Expect the Unexpected. Episode 4. Russian TV Series. Melodrama. English Subtitles. StarMediaEN

Star Media presents WHEN YOU DON’T EXPECT IT… Created by Natalya Koynova Directed by Tatyana Magar Directors of Photography – Makhail Muratkin and Vasiliy Borodin Music by Yuriy Sayenko Produced by Alexey Terentyev and Vlad Ryashin Dyma? What? How do you feel? I’m fine I bought you something Is that all for me? That’s all there was What do I need so many medicines for? I bought a thermometer Measure your temperature If it’s high you should drink something to lower it I don’t need anything You can get proteins disintegration because of the high temperature I heard it on my chemistry lesson One dies then Stop shaking it. Give it to me The disintegration must have already started Measure it for 9 minutes It’s written there so 9 minutes. That’s all If the temperature is high drink anti-fever serum One shouldn’t joke with proteins disintegration I’ll be back in a moment You’re crazy, Yura Here you go. Take them and put them on These are socks which my granny knitted herself Great. Thank you I’d drink some tea Lots of amazing things happen in the theatre. It’s incredible Nobody believes if I tell them Dina is being late And Dyma is not here He must have overslept They are both late Tata! – How interesting! – Tata! What – Tata? You put too much sugar in your tea How can you drink it so sweet, I wonder? You have been wondering for 50 years Good morning Good morning Bon appetite Dmytry is not here Do you know where he is? This cuisine must be too much for him How did you like the palace? It was great Such architecture! It’s so elegant and grand! It’s very beautiful there They knew how to choose places for… What are you doing? You’ve taken second biscuit! So what? You asked me to stop you If I’ve taken second biscuit, it means I’ve allowed myself to That’s all, folks I can’t take this any more, I’m so full Thanks to everybody. Tatochka? Tata! Tata! Bon appetite Thank you See you at the dinner See you I’m afraid Dyma has fallen ill He felt unwell yesterday I think he had fever Really? I touched his forehead and it almost scalded me I’d like some tea Tea? Bring us some tea, please. One cup Thank you Magnesium, calcium… Get off me! Hello to bachelors! Hello, Petro! Are you still unwell? I brought you some medicine It’s my Natalka May I? Hello Hello How do you feel? I’m fine What did you give him? Here… He wants to poison me Pure chemicals. Throw them away Why? What did you buy? One can’t recover on that Here is raspberry jam and honey They are the only medicines you may use Pull it out What? – Pull it out! – Oh, Lord! Natalka!

I beg your pardon There is nothing bad in it It’s the most effective medicine You pour 60 gram… 60, of course! Then you take a lemon and bite a hole in it You suck the juice then All together, or what? I’ll show you how to do it Oh, Lord! It will smooth your chest Keep it in your throat as long as you can To burn the tissues? You can’t combine it with medicines, Dyma Bite into the lemon It’s great You start breathing like a new person It’s already helped you That’s all. Try it! Yurko, brew Dyma some tea I’ll drop in later Come on. That’s all. Come on! Good luck! I’ll drop in later. Catch the lemon! Good luck and recover faster! Be cool! Thank you very much Dyma? Dyma? Don’t wake him up if he’s sleeping You? I didn’t want to wake you up Bring the chair, Yura Sure Lie down. I won’t keep you for long I brought you some medicines – Sit down – Thank you How did you get to know? We live in the village How are you recovering? Yura brought lots of stuff I see He must have robbed a pharmacy Yes He took everything they had I see. But all these things won’t help you What is it? Answer me sincerely — are you a drunkard? Yes What temperature do you have? Not very high – 37 and a little more Let me see It’s just a bit higher You don’t take your state seriously What medicines do you have? Believe me, they are very good You want to poison me Sure. I came to kill you. Drink it That’s great. I have to go I have a treatment, a massage I can’t be late A massage? Yes. And water treatments I’m in the sanatorium, after all I’d be happy to take a hot bath right now You can’t, patient. You need a cold shower You’re a sadist I’m not. They treat fevers with cold showers in the US. Recover Thank you Yur? What? Why didn’t you make us tea? The water is boiling Boiling! Lie down Boiling! Hello Dina Mykhaylovna? Yes? Will you come to have a massage today? No, I want to swim a bit Give my time to somebody else

