Crime Patrol Dastak – Ep 909 – Full Episode – 16th November, 2018

‘Bijnor Double Murder Case U.P.’ In the holy book Gita, Lord Krishna has said that negative traits hatred, fear, greed and pride have always been in human beings The truth is that these negative traits turns a good man into a criminal The case which I’ll be narrating today will baffle you the way it baffled me This case dates back to 2017 when I was posted at Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh I hope you have the papers on you. – Yes, sir I need to see the commanding officer You can tell me your problem I am pregnant – That is good news The unborn child isn’t my husband’s Then who is the father? I don’t know Did somebody violate you – No! I-I don’t know I only know that there is somebody who is taking advantage of my weakness I don’t know who the person is Where is this going on? – In my in-laws’ house I’m very lucky to have you by my side If you weren’t differently abled then you could’ve seen your mesmerising beauty May I ask you a question? Sure Why did you marry me? Because what you can give, no other girl can What is that? – Love Dhani, I know that even I lack something But only two incomplete human beings can help each other in their needs May I switch off the lights? Dhani Dhani, you shouldn’t lose If you lose, then you’ve to be at his beck and call Brother-in-law, don’t lose or you’ve to be at Dhani’s beck and call Better keep the family’s prestige alive Find the ring – I’m doing it, Mom Mother-in-law, brother-in-law won! Dhani, you lost this game Your entire life you’ve to be at his beck and call This is the family kitchen Sister-in-law I don’t need any support Walk in front of me and I’ll walk listening to your voice Okay Sister-in-law, where is the burner? Gas burner? It is here Dhani, mother-in-law told me that today is your first entry in the kitchen You need to prepare a dessert All the ingredients are at your disposal It seems you don’t need any help but if the need arises, then call Shankar He will help you Sure, Sister-in-law Shall I leave? – Okay Who is it? It’s me Suresh

What happened? Y-You? What are you trying to do? I’m feeling you Mother-in-law said that I should prepare a dessert I’m going to make it Today, you won the game What happened? Haven’t you gone to sleep yet? I didn’t have my sleeping pills today. – Why? If I go to sleep then how will we become parents? I’ll get some water – Hey Wait I’ll get it myself Where is your ring? Please answer Please have some tea I don’t like cardamom tea Okay Kindly have some water Sir, I always had an inkling that there were two people in the room One was my husband and the other was somebody else I couldn’t suspect my husband So I always tried to explain myself that this was nothing but my misconception But that day Who are you? Shankar Are you the one who comes into my room every night? No, it’s me Leave me – Stop Mom! Suresh! What happened, Dhani? Sister-in-law, he was here He was right here What happened? – Mother-in-law Shankar had come here Mom.. – Shankar? – W-What happened? Why did you do this with me? Tell me, why did you do this with me? But what happened? Ask your son as to why he did this to me! Tell me, why did you do this! Suresh! Mother-in-law It kept happening with me for many days I have managed to come out of home and reach here with great difficulty I beg of you Please help me Get those sinners punished, sir I haven’t told about my pregnancy to anyone What could I have told them? I don’t even know whose child it is Where had you been? We were so tense And why are they with you? We’ve come to give you this good news Your daughter-in-law is going to become a mother Really? That’s such great news! But did something happen to her on the way? Have you come here to drop her home? Not really We have come to ask you something We want to know who the villain of this story is What are you saying, sir? – It’s Hindi You understand this language, right? Your daughter-in-law says that the child who’s in her womb belongs to a servant of this house She says that it’s her husband who is making her do all this What nonsense! Sir, there’s nothing as such She is lying Hey! Leave her hand Call all the servants of the house Sir, none of them is Shankar You may go Shankar?

