Eid Sermon: Reflection on the concepts of Qurban – by Sheikh Dr Shomali – 5 10 2014

ahman alaikum wa rahmatullah bismillah r-rahman r-rahim la hawla wa la over to Avila hadiyyah-lah team alhamdulillah wa sallahu wa hayati alhamdulillah Allah do Manila – Mayo not just saw him we are almost a VAR fe Nevada almost a queen yo holla kamalu can we especially for our Kareem sama salatu was-salam ala ashrafilal and we are even more saline Habib Allah Allah Allah mean the possible Mustafa man voila Alitalia Venapro here in la see a mobile yet lol are adine agile Allah to Allah Raja Sharif we are grateful to allah subhanaw taala for witnessing another occasion of Eid al-adha the feast of sacrifice the Eid of poor bang allah subhana allah in the quran mentions poor bond in several places poor bond comes from the root or be’ which means nearness closeness and in arabic carbon is used for something that you offer in order to get near to the one that you love you may offer something to a king to a god you know like the idol worshipers they used to offer you know food fruits jewelry’s even sometimes they used to kill people and offer their blood to their idols but the right way of doing this is to offer something good with sincere intention to allah subhanaw taala the first example is the example of the sons of adam alayhis-salam allah subhana allah in surat mari de verse 27 says our audhu billahi min ash-shaitani rajeem watch law alayhim naba Abney adam recite read for them the story of two sons of adam f9 two sons of adam is a car raba bourbon and both of them offered sacrifice or an offering different translators have used different terms but I think sacrifices good term or offering they both offered to allah subhanaw taala something but cobalamin i heard him eval immutable de Menil aha the offering of one of them was accepted and the offering of the other one was not accepted it’s not that Allah accepts everything which is offered to him when you offer to allah subhanaw taala you have to offer something with pure intention first and second something which you yourself like if you offer something that you don’t like or something which is useless or something which is not important this shows that you don’t want to get too close to him because when you take a gift you take a gift that you think the receiver would love so the one whose war ban was not accepted came for bobby’ll instead of reflecting on what wrong he did he got angry with his brother why your core bond is accepted mine is not accepted it’s very ridiculous if you see someone is successful in his life someone is close to allah subhanaw taala someone’s doe-eyes accepted he has good children good family you shouldn’t get angry at that person you should get angry at yourself what wrong I have done so he got angry with his brother whose war ban whose sacrifice was accepted

Karla atoll Anika I am going to kill you perhaps thinking that if he kills his brother then Allah has to accept his offering because then he would be the only one who would offer he has no rival then his brother said call inaudible Elohim in Al Motta beam Allah only accepts from the people who are pious people who have taqwa whether Allah accepts from me or he doesn’t accept from me has no impact on you everyone would be judged according to himself or herself Allah doesn’t say because I have accepted from this one I don’t accept from you or because I have accepted from this point I accept also from you Allah looks at every person’s intention and sincerity if there is sincerity Allah would accept otherwise he doesn’t accept and then the story goes on in a very beautiful way his brother hobby kept you know calm he didn’t say ok now that you are going to kill me I am going also to kill you he said in bassett in a year yet I can attack Otellini if you raise your hand to kill me ma an AB AB a certain yet awakened Acuto lack I am NOT going to do the same you want to shed my blood unjustly I am NOT going to do the same with you and me ah ha follow horrible Allah mean I have fear of Allah subhana Allah how can I kill my brother even if he is going to kill me I don’t want to proceed this concept of proceeding and you know preventing someone killing by killing him this is not accepted you have to defend yourself but you cannot kill someone thinking or even knowing that he is to kill you another day Annie Orido and taboo abyss me what if Mick I want you be responsible and carrying the burden of my sins and your sins on the day that we meet allah subhanaw taala so when you kill me you would be responsible for your sins and also because you have killed me it would be responsible for my blood and also because i didn’t have enough time to recompense it what I have done responsibility goes to you my sins come to you but akuna mina zabun are was a leakages all autonomy another case Allah subhana Allah refers to the people that they used to worship idols as korban in order to get close to allah subhanaw taala you know the pagans in Mecca were not a taste they were Politis not a taste they believed in God but unfortunately they associated partners to God and this is why they said you know manna our Buddha home illallah yokore buna illallah we worship these idols in order to get their help and assistance so that we go closer to allah so allah subhana allah says follow lonicera whom allah DynaTAC illumined una logic or bon an odd why those idols those false gods that they adopted as the lords didn’t help them so korban is something that you offer or you choose in order to help you in getting closer to allah subhanaw taala it can be accepted it can be rejected it can be working in your favor it can be working against depending on how you do it and what you offer if we offer something even if it is a small but this is the best I can offer if I offer something as small with pure intention and Lomb would accept if I offer the whole treasures of the wall the without pure intention Allah would not accept when Allah talks about

