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so good so good so good on a sec what are you wearing so I’m wearing a black tee black tank top a faux fur vest and single daughters okay and I’m wearing a pair of socks no shoes in the house because I don’t play that because I have carpet and I try to keep it as clean as possible and on top of it all I have allergies so no shoes in my house everybody loved I mean I thought it was but I can honestly say at this point in my life I never been in love but I know it’s out there and it’s waiting on me yeah ever had a terrible breakup who has it i mean yes no more times back in the day there are like terrible well mean they probably were a lot more deep to me then as opposed to now it’s like totally I’m 5 feet 8 inches how much do you win I’m weighing approximately anywhere between over Justin and 115 pounds I am cm do you have any jet skis no unfortunately I do not do you have it busy oh yeah my ear and that’s it I don’t have any nipple rings belly button ring no I don’t have any other piercings I was here p14 parent ok anybody watches power then you would understand this one true pairing I was put together tasha and Tommy together because I believe they would make an excellent one shooting because I’m thinking would treat her right because those did my homegirl wrong on this show and I feel like she deserves somebody who was a treat her right it’s not going to treat her as second-class so yes that’s why won’t repair favorite show that’s a hard one because I like the first 48 I love any reality shows like I’m a huge reality TV show jumping so his love and hip hop up to 10 I love like fatal attraction for my man and I was definitely obsessed with like the nineties nostalgia shows like the Parkers Moishe you know that kind of thing I am definitely all in your living single and can I say hot naughty favorite bands I definitely am going to say Coldplay um amigos they are man believe it or not I would definitely say Isley Brothers ah jeez Oh The Ohio Players Charlie Wilson at the gap ban a me miss I miss my mommy yeah she’s all the way in Michigan and I’m only here in Chicago so I did and I missed the summertime and I wish that it would be a real one and come back around for me because it is cold and nobody has time for all these in chisholm of engine on top of inches of snow favorite song ok so that’s not difficult but I’ll definitely say there’s an old school song that I can never skip in it by the singer Houston it’s called a nothing wrong that is one of my absolute favorite songs ever and then also one of my I guess if you could say and as a recent no definitely has to be Tiffany Evans be sharp anyway on site like I hear a song i play ain’t coming to this long i’m like i said I’ve got up my song like yes how are you I’m 2530 exercise I’m a Virgo ever since of being I a lamb of our glam team / go / goes forever what qualities do you look for in a partner I mean trustworthy if I can’t trust you as far as I can throw you the meet you not going to see

eye-to-eye and love does it fit you must acquit I am just a favorite quote it’s the surrounding fur and it goes god grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change the courage to change and the wisdom favorite after will actress I’m definitely going to save my homegirl easy peasy is taraji p henson if i had to go for a favorite actor like as a male actor this is difficult stuff like y’all know I ain’t right give yourself up hand them funny hands down gosh they use available favorite color my favorite color is me I only you can tell because right now I have purple and black braids but I absolutely loud or soft music to be honest with you it really depends on my mood I mean if we want to turn it up for the musica and if i’ll turn it down as what shall I want to hear about to know something where do you go on your sad um I definitely like to be at home I’m sad I’ve heard of you and more on or even at the buffets because I could keep my grip on and with this way I absolutely adore feed it always makes it over how long does it take you to shower okay it can range anywhere from 10 minutes and that is cutting it close to 30 minutes so it really depends on what is going on we’re at me but I always try to allow myself enough time to wash my life how long does it take you to get ready in the morning I give myself at least an hour on sometimes is less and sometimes it could be more but i always say at least one hour ever been in a physical fight I am from Detroit Michigan yes I’ve been in a physical fight for in a while because I’ll have time for anything but yes I’ve got you I love somebody that smells good like I’m all about like smokers are yes come on Colonel just have a fisting rude ignorant tire trifling nasty nasty attitude that an ultimate turn off and he take your duck ass cross street with that if you can’t get with the program it never hurts to be nice to him like that was the reason i joined the suit so I joined youtube on youtube after seeing this amazing woman and her channel and her name is shaniqua Anna’s and it’s our channel that to be getting more like she was just so humble and everything she talked about channel and she was just showing what my people how you can apply your makeup for the drugstore and still look like a million dollars in bed to me alone with what Wow because she just you know shouldn’t make any qualms about it she wasn’t like oh you have to have this brush in that highlight you know we I felt let me have fun because she was sick colors me her feel like her demeanor she just felt like so warm and fuzzy and just cool like I just liked her fears I’m afraid all kinds of reptiles out of my snakes I’m definitely afraid first because I feel like they’re just going to take me and scoop me up and go into the sky with me or just tear my throat out or just crouch my eyes out rare uh-oh click look whatever the hill no um big dogs but pit bulls and rock Wilders and all that I cannot stand I absolutely could ask me if someone says oh you know up yes they do they have teeth I have to dive to sink my teeth into something when I’m hungry so what if he’s just feeling hungry wants the Navajo ball not today not today umm snakes uh-uh I don’t fool with snakes like anything like that oh

