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How many times should I tell you that in front of reporters you must say ‘thank you’ and ‘you are welcome’ only! You are famous now? – What do you want? – The press – He’s not a reporter. He’s a blogger – I don’t care who he is! Did they apologize? – Not only – What else? They offered me to work in the investigative group I’ll be an independent observer in the investigative group The investigator of the local prosecutor’s office, Yashina Nice to meet you Investigator Khloponin As far as I know, you already met Yes. We were close Valeriy Maximovitch Kolychev, the banker If he was fastened, he would’ve been alive – Who of them drove against the light? – Certainly, none of them – There is no recorder in the car – There was a recorder! I saw it! Here is the recorder So he tried to hide the evidence, and you are letting him go What do you suggest? To break his legs? – You’ll write about it, won’t you? – No, I won’t. I can’t before trial People say in the Internet that Govorkov sold himself to the police – But what do you see here? – So what do we see? A hood of some car Maybe you can explain how the killer counterfeited the record, which is not possible to counterfeit? We found a ten-ruble coin in the safety belt lock of Jaguar Even if Kolychev wanted to buckle up, he couldn’t have done that? Three days ago there was an accident here They didn’t call for police They talked and left What cars were here? Did you notice that? Of course I told you yesterday about that The same cars were here Only two of them were here But the guy, who took the recorder wasn’t here that day ARTYOM TKACHENKO VIKTOR VERZHBITSKIY DANIIL STRAKHOV ANASTASIYA MAKEEVA NIKOLAY IVANOV CAESAR Alexey Leonidovitch, since we work together, it would’ve been better if you tell me when you leave I don’t think you’re going to like this I went to Larisa You should’ve told us about it What did you find out? The rich also cry. But in a strange way Did you ever think that he could’ve been murdered? There should be something more than just intuition, so you could speak of a homicide murder I got you, Denis Volodya and you go to Zaparin, we will come too – It looks like – A murder? What are we looking for here? Shevtsov tried to steal the recorder, so he must be the one who counterfeit the record His complicity should be proven But the fact that Zaparin had a false accident is more likely – What is this house? What does he do? – Some sort of a Disneyland Thanks – Hello – Hi Stanislav Yurievitch? We need to talk to you What about? Were you involved in the accident, which happened three days ago? Go, have some rest I work from 8am till 11pm Don’t have time for a bottle of beer This car had many accidents Why do you drive so careless? This is a famous car There are many movies you can see it in

– Are you a stuntman? – Well, yes You didn’t answer my question I wasn’t involved in accidents Then why was your car at the accident site? Do you suppose there are no cars like this one? – Is that car yours too? – Yes – Can we examine it? – Only if you have a search warrant Get out of here if you don’t have it Stanislav Yurievitch, you are detained on suspicion of a murder – Do you have a reason? – Yes, we do The white one, but not the one you are looking for? You are a shit stuntman! I’ll kick your ass if I see this video online – Couldn’t you check the database? – I did He is a mechanic in the database Great! Go on, film how the cops work That man said that there was somebody else at the accident site – That should’ve been a stuntman too – We need to find that second Jaguar – Guys – Stop doing this! Maybe we’ll just check the movies Zaparin worked in? I’m sure that the fake Jaguar’s owner is his friend Yes Guys, if you ask me, I filmed such a Jaguar in ‘Autorodeo’ show Is someone here? Our police defends us Every murder has a motive And usually it’s financial Here we are As far as motivation is concerned: do you know why the crime rate in New York lowered in 90’s? Women fought for their rights And as a result, authorities legalized abortions in 60’s Hence, the potential criminals, who were abandoned by their mothers have never been born in 30 years The irony of freedom – Let’s go – Wait here Come in there in three minutes and make a picture of the secretary I am unauthorized to discuss the management’s business I want to remind you that we are talking about murder If I don’t follow the instruction, I will be dismissed I promise you that nobody will ever touch you I can’t. I’m sorry – Hello. Am I late? – What do you want to see him about? I’m sorry, this is our observer Alexey Govorkov I asked you to wait outside Wait, are you a blogger? – That’s right – Caesar? You know, I have a new topic at my blog, we are looking for the best secretary of the month Do you mind if I take a few pictures? – Of course, not – Okay. Come out I’ll make two pictures – What do I need to do? – Nothing. Just sit down and be yourself Very good. Freeze So what do we need to know, Marina Viktorovna? We need to know was your boss a little bit strange lately? No, everything was as usual, except his trip to Svetloe What kind of trip that was? We have a sponsored children’s home in Svetloe – Does Kolychev go there often? – Never Andrey Borisovitch did often, sometimes Larisa does Valeriy Maximovitch has never been there Excuse me, can I have your autograph? – Of course. What is your name? – Natalya What a nice name There was two appointed meetings At seven and at nine But he came back late at night – Did he tell you what happened? – No Then he asked Andrey Borisovitch to come and then he drank the bottle of cognac So he drinks sometimes, doesn’t he? Not after the accident We’d like to have all information about Svetloe And Kolychev’s schedule for the next and previous months – I’m sorry – Hello I don’t discuss the management’s business with strangers You have excellent employees here Yes, they were specially briefed

