Dr. Kevin Starr "Postmodern California: A Pat Brown Perspective"

good evening ladies and gentlemen welcome to our annual distinguished lecture of the Pat Brown Institute my name is Rafe sunshine I’m the executive director of the Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs very proudly located at the campus of Cal State LA the Pat Brown Institute was placed on our campus in 1987 by Governor Pat Brown who had left office 20 years before it was looking for a campus at which his vision about opportunity for young people through higher education could best be realized and we were honor them and our honor now that evict Cal State LA to represent the entire mission in his mind of upward mobility an opportunity for young people of California as we all know if it were not for Pat Brown our higher education system would not be the model that it is today even with all the troubles is experienced everybody knows that Pat Browns vision was really actually carried out and were honored always that the Pat Brown Institute has been considered a vehicle for backgrounds latest some of you have had the opportunity to see the wonderful movie about Pat Brown done by his grand Sasha rice who is sitting right here sasha is a member of the board of advisers of the pat brown institute and some of the leadership of the Pat Curran institute is here including our chair of the board of advisers our Provost dr Lynn Mahoney starting many years ago more than 20 years ago the background Institute began a program called a distinguished distinguished lecture the first one was in 1994 it was delivered by a very distinguished individual who then was with the hookman corporation named James Galbraith he actually sent me an email when I told him about this event that he said guess who was the first distinguished lecturer of the Pat Brown Institute and we hooked it up and guess who was Jim galbard he continues to be a member of our Board of Advisors as an emeritus member and a very active member but interestingly enough the second speaker in the history of this program was a fellow who then was serving his california state librarian named kevin star 20 years ago this year Kevin Starr was the second distinguished lecturer of the Pat Brown Institute and his topic will not surprising and the evolving dream California in the next millennium and who could know more about that than Professor Kevin star so to us it is I’m altogether wonderful circle of the history of the Pat Brown Institute that 20 years after he became the second distinguished lecturer for the pet pride Institute that he will be delivering the 2015 distinguished lecturer for this Institute so we’ll have more opportunities to hear about professor star momentarily I’d like to thank a few people before we go into our program and tell you a little bit about our program tonight we have plenty of time we’re going to have plenty of time to hear from Professor star there’ll be plenty of time for a Q&A with a professor star and I know a number of you have already had an opportunity to chat with him and to speak with each other come again we have a number of special guest with us tonight I don’t know if he’s here yet but I know that supervisor mark ridley-thomas is coming to see park ranger yet I think he’s probably possibly caught in traffic which I think some of you may have experienced today we also have Renee Martinez president were los angeles city college we have mike farm please remember the word trustees for the LA Community College District joy pikas former member of the los angeles city council i have noticed that is difficult to mention join pie kisses name without a round of applause coming up thurs join right there we also have a number of other distinguished people at avila president of elliot rodger restore ken Bernstein of the office of historic resources for the city of La Jonathan yang of mayor of our city’s office Joel bellman Media Relations deputy for LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl and a source of total sadness for everybody in Los Angeles that he has announced his

retirement from the carrier in Los Angeles that’s Joel whole jealous from State Controller vetted East office and we also have some distinguished people from our own University we have Janet dial a vice president versity advancement we have Mario Perez associate vice president and we have a few other people you might want to know Bob Stern or beating or former the city’s Los Angeles they know far who’s the booty maker who just has been broadcasting the wonderful movie about maritime gravity that some of you may have seen this year and is continuing that movie to be shown around I’d also like to thank our sponsors are ongoing sponsors who include wells fargo edison and edison international and also the california wellness foundation the of those Wells Fargo has three counting three people in the room this evening and that’s right how so Vivian fog and Marsha Schubert thank you all for being here tonight comedian was an excellent student in my political science class at Cal State Fullerton many years ago so she did really relevant she’s continuing to do very well I’d also like to thank the staff of the pat brennan subdued people always think we have 10 or 15 people on staff there’s about five or six of us they’re all here tonight and they don’t like always to be recognized like everything that went on tonight was the result of the work of our staff and volunteers and in addition one of our high school leadership students Esmeralda Garcia’s hear from our youth program and she was signing in people of the front and attendance basically and participates in all of our events we also have a large number of our students here from the honors college at Cal State will stand up those of you who are honors college students and for what we are told they have been reading professor stars work in their classes led by their professor who where are you saying I’m telling you this is the same is Chris Rock he has offered to come up and do a bit of a stand-up routine after professor star speaks but I told him that would not be required this evening we phony might be able to get by without but but thank you so much for bringing them but also like to introduce for other person in front with a very close partnership with the pepper Institute Marcus far as a former co-president of League of Women Voters and Los Angeles