready I’ll take bath and come Love is as sweet as the lover is tough Father, he knows we’ll not harm him inside the home He’s playing with us Yes father, let’s pull him out and kill him Tradition is that you follow with heart and soul Don’t belittle it and insult me Fate is very powerful, Mallasuri Look on what day it has brought him to us Your paternal uncle died this day, he’s also fated to die this very day I think you took 2 hours to bathe Soap was too strong Why so many guests? My younger uncle’s death anniversary Poor man! When did he die? Many years ago He was killed in a family feud My uncle is seeking revenge for his death Forget it, it’s a long tale You can go – How can I leave now? I didn’t ask you to leave, I told you to offer homage to the dead man

You too come with me – We’ve finished, you go Hello nephew! Come here Coming aunty Sir, please sit there Pray for peace to the departed soul of Katragadda Ankineedu Peace? My nephew will rest in peace only when that family is wiped out How many more years do we’ve to wait, Ramineedu? The moment has arrived, uncle You will see it You carry on All of you please close your eyes and pray Who is it? Nothing has happened, please sit down What happened after that? – By then they came suddenly Where is he? Aunty! He’s here Is he here? I’ll take you to task I told you he’ll be with Appu When are you coming to my home, Appu? It’s not in my hands aunty, he must agree first Me? Why did you tell me not to discuss about it till she finishes college? How is my college education connected with my marriage, uncle? You’re doctor, but not even as smart as she is You scold me here, there’ll be no master of ceremony with uncle Yes indeed No son – What no? Can’t you help women in kitchen? I’ll beta you! – Aunt Stop…have you understood what he said? He wants you to talk with my brother Will it be nice to ask now? You postpone things like this, your son will be of your age before he marries I’ll ask Mallasuri not my brother-in-law My nephew always supports me Please come out for a minute Sit there uncle I need to talk to you. You get up – Okay Can’t you understand if I tell once? Go, sit there What happened? They are taking good care of that stranger and told me their uncle to get out Is he Minister or Governor? Who the hell he is? Who is the man your brothers-in-law are holding so close? Appu’s friend, father Sir, please get holy vessel I’ll get it Priest has asked for the holy vessel I’ll get it – I’ll also come It’s in bedroom – No problem, I’ll come Did you how affectionately they are hugging him? Uncle! – Keep that fan there Okay, uncle Keep the fan there – Okay sir Sister-in-law! Why are you both brothers sitting up there? Arrange for the firewood and food Come down I’m coming, sister-in-law Brother, take good care of Ramu How are you feeling now aunty? – Running fever Did you take medicines? – No Do you want me to get medicines? Are you here only, Mallasuri? Get medicine from doctor Go quickly – I’m going I’m unable to take good care of you because of too many relatives in home All of them will leave after the prayers Then, we’ll take good care of you

Must never leave the home God! Nobody must leave the home Nobody must leave the home What are you saying? I said, nobody must leave the home I mean the home has come alive with relatives If they leave, it’ll look deserted You’re right but guests have to leave They will come back for Appu’s marriage only When will it happen? You seem to be more interested in it than us If Appu and Srikanth agree, we’ll conduct their marriage today itself Coming! Come here dear Greetings – Greetings Bye sir – Bye sir How are you Rani? When did we get Appu and Srikanth engaged? Brother-in-law promised when we tonsured their first hair But people who don’t know this are thinking differently What are you saying? Who will dare stop this marriage? Appu and Srikanth will marry You’re so confident, have you exchanged the proposal? Exchanged the proposal? – No? Is it all from your side only? No, my brother-in-law is a man who stands by his word He stands by what he says If he’s so trustworthy then why don’t you ask him to get them engaged now? What’s so urgency? Engagement on death anniversary? Can’t you wait till no moon day? He’ll cite many reasons like this You be happy with yourselves What happiness? I’ll ask my brother-in-law to fix engagement now You come with me, you keep watching.- I will Keep watching – I will Move…move Brother-in-law, you must settle a thing right now What is it? Are you fixing your daughter’s marriage with my son or not? Marriage? – Yes What’s so hurry now? Did you promise or not? We’ve been thinking about it since their childhood I’ll fix it Then, get them engaged today Engagement on death anniversary? Didn’t I tell you? I don’t care whether it’s death anniversary or any thing, today you must promise before all our relatives Obul Reddy wait, I’m coming Kittappa, come inside Bhakthavatsalam, don’t go away Elderly man come – What’s this commotion, father? Must decide today between your marriage or my death Children, come in Are you mad to fix marriage now? You carry on If you stop them, I’ll grind you to paste No father – You get inside You too come it – Okay uncle Why are you staring at me? Come inside He has been claiming to be your kinsman for 20 years If you too like it, why not fix their marriage? That’s what I’m also asking him Am I asking a share in his property? I’m just asking him to keep up his promise, but he’s postponing it What’s this, uncle? Don’t you’ve any sense to timing? Mallasuri! He’s your uncle! Brother-in-law, you beat me or kill me, settle it once for all today Wait till the no moon day passes Didn’t I tell you? Every time he’s citing some reason to postpone it I feel you’ve some other idea If he’s insisting on it, why don’t you go ahead and fix it? Very important work is pending, I’ll fix after finishing it, aunt I can’t wait for few minutes also Father, uncle wants you to wait for sometime, right? You shut up! This is between elders, stay out of it Either you must be gentleman today or I must be a stupid idiot Okay, as you wish Let’s fix the marriage today to keep you happy I know you’ll never break your promise Uncle, please don’t mind my father Let’s wait till you’re free How long will you keep roaming? If you both get married, we’ll retire from life If not retire, withdraw But stay out of my life I don’t like this marriage What are you saying, you idiot? Will you keep shut or shall I beat you? Go away Uncle, you don’t take it seriously It has come to this stage so I’m telling you openly, I’ve never imagined Appu as my wife Congrats! You’ve come out boldly What’s that you don’t like in me?

