Blender for Beginners: 3D Modeling a Basic Handgun tutorial series part 3 by Zoonyboyz

hello YouTube welcome to today’s tutorial on Blender basics and how to model handgun and blender first thing you’re going to want to do is you’re going to open up blender and your model that you have the link to last tour should be somewhere up here but um yeah so we got this done last time this is what it looks like in edit mode before I made these tutorials I also made a another one I’ll only find it this is it this is pretty much what you guys are going to be making but I didn’t even finish this one so I might look at that every now and again just as a reference all right so now we have to do is model the rest of this gun and make it look good so first thing you’re going to want to do is you’re going to go into edit mode and we’re going to make this grip right now you’re going to want to go in here you’re going to go on top view and you’re going to uncheck this little box down here which is going to allow you to select vertices behind other vertices and you’re going to select all these vertices now do not select these because what we’re going to do is we’re going to go into hit 1 on the side view and you’re going to hit shift K and you’re going to hold that as you draw a line through the middle it can be wavy like look I’m gonna make it wave pull it shift K does is it will create a line directly down the middle now we can do is even it is you can go 7 or 7 and then hit C and Maul dragging the middle buttons select all the inner vertices hit escape get out of that make sure all those vertices are sort are deselected and then you select these two these few that you’ll get up here so only you should be selected right now we’re going to do is I’m going to scale it up just just so we can do that yeah you’re sorry ignore that last last little bit select these again I mean you know you still want to make the cut and then go to one and select all these deselect all these and then hit V and Orsi either one I like the paint better when it comes to the things that are perfectly square and deselect all the inner ones and what we’re going to do is we’re going to scale it down a little bit notice we’re modeling becomes kind of difficult you’re going to right you’re going to click and you’re going to dry I’m just going to do this and all we’re doing is we’re lining up these vertices so you look natural I don’t have to be perfect because I mean this is modeling not like AutoCAD design or whatever it’s called where you are going to print this and a little defect could screw up your entire car or whatever your make list but yeah just fix some vertices now pretty much all we’re doing not that hard oops started getting more into 3ds max now so actually this is a lot different in a couple of weeks since I made my last story now you’re going to do the same thing that you did before select these select Peas let it see excuse me and deselect all the ones on the outside and we’re ncf scaling down and scale up whoops forgot one step it be and deselect all the one on the bottom and

scale up we got some series ah messing up here okay and just do what you did last time make sure it’s about the same size scale as the one on the bottom you don’t want this one being all the way out here unless you want to look like that if you if you wanted to look like that sure by all means do what well it’s about good the inside actually really easy for me pretty good but this is a USP so what you don’t see in this reference image is that right about here comes out um I have a USP 45 airsoft gun sitting right here that my friend gave me a warning or hurt or owner’s manual I’m just reading what it says on the bottom of thing so about right before the trigger it kind of comes up what up dant whoops stop right so I’d say about about here it like randomly comes up I have no idea why I’m just going to deselect those and I’m going to bring this up yes I know this looks pretty weird right now but um I’ll fix that later I’m gonna deselect and that 90 sucked select keys kind of bring it up and select these bring it up a little more little too much it’s about good that’s still too much sorry yeah that’s mainly what this is basically what 3d modeling is just tweaking the living heck out of things yeah it actually looks really good right now now don’t worry if you are new to 3d modeling and you don’t know what smoothing is we will cover all that later and basically it’s not going to look like this it’s going to look a lot better so yeah okay so now what we’re going to do is we’re going to crop out that little area where the hammer is going to go so let’s do that okay so what we’re going to do is we’re going to drag first off we’re going to drag this up to the bottom that trigger the bottom of where the trigger pump start and we’re going to align it so it looks good if you’re using a mirror you want to use this hot this little area down here as a reference so see how I know that’s not straight when it becomes the same color then you know it’s perfectly straight like now now it’s almost perfect okay so right now we’re going to do is we are going to bring it back down right now or not they’re not just leave it like that you’ll be fine and we’re going to do two things we are going to get out of object mode and hit shift a mesh cute and you’re going to scale on the z-axis about down hey control three to go to that viewport and drag this up now this is going to be where our cube really is going to be where that box is so we want