right over here welcome to be recognized and as there are so many things we do together with the league of women voters including our program of political debates I wanted to let you know that they’re having a very special event on Sunday november eight at UCLA and in westwood which is going to celebrate their 95th an hour three and it will include a showing of appears to be a wonderful movie called suffragette and you’ve seen any of the trailer for that looks really quite remarkable so there are flyers for this program out of fun and we urge you to take the opportunity to enjoy it before I introduce the president of our University I would like to briefly tell you how the evening which is the president will introduce Kathleen Kathleen brown Roux Malaysia deuce Kevin star he will speak as long as he feels like speaking I don’t think I’ve never heard anybody say she wish that have been shorter everybody wants to hear more from Kevin stern ladies young we’ll have time for Q&A I’ll come up and assist with just making sure people say things that have a question mark at the end sometimes people confuse speeches with questions but it’s a great opportunity to hear committee will probably wrap up about 8 45 and then we have a presentation for a professor star at that point so it’s my great pleasure now to introduce I guess I can no longer call him our new president at Cal State alike President Bill covino has been with us while in one sense a short time that so much has gotten accomplished in that it seems like it must have been a much longer time among the things that he’s done for our university is greatly enhance our community engagement and to say again and that we are la’s university and let’s talk a little bit

about that but maybe it’s easier for me to say what he’s brought to this in a sense of a sense of energy and connection that has been wonderful for our campus and we hope is wonderful for the community that has certainly been wonderful for the Pat Brown Institute so it’s a great pleasure in honor of my part to introduce the president of Cal State LA president Covino good evening praise have you all here you look wonderful i’m especially glad have our arm students here that people quiz special welcome to our distinguished lecturer Kevin star who is just a delight in every way and and to all the distinguished guests that we have here tonight I mean this this event exemplifies what value Cal State LA places on community engagement our newest center at Cal State LA the Center for engagement service and the public good and that’s one of the ways in which were were branding the University we recognize that all the universities have a responsibility to look outward beyond the confines of campus and we feel that as Los Angeles’s premier comprehensive University comprehensive public university that our students faculty and staff have a special responsibility we’re very proud to serve Los Angeles greater los angeles and the region and the state and the background is to of course is an invaluable part of our community engagement they are very very much to save engaged to say they’re engaged is an understanding realizing whether hosting a vigorous debate on the expansion of the 710 freeway I think that debate went on until about three in the morning or hosting a film and panel as we did sell this back examining the legacy of the legendary Mayor Tom Bradley or just last week having a wonderful form to drink Sasha rysiss film at cal state dominguez hills on wats then and now the Pat Brown is to really encourages the intellectual dialogue that will enjoy tonight that is crucial for our city crucial for the region certainly crucial to the future in January 2016 I want to play a little bit here to the new logo this is the new level to Cal State others unveiled on sep tember 21st so this is this is really very good those are you on this side you can’t see quite because the potent will want to take extra time later to stand and look at but the logo is a cityscape you know the iconic buildings of LA and to complement this logo and what represents for us we’re going to open a new campus in downtown Los Angeles at eighth and brand in January then at that canvas the background Institute in association with mayor of our city will be offering the Civic University this is our third years breakthrough offering the Civic University the Civic university is our effort to bring in what would have become hundreds of aspiring civic leaders who we helped to learn and how to negotiate government how to acquire voices how to make arguments and how to be effective representatives and it’s very exciting and sometimes very amusing and energizing mayor Garcetti and I have both been in these sessions and we’ve been very impressed so the Civic University will take residence at the downtown campus of Cal State LA along with a number of other courses that offer an opportunity for downtown residents to enhance their their lives earlier premiers grew your courses new certificates new degrees the completion of degrees we have degree completion programs for those who got caught up in something else in just have a few more horses today so this I think this is just one example many examples of Cal

State LA as we put it pushing boundaries exceeding expectations our students exceed expectations are family exceed expectations and we continue to a spot aspire to exceed expectations on every front and we hope that the downtown campus will be part of that enterprise serving the public good is a value that Cal State LA shares with the brown town whose contributions are of course immeasurable since 1987 when the Pat Brown Institute came to Cal State LA we have shared a great relationship with the Brown family and we are so very very grateful for all your support along the way it’s been terrific we’re proud the whole of the background Institute and I am proud and pleased and honored to be able to introduce to you the former treasurer of the state of California and a great great friend of the background to Kathleen it’s my pleasure to be here and to support the screen institute which my father was so proud of and quite thrilled that it came to this university so you are carrying the torch and the family certainly appreciated my father does too my pleasure tonight is to introduce your distinguished speaker Kevin star in fact one of the joys of having a lunch or dinner with Kevin star