Basic Indoor Lighting: 8 of 8: Final Lighting Pass

already time for a final lighting pass here’s the same scene but I rendered it with soft shadows and tons of samples I’ll live to 40 ok so to reproduce that i’m going to show you some quick hacks on how to use a little bit of scripting to save yourself some time I’d love it if we use the render tool here but since I have different shadow color setting here sorry different light color sitting here it’s going to flatten those out if I try to just automate the whole process so here we go in earlier earlier video we talked to live the script editor how everything in here sort of a is just everything um I is reproducing your script editor so here we go I’m going to grab all my lights just boop boop there’s six of them in there whoops I can control select everything so allow my light selected and what I want to do here is come on my script editor and i’m just going to change my visibility parameter to on for everything everything was already on what i wanted it to do is get this chunk of code right here so these words all set attribute key up visibility key up ceiling key down trans i’m going to copy all that i’m going to come down here and fire notepad plus plus which is my general text editor choice you can do this with regular notepad or whatever just anything that is a plain text editor you don’t want to add formatting so don’t use Microsoft Word or anything like that okay so I’ve got all of these so visibility 21 okay I’m just going to go to one of my my lights that have shadows for example key down and go to my attribute editor these are the attributes that you can’t change in Mass semi shadow ray is down to one all right so key down shape shadow raised to 1 i’m just going to copy this period shadow raise one bit okay go over here shut me out i’m going to do a find and replace so control f find and replace find what replace with shadow raises one and what I want to actually find is this visibility paste this in here alright so i’m going to change this visibility command to the shadow raise commander place all so now what I’ve got is a command that tells all of my shadows to be set to one copy all that come over here paste it in here so i just do the little control so you control v have it all this bit is this hit shift hit enter and it runs that and sets the shadow raised on all my lights to one all at once ok now i can get a wicked fast render don’t turn to relatively speaking of course alright so there’s generally my lighting scheme my child alight radius down 2.5 on all these just for a little better just a little better a closer representation of what the actual size of this light is relative to my scene scale and a problem that we were any earlier that it’s must be late I mean it’s late beat my head against Walter to figure out what I had done here well I unlinked my nice Bluth fill light from the ceiling so there is no fill light here to solve that BAM grab my fill light duplicate it this is now my ceiling Phil Phil underscore see I before E except after C mm-hmm and then I’m just going to go ahead and take this guy Wow hey hey soothing Phil play along point back up there at the actual ceiling more or less opposite this light they’re nice come into my light linker sorry my yeah relationship editor for lights alright got my fill ceiling here turn off everything turn off everything with the exception of the ceiling okay which am I lighting all over here letting all over here you can see that I’ve got a much more natural-looking ceiling now hooray since this is a bounce light is always actually be Haley ceiling assuming this like night sky blue is coming in through the windows and whatnot I’m going to die the intensity down someone so cut it maybe in half that might not be enough to neutralize the yellow but we’re going to give it a quick render anyways and find out yellow orange the warmth does a pretty good job actually I’m going to bring it up two point three and that will probably be about all we need nice super nice all right we got two steps left spec light nice shadows all right for this Beck light I’m just going to drop in a point

