BIG BOY BOOM • The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes • Part 26

what’s up glad glad I’m cluttered and we’re back with another episode of zelda triforce heroes and of course i’m not alone i’m joined with herms RN Kangas cloud say hi hello what’s up cloud clan I I’m harms Arnold cloud need all right all right so last episode doesn’t harm stars channel you all my hand uh was it yes yeah and uh the dunes has given us quite a bit of trouble but we pulling through an hour at the Brenda the real boss the real boss and I’m going boomer anger because there’s a boomerang I’m gonna wear the tingles tights because I like to with my title my tiny bulges shows more got that booty that booty shots booty little over okay alright so hammer time I think there’s two hammers yeah hammer I get done ok once way Cody what you want boom ready to get the blind boom boom Bop perms are got a power I’m a hammer you yeah I’m gonna hammer you so hard get I wanted this part oh this is macklemore lockable welcome bowl get him yeah I’m hoping I’m so skillful oh wait I’m just wonder if I can hit it with my boomerang or not probably not I got one I got one well it’s like electric yes don’t want to hit that electric one service that one got him Oh what are you didn’t the lag oh god oh come on it was just a lady are you what oh my god how are we even I mean I God nice sweet sweet balls we phone got it on a trap horse okay happening I don’t know damn sweet balls that’s what’s happening sure we’d all right so in the second part all right nice oh oh oh not these oh no not these old bag of bones again oh they’re fine they don’t they can’t handle my boomerang oh i hammered more yeah whoa it just crushes them yeah one hint of the hand really die wrecked then I got out of it in there not everything that is the power of a Buddhist boobies boobies boobies isn’t our hammers yes there’s a little piece of a boobis and all of us there is in Egypt hey there’s a diet how much hello how does boobis affect your life wait okay okay watch out this okay ah icic se oh very chamber look at the tetris okay now someone throws me and then I’ll just boomerang you guys boomerang alright bad wait you guys have to hit the other side and make it go up do we yeah I see you oh ok have a boon have a baboon oh let’s go kid those firebats there’s fire bans I got you ah I was horrible why do I got it all right oh oh oh boy they’re so much fire no oh oh that’s so fast I’ll man I’ve only have on baboon is quick oh god oh god oh god oh god price please could have you say it oh god I have no food oh my god are you fine gather doing back there God go quick y’all go past can only see if I can save him I thought my he was on fire all right we gotta go oh

it’s time someone has to pick me up ok and then oh come pick it up pick it up turn around ah then we gotta like do the other way there we go oh nice all right now been fetchers Oh like this Tetris damn it oh there it is Oh God oh ok ok so hit this yeah I EP uh great now you’ll have to throw one of each other so Hermes get ok pick us both up I’m not like you or my got thrown into the fire ok then he’s gonna hit that and I gotta wait wait and then we’re gonna go we’re gonna go oh that was freaking songs so freaking whoa whoa Harvey did it oh not all right boss time Boston there already oh we professional oh I was quick I wasn’t this the weren’t these levels the Gazelle was like oh they’re really hard yeah that’s cuz we’re professional hey I don’t like the little I don’t really don’t like the look of this ok loves the Sarlacc oh oh what yeah I would rather fight the Sarlacc well champ champ odd all right I bet you abused our hammer we can stun him so let’s see I wonder if his someone picked me up and see if I don’t get okay go getta are you serious what did I just do smash him smash that alright smash that I can’t do anything oh are you serious stopping it hiya got him Joe right you gotta watch that we gotta watch that spike ball low is coming anyway oh that didn’t work on I got him alright so the boomerang let’s watch the spike ball watch it’s not just chasing me Oh God okay you have not seen my mind all the more men men men men don’t know raising the land where’s what well go out here you’re getting hard to meeting harder for exact words are you got you guys go handled i’ll get hearts i’ll get hearts III got I got a couple handle like a little idea okay there we go all right watch this bike ball I’ll have it chase me you guys cuz i don’t have the hammer any it’s only get hurt by the hammer okay we got this we got this oh we gotta break your way oh I didn’t go fast enough ah I gotta get behind him only he’s got projectiles I got his butt I got him all right all right spike ball Ellis bike welcome don’t see me it’s chasing me hermes get him why is he chasing me I don’t know hi hey get away oh you have to go off to the stage I got him he’s ragin like well that to me hey don’t you guys go go mad on him oh oh why did you have to change forms oh come on one was a half we just said yes just said so we got to stack probably all just like balls following me I don’t know if I can’t really know okay so happened you like eight us oh wait so how do we how do we go about that do we have to hammer his head bring I feel like we bring it up or just sorta like um I guess we got this get off the stage well notnot yeah he doesn’t like that noise he makes listen to it haha I got him Michael though nevermind it’s trying to chase me God up nope we didn’t got him much light ball all right nice remember now now now we got to get off yeah we gotta get off the stage nice i still have my sword nice my sword beam got him no okay white

