4. How to print your own (DIY) speedometer (instrument cluster) – Design with Inkscape

so this video will show you how you can start with creating the underlay or your own design so you can do anything as you any design you want so I’m doing my own design just basically I wanna switch the km/h speedometer to into the inside and the kilometers and and this to be miles per hour so I’m not really gonna show all possible steps as this is quite a lot fiddly here and there so I’m only going to show one of the more important bits and pieces and you can you can do that yourself later so I’ve already imported the scan version so this is 300 dots per inch you can do 600dpi if you want the details don’t really matter that much so first I need to rotate it to be roughly horizontal doesn’t really need to be horizontal that much but still so I’ll start with the speedometer here so first I’m gonna add a new layer and I call it speedo it’s already created one I was from doing some tests so I’ve already really done it this is just to show how how how it can be done so first you need a circle so it doesn’t really I’m holding to control in order for this to be and relatively good circle to be to keep the dimension so I’m again holding the control and dragging it so try to be as good a circle as I can so we remove reduce the transparency so I can see how it fits oh it fits that’s it this is actually pretty good it’s almost there I probably have to reduce it a bit from that side I suspect that’s that’s about right I can probably increase it a bit more but that that’s pretty good maybe a bit down okay no so that’s that’s almost good yeah you can increase one slightly here but it’s that’s quite good I mean you can play around and be as precise as you can so the next phase is to create these these lines so what I’m gonna do is click on the create rectangles and basically draw a rectangle it doesn’t really matter what size but you can specify the sizes as you want it’s just a test so it doesn’t really need to be that precise so let’s say with this pixels so let’s say with this 55 and height is 5 so a bit so now I’ll select the circle and the rectangle together holding the shift key and then I’ll align Center on vertical axis and then Center on horizontal axis so this will be exactly in the middle now click somewhere else and click on the rectangle again and I’ll hold the control and I’ll move it aside so it’s horizontally moving so a few more times so now if you click second time so you can see this this plus sign here is the center of the object and you have to click on this snap an item’s rotation Center so now I’ll drag this Center rotation to to the center here so they can snap the circle and the rectangle snap together and now you need to select circle and then the rectangle and then align left so this will go to the to the very left edge so basically now what you can do is take second time so this this really hmm so you have to put it again there in in the center of circle so now when you really rotate this this you actually rotate according to the side, according to the side of the, on the edges of the

circle speedometer click second time so I’ll basically put it on on ten as good as it gets just because it’s a test so I’ve calculated these are 27 so if I wanna really put them down here so I don’t really want to create these individually so there’s a very good option in Inkscape and so basically you can click on create tiled clones and then I need to do 26 columns in in the tiling shift is minus 100% per column scale I’ll leave it as it is and rotation is basically 360 degrees divided by 26 and that’s 13.8 degrees so if I click create this will really, it’s really populated all this lines so you can see they perfectly match so that’s how you create this I mean you can you can play around and create them with because with your sizes and then the next is you can you can basically easily just delete those you don’t need and so this then I have those I mean you can you can play around with this so the next thing is to create the numbers so I can easily do that so let’s say 30 and then I would want to use euro styles I mean that seems is close to my font as possible you can choose any font you want I mean that that’s really and anything’s doable here this goes pretty slow I’m not a selected ones that I can copy it basically trying to find the euros styles and font there we go, euro styles and then I’ll say let’s see this bold and it’s probably too much 35 probably less than that 20 okay that’s probably not 20 but I’m 30 so if I really put up next to it if it’s about there it’s probably about right – a bit it’s probably about right so you can you can create those can probably create those as much as you want let’s say okay this much is wrong but you can play around with those that’s how much like that’s how you can see I’m always on different so that’s good I can create these numbers same with a stop really and so I can put the stop in there alright so I can probably a bit smaller than 30 that’s a not yet it’s but that’s you can really play around with those the next really is the same with this and the same with the numbers that’s not really that you’ve got to do one of the really tricky bits problem of the whole design is these intricate, I’ll zoom, these intricate shapes but that’s not too bad one can really select this draw Bezier curves and straight lines and you can just click individually and draw around it I mean I’m not really the best expert

