Volusia County School Virtual Board Meeting 06/09/2020

– [Colon] Chair Wright, we are live, so ready when you are – [Wright] Thank you We’ll give one more minute Good afternoon, it is 3:30, and we’re gonna call it our May 26, 2020 meeting to order at this time We will ask my vice chair woman, Linda Cuthbert, to lead the pledge of allegiance and the rest of us we’ll remain on mute Go right ahead, Mrs. Cuthbert – [Cuthbert] Thank you very much, madam chair I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and justice for all – [Wright] Thank you, Mrs.Cuthbert I’d like to welcome those that are tuning in virtually as well as my colleagues, that our on Teams with me to today’s meeting I have Mr. Carl Persis representing district four, Mr. Ruben Colon representing district five Mr. Ted Doran our board attorney, he is actually returning home He was finally able to locate a flight So we do have someone from his office joining us today Welcome on behalf of Mr. Dorin Mrs. Erin Leben, our agency clerk, Mrs. Jamie Haynes representing district one, Mrs. Linda Cuthbert, our vice chairman representing district three Our superintendent, Dr. Scott Fritz, and I’m Ida Wright, representing district two Your chair woman for this year Items for approval on the agenda, are items 1.03, 4.02, 15.01 and 17.01 through 17.04 Public participation There are four times on the consent agenda There are times on the consent agenda We have a 5:00 p.m time certain for anyone who would like to provide information or speak pertaining to the general public education in Volusia County, we’re have up to 15 minutes that will be provided to the public for that Time will be provided for public comments or any action item before a board vote is called Time will be provided at the end of our meeting for public comments for items of general interest pertaining to public education in Volusia County For public comments during the virtual meeting, please call area code (386) 734-7190, extension 20236 Again, that number is (386) 734-7190-7190 extension 20236 The district vision statement And we’re moving on to items 1.01 for district vision statement and board comments At this time, each of our board members are allowed to just talk a little bit about things

that are going on in their district And today I would like to start with district number five, Mr. Ruben Colon – [Colon] Hello everyone Once again, as everybody knows, we are preparing for or finishing up our distance learning as we prepare for the end of the school year And once again lots of families have reached out in support as well as thankful to all the work that our teachers staff has done Special shout out to those that help to clean up over at Pine Ridge that had a little water spill, pretty big water spill So special shout out to facilities and those folks that helped out with that cleanup Today I had the opportunity to participate in the Amazing Shake, where five students who were semi-finalists for Deltona Middle competed, where they had to get in front of a panel of judges And so they all did a really, really great job So shout out to Deltona Middle for that Other than that, thank you – [Wright] Thank you, Mr. Colon Moving on to district four, Mr. Carl Persis – [Carl] Thank you madam chair Yes, I had a good time handing out caps and gowns and whatever else they asked me to hand out last Friday night at Seabreeze High School Just great enthusiasm by the staff out there as they were dancing and shaking hands and music blasting and everyone and just being in a very good frame of mind It was wonderful to see the parents drive up, those they did with their children, grandparents, friends I saw everything, cars decorated, trucks Some students had two or three carloads of people with them So just a good time And I saw a lot of smiling high school soon to be graduating seniors Just made me to feel good So thank you, madam chair – [Wright] Thank you, Mr. Persis District three, Mrs. Linda Cuthbert – [Cuthbert] I too I want to salute our seniors I got to be at Spruce Creek High School as well as New Smyrna to watch the line of seniors That never happens on a regular school day So it was wonderful to see the kids so enthusiastic to be on a campus So salute to them from last week and also this week I’m sure they’re going to be honored by Honors Night when a lot of them received their scholarships and awards from four years of arduous work in high school And also a shout out to our retirees, especially our teacher paraprofessionals, our school way cafe, bus drivers our maintenance workers who are all retiring this year It’s always difficult to retire when there’s nobody really around us to slap you on the back and say, “You lucky dog.” But, thank you for your service It is a service to our children So thank you Thank you, Madam chair – [Wright] Thank you, Mrs Cuthbert, district one – [Jamie] Hi, everyone I also wanna reiterate what Mrs. Cuthbert just said to our retirees, because this is an unusual time and for the first time they’re walking away, but actually not having a chance to say goodbye to the students and the other faculty and staff that they have worked with for all of these years So thank you so very much to all of you that have dedicated your lives to helping us as a team, ensure the academic success of all of our students And we wish you well because there’s nothing better than starting a new chapter in your lives And we thank all of you But I also wanna say, as we’re winding down this week, I wanna thank every single individual in Volusia County Schools From the classroom teachers and paraprofessionals to the school way cafe and the bus drivers who got food out there, but also to the district staff that worked tirelessly to make sure things were up online and they did troubleshooting and got devices out in the hands of kids I wanna thank everyone because in just a moment, we turned around and went into a virtual world that we were not necessarily prepared for

or had practiced even to do that But I also wanna give a big thank you to every parent, guardian, grandparent, neighbors and friends that stepped up also to work with our children and to ensure that learning continued for them and that they had possibly a safe place to be And they had food to eat during this time So thank you everyone And to our seniors, your days coming, where we will all get to celebrate each and every one of you And we’re looking forward to that – [Wright] Thank you, Mrs. Haynes Dr. Fritz, anything? – [Fritz] No, ma’am not at this time Thank you – [Wright] Okay And I too had an opportunity to visit my high schools and went out to Mainland which is always a joy to see those seniors So we had a good time out to Mainland, but I’m gonna have to give a special shout out to Atlantic High School They did wonderful activity for their students from the parade led by the police department, Port Orange Police Department, Sheriff’s department, the horns blowing the music plan, something very similar to that of Seabreeze, Carl, and I believe Deltona, but they really threw a graduation party out at Atlantic So a big kudos out to Atlantic High School, Mr. Hinson, as well as to Mainland High School and the one and only principal out there I can’t say enough about Mr Huth, and the job he’s done stepping in this year, just to help Mainland High School So big shout out to both of them Looking forward to participating with my middle school activities acknowledging their eighth graders, as well as some of the elementary schools that will be acknowledging their fifth graders I too wanna thank all of our retirees This is kind of a bittersweet all the way to be saying goodbye or not just goodbye, but I’ll see you when I have time I don’t have a clock anymore I don’t have to get up at any particular time, but please enjoy your retirement We look forward to you coming back at any time to serve, to volunteer, or just to say hello I’m sure everyone in your respective departments would greatly appreciate that At this time I see Mr. Colon’s hand, Mr. Colon – [Colon] Yes I am almost embarrassed to say that I forgot the car parade at Galaxy, the parade at Deltona High and the pickup parade at University, which I had the pleasure of being a part of too All of these were parties and Pine Ridge Pine Ridge threw a heck of a party for their kids as well So that was amazing Shout out to you guys And like you said, we have lined up from now until the next two weeks So thanks – Thank you We’re moving on to agenda item 1.03, the approval of the minutes from our May 12th virtual meeting, is there a motion? – [Colon] Motion to approve – [Cuthbert] Second – The motion was made by Mr. Colon approved by Mrs. Cuthbert, any other discussion? Hearing none, Mr. Colon – [Colon] Yay – Mrs. Haynes – [Jamie] Yay – Mr. Persis – [Carl] Yay – Thank you Mrs. Cuthbert – [Cuthbert] Yay – And Ida, yay Thank you very much It was unanimous Moving on to items 2.01 agenda changes Superintendent Fritz anyone request a change to the agenda? – [Fritz] No ma’am they did not – Colleagues would any of you like to request a change to today’s agenda? – [Cuthbert] No – Hearing none, we will move on to 2.02 I entertain a motion for approval – [Carl] move approval – [Jamie] Second – Thank you The motion was made by Mr. Persis, second by Mrs. Haynes Any discussion? Not hearing any, Mr. Colon – [Colon] Yay – Mrs. Haynes – [Jamie] Yay – Mr. Persis – [Carl] Yay – Mrs. Cuthbert – [Cuthbert] Yay – And Ida, yay Thank you The vote was unanimous Moving on to items 3.01 Nope We will move on to I think 3.01 is a public participation at 5:00 PM

So we will come back to that We will move on to item 4.01, removal of items from the consent agenda Superintendent Fritz, any items to be removed from the consent agenda? – [Fritz] Yes, ma’am I’m requesting that we pull item 12.01 that is regarding the MOU with the County regarding shelters And that meeting is set with the County for June 4th, like the bill to bring that back to the June 9th school board meeting – Okay And what item numbers that again, 12 point I’m sorry? – [Fritz] 12.01 – Thank you Board members, Were there any items on the consent agenda that you’d want to discuss or have polled? Hearing none We’ll move to item 4.02 To accept the consent agenda as printed with the one correction removal of 12.01 I entertain a motion – [Cuthbert] Madam chair, I move that we approve the amended consent agenda – [Carl] Second – Thank you The motion was made by Mrs Cuthbert second by Mr. Persis Any discussion? Hearing none, Mr. Ruben Colon – [Colon] Yay – Mrs. Jamie Haynes – [Jamie] Yay – Mr. Carl Persis – [Carl] Yay – [Wright] Mrs. Linda Cuthbert – [Cuthbert] Yay – And Ida Wright, yay The vote was unanimous Thank you very much I would like to just take a moment to acknowledge item 12.02 on the consent agenda, which is the recognition of Volusia County Schools purchasing department for winning the Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials Award for excellence in procurement for 2020, for the fifth consecutive year So congratulations to that department Five years, so we’re looking for a year six, so continue with the great work And we’re really appreciative of all that you do in that department And, procurement is where we can actually save money, or we can lose money But evidently we are doing well and we’re saving And so we thank you for your negotiation and is that as we stated for your procuring skills for winning this award for the fifth year in a row Any comments colleagues? – [Cuthbert] Madam chair, congratulations to them It’s not an easy award to obtain Purchasing could make or break us and we certainly appreciate it And I think the finance department appreciates that as well So congratulations to that We can’t blow some horns – I agree with you, Mrs Cuthbert, thank you Moving on to items 13.01, superintendents announcements Superintendent Fritz – [Fritz] Yes, ma’am This is gonna be very short this week We have a lot on our agenda that we’ll be going through this evening But the one announcement I did wanna make was for the next school board meeting, which will be June 9th It’ll be virtually and it will be at 3:30 p.m And that’s it ma’am – [Wright] Thank you, sir We’ll move on to this is, I’m sorry, this was the public participation for the 5:00 p.m time certain For the other public participation related to the consent agenda Did we have any guests that want to speak to that? – [Schulz] No, we do not – [Wright] Thank you so much Moving on to 15.01, superintendent Fritz, administrative appointment and human resources update – [Fritz] Yes I’d like to start off by asking miss Brandy Hogue to come forward, because she’s gonna share with you a little bit about our exciting new principal internship cadre that we have, Mrs. Hogue – Hello, good afternoon Brandy Hogue, coordinator of Leadership Development Good afternoon, chairwoman Wright, members of the school board and superintendent Fritz It is my honor to announce the names of administrators selected for the 2020- 2022 principal intern cohort The principal interns were selected by a committee based on their application, a behavioral writing assessment an interview, and an in depth presentation with an emphasis on data and curriculum At this time, I’d like to present the following recommendations for the 2020-2022 principal intern cohort Jennifer Dietz, assistant principal at Champion Elementary,

Danielle Leffler, assistant principal at Mainland High School Kimberly Matthews assistant principal at Mainland High School, Timothy Merrick administrator on assignment New Smyrna Beach High School And finally, last but not least Dr. Jennifer, Susie Peterson and administrator of Volusia Online Learning Congratulations to our newest principal intern cohort – [Fritz] Yes ma’am Thank you very much, Mrs. Hogue Board members and community were extremely proud of these people entering this principal internship program It is a very rigorous effort and we want it to be so because we want the very best in our schools These individuals went through a grueling process, to be part of that internship opportunity And we will be looking at them as future principals in the near future I’d also like to go forward with appointments madam chair, whenever you’re ready – Before you do that Dr Fritz let me ask my colleagues if they have any questions about the principal internship program and in any of that So I see Mr. Persis hands raised Go ahead, Mr. Persis – [Carl] Thank you, Madam chair And Brandy, thank you for the presentation I did wanna ask a little bit about the categories if you will, the levels from which the principal interns came I noticed, I believe there was one elementary, three high school and one virtual school And perhaps you can elaborate on how you select those levels for the listening audience – Sure, no problem Thank you for asking We do not have a particular number from each level that we select It is just based on the performance of that particular individual coming forward There’s not a magic number So as far as our principal intern application process goes, it’s a multi metric application process and it consists of the individuals completing an application They also have a writing assessment, a behavioral writing assessment There is an interview that is conducted and they also do a formal presentation that aligns with the school improvement plan And it that’s all about data and curriculum And we have a committee that scores the performance with a rubric, and then we have the final results at the end And we look at those results and we determine the next group of our candidates based on those scores – [Carl] Yeah, I Perhaps I didn’t ask my question correctly I noticed there was not a middle school person in that group And was that because you don’t see a need in the near future for that category or were there other factors? – We did have a middle school candidate apply Mr. Persis, but the numbers, there were fewer middle school candidates that applied than the other levels – [Carl] Gotcha Thank you so much – You’re welcome – [Carl] Well, thank you, madam chair – [Wright] Mrs. Cuthbert – Hello Thank you Mrs. Hogue, this is a really fantastic group Can you tell me, I know two are Volusia County veterans and graduated from high school here in the County Tim Merrick and Jennifer Dietz, and for Jen I had her in the ninth grade and she has not changed one bit Bless her heart But what about the other three? Dan, Kim and Dr. Peterson, are they from Volusia County – Off the top of my head, I’m not sure if they’re products of Volusia County Schools Is that what you’re asking products of Volusia County Schools? – Yes – I’d have to go back and dig a little further I wouldn’t wanna give you misinformation off the top of my head on that – But it’s always nice to see who stays here, who has And that’s what we do at graduations We always tell the seniors, please stay here, raise your children here Be well employed here

And it’s always nice to have home grown kids – I still always say it’s a great day to be a hawk cause I am a product of Volusia County Schools – Well, good That still goes on and it’s also a good day to be a Cuda Alright, so for the orange and the red, here we go So congratulations to these five This is tremendous So thank you for all your hard work Thank you – Thank you – [Wright] Are you finished Mrs. Cuthbert – [Cuthbert] Yes, ma’am, I’m sorry Thank you – [Wright] Oh, not a problem I have a question for you And my question is probably more geared towards Dr. Fritz As we start our new process for principals, will the six candidates or the five candidates, will they be able to rotate where they will actually get experienced at all three levels and then get experience, well, four of them, experience in not just elementary, middle, and high, but will they get a chance to look at master schedules, discipline, every aspect of being a principal? – [Fritz] Yes Part of the internship program will certainly be to review various components that all principals have to have So if one happens to be a data AP now, for example, we want them to learn the roles of the the other assistant principals that are out there as well And the idea of learning multiple levels is very sound I do believe it it’s to everybody’s benefit to at least know two levels, if not all three, all three is a tall order And I would love to have all of our administrators be able to do elementary, middle, and high But one of the things that Mrs. Hogue and I have talked about is making sure that we give them vast experiences so that we broadened their pool If you look at our last board meeting, we appointed a new principal at Deltona High School And he had been at the elementary level at one point and had done a work as an intern at the high school level, and was ready to take on that role as a high school principal So we see the value in that and the merit of that And to answer your question, yes, we will – So will that require us to have additional AP so the four of them will have the real experience of not only just moving from grade levels, but looking at different positions? – [Fritz] Our goal is to be budget neutral as much as possible When we have the opportunity to transfer employees around to give them those experiences, I would prefer to start off with that way particularly where we’re at with our budget right now and in the state But as we go forward, that might absolutely require us to have additional allocations if we wanna make sure that they get those experiences – Okay And so I’m gonna throw this out to my colleagues as we talk about the budget moving forward, and we start next year, as you have conversations about the budget I would strongly recommend that we build that in, so that they really do get the number one to two experience And then they too kinda find out where they are best suited and better fit I think one of our concerns previously, Dr. Fritz was that they do all of the principal internship at one level or at one school, and then we have them in elementary Then we move them into high school or vice versa or middle school And so therefore it becomes somewhat a struggle or a learning curve And that’s kinda unfair to a new principal to have such a major learning curve because they just have not had that experience So I’m just saying that to my colleagues And as we talk about the budget in 21, 22 I see Mr. Colon and then Mr. Persis – So Dr. Fritz, I recall when you first came on, there was a conversation of what the future of identifying leaders would be And so for the benefit of the public and any educational leader that may be on here, do you recall, we said that each principal would identify certain leaders in their school and we’d begin to help get them where they need to be If you can, if not- – [Fritz] Sure – Bring back into the conversation – [Fritz] And I will tell you Mrs. Hogue was instrumental in putting together our leadership fair We were going to do a leadership fair We had asked each one of our principals to identify at least five people that we felt they would have the opportunity to learn more about leadership opportunities in Volusia County

That was supposed to be in April, and we all know what happened But that is still on the plan And in fact, it’s part of your strategic plan as we move forward under talent management That we ask our principals to help grow and to help tap people on the shoulder, if you will, so that we can get them to be a part of our aspiring leaders program You can be a teacher and be a part of that program You can be a guidance counselor You can basically do any job that’s instructional at a school campus or at the district level And if you choose to learn more about leadership In Volusia County, we’re gonna give you an opportunity four times a year to learn about that Your first orientation will be at a leadership fair that we will do in March or April Depending on the situation, we may shift that to the fall this year If we get back in, we plan to do it in April We may shift up to the fall and start that in October But that’s something that Mrs. Hogue will be in charge of The idea for that is if we bring together 150 people and they learn about the opportunities for leadership, even if only 30 or 40 people decide they wanna proceed forward That gives us a good start to pass the baton forward Because I tell our principals all the time that they’re 85 very special people, because nobody comes out of school ready to lead a school You don’t come out and graduate from UCF to be a principal when you’re 22, you have to learn that along the way And we pass the baton So hope that answers your question, Mr. Colon – Great It does And so then with that being said, the individuals that applied for the principal internship program and were not selected, is there a path where we can begin to work with those folks and say- – [Fritz] Absolutely I’m gonna share with you, everyone that did not get in we will coach them The goal is to get them in We will help them get ready for that because I like to say when we’re hiring assistant principals, that we’re not hiring assistant principals, we’re hiring future principals And so we can’t afford to have the pipeline clogged in any way Mrs.Hogue has heard me say many times that we’ll work with them to get them into the program and get the skills they need – Awesome And so the one thing I’ll say is that and I’ve said this before, is I’d like to see the process be more objective than subjective And so realizing that they have to go through interviews and do the NSA and all of that But I think that we’ve got folks that are out there that have prepared themselves to serve in our community And simply haven’t been given the opportunity to, so I’m excited about where we’re going and I’m excited that there will be a path where folks will be able to say, “Hey, I wanna step up, help me get there.” So thank you – [Wright] Mr. Persis – [Carl] Madam chair, if my virtual hand is up, I don’t know why (laughing) So, and I know not how to put it down So anyway no, I do not wish to speak again Thank you, Madam chair – [Wright] Not a problem Yes, your hand is up and I don’t know how to move them- (Carl laughing) Cuthbert help us with that, both of yours and Ruben’s is still out – [Carl] I wonder if I click on it on the second time- – [Colon] Yes Click on it a second time it goes away – [Carl] Is it now? Lower your hand Okay – [Wright] Thank you You’re okay now Thank you I want to make sure So Mrs. Cuthbert or Mrs. Haynes, any comments before we move forward? – [Cuthbert] No, ma’am, thank you – [Wright] Thank you Alrighty, I’ll go ahead I’m sorry, Mrs. Haynes, go ahead – [Jamie] I was just gonna ask what were the number of applicants that did apply to join this group? – We had 11 during this application cycle – So you had 11 apply and five were accepted? – Correct – Okay, thank you – [Wright] Is that it Mrs. Haynes? – Yes, ma’am That’s it, thank you – [Wright] Okay, thank you Dr. Fritz, is it possible and maybe later (indistinct) you and Mrs. Hogue can actually give us a full overview of how someone from a teacher actually get on the path to become an administrator or into a leadership role – [Fritz] Absolutely We would love to do that – Okay, thank you So Dr. Fritz it’s back to you – [Fritz] Okay Madam chair, I do have three appointment recommendations

to bring forward to the board this evening I’d like to start with the principal position at New Smyrna Beach High School I’m recommending Tim Merrick as the New Smyrna High School principal Mr. Merrick has been the assistant principal at New Smyrna High for the past 15 years I will tell you that personally, as a superintendent, I’m very, very grateful for Mr. Merrick and all the work that he’s done since we tragically lost Matt a few months ago and Mr. Merrick has really stepped up and made sure that that school continues to run and that the Cudas are taken care of That’s my recommendation, Mr. Merrick be the next principal for New Smyrna Beach, with the effective date of June 1st – [Wright] Thank you, Dr. Fritz You’ve heard the superintendent recommendation Is there a motion? – [Cuthbert] Madam chair I create a motion order that I accept the recommendation of the superintendent Thank you – [Wright] Thank you, Mrs Cuthbert, is there a second? – [Carl] Second – [Wright] The motion has been made by Mrs. Cuthbert, second by Mr. Persis, any discussion? – Madam chair I’d like to speak if I could – [Wright] You sure, may – Mr. Merrick is a graduate of (whir sound drowns out speaker) He has always lived in Southwest Georgia If anyone knows the family of New Smyrna Beach High School, it is certainly Mr. Merrick His children attend there, participate Mr. Merrick has had his hand in just about everything between physical ed and discipline and curriculum He has his fingers on the pulse of New Smyrna Beach High School I have never received so many emails from a diverse group of people in support of this gentleman So it’s quite a wonderful day in Cuda Nation They have Tim at the helm So thank you very much, Mr. Merrick You’re gonna be a great one So thank you – [Wright] Thank you, Mrs Cuthbert, anyone else? I ditto your sentiments, Mrs. Cuthbert I’ve heard nothing but great things about Mr. Merrick I too have been in a date and I think all of us have been receiving emails from Cuda Nation So congratulations, Mr. Merrick No other questions I’ll call for the vote, Mr. Ruben Colon – [Colon] Yay – Mrs. Jamie Haynes – [Jamie] Yay – Mr. Carl Persis – [Carl] Yay – Mrs. Linda Cuthbert – [Cuthbert] Yes – And Ida, Wright, yay And it was a unanimous vote Congratulations, Mr. Merrick Just welcome home You’re a Volusian and New Smyrna Beach person So welcome home And I’m sure Cuda Nation’s excited about having you there Superintendent Fritz – [Fritz] Yes Next is will be the principal recommendation for Pathways Elementary School I’m recommending Holly Bailey as the principal for Pathways Elementary Miss Bailey’s worked in Volusia County for 21 years and has been an assistant principal for the last six years Currently, is that Southwest Middle Mrs. Bailey would have an effective start date of June 1st – [Wright] You’ve heard the recommendation of the superintendent Is there- – [Carl] Move approval – [Wright] Is that you Mr. Persis? – [Carl] Yes, it is – [Wright] Okay, thank you – [Colon] Second – [Cuthbert] I second the motion – The motion was made by Mr. Persis, second by Mr. Colon Any discussion? – [Carl] Yes, madam chair – [Wright] Go right ahead – [Carl] Thank you, Madam chair I just want to say congratulations to Holly Bailey You are one lucky woman because you are going to a super school It’s called a Patriot Paradise and I look forward to meeting you and helping you in any way that I can And I know the faculty staff and Pathway community will be there to welcome you as well So just wanted to offer my congratulations to you, Holly – [Wright] Thank you, Mr. Persis Anyone else? – [Cuthbert] Yes, madam chair I do not know this young lady, but I look forward to meeting her and that’s what’s so sad about us meeting virtually, that we don’t get to congratulate everyone in person because this and they don’t even get to say anything