light create lights point light option box and then yeah that’ll do doesn’t need your casting shadows or anything crazy like that so here we are go my for view growthpoint light hold on V snap to my lab come back to my favorite view this guy out now since I wanted to hit the rims on the lampshade and the cup I just got to go higher with it so come on over here and I want to tuck it into your pretty close to this wall because uh maybe we make it believable that it’s a bounce like light comes it here bounces off and going to make this stuff because I mean really what would be illuminating the lampshade it’s it’s a fair question what we need to do is come into our I’m going to name it first spec light secondary secondarily put on a layer do what I keep getting s when I just want one light ok channel box layer editor boom spec lights spec later oh man all right good to go come over here they attribute to the sky and one of the most important parts about dropping in a speck light is you know that whole thing where you have it behave like a speck light by turning off the fuse oh hey look at that super wonderful great times metal will actually have colored reflections so we’re going to down that in a little bit it’s not going to have a huge effect but worthwhile nonetheless yeah there’s no shadows or anything here so no worries on that test render okay immediately I see that we need to dial up the intensity it’s not really doing a whole heck of a lot of anything yet we’ll fix it all right get out of there come back to our respective you step one actually light linking take our spec light and disconnect you from the stage probably also disconnect it from the table your props however a plus surface 10 and 11 what are you guys come back in here props table why service 10 is the table 11 is the legs so just leaving it just those should be fine so we’ve got all the pencils will be highlighted let me know envelopes today highlighted yeah all this is good what I got to do though is increase the power of my spec light we got almost nothing out of it before okay so we’re not going to worry about the thing on the wall cuz it’s unlinked from there okay this this i would like to cast a little around this i might have to look at the material in there in a little bit closer all right Ready Set render okay your sister in the spec light so it’s a little bit farther back so we see little highlight hit there there this I like the exit it’s totally blowing this guy right out so here’s what we’re going to do we’re going to grab a cup I already have this pic light and I am going to undo my prof later so I can grab things shift click the cup alt Q that’s fun alright let’s look at my two objects there so for how far apart they are so create measurement tools distance to holding down review to snap it to the light dragon snap oh hell it’s actually slowed out right now so one is on the light right going to my distance tools it’s waiting for me to place the second one cool there’s the other one so that for the distance from there to there is what I’m currently calculating 14 is the answer coolness alright so if

we come in here and we toss just a linear DK on that drive away boop boop boop spec light Leonard okay power is 14 x 2 28 pump pump pump pump pump Papa test render we’re going to get crazier some cubic here coming back to my calculator oh wait we don’t we need to jump right to cubic I’ve even done quadratic alright so 14 squared x 2 equals 392 boom that’s how it looks see still pretty effing intense if we’d set that to a value of one or Jason 196 196 is the number that I can type holy crap keyboard well past my bedtime I’m turning into a gremlin anchor and ones have terrible typing skills there we go so the follow-up is fixing this letter I’m not blowing this guy away I’m like it actually how it’s looking yeah what I need to do now is I’m going to jump into my lampshade material here soloing him focusing on him and realistically group won’t materialize even got on here so we’ve got my hypershade come in here tell the graph the material don’t selected objects so I a generic gray I’ve got my ramps so that should actually pick up the highlight quite nicely so I just need to put a speck light it’s just this guy because the other one is just way too far out okay and that will be the last light the cds i do believe so you I’m going to have my light life you’re really fast spec light they’re linked just not have a ton of effect okay so spike lied again duplicate turn off walls I don’t hear what walls right now walls can’t tell me what to do all right there we go there’s that light and this booklet one the only thing that’s going to go to is the lampshade okay it’s just eliminating the lampshade all right and from the walls back on Ready Set test render sorry I pulled it off screen it’s coming back I swear there we are to get this nice little highlight their look at the same that highlight their think we’re wrapping around okay main spec light only from lampshade secretary spec like older link lampshade boom close out of there test render and I pretty much think we’re going to call it a day we got that nice soooo you know this could be a highlight coming off of bounce light this is all coming down it’s a little hot but I kind of like how it separates it from this darkness so there’s obviously separation there this is a nice and subtle this