I can see that What can I do for you? – You’ll see your pictures at my blog – Thank you Okay. Thank you Nobody knows anything about Zaparin in ‘Gosfilmofond’ They have information about films only before 1993 – So what do we do? – I don’t know They said to try to search for the information in private film companies If he is such a good stuntman, there should be something about him online? Let’s have a look Valera used to be a very impulsive and emotional man He suddenly went to Svetloe that night – Why? – I have no idea I think because of the money It doesn’t matter how much you spend on that children’s home, it’s never enough They steal They spend it on anything but what they need I was there myself, tried to sort it out. Uselessly – Did he go there with Larisa? – I don’t know that Ask her Did he tell you anything after he returned from Svetloe? He offered to establish a special fund, which should control cash flow, and which other children home’s could ask for help Not only from Svetloe How much money was transferred to Svetloe? More than six million dollars for the last three years Is that all? What a file! More than a hundred films He started filming when Lumiere brothers did? Not when Bruce Lee did, didn’t he? ‘Autorodeo’ Sounds familiar Alexey said that he took part in making that show Click What is it? A white Jaguar is for sale Battered Good bye This is what you asked Thank you very much – Natasha? – If I have any questions, I’ll call you Thank you She films well, doesn’t she? I noticed, you just said a few words, and she is ready to have children with you So what did you think? The secretary – a girl, 30 Unlimited Internet, spend whole day in social networks She found your blog, she is charmed and ready for everything You are intelligent! Tell me, do you find anything odd here? No. It’s a solid schedule of a businessman The only thing, that Kolychev’s schedule is ready for two weeks in advance, but in spite of that he decided to go to the children’s home Which means he got motivated to leave his things to do, to go to the children’s home and to refuse to use his driver? Yes Meetings, meetings Since you almost destroyed my mind with your police logic, no doubt, that you’ve noticed these gaps? Wednesday 12:00-12:30 And Thursday for 15 minutes But we can’t ask him what he’s been doing for those 15 minutes Yeah, you’re right Where do they take battered cars? Let’s go His phone is synchronized with the on-board computer I think there is something Alexey Leonidovitch, do you realize that this car is an evidence? And we can’t perform a search without witnesses This is the law, you fight for