But hopefully soon we will hear from all of them And I look forward to visiting this young person at Pathways So congratulations – [Wright] That is correct, Mrs. Cuthbert I agree with you That is the downside of virtual meetings, but Mrs. Bailey, congratulations We look forward to meeting you and let’s success Actually, my sons actually went to Pathway And so again, congratulations Any other comments? – [Jamie] Madam chair This is Jamie I’d like to take a moment to congratulate Holly I’ve known her since she was a teacher at Orange City Elementary, when I met her there And then she became the academic coach and I had the opportunity to work with her And so I’d like to congratulate her on this new appointment and I wish her the best, and I to miss the part where we don’t get to see everyone in person And it will be nice when we can go back to that But thank you – Not a problem Any other comments? Hearing none I’ll call for the vote Mr. Ruben Colon – [Colon] Yay – Mrs. Jamie Haynes – [Jamie] Yay – Mr. Carl Persis – [Carl] Yay – Mrs.Linda Cuthbert – [Cuthbert] Yes – And Ida Wright, yes The vote was unanimous Dr Fritz – [Fritz] Yes, ma’am, our last appointment for this evening, board, you know how important CTE is to all of us It’s an area that we feel like that we can do very, very great things for students to give them a beacon for once they leave our high schools I am pleased to recommend a Bree Castelli as the CTE coordinator Mrs. Castelli comes to us from Hillsborough County Schools where she’s been the CTE supervisor for the last five years One of her primary responsibilities has been to oversee that develop and to enrich NAF academies Mrs. Castelli has an effective start date of July 1st – Thank you, Dr. Fritz You’ve heard the superintendent’s recommendation Is there a motion? – [Carl] move approval? – Is there a second? – [Cuthbert] Yes, ma’am, there is a second – Thank you The motion was made by Mr. Carl Persis, second by Mrs. Linda Cuthbert Is there any discussion? No one raised their hand Okay No discussion – [Cuthbert] Wait, I’m sorry, Mrs. Wright CTE is such an important part as Dr. Fritz said in our county She comes to us we’re looking for strong leadership in a direction that will work with career source as well as our community economic development institutions And it’s wonderful to have someone with I guess school-based experience in CTE, Career Technical Education So I welcome this young lady also to our county And I wish her the very best she has some great fabulous specialists who can ease her transition to the very best So congratulations to her Thank you, Madam chair – [Wright] You’re welcome Mrs. Haynes, Mr. Colon, Mr. Persis, any comments? Hearing none, go right ahead Mr. Colon – [Colon] I said I have none – Oh, you have none Okay I’ll call for the vote Mr. Colon – [Colon] Yay – Mrs. Jamie Haynes – [Jamie] Yay – Mr. Carl Persis – [Carl] Yay – Mrs.Linda Cuthbert – [Cuthbert] Yes – And Ida Wright, yes And the vote is unanimous Dr. Fritz, did you have another or It was just three – [Fritz] It’s just three today ma’am – okay Thank you Moving on to items a 16.01, but again, we wanna thank all of our new appointees for our two that were promoted Congratulations and our new CTE congratulations And we look forward to meeting you 16.01 FADSS human resource study, superintendent Fritz – [Fritz] Thanks, madam chair Board members you’ll remember six months ago when I started we had lots and lots of conversations about how to improve our human resource department and our delivery to our schools And in December, we actually sent out a survey

being prompted by FADSS to make sure that we could collect that information, that input from our end users on how to improve our human resources department I’m very happy and grateful that we have folks here from FADDS with Dr. Vogel’s team and our own Mark West, is our chief of HR, they’re gonna walk through a PowerPoint, highlighting those recommendations from this FADDS study for the human resources department and our services And then Mr. West is also gonna share with you some of the things that we’ve already started to do So Dr. Vogel, I turn it over to you and Mr. West or Mr. Reichert, if it’s gonna be you – Yes Dr. Fritz, can you hear me and see me okay? – [Fritz] Yes, sir we can – Very good Thank you I apologize, Dr. Vogel will not be able to be with us today We had an unexpected change in another schedule So he is covering that meeting And I do have Steve Bouzianis, who’s also was part of our study team He is with us and we’ll be kind of alternating our coverage They have the different topics So I don’t know if you would like for maybe Mr. West to do a intro, would you like me to get into the presentation? – [Fritz] I’d just like to say, I really appreciate John and Steve being here today Erin is gonna walk us through the the PowerPoint and I’ll kinda wrap up at the end of each slide and let you know So Erin, go on to the next slide and John I’ll let you get it – [Wright] Excuse me for just a moment, Superintendent Fritz can John and his guests, just introduce themselves and tell a little bit please – [Fritz] Absolutely John and Steve – Yes Madam chair and members of the board. I’m John Reichert And I had about 41 years with Seminole County Public Schools And I wanna kind of start off by saying it’s good to be back with the Volusia County School Board and doing their presentation this afternoon during our previous superintendent search over there We just had some great experiences and our superintendent search team met a lot of really wonderful dedicated people So it’s really an honor to be back talking with the board today A quick review of my years in Seminole, I began, of course, as a classroom teacher had about five years as a dean after that And then about 10 years as an assistant principal at the high school level Following that, I moved into HR around 1985 in state supporting the HR and overseeing the HR department professional standards in payroll until I retired in 2013 And subsequent to that we’ve been conducting along with Steve and Dr. Vogel, some HR departments studies across the state I think as of this year we’ve been at about 25 districts and that’s been some wonderful experiences in doing those studies And also I worked some as you know, with Andrew Messina doing superintendent searches across the state of Florida So that’s a quick summary Mr. Bouzianis – [Bouzianis] Okay Can you hear me? – [Fritz] Yes, we can hear you – [Bouzianis] All right Good afternoon board members, superintendent Fritz, and Mr. West, my name is Steve Bouzianis I’ve worked in Florida for 38 years, even though I still have the Massachusets accent, I consider myself a true Floridian I’ve spent, like I said, 38 total years in Florida education right down the middle I spent 19 years in St. Lucie County I started as the teacher of middle school math went on to teach language arts, social studies gifted became a guidance counselor at the middle school, high school level, then a guidance director at the high school level, and then moved over to personnel In 1995 I had an opportunity to move up to Seminole and work with Mr. Reichert And I started there as a human resources administrator working in certification, later became director of employee relations And my last position in Seminole was director of HR for staffing personnel systems, service and operations So I retired after my 35 years in the drop program, got called back after my year and was asked, “Steve, would you like to come in and work in the fingerprint department, help us get the school year started?” And I said, “Sure, they’d just be a couple of months.” Well, a couple of months turned into three years, so I was happy and really learned a great deal about fingerprint processing badges, contractors,

and vendors So the braided degree from Pittsburgh So I continued in that capacity until the fall of 2015 since then, I’ve had the great pleasure of working on these consulting teams, working with many, many school districts as, as John mentioned, I think he mentioned 24 I think that’s what we’re up to So we’ve had the great opportunity to share kind of the best practices with other school districts And we were able to do some of that here in Volusia So it’s a great honor and pleasure to be here today I’m gonna turn it back over to John to get started, and we’re gonna go through, excuse me, the PowerPoint presentation and give you the best of our recommendations Thank you – Thank you, Steve Members of the board superintendent Fritz, and Mr. West, basically our study it follows the methodology and supports the work of Betsy Arons Betsy is the chief executive officer of the Urban Schools, HR Academy and former CPO in New York city in Montgomery County Maryland She has trained FADSS superintendents now for a number of years through the FADSS association And I know that Mr. West is familiar with her work and also members of your FADSS team has participated in Mrs. Arons presentations and trainings over the last few years And a lot of her work drives what we do in our HR studies Mrs. Arons believes that principals are the primary customers of the HR department HR needs to kind of go beyond just transactional processing of work and proceed into customer through transformational services that will help improve the education outcomes for students in our school districts We did conduct a survey prior to our three days of being onsite and preparation for this study There were 69 principals who participated in that study Part of this errands belief is that 90% of principals in a school district should or should be supportive and positive with the output that comes from their HR departments We did not have any areas that rose to that 90% level based on the input that we received from principals who answered a total of 17 questions as a part of that survey And there were some high areas such as about 60% of the principals believed that the district handles misconduct in a positive way And about 44% indicated that the standard of conduct expected in Volusia who has upheld as incidents rose, which they had to respond to There was some very positive notes on the strengths of the job fairs and some of the recruitment efforts that were going on And we’ll certainly we’ll touch on that a little later So that’s kind of a quick overview of the philosophy behind our stern studies and the primary one is that principals are the primary customer for HR, and then we jump into the employees and recruiting and services So that’s a real quick overview At this point, what I would like to do Steve and I are gonna kind of break up topics as we move through the slide presentation So at this point Mr Bouzianis Will jump in and start addressing the items on slide number three – [Bouzianis] Okay Thank you very much The first recommendation was an obvious one to improve customer service procedures It was very rewarding to talk to the entire staff And as a group, they recognize that positive customer service experiences is a necessary priority, especially to the school sites And that’s gonna lend itself into the second recommendation I’m gonna talk about There seem to be a lack of cross training within the department However, numerous employees expressed a strong willingness to be trained in other areas There was a sense that there was an excessive maybe separation of duties within the department The next thing that we saw that really needed to be implemented that would really help everybody was the who to call list There was a who to call list in terms of an organizational chart that listed the duties and responsibilities for each EHR staff member, but they did not appear to be any public access to that document with telephone numbers Here’s what Steve does Here’s what John does those So a detailed current who to call lists could be created

and disseminated to all HR customers The next thing was, in terms of customer service was to kinda fine tune the communication process We just did (jumbled speech) And again, it’s pie into what our second recommendation is We are recommending that you be an annual meeting of HR school contacts and the applicable HR staff could be held to discuss HR procedures and the ways they could be modified or improved In terms of customer service Again, just to share an idea that we actually did in Seminole, that was recommended by our superintendent prior to Dr. Vogel, Paul Haggerty He started off and asked administrators to update the voicemail on a daily basis Give you an example My name is Steve Bouzianis I’m the director of HR, today is May 26th, and I will be unavailable from 3:30 to 5:30 due to a meeting with the school board That way, if a person called me, they could find out, well, Steve’s not gonna be here So I don’t expect him to call back at this point He’ll probably call me back in the morning, or you could even take that one step further to say, “If you need a meeting, you may contact John Reichert at XYZ number So this is something that helped us tremendously And it was amazing The accolades that we got as an HR department, simply by just taking the time to change that voicemail on a daily basis And Mr. Reichert in turn, took it one step further and not only had the administration (jumbled speech) Oh, am I still there? – [Fritz] Yes We can hear you – [Bouzianis] I’m sorry I have to update their voicemail on a daily basis as well So there is school contacts Will know , “Well, Steve is gonna be available, ask John, to get an answer to this question.” The next item is to restructure the HR department We felt that in order to receive better service with schools sites that a possible reorganization could take place And what we mean by that would be a realignment of the job responsibilities, and to assign at least five HRS assistants, to handle all the schools and departments They could be divided up elementary, middle, high school Usually the way that it’s been done, that someone would have a couple of elementary schools, the middle school, high school, that type of thing So the EHR assistant would have departments and schools They will be the point of contact for a school, contact them and work with them one-on-one to help them with their HR needs This in essence would replace the current three team setup It’s set up I know with applications, hiring and job records So what happens is I guess the way it was working for Mo, we were saying is that it will eventually would travel between the three teams This would replace that And basically the HR assistant would take the school site for their new hires, if this was a new hire situation It would take them from point A to point Z and they would work one on one with their schools However, taking that one step further, there are specialized areas, such as certification, public records, school board agenda, family medical leave We are recommending that if such a reconstruction took place, that there would be those unique items that would still be handed out to an individual rather than having everyone, for example Not everyone could be trained in certification You would have a certification point of contact Also in terms of the restructuring, we felt like an HR procedural manual should be created as soon as possible But a very positive aspect was that some of the HR staff had already on their own kind of created their own individual, a digital manual So part of the work is already done and it would really kinda kick start that process And if such a reorganization took place, all of the people in the HR department could participate in putting together this team Next recommendation is the application hiring and onboarding Probably, for principals, the onboarding issue

was probably a paramount interest to them What they felt like they needed to get their people on board as quickly as possible And they felt like sometimes the process took too long, but we really look at depth at this particular area What we are recommending is that maybe a committee consisting of HR staff and principals and hiring managers should be formed to review the application, hiring onboarding process And important goal should be to make the overall hiring process as customer friendly, as possible As part of that process, we are encouraging Mr. West and staff to possibly establish a definitive closing date for all posted vacancies What we found is when vacancies were poking, they all had an until field closing date So it was difficult to tell, well, does a position ever close? Is it filled with a substitute? Position still available? So we were not sure of exactly what the status was And I know as board members, you would like to know how many vacancies do we have and you particular point in time So what this process would involve possibly would be that a position would be advertised could be three days, could be five days, could 10 days, whatever the process is going to be But then at the closing date the position, if the principal is not found a satisfactory candidate for the position, the principal would then based on an email, a phone call again, to their HR specialist, their HR assistant, they could simply request to have that position re advertised online The position would be identified as a re advertisement with possibly a little disclaimer next to that, that would say, pre applicants are still being considered, you need not apply a second time This I think was an issue of some of the principals They felt like people applying for positions multiple times, which again, cause their workload to increase ‘Cause they’d have to go through the resumes a second time So this is again, just a simplistic way of doing it and allowing the position to be re advertised And then go ahead and look at those people a second time Also, we felt like a resume should be a required part of the application process It helps screen those individuals who might not be qualified whatsoever Principals said they spent a lot of time reviewing candidates who were not even eligible for the position – So if I can just jump in here, Steve, thank you for that Just to kinda wrap up on this particular slide and guys, I’m gonna say, I’ve spoken to each of the board members and about this and I think you guys can share how excited I am about what John and Steve have said up to this point I’ll go back just for a minute to what John said about it being based on Betsy Arons and the work that she has done with a number of districts across the district That’s why it’s so totally lines up with and how excited I was in coming in and being able to see what they’re presenting here Just to go back and her comment about the principal is the customer in this particular case And when I first got here and kind of put that presentation to my HR staff they were excited about that opportunity So what you’ll see as they started working on that customer service improvement right away And meeting with a number of the principals and the HR team to get what their input was on establishing procedures that we could streamline hiring, kind of was the impetus to get all of this in place We’ve already assigned our current HR personnel, those five, our HR assistants, we call them HR reps now And, I think you all are aware that they actually are assigned to individual schools and to take them, as Steve said from A to Z the entire hiring process And so every principal knows exactly who they’re going to go to It’s the HR rep that they need to find out what they need to do to get that employee hired And I will tell you, I was really excited that and Steve mentioned this also, the HR reps actually, they were the ones who revamped the onboarding process and wrote their own manual

So it’s really exciting some of the things that we’ve been able to put in place based on these recommendations So I’m gonna move on to the next slide And I think John, or I’m sorry Yeah, I think on the next slide there Steve, you’re starting off with that with onboarding [Bouzianis] On the onboarding, we had three procedures that we were potentially recommending And I know (indistinct) has jumped right on this already But we thought that the district might consider the possibility of completing the fingerprint process in house With the fees that are associated with processing the prints, will help offset the cost of implementation That was a process that we used in Seminole where basically the funds we use to hire, I came in and worked in fingerprint for time That part of the position was paid or from the funds that were generated from fingerprinting Second, we felt the certification clearance should occur prior to the formal request to hire from the school It was going, the certification clearance was happening on the backend After the principal had recommended the person and that person without a field while we felt like, well, that should be identified on the front end rather than the backend And I know this is something that Mr. West has already started pursuing The third item, as you can see, is to consider a payroll deduction, to pay for fingerprints and drug testing We know, especially with younger teachers that are getting into their first teaching position, they don’t have a lot of money to put forward, especially when they haven’t started the job yet So you might wanna consider a payroll deduction that would be taken out of their first paycheck that could cover the fingerprints and drug testing Using items like this, and also the quick process I’m gonna outline, could cut down the onboarding process We felt to maybe a three to five day working clearance window The principal would contact the certification office with certification clearance If the person happened to be out of field, then approval would be received from the applicable director or area superintendent prior to the job offer The principal would then contact the candidate and offer the position, touch based with the HR contact, find out if there’s anything lacking to complete their application, and give them a date for the new employee orientation, their fingerprints to be done, and the drug test to be done And then lastly, the principal would submit the request to hire for the HR contact when the fingerprints and drug test results come back and are cleared, then HR would contact the principal to determine the effective start date I know it sounds cumbersome as far as the four step process, but it could happen very quickly and get within that three to five day working window, Mr. West – Actually, I’m gonna let John go ahead and finish with the rest of the bullets and I’ll wrap up at the end – [John] Okay Very good Mr. West, if I could, at this point, I just have to say that your FADSS team really has to command the HR staff They were very open and honest with their input while we’re there on site And as you know, we interviewed every HR staff member They were very positive with their attitudes and moving forward under the leadership of Mr. West And they were excited about some of the things that they thought were coming forward and made some strong recommendations of how to improve the processes their in HR So I think it’s a great staff who really is gonna move forward with their efforts in supporting some of the changes that the district may want to include Moving on to my section on board policies for personnel, we did review all the HR personnel policies that were in the – I’m sorry Go back Erin, I’m sorry He’s on the middle of the screen There you go Keep on going John – [John] Good We did review the 22 policies that existed in the HR section of your board policy book They cover things like the application process, certification, academic degrees, part of personnel, a variety of issues We did notice though that some of the language in certain policies was outdated, when compared to some of the procedures that were established within the HR department while we were there on site For example, the policy that looked at charges for copying public records, the policy had a different charge than what the procedures were set up for currently in the HR department There was some reference to paying staff members,

instructional and administrators for advanced degrees And as you know, that statute did change around July of 2011 to where they have to have those degrees certified as a certification area on their certificate and has to be paid in the form of a supplement So there were some policies that we found that really were somewhat outdated And we also noticed that some of the statutory reference numbers, there were the old reference numbers that ran the two hundreds When you look at HR policies or statute statutes that cover HR policies, and of course now that personnel chapter has been renumbered to 10 12 So there is a recommendation that we kind of undertake, or the HR departments undertakes a systematic plan process by which they will review their HR policies, make sure that they have policies that cover some of these statutes that require policies And we will say this to them that this is a monumental task policies are not easy to get everyone’s input and update on So we recognize it’s a major task There may be a need to expand the policy updates to other departments But if it’s kind of a plan systematic approach, you kinda take a piece at a time start with a standard of policy format for all of your policies Have maybe each department looking updating, you’ll probably need to get legal counsel to review those policies, and then eventually they would come for board approval So that’s some of our input and recommendations on the board policies With regard to employment history checks, a number of years ago, the state approved the Education and Equity Act, which required school districts to do three things with regard to reference checks They required districts to make sure they check the references for the last employers of a new hire They also indicated that every school district must check the certification database to see if there’s any pending issues from any kind of background concerns And also districts are required to check the PPS educator misconduct site Basically Volusia County is doing and they are doing, and we’re doing all of those things So there’s not really any concerns there with them not meeting the requirements of these employment history reference checks The only thing I would kind of add on that is that there were some concerns from principals that are we to check employees with only who were employed for the last 10 years, or is there any work that the HR department is doing? So I think they’re really making sure that all principals and your hiring managers kinda know what the district’s policy is going to be on reference checks And of course the statutory requirements address instructional staff and administrative staff And so what is the requirement for reference checks on your non-instructional staff who were being hired? I think some clarification would be helpful for building principals and hiring managers – Yes, sir So just to let, I’m sorry, are you done Mr. Reichert? – [John] Yes – Okay I just wanna let kinda the update some of the board members, we, kinda going back earlier with the fingerprinting particularly, we have requested a bid for a fingerprint machine for purchase So we’re in the process of looking because we recognize using those third party vendors, that’s a lot of the time what the delays were with getting those clearances done But we actually, I met with both the fingerprinting vendors and the drug testing vendors And we’ve reduced that down to three days right now for both of those So that’s a positive, and that’s why we’re able to actually get within that five day working clearance window We also have met with legal regarding some of the board policies as Mr. Reichert said, it an elephant that we’re gonna have to eat one bite at a time, but we’ve already had one meeting with legal We’re gonna be bringing some of the very, I’m gonna say very obvious policy changes to you all And at the late June meeting So we’ll be bringing those forward as well And so next slide, Erin There we go – [Bouzianis] Okay I was going to take that HR and budget We felt that HR needs regular access to the school staff

and reports to help monitor vacancies The way we understood it right now that HR has to request from the budget office, school by school listings for staff and budget office It’s our experience that HR and budgets should work together to balance that staff portion of the district’s budget I didn’t realize it until my very last year Dr. Vogel was the one that brought it to my attention one day He said, “Steve, you realize, you’re doing all this work with staffing Staffing is usually 85% of the school districts budget.” I said, “Oh my goodness, Dr. Vogel I didn’t know that before I retired, otherwise I would have retired earlier That’s a huge responsibility.” But it really is when you look at it, making sure that you keep those vacancies filled, making sure that you can account for the personnel budget It’s extreme, a lot of responsibility So we felt like I said that the two departments work in tandem And lastly, efforts need to be made to advertise vacancies earlier Again, compliments go to Mr. West staff, they have jumped on this one very, very quickly And I know he’s gonna update you with some figures I believe later, as far as where you stand right now on vacancies But and I just wanted to echo what Mr. Reichert said, the enthusiasm of the superintendent and Mr. West and the HR staff I haven’t talked to Mr. Reichert specifically about this, but I think he would agree, from the time that we submitted our report That was April, and here it is really the end of May and they have implemented, they have really gone gangbusters on this and getting things in place for the future So kudos to Mr. West and staff, and again, the superintendent for kick-starting this process – Thank you, Steve Moving quickly into the supplements, a section that is up on the slide Supplements are currently evidently in the fall, the HR sends out a list and principals kind of update on who they want to receive supplements We would recommend that if at all possible that during the annual reappointment cycle where you start making your recommendations for the reappointment of annual contract staff or the subsequent year, that if at all possible that principals receive an automated supplement list as kind of to a company that staff recommendations for a supplemented positions that principals know they’re gonna have for the next year, they can go ahead and make those recommendations It would give HR staff a little more time to process and kind of let the supplement reappointment process run alongside of your annual reappointment process And we know that there may be spring and winter sports, where the principal would not know, and those recommendations can come at a later date Also it was our understanding that principals are given a dollar amount, or a funding cap to appoint supplements, and some supplements may be appointed differently at each school It was a little concern that would you be able to make sure that you’re applying your coaching supplements equitable with regard to gender equity with a boys teams and girls teams? So there might be a need for the district to look at Should there be some kind of standard staffing allocation for coaching different sports For tennis, do you need a boys and girls head coach? Yes Do you need an assistant coach? Well, maybe depending on the size of the team, would you need an assistant coach? So there are some ways to kind of come up with a staffing matrix that you would staff each sport to kinda get a handle on the budget that is being used each year, and also assuring that you’re addressing the gender equity issue the on an equal basis The other thing was that the appointment of supplements evidently annually, each appointment has to come in to the HR department That appointment is accompanied by three or four written documents I think it’s a requisition supplement performance order And then the other one is called a performance standards document So, and these documents and this reappointment process for supplements are really repeated year after year after year So, and we know as you do that, there are some outstanding coaches or other supplemented individuals in the district who have held these positions for a number of years, and some automated system

to simply say at reappointment time, if the principal recommends your course director to receive that supplement for another year, that it’s a roll forward for the next year And so we encourage the IT department to work with the HR department, to really come up with some automated system where supplements, unless a principal makes an exception to these, his supplement, listing to terminate or transfer a supplement, then those supplements are or move forward And you don’t really have this redundant year after year keeping the same stuff once for the same people and, and getting the same three, four hard copy documents that has to be scanned and filed for those coaches, and or the other supplemented positions With regard to the substitute teachers Of course the district uses the SIM system And I will say that I think there were some very good organization in establishing the process to support subs in the district to hire subs I think there was an indication that they have about 75 new substitutes that go through the application process that they go through kind of the new employees sub process each month And they have about 75 for each session, which is good Their fill rate was 85 to 95% which again is, a very good fill rate for substitute teachers The only thing we would maybe consider, the district consider is that currently, if you’re a retired teacher say, you have teachers retired this year And based on the return for employment guidelines FRS has, if that teacher is ready to return to maybe substitute teach, the prior process requires that substitute or that retired teacher to really go through the whole application process Our thought would be that there needs to kind of be a fast track version for any retired teacher or other retired employee who may wanna come back and be a substitute teacher Certainly fingerprinting, because they may be out for a period of time, but fingerprinting the drug testing, but a lot of the paperwork and other documents should be maintained in the current HR system So if they do wanna come back that they don’t really have to go through that whole process again So there’s just a couple of quick comments about substitute teachers – What I was gonna say about that slide, John, is that, and then we just to let the board members know, and I think you all know Deb and I were attached to the hip for almost three weeks doing the allocation process and not only just Deb from finance, but also Carmen with teaching and learning the assistant superintendent We were all meeting together with that process when we actually collaborated with the principals on that Because we recognize how important what an important part the personnel part is of the district’s budget As Steve said, it’s 85% usually or more of our district budget So we worked really hard on that And Deb and I are continuing to work on the supplement and substitute piece to bring that equity lens of what John was talking about and making sure that every school is consistent and we have what we need our school for kids So that’s really important for what we have in that And that’s where we are there So Erin, next slide Okay, John – Is that slide up, Mr.West? – Yeah, John, it is, it’s an instructional administrative company – Okay It’s kinda frozen on my end, but I’ll go ahead With regard to the contracts upon our review, it appears that the district has used a contract for instructional staff for public schools for a first year teacher And as you know, that we had some changes in statutory language a number of years ago that referred to probationary status for imploringly employees newly hired to a school district And we just think that it would be beneficial if the district would consider establishing a specific probationary contract to be used specifically for probationary teachers That would certainly have a specific start and ending date It would have the terms and conditions of employment as you would for your annual contract,

but as you know, probationary teachers can be released without cause or may resign or that a breach of contract So we think it has some clearer(jumbled speech) probationary contract and your annual contract So we’re recommending that the district work to really establish a specific probationary contract and a specific annual contract With regards to some of the board agenda and personnel items We did review multiple board action agendas with regard to personnel They do contain the required things with regard to appointment transfers, terminations, appropriate leaves and things of that nature However, for some of the newly hired appointments, the board was approving the person, let’s say the recommendation was for an annual, for a contract of employment It wasn’t specific to, is this a probationary contract or is it an annual contract? So we would recommend that those contracts for appointments were instructional staff be probationary status specific or annual contract status specific As you know, there is no more opportunities for PSE contracts So each instructional appointment should really be probationary if they’re new to the district, and re-appointments have annual contracts or probationary staff should move in the arena of annual contract as well The other issue on contracts is, it was our understanding that annually, the HR department takes all instructional staff members to the board for the appointment As you know, the district still has some professional services, contract employees instructional staff There are some instructional language that talks about professional services contract employees that they have an expectation of continuing employment, unless they’re signed with some of the issues that can cause for that contract to be terminated So we would suggest that maybe the legal counsel for the district look at the real need to carry forward all PSE persons to the board for reappointment, because the lack of any action to terminate a professional services contract, will more or less mean that there is entitlement to it But again, that may be something that legal services would like to review with the district leadership to determine if that is a necessary to continue as well Mark my screen is still frozen, but- – Yes, sir Just the personnel files and job description, and those are kind of just procedural things that we had talked about – With regard to personnel files Of course, as you know, that the HR department is moving toward electronic retention of personnel files, which I think is a very good thing You do have to kind of start somewhere So you may have the department with some electronic files on an employee with regard to maybe evaluations and other documents that they’re maintaining electronically And then the HR department also has a hard copy file for these employees So I think there has to be a low attention to making sure that we’re not missing documents and eventually those hard copy files that are maintained for each employee could be merged into the electronic files as well The other we’ll comment on personnel files would be that, I think some of those schools staff we’re not quite sure of, let’s say if an employee is been there at their school for 10 years they’re now transferring to another school What do they do with the school personnel file? Do they send that to HR? Do they send it forward to where the employee is transferring to? And or they just simply keep it there at their school for a number of years So I think there was some uncertainty on the part of school staff in really how to process the personnel file when the employee leaves that school So I think just some clarification there, because you don’t want to have a public record request, you provide them everything you have at the district office and the current school that maybe the employees but they still have a file left at a previous school So I think just some clarification there would certainly be helpful Under job descriptions