is later or calling not just the occasion but the fabulous range of topics he’s so casually introduces into conversation beyond the normal range of lunch table chatters Kevin can ricochet around a celebration of Saint Benedict’s rules of monastic life why Frank Norris’s novel the octopus is the most compelling of California fiction the role of longshoreman Harry bridges in the history of California unionism the blurring of entertainment with governance in our political life and the best cigars now available from Cuba not to mention the charm of the Golden fira restaurant out in the San Francisco avenues and that is before the option of kevin is a California treasure first of all he is written with Magisterial Authority and a deep appreciation of drama and personality the history of California is 8 vol seminal history California Americans and the California Dream is of unique and lasting consequence and good thing about in his books is not just their insight and accuracy but their read available as Kevin likes to say I tend to see myself as a nonfiction writer who among other things writes about history kevin is a fourth-generation California his youth was not simple for pampered as a young boy he lived in an orphanage and in public housing but his grandmother the widow of a firefighter brought water and purpose to his life he graduated from the University of San Francisco and took his master’s and PhD at Harvard he was the State Library California and now holds a distinguished position as professor of history at USC I should know that Kevin and the Brown family has something unique in common his grandfather the firefighter and my grandfather policemen were among the gallon public servants who labor side by side to maintain safety in order in San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake Kevin is not a Pollyanna historian nor has he given to glue he celebrates California history the social innovation and institutions the university system the digital revolution the remarkable infrastructure the creativity of the people in all the artistic disciplines but he notes the downsides the social and political failures that have brought anguish to people while returning our growth and well-being and that’s why he is such a perfect speaker for our gathering tonight Pat Brown and the Institute he found it a reality in studying our state we champion our government’s achievements and seek to portray ways that it can perform better

indeed with greater insight and compassion and justice kevin was a dear friend of background and our family and my husband and i share another time we spend with kevin and his wonderful wife Sheila they enhance every room they enter Kevin welcome to the Pat Brown Institute I’d like to start this before i start my talk to talk to the honor students for half a second english teachers and to say that i’m going to give you the sort of theoretical structure software deep time i’m using the concept of narrow in terms of your possible everybody experience of america and a relationship of narrative to identity and the question of what happens with narrative is not particularly clear on one has to assemble ones and so the question of narrative and rumors of modernism and the life American necessity okay and privilege of all classes thank yous for a venir now there there many perspectives one can have regarding the late break Edmund G Pat Brown jr. my own perspective was into his retirement years he and I used to camp out together to the force summary and many wonderful time with conversations around a fire and so that I had a sense of considering background in and of himself as perhaps the most likable governor in the history of counseling although also the norcs be economical say remodeled pechanga was also very if one puts Pat Brown into an earlier political context the fact that he began his career came of age as a progressive Republican it is also significance now this is progressive with a capital D as in early 19th century instruction early 20th century progressivism which was involved in the Democratic Party and the Republican Party and I’m going to shock you to say that San Francisco at this time was an almost overwhelmingly Republican city things have changed while this tradition of progressive republicanism has had piqued by the time Pat proudly came district attorney in San Francisco over the 1940s it was especially available to him during his teenage years to Lowell High School later on as a practicing attorney both high school course was founded 1855 boys high school and throws high school was the first Goethe high school for girls on the Pacific coast in the 90s it merged as long high school and it was an Academy time as school with a very devoted faculty a very solid progressive on the offensive end point of view for the proto students in terms of reform social involvement from from progressivism in this Republican mode which is a phenomenon San Francisco mode at that time Pat Brown authorities were clean and efficient government strong very strong orientation towards Public Works progresses trade Republic works over any other type of activity by government from this perspective it was developing along the lives of his fellow Calif lankan the fellow Californians Herbert Hoover and Earl Warren Herbert Hoover a consonant civil engineer who built railroads and mines in China and Australia assembled the Colorado River Compact in the early 1920s leading to the construction of the dam that not bears his name and organized the Federal Communications Committee Commission and the Civil Aeronautics administration while serving in the 1920s a secretary of commerce and of course governor or

