Bob Ross – Autumn Woods (Season 10 Episode 6)

glad you could join me today you ready to a fantastic little painting will good tell you what let’s have them graphically around all the colors across the screen that you need to do is painting along with me and they’ll come across in the same orders I have them on my palette starting with a white and working around the canvas is already covered with a nice thin even coat a liquid white it’s all wet and slick and it’s ready to go so let’s get ready to go and do it today let’s start out let’s start out with a little touch of phthalo blue and just work a little bit into the two-inch brush to that I’m going to add a little bit of black so I have a little blue and midnight black black and blue I can do let’s go ahead up here let’s put up let’s put a happy little sky in here I’m just gonna start at the top making a little crisscross strokes and work all the way across like that we just put up let’s just do a fantastic little painting big maybe we’ll a little mountain that cut the heck do you know me I lived in Alaska for about a dozen years or so and I’m just crazy about mountains now by starting at the top and working down word the pain is going to mix with the liquid white and automatically it gets lighter in value as it works down toward the horizon see you don’t have to worry about it does it automatically there we go like so well there while we have this old dirty brush let’s go right back into the glue and black or black and blue whichever way you prefer just like so now I want to have you know me again I like water so let’s put a little bit of water down here right down here who I’m just a little touch same color like so my pull from this side I’m gonna leave a little area open right here so it looked like a little sheet of light coming across the water only finished there we are see easy that is see if you’re doing that painting along with me already you’re a fantastic artist okay let me wash the brush you got a little scream down here in the bucket that I scrubbed the scrub the brush against shake off dinner and that’s a fun part you’ll enjoy that Madden clean dry brush I’m gonna start here in the light area and work towards the dark areas just blending all this together I will just bring it all together and sort of sort of soften it get rid of any harsh areas I’m just gonna have a nice blue sky today sometime you see skies are just just almost pure blue beautiful beautiful there we go take out the brush strokes like so and down here in the water very lightly just go all the way across all the way across so that lighter you add light area stays in there you don’t you don’t lose it when you do this unless you really get tough if you just have a gentle stroke going across there you’ll preserve that that’s your friend that’s your power you need him there we go tell you what let’s do tell you today let’s take the old one inspiration let’s build a happy little cloud I’m going to take some bright red a little bit of bright red right into the black bright red and black yeah just just mix these on and brush them and grab a little bit more red there we go good just tap the pressure okay now you have to make a big decision where does a little cloud live in your world I’m gonna put the shadows in first there’s a shadow lives right there on this cloud who knows this is your cloud so you put the shadow where you want it maybe maybe this cloud has a little friend a little friend little friend maybe this little friends named Clyde he lives right up here floats around witty there you can create as many or as few clouds in your world as you want there yeah same old one inch brush I’m gonna go right into some white maybe the least little touch of the bright red on there don’t want to set this cloud on fire just wanna give it a little bit of pink just make it pretty okay pull that one direction now then let’s put some highlights up here just touch little tiny circles tiny little circles there you go they just get happy sing-along have a good time in love with nature in

love with painting and it shows it shows people know people know when you’re happy they can look at your paintings and tell how you were happy they reflect your moods paintings are a reflection of your innermost feelings there you go and that easy we got a happy little cloud wash my brush okay clean dry two inch brush just the top corner brush and I’m just gonna mix it up just mix it up twist it a little bit turning the circles tiny little circles seeing the same thing tiny little circles there we go just just enough to mix it now beat the brush just to remove any excess paint that I might have picked up it’s easier than cleaning it okay now let that up just lift it and do this in circles don’t go straight up if you go straight up it’s going to look like it’s raining upward not a body now when you when you pull this up you’re gonna pull up a little stringy thing sometimes don’t worry about it because when you do this they go away they just go away and leave you just like so and that easy you got a couple of happy little floaters up here okay wash the brush one more time knock it off and we’re ready we are ready let’s build us a little mountain let’s take let’s take Prussian blue and Van Dyke Brown a little touch of alizarin crimson just mix them together like so pull it out flat cut off the least little roll of paint right down on the edge of the knife okay and maybe we’ll have a big Ridge Mountains to live here and all we’re worried about at this point is a nice top shapes we could tear this what’s happening in here don’t worry about it just the just the nice little tops up here boy we gonna have one huge mountain what the heck we’ll just let it go we own up there who cares some new kids cuz in your world you can create any kind of illusion that you want I like to dig tell people that you know I spent half my life in the military and there had I had to live in somebody else’s world all the time this painting offered me freedom I’d come home effort all day of playing soldier and I’d painted pictures and I could paint the kind of world that I wanted it was clean it was sparkling shiny beautiful no pollution nobody nobody upset everybody was happy in this world that may be how I made it through 20 years of military there we go because I could find freedom on this canvas there we go there’s absolute freedom here and I think we’re all looking for freedom least I am see how you can pull that down just pull it right down here because there’s because it’s liquid white under here it mixes with it if paint will move and automatically gets lighter in value look at that look at that no you could do it there hmm already just using brushstrokes you can see all kinds of fantastic shapes and these these mountains and by using these brushstrokes see how you can pull out shapes and change them remove them that easy it’s a super way to lay out your entire range of mountains without being committed you cannot make a mistake in here okay yeah let me watch the old brush it’s nice and clean and fresh and ready shake oh there we go yeah let’s begin putting some highlights and shadows I don’t take some titanium white and to that I had some midnight black just a touch just a touch a little more white into that there we go this is just to make sort of a grayish color pull it out as flat as you can get it cut across pulled out flat across get that tiny little roll of paint this knife has a straight edge on it so it’s very easy to load it now then think about where light