If you want, I can delete everything and nobody will even notice No. Search Thursday, 13:00. Timofeev Last week and two weeks ago Do you know there are thousands of Timofeev’s in Moscow? First they met one and a half months ago Here it is. Timofeev D.M Krasnoselskaya, 8. No room number Wednesday, 11:00. Pilota Nesterova street, 16, room 211. Bernikov Hello. This is Yashina Check the information for me, please Timofeev D.M – Krasnoselskya, 8 – Krasnoselskya, 8 And Bernikov – Pilota Nesterova – Pilota Nesterova – 16 – 16 – Room number 211 – Room number 211 Yes, I understand that No, I don’t demand. I just ask Okay They have too many requests The information will be available later Hello Can I talk to Vyacheslav Borisovitch? Hello, Vyacheslav. This is Govorkov No, I am all right We’ve got a little problem over here Yashina sent a request to the information center, but they don’t want to hurry All right, thank you Alexey Leonidovitch, what do you think you’re doing? Well, he told me to call him when I have problems You’ve got problems, so I called Do you sale the white Jaguar? Open your face – Are you all right? – Yeah Yes, it’s Yashina And what about Bernikov? Got it. Thank you Timofeev Dmitriy Marksenovitch is a private detective And his office at Krasnoselskaya Denis! Enough! Step aside! Do you have problems? Police! What do you need? Get out of here! What’s the problem? I said, police! Don’t you see? I’ve got a gun Do you want to take pictures? Okay, you can do it! Why did you hit him? Calm down! What are you doing? Get out of here, guys! – Get out! – Denis! I think he’s running away I’ll go to find my glasses – Have you been to Hainan? – No, I haven’t But I think this one is from Kampuchea It’s from Vietnam They don’t wear such hats in Cambodia Don’t they really? I was deceived Inhale this This Darjeeling is not from Moscow It’s from India. I brought it myself As for your banker, I think it is normal to spy on wives Half of my deals are like that – And the other half – To spy on husbands? Very good. You got it! Did Kolychev really died? – Yes, he did – It’s a pity. He was a nice man

Even though he was a banker Dmitriy, let’s get to the point You understand that if my client hasn’t been dead Of course Within a month Larisa met this man Seven times – Extramarital affair? – Obviously The most interesting is that this picture was made last Wednesday A day before she went to Svetloe Did you identify what was in the package? Money. 75 thousand American dollars I see. So Zaparin blackmailed Larisa As far as I understand that was on a voluntary basis At least I didn’t see that he threatened Larisa Maybe that was a fee for his work? My client’s partner gave this money Andrey Shevtsov You know, you can write – Nice tea you’re having – Thank you I sold this white Jaguar right before you came To whom? Not local people came. They paid cash What have you been doing three days ago between 11pm and 12am? Why? Made money on the side Slava Zaparin met with some guys I needed to do something for them What guys? – I don’t know. Some guys – What you did for them? That was easy money Their assistant came in the evening and set the recorder The recorder? They were filming some sort of a documentary movie Art-house – I made one twenty – What? My speed was 120 km/h I drove out to the intersection Their car neatly ran into my car’s back And that was done Is he the one who set the recorder? I don’t know – Is he or is he not? – I didn’t see him! You talked to him, didn’t you? I did, but it was dark, and I wore a helmet I couldn’t even move my head If you are that honest, why did you run away from the garage? – And you broke his nose – His nose? Look at me! My wife wouldn’t even Quiet, quiet! Why did you run away? Zapara is very odd What if Larisa and Zaparin blackmailed Shevtsov? I think that was That was a fee for a murder Alright But why would Larisa kill her husband? That was a happy family, a long-awaited pregnancy Actually, something else interests me Why do you hold the chopsticks in that strange way? This is the way Japanese people hold them, and this is Korean I see Why did Kolychev go to the children’s home? Maybe Berdnikov knows? Maybe he does We don’t have his name in our database though And there is no his name in Kolychev’s phone book – What is at Nesterova street, 16? – I don’t know I see, urologist Berdnikov at Nesterova street, 16 Great! You stay here, and I will check everything You might want to call the Health Minister, and I don’t want that And don’t forget about medical secrecy ‘”Experience is a teacher for everything.” Gaius Julius Caesar This is quite interesting I fight against lawlessness, I’ve been working for two days for police, and I’m trying to get evidence illegally And I charm secretaries in order to incline to violate their job descriptions And a police representative Yashina is helping me.’ Berdnikov is Kolychev’s doctor for more than a year