later Chief Justice Warren with whom had promised commute back and forth Republican and Democrat it lit up in the Bay Area sacked out of a return think of those wonderful days of my wedding ecumenical dialogue between the parties and background was a lawyer by training not an engineer progressivism had helped instill in him who believed that one of the primary responsibilities the elected executive was public works or some related to form of institutional and organizational creation thus the labor influence of progressivism which was also helping to former Aborn across the bay in alameda links had ground to a triumvirate of governors late-round intraoperative governor’s Hiram Johnson those sentences in her Lauren from a leaden and Pat Brown who had one way or another bear responsibility for the statewide creation high state government of California as a nation state Johnson Hiram Johnson reform government are worn some of the passage of certain necessary laws and initiated some projects and Pat Brown built built and built laying down the infrastructure of California as a global nation state as Louise most remembered today in the course of reputation as sword to the point where he was many violations as the greatest governor who had sometimes he ties with our Warren and iron constant sometimes the three altogether times compounds out in front the sentiment remembered as a builder but this construction of this drive in him is rarely attributed to impart his early career as a progressive Republican at a time on the republican party republican party while woefully behind the democratic party of registration dominated state government j9 to the mid-1950s now I’m fully aware that when we seek to brand a great elected official like Pat Brown who was never seen to draw equal size between him and the outside influences would shake them yet every successful elected official operates in social and cultural context that can be immediate post-earthquake San Francisco impact Crown’s case an old high school regional or statewide the persistent progressivism legacy that lasted in one form another to the United States Senator Hiram Johnson’s death in 1945 or national and international in that Brown’s case his leadership in California of a national epic actually significant epic of construction during the years he was governor and epoch in which California Morgan played his part if we link this is work at background to the rebuilding a war-ravaged Europe with the assistance of the Marshall Plan they can give an international dimension to these influences as experienced in succession by Earl Warren launch freeway construction who deluging I even finish the number of projects including bridges he said Rafael bridge that Warren left incomplete when he was named to the Supreme Court and had brown who completed just about every project of the books to include the statewide water plan 20 years in the making a trace that one books going back to the first and right after this water plan in the canoe Lake 30s 20 years in the making of the rapidly expanded state park system and a response to construction through construction to the California master plan for higher education that created California as a higher educational utopia tonite fully realizing the background these little context on his own talents and ambitious as well as the energy from the dynamic family that it came from a dynamic family before here’s why formed together its own towns and ambitions as well as the needs of post-war California along with its global future to put brown have brown into context I would like to suggest that Pat Brown so unpretentious so highly contextualized by a San Francisco origins a brilliant man full intellectual a visionary rather were they visual commitment his vision official commitment to him hilarious vision especially when it came to water this same governor may be put in the context

of reforming modernism and his son and successor Governor Jerry Brown be subsequently seen in a post modernist perspective now these are rather high falutin terms with ground related pretense of any story but I believe as time goes on more or histories written of a background of the error and Pat Brown this contextualization of Pat Brown across the state across the nation into the post-war recovery period will underscore what I mean this notion of reforming modernism will help inform the writings of the future historian now only understand the fourth grade I think I’m only taking expository writing from Professor Chris Rock now first of all of the established some distinctions between modernism in postmodern arising in the early years of the 20th century modernism peaked at mid 20th century and continued into the 1970s his most obvious manifestation was Architecture from this perspective modernism begins with the secessionist architects at Vienna and here in nineteen hundreds influence of that school of architecture Chicago owes BB fight boring right the rise of the Bauhaus movement in my bar Germany most notably the work of walter gropius the immigration of the Bauhaus movement modernist movement to the United States before and after four or to take a look at the seagram building at 375 Park Avenue between 50 second and third in downtown and in midtown Manhattan you’ll see the hell neatly floated Mies van der Rohe but others from Whoville Johnson’s as I in the lobby which is i nevah be achieved a perfect architectural symbol of the modernist pillar at his high point the secret building emanates an abstract Clara urging on the purely geometric right here these days alongside the crown that we’ve got the book it to that shortly modernism favor what was clear comprehensive all encompassed it lacks the very name of some of the great companies of the mid 20th century but even still was General Motors general every general food general dynamics General Mills I did by General these companies mentioned Eric and commanding all aspects of their product at the same time here in Hollywood equally comprehensive studios and GM paramount Columbia Warner Brothers universal control the process of filmmaking from spirit to fill me to release public works in this era interstate highway system fostered by President Dwight Eisenhower the st. Lawrence Seaway come to mind we’re like their monitors percent predecessors hoover dam and the Tennessee Valley Authority heroic and comprehensive his scale and achievement this was the urinal over the saw the rise of the federal government to unprecedented comprehensive authority obviously with World War two cutting across the previous authority of states and such vital issues as the end of separate would equal educational tracks for minorities the illusion of national standards for achievement in math and science and the creation of a National Defence Research and network among American universities who would lead ultimately to the evolution of the end Los Angeles in the early 1960s it is rise of generic and generalized gigantism those states participated or grandma or more visible results of the great state of California first of all American California was created by the Constitutional Convention meeting in Colton hall wat array in the summer of 18-49 Queen visit near abstraction the Tel Aviv’s knew that there was no chance whatsoever for California as envisioned by New Spain and by Mexico this included Nevada Utah Arizona as well as Baja California no chance whatsoever for such a colossus to come into the United States as one state even taxes which had come into the Union in 1846 had proven a problem in terms of its size and to this day Texas reserves the right unilaterally to divide himself into five smaller states thus the California desert otama gates media monitoring heart out coastal Sierra desert Central Valley hola Pluto portions of this