Sir, brother had ousted him the very next week after our wedding Why? That’s because He misbehaved with Sister-in-law Rama Why? Yes, Brother-in-law is right Yes, sir Actually, he tried to misbehave with my wife I caught him and kicked him out of the house When you kicked him out how did he manage to do all this with Dhani until now? This girl is mad, sir Do you know what? Shankar was a pervert That’s why we fired him But she thinks that he is still here She takes his name time and again She tells us that it’s Suresh who sends her to Shankar You tell me Will a husband do that with his wife? Before their marriage people told us that she is mad But even we didn’t do a favour on her by bringing her into our family We had a reason Our son is handicap His leg is abnormal That’s why we got him married to a blind girl We thought that they’d be perfect for each other Sir, they are lying Come with me I will show you Dhani, come here Get into the car. This way No, sir We don’t need the car My mother stays just nearby It’s just few miles away I will take you there. Come Okay, come Sir There are trash bins here, right? Yes. – We should turn right from there Sir – Yes? That’s my mom’s home How do you know it so accurately? Sir, when God snatches something from us he also gives something else in abundance I’m blind But I can sense more than a normal person That’s why I’m saying that it’s not my illusion Sir, come Dhani, what happened? – Mom Mom, t-tell them Am I mad? – No Please tell them. – Okay – They aren’t believing me Don’t worry Ankur. – Yes, Mom? – Take your sister inside Go inside Sister, please rest here Sir, my daughter is not mad It’s just that at times she gets too scared Mom Mom, who’s that? – Dhani Mom – Dear.. Nobody is there No.. Someone was here – No He was touching me – No There wasn’t anyone, dear No, Mom. There was somebody – It’s your illusion, dear Nobody was there Trust me Sir, she can’t see So she always feels as if someone wants to molest her I convinced her a lot I even took her to sages That’s not of any use If your daughter has some problem take her to a doctor Dhani Ms. Saroj, please forgive my daughter I will call Dhani Ankur, go, bring your sister Look, she is blind since her childhood It’s just that she gets terrified Please don’t mind Dhani Dhani, come, let’s go home Mom. – Yes? – I don’t want to go with them I don’t want to go back to that house But, dear – Look, don’t force her if she doesn’t want to go Sir, as you know, she is pregnant We are getting this good news after a long time I’m going to become a grandma Please don’t snatch this happiness from us See, she will not have any trouble there Dhani, it’s not a compulsion to go with your in-laws But if you still want to go there I will come there regularly to check If you think that you are being wronged don’t worry Just tell us Okay? Who’s that? Who’s that? Who’s that? I’m your husband

How do you want me to prove that? Slowly You are going to become a mother of our child If you are under stress, it will affect the baby I would like to say one more thing Shankar is just your illusion Hey, what are you doing here? What are you doing here? – N-Nothing Who saw the corpse first? – He saw the corpse first Do you know him? – No, sir Sir, this axe was found in the bush There are blood stains on it Please check Send this for forensic test and ask to collect fingerprints Do you know him? Sir, he is our servant, Shankar And who owns this farm? – I own this farm I see You own this farm and he was your servant Send the corpse for post mortem – Sir Dhani filed a complaint against her husband Suresh and servant, Shankar, one day ago And the next day, Shankar’s corpse was recovered Dhani’s family members informed us that she is mentally unstable She is blind Hence, she assumes that someone is taking advantage of her blindness But after Shankar’s murder it’s clear that it wasn’t Dhani’s illusion In fact, there is some truth in her illusion Sir, I have no clue what she did to Dhani And I have no idea how the corpse was recovered from my farm I am telling you We have been seeing revenge stories since the time of Mahabharata Only the characters are changed We will find out what Shankar did to Dhani But you informed us that Shankar tried to force himself on your wife You got angry and killed him No, sir Shankar didn’t force himself on me I just echoed what brother-in-law said And he echoed what I said Is your sister-in-law speaking the truth? What an incredible family! The entire family echoes each other Are you trying to prove that Dhani is mad? Dhani complained us against you According to her, you forced your servant, Shankar to get intimate with her You got scared after her complaint And you killed him And you buried his corpse in your brother’s farm What did you think that the truth wouldn’t come out? How did you kill him? – My son can never do this And neither Suresh nor Ramesh terminated Shankar for his job I terminated him from his job You scoundrel! You bite the hand that feeds you! How dare you trying to molest my daughter-in-law? No, ma’am. I was – Get out! You are mistaken – Get out of my house Mother-in-law is speaking the truth She threw Shankar out of this house But Shankar used to come to me even after that incident No, Dhani Shankar never came here after that incident I threw Shankar out of this house immediately after that incident But she is unable to get over that She is mentally weak She was scared of him She used to assume Suresh as Shankar Ask your son why he did this to me She slipped So I held her hand But she started screaming and said that it was Shankar You have to come with us Dhani, this is Shankar’s corpse Touch the corpse and tell us whether he used to come to your room or not Give her gloves No, sir If I wear gloves