Tell me – Actually we both don’t Go! If the boy doesn’t like her, what can we do? We’ll take leave Bye – Please don’t accept it Don’t agree! Leaving out a golden girl, go begging What does Appu lack? Isn’t she 24 carat gold? What’s this new twist? – Why is she rejecting her? My fate! He’s ruining my life to impress you Appu, you too tell you don’t like this marriage Why isn’t he listening to so many people’s advises? Is marriage his only problem? There are many problems linked to this house and marriage What do you know about her to fix my marriage with her? She can make Rayalaseema proud She can make the future husband’s life meaningful Beautiful girl shining like pearl Asking you to tie knot with her Telugu girl Girl with moonbeam filled bright eyes The girl wants you to hold her hand and take the vow SRI BALAJI Her words are fresh like the first rain It brought riches to the home Her smile is cradle of happiness If she becomes your partner, sorrows will vanish forever Though she’s a beauty, but she’s always 7 steps behind you She’s a bride-in-waiting on earth for you She’s a moon on earth Stop your nonsense! She always draws silly drawings in the book Should I marry her? Why do you look down as silly drawings? Why don’t you see the depth in it? Like a boat in the river Like an umbrella in rain Like a nest to the bird Like eyelid on eye Promising to be partner for life She’s telling it in her drawings She has turned her heart into the brush Uncle! I’ll marry Appu Thank God! Till now I saw her with eyes only, after hearing your song, I could see her with my heart If you weren’t here, I would’ve missed this Telugu girl You’ve made me lucky to get my treasure, thanks Ramu Brother-in-law, my foolish son has fallen in line Don’t delay any further, girls, get ready my daughter-in-law

What are you upto? Planning to pull someone’s legs? Brother-in-law, come here What’s it, Naidu? – You’ve caught a good man! Do you know this? He forced us to fix this marriage now Why are you feeling shy? Do you know he told me to threaten you or else you’ll not agree? I didn’t do anything Hesitation! I’m telling you now, one man like him can take on any number of men like them I’m altering a little in the program, Naidu What’s it? My blood is boiling to kill the man who killed my brother It’s not appropriate to fix marriage on his death anniversary What shall we do now? I’ll conduct the engagement in the temple of Lord Venugopalaswamy Temple is much better Engagement is in temple not here All of you get ready to go to temple All are leaving…you too! You’ve to step out, can’t avoid it You mustn’t come in – Why? Your aunt has become a bride Men shouldn’t meet her Go out What’s it aunt? Ask Ramu uncle to come to the basket store room Okay Tell him to come alone I’ll also play with you Appu, come let’s go to the holy Basil plant Please come here – Tell me Will you please give this letter to Srikanth? Why are you sending love letters now? Okay Very important letter, please He’ll give, you come Very important letter, please Be ready boys! Hack him into pieces! Okay brother What were you doing? My son Srikanth has become the groom

