Speedometer Repair for Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC or Hummer! Pointers defective! (Do it yourself)

Hello everyone, welcome to Pixelfehler Hamburg Today I’ve got an instrument to repair which is, one for German conditions, a somewhat exotic instrument. It’s from a a Chevy Silverado. This is relatively identical in construction with many various vehicles produced by GM or similar instruments. It is installed in the Cadillac Escalade, Chevy Avalanche, in a Hummer for example, in the H2. Or the Trailblazer, Tahoe… so there are many vehicles in which a similar instrument, more or less is identical in construction, is installed. In this case the common error is that the pointers are not working, they remain in one position so the servomotors are broken and in this case now here it’s very special, if I turn it on now, you can see that…you see nothing. So it does not work at all, its completely off. And now I show you a complete overhaul, as we do here. I think it is quite interesting First, we open the cover, levering up the clips Here they are a little bit hidden, just go inside in here, underneath. Then it comes off Then we can take off the lid So with the pointers you can, you hear it already that they rattle a bit. It is completely stuck That one is also no longer ok. Maybe that one is. No. No. In the end all servomotors are broken here. So actually a total loss of this instrument. But we will fix that. So we will remove the pointers Remove the rear cover. So, we don’t need this one either. Here we have our circuit board We’ll take it out now. So. So now in this case we have six servo motors Here you can already see, here is a seventh prepared for another vehicle, which has one more instrument. Now the servomotors have to be desoldered We also replace the lamps completely. These are for the background lighting of the dials And we do some more soldering work. And then you will see that it is as good as new afterwards So, for this we need a desoldering gun. Now I desolder the contacts, the legs of all servomotors So, you can slightly press on it. Then the motor comes out

Okay, they can go. Next, I’m going to take out all the lights So these lamps, as you can see here, sit in such a socket, but have very little contact here with these thin little legs We take other lamps later, without housings, which we solder on, I just like them better So now we have to do some soldering. As you can see, we have some resistors here, we re-solder them all They are also all a little bit brown here and there, you can see they heated up a bit So these resistors are all soldered now There you can see that the resistance was already loose Ok, so now again new solder on the contact pads for the new lamps So I already said before, which lamps I take, others without housing They look like this, they have the contact wires right on here And you can solder them directly and they also keep very stable So there we just put the legs on This can should be done first before the motors are put back in place Because then they are not in the way when soldering and can reach them better So now we cut off the protruding legs

So the lamps can then be aligned very easily, turn them a little straight And they sit on there really very stable No problem So now we look up to the back of the board Here we have quite often such small oxidations, so like here for example. Here or here There you can see that again There, there, here you can see it very well These things have to be cleaned For this we use a fiberglass pen And then the contacts are cleaned here So I look again just with the magnifying glass, if I have overlooked anything. Yeah, here’s another one Okay So then I clean it a bit with PCB cleaner Then the areas are cleaned So that no new oxidation occurs, I seal this with a protective lacquer All those places which I have roughened a bit You can use it quietly generously on it, that does not hurt So now we need our new stepper motors Six pieces. That is our article in our Onlineshop PX10890, which you can order if you want to do it yourself If you don’t think you can do it, you are welcome to let us do it for you. No problem. We also offer all repairs, which we demonstrate here Just get in touch. We’ll help you So, of course, it only fits once, the thick one goes in here, the thin one in the smaller hole. Make sure that the contacts are not bent here, that they fit straight Watch out a bit, press down once So, they’re in it. Now the backsides are soldered, the contacts So, all soldered up Turn the lamps straight again So then let’s have a look So, successful test. As you can see, all lights are on

You also heard the engines right away, because everything was off earlier. The display shows again Gear indicator, odometer, mileage, everything is wonderful. So then we just put it back together again Insert the circuit board So now I want to clean over here once again. When we already have it open, we clean the glass too So thats it When turning up the pointer you have to be a bit careful because the motors are a bit sensitive So put it on the axle and turn it. Turn and press down a little bit again and again So we have a small gap here, so that the pointer does not grind So turn and press lightly So the pointers are on, now we just have to adjust them First of all a small preset There. Power on. Wait briefly until they have also pulled themselves into the end position So now let’s take a look at it. All still a bit too high. This one too And again So all of them can still do a tick So they are all good. It can still go down minimally. Off again You are only allowed to turn the pointers if you have no ignition on If you are too deep, just do an extra lap and then start again Bull’s eye the first time. As you can see, the pointers are perfectly positioned everywhere. For the final test they can be turn up once. Only ever do this when no ignition is on. Exactly All pointers turn. They move to the correct zero position. OK Now you can wipe over it again. I also clean the glass of the housing once again Insert the pin here, making sure that the contacts are correctly positioned

Turn it on again like this So the instrument is like new. Yes I hope it works out as well for you. You can order the spare parts in our store. Pixelfehler Hamburg I already gave you the part number. I would be happy if you give us a Like or subscribe to our channel And if you don’t want to do it yourself or if you have any problems, feel free to contact us, we will do it for you. You can send us the instrument And yes, have fun and success doing it yourself. See you, Dirk from Pixelfehler Hamburg. Ciao!