it about here yeah about that about that with maybe with even a little skinnier that’s good and about maybe not even that deep there go you’re going to have better luck just going into edit mode and know you want to go to the top of that little goal trigger area right here so I’m out there and that’s also about as far in as you want it so what you’re going to do is you’re going to go over here and drag this out go into your object tab and rename this ah hammer cut because that’s what this is save it always say that I’ve lost about four little things today doing this and what you’re going to do is you’re going to go to add modifier level nope now not bevel not bevel booming they’re right next to each other and they both start with these and your changes intersect and change that to difference and then select object and hammer cut as you can see it is a couple things nothing that’s all too bad but still a phone ring but if you go into wireframe mode you can see that it’s kind of cut out so hit apply and the phone is ringing so I’ll be right back okay so sorry about that the phone rang and yeah so I had to get that so last thing we did was we applied this and ernõ we didn’t apply it sorry now if you go here and you go on the wireframe you’ll see that there’s this little cutout now if I select this and move it back you’ll notice that it kind of moves this little cutout area that you see moves with the cube so if we right-click our gun to select it and hit apply and then move our you want to heat this cube so just move it to the second layer by hitting em and then clicking on the second layer and if we go back into object mode you can see you can see that we have our little thin cut out it has our Versys and everything and automatically does that which I really like about this why is this working like here so that’s all good ah and you’re going to want to select these well first off you’re going to select these these for its scale at zero and move them back in the place a little bit and select these Smit scale X 0 because we mess those up earlier when you were messing with the things and just do that at other places like here ok like zero okay zero not too hard you really don’t need to mess with these because they’re all messed up anyways so now we have the back part and what we want to do is we want to create the slide right now so hit shift a add a cube and go into wireframe so you can align this right now you’re going to line the bottom you really don’t have to but it’s recommended that you line the bottom not recommended by professionals or anyone but recommended by me okay actually don’t align the bottom you want to line this little dot here to the back right about here just make things easier later on and random ating it so go into edit mode and because it’s enough different objects you can animate these separately so this will move differently than this one and you can also edit it easier and apply different modifiers to and then drag these vertices over here he’s back I’m pretty simple not too hard and what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to go into the side view and grab this on the x-axis until they line up so you want these just a

little bit further you want the same angle is weird to see right now if so maybe we’ll just be out a little bit more because they’re two separate objects so you want to want them to look like two separate objects because in real life they’re two separate objects there’s the slide and hang there two cars so that looks really stupid right now it’s like fat just scale it on the z-axis to about there we’ll fix that later and something that’s always important when you’re messing with symmetrical the guns aren’t exactly symmetrical but we’ll mess with the asymmetrical features later hit escape and a hit shift K and draw a line right through the middle select all the verts on the bottom hit X faces just like we do with the other gun and go to op add modifier mirror and check X check Z check clipping and now we have our mirrored slide so drag this all looks hit a and then select it again drag this to about here stir it again to about here and that’s true again to there and actually you know that last extrude this to here then drag this up like that and then add a loop cut right here and then drag this now that’ll look good see just like that before we do anything else we are going to remember key we created earlier we’re going to bring that back and select the lean difference hammer cut and then apply whoops I screw that up no difference right yeah we want difference some reason we’re applying this oh oh sorry yeah I forgot hit this little up arrow no that’s not what you want to do why is this acting all funny weird oh I guess because we didn’t have the mirror applied to the bottom one I should have um I don’t know this one I didn’t apply them here so just apply the mirror really quick and then apply the baleen apply that and go back into edit mode and select bottom verts make that X faces and first off and move this to second layer actually move this bottom part to second layer to only work on the slide up and if we open this you’ll notice that we’ve created this weird face thing right here and X vertices and that should take care of it also you’re going to want to hit go in the first view by hitting one property I mean sorry extrude on the Z to Vout there no don’t do that sorry right click that and then extrude what’s going on here whole line everything’s looking weird all set alright now let’s normally get extrude and then X took screwed on the x-axis clip out there and then hit s X 0 so

they’re all lined up and now check that so it looks a little better now it’s like this it’s like this hit W or looks like that extrude now W merge at last and do the same here extrude W merge at last now you have these kind of holes right here you’re going to do is you’re going to shift click all 3ds and F boom done shift-click all three of these and as magic would happen hit F done now we have half of our slide add a mirror on the z axis not X clipping and don’t apply that now we can bring our slide back or our actual grip and everything and this is a right about where I left off with the other one yeah see I have them both pulled up right here pretty easy now I remember what I had to do nice all right so this whoops wrong longer thing this is where you start getting into the hard part save um I’m gonna have to actually think about this because this is pretty difficult stuff I should have done that cube thing later see okay I can do a loop cut like that I totally forgot okay so I’m just gonna make things a lot less confusing send this back to the second layer I kept all my objects in the same layer but it becomes really computed okay see the other one was giving us this big line right here and it didn’t look right because it wasn’t actually there so make a ute cut make a loop cut right about there hit s y 0 scale that on the y axis so they’re all the same and now go over here and line that up looks right now you’re going to hit ctrl R why is it giving you that weird loop cut option I have no idea what the heck is this I’ll back it there I so pretty much this being really stupid right now I don’t know why and we’ll get into modeling the rest of the slide next tutorial because I have to figure out how to fix this and we’ve gone on for a really long area so we’ve gotten a lot done right now I you haven’t figured out how to model blend in blender yet you pretty much should I mean it’s really easy and I screwed that up I’ll fix that you can fix that really easy going to do this right now this is working like this it’s like blenders saying hey Zack I hate you although you’ve not used no I guess it hates me because I don’t know I’ve started using 3ds max or something um so yeah I just save that subscribe to be alerted when next tutorial will be posted I’m sore throat so I’m probably drink honey in water like this video subscribe favorite comment below and see you guys about next week or whenever I’m have enough free time to make the next tutorial