– What did he treat him for? – Secretary sterility – What do you mean? – I mean Kolychev was sterile, not Larisa – But Larisa became pregnant, didn’t she? – Yes Larisa! So she became pregnant and she didn’t know he was sterile, and she told him the baby was his Oh those women And he hired a detective Because it was said in his marriage contract about unfaithfulness And photographs is the best proof of unfaithfulness I need a computer Let’s go, let’s go! Stanislav Yurievitch Zaparin was born 1975 in Voronezh From 1981 till 1989 he studied in the school number 26 in Voronezh Larisa was born in Voronezh too He studied at the same school, but two years later Two years is nothing Tell me, what probability that Zaparin didn’t notice that beauty Larisa? That’s what I’m saying – none By the way, Kolychev’s bank produced a film called ‘Bratella’, where Larisa worked as a costumer I watched that movie. Didn’t like it It’s not the point Zaparin worked as a stuntman there – Did he really? – Yes, he did So he found a job for her there Do you remember the pictures from the children’s home, which Shevtsov showed in his office? Yes I uploaded them to the system of identical photos search It’s a simple software, by the way Anyone can use it So here is what I discovered All pictures were made in different children’s homes and different cities This one is from Voronezh, Saint-Petersburg, Tver, Vladimir, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod They didn’t even try? Natasha, did the car arrive? You came back? Did the car arrive? Yes, it did, Andrey Borisovitch And it’s with a convoy Are you going to call the lawyer? You are an awful stuntman Hello. You asked for a warrant. Here it is Be quiet. The neighbors may wake up Larisa Dmitrievna, you are arrested on suspicion of a participation of a murder Valera has never read your blog Let’s go I wanted to ask you something So you decided not to worry about anything, right? You just took different pictures from different children’s homes and sent them to Kolychev? Aren’t you really that greedy? I told you that we were going to arrange a special foundation for different children’s homes and not only in Sverdlov – A foundation? – Yes Now everything is clear So when Kolychev realized that sponsorship was a forgery, he asked you to leave He couldn’t have asked me to leave I’m a co-owner of a bank I took that money, but I couldn’t steal it from myself So there was no even a conversation about me leaving the business And what did he suggest?

He just asked me to return the money There was a small problem though I didn’t have it Because half of it his wife got – To Larisa? – Yes She went to Svetloe She understood everything But she didn’t say it to Valera, and she asked her share But you’re not a boy, and you realized that everything would come out soon She promised me that she would do everything so Valera would never come to Svetloe I was going to finish that up by the New Year So you agreed to give money to her Right? What could I do? Can you confirm that Larisa blackmailed you? Do I look crazy? I gave her money voluntarily So there is nothing criminal here Except Kolychev’s murder You know, I don’t care what you think More important is what you can prove Why would I need to murder him? Under your marriage contract, he would’ve filed for a divorce You are a woman, you should know how women do that It was enough for me to unbutton my dressing gown and Valera would never get away from me Marina Viktorovna, coffee Can I have some coffee too? Too bad Speak to me. Haven’t you ever done that? I can see it in your eyes, you haven’t What divorce are you talking about? Valera followed me everywhere He followed and now he is dead Yes, we filmed this episode three days before the accident Why didn’t you tell me about that before? You asked me about the car accident There was no car accident We directed a stunt with Lebedev Hi. Why aren’t you filming? Do you have addresses, names? I had them, but after the stunt I threw away the paper The stunt was for one time only It’s interesting And the same accident at the same place in three days, right? Anything can happen Being a man of tact you didn’t mention this coincidence? You could’ve understand this wrong And what’s next? To go home, or you offer to find some girls? I’m talking about the arrested people They are not arrested. They’re detained Study the terminology We have to let go Shevtsov and Zaparina Denis? Bring the notebook and the mobile to our technicians They may find more evidence there What do you mean let them go? Everything’s clear about them Are you joking? That’s all we do – try to entertain you Alexey Leonidovitch, read the law and don’t ask stupid questions Everything is clear for everyone Am I right? You are right, but it’s not enough to be right What do we have now? Tones of fantasies and nothing more – You can write a small book about it – Or an article in a blog – Hold on! – Alexey Leonidovitch! Tell me, do you have any proofs? That Kolychev was murdered You don’t This is it for today Can’t we do anything about it? We can. But it will be against the law The most law-abiding policeman said Hi! What happened?