When we first started to look at job descriptions, we tried to find kind of a master list of job descriptions that are approved by the board and the district And there was not a singular master list You really had to kinda go to the application page, the application for a job page, and kind of look for job descriptions there So it would be I think appropriate to consider having a master list for your principals to access, if they wanna clarify the job duties of a certain position, if they need to perform some assessment on that employee So in kind of looking at all the job descriptions a kind of clean procedure would be to have a standard job description format Some of the job descriptions were in different formats and contain some different information Again, create that master list and update that master list and the jobs as needed And to really look at some process that if a job description needs to be updated, that it initially begins in the HR department It kinda moves through the superintendent’s leadership team to make sure it’s appropriate, be revised or approved, and certainly new job descriptions before new job descriptions are established There really needs to be some level at the superintendents leadership team to approve that before we move forward with that So just some procedures on how to create new jobs, update job descriptions, and also potentially eliminate a certain position So some procedures in that arena would be appropriate Kind of moving along to recruitment and retention on seven I will say that I think the district’s coordinator recruitment and retention is really doing a very good job and a very intense job of recruitment Some of the materials that she provided me to kinda look at recruitment and retention I mean, it was a stack of materials, very good materials It wasn’t just paper There were recruitment schedules were developed in advance The job fairs, they were well planned out the Volusia County Job Fair, people or administrators who attended that job fair, they had package prepared There were some communication with deans of colleges where they were looking to recruit from the internship Senior intern orientation program was a very good program with a lot of good materials I really think that the efforts there have already improved under Dr. Fritz and Mr. West I know that allocations were authorized a lot earlier this year than in years past, because from what we found with years past, you were having recruitment fairs and the allocations for staffing of school for the next year weren’t really out yet So it was difficult for principals to say, “Yes, I would like to hire you, but I don’t have my allocations yet.” So I think there’s already a lot of movement on the part of the Mr West and the HR department to kinda get those allocations set with the finance budget department in advance of these recruitment fairs So principals can actually hire on the spot Volusia is doing a very good job with offering contracts of employment And if those contracts or of employment are offered to a Volusia intern, or if they’re offered to a critical needs area, such as advanced placement chemistry teacher, that means that we’re hiring you based on that principal’s recommendation So there are some very good things I think to really support those efforts, we’d recommend that maybe the district consider just creating a formal recruitment and retention plan booklet or document, where you kind of put all these things together to really see what you’re doing, what’s been effective, what has worked well And it also can be shared with interns It can be shared with the deans of colleges and universities, and they really are saying Volusia is serious about these recruitment efforts So there were some recommendations that we had in our large HR study, focused study report, that will kind of outline some of the things that would be in that booklet and not to go through all of those at this point But there were some good things that are happening in recruitment and retention in Volusia Steve – Thank you I’m not hearing anything, is he coming through?

John, if you don’t mind wrapping up succession planning and then we’ll just – Okay – Working towards it, even professional standards – Okay Well, let me just talk briefly on succession planning Succession planning is really it’s kind of a process that really is gonna be district specific There’s no two districts that are alike No two district has the same positions across the board So succession planning is driven a lot by the importance you put on it by the staff that you have, where they are in their careers It’s an area where you really try to give say assistant principals that you were talking about earlier in your preparation program, some mixed experiences, some with budget, some with facilities, some with instruction, you give them a variety of ways to get them ready to become the next principal So Steve’s has section on that in the large report, goes into some details and give some recommendations But there is no singular glove that’s gonna fit every district with regard to succession plans So hopefully some of the staff we put into that recommendation, what would be helpful – [Bouzianis] John, I’m back now, I guess I might (faintly speaking) back I just want to say that a lot of what was done already, when you appointed your administrative interns in the discussion that a board member Colon, the superintendent had, that’s actually part of the succession planning process What we provided in our report is some best practices that we’ve picked up in terms of trying to help in terms of preparing a succession plan Thanks, John – Okay With regard to the professional standards area – Yeah, last slide Erin – With regard to professional standards And I think this is kind of a statewide issue or a statewide concern until you really kinda get down and try to nail it down That one of the problems across the state is an incident that occurs at a school And the first question is, who should kind of address this issue? Is it the school administrative staff, or is it a certain district staff person that’s been identified? So I think in looking at some recommendations kind of the general recommendations, to kind of shore up that area of professional standards is to really kind of get a team of people that consists of the appropriate people from the superintendents cabinet Some principals and department heads to say, from the principal department head standpoint, this is what I need clarification on, it’s what I need guidance on And you really kinda start breaking down what issues are gonna be addressed at the school level And what issues are gonna be addressed from the HR level You wanna clearly define the roles of principals and department heads when conducting investigations again, as we mentioned, what level of conduct or misconduct is gonna be addressed at the district level, from the district level and or at the school level Make sure there’s a good, clear process for addressing some performance concerns with low performing employees in any area And at some point you have to determine this issue of misconduct may require involvement by the board’s attorney, the district attorney So these are some of the things that you will look at But really once you will move in that direction, the key thing to kind of making sure is to say, here are some standards that have been set in place by the Volusia County School Board, the Volusia County superintendent, and we’re going to adhere to those standards And if there are any violations of those standards, we’re gonna apply a quick, we’re gonna apply consistent action in response to any levels of misconduct And in doing that, there certainly should be some clear policies on kind of general expectations You can’t really identify a policy that’s gonna address every issue, but some clear expectations with regard to professional standard levels And then also make sure that your principals and your department heads and supervisors have some good training in the areas of expectations regarding professional standards They have training in how to conduct investigations If a certain investigation is gonna fall in the lap of school administrators or department heads,

some training on just cause, some training on documentation and what you need to support your position if you wanna move forward with any kind of discipline So it’s a good overview of how will certain issues be addressed in Volusia and who will address them and make sure that we have some clear policies and training that will support the principals and department heads and for the investigations that they’re responsible for So that was just a few of our thoughts and comments Mr. West on professional standards area – Thanks you I appreciate that So we’re on our last line and that is questions So I’ve been very excited about the things that have presented by John and and Steve And obviously I’ve been working on this now for about three to four months So I know you guys are just getting, receiving it now, and it’s kind of a whole lot of information that you’re overwhelmed with But we’ve kinda gone a long ways, but we also have a ways to go And we’re still working on things So I’m just excited to be able to have these recommendations, to work towards, particularly with our strategic plan, because that’s gonna be an important part our part of the strategic plan So thank you, John, and thank you, Steve, for the hard work that you’ve done – And we’ll be glad to respond to any questions if you have a Mr. West – Thank you Board members – Thank you, John and Steve At this time, I’m gonna open up with my colleagues Mr. Colon, I see your hand raised, is your hand actually raised? – Sure it is – Both of them – There you go – I’ll start with you followed by Mrs. Haynes, and then I moved to Mr Persis and then Mrs. Cuthbert Go ahead – So, first of all, gentlemen, I’d like to thank you for coming out to our County We knew early on that this was something that we definitely needed to look at And so I truly appreciate the feedback I realized that from the perspective that FADSS is bringing these recommendations, there is no way of knowing the history And so I’m looking at slide three, where we talked about establishing definitive closing dates for all vacancies And so it’s more for Mr. West, was our experience February 3rd, last year I’ll (jumbled speech) date, where we were down to three We had three vacancies posted because it was incumbent on the principal to continuously have to repost the position Now, in looking at this presentation, I kinda see the mix of the paradigm shift of centralization and decentralization that has happened in education And so I have always been verbal about the thought that we really need to have centralized hiring, where you all in HR can tell us, we have this many vacancies And it was our what’s being described here was sort of where we were, where, okay, if HR wanted to figure out how many vacancies we had, they had to contact 73 principals, I remembered Suzy You have to get 73 principals together and call them and all of that So I personally, that made me cringe a little bit because that’s part of the reason why we’re here I think that if it’s up to a school to repost and continuously repost the position, what ended up happening in our situation was, substitute teachers were put into those positions And so they stopped advertising to keep their favorites up, which has served us wonderfully in our time of need There’s no doubt about it But then that posting wasn’t on the HR website So folks couldn’t there was no math teacher opening, so they moved on to another County And so that’s my feedback on that piece of it Another thing that we talked about was the onboarding And so the one comment I have on that is let’s think about it more than the procedures, as much as we think about it What is the experience like? What is the experience like when somebody comes to our HR department, is looking for a job, would like to come serve our students What is that experience like? And I appreciate the fact that we are looking at cutting out the third party, because I can tell you when I went to get my fingerprints,

it was quite the adventure – Me too – In the back of it’s like, okay – I know – And so I’m glad that we are looking at centralizing that Here it talks about our policies I am not the least bit surprised that our policies may have some room for improvement I think that creating a process and I’m a process person, creating a process that keeps these updated on a regular reviewed and updated So yes, the job that is on the table right now is very difficult because you’re undoing however many years of good intention I will put it that way, of good intention Everybody does the best they know how Nobody comes to our district and decides they don’t wanna do the best And so they’re doing the best they know how And so I think that bringing those back regular updates and making sure that we keep up on them statutorily, which, that again makes me cringe a little bit, but we’ll get there There was mention of manuals And so that has sort of been something that I have said for a very long time Is everybody comes here to do the best job they know how, however, there are no instructions You sort of had to make it up as you went And so how do we ensure that, so first of all, the creation of a manual of procedures that if we miss procedure number three, “Hey, you missed number three.” But it also helps set that expectancy for all of the members of our team, as it relates to human resources Right now, again, all we have is a lot of really, really, really amazing people with good intention And so how do we turn that into a guide that long after we’re gone, somebody can come in and be able to do the job and know what is expected of them And so that was that piece There was a part about the employment history And I’ll bring this up because I’ll never forget when a Dr. John Hill said it, when he was on the board, we were talking about a substitute teacher that he was a contracted teacher probation at the end of the year they decided not to renew his contract because of whatever reason, but then he came back and applied as a sub And so the department of the substitutes doesn’t touch the principal And so nobody went to that principal to say, “Hey, Mr. Principal, what was the story over here?” And so, how do we connect those parts? Because if I remember correctly, it was a very tragic actually I think it was Mr. Persis actually, it was a very tragic event And we never really I’ve never seen anything brought forth to address that disconnect Let’s see what else Hold on So policies, substitute teachers So we talked about the subs Personnel files, the same thing They’re just, again, like you described there’s an unintended disconnect And so how do we centralize those files? I know you mentioned us going electronic, so that’s exciting for me And then we talked about, so we’ve already talked about succession planning Professional standard Months ago we had a conversation about professional standards prior to you being here And we realized that there really were no policies and procedures Again, we had a lot of great folks who are doing the best they know how Okay? With no structure, I’ll put it that way And I won’t forget that night I went home and started looking up other school districts and said, “Hey, how hard is it to find professional standards, policies, procedures, et cetera?” And it wasn’t very hard And so I think that’s probably, for me, that’s one of these areas that we really, really need to do a lot of work on maybe potentially really fast Because I think that that’s where we have huge weakness right now And I would like to see us have policies, procedures, record keeping I understand, a lot of that gets written on paper And so, nobody’s writing anything on paper and notebooks anymore Reports have to be in a computer somehow where if somebody wanted to look up, Ruben Colon, they could do that and have everything at their disposal Other than that again, I just wanna thank you for this presentation And I’m excited Mr. West, that we’re already halfway there

But I think that I gave you a halfway – No, I appreciate you Hey, we are working towards the end I’m telling you, we have work to do no doubt about it – We are certainly getting there and I appreciate you, I’m looking forward to (indistinct) also helping with some of this and learning some of this, because I think that we’re definitely on the road to the right path Thank you – Thank you, Mr. Colon Mrs. Haynes – Hi gentlemen I first wanna thank you for coming and doing the HR study Because we all knew how much it was needed, and I appreciate the time and effort you put into it Ruben has covered a lot, but I’d like to start with this There part where once someone retires streamlining the process for them to come back, I appreciate that that was one of the topics that came up Because, we have individuals that retire and then decide that they’ll come back on a part time basis A lot of teachers will come back and do intervention or tutoring with students And so I appreciate that you’re looking at that piece in streamlining it so that they don’t have to go back through the entire process So thank you for that On page 17 of actually the report that you sent us, it talks about the adjunct teaching certificates And so I think Mr. West, I’d like to probably have some further conversation with you at a later time about, actually that was one of the findings that we had, about how that is being addressed And I’d like to know, Ruben kinda hit it We haven’t had a manual or a process or something in place that says, this is what we do So I’d like to know how we’re going to move forward with that piece and what our process is So that it’s very clear and up front, because I have questions in regards to that area I also would like to ask so on the area of professional standards, you stated that you did not do a deep dive You stated that in the report and everything And so is there something more that needs to be looked at in the area of professional standards that Dr. Vogel and them can come back and do a deeper dive to give us more information? Because I’m with Mr. Colon on this, we don’t seem to have policies and procedures And that is the one area that seems to get us in the most trouble or it’s the most concerning, is that sometimes individuals are treated differently even if there’s been a similar incident And one individual may be treated more harshly than what another individual is And so, I feel like there needs to be some equity in the area of professional standards And I really feel that there needs to be additional training in that area, not only for in the HR, in your world, but also for the people that are having to make the phone calls or – I agree – I mean, and what happens, and I can say this as having been a teacher formerly, is you get some great training and then we just kind of make this assumption everyone knows it, and there’s not like a refresher, or we don’t catch the new people coming in, or people that have changed job roles to make sure that they are prepared and ready to handle that And, that’s the one area that the union also gets involved in Sometimes we have lawsuits and things like that, or people lose their position And I think we need to be very clear and upfront, what expectations are, and what the process is that we follow I too will agree Everybody’s been working hard, but it was a little disheartening to learn that we just didn’t have a guidebook or a manual And even when I read the part about how you couldn’t like locate all the job descriptions in one area And I know you and the team, now that we have this report are addressing those things, because really job descriptions, that that should be a simple one, that they all be located in one area And very clearly, like this is the job description with the expectations for this job role Even down to, this is how many days?

That’s 180 day employee, or a 250 day employee – Absolutely – And that should just be open, transparent information I struggled too, when I read a lot of the principals feelings on the hiring process, it was a struggle anytime I had to put a position out there to be advertised, that you had all these people that applied, that weren’t qualified I mean, and you spent hours reading documents that they had uploaded to find out they don’t even have the degree Or what it States on here And sometimes I wonder if we could do a better job on our part to say upfront, if you don’t have a master’s degree in this, don’t apply for this position Or if you don’t have five years experience in this, don’t apply for this position Because that does take a lot of administrators time when they’re trying to find people and they’re turning their wheels and come to find out that the person have the qualifications But I know that everybody else has some things they wanna say I just, once again, wanna say thank you very much to FADSS for coming in, taking the time, listening to all of us, asking questions and putting together this comprehensive report for us And Mr. West, I wanna thank you for jumping right into this and you and your team starting to make inroads in correcting the things that they found that we needed to change And I felt the recommendations were really well thought out, but I just would like to talk about that adjunct teaching piece at a later date And I’d like to see if we can maybe dive into the professional standards a little bit more deeply if possible, but thank you everyone – [Wright] Thank you Mr. Persis – [Carl] Hello? – [Wright] Go ahead Mr.Persis – [Carl] Okay Thank you Hello, I wanna thank you all as well I think Mrs. Haynes and Mr Colon said it beautifully There’s really not too much to add I just would like to say as a former principal, I greatly appreciate the efforts that have been made to streamline the process of the hire That’s what just drove principals crazy and apparently still does And so whatever we can do from the time that principal says, “I want Mrs. Smith.” From the time the district can say, “You can offer the position to Mrs. Smith.” Whatever can be done to streamline that process down, because that is the most frustrating thing from the principal side of thing And the only other comment that I had was I think Mr. Colon alluded to it was we have situations where a teacher, let’s say a first year teacher, is not doing well And the principal lets that teacher go Say three months into the year or six weeks or whatever the timeframe is And then that teacher applies for a substitute position and begin substituting Now what’s happened is that as a substitute, that teacher who had problems with let’s say classroom management was let go, and now this person is substituting And guess what? They’re having the same classroom management problems, but because they’re only at a school for one day, no one really pays too much attention and they go to a different school and another day and a different school and with 70 schools, they can bounce around quite a lot until something and too often something bad happens And then we trace it back and find out, “I recognize that when I hired that teacher and that happened six months ago.” So that communication Mark, if that could somehow we need to tight tighten that loophole, if you will So that a principal that chooses the hire, I’m not saying you shouldn’t hire maybe someone that was let go, but principals- – Be aware of it – [Carl] Should know the reason why And if you wanna take a chance and hire as a substitute,

okay Her or him So that’s it But you guys did great Nice to see you, John and Steve Hope you had a good time here in Volusia County, always nice to meet someone from Massachusetts I have lost my accent, but I can get it back right away Steve So if you ever wanna go toss down a few we can do that (laughing) (jumbled speech) You sound like great guy too So, that’s even better So yeah Nice to meet you, Steve – [Bouzianis] Thank you, sir – Thank you, Mr. Persis Mrs. Cuthbert – Yes So gentlemen I wanna say thank you for addressing a lot of the questions that I have in my interview with Dr. Vogel It was, it was nice to hear, one of my first questions was a who to call list And that was one of the first things you mentioned to create And a lot of what you suggested helps us with time management And it also, when you organize, when you assign you reduce the time And so, and I think that’s what all of us were very grateful for to look at the time and to organize And that’s every issue I’ve always talked to retired teachers Because when I came back, I was the first retired teacher to come back in Volusia County And I had to go through the whole process again And of course there was no procedure when a retired teacher comes back The retired teacher of course, has to have the 12 months and a day And that 3% is not taken out of the salary – Right – And so, and that’s always very nice And also the review and the professional standards We should have the same procedure, no matter who was head of that department So it becomes more objective and less subjective So I thank you for the time suggestions, the assigning, the organization of who does what, because only when that happens, are we going to stream streamline it So thank you very much I’m very happy with what you said So thank you And plus my comments are duplicated with the other ladies and gentlemen So thank you – You’re welcome – Thank you, Mrs. Cuthbert So I do have a couple of questions I’m gonna only limit to two because some of them were addressed, some were not But we can do that at a later time I think I wanna go back to something Mrs. Haynes said which actually brings about a little concern So what we were talking about potentially people applying for a district And principals having to look through their credentials My hope was and read the report was that became the process of human resources, where it became a one stop shop So as a principal, I would only receive the names of those candidates that actually met that criteria That I am not the person or someone on my immediate staff would not be the person to go through the applicants to decipher if they were the appropriate candidate In my world, business human resources was part of my track That was something of the human resource officer And our role is to hear the candidates that actually meet the criteria for this position So you select from that So we’re saying now that one of the staff people that will be assigned to a group of schools that will be his or her responsibility, whose responsibility will be to go through and just to give that principal or any administrator the applicants that actually qualify for the position Based on the criteria that we’ve set for? – John, you want me to jump in on this? ‘Cause that wasn’t one of the recommendations, but I’ll tell you what we’ve done If you’d like me to – Okay – But I don’t wanna steal any thunder from what you wanna say, go ahead – Well, just let me say real quick And Steve I think maybe in the report, there’s some reference to this, but our principals based on our experiences, a lot of them weren’t to see more was better So what we developed was a code for each applicant So if somebody applied for the job, we coded them cleared for interview You can interview him, but there were some issues or clear for hire