Hello Where is the massage cabinet? Go straight to the end of the corridor and turn left – Thank you – You’re welcomed Hello Hello. Come in. Do you have a talon from the doctor? No. Massage? Yes Who is there? A woman is preparing for a massage I see Thank you for curing me so fast Thank you for getting informal I even recalled some poems “You got informal You stirred up all the dreams in my loving heart” Why are you keeping silence? I’m all ears. Was it Pushkin? It was. I’m sorry. I’m sorry Where are you going? Does he live here, Anya? No He is so handsome! Dina? Dyma? Why are you here and not in bed? I recovered It’s a lie. You had 38 an hour ago It’s true. I saw you and recovered It’s a miracle Shall we dine somewhere? Where? At the canteen? Oh, no. Let’s go to some restaurant, but I don’t know which one to choose All right, let’s go Hello? I feel unwell I fell ill. No It’s OK. I’m taking medicines. Bye I beg your pardon I think I’ll have my dinner at the canteen Why? You have to recover after your cold What about a supper? I’ll have my supper in the canteen too Your lily has withered Change what I’ve underlined I asked to print 3 copies of this document And this… the design is awful I’m answering! Hello? At last! How are the things going? Hi, hi. Everything is all right The client is ready I’m taking the advance tomorrow How are you? I don’t like your voice Some woman is calling Klymov May be it’s his wife? Wait Do you want me to get to know everything about him?

It won’t be difficult Are you crazy? There is no need to spy on him Why? I’ll just get to know whether he is married or not No, I don’t want to know about it It just seemed to me so What did seem to you? It’s not important I think I’ll finish my business here in about 2 days Is Kirill calling you? No, he stopped calling He won’t be any more Are you sure? Yes, I am What if he calls? Will you answer? I don’t know. I got so confused here! Confused? Let’s get down to business There is an object on Nikolina Mount The agreement with their agency has already been terminated Your Dyma’s agency is also interested in it Will we take the case or let it go? Sure we’re taking it! Good girl! We are! See you, then! Hello, Yura. What are you doing? I’m looking for footwear Where are you going? For a disco! With Oxanka? Yes. She said she’d come there. Twice What – twice? She said so twice But I don’t know what to put on Well? You lack a pioneer sign That’s enough. I’m not going anywhere Why are you so nervous? Why do you think so? It just seemed to me so I’m not going anywhere Why? First of all I can’t dance Secondly Ilya will be there Who is it? One guy who is flirting with Oxana So what? She’ll choose him Put your shirt on, I’ll go with you We’ll see whom she chooses Will you wear red? Why not? We’ll be brighter this way Show me some movements How do you dance in Moscow? You’re right on Dance is not the most important thing The most important thing is the contact The contact? Yes. Come on The contact… Hello, Dinochka Hello, Verochka. Is this place free? Sure. Sit down Where is Vanya? At the treatments. I’m waiting for him I want to confess to you while Vanya is not here You’re a beautiful couple Really?

Yes. It’s pleasant to watch you Thank you Do you ever part? Yes, sometimes You can’t always be together An endless honeymoon Is it bad? Of course not. It’s a rarity Do you know how Dyma is? He is fine. I saw him some time ago Will he come to dinner today? I don’t know. Thank you He was so looking forward to seeing you yesterday May I ask you one question? Aren’t you married? No. Is it so noticeable? It’s not. But Vanya and I like Dyma very much He is a great guy Are you proposing him to me? No. But sometimes people from outside have a better view What are you starring at? Go, go! He must be here. Where is he? – Hi – Hi They’ll come to us on their own Do you have such discos in Moscow? We evidently don’t Shall we dance? I’m not dancing She’s come! Oxana has come! Where is she? There she is Go! He is here Nadka is here too with Maria They look like Christmas trees Who is your competitor? There he is Where? The one in an orange shirt? She’ll choose you – Really? – Sure Go and ask her for a dance What for? No Go, go! Go and dance, I tell you! Are you an idiot? Stop it! I’ll ask her for a next dance There won’t be anybody to ask soon. Go, I tell you! I won’t go! Are you a small boy? Stop it Hi, Oxana. Shall we dance? With pleasure I’m from a young man Yuriy Why didn’t he ask me himself? Is he so shy? Of course not. He is a lion I think you’ll dance better. Go, go! Let’s go dance All right That’s me