ball god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god got him Wow come anecca me go-go-go no not me Oh Gaby well I sword beam on a bag all right got okay got him nope God if it takes I think it takes just a couple of days I think yeah okay alright head time alright head time I feel like what if you try picking me up and I gonna try heading with my boomerang okay and then i will i’ll just get the balkans of all seems like it’s coming after me yeah all right pick an okay guy all right nice throw me throw me throw him 3 kill it I think he’s just boomerang this organ yeah oh they’re coming up you guys he’s almost destroyed I get in some hearts we need hard he is seriously coming out from either oh god oh god oh god they’re coming out the meal but chasing me I’ll distract him and I’ll get hearts the stupid spikeball holy crap oh oh first repo doo doo no hurries room down there no oh you’re so close okay okay that’s fine okay fast at least we know what to do at least you know to do that’s the big thing we got the week okay guys okay okay all right all right right right whoa you wouldn’t straight in with your exile all right no heart oh man sucks not hurt she’s not for me miss chasing me kinda you can just kind of bouncing up your sword oh I don’t know my heart’s I got him all right oh he’s getting angry get out of here got him you can just keep hitting the bike ball like that huh so I think when he gets in his head for one person should just do that if they can’t stand there hit the spike ball okay yea noise he makes up so funny all right nice he’s almost dead I know that’s what we thought last time we got oh hey okay all the lag is coming guys yeah they like a stick alright so lose the ball coming after it’s coming after me ok handle you guys oh no no it’s not coming after me come at me any more crap damn hurry let’s go to risk I need to think how we’re gonna do this I got the ball it’s chasing me okay i’ll keep it chasing me up i can literally do this for days but no it’s a lot okay there’s no more hearts there you go oh get away why are there no hearts all the ball on the ball the ball go oh ride right another I got the ball get the ball hey got both of them get off stage get off stage galaxy gal stage they’ll stop following me then that’s fine I’m good I can have my own then what all three of us need to be up while he’s eating soups down on us hey try to get some hearts over here go back up to the left on the top up oh Danny why would chases you at some stage changed you off the stage my god here the balls chasing me ball is in my court and he’s kind of looking at me funny just kind of look at me funny over here ball and the

ball muggle off the stage oh yeah the ball can go offstage he’s gonna go he’s gonna die for me no my team come here come here uh-uh okay so we know the ball doesn’t go off stage but his head state can go anywhere okay all right is the last one we got this we got oh my gosh she got this you got this really I’ll try to find a hard way I just sunk are you kidding me oh focus ah God is like we heard it cut bottom alright second form the way does a super big drop got his foot got it good natural better oh oh okay I thought I was supposed to make it hi nice nice nice and efficient Wow get away from me spinning ball I got trapped in there oh that’s my father oh nice oh the like laughs okay head form okay okay oh just the ball chased me okay end of it and if it gets too close as get off stage and I got you I got you I guess wait to leave till he swoops down just got to keep his ball chasing me oh no come on ball damn it couldn’t no oh God see the ball gets stuck in okay this is I don’t like where a skeleton land this time because the ball keeps getting stuck in it everyone get off stage for now let’s try to get a out um okay you attract the ball and then go team you will go after the skeleton head all right ready uh yeah they’re all on me okay yeah there you’ll get up go get it go get it go get it okay so the ball doesn’t even go out outside of that ring yeah it doesn’t back away somebody kill it whoa we need a meanie Cody this dungeon yeah so I’ll get the ball yeah it’s gonna die for me oh oh oh the ball uh do anyway I feel like you’ll need you to hit it one more time too oh my gosh i’m here to die for me was that was the ball down there at the bottom here I mean there’s diving so oh my god oh me oh my god that that’s cool damn it let hers Fisher friends got it oh I got chills I didn’t do it all right you got to get rekt boy but Syd okay okay in the chat below what’s the hardest boss you ever had to fight me that last time wasn’t I thought and those your favorite boss was the hardest it might be I remember doing one was like if no i don’t think i know i never said i don’t think we did yeah i don’t remember asking that boy your boomerang ain’t got nuttin I got it I got it am I don’t got it what are you trying to get exactly the ball

oh not it yeah nice here we go you go big boy now in white boy boom Wow all right oh my god the lack on the grey market oh I got I got the ball I mine I don’t got the ball I got aa big boy boom big blob my boy mama oh my gosh scare you chickened out of your ball all right head drive ahead scariest all right there’s some bushes at the top left I’m going oh forget the ball I think mom yeah I know that you’re the bushes we said the way for it we don’t even have to stack you have accepted way from around the edges yeah oh ok policy unpredictable someone get him thank God I got the ball yeah ball that’s right you scared and attack me get me head oh dear my body ball I share the ball yeah we do ahead we’re gonna do to one heart all right okay watch over that ball all right ah coming to us yeah I am looking out again get out of the sand right now how does think it does good dank it out and get out and get out I’m in the sand please don’t stop please dear God gusta jugar beyond me fishing okay oh my god oh my god all rights got here well its got out here another say another one heart victim oh my god that my heart is racing over there’s 100 you’ll end up with full health we didn’t we went with under half yeah I’m just uh nan again short man oh my god oh wow I mean wow I mean wow wow wow there’s a lot metal 420 um I’m thinking why did not take sarah vandella oh no heroes a time and all right defeated right without one alright so that was a rather intense episode but we got through it you enjoyed please leave a like comment maybe even subscribe if you haven’t already to become part of the cloud plant and remember to subscribe to both terms are in Kangas cloud to keep up with the series everything you need is in the description below but i want to thank you for watching and we’ll see you next time bye