So we kind of tried to meet the middle because we had a lot of principals that said, “I’m not only looking for that middle school teacher, but I also need someone who can support the band program.” Or a high school principal saying, “I’m not only looking for the biology teacher I’m looking for a biology teacher, who may be able to sponsor the senior class and, or coach a sport.” So we kinda took that big box that was here, is everyone down to the boxes Now there’s two boxes There’s a cleared for an interview And you know when they’re declared for an interview, there may be a pending issue with regard to certification Or there may be a pending issue with some reference letters or still not in yet But our principals wanted to see a lot of folks And then we had a cleared for our hire, which was pretty much I think what madam chair was talking about, this person is ready to be hired as your biology teacher So that just quick input – Okay – Yeah, so- – Go ahead, Mr. West – What I was gonna say is that recognize we’ve tried to put in a process now based on what John and Steve had come in and said, and also based on what the principals have told us, that first of all, they, they do want us to give them an applicant pool of viable candidates I’ll put it that way So what we’ve done is we’ve gone through and we screened and done exactly what John said, vetted those candidates But what principals also wanna have is a selection So I’m thinking specifically of our ESC vacancies, right now We may only have five ESC applicants for the entire district But if we have applicants that are subject certified a principal might wanna talk to a social studies teacher who will come in and agree to sign an agreement around for an ESC position, if they feel like that’s something that they can do So it’s kind of one of those things we’ve got to strike a balance where yes, we absolutely want to show we have all these vetted applicants, and we have an applications team now who does that That is their primary job As Steve mentioned earlier in the report And what that’s done is that’s taken the pressure off the principals to have to worry about checking every reference because we do that HR does that now And then we don’t necessarily say this is the only thing that they can teach, because of their certification We do have a certification expert who will say, this is what their certification is, but if the principal wants to say, “Well, maybe I want to look at that social studies teacher who might want to sign an agreement or ESC.” We wanna give them the flexibility to do that So that’s been a little shift in what we’ve done Yes ma’am – Okay Alright And the only reason I brought that up, for me, again, it’s just a little concerning because we’ve seen where certain schools, they have to be certified in ESC depending on their title, correct? – Right – And so we have people that we hire that may not be where we need them, but you know, it is the hopes that they will get there and potentially get, or do whatever they need to do But three years later, they’re still where they were when they applied or when we hired them So that’s concern That is consenting, but okay That’s fine I just wanna talk through it And then quite naturally, for me, it is always, how do we play in? And so you got recommendation that we started with little of applicants that are in drop or return The next will be retiring next year, 2021, or in the drop that will retire in the next four or five years I think my concern with that is as we move forward, looking at that data and that information, and we talk about succession planning and we already have somewhat of a weak bench How do we plan to potentially offset any issues that could arise in the next year or two? When I was looking at the recommendation for a succession planning, I was hoping that you all based on your professional roles could give some advice or some recommendation on where do we move forward As we look at our bench in the next two years to prevent such I mean, we’ve promoted people, I’ll use this year, we’ve promoted some really great principles,

which has now given someone a vacuum and we just hired some but we still don’t have a bench So again, where we were last year is not a little worse because we’re gonna have more novice, and their novice principals in our pool that really will need some real support And so I don’t think we address how do we support all of our first year principals or first and second year principals and our district We’re kinda heavy on that, having first and second year principals And so that’s a concern for me And that’s probably not HR, but it should be a function of when we start looking at our strategic plan And as we’re looking at our organizational chart Some of the moves we’ve made have called a major gap in leadership And so what is the plan to address that? And how will HR start and working with our professional development team, really preparing the next generation of leaders? – [Bouzianis] Madam chair this is Steve You hit the nail right on the head I was just getting ready to say PDs involvement in providing opportunities for leadership development and activities that would be tied to specific positions or duties The idea of coaching and mentoring programs, all of those things can be built of course, into your succession plan – Okay – And I will say Mrs Wright that we actually have Christie Mahaney from professional development on our working on goal two of our strategic plan, which is that talent management piece So Christie and Brandy are definitely they’re working collaboratively And you’ll see when we present our goals for a strategic plan, you’re gonna see those intertwined and working on that progression plan and putting something, a succession plan in place so that we can do that And I see Dr. Fritz’s hand is up also, so I’m sure he probably wants to comment on that – Go ahead, Dr. Fritz – [Fritz] Yeah, I was just gonna say I’m looking forward when Brady and we’ll add Christie to that mix and, and Carmen and Mark, and I can sit down with the board and go over the leadership plan that we are putting into play It’ll go back to that leadership fair That’ll be the first ring because if you’re going to have leaders along the way, you’ve got to start with those principals tapping five people and saying, “Hey, you might be interested in leadership Let’s go to this fair.” And then we build that aspiring leaders program four times a year to get people hooked But your point is well made about those first year principals too And I wanted to say that we’ve already talked a little bit about a principal like an induction program for our first year principals We have that now Brandy meets with them several times a year in a PLC And they talk about issues that they’re having in supports but where I wanna expand a little more is like a mentoring type program for those first year principals So if I’ve been a principal for seven or eight years, I’m assigned to work with someone and help them through their first year experiences, so that we can build that So I look forward to sitting down and sharing it out with the board It will be deeply embedded in talent management goal two for our strategic plan But it’s one of those areas, as you’ve said, we can’t leave it alone Nobody graduates from University of Central Florida or Stetson or anywhere else ready to be a principal They have to go through a long internship process to learn the steps of the way And we hear you loud and clear – And thank you, Dr.Fritz for that And my last comment would be based on the survey we saw where unfortunately we didn’t get a 90 anywhere And, I guess all of us probably knew that we had challenges But I would like to see maybe even the questionnaire being administered next year, to see if we grow in the areas – Definitely, I agree – And if not, then what can we do? Because we can’t continue not performing well For me, you’re only as good as your HR department If your HR department is not the heartbeat, because that’s where you get all of your capital assets and you’re not the nucleus where your faculty and staff believe they could come to get help direction and they feel appreciated, we’re gonna be here having this conversation So your role is very vital The principal’s roles are vital,

but HR is definitely vital because you’re supposed to be the employee safe haven Alright, thank you Any more comments? Mr. Colon. I see your hand up – [Colon] Oh no, sorry, I found it – Okay – He found it out – Okay If no other comments, thank you, gentlemen – Thank you John – Thank you, Steve – Thank you – [Bouzianis] Thank you – And it is 5:43 What we will do colleagues We’ll go ahead We have some folks that are waiting to speak with us We have three, and after that public participation, we’ll take a 10 or 15 minute break So you can chill for a few minutes So can we start with Elizabeth Albert please? – [Elizabeth] Good afternoon – Good afternoon Mrs. Albert, can you just state your name and you know the routine you have three minutes ma’am – [Elizabeth] Yes ma’am This is Albert proud president of Volusia United Educators I’d like to start by just pointing out a couple of things First of all, I want to applaud you in the work that you are doing or preparing to do to produce clear and concise job descriptions Thank you very much That’s something that we’ve been asking for for quite a while So I appreciate that Quickly, I’d like to remind you, when we talk about supplements, article 28 and the instructional contract page 65, clearly sets out the contractual language about supplements They are not automatic, and we need to follow that language So I know you guys will do that and I appreciate it So what I wanna talk about today, most importantly are the end of year procedures We have met several times with the assistant superintendents and Mr. West, and we’ve created a mechanism that was focused on efficiency and the essential items that needed to be completed to close out the year during post-planning However, what we’re finding is that there are vast differences and inconsistencies about the messages that our teachers and staff are receiving from the school sites And so this is very troubling as we don’t need any additional stress, confusion or disarray in this moment, what we need is a clear message And what I believe we all agree with is the need to prioritize health and safety With that being said, I’d like to remind everyone that although the world is starting to reopen our community as well, the problem with COVID-19 has not been eliminated And as we continue to discuss the process of bringing our folks back, I have to ask about our supply of PPE Do all sites have masks? Do all sites have gloves? Do all sites have hand sanitizer and an ample amount of soap? And if not, what are the expectations for educational professionals if these items are not available? Please remember that an action is not considered insubordinate if the directive given is considered to be unsafe And so we know that you care as much about our educational professionals as we do So I wanted to ask you today to examine your process and policy for the return of our folks, to our sites And please consider the following questions Is the return absolutely necessary? Is there a clearly defined process? Do we have the necessary equipment? And is what we are doing reasonable and equitable for all? So thank you for your consideration and for prioritizing the health and safety of all of our individuals – Thank you, Mrs. Albert – [Elizabeth] You’re welcome – We have Mrs. Amy Hawkins – [Amy] Good afternoon board And this is Amy Hawkins I teach over in Deltona I just wanted to touch base about the end of your procedures Some of you may be aware, but probably not, that I am immunocompromised I have an auto immunity and am on an immunosuppressant on a regular basis Walk on Florida Healthcare covers my $8,500 a day medication And I am now being asked to return to my classroom for two days of post-planning Normally I wouldn’t have a concern about this, but just two weeks before spring break, this board met to discuss whether we should discontinue our contract with our cleaning company, because they weren’t meeting our expectations We were told that over spring break our classrooms would be cleaned, and were asked to come back on campus immediately following spring break to get our materials for distance learning I chose not to do that for fear for my health and safety And two weeks later, I went in to retreat my 3D printer so that I could print mass straps for some of our local health care professionals

That time on April 6th, my room hadn’t even been wiped down And now here we are with a potentially fatal global pandemic that my doctor has made very clear to me, If I catch I will die And I’m supposed to go back into my classroom to take down the bulletin boards, in a room that I can’t trust is clean Because the five of you sat around and said, we should probably look into this contract with this company because they’re not doing a good job And I’m scared I’m gonna go in because I’ve been told by my employer that I need to go in, and I’m gonna do the things that I’m contractually obligated to do So I will tell you right now I have Tyvec suit and an N95 mask that I will be wearing to go into my classroom Do you think that really at the end of the day, and probably late until August Because we’ve already started summer cleaning The materials that were left in the classrooms have been shoved in cubbies and cabinet and filing cabinets so that cleaning can begin I have a teacher who has spent five days looking for curriculum materials, because she’s moving to another school There’s no way this is gonna be a streamlined process And there’s no way that these things take priority over the potential that I may catch something that will ultimately kill me and take me away from my children So if it’s really that important that I need to go into my classroom to take down my bulletin boards, I wanna know which one of you is gonna watch my kids I die – Mrs. Hawkins – [Amy] Yes ma’am – Oh, okay I don’t know if you were finished – [Amy] Yeah, I don’t think there’s a lot more to say about it – Okay, thank you It is duly noted And thank you Thank you for calling We have a Mrs. Rebecca Sorry – [Rebecca] Sorry – Mrs. Rebecca Sorry? – Okay Hi, if you state your name and you have three minutes – [Rebecca] Can you hear me okay? – Yes, I can hear you – [Rebecca] Hey, I’m Rebecca Sorry, and I’m a parent of two elementary schoolers I listened in today This is the first board meeting I’ve ever listened in on And I didn’t know if it would be part of your agenda today to talk about like the survey that went out and about school openings and parent preferences Is that something that’s coming up on one of your future agendas? – Yes. Ma’am it is But If you want to offer some feedback, you have three minutes as you can discuss whatever you so choose – [Rebecca] All right Thank you I actually, all of the members have received a letter from me, so you might have recognized my name But I was just just calling in favor of school opening in August We felt very comfortable with that I know that was an option on this survey But I thought maybe if they do a survey (indistinct) future, I was recommending that they have another option just for parents to state their concerns about the guidelines and things As I know, there’s a, probably a pretty big dichotomy in parents that are okay with sending their children back without any kind of strengthened rules or restrictions in place where other people may have those concerns And may also just prefer to do online learning if they do have those concerns As I thought that might be a good distinction to make with where parents are at, whether they’re concerned or not concerned And I know a lot of parents are very concerned about having their kids wear masks I know I’m not in favor of that myself and I’m a nurse and my husband’s a paramedic, we’re health professionals We do not support them masking So that was just something that I too maybe put on for discussion or even in the future surveys, that might be a good distinction to make to see where parents are at with that and their comfort level with sending the kids back to school So I think they would see that there’s a lot of parents that are comfortable sending them back just as it was previously So it might be something to consider on the future surveys – Okay, Mrs. Sorry Thank you so much for that We appreciate it – [Rebecca] Thank you – Have a good evening – [Rebecca] You too – Mrs. Schulz,

do I only see three names that we have anyone else come in for this part of participation? – [Schulz] That’s right No, just those three at this point – Okay Colleagues, it is now 5:53 If we can be back and ready to go at 16:00 I would greatly appreciate it Colleagues, are we all back?

– [Cuthbert] Yes, I’m here

– [Jamie] Yes, I’m here – Here

– [Fritz] Yes, ma’am – Mr. Persis – [Carl] I’m here – Alrighty, thank you – [Carl] Yes ma’am – All right, Mrs. Leben, we will continue We’ll move on to item 6.02 ABM update, Dr. Fritz – [Fritz] Yes, ma’am Thank you very much It is my pleasure to ask Mr. Akin to come forward And as he comes forward board, I’m gonna share with you that when I started, I believe the very next week, there was a board work session on November 19th, where you were receiving information regarding our progress with ABM I heard very quickly from all board members asking me to look into level of service and the quality of the work that we’re doing And through that process, the board had asked us to look at different options and different scenarios And that’s what we have for you today We’re going to start working at different grounds areas, and then we’ll move over to the custodial Our team has included the financials, so that you’ll have a picture of those I know that our team has reviewed them with you So we’ll move through them rather quickly today because as you know, we have other presentations for this evening But we’ll certainly be happy to take any questions you have at the end So Mr. Akin, you and your team may proceed – [Akin] Alright Madam chair, board members, Dr. Fritz, thank you for this opportunity I have with me tonight, the Mr. David Biletto Mr. Ron Young and Mrs. Nicole Miller So I’m going to turn over this to Mr. Young He’s gonna start with the grounds maintenance first, and I’ll put him on right now – [Young] Madam chair, Mrs. Cuthbert, Mrs. Haynes, Mr. Persis, Mr. Colon, Dr. Fritz, it’s a great day to be a bulldog And thank you for allowing us the time to share some information with you as it relates to grounds athletics and custodial I will be presenting ground and athletics Then I will social distance and bring in Dave Biletto to discuss custodial So Erin, if it’s okay with you, I’ll just say next, and let’s go to the next slide The picture you see there is Mainland High School Last summer, we needed to replace that field, and that’s just a picture of the new field at Mainland High School Next Step we’re going to discuss today, we’re gonna provide information on structure, equipment, materials, schedules, program costs, and return on investment Next please Thank you So for ground structure, next The grounds maintenance teams would looK like eight-three man teams, eight vehicle packages, two packages per quadrant, two mower operators, one edger blower operator, and these positions would rotate functions

so that any one employee is not overburdened Next We would also like to include with the grounds and athletics, a specialty crew, a four man team they would serve as floaters for grounds They would also we would be able to allocate those resources for some pressure washing that’s needed around the campuses and clean carpets and miscellaneous other tasks that principals would like done Next The grounds equipment required for this operation Next As I said, it would be a I think we skipped one As I said, it would be a three man team, one truck, one trailer, two 60 inch mowers, edger’s, blowers, weed eaters, gas cans, shovels pole saws, chainsaws, pressure washers And that would add up to $70,000 in change, for eight crews it would be about 566,000 and change for those eight crews Next Ground’s budget materials Next It looks like in district travel, minor maintenance, repairs, major maintenance and repairs, cell phone service, energy services, supplies, vehicle, and equipment oil, and grease, dues and fees, uniforms And that would roll up to 92,000 and change Next The ground schedule Next Would look like one mowing per week, edging and blowing, blowing out sidewalk driveways, et cetera Once a month, monthly irrigation inspections And one time a year for grounds would be weed control pest treatment and as needed mulching, weeding inspecting fences for vegetation and growth removal, and pressure washing Next for athletics Next We have 55 total Lakers in the district that are used for athletics And this is a breakdown of that acreage And as you can see on the bottom Atlantic High school, their total would be 6.722 acres, and you can see the other high schools they add up to that all adds up to 55 acres Next Athletic fields and the athletic structure It would look like two-four man teams, two vehicle packages, one for the East, one for the West that would include three mower operators and one on an edger and blower again, rotating functions as to not overburden any one employee Athletic field equipment Next Thank you Athletic field equipment, a four-man vehicle, one truck, one trailer, two 60 inch mowers, a toro grounds master, a tractor, edger’s, blowers, weed eaters, gas cans, shovels rakes, pole saw chainsaw and for athletic fields that totals 154,000, almost 155,000 for two crews, 309, almost 310,000 Next The athletic field budget for minor maintenance and repairs would be 7,500 major maintenance and repairs, cellular phone, energy services, energy service for diesel, some general supplies, vehicle and equipment oil and grease field maintenance supplies, 225,000 That’s for fertilization and pest control Uniforms, it all adds up to 270,000 and change And I realized that change is real money, but in the interest of time Next Now what you’re seeing is a table that proposes

the frequency for fertilization, herbicide, pesticide application, and so on And this all totals up to 205,000 and change Next Athletic fields schedules During the growing season, we would be proposing two mowings per week also edging and blowing for safety reasons inspect the field fences and gates Irrigation systems Also during the growing season two times per year, we control over seeding, aeration, top dressing And the off season, it would look like one mowing, one edge and blow per week and fertilizer and grading during the off seasons Program cost Sorry, next For grounds maintenance, the program costs is 566,000 change athletic field maintenance it’s almost 310,000, and that totals 876,000 and change The personnel costs for coordinator a 70,000 and change small engine mechanics, two of them, 80,000 and change 28 utility mechanics, 920,000 and change, eight utility mechanics for athletics, 263,000 for a total of 1.334, almost 1.335 million Supplies, annual budget for grounds 92,475 annual budget for athletics, 270, 625 for a total of 363, 100 Currently the ABM contract is 1.447 million ABM proposed a $600,000 addition to take over athletic fields That would be $2, 047,356 and change VCS is proposing 1.69 million, with a total annual savings of 349,000 Equipment startup cost will be 876,000 and change Next The Return On Investment really comes from the pride of our communities, our staff, and our students, in provide them a safe environment in which to play their sports Next This is grounds only, and as you can see, the estimated 10 year savings without capital is 2,805,000 Next Grounds and athletics The estimated 10 years savings without capital is 4.274 million And I will entertain your questions at this point Thank you – I’ll start with Mr. Persis – [Carl] Thank you, madam chair I have been made aware of this presentation and I do not have any questions – Thank you, Mr. Persis – Thank you, Madam chair Mr. Young, I appreciate all the time that you and Mr. Akin took previous to this meeting to go over all of this with you I just thought that when we discussed this we talked about, could we look at not needing like the coordinator or as many upper level positions to start with, or if you already had somebody in that position, ’cause I see that that’s still a cost factor in here under the personnel piece – Right And I remember that conversation but we have to have someone to carry the pesticide and the fertilization licenses That’s why we need that position – Okay All right, then I have no further questions at this time because you did a very thorough job of answering my questions previously

Thank you – Thank you, Mrs. Haynes – [Wright] Mr. Colon – So I too wanna thank you for this presentation As I sit here and listen to it, I kind of put my community member hat on and wonder, “Okay, why does this matter right now?” And in my community, I can tell you that at my schools the fields are lacking In fact, some of the fields really, really need some attention And so it’s not just about the aesthetic of the field, as much as it is the health and safety of our athletes that are playing on these fields and ensuring that they are safe And it’s for that reason I believe that this is a good thing that we are considering doing for the health and safety of our athletes Thank you I have no further questions – Thank you, Mr. Colon – [Wright] Go ahead, Mrs. Cuthbert – Hi there, Mr. Young Nice to see you again Would the athletic directors at each of the schools have input on when they would like to have their fields treated? For example, I believe Deltona and Pine Ridge and Spruce Creek all have football games on Friday night, many times on their fields Will they, and the athletic directors tend to cut at that particular time, right before a game to make sure everything is fine or even a baseball game Will the schedules of the schools be considered, or is it just going to be a schedule from your point of view, not when the schools need the grounds cut – Thank you, Mrs. Cuthbert No, we would absolutely have to talk to the athletic directors and bring them in to the scheduling process I have witnessed what you’re talking about We’ve had where they pull the plugs out of the turf, what’s that called? I’m losing my thought process, but we’ve had those pulled out right before a game So we’ve had to run out there and mow them really quick because obviously they would be in the way of of the game But I know absolutely we would have to include them in the process – Okay And are the schools still in charge of lining the fields? – They are – Okay So the lining of the fields would have to go after the attention given by our athletic people, correct? Our mowing people – Yes ma’am – Okay And then also it’s not just our athletes, but it’s our marching bands Some marching bands are out on those fields as well So when you talked to the athletic directors, you might have talked to the band directors, to see when they’re out on those fields as well And I do know that that number one enemy is red ants So will we treat it pesticide as well, like for red ants? – Yes ma’am – Okay So that’ll be okay then – Yes That’s why I said we would do it once or twice a year, but we would also come back and do sport treatments as needed – Okay Will you, with your coordinator, will you have a system set up so that there is a one central person that the people in charge of those, the school-based people in charge of the fields can contact to let that individual know what’s going on a clear communication line? – Absolutely The coordinator would be that POC, that point of contact – Okay So, and all the people at each of the campuses would know that And these athletic fields, is it just primarily high school or is it also middle school? – Well, currently we don’t have any middle schools that have Bermuda They are just a Bahia and what they call it, pasture Bermuda, where it’s a different strain of Bermuda So currently we don’t have any of those types of fields, but as part of grounds, what we’re proposing is that those fields would have their irrigation inspections – Okay So the grounds crew is taking care of the middle and the elementary, the athletic crew are taking care of the high school – The athletic crew would take care of the athletic fields at the high school And the grounds crew would take care of the other grounds at the high school

– Yeah Thank you For transparency and for the public’s information, I just wanted to make sure that was clarified, but thank you very much And the presentation was very well done And thank you for the total cost savings That was good to hear Thank you so much – Thank you, Mrs. Cuthbert – Thank you, Madam chair – You’re welcome Thank you I too, at this time, I don’t have any questions We were able to discuss this and get a chance to review it So I’ll turn it back over to you, Dr. Fritz Thank you, Ron – Well, I’m going to do you wanna do custodial now? – [Akin] Yes – [Fritz] Yes – [Akin] So move on to the custodian next So David Biletto, will be doing custodian and then we’ll open that up for questions after that, and then we’ll get onto the next presentation – Thank you – Thank you, Mr. Akin Thank you madam chair, vice chair, board members, and superintendent of schools, Dr. Fritz So we were asked to do a study and a cost analysis on an in house custodial program and the potential I’m just waiting for the slides to catch up There we go Okay next Okay So as part of the analysis we were asked to also consider an implementation plan So this is part of that cost and implementation So 70 leads would be considered to bring on first, and that would be in the first year of implementation to get a comparison cost We asked the current vendor if they were to supply 70 leads, what would the cost be? And you can see it’s $2.259 million and change And the direct hire process would cost the district 2.599 million and change, with a difference of a little over 339,000 Next So moving on to what the staff would look like at all levels, high schools, middle schools elementary schools and ancillary facilities This would represent the high school’s staffing structure Our recommendation through our study would be a total of I’m sorry, I have to move – [Erin] I’m sorry I have to reload the PowerPoint Can I I’m just gonna disconnect and reconnect I’m sorry about that – [Akin] Board members while she’s reloading that if you have any questions or more, we can kinda run through this fairly quick If you want to kind of get to the end of this and show, the dollar amounts at the end of the slides and then answer any questions you may have, but the madam chair, it’s up to you – [Wright] What I would like to do, Greg and colleagues feel free to chime in so that the public can actually see this It’s easy for us to talk through it because we have actually seen the presentation But I think that when we do reload, if we can get to the meet with everybody on what will this cost, that would be great – [Akin] Okay That’s where we’ll go So Erin, if you don’t mind going back down a few slides almost to the end there, and we’ll start showing you the comparison between the two – [Wright] Just a minute I see Mr. Persis hands Go ahead, Mr. Persis – [Carl] Madam chair I was just going to say just what you said, so, yeah Because we’ve already heard it and seen it If we can just get right to the end, that’d be great And thank you, Madam chair – [Wright] No problem Thank you – [Akin] Yeah, go ahead and keep going there Erin, we’ll go almost to the end Keep going – That’s it right there – [Akin] She was quick – Okay, can everybody hear me?

