[Boom Series] #03 Weather Series

Kanna and the little buses are talking at the bus garage yeah he’s going to teach the kindergarten class for one day I’m supposed to go but won’t be able to because of work so one of you guys will have to go instead well what do we do there hmm you’ll be interacting with other vehicles and explaining your regular duties to them since we’re all buses you will have to show them what our routine is I can go because I own it those thing know the two of you can’t go because you have to work can’t miss work Oh Ghani what about you you’re off tomorrow right yeah but I don’t have the confidence I’m sure you’ll do a great job guy you always work hard yeah I’ll be going with you so don’t worry then I’ll leave it to you Ghani you can do it Donny it’s worth a try okay I’ll give it a try great thank you Donny was given the task of being a one-day teacher instead of Seto the next morning various sorts of vehicles were gathered as one day teachers this place is full of splendid cars just relax act normal and be yourself okay remember to watch your status shield Rijn these service vehicles will be our teachers for today say hi everyone I’ll come back after the class is over okay five well then shall we start class the heavy vehicles Coco and Max are in charge of the first period hello students we are heavy vehicles that construct buildings we will show you what our job is Coco hey are you ready let’s get started here we go your turn max yep yeah we are quite strong art we amazing I wonder if I can do a good job like Sam now it’s time for Pat and rookies second period hello everyone do you kids know what our duty is you guys are right we also help all the vehicles follow the traffic laws to prevent any accidents now shall we start hey speedy yep that’s a violation let’s get going back you need to stop at a red light it’s dangerous to proceed oh I’m sorry why do I have to play the role of the bad guy now everyone let’s clap more speed for the demonstration I didn’t do anything special even patent rookie did an amazing job now it’s Frank and Alice’s turn I wonder what kind of demonstrations they will give don’t worry kid thank God we have an emergency patient here we need an ambulance this is where I come in whoa get the patient inside okay oh she’s

dropped in Alan okay I’ll get going now it’s okay I’m fine kids Alice the ambulance here takes sicker injured patients to the hospital Donny how is my acting it was awesome huh what’s wrong are you sick no I’m just worried about what my job just isn’t that important and not as fancy as the other cars I’m sure the kids will be disappointed hmm Gani do you really think that ah I believe everything we do is needed and in the best interest of everyone from fire trucks heavy vehicles police cars and including you to Connie we are all equal and of the same importance and you always impressed me with how hard you work on everything huh thanks Anna so remember to stand tall and firm I believe in you you you you you Donny huh it’s always good to laugh yeah I feel motivated and encouraged and it’s all thanks to you yeah good luck Connie tayo the little bus everyone Gani will be showing you what buses do for a living pay close attention Connie are you ready yeah accurately like this hmm welcome hey little bus I need to get off at the next station okay we’ll get going now what’s so special about the next station but she’s got no fun oh no what now the kids look disappointed Oh Connie we just passed the station Oh what am I gonna do now I’ll have to reverse Connie it’s dangerous to reverse at the station are you okay Anna hmm I’m fine can you open the door yes hey Connie Oh No what should we do huh what’s that Oh I believe everything we do is needed and then the best interest of everyone oh that’s it this isn’t good Deanna yeah I’ll transport the kids to their school yeah that’s a good idea Perry before you guys get wet

oh hi Ghani yes get on board okay I’ll take you guys back to kindergarten thanks Connie let’s go Ghani hang on we’ll get going now it’s raining so much’ I can’t see the friends don’t be scared I’ll turn on the light don’t be scared we’re gonna be there very shortly kids thankfully the rain was starting to let up we’re here everybody thanks Connie you must be tired oh no it’s okay this is what I do best huh thank you I think being a bus is the best look there’s a rainbow hey Hanna huh you know I’m so happy that I won’t fuss really after being a teacher for a day Gani was so proud of himself for being a bus it’s a cold winter day in town it’s so cold today what’s that snow globe what snow you don’t know it snow no oh well snow comes in the winter tomorrow it appears that there will be lots of snow in the area oh no it’s going to snow yeah it was a real pain to drive on the slippery roads last year and there were a lot of accidents hmm we should be more prepared this year what are you doing the playground was a bit dirty so I just cleaned it up with some water Wow Ravi you work so hard if you’re done later play sorry guys but right now I have some more places I need to go clean you do oh that’s too bad yes we’re the only ones here maybe it’s cuz it’s too cold outside too cold oh then maybe it’ll snow soon oh yeah have you guys ever seen snow before no I never seen it either oh me neither yeah my hair it’s supposed to snow tomorrow I saw a girl with a snow globe today and it was so pretty I wonder what it looks like in real life if it snows a lot we can make a snowman and we can have snowball fights too can’t wait for it to snow you seem happy about something we are we hear it’s going to snow tomorrow

we’re so excited I know Hannah wants to talk to you about that Hannah maybe she’s got something fun for us what’s that these will help you to drive safely on the roads roads can be dangerous when it snows so you need safety tools these are snow chains which will keep you from slipping and this is antifreeze which will keep you running smoothly do we have to wear those they look uncomfortable kids you need to be safe if you slip in the snow you could get into an accident you guys need these safety tools remember if it snows tomorrow you have to come to the repair shop okay I thought Hanna had something fun planned for when it snows but she just wanted us to wear snow chains but it is our first time driving in the snow yeah we should be on the safe side oh well I still hope it’ll snow tomorrow yeah the next day tile woke up later than usual time to get up oh it didn’t snow I guess everyone’s out already hmm well since I start working the afternoon I’ll stop by the playground no one’s here either what should i do first I know I’ll go on the slide what just happened huh ground is frozen must be because of the water robbie cleaned with hello is anybody there who’s there srini frequent is cloudy rain start the weather today and it’s windy bring a sweater with you okay how’s the weather today it is no B bring it I will mother today it is I wear a sweater

snowy yeah it is snowy I wear is it sunny how’s the weather today how’s the weather today you guys made a great job Hanna told us to come by if it sells they should go now wow this is snow it’s so pretty I was just playing before going to work but it’s already past lunchtime tile what it’s past lunchtime oh no I have to go wait I’ll we’re supposed to stop by the repair shop let’s go together huh well I’m really late so I don’t know if I can but Hannah said to come in Vince knows huh I’ll be fine I’m already used to the slippery road see you later okay tayo the little bus whew oh wow good thing I got here quick feels great driving in this snow and Hannah said the roads would be slippery but they’re not slippery at all I don’t like these Hannah but you have to wear them hey where’s Tyler well he said he couldn’t come cuz he was late for work huh oh no he’s not coming to the repair shop no hmm but it’s snowing harder now hope he’s okay the roads are now covered with snow the roads are getting more slippery and it’s getting harder to drive huh it’s a red light the stop line sorry it’s so hard to stop because the roads are slippery I should be more careful that was close I should get back on the road we should have gone to the repair shop and I should have listened to Hannah are you all right we were all so worried I’m really sorry I should have listened to you I never knew how dangerous snow could be like a snow is always a good thing no all right it’s getting late let’s all go to bed now they’ve all had quite a scare hmm I think they’re more disappointed than scared we used to love snow when we were little and had lots of fun with it but the kids have only had bad memories of it so far the next morning I thought snow was gonna be fun but now I don’t even want to go outside then we have to wear no chains every morning yeah snow is just a pain look you’ve got your snow chains on yeah let’s go then

Hannah’s waiting I wonder why we’re here me too do you guys like it now that you know how careful you should be in the snow it’s time to have some fun with it to watch this see that I won’t slip with these snow chains on now let’s have some fun with their safety devices in place the little buses had a great time and made wonderful memories in the snow