it is this in Inkscape I’m sure they are a lot better ways to do that this really works for me so it’s so I thought it works for me I can’t really spend much more time of finding how this works so stroke style so you can really play around with this thing so if you click on this edit path by notes you can and select quite a few of these and then if you go one can do this ultra smooth you can you can basically select them all and all too smooth so they’ll be really kind of smooth so you can really drag those and and you can really play around them make the shape quite good and so on let me select this and probably less 0.05 so I can really play around with those make them the best you want it to be and then once you’ve really done that so you can easily move it around so it just looks quite alright so then what you can do is with with the other one on the right basically you can you can you can copy this image one can way to do duplicate so object so you can do edit and duplicate so this could be duplicated it and that the two of them in the same size and then you can flip horizontally and then basically you can drag that around it’s about the same here so this is fairly easy but you can play around with also let me delete the back layer so you can see how these are I mean you can play around with these shapes here and to be really smooth and really nice to bring that back so it draw around those and here and really play around with this but that’s how I normally do it, probably there is a better way so the next are a few of these designs I really simplified those just too many of these I made one circle I’ll I have it open here so wait later but basically that here it’s not a full circle slightly cut the circle so one can really create a circle and then draw another circle I mean I’m I’m just doing it quick not entirely and not calculating and really putting it together what you can select and drop two circles select them both and then if I remember correctly you do path and then exclusion I think exclusion and then this really cuts this in the middle so then if you do path then break apart these are separated so then you can delete that part I really have this this curve here that that is already here then you can create that circle, that’s not a problem so this is this is this curve here it’s slightly smaller curve it’s small but just to show how is it being done well its circle it’s slightly the bigger so if you have you have to draw this circle and then cut it but that’s how this is being done so this design is quite quite tricky the same with that one if you go zoom that this really don’t look too good but this don’t really look too good but once you’re playing around with it they become

pretty smooth out I’ll show you how what type I’ve done it what I’ve done and how they look like so the same with these you can have a circle here and what will I do so to be equal and the same with these so this is slightly smaller ones and you have to calculate how many degrees and so on so to perfectly fit like those something else I’m forgetting something else I cannot really remember that that’s that’s how I do it there are probably easier ways but then basically you’ve done all your design and then you basically have to delete this layer and what is left will be your design, don’t really have anything so I suspect these have to be some other color this has to be black rather than red but then you can play around and create and the color of those so I’ll really show what but that’s how i have that’s why I’ve really done it, so you populate those and and then basically the so you outlined that one as well and then just filling the the black and different white bits and so on, one can play around and you you can do your own designs you can put a figure so anyway any design really you want so this is what I have achieved and that is my design so I mean it’s really these these are all individual numbers so I’ve drawn from this previous that miles so I’ve really just drawn horizontally to here with the centers I can drag these and they’ll move to where they are supposed to be and these are fairly fitted and these for the kilometers for the miles I’ve really tried to play around with because roughly about 48 km/h is about 30 miles so it’s about there and a 111 or so so it’s you have to if you want to do this you have to play around so here is what I was talking about this so this is this is also the circle here and the outline so here is what I really talked about so this is what I done with this outlining and playing around and it looks really good and so too bad so I flipped that one I have not really made this quite well here and it’s I can I can probably play around more and make it perfect and probably it’s a better way but when you print it and zoom it out that that’s really small detail and you don’t really see my printer doesn’t really have that that resolution so it that’s not too bad and probably the the worst detail of them all is this gas pump and I’ve played around a lot with it it looks quite good and yeah you can select it and so on and play even more so yeah you can see the dots and you can you can drag them and if you want and so on so that is my design and I’ve simplified really here only white dots and this is really just red, I think that’s about it don’t have much more so you can you can create any anything you want and so I’m trying to see if I can rotate this probably not well you can see the different bits that are left so this is some sort of semicircle and you see if I can delete so this song left so um that’s really my design just because it takes a lot of time I’m not really gonna explain every single bit because we really take too much but that’s how I’ve done it with this create tile and clones but if you get familiar with Inkscape or some other software photoshop you can do it anything so then i really say this is a SVG format because it will not

loose resolution and then now save it is a PDF in order to print it out that’s it if you have really any questions let me know in the comments and I’ll try to answer them if it’s not entirely clear what how you can do that but you can do any designs you want you can do your own designs and instead of this white you can have I don’t know so thank you