– [Akin] Yes, Dave, go for it – Okay So let’s get to the meat and potatoes of the analysis So those first three rows up top represent the first three years And they would be the three years of implementation of phase one and phase two and a phase three, which is outlined on the right hand side As you can see, the first three years represent our investment years And then year after year down lower represents our costs moving forward So the bottom line is for this in house custodial program, it would cost the district, It would be an increased cost of an average over 10 years of $136,243 And then of course, on the left hand side, there is a capital investment of $1,382,724 – [Wright] Thank you Is that the last slide? – That should be the last slide talking about costs There is a strategic cost analysis next, and I won’t beat this up too much So this is what the custodial program would cost that top section So the middle section represents the grounds and the athletic field costs And then if the district, at some point in time decided to bring the three programs in house that is the bottom section and the related costs If they did all three – [Wright] Okay, thank you – Oh, you’re very welcome – [Wright] Colleagues, do you have any questions, comments, I’ll start with you, Mrs. Haynes – [Jamie] I don’t have any real questions because when I did meet with them, I asked them a lot of questions I think we still just have to weigh, where we’re at right now, how we got here and what we need to do to move forward Because I think my biggest concerns right now, and I shared that with them is what I’ve been hearing coming out of our schools, even prior to the pandemic, we weren’t pleased with the cleanliness in our classrooms and our schools And then my concern now has been that since we moved into the pandemic and guidelines were set out that we would get all of the rooms thoroughly cleaned and everything There’s just been some very poor decision making with lack of communication and lack of thought of teachers and students walking out of their classrooms and in their classrooms, we’re being left with just the thought they were returning for spring break And when they didn’t, I do appreciate that ABM stepped up to clean, but I don’t appreciate the way things have been handled But I think budget wise, we’ve got to be good stewards of financially the money that we receive And so, it’s a little difficult to look at what the cost is going to be up front And I ask questions about that because we sold all of our equipment, so that upfront cost is going to be a lot And I’d have to refer back to Dr. Fritz and Deb Muller, and I’d need to see that we actually have the money to move forward with doing this without it impacting us district-wise in a negative way But thank you I do wanna say thank you to all of you for taking so much time and meeting with me and answering all the questions that I had prior to tonight’s presentation – You’re welcome And thank you – [Wright] Thank you, Mrs. Haynes Mr. Colon – And so I have no questions, just the statement And just like I said before, this is gonna come down to the health and safety of our students, employees And I think Mrs. Hawkins definitely pulled the heart of the importance of this So again, thank you for the presentation and I have no further questions – Thank you, Mr. Colon – [Wright] Thank you Mr. Persis – [Carl] Thank you, madam chair No, I asked a lot of questions when I first heard this information I have no further questions Thank you, Madam chair – Thank you, Mr. Persis

– [Wright] Mrs. Cuthbert – Good evening, Mr. Biletto Thank you for all the detail, the comparisons It takes an awful lot to assemble all that information and as well as it takes us a lot of time to digest what you’ve so carefully put together So thank you for that I would, I think as we go forward, I would like to, because this is going to have this will come out of capital funds or come out of our general operating? – [Akin] It’d be both – So a little bit of each – [Akin] So equipment comes out of capital and then the employees would be out of general fund – Okay Can you tell me how much would be coming out of general fund? Just an estimate – So the capital cost is a little over $1.3 million, that initial capital cost And the staffing would make up the rest So the staffing levels, the entire program is at 14.9 million And that does not include of course the capital investment on the equipment So the total staffing for the program is 14.946 million – Okay And what is our contract with ABM? – A Constable $14 million for ABM – Okay I would like, since so much of this would be coming out of our general fund and our re-investment, I would like to hear what our teachers say, because this could affect our ability with the pay raise or benefits, it would be taking money I would just like to know what their priority is I would like if and when we make this decision either to go one way or the other, I would like to know what they want, what’s their priority Because they’re gonna be in it too They have to live this agreement with us on a daily basis So as we go forward, I would like Elizabeth Albert to survey her group as well So we have another viewpoint of what it means to them, for us to move in this direction It’s a monumental change, just like it was back in 2012 It’s a huge change And thank you for investigating this for us This too is a very large, important, significant decision, something for us to chew on for a little bit, but I would like to know what the teachers think – I agree, thank you – And also, we still have a lot of employees who were custodians eight years ago If we still have employees who are still working with ABM what’s their viewpoint So I just wanna make sure when we do this, we’re going to have happy group And that is the worker, the one who gets to benefit from the work, as well as administrators Because administrators on campuses are the ones who have been burdened Because I remember the discussion was that administrators would not have to worry about what was going on in their schools But I think what’s happened as a result, administrators have like triple the time invested in what happens in the operations of the grounds and in the classroom cleaning So very nice to get a little more feedback, but thank you gentlemen, very much Otherwise it was very well explained before as well as now So thank you Have a good evening – You as well – Thank you, Madam chair – You’re welcome, Mrs. Cuthbert Thank you I too currently do not have any questions You did explain thoroughly I wanted to get to the bottom cause everybody wants to know financially what it would cost us at this time and looking at the cost, again, I believe that it is a good idea to get feedback from the teachers, but administrators too Cause I think Mr. Persis gave us a snapshot from a slightly different perspective So thank you all so much for the information We know what we have potentially to work with and work from, and make some decisions moving forward But thank you so much for your time

– You’re welcome And thank you, Madam chair – Yes – [Akin] Well that’s all for us, thank you ma’am – Thank you, superintendent Fritz Do you wanna add any comments? – [Fritz] I just want to thank Greg, Ron, Dave and Nicole You guys have been a real pleasure coming into the district for the last six months, you have educated me, spent lots and lots of time with me to get me up to speed I wanna thank you for that And madam chair and board, we will continue to stay on this We will to work with Brandon Clark to ensure that we get good quality service We will certainly put together some information to survey our teachers and our principals and to continue to prioritize how we spend the dollars Thank you – Now we’ll move on to board action items 17.01 policy 701 Superintendent Fritz – [Fritz] Like to ask Mrs. Deb Muller, Chief Financial Officer to come forward – [Deb] Yeah, good evening madam chair, board members and Dr. Fritz This is being brought back to you for permission to advertise the finance policy 701 And the reason why we are requesting to modify it is because of the audit committee language and the internal auditor language that was added to Florida Statutes Those were 218.391 and then 1001.42 And so we did bring this forward to you previously and we’ve just received input from the audit committee and it was reviewed by our team and just bringing it forward to post final form to advertise – Thank you Mrs. Muller Superintendent Fritz, is there a recommendation? – [Fritz] Yes, ma’am there is The superintendent recommends the approval to advertise the amendments to the school board policy 701 for finance – Colleagues you’ve heard the superintendent recommendation Is there a motion? – [Colon] Motion to approve – [Cuthbert] Second, madam chair – The motion has been properly moved and second, any discussion? Hearing none I’ll call for the vote Mr. Rubin Colon – [Colon] Yay – Mrs Jamie Haynes – [Jamie] Yay – Mr. Carl Persis – [Carl] Yay – Mrs. Linda Cuthbert – [Cuthbert] Yes – And Ida Wright, yay The vote was unanimous Thank you, Mrs. Muller, and thank you, superintendent Fritz – Thank you – Moving down to item 17.02 high school athletics fields, superintended Fritz – [Fritz] Like to bring back Mr. Greg Akin, chief operating officer – [Akin] Madam chair, Dr. Fritz board members Thank you for this opportunity We already went through this presentation, so we’re not gonna waste any time there What I’d like to do is if you have any questions, please, at this time or further questions, please let us know I would like to go to slide 15 on this PowerPoint, if you don’t mind, just to highlight just a couple of things on that PowerPoint I don’t know what turn it back over Mr. Young is on as well So he’ll be presenting that slide 15 Erin, can you pull it up? – I think we’re on the wrong presentation or something – [Fritz] Greg, maybe we just take any questions that they have, am not sure the presentation is necessary at this time – [Akin] Yes, sir So we’re good to go Madam chair, any questions for Mr. Young? – I see Mr. Colon So Mr. Colon go right ahead – So the question at hand to negotiate the possibility with ABM of taking these services over – I think what we’re talking about right now

is just athletic fields And while, ABM does supply some mowings for the athletic fields, we don’t have a contract for athletic fields with ABM – [Akin] Well, let me clarify real quick ABM it’s included Their mowing is included in the current contract with them currently right now So really I think what we have is a basic choice here Depends on how the board wants to go and leave it just like it is currently right now We can actually go back with ABM and see if we could basically amend the contract to pull out the mowing of the 55 acres as we presented And then we would take on what we currently proposed with this athletic field maintenance using our internal staff That’s the two choices really have this evening to kind of discuss Did that answer your question, Mr. Colon – So currently ABM is doing our fields, correct? – [Akin] Right One time per week – One time per week And so are we looking to negotiate the contracts to pull that out so that we take it over? Is that the question at hand? – Yes, sir. So what we are looking at is if you want us to move forward to meet with ABM, to discuss the grounds contracts, specifically the athletic part of that grounds contract, that would be the question this evening, which direction you would like us to go – Great Thank you No more question – Thank you, Mr. Colon Mrs. Haynes – [Jamie] I don’t have any additional questions at this time about this Thank you – Thank you Mr. Persis – [Carl] Madam chair, I did not have any additional questions Thank you – Thank you Mrs. Cuthbert – [Cuthbert] I have no further questions Thank you – Thank you Thank you gentlemen Superintendent Fritz is there a recommendation? – [Fritz] Yes, ma’am, there is The superintendent recommends the approval of the high school athletic field maintenance program – [Carl] move approval – Was that you Mr. Persis? – [Carl] Yes, madam chair – Thank you Is there a second? – [Cuthbert] I second, Madam chair – Thank you The motion has been properly moved by Mr. Persis, second by Mrs Cuthbert Any other discussion Hearing none Move forward with calling for the vote Mr. Ruben Colon – [Colon] Yay – Jamie Haynes – [Jamie] Yay – Mr. Carl Persis – [Carl] Yay – Mrs. Linda Cuthbert – [Cuthbert] Yay – And Ida Wright, yay The vote was unanimous Thank you all Thank you gentlemen, for the presentation – [Fritz] Thank you – [Akin] Thank you – We’ll move on to action Item 17.03 The Panic Button with Rave integration – [Fritz] Yes, ma’am. Mr Akin is gonna stay forward, but I’m gonna ask chief Newman to come forward Chief Newman is going to share with you an agreement with Rave Panic Button and a little bit of the plan of us going forward to make sure that we’re getting the most out of that, chief Newman – [Newman] Good evening and thank you, sir Good evening madam chair, board members, Dr. Fritz To that, I’m here with you to provide just a brief overview of a Panic Button app provided through Rave and Mutualink With me also on the call tonight is a representative from Rave Mr. Jhan Frias, and from mutual link, Mr. Joel Jones and Mr. Jeff Kelly I’ve asked them to join us just to address any technical questions that you may have at the end of this presentation Next slide please Erin So as you’ll recall, legislation passed earlier this year as part of companion bills, house bill 23 and Senate bill 70, and also known as Alyssa’s law for Alyssa’s alert named after 14 year old Alyssa Alhadeff, who was tragically killed in the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas school shooting in February of 2018 The unanimous passing of Senate bill 70 requires panic alarms in all Florida Public and charter schools by the 21-22 school year The Panic Button or Alyssa’s Alert, provides an electronic link directly to the local PSAP or public safety answering point more commonly called the local dispatch center,

that will notify law enforcement, other first responders and school staff when an emergency occurs on campus Next slide please So in the Rave/ Mutualink partnership, Rave is the Panic Button app portion that is downloaded on mobile devices and will allow employees of Volusia County Schools activate the system by simply pushing one of five emergency buttons The five buttons are active shooter, police, fire, medical and 911 In addition to the emergency buttons, there’s also a staff assist button that can be used among school faculty and staff in many different non-emergency situations One example of this might be a teacher who falls and needs to request assistance from other staff members without causing commotion or alerting 911 Mutualink is the hardware or gateway that allows interoperability among school staff and first responders, linking radios, phones, and videos for optimum communications The benefits of this app are that 911 is immediately called connecting school staff when emergency call taper at the Sheriff’s communications center, who will then of course, ensure first responders are dispatched to the emergency It provides accurate location of the incident, and this portion is huge The correct location must be provided every time to ensure first responders are not delayed in responding to the accurate location of emergencies Additionally, faculty and staff on campus are notified of emergency so that they too can take appropriate action And the messaging feature allows them to communicate with one another as to what’s going on in their particular location Lastly, it is purpose compliant and only shares video during emergency situations at the direction of the school administrators Next slide please So here we have a diagram of how Rave and Mutualink app actually work So once the app is downloaded on your mobile device an ideal fence is placed around each campus to include football, baseball, soccer fields, and parking lots When any of the Panic Buttons are activated the user’s phone immediately dials 911, connecting them directly with a call taker at the Sheriff’s communication center At the same time, a notification is sent to the guardian or the school resource officer, resource deputy on campus, as well as all staff members who have been pre populated into the system This means that all faculty and staff on campus, will be alerted to the emergency at the same time This ensures rapid lock downs, evacuations or other emergency measures can be taken immediately In closing, the Rave/Mutualink panic alert system provides faster, realtime communication and information sharing with our first responders It further enhances the overall emergency notification process for Volusia County Schools It will ensure emergency incidents reported on our campuses are communicated directly to the Sheriff’s communications center, so that our first responders can be dispatched immediately to the correct location to address the emergency situation Next slide please So that’s all I have That’s the end of my presentation and I’ll stand by for any questions of myself or our guests from Rave and Mutualink – Thank you, Officer Newman I See Linda Cuthbert and Dr Fritz, do you want to interject before I open it to my colleagues? – [Fritz] Sure I was just gonna say this is a good tool, but it’s only a good tool if we train our staff on how to use it and feel comfortable with it So please understand one of the things that we didn’t go through in depth, Chief Newman knows this, that during our pre-planning we will have an investment in training our folks As we go through and do our monthly drills, it’ll be activated from this app, so that our folks feel comfortable with this So that they’re not afraid of it so that they know that it’s there It’ll be part of our district team as well And I just wanted the board to know this is a good tool as long as we use it So the intention for us is to make sure that all of our employees are extremely comfortable with that Thank you ma’am – Thank you, Mrs. Cuthbert – Hi, good evening This is for the Volusia County employees only, not for children? So kids can’t download this on their phones? – Yes, ma’am that’s my understanding It would be for Volusia County staff, faculty, employees

– Okay And it will only work at parking lots, fields, and the school building So once an employee walks off the campus, it’s not available, correct? – Yes ma’am, that’s a very good question It’s only active within the geo fence around the school and the identified areas that we actually have input on where that would be So that would include baseball fields, football fields, soccer fields, but what’s really important is that once you leave those locations, those identified areas, you wouldn’t be located or tracked – Okay I do know we have several inter-local agreements like in the Ormond area, as well as New Smyrna, we use their fields So would not work for example, at a Spruce Creek High School versus New Smyrna Beach High School football game at the New Smyrna Beach Municipal Stadium, that’s owned by the city – I would have to defer to Mr. Akin or somebody else that helped me answer that question My understanding is that if we have students for Volusia County Schools, that we would be able to use it at those locations, but again, I would have to get back to you on and verify that response – Yeah Chief Newman you’re correct We would and miss Cuthbert, we would work with the cities to make sure we’re authorized to do that – Okay And my last question, how safe when you put an app down on a phone, how safe is the owner of the phones, personal information? For example, a person keeps passwords or financial information on the phone, does the company Rave or Mutualink have the access, are they allowed access to what else is on the phone? So I know people will be concerned about their personal information – Of course Very good question And I’m gonna defer if you don’t mind directly to the experts Rave and Mutualink Mr. Kelley, or Mr. Frias – [Kelley] Let me chief this is a Rave question I know the answer, but let’s let Mr. Frias answer that specific question, please Jhan Frias, are you there? Chief Newman Can you hear me? – I can hear you Yes, sir And he was on the line earlier I don’t know if he got off in the meantime, but he was there – [Colon] Well, he looks like he’s muted Jhan Frias you’re muted – [Jhan] Okay Can you hear me? – [Kelley] Yes, Jhan – [Jhan] Okay, great Thank you So the answer to that is we do not access what is on the employee’s phone In other words, every employee would download the Rave application, like people would download any other application We ourselves do not have access to the employees phone or anything else that’s on the phone – Okay So are you able to as an employee, for example, a Chief Newman is on a campus and she has the app, you all can know where she is at all times, correct Can you – [Jhan] No, that is not correct The only way we would know where an employee may be is only under one circumstance And that’s if, and only if, that employee activates panic and in ideal fence location If the employee does not activate Panic Button, then we are not tracking an employee at any given time At the same time, we also understand that there may be employees that I just may not comfortable with the application They have ability to completely turn off our location on their phone Therefore, we will never know where that employee is – Okay Now, Mr. Akin and Chief Newman, would you ask all employees to do this? And would you accept, for example, if Dr. Fritz says, “I don’t have to, I’m the superintendent, I don’t need to do this.” Will we allow, Of course he wouldn’t, but would we allow certain employees feel uncomfortable? Would they be allowed not to download the app? – Me personally, I would wanna talk to those employees just to have a one on one and explain to them that really the safety and security of our students, faculty and staff is it’s incumbent upon all of us and explain to them exactly what Mr. Frias

just explained that, we’re not interested in tracking you throughout your day as your kiddos We’re interested in knowing where you all are, If God forbid an active shooter occurs in your classroom and you being able to push that button and getting me and my team, a law enforcement there to you as quickly as possible And I think for those types of conversations and training and education, I think that we could really go a long way with our union members as well, because I know that that might be a concern for them, but being able to have these conversations and explain that to them – Okay Thank you very much I appreciate all your input Mr. Akin, did you have something – No, I echo of what Chief Newman mentioned, that’s exactly what we would do go to the employee and pretty reiterate why it’s important to have this system in place – Okay Thank you very much Madam chair – Thank you, Mrs. Cuthbert, any other colleague, Mr. Colon? – So this is a statutory requirement, correct? – Yeah It’ll be required in the 21-22 school year, yes sir – Okay And I noticed the funding for it is coming from the half cent Is this something that is not being funded through safety and security? – Well, the funding actually from the half-cent sales tax, we have $2 million set aside for safety and security So some of that money would be used for this The following year we’re anticipating the reoccurring costs would be funded through the state through a grant for the system ‘Cause they’re gonna be selected in the system for us, just like they did for four to five Florida – So, wait a second So you’re saying that next year there’s gonna be a state contract? – Well, that’s what they’re currently working on right now is to state contract and selecting someone and a majority, I’m gonna say many, I don’t know how many exactly are currently using Rave and Mutualink in the state of Florida (faintly speaking) setting, including higher ed as well (murmuring) It’s a cat And so my question is then, so this is, though it is a requirement for the upcoming school year There has not been funding allocated for it? – Not at this time You’re correct, sir Not at this time – I guess that’d be a question for them Are we anticipating this to come eventually from the safety and security funds so that we don’t have to pull it out of half cent? I guess Yeah, that could be a followup question But it’s statutory and we’ve got to get this going So I understand that I just wanna make sure that if we need to let our colleagues know in our state government that, “Hey, we’ve got this requirement and this is what it’s costing us That’s unfunded We can certainly share that So thank you – Yeah They kinda answer your question Currently this year, as we started with the guardian program, there were grants set aside for the weapons we have, the training, all of those things I anticipate the state will do the same thing for the system that we currently have, or that we’re getting hopefully – Great Thank you – Thank you, Mr. Colon, Mrs. Haynes – I apologize Tiger decided to wake up early today, and join the conversation Okay So my first question is, is this replacing the VOLO that we’ve been using? – Yes, ma’am it is – All right So to piggyback on what Mr. Colon said, we would be starting this a year earlier than what we’re being mandated to start it? – That’s correct – Okay And then my other question is, has the companies that we’re gonna deal with that are going to install this, have they already had an opportunity to look at our infrastructure and maybe Clint knows the answer to this, if you don’t to ‘Cause when I was looking at the prices and everything and what this is gonna cost, I saw that, there’s a piece on us too, for what they’ve got to install So do we have the infrastructure that’s ready to make this work if we move forward with it, technology-wise? – [Clint] Yeah, thank you Mrs Haynes I can speak a little bit on that I think for the most part, the only infrastructure piece that is gonna be required is wireless throughout our schools And it will work with LTE for the cell phone data as well I know some of the inside schools or inside of schools doesn’t have very good signal

for the LTE or the cellular access So that would be where the wifi would come in and then if they leave the wifi coverage, the cell phone activity could still work We will look into that, but our goal is definitely to have wifi coverage in all of our campuses inside of all of the buildings, no matter where you’re at any way So this would coincide with that – Okay So you will work together with them to ensure if we’re moving forward on this So one final thing about VOLO is, if this is going to replace VOLO , is our contract with them up or is that contract still are we going to be basically double paying for two services and only utilizing one? – So currently we do not pay anything to VOLO Right now it’s a zero cost We help them basically last two years try to develop their product to make it marketable Obviously there were some issues that we currently have Remember two years ago, we looked at a Mutualink and that we put on hold to try to work with VOLO For that reason VOLO would be charging us next year if we would go with them And so we’re at this point right now to make a decision what we would go with, and this is the best product out there today – Okay Thank you for answering that And Clint, thank you for letting us know about the infrastructure I appreciate the fact that you’re already thinking about the training for the teachers, because we do wanna keep everyone on our campuses safe And I like the fact that this company has developed something that appears to be simple, enough that if in the event that there is an incident, you have easy access to be able to reach someone So I appreciate that And thank you for taking the time to walk us through this this evening – [Wright] Thank you Mrs. Haynes, Mr. Persis – [Carl] Thank you madam chair I took the opportunity earlier today to speak with Greg about this item And so I do not have any further questions I’m looking forward to working with the company Thank you – Thank you And I too was able to actually see the presentation and equipment So thank you all for the information And do you all have any questions for us? Any comments? Okay if not superintendent Fritz, what’s your recommendation – [Fritz] Superintendent recommends the approval of the purchase of Mutualink Panic Button system with Rave integration for our schools that are admin sites – Thank you You heard the superintendent recomendation Is there a motion? – [Colon] So moved – [Jamie] Second – The motion was made by Mr. Ruben Colon second by Mrs. Jamie Haynes Any other discussion? Hearing none, I’ll call for the vote Mr. Rubin Colon – [Colon] Yay – Mrs. Jamie Haynes – [Jamie] Yay – Mr Carl Persis – [Carl] Yay – Mrs. Linda Cuthbert – [Cuthbert] Yes – And Ida Wright, Yes The vote was unanimous Thank you, colleagues Thank you, chief and Mr. Akin Yes Mrs. Schulz – [Schulz] I just wanted to let you know, we do have some public comment for 17.04 Once we get to that – Thank you. Ma’am Yeah, I saw that one Moving along to item 17.04, the consolidation of Ortona elementary and Osceola Elementary Schools – [Fritz] Yes. Ma’am I’d like to call up Mr. Steve Grube, director for planning design and construction And Mr. Greg Akin – Madam chair, board members, Dr. Fritz, thank you for this opportunity As you know, we had done several board presentations over the last couple of months talking about Osceola and Ortana This evening we’re looking for direction from the board is requested tonight to make sure that we can look at the consolidation of those two schools BRPH the architects on April 14th, we presented the information We looked at the K-5, K-8 We even did, a neighborhood survey was conducted We presented all that information to you on April 28th board meeting There were several site visits to Orange County looking at their K-8 So we’re asking the board tonight to decide on two basic things, a K-8 or K-5, and whether we build on Osceola or Ortona

So I’m gonna turn it over to you a Mrs. Wright For a discussion Steve, do you have anything else to add on that currently? – [Steve] No, not at this point That’s summarizes everything very well – Thank you Mr. Akin and Mr. Grube So colleagues this is the time for the discussion, but I do want to stay that I did go on Friday, the school was beautiful I had parents to join me I believe you received emails from both parents from both schools that actually like the K-8 model But doing our discussion at the school, along with the firm as it relates to the site, we were told, and I did ask the question if we going to consolidate, if we going to go K-5, a K-8, if we looked at the K-8 model, how will we know which site would be best? And it was then said they would take back If we went with the K-8 model, to kinda lay that out on both, but it really would depend on programming And so I’m concerned that if I say one site versus the other, that really wouldn’t be fair because we don’t know the programming I don’t mind us making a decision on if we’re gonna consolidate If we’re going to go with a K-8 K-5 model, I am concerned I am little leery for me to say which site, because we don’t know what the programming will look like So Mr. Colon, I see your hand and then I’ll open it up for discussion – So thank you all for being here I also had to go back to the April presentation So just to better understand exactly what we’re talking about, aside from what seemingly simple of deciding what school, what site Have there been any changes architecturally to that presentation that we’ve learned since then, since everyone’s had the opportunity to go out, I think again, we’ve had lots of positive feedback, but I don’t know that the presentation from April as to where we are today, is still accurate So I guess my question is, have there been any changes to that presentation or other things we can consider? I know there was an issue with a pipe, which we’ve resolved with the city of Ormond, but what other things, as you all have gone on, what’s changed since April? – I’m not aware that there’ve been any changes since April We’ve had some ongoing discussions about program and it’s understood and I’ve had these discussions with the architect that decision to go K-8 is made, we can get into programming and that the program would fit on either site It would obviously be configured differently, but neither site would restrict us from moving forward with the program – So what you’re saying was there is no one site that is better than the other currently? – well, there are advantages and disadvantages to both sides, so that I think that’s been laid out in terms of size and configuration But we’ve looked at them both individually and collectively and determined that either site could accommodate the building and accommodate the programs – Great Thank you That was it, madam chair – Thank you, Mr. Colon I see Mr. Persis hand Go ahead, Mr. Persis – [Carl] Thank you, Madam chair I didn’t know whether I’m trying to help you out with this man I’m chair I didn’t know whether you want a decision on the K-5 K-8, or do you want to listen to the public first? I just wanna help whatever it is that you would like to see accomplished tonight I don’t know which order you think Could you hear me? – I’m on mute, I’m sorry Yes, I did hear you I was gonna allow us to have conversation and then before a vote actually takes place, I was gonna let our constituents join us in the conversation But just wanted to let everybody know, I finally did get a chance to visit the school (indistinct) the two principals of both schools and three parents

