11/15/19 Contra Costa vs Alameda Women's Volleyball

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well he Palmer this is really all the modern we want more president Obama Emma simplicity president in one along over the place on the net yeah this is war the he this and welcome to another live stream from bay area sports women’s

volleyball college volleyball in Alameda at the college of Alameda home of the Cougars Tim banks your voice over for today’s game just moment two will be getting started and there is Christy TNR role wrong name there Christie in our own the coach for the comments in the other coach will introduce a bit later the comments first serve view of the parents who were coming to Cougars and the comments play the bones this number nine Serra Irving

save I make a lot of use in the comments take a time out and the Cougars are off to a good head start with leading by nine ten to one as this is the last game for the Cougars and the comments here in Alameda California be sure to go to be bay area sports dot TV for future live streams which will try to use catch the comets men’s and women’s preseason games right here live stream one bay area sports dot TV this just misses bones hello and then point turn over to the coolers hello okay correction without a bone and another ease four Ciara

sticker is I was out of bounds name a for the comments not of bounds making delivered now serving number eleven Campbell twice in a row now serving as twenty one Nadia Thomas rumors are making the hard deliveries we’re not quite make it make it over

yes Sanchez back over men’s game one so the Cougars start off winning game one as a we will go to a short break perfect one of one I’m right here for me you go to a month yeah no it looks like a lot of stuff but I think the one dollar movers the more you can get a real deal with Donald’s buy one get one for a dollar deal is here by one of your face and use another for just an extra box choose from the big mac filet of fish quarter pounder with cheese and ten piece chicken McNuggets but only for a limited time and welcome back to the live stream here at the college of Alameda the Cougars winning their first set at twenty five to nine and be sure to tune in to be a S. N. dot TV and they will have actually a which would be normally today but next weekend on the twenty third can recall the use game that they’ll the hotel that’s details that they are streaming

make it over Kimberly cal up now serving the bones check with the referee first nice delivery and almost getting that back across the out called by the comments and there is miss Linda Thompson head coach for Cougars this Irvine serving for the Cougars serve them well releases

Irving Serra Irving form from serving this Morgan green not quite make it this nice solid server across the net seven new server for the comments the number twenty six Sydney thatch bones there’s our long time the referee volleyball coach referee I didn’t catch the name but as long as

area sports TV has been live streaming he’s been around now serving number twelve Kimberly caliber in the second set surely we will be right back after this commercial break it was so new design made used to making your morning routine a little better right now in the Donald’s get a sausage biscuit Nash brown’s or

sausage make and hash Browns each pairing for just one fifty and we’re back they were having the

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