sacrifice for Hodja Hodja in surah had verse 37 and losses don’t think wrong don’t think that the flesh and blood of this poor Bonnie are important Lanyon allah la la la la dama oh ha neither the flesh nor the blood would reach allah subhanaw taala wala canyon allah hood taqwa men come it is your taqwa that can reach allah subhanaw taala flesh and blood are worldly objects they would remain in this world their form can change but still they would remain in this world but it is taqwa that can be transferred to the Mallicoat can reach Allah subhana Allah and can take you towards Allah subhana allah as allah says allah he Asadullah Kalamata evil ahmadis all who are for so the whole thing is taqwa’ to do something to offer something valuable with pure intention so that allah subhanaw taala would love you and make you inshallah nearer to him i hope that allah subhanaw taala first of all helps us with being pure in our intention being see it’s here in our intention and second to help us to get rid of greediness and offer the valuable things that we have for the sake of Allah whether it is money whether it is time whether it is knowledge whether it is reputation anything good that we have and we can offer to allah subhanaw taala to religion to the people who are children of allah to our community I hope that Allah helps us to be able to give which is not easy Shaitaan wants to close our hands and do not let us to give to offer even the Quran says something very moving the warrant says there are people who have a fear of giving not because they fear that they become poor just the fact that they give makes them worried hola anthem Tom lacunae huzzah in Ramah terrible am sack tom russia tan in fog not fresh yet and factor russia tan and fob it means that you have fear of giving just giving makes you worried let alone thinking that one day you may become poor ash-shaytani r-rajim al Fakher shaitan always says if you give you become poor but there is a bigger problem that even giving makes us worried so even if you are given the treasures of Allah Subhan Allah if you are given enough for few generations you are worried to give this is Russia tool in fact which is much worse than a Shaitan factor is just giving it’s like a person who is put as a you know accountant or you know as a clerk in a company in a bank it’s not his money but he’s worried to give why you are worried you have to give and Allah will put back what you give we hope that insha’Allah Allah gives a sincerity of intention inshallah and the ability to give to share inshaallah smilla rahman al rahim and now our final Calcutta for solidarity Kevin Harlan NASA guitar solo and you love him smell r-rahmani r-rahim la hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil aliyyil azim al hamdulillah asana et al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen bar in hanoi arginine Babar I said I’m bi one more saline soma salatu wa salam and I should have al anbiya one more saline have even or the mean awesome in Mustafa man Varla Halloween apotheon allahumma salli ala alien amirul mumineen before Dimity sahara sayyidatina solid oral Amin al-husseini well for science aida Shabab Ileana Varela live neuroscience anal are already in visalia the Sajid in Hama Hama DeBernardi bulma

nabiyeen Roger off Arab namaha Medina saw dr Sapna Jaffa and Elle column while even a moose are radha madhava mohammad EV gnarly ineligible or ally of muhammad in l hardy Al Hasan ibn Ali in Ezekiel are scary well forgettable Hasan Allah al muntaha Almaty Hodja DeCarlo about the Omaha McAfee bailiwick a lot of my Sunday was seldom was a diva barik ala muhammadin wa ala muhammad who see come about Allah who NFC but Allah I hope that inshallah today that is the day of Eid and we hope Allah would make us happy by accepting our to us and forgiving our sins we also would try to make other people happy the first people to try to make happy is your family your children inshallah today try to do something to make your children happy if you want to buy something for your children buy it today if you want to give them gift do it today indeed it is good that whenever you want to buy for them something planet in the way that you buy it in such days so that in addition to providing them with what they need you give them also a good remembrance of these days good as love is the most important thing if you give the best food and best dress but you know you shout at your children or wife or sometimes husband then it’s not working good o’clock and also inshallah good treatment would be very much needed especially on the days of Eid we should also try to do something to make other people happy we shouldn’t think only about our family members in the community who are in need we should try to make them happy maybe there are people who are ill we should try to visit them today maybe you can give a phone call to someone with an eel in your own in your country back home so anything that we can do to make people happy it’s very important today so that inshallah Allah would also make us happy alhamdulillah with the help of allah subhanaw taala we have managed to open our bookshop and eat on the faith and the street i was always sad that we don’t have any bookshop as far as i know in the UK which is on the main street all our book shops are either in a connects or you know somewhere under a staircase somewhere in the centres we don’t have our books available for the public so with the help of allah we were able to rent this shop opposite to the center and its functioning and insha allah we have other things to do with the same place so please feel free to go and visit and also recommend this to other people especially if there are non Shia Muslims or you know Christians you know Jews Hindus anyone that you want to you know introduce our literature so this place is available and inshallah I hope that with your support we can maintain this place another thing that inshallah we want to do with your to us is that inshallah we want to have a permanent exhibition place so the corridor here as you know we are putting the ceiling and inshallah later we will use the walls as display place so inshallah we are going to have permanent exhibition the items can change sometimes can be something for occasions for example exhibition of Quran exhibition of art calligraphy different things if you have ideas or if you have you know objects to display please contact the center so that inshallah we can better utilize this place another thing to use to share of course most of you might know but maybe a still some people don’t know is that alhamdulillah we had started Jose elmia of England in this semester we had very good response from the community we had more than hundred applicants ago we started to advertise late it was in the second half of the month of Ramadan and alhamdulillah after interviews and checking the documents everything we started with more than 60 students full-time and part-time so now we have a hamdallah a well-functioning Jose here in English and the students are very alhamdulillah interested the lecturers

are very impressed by the interest that they show inshaallah exceptionally this year we are going to have another admission for the second semester because some people didn’t know so in Shanta be checking the website of the hotel me of england or islamic center inshaallah we would have another admission for February but the admission starts few months in advance I hope that inshallah we will meet again in different functions in the Islamic Center and one inshallah regular time of meeting would be every Thursday you know we started having weekly lecture in English every Thursday just before the icon el so sharp at 7:30 we start the lecture and then we start to icon el at 8 o clock so that is the time that we all can come together and meet and then each other recite y con el together bismillahi r-rahmani r-rahim and now our final calls are possibly Rebecca van her and Nash on alcohol after Saddam Allahu Allah