no no it just makes me very nervous oh the last thing I made you cry um just watching the Toni Braxton soria to see her overcome all of that struggle and see how she’s still standing after battling this she had with the sickness have her watching her lose everything it’s still gated back x 10 still believing a never giving up herself last time you said you love someone I just want my mom I loved her when I got off the phone with her meaning behind your youtube name ok so this town goes viral from a lot instagram playing this game cause to be honest and I just I never played it before so I figured hey let me stop this interval and she picked mine out and was like her just chocolate glam and I’m like oh my god like what you know me Glamour’s of all people like okay and then I was at work here in Chicago and I had another like a co-worker of mine was like career just so glamorous play because I guess I came to work with my face beat all the time and but it still was just like wow like this name and his glamorous think he’s following me and then the chocolate part of my name okay let’s just let’s just take the bull by the horns because first of all clearly you can see I’m chocolate all the way and for a long time to remember especially being a teenager I would have grown man or even get a young boy for my age and what’s up chocolate hey cha cha Oh chocolate set the chocolate hot chocolate I mean I mean it was literally irritate my soul like you’re saying my soul in half I used to hate I’m like why are you calling me that like I guess my name isn’t it def like you could even ask me likey what’s your excuse me miss are you across the room don’t let it top so I said ha God tell me and honestly God did help me because now I look at it as a positive I said that could take this name and turn it into a positive because if you anybody remembers google before stuff forrest gump said his mama told him like a box of chocolates never know what you’re going to get and pink chocolate like there’s so many different kinds of chocolate and things are skin is big chocolate does not have to be a stigma against you it can be a positive as long as you want it to be and you can make it ever you want even though I have to ever worry about someone wll bake chocolate that’s why I said you know what chocolate lamp I put those two things together these things I but let believe people identify them with me and I just figured hate his name of mine could one day be a brand and if people could identify with it and it’s just transcended black white yellow or pretty and I mean it’s just it just works and it touched my heart sauce today as you see now I the last book you read microsoft office 2013 worry currently reading I’m currently reading microsoft office 2013 and I will be reading this book all the way through my entire semester last show you wash oh it was the Parkers the last person you talked to my mom I just got off the phone with my mom favorite food okay now that’s a hard one because I am a foodie I love to eat so let’s just put it like this gumbo crab legs and shrimp gumbo progress and pizza there we go top three place you want to visit okay so it’s definitely like right now is drawn between jamaica in New Orleans I have to go to those two places because first of all I have to go to New Orleans because issues something about that place it just appeals to my heart and my favorite is there yes y’all know what I’m talking about my favorites the real baby Judy and then you’ve got super sent you’ve got Tokyo vanity like those are the homegirls in my head they don’t know it yet but those are my friends hey y’all and then I want to go to Jamaica because I mean it’s always been a dream of mine to go there I absolutely adore the

culture and just to go there would be a lifelong dream to finally come in contact with that beautiful like a beautiful culture and the water and food in the people it’s just like I love it I could absolutely no their last place you were okay well before i came home outside the chicken place called sharks and i was getting some lemon pepper wings with extra lemon pepper so do you have a crush yes definitely say i have a crush and the crush has a crush on me it would be crucial each other for a while now so last time you kissed someone about a week ago last time you are unsalted I mean they tried okay the thing is they try to insult me but the thing is my class game is too strong favorite flavor of sweet vanilla I love vanilla cake ah yes or even the whipped cream taste we were the lip cream flavors like that’s a sweet that I really enjoy and it’s definitely an acquired taste because more people then you know dislike whipped cream for whatever reason what instruments do you play well when I was a kid I played the piano a little bit um I can always I can sing I look I can hold the bow tomb so I’m you know the dead guy a friend so I play with that what I want to bear a piece of jewelry when I don’t have my ring on I usually have a ring and it has two hearts intertwined it’s going to be my bracelet okay this is your just one steps many that i have um last time you say um it was you mean the world to meet by Toni Braxton but when towing them I felt like what talk because it is just like something about this phone such as muscle I absolutely love well my favorite favorite shadowline favorite chat-up line hey what’s a pillow have you ever used a I mean how else you strike up a conversation hey what’s up hello I mean either one of those will do or even all of them together work just as well I mean I I can’t imagine you know say something come on last time you hung out with it about a week ago at this point I really hung out with anybody I would love to come a friend this weekend pipe ashes on ok I asked got stuff to do after we don’t get together we’re definitely gonna get who’s your face questions I would advise anyone who is brand new to youtube and it’s looking for topics for videos this should be one of your very first videos because this video will also garner followers when will our new subscribers in addition to letting the people know who you are as a blogger as a blocker as whatever your channel is based on this will help them get to know you and that’s what YouTube is all about networking get to know different food likes dislikes the whole thing and this type of video is perfect it would definitely be or boost for which you have been absolute pleasure film in this video I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I enjoy filming it for you all if you are feeling these videos please please please thumbs up my video if you’re enjoy please thumbs up and subscribe for more updates and everything in between because i’ll be coming at you guys videos at least twice a week that way so I can have some feedback from you all I get to know you guys it would just mean an awful lot and you know any time you guys want to get touch with me you can of course hit me on instagram I am on snapchat and I’m actually thinking about diving back into Twitter game I have a twitter account

but I haven’t used it in forever in a day so I might just start this thing back up for you guys you don’t eat soon alrighty thank you guys so much for watching it’s been my pleasure and I cannot wait to see you guys on the next one okay