And so all of them, and like I said, all of you received the email from both parents from each of the schools that like the K-8 model, the conversation that we had actually dealt with, which site would be the best site based on several configuration And then I think where the comment was made to us, it would kind of depend on the programming And so I just wanted to hear everybody’s feedback So thank you, Mr. Colon And if you had some feedback Mr. Persis, you could go ahead and then lend the comfort – [Carl] Okay I have a lot of comments regarding the location why I believe the Osceola location is the better location However I’m also in favor of the K-8 And when you are ready to have the conversation about which location, then I would like to be able to speak to that issue – Okay, Mrs. Cuthbert – Okay I have three basic questions And Mr. Glover, first one is for you, if that’s okay If we stick with the K-5, we have that covered in our $100 million bond, correct? The $24 million per K-5 – This is Jay Glover Can y’all hear me okay? – Yes, Jay I was gonna say you’re on So Jay Glover’s on (laughing drowns out speaker) on as well for any technical questions Go ahead, Jay – All right Madam chair, school board members, Dr. Francis, this is Jay Glover from PFM financial advisors, the district’s financial advisor And I’m pretty sure, and maybe one of the people at the district can confirm that yes, they initial K-5 was included as part of the Sales Pack Flash Pop’s transaction we did last year – Okay, and that’s 24 million If the board decides to go to a K-8, it could very easily add another 15 to 20 million depending on the programming and the way we have to have the 20% ground permeability So where would that money come from? Can the district afford that extra cost, without putting undue financial pressure on the school district, especially in these times of less sales tax revenue – So I can try to help answer part of that I think We don’t prepare the districts capital budget, but I can tell you how we would potentially structure a financing and how it might impact your debt service payments over the next couple years, and then out a little bit longer, if that’s part of the answer, that would be helpful to you – Okay So Mrs. Muller, could you help with that? – Yeah Well, I guess what we would wanna talk about right now is we don’t have between the additional 15 to $20 million in the budget Because we are in the middle of preparing the 2021 capital plan and the five year plan So we would have to look at how we would want to pay for that Obviously Mr. Glover has one proposal It’s not the only financing option or whether we decided to use the money that we have coming in annually from our sales tax And then that would mean we would have to look at the other projects and possibly push something out a little farther or possible use another funding source So clearly, that’s what we’re in the middle of working on And on the ninth, we would present that tentative budget and this decision would have an effect on what we present on the ninth, but, I mean, clearly right now in the middle of this pandemic, we’re anticipating that we’ll see some revenue loss from the sales tax, but we also have asked Mr. Glover and PFM

to provide us with a projection of the revenue based on economic analysis and other factors So we anticipate that will help us determine what the decrease in funding maybe moving forward And we’ll factor that in So I don’t know that I’ve given you a clear answer, but there are options and we have considered to push out (faintly speaking) funded them based on what the (faintly speaking) – Okay I just wanted to make sure that everyone understood the K-5 we’ve already programmed It’s already been budgeted, but if we go to a K-8, it’s not, and we’d have to find additional funding sources So question to my colleagues would be, do you wanna go into further debt? Where do you go to find that source? Do you wanna do another bond, which we already have two? What other program, or what other renovation or rebuild you wanna push back in order to put in a K-8 So those are questions I think we need to think about tonight before we make our decision So Mr. Glover, thank you very much It’s nice to know that you’re there to help us with that in and Mrs Muller thank you for answering that question Now one other thing I think that should be discussed tonight, is the programming Because Mr. Phillips and Megan White would have to decide, do we wanna put in a culinary lab or do we want STEM? So what is, and maybe Mr. Persis can know this cause it’s his district, what is the general consensus of the community? What kind of programming do they want? Because middle school kids should not be short changed on a band or on drama, or at least have a field which they can go out and pick a soccer ball Our elementary primary should have a recess area as well as intermediate have a separate recess area So you’re thinking of three separate areas in which kids are gonna go out to play And also wanna make sure, we may not want to culinary lab or we want one at all I’m not sure, but that needs to be decided because that has a huge effect on the money And at least it needs to be discussed tonight And one other thing I have that needs to be discussed, is if the board decides to go a K-8, we have a new program, all this new information, new programming an excellent architectural ideas I’m going for this new school, whether it’s on the Osceola or Ortona site, let’s not forget Holly Hill K-8 We need to address their programming as well Let’s not leave them behind We would probably need, that’s why I asked, Dr. Fritz said he understands K-8, he’s experienced K-8 But if we’re going to do a K-8 for Beach Side School, let’s also help and support the Holly Hill K-8 So I don’t wanna put one out there and leave the other behind So thank you all very much I appreciate And I’m sure my colleagues have other questions So I did leave questions that I might’ve had for them to ask, but I wanted to especially address the financial issue, the programming as well as Holly Hill So thank you all very much Thank you madam chair – [Wright] Thank you One thing I want to, and I think Mr. Persis and I will both agree, programming is not something we can address tonight Because that is not just up to us We have to talk to the parents we have to and especially the teachers and the principals So that’s the conversation I’m not willing to engage in tonight And that is why I said we kind of need to decide which way we’re gonna go If we’re gonna go K-5 or K-8 first, because I do believe there are other entities that really would have to chime in on the part about what programming we want at the school Mr. Persis, I’ll let you jump in on that one – [Carl] Okay, thank you madam chair and Mrs. Cuthbert raised some excellent points Let me just say before today’s meeting, I did have a conversation with with Deb Muller

about the whole funding issue Mrs.Cuthbert And she did explain to me as she just did to the board some of the options I did ask her point point blank do we have the money to fund this school? And she said, the bottom line is, yes, we do have the money The good news is, that we have collected over five and a half million dollars from our sales tax revenue, 5.6 million more than we budgeted for since its inception in January of 2017 So that’s all good news And that will help I think more than offset the shortcomings that we are likely to experience from the sales tax collections that occurred in March and April and will likely occur in May and June until things start to open In regard to the programming, I agree with Mrs. Wright Certainly we could not tonight decide on program as much as our architects would love us to That is certainly something that is gonna demand a lot more input from the district staff, but in regard to Mrs Cuthbert’s comment, Mrs. Cuthbert, I believe if it was a perfect world, what we would love to see is the Osceola if you will, Ortona K-8 school, have a middle school program that directly ties into the Seabreeze program as much as possible And so to get that input from the Sea Breeze staff, as well as our district staff with Patty Ford and as you said including all of the teachers and of course parents too, to make this an absolute quality program I would also be very interested in seeing if we could, and again, it all depends on size and space, but if we could get the gifted program Mrs Cuthbert into the Osceola or Ortona combination, we are currently sending between 50 and 60 students, I would guess to Tomoka Elementary now to their gifted program And these are students that live on the beach side, that we are busing over the bridge to go to Tomoka I would also suggest that we are losing some of our gifted and talented students to the two private schools, that are also within shouting distance of Ortona and Osceola We have two private schools, Lourdes Academy, which is a 0.4 miles away from Ortona, which is pre K-8 school And then we have st Brendan’s Catholic School, which is about two miles North of Osceola, which is also K through eight grade school And coincidentally, both of these schools have around 265 students each So I suspect that there are some students that are attending those schools that if we had the gifted program, and if we had a middle school program at our combination Ortona Osceola school, we would be certainly getting some of those students through our public school So I think this is a wonderful- (baby crying) So I will turn it back to you – [Wright] Thank you Can everyone mute their phone, please Thank you At this time, I see we have some guests in our room

and I would like to hear from our public And so Mrs. Schulz I’m trying to pull back up my list Give me a second – [Schulz] The public participant is Rachel Rostov – Yes, Mrs. Rostov and she was one of the parents that joined me Go ahead, Mrs. Rostov, – [Rachel] Are you there? – Hello? – [Rachel] Hello Can you hear me? – Yes, we can hear you If you could just state your name, and you have three minutes – [Rachel] All right Good evening madam chair, members of the board and Dr. Fritz, this is Rachel Rostov, and I’m calling regarding the Ortona Osceola consolidation And I wanna reiterate what I’ve already communicated through email to the school board It has been made clear that taxpayers are wanting schools to be built for maximum capacity As we’ve seen with the presentations, neither the, Ortona or Osceola site gives us that option relative to the acreage and space available Instead of instant gratification of knowing that we built a school for maximum occupants, we have a chance to put that school in an area that is in the process of revitalization, creating value within our community Putting a new school in Ormond Beach, doesn’t add as much value because it is already an attractive area By putting a new school in Daytona Beach, the Ortona site, we are investing in a growing and changing Ortona by creating an enticing school that families would migrate to Families will have fewer transitions and will be given a stronger sense of community, which is what beach-side living is all about for us When we are given the choice on whether we would prefer a K-5 versus a K-8, I believe the decision goes beyond the simplicity of what we want It becomes a matter of what we don’t have, which is a middle school on the beach side In a perfect world, we would see ourselves having a K-5 on one site and the middle on the other It has been portrayed that this is not an option Therefore, when given the choice, we find ourselves neighboring a K-8 for several reasons Greater sense of community, fewer transitions, and being able to go to middle school in our neighborhood and community By offering the K-8, we are alleviating long bus routes to either of the currently zoned middle schools A K-8 program might not be perfect for everyone, but that does not mean we should ignore the need for a middle school option on the beach side and majority of the school population I continue to hear the argument that Osceola is the larger site compared to Ortona But after seeing what Audubon Park School managed to fit on 13 acres, and being made aware that Volusia County wouldn’t be offering some of the same items such as a track, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible to fit the modified K-8 model on the Ortona site We also know that the Ortona site is more favorable relative to storm search, which is something that should play a crucial role in decision making I thank you for your time and consideration, and I hope that my involvement shows the Ortona community support for this project – Thank you We have another caller Mrs. Nancy Redmond Mrs. Redmond Mrs. Redmond Did we lose Mrs. Redmond, Mrs. Schulz? – [Schulz] It looks like she disconnected – Okay If she comes back, we will grab her – [Schulz] Okay – Okay. Thank you So, Dr. Fritz did you have one recommendation? What was your ask, Dr. Fritz? – [Fritz] I’m sorry Ma’am are you asking me to weigh in on K-5 or K-8? – Well, based on, did you have a recommendation? – [Fritz] Well it’s a double edged sword I think K-8s are wonderful educational model for our schools because the transition is less for students You’re able to keep them together and their families together for nine years in school And I think that’s wonderful And if you plan it correctly, in other words you know what the community wants, whether it’s a performing arts school, a STEM school, a culinary school an IB school, Renee school then you can see or World Language Academy, then I think it can be powerful And so I say that to you, I also am concerned about the money And I’ll tell you why that the money concerns me a little bit, because there are projects that if we do this and we pay twice as much

then we’re gonna maybe have to say no to down the road Because you can always spend a dollar once And it’s one of those outages you can have anything you want, you can have everything you want So I’m in support of either options I know that’s a very political answer But I will share with you that I certainly have seen the benefits of the K-8 in a community That’s all I have ma’am – Okay, thank you So colleagues I’d like to hear from you all Let’s start with, do we wanna stay with the K-5 or K-8? Mrs. Haynes, go ahead – So I had the opportunity years ago to intern in a K-8 model, and I have seen a K-8 model work I appreciated the opportunity to go to Audubon Park and view what they built there and hear from the administrators, how it’s working and the community piece I went back and reviewed the survey results that we had from both communities along with the letters we’ve received And I believe our beach side deserves the opportunity, if the parents so choose for the middle students to stay on the beach side So I’m in supportive a K-8 – Thank you Mrs. Cuthbert – This is very difficult for me Since I’m on the selection committee for the rebuilds, and I’ve been doing this for almost five years, I wanted a K-5 two weeks ago, and Mr. Persis encouraged you and I madam chair to go visit And I was so glad BRPH was there I brought mayor Henry and the vice mayor of Ormond Beach City Commission Mr. Troy had come along and they to are APS at a middle school And of course, the honorable Mr. Derek Henry is an AP at Holly Hill And through his eyes, I saw what Holly Hill could be like So I don’t mind a K-8 if the community specifies this particular kind of school at once And some of those kids may wanna go to Mainland, not just Seabreeze So we have to provide them a school in which they can flourish and not be short changed Those sixth, seventh, and eighth graders have to have the same availability to them that other middle school students would have throughout the County I would love to give that to them much like everyone else does My only reserve is, are we going to tell Mclinnis, “Sorry, next year.” we’ve already told Tomoka they would be on the first five Again, they might be pushed aside I think as this comes back to us, we need to decide, first of all, the programming And I didn’t wanna make a decision on the program I just wanted it discussed Like I was glad Mr. Persis brought up the gifted program It’s an excellent idea And what Mrs Rostov said about, we do lose middle school students to the private schools that surround that area We do have an opportunity I hate to see it wasted, but I’m very concerned about the money I really am because we just don’t know what’s gonna happen in the fall I hate to say other schools go by the wayside again Like they went by the wayside the last time we had the half cent sales tax So my heart says K-8 My head says K-5 So you could put me in half if you’d like, (laughing) I do know the practicality, the budget person that I am, I wanna make sure the money’s there and we don’t penalize somebody else And I certainly don’t want to leave Holly Hill K-8 behind So if the superintendent and his staff can say,

“Yes, we will pay particular attention to Holly Hill and help bring up their programming centralized and give them the support that they need to make it an effective So they can compete with a K-8 on the Beach Side.” Then it’s fine with me And we’re not telling Tomoka Elementary or Mclinnis or who else haven’t we touched that we should be touching? (jumbled speech) What’s the other school that we talked about? Spruce Elementary We tell them, “sorry, you’re behind once again.” Because I know what that feeling is because we just got money set aside for New Smyrna Beach Middle School, long time incoming never been touched in 40 years So I think it’s very important that we weigh the pros with the cons But my heart says K-8 Ortona Thank you, Madam chair – Thank you And right now, again, I don’t want us to discuss a site I just want us to really just focus if we wanna do K-8 K-5 right now – Oh, I know I just wanted it This is the only time we can talk So I just thought it was a good idea for us to get our views out there so they can be discussed so we can think about it So I know there’s no decisions – We’ll come back to the site Persis so right now I want us to let’s decide, do we want to move with a K-8 or K-5 first? Let’s deal with that – [Carl] K-8 – Okay, K-8 So as it stands, it sounds like we’re all okay moving forward with the K-8 In my concerned, I didn’t wanna move forward at last meeting Cause I did want the parents from both schools and after the Osceola parents had their representative who was very thorough Well, it was a very detailed email And she was supportive of the K-8 understood And I think again, when we start talking about planning and that’s why I said to you, Mrs. Cuthbert, again, I would like take parents from both and teachers from both, to go over so they can see it It is a world of difference when you can visually see the schools and understand the programming And then they can talk to the PTAs and the teachers themselves I entertain a motion if there’s one – [Carl] Madam chair, I’d like to move that we consolidate the Ortona and the Osceola schools into a K-8 school – There’s a motion on the table – Second – The motion has been properly moved by Carl persis, seconded by Ruben Colon, to consolidate Orona and Osceola Elementary Schools into a K-8 Any more discussion? Go ahead – Madam chair Is there a way to have like a little escape shoot that as we go along with more information, as we get information sales revenue, and as we talk about programming and discussion, if it doesn’t look really good as we investigate a K-8 and if it looks like a K-5 is something in reality we have to do can we revisit this – I think we could always revisit Mrs. Cuthbert, because I think after we go through all of this, I think the reality we’re going to have to really talk about what will K-12 education look like period, because I believe we’ll move to a whole new paradigm that none of us really understand And at the end of my closing comments, you’ll understand why I’m saying that So we’re saying that this is what we want, but in actuality it may not even happen for another three four years We may have to change our mind This is what we’re committed to, but we’re not committed if we understand it could be financial decimate to the district because we don’t And we know that we’re gonna lose revenue from sell tax this year We don’t know how it’s gonna impact us next year So everything is hinged upon where we are financially And I don’t think any of my members, any of our colleagues would disagree, Mrs. Haynes, Mr. Persis, Mr. Colon, are we all on the same page with that? – Yes ma’am – Okay, thank you I just wanted to clarify – No, no problem – But also for the public Because in a year or two, we have to revert, we have to come back to this and say this is what we really wanna do This is what we wanna do for the community and for kids and families,

however reality comes in and says it just isn’t possible Or who knows what we’re gonna find at the sites So- – Correct – Okay Thank you very much I appreciate the discretion – Not a problem Any other discussion? Mrs. Muller, did you wanna interject before we cast a vote? – [Deb] Yes, Mrs. Wright Actually what I wanted to ask was if we could allow Jay Glover to address somewhat of the plans and our coverage that we have for our debt service I thought that we were gonna talk about that when Mrs. Cuthbert was speaking So I think that may be helpful to hear his perspective before a vote – Go ahead, Mr. Glover, – Can y’all hear me again, Jay Glover from PFM – Yes, we can hear you – Okay, great So just to kinda recap where we are in terms of your existing debt, as you mentioned before, there were two transactions that were previously done One of them has about 3.3 million of annual debt service through 2031, which is when the sales tax expires And you recall most recently we did a five year transaction It was about a hundred million dollars worth of projects So the debt service on that is about $21 million through 2024 So really through 2024, you have about 24.4 million of annual debt service And that compares to about $44 million of sales tax revenue collections as of FY 2019 So obviously we don’t know what FY 2020 sales tax revenues are gonna be So, as you can see, you have about $20 million of excess sales tax revenues above and beyond your debt service, which goes to fund projects on a page you go basis So the way we would anticipate financing this potential increase of 15, and I ran the numbers at $20 million just to be conservative would actually be to pay the principle off and years 2025 and 2026 So the principle would layer on immediately after we pay off your most recent transactions So by doing that, the actual debt service impact for the next four years through 2024 is only about $300,000 of annual debt service ‘Cause you’d be paying interest only on the financing And then you would have about $10 million of debt service in 2025 and 2026 And again, this is based on a $20 million financing So those numbers would be slightly less than a $15 million financing So from a cashflow perspective, we would try to structure this if you wanted to move forward to have a minimal impact in the next three to four years, obviously with most of the debt service being paid back shortly after that So as Deb and her team continued to refine the capital budget, we would build that debt service in and be able to kinda tell what projects might need to be deferred or pushed back to fit all of this in But if you’re talking about pure debt service over the next four years, we could structure this so it would have a minimal impact your debt service And really from a sales tax revenue projections, it’s not an issue as to whether you’ll have enough sales tax revenues to make your debt service payments ‘Cause you could withstand a pretty significant decline and still have revenues to make debt service payments The issue is as revenues decline, it’s gonna impact your ability to fund pay as you go projects in addition to your debt service So I don’t know if that’s helpful in kinda framing how we would potentially look at financing this, but that does help minimize your impact over the next few years while hopefully sales tax revenues would rebound and start to grow again at some point, once this pandemic has passed us So that’s at least one option we looked at and I’m happy to kind of address any questions you all might have about that – Colleagues, do you have any questions? – No, Madam chair He was extremely thorough And based on what he said before, and based on what Mrs. Muller said, it’s just a risk we have to take, but the fund pay as you go projects , are those like re roofs air conditioning, hyping that bursts, emergency, HVAC, canopies that are ripped off Is that correct Mr. Akin? – [Akin] Yes. Ma’am any plan that we would

have coming forward We would have to look at that if we have less money to be able to spend more or five year would be totally different than what we’re gonna present a June 5th or ninth – Okay Thank you, Mr. Akin – Thank you Go ahead, Mr. Persis – [Carl] Yeah Thank you madam chair I think this is all positive news It’s just great And I think on June 9th, if Mrs. Muller could just be presented us with a few options and there are always options, always options about how we can finance this And just as you’ve done in the past Mrs. Muller, I’m sure you’ll give the board at least three different ways that we can go about this And as with any five year plan, it’s only as good as the first year of the plan And then the second year we have a different five year plan, because that’s the way this business goes But yeah, I’ll look forward to seeing what you can come up with on June 9th Thank you, Madam chair – You’re welcome We have a motion on the floor Any more discussion? Hearing, none I’ll call for the vote I’ll start at the top Let me start with Linda Cuthbert – You know, this vote is just as difficult as the one I had to discover about dress code (laughing) So I will vote yes As with the caveat That Holly Hills involved with this because they have the expertise Dr. Fritz is on board with guidance and we can afford it I’ll vote yes – Thank you, Mrs. Cuthbert, Mr. Persis Mr. Persis – I’m mute There I am, Mrs. Cuthbert you know that Holly Hill is in my district as well And you know, Derek Henry is a good friend of mine and you know, Jason Watson is a good friend of mine And if you don’t think they have been in my ear about all of this stuff, you are mistaken Yes, we’re going to make sure Holly Hill is the best right there And they are not going to be second fiddle to any other K-8 school You can guarantee that So yes I appreciate your comments and watching out for the good people at Holly Hill school, where my daughter in law works too And she is in my ear too So yes I am all in on Holly Hill – We’re not voting on Holly Hill, Mr.Persis, with bulldog – I am And, but my answer is of course, yes – Thank you We’ll come back to Holly Hill Mrs. Haynes – Yes – Mr. Colon – Yay – And yay for Ida So the vote is unanimous So we know Mr. Grube, at least we’ve got to that juncture that we’re looking at a K-8 So you and our design team Now moving forward, our next conversation will be the location And I have one question Mr Grube, and you can answer, or if we have the design team standing by, they could join the conversation But do we need to make a decision tonight? If my colleagues wanna make a decision tonight, I’m fine with that Or should we actually have this conversation about programming first? And so, I don’t know if you wanna answer, or if we have the design architect on the call, who would best answer that question? – [Steve] I think Jeff was on the call Maybe I don’t know if he’s still there or not – Yeah Megan and I are still on the call, Steve – [Steve] Okay Well, I think that the answer is it’s great news to hear some direction I think that’s very good And we can certainly get the BRPH to the next level and start programming It would be ideal if we had a site tonight, but if we had to wait till tomorrow morning that wouldn’t hurt us either – It wouldn’t be tomorrow morning So I guess you do need us to make a decision tonight Okay So now colleagues, so here we go Let’s talk about the site So, Mrs. Cuthbert, you stated what you are interested in, Mrs. Haynes, Mr. Colon quite naturally I’m gonna let Mr. Persis speak for himself and then I’ll speak last I think, you know where we both stand because one is in Daytona and one isn’t in Ormond But Mrs. Haynes, Mr. Colon, you may say it don’t matter either way, and that’s fine

I don’t wanna put you on the spot if it doesn’t matter either way to you – I’m happy to speak – I want to speak – Go right ahead – Alright So simply because of what I previously did with the district, I had the opportunity many times to be on both of their school campuses and to visit those schools, deal with traffic going in and out of them and everything And so, as I said, I went back and I reviewed all of the survey data I Looked at the comments that were written by both of the schools I paid very close attention, when Mr. Grube and the architects talked about the stormwater piece, the water and soil samples, things such as that And I’m prepared here tonight to make a decision on which site I think we should build it I am pleased to hear that at this time, we’re in agreement to move forward with a K-8, even with the caveats that Mrs. Cuthbert has put in And, and I understand this And my head kinda tells me a little bit of the same thing So if you’d like to know, I’m happy to tell you which site I think we should build on – Okay, go right ahead – I believe we should build at the Ortona Elementary site If you want other information for me to back up why I feel that way I can share additional facts if needed Okay, Mr. Colon – District two comes next So I have been on both school sites just for the sake of seeing the sites I paid particular attention to the stormwater part because that does matter In fact a lot of the water intrusion is why we’re having this conversation It’s why Tomoka and correct me if I’m wrong, cause I don’t have all the history, but Osceola was deemed to be these beach side schools were deemed to be more of a priority than Tomoka at the time because of the water intrusion I went back and looked at the April presentation where they showed sort of how it would sit on the property And it looked like the Ortona of property put the school together, all in one place where that L shape in Osceola was kind of weird, again not to say it can’t work But that’s what I considered Then we had the input from the community and I’ll tell you both communities were very engaged The community and Ormond even offering to help relocate a pipe And so having heard that there is really no difference, first I thought, okay, well the larger site would be better naturally, but to hear that this can be done on both sites successfully sort of made my mind then wander So it’s a really thing because this is a guaranteed decision that a group of people are not gonna be happy with But after going to the school in Orlando, and I’ve never had the pleasure of being at Holly Hill But after going to school to Orlando to see, even though it was outside of Winter Park, I think that there were characteristics to the beach side that also were seen in that school It’s not the same as a school on the mainland There’s a culture with being on the beach or as they call it the salt life And so as, as I considered all of that, I went back and forth in my head and my original belief when I visited both sites, just for the sake of seeing the construction was that Ortona would be the best site And so that is where I am leaning tonight Thank you – Thank you Mr. Persis – [Carl] Well, I have some new information and I hope you all will just hear me out and cause I respect all of you and but this is a decision This is an area that I know very, very well