behemoth to an abstract and elegantly angle climate at the lake tahoe had appropriated the name california for this reduced of still gigantic remnant to this day we recognize that if the Pilgrims and Puritans in plymouth and massachusetts bay colony at landed in Santa Monica Bay sort of Cape Cod and Massachusetts Bay present-day California which would which extends Romania Georgia were on the east coast will be divided into probably six states indeed through the 1870s the state of California exercised its governance both dramatically through its counties up to and including the awesome power capital punishment which was administered globally by the sheriff I think it’s very important I can have group ask your students to here today to recall for instance when you first started get your height you sprung up inches every year here you’re way beyond what you feel you needed to be at that time California was way beyond what it needed to be at that time of 1850 there’s nothing like it in Texas it was it was this is a poor part of its definition it was an abstraction placed on the place on the map the railroad unified California across the last three decades of the 19th century while the river was nominally regulated by the state remained a private authority the first half of the 20th century saw California unify itself even further through a highway system inaugurated by a bond issue 11 and by such great public works is the loss sankyo a progressive era as the Los Angeles Aqueduct the Hetch Hetchy system the creation of Los Angeles Harbor the great public works of the 1930s to include the Oakland San Francisco Bay Bridge and molding Cambridge it remained the Destiny and heroic achievement of Edmond Gerald Pat Brown 30 second governor of the state too sparkly and preside over the final phases of this creation of California as a unified system he general California if you will completing the unification of California by a free reconstruction partnership of the federal government a master plan for higher education visiting the higher the entire state is a total integrated higher education of utopia and finding a passage just their proposition one in November 1960 setting in motion the creation of a statewide water system whose central aquata now bears his name from this perspective patran was a modernist reforming motors of building models a man of local origins most at home and operating a statewide level of a statewide perspective what I could have even asked you this question angie brown modernist and then who spoke with the accent of old-time San Francisco we never forgot the friends in this youth never lost touch with a certain style of clothes and personal politics indeed a governor who is uncharted now on display at a museum of california in sacramento but she wear proudly the and mobile spanish takes festival in santa barbara yes indeed have ground the reforming modernist building modernist the governor animated by an apparent philosophy not only in California government akala for the history as well 20 history is well California identities well a narrative nurtured in manistee by the Progressive Era that was still in a thing when he was attending the public primary schools and old high school in San Francisco the fact is Pat Brown came of age intellectually at a time when the California story the California myth me in California polo but you will attain to coherence supportive supportive of estate of 7 billion people by 1940 this was the essential dynamic I believe of the reforming modernism of Governor Pat Brown the conviction to certainty that Californians understood their state generally agreed upon its meaning and generally accepted its reforming and expansionist Kenda this understanding or existed almost on a subconscious level if indeed such a subconscious level can be accredited to a population st nine million believe that it can how else to understand for example the extraordinary Epica Public Works in California during the Great Depression

the after reading the federal government this type of most of those projects were previously planned by Californians how else to understand our Golden Gate Bridge came online us in four years under question at head of schedule is universalism of ascent as far as public development was concerned is of course part of a larger American story during these 15 years but as well as Stegner tells us California’s like the rest of the nation only morsel and usually ahead of the time the progressivism with a capital P in background absorb suppose hit Lowell High School abounded in California patriotism of the same time it was animated by a residual sense of reform and civic enhancement of over from the hire of Johnson Tara then this was overly self-conscious in San Francisco that expressed itself in the creation of civic center Tom made by the grand impressive classicism of the city hall and by the mounting of the panama-pacific international exposition in 1915 and by the expressive personality a long time some 20 years mayor sunny Jim wolf a progressive Republican compiled of the Hiram Johnson strike marshall mcluhan once observed it once you are aware of your environment is no longer your environment many I suppose that one’s experience at the market is the experience of a totality of a relatively non reflective perspective it still we have the example of young pat brown old high school fighting discrimination Eternity’s d founding his own non-discriminatory fraternity we have the example of prom district attorney plunging himself 1944 into an almost extra jurisdictional there were no redevelopment agencies in those days investigation of the substandard housing of the largely african-american film emergency the