I won’t be able to identify – Okay, leave it No, sir He is not that person Dhani, touch him properly and try to identify that person Sir, if I touch someone, I never forget him He is not that person who used to come to my room Dhani, there are Suresh, his brother, Ramesh and few servants in your house You already touched them and said no Shankar was only left out And now, you are saying no after touching him Was that person Ramesh? No, sir I can recognise his voice He was someone else To be honest, even I think now that Shankar didn’t do anything wrong to me It’s just my illusion Strange! Who used to go to Dhani if not Shankar? Dhani is lying It was Shankar who used to go to her room Why would she lie to us when she herself approached us? It’s possible Suresh threatened her Or else she thought that there was no point in dragging this issue since the culprit is no more Or else there is some other reason that we are unaware of It’s possible that someone else killed Shankar And they have no connection with this murder It’s possible Shukla, retrieve Shankar’s call records If they terminated him from his job find out where he used to stay and what he used to do Sir What happened, sir? What are you thinking? Why did Dhani lie to us Dhani, are you fine? Ankur said you are tense Yes, Mom I’m fine Ankur is getting worried for no reason I’m fine, Mom – Listen to me That was a bad dream Don’t you trust me? Forget those memories and take care of your pregnancy Fine? Yes, Mom Sir, I don’t get it They say Shankar was terminated from his job a month and a half ago. – Yes But his call location was always traced there Here, sir. – Sir, I had a word with his family members who stay in the nearby village He never mentioned to them about his termination Rather, he was taking care of their expense How did he get funds without having a job? Shukla, find out if at all he was terminated Did Shankar regularly visit Suresh’s house? I don’t know, sir. I never really cared about them Yes, sir He was employed under Suresh He has been a vagabond since some days He keeps on playing cards here I thought he lost his job Why do you ask? Wasn’t he employed under Ms. Saroj? But she says, he was terminated a month and a half ago No, sir I have seen him many times going to Ms Saroj’s place at night But yes, he went there secretly No, he was terminated Shankar often approached me to seek job Mr. Suresh, I don’t get it You claimed to have terminated Shankar from job But he was seen roaming around and playing cards in your locality On neighbour claimed that Shankar once approached him for job But one of them told me that she saw Shankar going to your house secretly at night What’s going on? Sir, I can’t comment on that I hardly know who saw him doing that I’m battling for my life Cough and difficulty walking I toil hard on the field I have to take sleeping pills to sleep at night I don’t know if anyone sneaks into the house at night I never found him mistreating Dhani It’s only after I terminated him, did Mother tell me about it And yes, sir None of my family members will open the door for Shankar late at night

You may leave This is for sure that Shankar was terminated from his job Pull out Suresh’s call records Brother, don’t blame Dhani Why not? You guys have killed Shankar You have buried him in our property to frame us Rather, I think the two of you have killed him Anyway, I told you that he once harassed your wife The two of you might have killed him to seek revenge from him Or maybe, he came home at night to meet your wife Suresh, mind your language Don’t talk rubbish I will break your bones! She is my wife Even you are accusing my wife Why don’t you get it? Don’t break your head over this property matter I have always asked you to bring water with tea Sorry, sir I will bring it I’m not talking to you Take a job that is less stressful for you You will receive salary on time. Get that? I will hang up now I will talk to you later What’s the matter, sir? Brother wants to invest in real estate That’s great, sir Let him do it He will earn riches – Don’t bother. Tell me Sir, Shankar’s post-mortem report is here He was killed two days before we recovered the corpse The day Dhani approached us Yes, sir. Traces of Shankar’s blood is found in But we didn’t recover any fingerprints Maybe it was cleaned thoroughly And yes According to the report his finger was broken to remove the ring That suggests, he was first killed and then his ring was taken off before being buried No, sir. His ring was taken off long after he was killed It was a tight ring So, there was a blood clot After a lot of struggle, the finger was broken to remove the ring There are marks to suggest the same Is that so? Are you playing games? What have you done to that lady? Are you accusing me, sir? I’m innocent – Really? Dhani had mentioned about a ring on Shankar’s finger When we recovered his corpse we didn’t find the ring Where is the ring? Sir, I don’t recall seeing him wear a ring I will refresh your memory Post-mortem report says, the ring was taken off his finger long after he was murdered Someone broke his finger to get it Did you break the finger of a corpse? No, sir.. I didn’t do it Sir What are you doing here? – Nothing What are you hiding? – Nothing What is it? Show me Let me see what it is Where did you find it? Where did you find it? Why didn’t you hand it to us? Sir, that’s because it belongs to brother Suresh Had you found it on Shankar’s finger you’d have doubted him I see Dhani had already told you about it so, I kept it with me – How dare you! What if we arrest you? Should we? Are you going somewhere? – How do you know? You have applied your favourite perfume Both of us will go out to the doctor Let’s find out if the child is fine. – Suresh! They want to talk to you Tell me – Show me your hand Where is your wedding ring? I removed it as it’s loose Is it here in your house? Yes Bring it You must have forgotten where you have kept it Let me help you Your ring fell at the crime scene while killing Shankar Take a look. Here it is We recovered this ring next to Shankar’s corpse while you were burying him in the field What do you have to justify about it? Let me tell you Here is my ring