would strike it’s just playing through here and touching and just singing right through here use very little paint and you’re just barely barely barely grazing the canvas it’s such a delicate touch if you’re not careful your hand will just absolutely flow the way I’m going to take some white with a little bit of a little bit of blue in it this is phthalo blue and some black so we have white black a little a little blue and for that we’re gonna make a shadow color same thing we cut off a little roll of paint and now we can come back in here we begin to lay the indication of some happy little shadows in here this is a darker color cuz you want the shadows to be recessed they said we don’t in now maybe the lights is hanging through here it hits right here wherever you want it to get see let me show you something you can take the brush here attack this watch you watch it it’s exciting what you can do tap it lift upward and it creates a soft misty effect and I haven’t you can take this one and bring it right down look at there see you bring it right down in front it’s unbelievable mental power capture and just sort of work it back and forth here’s a nice looking little shadow area he lives right there comes down down down there see maybe there’s a little thing there it is sorry this just sorta just sort of see these things in your mind and lay them in there let them happen don’t fight it don’t buy it maybe right here in this page a little bit of lights there it is see that make a fantastic fantastic cliffs I tell you what he my mountain goat did have a devil of a time living there he had fall off in the end up down here in the lake he’d be a water goat there like so a little bit a little bit of shadow just lets a blip right into nothing into nothing think about all kinds of little individual things happening in here maybe there’s one right here wherever you want they use little highlights and shadows coming up anywhere anywhere you want and your worlds put them where you think they were to live this felt like these blend together do this let them blend together okay yeah then clean dry brush and we just want to tap this following the angles always follow the angles in your mountain if you come right across banging like that it’s gonna cut this off and you will not be pleasing to you you’ll be upset with me follow those angles this is how you create a beautiful soft misty effect the base of the mountains lift it lift it lift it lift it gentle just graze the canvas this is two hairs and some air normally we use three this is so delicate song – and that easy you’ve got a fantastic range of mountains back here okay oh okay we did all right tell you what we’ve got this dark color this was Prussian blue we’ll put some black in there some Van Dyck Brown what the devil some lizard crimson and a little bit of sap green then what too much SAP green just mix it up like so let me clean off the old knife you must grab as a fan brush here I have several fan brushes going okay load that brush full of paint very dark just to really fill it up now there may be there’s some beautiful evergreens that live right there watch here just the corner of the brush just work it back and forth back and forth see they’re these little son of a guns live right in your brush just push him out just push him out happy little evergreen right there let’s give him a friend let’s give it a little friend there you know I’ve met so

many so many beautiful people because of painting as we travel around the country do demonstrations I get the opportunity to talking and paint some time with some most fantastic people in the country we go all over the country doing doing shows and demonstrations for PBS stations and and other charity groups tell you what if you if you would like to know who we’re going to be in your area drop me a postcard with your name and address and we’ll put you on our mailing list we have a little mailing list and we notify everybody when we’re going to be in your area maybe I get the opportunity to meet you and talk with you you can show me some of the fantastic paintings that you’re doing I covered up all my beautiful mountain I got talking and carrying on just we turn we turn this into a forest tell you what since we’re going so crazy let’s have another one I like these little trees they’re fun to make and the more of that you do the better you’re going to be a painting them so you push that brush down so it bends and makes all those little hangy downs onto the limbs all kinds of little things I hadn’t stopped yet come to another one right there there we go we got a mess of trees and in your world you put as many or as few as you want let’s take a little dark sienna a little white and let’s just make the indication of a just a happy little tree trunk here and there just here and there there they come there’s one right there OOP you’re not gonna see the entire tree trunk so don’t worry about it just just here in there just give these trees over here little trunk just indications and you don’t know really how many trees are in that group right there just however many you want I’ll tell you what let’s do let’s take our little oval brush and use some yellow and reach up here and pick up some of the midnight black I will make a dark green load a lot of paint into the brush a lot of paint a lot of paint I want is quite dark okay this is a oval brush and then let’s put some highlights right on these evergreens keep these quite dark for contrast evergreens normally are darker than another trees there we go and it really helps to have that contrast midnight black CAD yellow makes a beautiful beautiful green it’s not too bright and shiny I see this little oval brush all I’m doing is touching and letting it Bend sort of downward and it makes it look like thousands a little leaves out there makes all those little beautiful little round things you’ll like it it’s fun it’s a fun little brush there we go okay don’t want this one be left out we’ll put some happy little things on him few out here there look at that look at that easy well we just got all kinds of little trees and just happy little things I’m just gonna take the old 2 inch brush and here I’m using the Browns and just the dark color had leftover I’ve added some dark Sienna to it pull the brush in one direction one direction loaded full of paint look right there on the end or there is a mess of paint on there okay let’s go up here now then let’s begin putting in some happy little Bush shapes maybe there’s a bush it lives right there comes right down in front of the trees we’re just gonna push all those nice evergreens right on back now if you happen to get some of it down in here who cares we’ll end up turning that into reflections we don’t make mistakes we have happy accidents just don’t worry about it learn how to use what happens hey shoot maybe not even be pretty let’s just let’s just do that look at that I think that all those things come down right now it looks like a mess it looks like a mess but while we turn that into reflections Dan’s gonna be spectacular cuz you can do anything there we go see there and where you have a lot of trees put some reflections here you got a big tree like a big old reflection what the heck what that clean dry brush I had to make a big decision you have to decide