fact is coming of age packed brown absorbed a comprehensive modernist if you will sense of California’s place historical legacy achievement and need for reform already in the late 19th century the grass valley born Harvard philosopher Josiah Royce another wall high school graduate then called boys high school in the midst of his more formally philosophical studies was exploring California as a case study of American character another 19th century Californian Henry George would study the land policies in a non place in California from the same national perspective the San Francisco bookseller publishing by the name of Herbert how Bancroft that simultaneously assembled a crew of writers to talk about the history of California as an epic of progress with a capital P more popular basis the Protestant anglo-america of that era was in the process of appropriating his own version of the Hispanic past so as to provide American California with a colonial history hence the origins I believe of the Crown’s Charles suit in the first three or four decades of the 20th century even more commodious lines of interpretation were laid down her oppa heroically professor Herbert Eugene Bolton of UC Berkeley was laying down the history of California as part of the Spanish border lines intersecting of Pacific Basin history indeed both Nana students dominated filled with California history through the 1940s but the time Pat Brown came of a nice California experience to major waves of interpretation late nineteenth and early twentieth century that in the case of the Widener Library Harbor demanded that the California collection of his own designation and be housed separately alongside the Dante collection on the fourth floor of widener open one about that when I was using the collection but I decided to abstain that the cow point was either heaven or time by no means trying to recast out of a kind of ribosome kind of contempo student election he was however most intelligent man and a lawyer and a politician was capacity to read what folks say John the 23 related described as the size of the times the size of the times he absorbed involved a comprehensive approach a monetarist approach to California even when that vent as in the case of proposition one of ever 1960 opposing Northern California’s opposition to a state line for plan one of his greatest pleasures is governor Governor Brown was told me was flying up and down the state

in the Grizzly the official california governor’s CC cream fights which a lot of padding around to enjoy and for the car every sense of california as a totality of place enjoyment a totality of identity enjoying the totality of the usable past which for example 1949 had the entire state north and south celebrate the bulrush the centenary gold rush and Pogo hosting costs of immense and beard growing contest when that round was serving as attorney general in the 1950s he and governor earl warren the canoe together from Sacramento to the Bay Area a Republican German Brown a Republican governor or 1946 under cross filing was both won both in Republican adopt and democratic nomination for governor with that the run against himself I suppose each of these men is short enjoy a relatively coherent California narrative anchored in a bipartisan progressivism that could very well be described as membership in the party of California such an attitude and also be ascribed to Governor hood with Jay night here in Los Angeles the 31st governor of the state who served between the administration’s before and a brown hundred let’s reflect for a moment or two of the transition from modernism the postmodern as far as California politics are concerned and we can begin our story with the highly partisan republicanism brought to the governor’s race in 1958 when the United States Senator William Nolan it it’s good one Jay night out of an almost slammed on campaign for a full second term and brought to an end this ecumenical water is here politics nomas friend of take-no-prisoners republicanism did not single-handedly and the progressive modernist approach to California but it did signal the beginnings of pocket a partisan diversification as evidence in the end across filing the very next year nineteen fifty-nine the same year that that proud of me had his first term here as Governor Brown successor / / Ronald Reagan would be swept into office by forces and points of view borin tune with the dawning postmodernist error everyone knows Alistair routledge a night and san francisco mayor George Christopher from their gubernatorial and United States senatorial Canada seats I once asked government how senior we further well at what point did he first encountered challenges to them challenges in offices signal to him the end of one ERA at the beginning of the other I expected him to go immediately to the Zeta watchful value of 1965 but he said that above all other challenges that Caryl Chessman case presented him for the conundrum retrospective I believe signaled the end of one year for California he could be beginning of the end for one year the beginning of another here was a controversy involving his most awesome powers as governor the power to how you take commutation here is a division of the sentimental health when he had never experienced in his political career in order to begin to understand the post monitors California as far as politics are concerned let’s fast forward to turn three and four Governor Jerry Brown as of the election for term three statewide politics had a full-blood disappeared in California has come to an impasse but become virtually non-existent in 2010 Republican after decades remained in statewide office despite falling behind Democrats and registration as many as a million post turned in Maine women the fourth and wealthiest woman in California Princeton University and Harvard Business School graduate with a record of accomplishment Walt Disney Company Greenberg’s Procter and Gamble has grown even women spend some 144 million of her own fortune on her campaign which was anchored in a promise to reduce the State Workforce already would have smallest per population in the country by up to 40,000 state workers aren t was a case study of the end of traditional passages in California can they angered in the promise to put state government even further out of business on the Democratic side was the people in postmodernist mation there was only one a viable candidate for governor brown Jr the 34th