The ring you are talking about, I don’t know to whom it belongs It’s my wedding ring. Take a look I have removed it many times as it’s loose Dhani also scolded me for not wearing the wedding ring all the time So everything Dhani told us about you, was right When Dhani scolded Shankar regarding the wedding ring Where’s your wedding ring? You got a similar ring made for Shankar so that she wouldn’t suspect Very good! Sir, how can you say that? Why would I do something like that to my wife? We’ve already found out about so many things already So we’ll find out about this as well Dhani, where did you get this ring made? Yes, sir, I remember it A bling girl had come with her mother Mom, let’s get this design This one? Okay. Pack this one It’s weighs five grams, right? Wow! She’s very smart! Yes.. She’s going to get married May God bless her Did anyone come in last two months to get a ring of this design made? My husband lost his ring that I got made from you I want another ring like that How much time will it take? It will take at least one week Can’t you do it in one day? That’s not possible because the design is very delicate And the craftsmen don’t have much time due to the festival For that reason, that’s not possible What happened then? Did she get a ring made? No, sir. She didn’t get it made from me Look at this Was this ring also bought from you? No, sir, it’s not a ring of my store It must’ve been made somewhere else Sir, something is bothering me Are you going to ask why she went to get a new ring of the design and why she needed it within a day? Shukla, I don’t think asking her about this is going to be of any use She touched Shankar’s corpse and said that Shankar wasn’t the man Could it be that she had an affair with Shankar and she wanted to gift a ring with the same design just like she gifted to her husband? That’s possible, sir Yes. Do this Before inquiring Dhani, inquire in all the jewellery shops as to who got the ring with the same design made Whether it was Dhani or someone else Once we find out who got the ring made we’ll find out whether the story Dhani told us is true Sir. There’s one more thing, sir According to Ramesh and Suresh’s CDR both of them were in the house when the murder took place Dear, the police were here They asked why you’d gone to get another ring Why did your daughter try to get a ring with the design? I don’t know I wanted to find out if I a ring of the same design could be made in a single day Mom, Shankar Shankar, you’re the one who loved me like a husband I don’t want to live like this anymore I don’t want to live with my husband Take me somewhere far away Mom, I don’t know what will happen now But I couldn’t just live with that suffocation! Ankur? – Yes, Sister? I know that you’ve always helped me You’ll keep supporting me, won’t you? Yes, Sister, I’ll support you Don’t cry, Sister Everyone might refuse it but it’s possible that Shankar had tried to force himself on Rama Ramesh might’ve gotten mad over that and he killed Shankar And when they found the corpse, everyone got scared and now they’re just telling us some fake story It’s possible that Dhani and Shankar were having an affair Suresh must’ve found out about it and he killed Shankar Dhani got mad about it, so she came to us and lodged a complaint against her husband I don’t get it, sir It seems like a riddle