where water and land come together make that decision grab it and pull straight down straight down see not too much pressure just enough to to distort it look how pretty that is instant reflections one has traditional painter I used to labor over reflections I’d paint a picture than taking turn it upside down repaint it and try to make it look like reflections this is easy here see there kept all those beautiful little reflections okay I’m gonna get my brush into some thinner paint thinner I’m gonna go into yellow ochre yellow ochre pick up some dark Sienna I’ll make this a fall picture dark sienna and bright reds I have yellow ochre dark Sienna and bright red just mix together okay let’s go right up here and take a look now start picking out little individual bushes mmm oh look at that look at that didn’t had a beautiful color I’ve painted thousands of pictures and I still get excited when I see his work so fantastic keep your paint quite thin I had a little paint thinner to it our liquid clear something like it and here is it a nice one well Jack Frost has come along here and touch these already there we go maybe there’s will put layers of these just drop it another happy one right there and you can turn that brush over and reflect some of these right into the water look at there just make all kinds of happy little reflections like that Pike down into the water that’s bright red dark sienna and yellow ochre yeah okay that color even has a nice name to it all right a little bit right into here there we go now we can just pop some of these right into the water why can’t right then clean dry brush delicate touch barely touch barely touch hold it down down and go very lightly across like so here we’re going to take a little brown you up with some little rocks and some dirt areas right over in here wherever wherever I can’t little touch of brown and height/weight lay the indication of a few little highlights here no one too many just hearing their like so yeah I’m gonna take a fan brush some of that same color it just puts a little things here to break up some of these little these little doers right along in here thanks oh all right little touch it liquid white on the knife see did you cut in just a happy little water line here they’re just hearing they’re a little bit over in there alright hmm let’s have some fun let’s get crazy I’m gonna have a big tree that lives right there oh there goes a cloud there goes my cloud I let a little bit of him show through this is one son of a gun of a big tree see now you can see that cloud right through it I can’t just like it maybe discount liquor there look at there just make a decision drop it in comes right down see how you can close all that in and you’re painting with a big two inch brush didn’t take just a minute before you can just go crazy throw all kinds of happy little things in there Jamie de we need a tree trunks here let’s go into Van Dyck Brown dark sienna here’s our tree trunk he lives right there gotta have a big strong tree trunk to hold up all that mess hmm that’s a big tree give it a little arm here and there tree these need to have arm just to hold up all the

little little doers take a touch just a touch here I’ve used a little bit of bright red only had a little bit of white to that so it stands out you can see a little bit oh yeah that’s nice we’ll just put the indication of a little highlight here and there let’s let it work right here mix with that dark color see that easy dad easy you’ve got your little tree all highlighted and it tell you what let’s go into our red dark sienna yellow ocher yeah Loker little-endian yellow will mix a little Indian in there too yes oh nice nice let’s go right up here now I just want to put the indication of some happy little leaves here and there I don’t want to kill all this nice dark area if you have trouble making it stick add the least little touch of paint thinner and it you should just have to barely touch the canvas here work with patterns either don’t overdo here don’t overdo all kinds of happy little things Oh kind little things there’s a nice dark one back in there nice one who wears a pretty one it just stands out here in sparkles look at that see they’re just one after the other and watch here the old clock on the wall tells me I have to go but you put just the indication of some land areas right down here Thanks so we’ll put a few little grassy things on this side I think we’ll call this one finished I think this is a pretty painting it should give you a lot of ideas and I hope you enjoy it there we go from all of us here happy painting god bless you