cover 34th governor of the state who already between 1975 in 1983 pursued a program and appointments as well as a highly orchestrated lifestyle though governor’s mansion and rented apartment after some before about her Plymouth from the state parkville a Sufi corner is inauguration whoo-whoo-whoo advisor bachelorhood and a rockstar girlfriend it home page lifestyle that gots to the surge in a postmodern state of California politics in terms of his emphasis upon personal choice and branding no matter how awkward with us to be fair however it must be admitted that the California the seventies was dramatically in tune with the unknown errs stylization and conduct of office in 1998 the same former governor we had an electric politics and the equally unprecedented postmodernist manner by courageously standing for mayor of the imbalance City of Oakland and facing down the taunting of men in the pressure considered such a campaign by a former governor doomed to failure pathetic even winning emma’s serving it with distinction and returning to statewide politics as Attorney General of 2007 serving alongside equally expressive post monitors Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger an action hero republican trust to non-partisanship as a 2010 I’ve made women Attorney General Jerry Brown stepped into a vacuum there was simply no one else available or competitive enough to advance a democratic fantasy the course of this campaign rover jerry Brown’s ratings increase with every sweeping statement he refused today politics were at an impasse and the voters were no mood for stunning wrote for the sake of a dining room in terms of promises to the voter Jerry Brown campaign with an almost abstract as absence of political statement except of course that the California wants me to retire its indebtedness when / tales programs could pay for or priorities or go banker assuming office building Brown persuaded the voters of California to tax themselves a day off an outstanding debt as well as prevent the wholesale dismantlement of public programs and services prudehoe seldom antigen that was the anchor point of big lizards and pain in 2004 government for Brown was reelected to an unprecedented fourth term with an even more dramatic absence of a position in TV Republican can deceive recover that heroes conceptualized and marketed as a training exercises or young of a contaminant at some point in the 21st century a postmodernist point of view then prevailed in California politics golden with the generic definitions of the state where there’s a matter of historical interpretation or contemporary practice as governor arnold schwarzenegger refashioned is california as immigrants gold and green by the sea best government and nonpartisan manner as far as jerry brown is concerned while he made references to the california frontier and to the philosophy of loyalty advanced the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries by the california horn philosopher to Stavros Governor Jerry Brown especially his fourth term tended to avoid any hope for conceptualising of the California experience and the governorship deserved it in favor of a concept of a governorship as managing crisis after crisis debt and drama especially on a case-by-case basis welcome to the good without talking to the governor on the telephone as his third term is coming to a conclusion I enthusiastically and naively suggested that his campaign for a fourth term but a lot of advance once again some kind of collective California scenario put it that way I had in mind the kind of constant encouragement the governor our senior was famous for on the other end of the line there was a long silence the kind of Jerry Brown silence that struck a chord with me you know the governor politely ended our conversation I later read a quote for governor jerry brown we don’t have problems to be solved we have conditions to be managed and we are managing the conditions of our time summarized it postmodernist point of view I can in fairly sympathize

I spent nearly 40 years researching and writing topics on the social and cultural history of California I call the P the Americans and the California Dream acerca series 40 years in the library writing spending all this effort then I went trying to define counseling and kind of captures elusive appeal then I read in the papers of the Los Angeles Times a couple who had left at a point in the early 90s and don’t move to Idaho then come back to their home it’s a descendant of san diego area i had to rebuy a homelite their own for much more money and a reporter said well I can’t let you come why do you come back to California the woman said else he said you can’t get good takeout in either I said that’s it that’s right she just knocks the ball out of the park miss that it’s going to explain everything I was only able to bring her to mr. than the narrative up to nineteen sixty-three my last volume I can only have another 1990s and snippets of some seventy plus many chapters another book I realize now that 1963 was the last year I understood and retreated one volume because it was part of the synthesis of modernist California 1950s people which became the most populous state in the nation sometime in the early 60s of the year before 63 years and for two disputed time ever gravity separated 62-z three after that starting of the resistance the vietnam war it became next to impossible to encapsulate the many facts of cata complicated one line ended I mean where do I put Sonny and Cher that’s what is such a spectacular array of studies today go to bookstore today studies in California from so many different angles that start more or less in the almost alone oculus 1964 along various topic lines politics army architecture literature rock music plenty grandma the cochlea tries to hold it together and an appointment I recently advised undergraduate seeking to understand California better not to worry about stable explanations that comprehensive definition see the ones that you read out like book it opposed to honor modern era I advise we encounter California in fragments we study in the fragments we encounter and like poets and poets and artists like novelist and short story writers like strip writers and directors we struggled to make sense of the story in the face of specific phenomena simultaneously