I grew up on the beach side here I’ve lived here since 1956 I want you to know back in from 58 to 62, Ortona and Osceola were K-8 schools They were K-8 schools and 58 to 62 Osceola changed in 62 when Ormond Beach Junior High opened and then, Ortona changed to a K-6 school when Seabreeze Junior High opened in 63 So these schools have been around for a long time They have been K-8 schools My wife went to Ortona, we have so many friends that their children went to Ortona And as you all know, I was the principal at Tomoka Elementary for 13 years and I got many students from Osceola and Ortona So I as a graduate to Seabreeze High School too, I am just so familiar with this area and I wanna start my comments tonight madam chair if I don’t know whether Stephanie (indistinct) is on the line Is she here tonight Mrs. Stephanie? Here Madam chair (mumbling) – I don’t see her name – [Carl] Stephanie and I had a conversation today and it was interesting if you can kinda draw a map in your head on the beach side from Seabreeze Boulevard, which is the Southern boundary of Ortona, Seabreeze Boulevard going North to the Flagler County line That’s what we’re talking about now Ortona and Osceola as a merged school withdraw from Seabreeze Boulevard to the Flagler County line, it’s a distance of a little over 14 miles The Northern most three miles is conservation area So in effect really from Seabreeze to where the residential areas and is about 11 miles And if you were to draw on a map, a midway point of 11 miles, that’s 5.5 miles either way, you would be about a mile and a half north of the Osceola site That’s the midway point of this school school’s zone The midway point of the school zone is a mile and a half North of the Osceola site, which puts it about five miles north of the Ortona site The distance between Ortona and Osceola is about three and a half miles So the mid point again is a mile and a half north of Osceola The private schools that I mentioned earlier One of them is located about two miles north of Osceola And the other one is located about a half a mile south of Ortona If we were to locate the only school from Seabreeze Boulevard to a Flagler County line, at approximately a mile in four tenths a mile and a half North of Seabreeze, you would have one school, a mile and a half from the southern boundary of the zone And then you would have the other eight and a half miles If you will, of a distance for students to have to drive Parents would have to drive, buses would have to drive to get the students to the school My point in all this is that Osceola is clearly

the most centralized location for this school boundary site And I think that is important and should not be deemphasized because we are always in favor of less busing, community school, parents being able to get close to their school I think these are factors for us to consider In addition, if you put the K-8 school at Ortona, you would have another K-8 school 0.4 miles away from it And that is Lourdes Academy Which is a very good school So you’d have two K-8 schools within a half a mile of each other If you moved it to Osceola, you would have one K-8 school, 2.2 miles away And then the other K-8 school would be four miles away So you’d have Osceola a K-8 school 2.2 miles away, and another K-8 school, four miles away, which makes it again, so centrally located The other point that I would like to make is that all of us had the opportunity to visit Audubon Park And that was just great The principal emphasized to me that he could not imagine doing it on any thing less than 13 acres We do not know what the programs are going to be, but one thing we can all say, and that is that with more acreage, you give our architects more flexibility There is a building on the Ortona side that would have to stay there Unlike the Osceola side, which would be completely cleared The Ortona side has that 2004 Administrative Building that would have to stay on site This further reduces the acreage that could be allotted to the new school The architects have said, and they can speak for themselves that they did not see a purpose for that Administration Building in their K-8 school It just doesn’t fit It just doesn’t work That takes another half to three quarters of an acre out of the already smaller 11 acre lot So now you’re talking about 10 acres, 10 and a quarter 10 and a half at the most that could be going for this K-8 school When we look at the in involvement in partnership with the cities, there is no question that the city of Ormond Beach has reached out to our district folks and our architects and said to them that they would move the pipe at the city’s expense, and do other unnecessary things to work with the school district, to ensure that nothing that the city has on that property would interfere with what the architects and what we as the board want to build on that site Another major issue where Osceola was site is clearly in favor, and that is the parent drop-off and pick up Seminole Avenue runs adjacent to the site It borders, the Osceola site Seminole Avenue runs East and West and connects Halifax Drive with A1A It’s a wide street, and it’s just perfect for handling the traffic that we would be generated by a K-8 school

The Ortona site is woefully inadequate when it comes to parking They cannot even handle the parking that they have now It is horrible They do not have a street that borders the site, East and West goes from to Halifax to A1A The closest street to that is Gulf Boulevard, which is another block further away from that school The traffic would just be a nightmare going I can’t even imagine that school being increased to 400 students, much less 900 to a thousand students, because we’re not gonna be able to add another street to Ortona We’re gonna have to use the existing roadways, and you’re gonna have to wiggle your way through the residential areas And in addition to that, 80% of the students or more will be accessing the school from the north heading south which means the traffic on Halifax, which is the road that they would take cause most parents don’t take A1A, they would have to be stacked up on one way Halifax Avenue is one is one lane each way, and they would have to stack up and make a left hand turn to get into Golf Boulevard, stopping traffic behind them It would just be very inconvenient Let me just put that word out there Inconvenient and time consuming for all those parents heading to the Ortona site I would again, I’m gonna have the architects jump in with me here to confirm or if I’m not correct they can say so I also believe that closing a school is a very difficult thing This school district has not done it successfully very well ever, ever When this issue started the Ortona families, they had no idea that we were considering closing their school And I really feel for them on this issue, that they were being consolidated, and I attended all six of those meetings And by the end of them, I got the sentence that the Ortona families were thinking, this is really happening now And Osceola is the bigger school with the bigger site They have twice as many students So obviously we’re going to gonna the Osceola site I mean, it was just kind of a feeling that the parents had The site was bigger and the enrollment is twice the size So I think they latched onto the fact that, ” Well if they’re gonna close our school, then let’s at the very least let’s get a K-8 out of this.” They had been wanting a middle school on the beach side for as long as well, since what I what did I tell you? Since it stopped being a K-8 in 1963 They have wanted a middle school to replace the Seabreeze Junior High School And this is their great opportunity to have a middle school program on the beach side And we as a board agreed with them That this is our opportunity to help the Ortona families get what they want But ladies and gentlemen, I ask you, do we do that at the expense of the Osceola community? The Osceola family, who is twice as strong,

typically Osceola had 600 students at their school And when we come to moving children around, are we really wanting to disrupt 400 families and more as opposed to 200? I just can’t imagine in good conscious when we know how upsetting this is This is upsetting for families And we’re gonna choose to upset 400 families over 200 families When you think about it, to win-win on this is you’re giving the Ortona families what they want in a K-8, well, let’s give Osceola something Let’s build a school on the Osceola side, which is centrally located, which handles the traffic so much better And let’s put to rest once and for all this notion about a storm surge I went and I checked with Steve Grube, with Rob Brinson, with city officials of Ormond Beach, in the history of Volusia County, the neighborhoods in Ortona, in Osceola have never, ever had a storm surge, never, ever had a storm surge I can’t say it enough because they keep getting thrown out there They may as well have had a snow storm as they have had a storm surge it’s never happened And we have had many, many hurricanes since 1951, and they have never, either location has never had a storm surge So please don’t consider storm surge as one site is better than the other site Neither one has that issue Neither one has had flooding Flooding was not the issue with Osceola, that was brought up Flooding was not the issue with Ortona Both schools have suffered roof damage from time to time, salt water issues, just like Seabreeze High School Salt air, corrosion of factors, but nothing to do with storm surge and nothing to do with flooding So I want to make sure that isn’t anything that helps influence you on here decision Madam chair, if I could get the architects to weigh in for just a second – Yes, because we do have some hands up Weigh in and- – [Carl] I don’t know, is that Jeffrey there? Jeffrey? – [Jeffrey] Yeah, I’m on the call and I believe Megan’s on a call as well We’re here to support with any questions the board has – [Carl] Okay I would like to ask you first of all my comment just on the storm storm surge, are you aware of anything any different than what I just said? – [Jeffrey] Well we had in the study that we did there were some data given to us that identified potential storm as the sea level rises If that happens and the actual Ortona site came in a little bit more favorable than the Osceola- – [Carl] Isn’t the question is if it ever happens and since it has never happened, isn’t it rather odd to say if it ever happens? – [Jeffrey] Well, yeah I mean, if Steve Grube, Rob Brinson gave you the historical of Volusia County that it’s never happened and that’s a fact – [Carl] Yeah, they did And it was also backed up by the city officials of Ormond Beach It has never, ever happened Is it true that the city of Ormond Beach has reached out to you and you have not heard any part partnership with the city of Daytona Beach? Is that correct? – [Jeffrey] Initially, we set up meetings with both the city of Daytona and the city of Orman Beach

We held two meetings with each of the municipalities that was in the beginning phases of the actual project and looking at the studies Since then the city of Ormond has come forward with some suggestions and wanting to show how they were gonna work with the project and do things Technically, we have not heard anything from the city of Daytona on that – Where are you going Mr. Persis, I wanna make sure we set the record straight One reason you probably haven’t heard from Daytona because we didn’t have an issue with the soil We didn’t have a concern with the water intrusion and Ormond had to relocate Am I correct? – [Carl] They didn’t have to madam chair (jumbled speech) They just thought that if that was something that was considered a drawback That they wanted the board to know that they would be willing to incur all those costs and do whatever is unnecessary You know why I love the city of Daytona Beach and I love their mayor I’m not trying to fight the city against the city – I’m just saying, but right now, when it came to an issue, the Osceola site had an issue that Ortona just didn’t have – [Carl] Right I do believe that we have all heard from the city commission and the mayor of Ormond Beach They have taken a city stance and asking us to locate the school Please locate the school at the Osceola site I’m not aware of the city of Daytona Beach taking an official action and a commission meeting to do the same at the Ortona site If I’m in incorrect on that, just helped me out But I don’t think they have taken that kind of official action The other thing that I would like to ask the architects, when you were laid out site, your conceptual plan on the Osceola site, could you talk a little bit about traffic and stacking and parking? This is an area where I think the Osceola site clearly stands out Can you comment on that Jeffery or Megan? – [Jeffrey] Yeah, I’m gonna let Megan have an opportunity to answer that – [Megan] Can you guys hear me? – Yes – [Megan] Okay, fantastic So thank you, Mr. Persis for giving us the opportunity to talk about this As you mentioned we showed in our report that the Osceola site does have as currently laid out a little bit more parking and stocking capacity than the Ortola site does at this current point But I, again, (indistinct) stress to all of you in all of our different meetings, we have not yet programmed the building So we know for a fact that the conceptual layout will adjust and will change based on what comes out of programming meetings So, but as of as what we currently have laid out yes, Ortona does have a more favorable parking and docking ability – [Carl] I think you said, Ortona Did you- – [Megan] I’m sorry, Osceola I’m so sorry Osceola has a more favorable parking stacking capacity – [Carl] Yes And I think to that point is I think once members of the board, once we get into really programming and designing the site, you will see, and I know the architects could show you, whish they could show us right now That they would have the opportunity on the 13 acre site to say, because the board wants to put a certain program here or make the gym larger, or make the media center lot larger, or put a computer lab or whatever kind of building that we want to expand it They could maybe carve back some of that parking They have the flexibility to do that because the site is just so much larger You’re talking two and a half acres now larger That isn’t anything just to say, “It’s the same.” Two and a half acres is two and a half acres when you’re trying to put 900 to a thousand students

on the site I’d like the architects to just talk a little bit about that, what the 13 acres provides, as compared to the 10 and a half acres you have on the Ortona site The flexibility that you would gain Jeffery, Megan – [Jeffrey] Yeah So I’ll speak to that So some of what you’re saying is true Carl, the bigger site you have will give you a little bit more flexibility We understand what the Osceola site we’re probably gonna have to do the storm water aspects of it Which is what Audubon Park was 100% underground stormwater storage So that’s probably going to be true on definitely both of these sites So, we’re gonna be looking at a lot of different things to conserve as much surface area for the playgrounds and other things that we have to have for the school – [Carl] If I could just interrupt you on that point, because this point gets misstated a lot Storm water drainage wise, it’s a draw, it’s the same You have to do it the same way on both sides – [Jeffrey] As far as the surface collection, we have to collect it and treat it in both both sites So with the soil sampling, we got to be truthful and transparent The soils drain a lot better Well, I say a lot better They drain better, tons better, but they do drain better at the Ortona site And there’s a little bit more depth that we have to work with for double stacking of these storage water storage units that we would be proposing Osceola site doesn’t have as much depth So we can only get a single layer which is gonna have us have more area to put into water storage So this the drawback, I mean, we’re gonna have to deal with it at either site The key is, looking at the overall program, understanding what athletic opportunities need to be offered, and then deciding, how these things fit on the site That’s what we really have to look at – [Carl] And again, getting back to the flexibility that you’d have with the additional acreage, can you speak to that? – [Jeffrey] Well, the building that’s on Ortona site and is the the administration building It’s got some potential uses that could be assigned to that building Something like ESC offices or something like that We could push out there, but they wouldn’t be part of the school We would have to we have to work on what could actually go out there and not affect the program of the mainstream students Is preferred to have all the school users and students and administration in one building for safety and security reasons But trying to incorporate the existing administration building either into the program or having it outside of the program, that is something that is a drawback on the Ortona site that we do not have on the Osceola site – [Carl] Is Megan still there? I’m not sure – [Megan] Yeah- – [Carl] You were talking about the parking, as it relates to Osceola The conceptual plan, if I recall had three parking lots at the Osceola site, there was a huge, huge parking lot It seemed like for parent drop-off and for staff and then you also had a little parking lot coming off of Osceola Avenue for the visitors or parents wanna drop off something at the school just quickly like visit the office And then you had the bus parking lot on the other side, is that correct? – [Megan] That’s correct sir So in Osceola concept, we had three separate parking lots We had one to the south that would be used for a majority of the parking along with a majority of the stacking during drop off times We had as much smaller parking lot I believe it held about 30 visitor spaces that was off of Osceola Avenue, which would be able to be one that we could keep open all day So as visitors came to the school, they would utilize that parking lot

rather than the other two And then we had one to the north, well, that was within the bus loop, which again, I believe it was smaller somewhere around 30 or 40 spaces in that area, which again, could be used for for staff But that wouldn’t be necessarily your main point of access for any visitors or for students other than your bus riders – [Carl] Right And I think you were saying to me that again, depending on what the board wants and the design, the final design program influences design, and design influences square footage and that’s cost And so all of those kinds of things, but I’m just saying that given these three parking lots, you could take away from some of these parking lots to enhance either the facilities structurally, or to add more recreational areas, be it outside basketball courts or other things like that Is that true? – [Megan] That is that’s correct As we go through programming and as we start to really nail down the needs for this facility I believe that we’ll be able to tighten up those areas and be able to utilize space efficiently, but that goes not only for, for Osceola site, but that also goes for Ortona site as well – [Carl] Could you talk about the traffic situation at the Ortona site, the way you see that laying out? – [Megan] So I’m not a traffic engineer but I will speak to it in high level terms in that Osceola site, with its ability to have the three separate parking lot and parents coming in from a different roadways, I think that you have the ability to have less traffic backup in those sorts of areas, because you’ll be able to access the site from three different areas, three different roads Whereas on, Ortona site, you’re pretty much on that layout, both parents and buses and visitors, everybody would be accessing the site from Grandview Avenue So that roadway does, I believe, have more potential to see some traffic impact and some backup – [Carl] Thank you, Megan And just one last thing on the Audubon Park site, they seem to have just nice outside facilities, basketball courts, soccer, baseball Would that be available on the Osceola site? Could you do those kinds of things? – [Megan] So again, not to sound like a broken record, but as it goes through and we really fine-tune all of the programming and really hone down the size of the school that we need to accommodate, we’ll be able to better understand exactly what will be able to be accommodated in terms of exterior and athletic amenities So I will say that based on what we saw at Audubon Park, a track is not gonna be feasible on either one of our sites, but we all understand that a track isn’t really something that Volusia County typically puts in a middle school program So that’s not really a huge issue We do have shown in both of those conceptual layout an overall play field space So we do believe that we’re gonna work really hard to be able to get you the playfield space you need And that, that square footage of that place could be double-duty to use the possible softball or baseball field as well – [Carl] Thank you – [Megan] I think we’ll be able to fit sorry, sorry, Mr. Persis I don’t think we’ll be able to fit a separate ball field in addition to a large play field – [Carl] Yes, and just finally Stephanie or Jeff, I’m not an architect and but doesn’t the Ortona site have a deep grade

to it from Halifax to Grandview? It seems like it’s a Hill I mean, it not Mrs. Haynes, it isn’t quite George Marks, but it does seem to be steep I’m my mistaken or? – [Jeffrey] Others are There’s an incline like right off the road of about four and a half feet But in the process of grading that site to make it Somewhat level, we would be taking most of that off and reshaping that entire site as much as possible – [Carl] So you would make it, I guess, more flat That’s the way I can- – [Jeffrey] Yeah – [Carl] Okay, great – [Jeffrey] So there’d be some more earthwork costs in doing that, but that’s if you look back in the study, we did the cost comparisons for the K-8s, and there’s a lot of things that went into those cost comparisons So there’s a lot of reference data you could look at that went into that – [Carl] Yes, sir Madam chair, I appreciate you and the board in indulging me in this, if I could just close with, just saying closing a school is disappointing So disappointing for teachers, students their parents and the alumni The thousands who have attended their school I think providing a K-8 school would give the 200 Ortona families what they want I think building the new K-8 school at the Osceola site would please those teachers, their staff, and the 400 families that attend there now On the other hand, if we build the K-8 site on the Ortona site, it’s gonna be perceived by the Osceola family and their alumni that the board gave everything to what the, Ortona families want They got their K-8 school and they got it on their site I just hope that the board would consider the additional acreage on the Osceola site would give the architects more flexibility They have outdoor recess areas as Mrs. Cuthbert said, those separate areas for you need one for kindergarten, you need one for elementary, and then you need your one for a middle school It would give you the opportunity to have sports fields and athletic courts I think the board needs to make this decision based on which site is the best location, the central location, in which side disrupts the fewest number of students and their families Osceola is both and the parcel is 20% larger in the, Ortona location Thank you, Madam chair – You’re welcome, Mr. Persis, Mr. Colon, and then Mrs. Haynes – And so I think Carl brought up some good points, which is why I asked my initial question of would nothing have changed now that we’re going with the K-8 as compared to the plans from, or the presentation from April? And so, he mentioned the traffic, well, that’s arguably something I would have liked to have heard And one of the things, and I’ll go back to what you said, Mrs. Chair, is I personally believe that this is a very premature decision only because we don’t know And so now that we’ve given them some direction, maybe they, and I hate to kick the can down the road, but he did say it could go another little bit to figure out, okay, now that we know that we’re going with a K-8, are there any other things to consider? Now that we’re talking about six to 800 kids versus 600, a lot less kids, is there an impact on the community? Is there an impact on now we’ve made that decision Otherwise it just seems premature

And I’m not even going as far as programming And so again, I’ll ask the architects, is there a different, can this be accomplished the same on both sites? Because the first answer I received was yes And so I wanna make sure that that answer is still yes, that this can be accomplished on both sides equally And if they don’t know that information right now, now that we’ve given some direction, then we may have another decision to make that’s my 2 cents – Okay Mrs. Haynes, and then we’ll come back to the architects Mrs. Haynes – [Jamie] So I wanna address a few things that Mr. Persis said So Mr. Persis, you started talking about taking you started talking about taking the school away from Osceola When this topic first came up, you were actually the person that recommended we go with combining both schools and you threw out the idea of a K-8 I don’t believe any of the rest of us sitting on the board had even given that a thought, but that is something that you tossed out there and you were the first person to bring it up And furthermore, I, as a board member, I wasn’t invited to attend any of the community, teachers and staff, meetings to even hear what the input was or what their thoughts were, or even to hear what we said to them None of that was shared with us as a board member We found out after the fact And so, I hear what you’re saying and I hear what you’re trying to do, and I understand that’s your community, but, Ruben and I lately have been faced with some tough decisions At the last board meeting, I had two of my schools in DeLand rezoned with kids that got shifted from George Marks over to Citrus Grove to turned around now and they’re being shifted back from Citrus Grove over to George Marks And, I listened to the facts and everything, but I made the best decision and had to move forward with it And the same thing between Dewberry and Enterprise, and I have a heart for Enterprise Elementary That’s the first place I taught 30 some years ago So I kind of tonight have to say that at times we all have to agree to disagree, but I’m just a little frustrated and a little disappointed that you’re trying to lay a guilt trip And this is my own personal opinion You’re trying to lay a guilt trip on me right now about making this decision When, you know, I said I’ll back it up with facts and everything ‘Cause if you didn’t want me to make a decision, then we shouldn’t have been here and you shouldn’t have made the suggestion to start off with that, “Hey, let’s combine Ortona and Osceola and turn it into a K-8.” So, we’re all adults we’ve listened to the presentations, we’ve asked questions I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Audubon Park I’ve read all the survey responses and I don’t think its and I don’t like the number thing of playing like 200 families versus 400 families Well, first of all, not every child is a single family But I just thank you for the additional things that you brought up tonight, but looking down the road, when we’re gonna make a decision like this, as a board we should all be included in every aspect of it Not just a carrot dangled in front of us and then we’re not included at all And then boom, it comes before us to vote, when you were actively involved in every step of it while the rest of us weren’t But that’s just my feelings tonight And I’m ready to make a recommendation madam chair and move on – [Carl] Madam chair- – Mr.Persis has his hand up And I would love to say something If I could get opportunity, but go ahead Mr. Persis – [Carl] No, I appreciate that Jamie, and I wanted to just set the record straight It was not my idea to combine the schools If you recall, It was Sarah Lee’s idea that when we started It was my idea, When I brought up the when we were all informed of the extensive amount of money that was gonna be spent on Osceola School to renovate it I said, well, it sounds like we are gonna build a brand new school Why don’t we just build a brand new school there?