Only one person can solve this riddle Dhani What happened? Sangeeta, check her Sir, she’s dead How did she die? – I don’t know, sir Rama, tell them what happened How did she die, Rama? I don’t know, sir She’d just come home I gave her a cup of tea Dhani, have tea But after some time Dhani Where had she been? I don’t know, sir She said that she’d be back in 30 minutes I assumed she went to her mother No, sir, she didn’t come to my house These people killed her They were abusing her Shukla – Sir? We won’t be able to solve the riddle so easily now Send her corpse for post-mortem Send the cup she drank tea from, to the forensic lab And get her mobile phone’s locations Let’s find out where she’d been. – Sir This story began with Dhani But her death gave rise to many questions During the interrogation of this case we got some evidence which were against Dhani But I always trusted Dhani She could not see, but I could see her I could see her truth and lies Something wrong was happening with her Now, I was feeling that the person who had killed Shankar has killed Dhani too Sir, I have received Dhani’s post-mortem report Shukla, match the DNA of the child in Dhani’s womb with Shankar’s DNA That may be Shankar’s child Where had Dhani gone? Nowhere, sir According to her call location she was at home the whole day Okay Had Rama given the tea to Dhani? Yes, sir Sir, she was my sister-in-law Why would I give her poison? You tell us She was pregnant She would have given birth to a son You have a daughter You felt jealous and gave her poison Why would I be jealous when I already knew that the child was not her husband’s? All this was happening in front of you and you did not do anything I had told mother-in-law about this I’ll go and talk to Suresh No, Mother-in-law Don’t mention my name Why are you scared? You have not done anything wrong Suresh I’ll call you later What is the truth about Shankar? Mom, I.. – I don’t know what you are up to But all this won’t work in this house Did you understand? After that, mother-in-law ousted Shankar from the house We didn’t tell anybody about this due to the fear of humiliation But I did not understand one thing Why was Suresh doing this to his wife? He is unwell Which doctor is treating him? Dr. Dilip Shukla Sir, Rama was right Suresh has AIDS I have received the DNA report too According to this, Dhani was pregnant with Shankar’s child Yes Yes, I have AIDS I had asked Shankar to sleep with Dhani I wanted a child A son You could have adopted a child There were other ways Why did you ruin your wife’s life and yours for that? I didn’t want anybody to think I am impotent Most importantly, I didn’t want anybody to know that I have AIDS If people would find out that I have AIDS let alone talking to me people would run away from my shadow too I wanted to prove to myself that I am an ordinary man

Dhani found out about your plan So, you killed Shankar first and you killed Dhani after that I have not done anything My son is right My son followed my orders That is why we got him married to a blind girl Suresh sent Shankar to his wife on my behest But Rama saw him on that day That is why I pretended to fire Shankar from the job But he would come home usually And I had got that ring made by my sister-in-law from a neighbouring village I had given a similar ring to Shankar too When you got the child you and your son killed Shankar so that he couldn’t reveal the truth to anybody because his job was done And you killed Dhani because she had found out that you guys killed Shankar Isn’t it? – No, sir I have not killed Shankar or Dhani Dhani consumed poison while coming home Won’t you do the work of the station if you had gone to look after the arrangements? Wear your cap properly Go Sir, I found out everywhere Dhani had not purchased the poison These are her call records Look at this. These are both of your call records On that day, both your phone locations were at Ramesh’s field Sir Sir, people took advantage of her blindness from her childhood days In school, college, on the roads and in the markets Her uncle who stayed with us would try to rape her every night in our house I ousted him from the house when I found out the truth But I couldn’t complain to the police I was not so brave Against how many people could I complain? I convinced my daughter somehow that it was her illusion She She gave some excuse and called Shankar to the field and she called me You have given me a husband’s love I don’t want to live like this now I don’t want to stay with my husband too Take me somewhere far Are you here? Yes, Dhani Come, Dhani I’ll take you somewhere far Do you think I will go anywhere with a cheap man like you? I know that you are playing a game with me And I will disclose yours and Suresh’s truth to everyone I wanted them to be suspected and punished too And Dhani She was tired Mom, I was not so helpless even though I am blind I thought I would lead my life alone But my husband lent his support and made me weak forever Mom, you have always helped me Do one last thing for me You have given me life Give me death too, Mom What are you saying? I cannot do this Mom Don’t say this, Sister I will at least be happy that I did not die due to those disgusting people Mom. – Dhani – Mom, help me Dhani Help me, Mom Dhani took some poison from our house

to mix it in her tea and drank it She told me that she’d ask somebody else to make tea and she’d mix it in the tea and drink tea so that they get suspected and punished Kunti had taken the blame on herself She was punished for Shankar and Dhani’s murders Dhani was happy in her new house She trusted Suresh’s words She was thinking that her husband would save her from all the problems But she sensed the upcoming trouble But her family did not just silence her but they misguided us too by saying that Dhani was mentally ill Whatever they did to Dhani was absolutely wrong When a person harms another person in order to fulfil his wish it is an indication of a future crime On that note, I, Senior Inspector Ranjeet Thakur will take your leave now We’ll meet again tomorrow Till then, be alert and keep watching ‘Crime Patrol Dastak’ The intention is to save you and not just to warn you ‘Jai Hind’