was it me some we try to sell you something pay attention here you might learn something of the same time you’re meeting impenetrable and anybody saying to us like a cork we are happening for only an instant by quantum mechanics we allude your evolution system postmodern California’s new world you have to find a new approach and even then you will fall far short of the unified field theory of California but try for it anyway try to experience fragments and perspectives try to understand what they mean trying to integrate them into analysis and narrative try to tell the story of California’s best you can and don’t be intimidated if you choose a perspective or pathway far off the beaten path don’t be afraid trust your instincts trust your experience trust the California you are encountering at this all-important time of your picture the California that should appear 60 years now may have all must reveal itself to you as being possessed of incipient or residual pattern and me here’s the point of transition in between governor brown senior and Governor Perry ground it also moves the ones rebellion the Vietnam War government crime that one modernist agenda however other ground has monitors at high speed training which is which his father was advocating in 1966 when I pretend was under construction cover the ground senior bill to statewide water system to cover Jerry Brown manages dropship postmodernism as I’ve suggested is how we cope when narratives are not clearly apparent when this and dreams all over seem so happily true when California has to be reared and we struggled for his recent message signed the assisted suicide bill her

devil Governor Jerry Brown a company is signing with a very personal statement about envisioning himself in an end of life situation energized by modernism half ounce of the stage for our postmodern is zero set the stage for California does global energetic creative but a California should excuse generic definitions that manages to be so many things at once the most importantly demands and he participated in the process of creating the California the future actions do politics lipolysis remain very important to multiple lines of creativity and his post modernist existentialism his commitment to managing the enterprise and a case-by-case basis without benefit of commanding narrative Jerry Brown charm three and term for is a governor for California so appropriate so necessary for our times that one wonders whether or not term one and two should be considered youthful prologue to an etherion return of the once and future governor from the add a lot of Oakland groans California backgrounds California lost his way spend too much money over extended its resources became addicted to partisanship the wiser in chasing Arthur returned to put things right again even Jerry Brown so minimalist so existential his expectations sustains it is hard one great big fat brown green a high-speed railroad streaking up and down California and unifying the Golden State with modest panache Pat Brown was advocating such a high speed rail system in his final year two years of office as part of an integrated statewide transportation system straight from the pages of Ray Bradbury as long as we’re building a new state highway five he said we’ll be building a statewide Academic that’s how we’re easy wasn’t it just a time to leverage federal state involvement in the construction of high-speed rail connection that would run parallel to but this time however such a reforming modernist proposal had little chance surviving the tsunami event I’ve government sentiment driving the Ronald Reagan campaign as it stands today the high-speed system is Governor Jerry Brown persistently advocates constitutes is most dramatic effort as state line narrator to this proposal is also made reference in inaugural and other species to choose I Royce’s philosophy of loyalty anchored in philosophical idealism the constitutes I believe all of the economic thought Andrew George offered progress in poverty 1879 to the most important ideas to emerge from nineteen and early twentieth century California construction of the high-speed railroad the bridge to us back to the future to coast for California the epic of construction and program expansion that characterize those years even governor jerry brown audacity to see the value of a big project connected to large and airy meanwhile Californians are assembling and binding together those elements of that future narrative which can be expected to emerge in due course just a few years ago that narrative look like it would be negative California broke the failed state no longer Jerry Brown and the voters willing to tax themselves back into solvency let us out of that impending wilderness could another negative narrative whom on the horizon I hope not if if even for the time being state government is forced to remain under one party rules I companies after could help me draw the housing crisis growing as socially dangerous to the highest income or working poor declining middle class and an injured galactically rich elite intergalactically british elite these problems must be the first to do all this politics the art of the possible must be restored by a sadder but wiser and rejuvenated Republican Party hot contenders marginalized a singing minority status by 2040 California will have some 50 million residents bubble is California be Riviera a bowl of wealth on the coast from san diego de Varenne and poverty inland or California reprising Lee graduated integrated ladder of prosperity of the post-war era with those in poverty through no fault of their own taken care of and if

possible help to go back to work global rankings and science technology agriculture are members of transportation education arts and entertainment sports public up all these ventures are forging elements of that narrative that will at some point future coalesce and missed all this is a recovered belief that to be a California is part of the privilege and a California is part of the solution of the problem belief that is a 20th century 21st century version of backgrounds California performed the fishing tackle us advance diverse and ecumenical with leaves of private narratives flourishing and regional narratives flourishing and the outlines of the agreed upon and politically brokered statewide area once more edited in Sacramento thank you so much