Dodge Caravan Instrument Panel Light Replacement

okay it’s a nighttime and in my 2003 Dodge Caravan I’m just going to show you here that on my dash here I got a couple lights out behind the instrument cluster here and I think tomorrow when it gets clear I’m going to show you guys how to Brook this cluster out and change some light bulbs you okay all right so got my negative battery cable disconnected and it’s been two minutes here I got some light bulbs here I ordered these off a eBay I just typed in PC 74 there and this is what I got in the mail is I think I spent like 10 bucks on pack of 10 but these are the bulbs that go inside here according to my owner’s manual and I’m going to show you else what you might need to get this out I’m going to be using a regular Phillips head screwdriver I’ve got a stubby screwdriver and also I’m going to be using a what’s this called a screw starter this is a very handy tool I like I use this too when you’re working in panels or dashes or whatever this thing will hold the screw tight so you can stick it in and tighten your screw down so you don’t lose your screws is easy you can still lose them but makes it a little easier let’s get started first things first want to pop this cover off here you just grab it and kind of pull up on it like that see this little green thing right here that’s the only thing holding this on it actually fits into this and there’s this back part fits down in the slot right here like so that fits in there and then you set it back down next thing you got to do is you got to take all four screws and where they’re at is you got one screw here another screw on this side there’s a screw up here and there’s a screw right here four screws take out and eat that’s how you get off this inner liner so I’ll go ahead and take this out real quick Wow the two screws out all right let this here I got that one ouch one more here somewhere or set screw that stick screw you give me so much trouble here screw there you go okay got the four screws out now you got a kind of got to fight this thing a little bit to get it up lift it up in the middle over the – part slips out that way might be easier if you pull this thing down but I don’t need to okay yeah now there is four black screws there’s two two on this side one high one low same thing one high one low now on the bottom here there’s there’s some silver screws that are you don’t want to mess with those you want to take off the black ones okay and when you’re doing this you may want to lay down a rag or something because if you drop these screws and they’ll fall on your – and then that would kind of suck so just be careful or get a rag or something but here’s why you lose

that use your longer screwdriver and what I do is get it started my fingers on the screw so don’t drop it hopefully got one out these are all the same size screws as the other one so far they’re all the same okay cut one down all right got to gotta get this side now and you just kind of slip your screwdriver in by this gearshift here is coming out one side you know get your fingers on the screws because they’re easy to drop just one more this how do we want to go over the all right Oh stupid screw oh you doing something hanging up oh there you go got it okay now that you got the all four screws up you should be able to pull your instrument cluster out a little ways and turn it and try to get to this make sure you come off you can see this because uh right there’s a clip up here there’s a tab pull it out you guys come okay yeah here’s the connector right here and it’s got a little ripped it’s this little red tab you got to pull this back like that now you can push down on and some slack now you can push down on the black part and work the clip out oh here’s your light bulbs I don’t know how well you can see this up got one two three four five six so yeah get these off you just give them like a tiny little turn you just go get you some pliers do a tiny little turn pull it out crap sorry I wasn’t holding the camera good stupid thing you just grabbed it tiny little turn pull out okay trial turn pull oh okay tie no turn pull up title track flip turn clap okay that’s how you get them out got these bulbs but before I put them in I want to make sure they work I don’t want to throw them in the console and find out later they don’t work so I’m going to test them all real quick the way you do that is you just jump the leads and you just clip on up on that side up on that side you just clip on you set this bulb down and take your leads and hook them up to your battery that bulb works now this is a good test to do I mean you don’t want to stick them in you know ornament you want

to test your bulbs out before you throw them in your dash otherwise you got to rip them out again and you just test all these the same way just hook them up to your alligator clips and check your bowl see oh this one’s bad see that’s a bad bulb anyway you got the idea I’ll do one more show you good can you get my jumper leads seems good anyway just do this with all your bolts showed you how to do all I’m doing is hooking up my bulb here and touching the leaves and make sure the bulb lights I already found one bad bulb I would have sucked to put that in the instrument cluster and then find out the bulbs bed so check your balls before you throw them in okay go to all the bulbs put back in but I save this one just to show you guys how to do one take your bulb grab your luck I mean take your bulb with pliers rather flat sides on the side of the bolt there’s little plastic slots I’d have to slide in and then you stick it in and then you give it a little bit earn now when you first start out this little little metal piece is going to plastic sides will line up with the slots and the little metal tab will be on the right side and it’ll be on the left side so that when you barely turn it a little metal tab is going to slide and stop here and the one up here is going to slide and stop here and then those little plastic pieces will be anchored kind of show you guys so let me go ahead and grab the bolt hard to do this one hand see how basically your needle nose pliers ought to line up with the little little slots right here flat parts you first put it in like I said middle slots are going to be off of the way it’s just a little slight little turn I mean it’s it that’s a little bit of turn and you can look at it I don’t know if you can see this or not but see down there my little tabs on this side now when I started out it was here and when you turn it it goes I don’t know if you can see it you see but see that little tab down there I’m talking about this should be right there and you when you stick this hole in this little tab right here you turn it it comes from here to here you don’t want to turn it too much because you’ll pop those things out hope that makes sense okay now my bulb change out you’re going to be throwing this thing back in okay first step you want flip your instrument cluster in grab

your connector push it in till it clicks hear the click then you want to take your red clip and push it down make sure that’s locked in okay now you got to kind of maneuver this thing around to get it to go in a little bit okay she’s in yep she’s in now okay now I think here is the kind of tricky part but as I said earlier if you have a screw starter tool which is I think everybody should have one because a real handy this this side does flathead screws this side does Phillips head screws pretty neat little tool I’ve used this I’ll use this thing hundreds of times mostly I use it for working in electrical panels and whatnot but it works really good in this application – let me show you how it works all right basically just take a screw and you kind of give it a little twist and hold it on give this power little twist it’s under spring then then it holds it see now I can slip this in let’s let this part in hold the panel and get it started got a few turns on now you take your screwdriver and she’s going in makes things easy that screws in that sure beats having to you know try to fight it and hold it and drop your screw a bunch of times just go ahead and get a screw starter works a lot easier at least that’s why I recommend see here got my screw on the end holding it tight just stick it in yeah couple twists until we get a couple screws in and you can usually it’ll get tight and then you can just pop it off and you’re out then you take your screwdriver right in there okay got two more go take the screw on it’s under tension on this little spring now slipping it in into that tighten up almost tightening it tighten it in the hallway just with the screw starter so work tool works really good okay last screw for the panel got started all right got it in now I’m ready for the liner this part has four screws and you just come on from the side here and just kind of got a flipping in behind and you gotta kind of manhandle this thing a little bit it switches down quite a bit but you just pop it in you notice the whole time I did this I left this lever up I never had to take the lever down all I did was I pushed the

steering wheel down now you want to use your stubby screwdriver and get a screw here go ahead and get this started okay your stubby all right got those two in well I’m just gonna try to get the tough one here hey that sides done now I got to try to get this little stubby right here okay well last but not least it’s just a matter of snapping this panel back in this panel like I said before it it has these two little like hooks that go like underneath the back side and then you just snap it into the green thing but you got to make sure these back parts line up that’s it done deal now on now that I’m all done working around here I can safely go put my battery cable back on and don’t have to worry about the airbag blowing up in my face so I’m just going to go throw the battery terminal back on okay as you guys can see all my lights work beautifully now look at that dark as hell in here but boy those things are LED lit out nice and bright