isn’t blown out I’m going to go ahead and use that same trick I use before down here to go ahead and crank all my shadows back up to 40 so we’re going to go find a replace and what we’re going to look for is space 1 colon right so to space 40 colon boom place all check me out we’ve actually added a light though so we have a or to spec lights then we have our fill light so let’s move this off screen for just a sec so our fill you have a fill ceiling right don’t recharge general general so you just fill underscore ceiling as compared to like just fill here Phil so we’re going to grab our fill line and I’m going to duplicate it and put underscore ceiling in their case sensitive although spilling since if I’m double-checking to make sure I spelled it correctly SI è ì óù ing ceiling there we go we’ve got our spec lights to other not casting shadows oh so they’re not going to care radical there you go set all these guys select everything control a shift enter to run the code without deleting the stuff so if we go look at our lights now over in our attribute editor we should have just all kinds of Shadows set correctly boom there you go shadow is all set to 40 this is one of those kind of go to sleep renders so I’m going to kick off a render 00 spec like I might kick off a render and then I see you on the other side of that render I want to pause it when he gets going closing out the rip that they’re all right this is the view that I want to render super good render now pause okay that wasn’t terrible only took 30 seconds actually I’m not loving this in this I’m going to bring the backs bucket forward to give me a better edge here because we’ve got blackness here we got a completely lost edge so this is really not where you want to be test rendering I should probably work that out ahead of time but it was not till now that really bothered me but other than that the rest of the shadow quality in here and like the sliding on here it’s great so exactly what’s going for and for reproducing this cast shadows overlapping raise and then emulating this color coming off um to recap there this is completely faked this is not eliminating any light whatsoever if I turn off all the lights in the scene right it’s going to look the same it does not change color with the scene it is overriding the scene lighting with that ambient value and so these lights are coming from the spotlights that’s why we overlap the chief in colors alrighty grabbing our original spec light pick a towel and then I’m going to watch this edge here as I move it oh yeah that’s what I want right there see how I just ran it down the surface that is going to produce there’s a way better quality of reflection for what we’re going for here just got to make sure that stays kind of believable alright let’s give this a shot if you’re under last alarm machine how we come back into our little notepad script change these back to one paste them in here hit enter and you basically hopefully understand this if you have more questions about what this wizardry was um post in the comments and I can maybe for the other another video that addresses that specifically in the meantime though toaster under pause yeah so the bottom of the screen here there’s a fun little counter that will tell you how your render is coming along in terms of progress when that bar is going and you feel get sick of it you could skate to jump out of there alrighty and so coming up with a problem where we calculated crazy quadratic decay on that light which doesn’t you know sorry cubic which doesn’t represent well in the

viewport and so it’s not really coming out the way we expected so i’m going to pull that back a little bit it’s the distance is killing me BAM getting better and this is the exact thing that I told you not to do which is trial and error although I’m just counting on beastly enough machine to make it worthwhile and there we go that’s pretty much it look at this guy right here I don’t like that hot spot on the corner right there see what I can do about that nothing I don’t need to do anything it’s solved itself final render final ish render I’m actually go back and look at my sampling settings and that will be the final final render okay so there’s that render it’s pretty good this is what we set out to achieve right here when take a quick look at just my quality settings here quality is cranked down 2.2 want to set the quality all the way to 2 and all it’s really going to do is change the number of samples effects on the softness if you see me banning hey this is actually pretty good there’s not a ton of it that’s about the only thing that we need in there so yeah like an that makes just the funky going on my shadow so yep they’re all good dun dun dadada yeah no no no no yeah all right nothing here needs adjusting like I said all you really never have to do is tweet with that slider so now that I have it set to nice high quality I’m gonna kick off a render and call tonight you guys alrighty render tall and there you go ladies and gentlemen only took a minute 13 seconds to render that out but um that’s our final product what we’ve learned to do is how to fake the concept of translucence through a semi-opaque surface we went ahead to enhance the look by adding additional key lights we balanced the environment with cool Phil lights to go with our warm light here toss them spec in there to pop out the surface on the edge you learned a little bit about texturing with ramps and hopefully along the way you were paying attention to composition avoiding things like crazy tangents and overly hot spots like the one that was down here near the end of the video that we cleaned up okay if you have any questions or comments go ahead and post them in the comments section here you know subscribe to the videos and like them and I will produce more for you if you have specific questions and I’ve got the time I can pop out a custom video particular if you remember my class and you you’d like just to walk through on something I absolutely love to make videos that are relevant to your learning so this is brad with a youtube com / game artistry have a great night