Where’s doctor? – Go straight and turn right Turn right – What’s this? Blank paper! Want medicine prescription? Okay, you go Elders! I’m the kinsman of Ramineedu What’s this? She gave a blank paper Blank paper why did you give me blank paper? Did you expect love letter? Though you’re smiling, I’ve seen you feeling sad inside I’ve understood why you’re doing like this Have you understood it? Thank God! Why didn’t you tell me this in train itself? I knew it after stepping into your home Coming, father-in-law What if my father comes to know this? He knows it already They’ll kill you That’s what making me tensed You do one thing, I’ll somehow convince my father, you come to Kaleshah Mosque, okay? How can I escape from so many people here? Hide in the flower baskets and come there Smaller ones aren’t enough, keep it there.- Okay madam You come here, keep the big basket here Here? – Yes What are you searching? What are these baskets for? These are offered to God for any function in this house Not there, this side Please come with me to upstairs Not outside the threshold, upstairs! Come Come! Sit there! You’ve fooled us by using my father’s sentiment I respect my father only not the tradition Your cries will not reach anyone outside this room I’ll kill you here, throw your body behind the wall, and tell my father I had killed you outside only Bloody rat face! I’ll hack you to death and avenge my uncle’s killing After years I got you! Where are you going now? Nobody should be here, all of you get going Why are you still here? All are going to temple, come Uncle asked for the festoon – Then, come fast He’s not seen anywhere, brother He’s hiding in the green basket I’ll call Mallanna Stop Bali! Neither father nor elder brother, I must avenge my uncle’s death Not outside the threshold but as the entire village watches, I’ll cut him into two pieces Keep an eye on the basket – Okay brother Father, I’ll bring the baskets to the temple using the short route

Okay. Be careful about the guest Keeping an eye on him, father – Okay, go Come on boys We’ve got ready the sacrificial goat we’ll offer it to you Float the lamps in the water I don’t like this marriage Ramu? – Yes Till a minute before I thought I was the luckiest man, Ramu is perfect match for you Ramu’s life is in danger, father knows everything I’m scared what will they do with him I’ll talk to your father, you meet Ramu Go I say! Go! I’ll cut him into two pieces in public He’s inside the home! Go…go boys! The heart beat is pounding like a drum beat The fast running and jumping legs are like the celestial dance of Shiva With the divine chant of 5 syllable word becoming his life Turning himself into Markandeya, the man who outwitted death Run Dash Why did you call me aside, son-in-law?

You want any dowry? Actually uncle…Appu doesn’t like this marriage She likes Ramu! Uncle…no uncle…no uncle Bal Reddy, don’t call them – How dare you cheat my boss! Where the hell did he drop down from? Hey buddy! Is it you? I knew you’ll come back for me How many days have passed since I carried you? Why are you hurt? Who are they? Come on start pedalling! Come on hop on! Sharp edges of the knives that cut the throats Stay away from it Make even the danger of taking life to take rest Ride the death that wants to bury you down the earth Give new lease of life the hope lost in the dreary desert Don’t stop getting tired, march ahead without break Trust that you’ll not die here Become courage to live and face the dangers Go man! Go back! Brother! If you remove this plank, nobody can cross this bridge

Yerraguntla railway station is a kilometre away Go fast Be careful! You please don’t come, go away I can never forgive your help in my life Though you know I’m your enemy’s son, you saved my life I was shivering fearing your father and brothers may kill me if I step out of home Trust me, I don’t feel like leaving this home What if father comes to know? He knows it already If you weren’t there – Look, he’s there sir You go away! I don’t know if I’ll meet you again in this life or not, I can only say thanks to you Bye Father, stop Please listen to me, father Stop! I’m telling you! Stop I say! Do you know who is he? He’s Raghava Rao’s son, who killed your uncle So what father? Will you kill him now for the feud between elders years ago? Poor man! He’s innocent! Please leave him brother, he’s innocent Put a plank! Go! No! Put it fast Stop! Put another one – No more planks Pull out from the bridge I must take his head today How dare you take my daughter! Father, it wasn’t his mistake I love him Does death have any meaning? After realising the value of life Won’t death too lose the battle once love sprouts I wanted to run away to save my life After knowing a girl like you loves me, is there any value to that life if I run away? Life or death is with you only How dare you hold my sister’s hand! Do you want my daughter? Father, don’t beat him

No…no brother I beg you father Please father Mallasuri, cut the hand Father Appu! Your love stopped up there, father! But his love was ready to die along with me If you still want to kill him, kill him, father Please forgive me, dear Bloody, not only I must carry you but your wife too In future your kids too! You’ll ruin…you’ll be ravaged