Hello, Dmytry Hello My name is Lilya Nice to meet you. It’s a beautiful name Do you dance as well as you’re reciting poems? What poems? The ones you read to me in the massage cabinet So it was you there, weren’t you? I didn’t recognise you. You look great Shall we dance? As you see I don’t dance. I don’t know how I’ll show you how to do it No need to. Many teachers tried before you but failed I’ll succeed No need to Shall we go for a walk then? I’m a bit ill so evening air won’t do me good I wouldn’t say that you’re so boring in the morning What? Boring Boring Haven’t you changed your mind about dances? We’ll dance some next time You’ll regret it I hope so Hi. Why aren’t you dancing? Hi. I don’t want to Didn’t you come here to have fun? I’m having fun Why didn’t you come to us? We were waiting for you Let’s go dance We have fresh beer I’ll brew you great coffee We’ll go to Lviv We’ll choose the best wedding dress and a suit. I’ll give her a wedding ring Then we’ll get back and go to the church and to the city hall We’ll go to the church for sure It’s our life. Do you get it? That’s where we have dances It’s great Sure We have a disco almost every evening Let me ask you for a dance No, I don’t dance Please come! No, no, please! All right Just for your sake All right If you show me how to do it… I’m a bit tired I beg you Please, don’t! It’s hot. It really is very hot I want to breathe some fresh air Excuse me I’m sorry Did you see that? He ran for that clysters tube from the sanatorium The one from Moscow? You can’t move your feet, can you? I can’t Let me help you No need to You’re so full of humour

Good evening We’ve already seen you in the club You’re right Let me talk with you for a minute, Dina Let’s talk tomorrow Why? Because Stepan and I… What about Stepan and you? I don’t remember your father’s name What business can you have here so late at night? You better go and put your children to sleep. Dina, please! How do you dare, young man? I’ll call for a ward You shouldn’t take it so much to heart Come to the room, I’ll call for a guard Please! Let me talk with him! May I? Can’t you do without your guards? Dyma? I beg you You’re in the epicentre of a scandal I’m really surprised Look, Dyma! Go home. We’ll talk tomorrow Dina! Dina! Who are you? What are you doing here? Are you staying here? No Good bye, then What? Leave if you’re not staying here Good bye Good bye I feel so uncomfortable. I’m on high heels There is nettle here, be careful All right This wedding will be the best in the world What did I put them on for? Be careful The bride will be in a white dress and the groom will be in a white suit Why white? Why not? A groom should be in a black suit All right, I’ll wear black We’ll leave for a honeymoon then Where to? To any place she wants We’ll bring a camera with us and will be taking pictures We’ll enjoy them and show them to our children so that they knew how happy we were Be careful The path is so bad here… Dina? Dina? Be quiet! Why are you shouting? Everybody is sleeping Let me talk to you Dyma! I took a shower. I want to sleep I need to explain something to you Let’s talk tomorrow I won’t go anywhere Don’t shout I won’t go anywhere I need to explain something to you Don’t shout Come downstairs, please Stop that noise! I’m sorry You woke me up Now you’ll wake everybody up Aren’t you adults? What a scandal! I’ll be downstairs in a minute I’m waiting for you That Lilya is so unpleasant She is not sleeping. So unpleasant! Go to sleep, Tata! In a minute. But I won’t be able to sleep She is so unpleasant! Calm down and switch the lights off I’m switching them off I won’t be able to sleep. Such events! Why were you so noisy? You woke all my neighbours up! Sit down. It’s so quiet here! It’s great We were jealous of me What fantasies! You were after that phone call I was jealous of you?

Sure you were Were I? Why would I be jealous of you? Don’t be so nervous You wouldn’t be so nervous if you weren’t jealous I had some relations. I do But they are not important at all Do you think I’m interested? I’m not! Dina! I’ll die without you What? A man lived and lived and then – bang! What will happen now? Dina? Look! Look at the sky! Stars are so bright here Yes Everything is different here Have you noticed? What if we didn’t get into one train? We could meet in Moscow Moscow is a big city The possibility of meeting is minute What air! The star has fallen Did you see it? Did you have time for a wish? No Be cunning What do you mean? Wait for the star Wish for something and wait No, the wish won’t come true then I need to tell you something What? I wanted to ask whether you took another pill I didn’t Why? Did you see the star fall? No. I didn’t see it Starts are so big here They don’t seem true Everything here is amazing Dyma, don’t. Let me see you off It’s time for you to go, really. Come on How are you, dancer? She kissed me Really? She is so beautiful She is She is so kind She is – She is so fun – She is She is so airy She is She is so pure She is She is That’s all What do you mean? She is a countess, a baroness, a tsarina! A tsarina! Who? – What do you mean – who? – Dina I meant Oxana I meant Dina But I meant Oxana Good for you. Oxana! Oxana! Dina!