And then that’s when Sarah Lee said, “Well, only 400 students go there We build brand new schools for 750 Operationally speaking, If you’re gonna do that, you should consider combining Ortona and Osceola cause even combined enrollment, you have less than 750.” And it was from that point when she started to mention about combining the schools, that’s a Mrs. Haynes, you are correct When I said, “Well, if we’re gonna combine the schools, we should consider building a K-8 school That would be the most efficient model ever, rather than build a separate elementary school and a separate middle school.” So that’s that part As far as the six meetings go and Mrs. Wright, you can confirm this, it’s not that I was in invited to attend any of those I saw those on the calendar and I just went to those It wasn’t like we got some kind of an invite or I got the only invite I didn’t get invited to any of them, I think Mrs. Right and I just were aware that these were on the calendar and if we wanted to attend, we could attend It just happened to work out for me with my schedule that I was able to attend So I don’t mean in any way to think that I was attending something or that nobody else was or anything like that That was not it Thank you madam chair I just wanted to set the record correctly on that – Yes And Mr. Persis is correct It was on a calendar And moving forward, we’ve learned that if we are going to build another school, have these type of conversations that we will make sure that invite is sent to all the board members But we were not sent invites out No, normally it was always on a Wednesday And so Wednesdays are really tough for me because of my obligations with Bethune Cookman But we did not get a special notice So I’m not going to belabor this I am gonna echo one thing that Mr. Colon said, and that was the reason why I said, do we really want to consider a location? Because program will pay a major part But when we were with the parents on Friday, when I was with the parents, as well as the two principals, that was one of the questions I did ask Mr.Colon Would Osceola would be a better fit than Ortona And they said they probably both, it would fit on either location and both of them had their pros and cons And for me, it’s not about the city of Daytona or the city of Ormond My concern quite naturally, is the soil just looking at the test as it relates to the soil, as I won’t even talk about water intrusion, but because of the condition that Osceola and they’re both pretty much the same age, but Osceola is in far worse condition than that of Ortona Ortona has one new building But when we look at the structure of the schools it’s not as favorable condition as Ortona So with that said, I think Mr. Persis has said enough for both of us, in the sense that I felt like he had to sell it that hard, then that makes Ortona the best school and the best choice actually So if we wanna move forward and decide on the site tonight, that’s fine with me Or if we want to look at the programming piece, I’m fine either way, but if we wanna move forward, go ahead, if one of you wanna make a motion, I’m ready to put this to rest If all my colleagues are ready to do that So is there a motion? – [Carl] Madam chair – Yes, sir – [Carl] I would like to make a motion then just being practical, because from what I was told this morning from Mr. Grube and Mr. Grube can weigh in, but he said that this school would not open until August of 2023 anyway And so we do have time

And I think we have, as a board invested so much of our time already in this project and the architect’s time, and the architects have said quite clearly to all of us program, program, program program, they really wanna know what the program’s gonna be so that they can it out for us to see And I just think we’ve gone this far I would love to give the architects a chance to meet with our district staff and some folks, and get some kind of an understanding of what the program’s gonna be, and then show that conceptual plan back to the board And so then we can really say when we vote, Oh yeah, this looks great on the Ortona site, or this looks great on the Osceola site, or it looks great on both sides, but at least we’ll know what we’re voting on Right now we really don’t And so since we have the luxury of time and we’ve given them the direction of a K-8, which is what they really wanted, to me another month or whatever they would need, I think it would be time well spent for us It’s a big decision and I just wanna make sure we get our program right And it looks great – Okay, thank you I see Mrs. Haynes, and then Mr. Colon, go ahead Mrs. Haynes – Ruben was ahead of me if he wants to speak first, cause I’d like to make a motion, but he may wanna say something before I make a motion – Go ahead Mr. Colon – And so again, this is a big deal and again, Mrs. Wright, you said that earlier, as far as the programming goes, because if, to tell one school or the other only to have to come back and say, ” Okay, you know what, we’ve talked about the programming, this isn’t gonna work here, this will work better there Then Carl has brought up a lot of points and I appreciate it, but I don’t wanna hear them from Carl I don’t wanna hear it as the sales pitch, as much as and sorry, Carl, I didn’t mean that you were making a sales pitch, but I’d love to hear this information from our district staff, from the architect saying, “Okay, parking, this is a consideration, this is an issue, this is not an issue Maybe we get an idea of what programming would look like And again, I don’t know exactly what that means and what that entails too far, other than, what’s gonna be offered at that school But to go ahead and say, okay, we want this kind of programming and we’ll do it on the Ortona site, for them to come back and then say, well, that’s gonna fit better in Osceola Well, now you’ve just upset two group of families either way And so I don’t know if the architects wanna weigh in I mean, and I’ll ask the question to the architects Is it exactly the same as are we still considering the same exact things that were presented in April? Because that’s the last presentation that we have? Is it still the same consideration? Meaning both sites are equal? – [Megan] Yeah, I’d like to respond to that Mr. Colon, if you don’t mind, this is Megan White I am not comfortable right now saying to you that I think one site is more advantageous than the other site And I’ve said it a few times that once we go through programming and really understand exactly what the district staff wants, exactly what the community members want Exactly what everybody wants integrated into to this school I think then once we can conceptually lay it out again for you, then we’ll be able to make more of a concrete recommendation over which site can be better than the other site – That point as normal, the superintendent would make a recommendation based on, and we’d have the information And again, Carl brought up a lot of good points like traffic Well, when I went there, I didn’t even look I mean, I’ve only been to both schools for the sake of just seeing the lay of the land there, but I didn’t think about traffic I’ve never visited these schools during school time, so I don’t know what that looks like And so again, I just think that as we move forward, I think there was a little bit of work that needs to be done to ensure that the school site that we pick is going to be able to meet the needs If it’s not apples for apples And if the presentation we received in April is not necessarily accurate at right now,

now that we’ve made a decision for a K-8 and they have a little better direction I just think that it’s a little premature That’s just my thought – [Megan] So if I could interject one more time The presentation you received in April was basically BRPH putting down a prototype that we had already investigated that fit about the student stations that we were told that this school would be interested in getting to and saying, will this fit on the site? And if so, what would it look like? So that was specifically putting down a prototype that already existed That wasn’t that’s why I continue to say that once we get through programming and we really look at how all the pieces fit together, more specifically on each of the site, we might be able to have a better understanding on if one site has a particular pro that we didn’t see already – Thank you – Go ahead Mrs. Haynes – So I have a question for Megan White, before she leaves us So Megan, is there additional cost involved for you to draw up architectural plans for both sites? If we don’t make a decision tonight? – [Megan] Yes We don’t necessarily need to go to the whole extent of drawing up complete architectural plan We can still look at everything conceptually But once we get through programming, we’ll understand more about relationships, about sizes and about stuff like that, that weren’t necessarily previously discussed – [Steve] Mrs. Haynes, this is Steve We’d have to look at their contract more closely to see what they’re obligated to right now and see if there are additional services required to do this, but we can certainly do that – Okay, thank you Because the thing is, we just keep drawing this out And I’m sorry, but I’m typically decision-maker and a problem solver, and that’s how I live my life And so madam chair, if you don’t mind, I’d like to go ahead and make a recommendation tonight I know it will take a second and it will take a vote And if that’s not the will of the rest of the board members, then it will fail But I just think we’re dragging this out and we’re dragging all these people along Parents, teachers and instructional staff, community members, the architects, Steve, who’s new to his position, and it doesn’t look like we’re being very decisive, but that all on that right now So with all due respect, I’d like to make a recommendation that we’ve already approved tonight, unanimously that we build a K-8 or that we pursue building a K-8, as long as we can meet all the caveats that Mrs Cuthbert talked about And I’d like to make a recommendation that we build the K-8 on the Ortona site – The motion has been made by Mrs. Haynes to move forward and selecting the Ortona site Is there a second? – [Cuthbert] I’ll second the motion – The motion has been properly moved and second, any more discussion – Madam chair – Go right ahead Mr. Colon I am challenged tonight with making this decision only because of the fact that I just heard an architect tell us we don’t have all of the information And it just feels a little bit premature for me And I just hate to drag two groups of families out there Not knowing if tomorrow they’ll come back and say this was a better site I just don’t think we have enough information right now And it’s part of partially our fault because we are making the decision today of K-8 or K-5 And so that’s just why concern Thank you – Thank you Any other discussion? – [Carl] Madam chair? – Yes, go ahead, Mr.Persis – [Carl] Yeah, thank you madam chair And I certainly feel Mrs. Haynes’ pain and I get it about we’ve been talking

about this for a long time But let’s look at it this way We did make a major decision tonight We did I mean let’s think about that We made a major decision tonight We made a major decision to build a K-8 school Volusia County hasn’t done that in a long, this’ll be our first K-8 school from the bottom up, first time ever And we, as a board are gonna have to take ownership of that And I, gosh, I just wanna do it correctly And I wanna give the architects a chance as they really have been begging for, for a long time They won’t probably say it publicly, but they have been wanting to know what the program concept is So rather than have the site, dictate the program, it should be the other way around The program that we want should dictate the site So please let’s give our architects a chance to get input from our staff, from our parents, from our teachers, and let’s get the program that we want program that they want And then I think it will become probably crystal clear to the board Whether it’s a draw or whether one site clearly has the edge Thank you, Madam chair – Thank you And I said that at the very beginning of the meeting – [Carl] You did – And so then we went through this hour and 10 minutes of why we should go with one school versus another, to come back to say, let’s go back That was my whole point I didn’t have enough information to make a sound decision – [Carl] You did – Okay There’s a motion on the floor Moved by Mrs. Haynes, second by Mrs. Cuthbert I call for any discussion? – Mrs. Cuthbert has her hand up – Oh, go a head Mrs. Cuthbert, I’m sorry – [Cuthbert] Madam chair Have you spoken to what you want, or would you prefer not to say anything? We’ve heard a lot from Mr. Persis and from us, but I don’t think I’ve heard directly from you – No, I was not given the opportunity to speak – [Cuthbert] Would you speak right now? – Well, I spoke earlier because again, just when we went on Friday and I was with the parents and I was with the the principals, the one thing that I believe the principal of the school told us, programming will play a role As Megan clearly said that I know we’re not gonna look at a soccer field, because that’s not what we have for any of our middle schools So we’re not gonna come to this K-8 and do something drastically different than we’ve done for any of our middle schools But it will play a major role if we’re looking at two feeder schools Because some of the school children there will go to Mainland and others will go to Seabreeze I mean, both of them have a culinary program So it may make sense for us to have a culinary program I’m just saying that I believe that we spend a lot of time and you all know who I am I don’t like wasting time, but we spent a whole lot of time When I said, we don’t know the programming and that will kinda dictate which way we go And I still say that I really do believe we need to look at the programming and the programming will come from both our teachers, the two administrators and the parents, and quite naturally hearing input from both high schools I want us to remove Osceola or Ortona or 400 or 200, because all families are important to me And at the end of the day, what is going to be the best programming and just from our conversation in Orlando, I believe both sides, both wash one another away Both have, plus both have minuses And if I put them together, I could go with either school site It will come down to what will the programming look like and how they’ll be able to lay that out on either of the campuses So that’s it And so we have a motion and I’m ready to take the vote Erin, can you pull it up for me please? Mrs. Leben – [Erin] Sorry I thought I was sharing my screen I’ll share it right now – Thank you

– [Erin] Sorry about that – Thank you, Mr. Colon – I am a nay at this point – Thank you, Mrs. Haynes – [Jamie] Yay – Mr. Persis? – [Carl] No, I would rather wait – Mrs. Cuthbert – [Cuthbert] I like to wait – Nay, okay Thank you And Ida, nay And I really do thank you all And so if I’m hearing correctly, our directive to our to our team is let’s go ahead and schedule a time with some of the two principals the PTAs in both schools or their SAC committee to look at what the programming will look like And they can meet with the architect We may have to arrange for another meeting for some of the parents, as well as the teachers and more so the teachers, the administrator, and a few parents to go over there, and really look at that and hopefully contact maybe their PTA president or their SAC president to meet them And just talk about this and come back together Is that something, a superintendent Fritz and Mr. Grube that you all can handle? – [Fritz] Yes, ma’am we can – Okay – [Steve] Yes ma’am – Colleagues, is that a direction we want to move in? – [Cuthbert] Madam chair? – Yes – [Cuthbert] This is a very expensive permanent decision we have to make that affects a large part of our population And we have to make sure we make the right decision for everyone, or at least the best decision So further investigation Even though I too agree with Mrs. Haynes, that we’ve been talking about this for so long, but still we need to make the best decision And it’s not just our opinion It has a lot to do with, we have to talk to our experts and rely on their advice as well Give us all the pros and cons And then based on that, then we can make our decision, but we don’t have enough research yet So we can’t write a good essay if you don’t have enough research done So thank you – So colleagues, so it’s a direction that we want to give our staff is to go ahead and have the principals, teachers, and parents of both schools, potentially maybe making another arrangement to go back over there, to visit so that they can have some dialogue and then bring back forth a rendering of both schools based on the information the architect received from that meeting and maybe come up with some rendering Is that our directive? – [Carl] Madam chair – Yes – [Carl] We should have just listened to you right from the get go and saved an hour, I guess, but next time I will I just wanted to say thank you to members of the board for really listening to our chair here, but I believe that I’m chair, as far as you’re asking, where do we go from here? And I think we really need to charge our superintendent with this task to put together the people that he thinks need to be involved with the program Whether that is the assistant superintendent for a middle schools and assistant superintendent for elementary schools, there’s a lot of district staff, senior staff that they know what the programs are that we are offering and all of our schools And then combine their talents with as you said whether it be Seabreeze, Mainland both high schools and then maybe be able to present something to the parents And in other words, we’ve gotta be able to show the parents, these are the programs that we are thinking about offering at this K-8 school I kind of would like to get their side of it first, because we can’t offer everything to everybody We just don’t have that We’re not gonna have that kind of size to offer multiple programs at this middle school If you remember the Audubon Park, the principal was pretty clear that you gotta kinda

zero in on a few things Because you only can get a number of what was it? Madam chair, like 350 students to 400 at the middle school level and that number drives the number of staff that you can have there And you remember how we talked about you do not have a chorus teacher and a band teacher, but you have a chorus teacher who is your band teacher It’s one person doing two things So it’s gonna be those kinds of considerations that I think staff, senior staff can tell our architects because we don’t wanna over promise and then under deliver – And I thank you for that, Mr. Persis, and I humbly disagree again, we’re talking about parents transitioning and already a difficult transition They have to have some say in this, they have to be at the table I don’t mind that our senior staff goes along, but I think those two principals, I believe the principals and their teams can select three or four parents from their schools along with senior staff to go together I think it makes a world of difference when you’re there and everybody can have the conversation versus us or us directing our staff to go there to come and do a presentation I wouldn’t want that I’ve already learned tonight, we are going to have a K-8, so we’re gonna have a K-8 And I said this to the parents and both principals can agree, because they want to have some say And I said, “I want you to have some say.” However, it is going to be important that the teachers of both schools at both levels actually come in with you because they understand programming a little better quite naturally I would like for either thought about (indistinct) or Mrs. Clayton or Mrs Corr or both of them, Patty Corr to go with them But I do believe when we go, we have to send a team representative of both schools, both principals, teachers, and parents, along with district staff Because once we just send district staff and that’s why it was so important for me to go with the parents and the teachers, because again, this impact them the greatest And if they’re involved and like the parent from Osceola, when she was able to come and see that she was able to relay the information back to the parents And so having her again, and some parents, I believe if we just come deliver something to them, I think that’s a slap in their face And then we don’t really need to do this – [Carl] I totally agree with you, but I’m also talking about things like gifted program For instance, parents might say, “That’d be great, let’s have a gifted program.” But staff might come back and say, well, you know, there’s only X amount of students and we gotta have more students in order to have that program here It’s just little things like that That’s all – I agree with you And that’s why I say they go together because we had that conversation actually, because one parent was asking about gifted and I said I don’t know if this school could sustain a gifted program And so again, they can throw out ideas, but that’s when you have the district staff and you have the specialist saying, “That is great.” But having the conversation with them there, and then again, the parents able to have that electronic communication cause they were texting parents, receiving questions, asking questions They can actually have that conversation without us in a fear of someone coming back just to say, they’re all they’re engaged And that’s why I would like for them to go as a group So it can be an engaged conversation – [Carl] Yeah, that sounds good to me That sounds good – Dr Fritz go ahead, Mr. Colon – So this is your community where you all live and all of that For me, it’s more, once that community has decided that what are the architectural considerations, the land considerations, the parking, all of that Because I sitting here in Deltona, I can’t even pretend to understand what matters in Daytona or in Ormond I’ve only been there just a few times And so those are the things that I’m looking for is that architectural consideration of which property is better and better suited Thank you – Thank you, Mrs Cuthbert, I saw your hand – [Cuthbert] I would like to be parked I wouldn’t not contribute, but I just wanna hear the parents speak

I wanna hear the teacher speak I wanna hear the urgency in their voices, the tone, the questions that they may ask To sit in the back and watch the dynamics Who shows up, who’s not there Because it’s very important that we get the feel, the feel of the neighborhood and the feel of the programs Because us talking about it or relaying it isn’t as near as the impact is actually being there and being a part of it So as those are planned, please put it out to all board members so we can visit or at least listen in virtually – Okay And I will do that Or Dr. Fritz, I was hoping that they could go and really for us to kinda stay back and maybe listen virtually because again, we wanna practice social distancing And so if we have a group of 10 or 12, then you’re looking at two schools, you’re looking at district staff, you’re looking at two principals So you’re looking at possibly five there, only leaving maybe three or four parents And we haven’t included the teachers So we may have to do two, I was hoping they can do one and then, or maybe have two groups, but come in at staggered times during the day So they could really then go and maybe a larger facility and have a conversation Because you’ll hear parents, like Carl said, I know they want a gifted program I don’t know if we’ll gonna be able to accommodate that They may want another program for ESC children I don’t know what we can accomodate They may want a digital technology I don’t know I’m just saying that quite naturally parents want the best for their children, but the reality is we won’t be able to offer all of that – [Carl] That’s it – And then parents, then the teachers can say, no, we’re not even equipped to do XYZ And so we wouldn’t be able to do that So now you’ve got the teachers involved, you have the parents involved and you have district staff, as well as our architect, kinda she’s hearing and they’re helping to navigate what would best work based on what they know about the schools and the future programs So Dr. Fritz, we’re turning that over to you and your team to get that going And if possible I know late June, we were pushing it We do have a meeting late June, but if it’s not late June, can we definitely have something back in our July meeting? – [Fritz] Yes, ma’am – Thank you Anything else colleagues we wanna add to that discussion? If not, okay Thank you very much We will move right on to 18.01 Do we have any public comments? – [Schulz] Nope, we do not – Okay Thank you 19.01 items from the board and I’ll start with Mr Colon then Mrs. Haynes – And so I really have nothing other than you all, believe it or not, I have nothing Jamie I did see you turn your head We’re excited about all the celebrations that we’re gonna do to celebrate our students this week Of course, make sure you tune into the news in a little while ‘Cause Pine Ridge will be on all the news stations today I didn’t catch the five o’clock news, but we will be on tonight And other than that, you all have a good night and again, thank you to all the parents, teachers, district staff, you guys have been amazing Thank you – Mrs. Haynes – Thank you, Mrs. Wright I wanna reiterate what Mr. Colon said, thank you to everyone And I had one question for Dr. Fritz, but I just wondered if we’ve made any final decisions yet on the high school graduations and if not, that’s okay I’m sure we will be soon – [Fritz] Our date for that is June 15th We will decide on June 15th the venue so that our families have enough time June 15th is a Monday We’re looking at we still have the Ocean Center We’re looking at whether or not social distancing, which we believe will be in effect, that (indistinct) will be able to have their two guests or will we go with a virtual option? – Okay Thank you for that update on that And I too, it’s really the final week of school, so thank you to everyone out there And I’m looking forward to some of the celebrations this week, and I’m also looking forward to some of the unique things that the high schools are doing to honor our seniors who are entering the military and may not be with us in July But thank you, Madam chair – Thank you, Mr. Persis

– [Carl] Thank you, Madam chair I’m sure you all are tired of hearing my voice this evening But I think tomorrow is a super day You you alluded to it Mr. Colon did with our NASA astronauts, Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley flying up on that Space X ship I mean, it’s been nine years since we have sent an astronaut up And it’s the first time ever that, normally we as a country send our astronauts up, but this is not we as a country This is a private corporation doing it And this evening I guess I was listening to the CEO of the company, and he actually called each astronaut and said, “If you don’t wanna go tell me and we’ll scrub it now.” Can you imagine, I mean my goodness? I just can’t imagine how they’re feeling, but a tomorrow’s gonna be an exciting day I hope the weather works out for them and they can get this launch off My understanding if it doesn’t launch tomorrow it’ll be going off on Saturday I think is the next opportunity But I wished them well Godspeed And thank you board members for putting up with me tonight Thank you, Madam chair – You’re welcome Mr. Persis That’s okay Mrs. Cuthbert – I’ll be as brief as I can As we are opening, I guess our community, our county, and as our teachers are beginning to move about, is the district working? I’m sure you are, but when will we kinda start to find out about if we find someone who’s ill what is the messaging? What is the line of communication to whom do we report our illnesses? Now, if I became ill, I would certainly I would contact the superintendent, but if a teacher discovers her husband is ill, If we have a child, one of our children ill, what is the message to parents to whom did they report it? And I just wanted to start to at least let the public know we’re working on a plan That we do have plans We are working on plans for the fall I don’t know how much the public is aware, not aware I know our teachers are getting antsy, cause this is the last week they will probably have their computers with them I know they’re sick of them right now So we will lose contact after probably June 1st So I just wanna make sure if we’re going to communicate with our staff, this is a good time to make some of those announcements or at least preliminary announcements I know we’re overloading, everybody’s overloaded, but just some kind of idea of some simple procedures as we move through the summer I just wanna brag, I have two graduating grandchildren, New Smyrna high this year Looking forward to Honors Night on Thursday And yeah, it’s really exciting, especially when they’re cousins six months apart and graduating from the same high school So I challenge you all Can you beat that? So thank you very much It’s been a very long, but very fruitful meeting and I apologize to our staff who’s all listening in It’s been a very, very long night I think we ought to vote to let everybody sleep in tomorrow morning forcefully But I like our discussions We discuss, we don’t shout at each other, we beg and plead, I think Carl’s knees are a bit scraped right now (laughing) But he did put- – [Carl] They are – I must admit that as a former English language AP teacher, he presented his argument very well, had good reasons He was able to turn the tide just a wee bit So but it was realistic and it was fact-based A little bit So we’re willing to open it up, not so much for him, but for his community and for your community as well madam chair So, and that’s who we serve, we serve our communities So thank you all have And if for those who live near the beach or even me,

I’m not that far myself, if it does go, you have to watch it This is one you cannot say, Oh, my nap is more important Or this meeting is more important Everything should stop We should walk out our front doors and watch it go up It is so exciting So thank you And we do have a lot of new people in our County right now who are listening in, who haven’t seen one from this distance before It is well worth it Something you will just go, Oh my goodness So thank you and good night, everybody – Can we come to your house and watch it since you’re so close? – Absolutely you can, anytime I’m 7.5 miles South of New Smyrna High, So to let me know, I heard Mr. Persis is eight mile trek (laughing) – It looks like you ran a hundred miles tonight He’s tired (laughing) – And I like these virtual meetings because the meeting’s over and I do not have a 15 minute drive home I’m just telling it’s nice – Dr Fritz, anything you would like to add? – [Fritz] No, ma’am thank you very much – Okay Colleagues again, thank you for the discussion And the one thing I wanna leave on this note, I’ve been asked to serve on an ad hoc committee As we talk about school boards, teachers, students response to this pandemic And as we talk about returning to school and coming up with a reference guide that all the schools in the state of Florida will be able to use But one of the things that we’ve kind of heard is how will this really impact K-12 And so, as we talk about schools and we talk about what we like to do, I want you to keep this in the back of your mind We probably would not do business the way we have, again This is now a turning point, if not probably 180 degree shift, you will begin to see And one of the reasons that this was so important that I’m sure that the governor and others thought that we need to have this conversation So I was called and asked what I serve on this committee, is because they are States that are really looking at, should we have grade levels, or should we allow kids to matriculate at their own pace And when they go back to Dewey’s time when education was first introduced, they didn’t have great levels, children matriculated according to their skillset And there are States that are planning to look at this starting in the fall we’ll have no testing Should we allow children to matriculate at their own pace and not have the stigma of you are five years old and still in kindergarten, or you are seven years old, still in first grade And part of that discussion came back to the digital divide And so as we talk about children and we want children to go at their own pace and we like assessment, but nothing punitive to school districts there are States that are getting rid of grading systems as an AB district or C district And the whole purpose is that, do we need to go back to the root of what public education was created for And going back to the root and then a digital age, there are three things we gotta look at Number one, to make sure that all children have technology And so as we talk about building schools and brick and mortar, one of the things, superintendent Fritz and Mrs. Cuthbert, because I think you serve as our liaison on the half cent sales tax committee We really need to be discussing, can we speed up really purchasing those devices versus brick and mortar And then as we have that conversation to make sure that all of our children in Volusia County, maybe in the fall should have digital access Now we gotta make sure all of our teachers And one of the things that I shared with representative Lee, was that part of my conversation to him, and I think I maybe share it with some of you, that I was hoping we would have ended the school year earlier so that the teachers in Volusia County would have had opportunities to use that time, to really get trained on technology

Teaching online is an art And the reason, and I’m gonna go back, And I know Dr. Fritz was on the call, when we were on the futures call one of our futures representatives asked why didn’t we start using college professors to help with teaching online And so I had to explain to them that many higher educational institutions have been teaching online for years I’ve actually personally taught online for 10 plus years And it is an art But a teacher that is totally a novice, that is nothing that he or she can learn overnight They really do need some extensive training So one of the conversations that we’re gonna have, I don’t know, we don’t know where it’s gonna go, but this is gonna be running recommendations Is that the state, or we find out something like cares money, that we can offer teachers who want to be trained on digital learning and how to teach online And it would be a four, six week course So that those teachers, in the event, we have to move back to a digital environment, are ready and equipped And I would urge every teacher in Volusia County It would be wonderful if that came to fruition, if all our teachers would take advantage Because we’re asking that they pay them their salary while they’re going through this four to six week training But the reason it would be great to say, “Boy! We have 75% of our teachers trained.” Because if we have to go back, then they know how to deliver online instruction in a manner where it is just as good as face to face And that’s the challenge that everybody’s having because most people have never taught online And they really don’t understand that the instruction online is totally different than it is face to face But once you master that, you could deliver just as engaging, if not more using digital technology as you can face to face And so as I sit on this committee and as we start planning Mrs. Cuthbert those are some of the things we were planning to address How do we make sure that children and we’ve heard from parents, they’re comfortable with their children coming back, not wearing mask, but the reality is all parents are not like that And we should not tell parents if you are not comfortable, your children have to go online That’s not fair to those parents We have teachers who are not comfortable We just heard from a teacher who’s not comfortable And so, as we look at all of these moving pieces, I think we are gonna read, you will see a major shift in public education, like major shift And the shift will be, I can tell you just looking at the two States that are looking and planning with different grade levels We may be having a totally different conversation come August or October, honestly So stay tuned keep you informed It is exciting And sometime it makes you a little fearful, but it’s not a bad fear It’s like, “Boy, we’re reimagining education.” And what was the original intent? And then how can we make sure that we’re servicing all of our children, where they are So with that, if we don’t have any more comments, we wanna wish our teachers and our children enjoy the summer We know that this summer will be like none other because of all the moving parts and everything that we are experiencing And so I know what you could potentially be experiencing, but get some rest and get prepared because I think 2020 fall will be like none other And goodnight colleagues have a good week – Have a good night, good night – Good night – Good night