Call Tanya. She worries She can’t reach you Veronika, I was working You lost her once Tell her if you don’t care about her – Bye! – Denis – I returned arm – Did Borya Smirnov reach you? No, he never calls me. What’s the matter? Did your man tell you about the artist a week ago? Kostya, don’t you have things to do at 1am? Read some newspapers Denis, I am serious! Smirnov asked if you can tell him about the guys When did policemen on duty started dealing with such issues? They are at Beshmetievskaya Concerning Polozova That woman you were chasing She was found dead at her home Denis! Don’t poke your nose into my life – I want to help you – I will sort it out myself Fuck off! And tell the same to your boss Fuck you both! You will become as he is No, I will never become like he Something happened? You are here? I thought you were sleeping Tried not to make any noise Five more minutes, dad Don’t be up late Good night Good night to you too – Dad! – Yes? Dad, you know everything, don’t you? Tell me, how a recording which can’t be forged can be forged? What’s that? Tell me more about it I don’t eat soups Look, flight attendant, when are you gonna leave forever? Didn’t we talk about it? Zvyagin, it is impossible to leave you You are never home How to forge a recording?

There is no way? ‘We tried to do it and we failed.’ You should’ve tried more Change the flash-card What flash-card? Maybe you’ll go to bed? I need to do something It’s 3am already Go brush your teeth, I will be with you soon – I am waiting for you – Okay Change the flash-card What flash-card? Change the flash-card I changed it What’s next? Now you have everything. Think! What do I have? I thought you were smarter What made you think I’m smarter? What shall I do? [I’m leaving] Where are you going? Wait! I know how to forge a recording How often do you sleep like that? – What? – I said, how often do you sleep like that? – Have you been to China? – No – You know, people in China – Let’s go! – often sleep like this – Tell me your version Look, the blogger And there is no democracy in China In case of an accident the last recording on the flash-card blocks And it is impossible to delete it So? – Good morning – Hi, Volodya – Marina Viktorovna, can I have coffee? – Actually, this is Alexey Leonidovitch’s – You can drink. I don’t want it – Thank you Actually, we had this information yesterday All right. Let’s assume we have another flash-card with a forged accident – Forged? – Yes Why can’t we move files from Kolychev’s real life to this flash-card? So Kolychev’s real life will be finished with forged accident That’s very interesting, but when could they do that? – There was a real accident – And how? Good question We need an extra intermediate carrier – Shevtsov’s notebook – Shevtsov’s notebook for instance But we inspected it. If there were files we need, he had deleted them The question for you Did you do rollback? What kind of rollback? That may be interesting, but many spies failed because of it If after you delete files and empty recycle bin you think the information is gone, you are mistaken Within some time you can always restore it from computer But you need to do system rollback And if you succeed, we can take out the files we need

Something like this Take your seats, ladies and gentlemen Hello, Sergey, did you take away Larisa? Did you follow her to the door? Good So shut up and listen to me Tomorrow morning destroy all documents, concerning Svetloe We will decide later what to do with your share Are you insane? You were insane, when you tried to kick me out of the business! Larisa is in my car If you try to shout, they’ll cut her throat I’ll find you anywhere if at least one hair falls from her head Stop! – So what is it there? – Did anyone see you on the parking? I don’t think so. No, nobody saw me If Shevtsov and Zaparin are here, so who is in the car? – He’s alive – What? You said he wouldn’t have a chance – I’m sorry, I was mistaken – What do you mean? Do something! Cops are gonna be here soon! Stop being hysterical! Do something with the recording Okay Slavik, move the cars I’ll finish up everything here myself Alright The voice sounds familiar I’m sorry, my dear Is she strangling him? You done? You sure? Done No way! Larisa This is Larisa The bachelors have one more weighty argument Let’s go Two orders. The addresses are in the list The first address is a bank, the second is a garage We will come a little later Somebody went there already Who did? Task force and experts from the prosecutor’s office Shevtsov was killed in the car Zaparin hung himself in the garage So you don’t have to hurry So if we released Larisa yesterday, she must’ve been dead today ‘A single victory can’t bring that much as a single defeat can take Gaius Julius Caesar.’