24 Volt to 12 Volt Buck Convertor Heat reducing

okay did do a video about this this is just a cowboy shoe box which I have my bumps in my lumps is down this side here I have a 24 volt power supply that 24 volts goes through this solid state really which is triggered by the vamps to power the heat bed that is on App Engine I think it’s pending for heatsink your fan on there but with her fund on the back here now the power demamps I also taped to 24 volts from the same power supply go through this unit this is a 24 to 12 volt step-down compared I think these are meant for cars really and are fitted a fan inside which is connected inside I’ve fitted some like integrated circuit heat sinks there’s two chips in here because there’s a thick I think it’s a 30 amp with or say 30 mm 0.5 amp 12 volts output this can do two separate outputs are you up to 30 I’m going to the ramps 12 volts and the point 5 going for all my LEDs basically what end fun sorry but well founders even with this fan on it is small 25 millimeter fan which are fitted inside here cut a hole in the lid took it apart cut a hole in the lid in’ button this 25 millimeter fan not do awful some holes filled in the side of this aluminium case it still gets hot quite hot even with all these holes in and of our holes underneath this box as well lyosha don’t want to move it sorry but our holes particularly under the H this power supply unit about this big it actually the holes quite a few holes under there there’s all these holes in the back there’s a bit gaps in the Showbox for any air to blow out and this gets hot I would say hot not bomb but even when this fan on even with the heat sinks on there’s still chips in here I presume that’s for the two separate like the 30 amp and 2.5 amp 12 volt step-down system so I’m going to show you the heat levels okay if I can we have this infrared thermometer now these aren’t very good at silver so I’m gonna actually point I can add the piece of paper that’s on the top and if you say yeah it’s 20 garlic 20 degrees centigrade okay now I’m going to turn it on I’m gonna give it five minutes or so and I’m going to check the temperature so I’m going to stop the video now while you’re I’m going to fake this I’m just going to plug it in and have it on I’m not even going to turn the printer on well the printer will be sort of on in a way ball won’t be actually printing out anything on the printer I’ll just let your watch this it might actually see the spun start up a small 25 millimeter fan if you hear the click that’s my beachy touch table so that has started up now so you can stop it sometimes I have to give it a bit of spin and so something you see these fans gone as I said there’s a fan at the back a AC that’s turning yep put my finger in nothing be careful here because I 250 volts on this power supply unit Corning although it is protected by plastic strip but basically it’s this unit here that suits be getting very hot I have to keep checking 23 so I’m just gonna leave it like it is now and I’ll come back in five minutes I’m gonna see what temperature it’s getting soon it’s been about five six

minutes 22 no it’s not about 26 27 I’m just trying to see okay yeah just about make up today’s it don’t in this like just getting about that you take two six whistled we have a feat of this swab will call lukewarm at the moment mind you the lid odor boxes or not obviously at the moment so that’s going to help a come back in 10 more minutes and we’ll see if it’s increasing but it’s been well five ten minutes or so let’s have a look dr. Maia are we there – editor day6 I am all in this stuff still no it’s not the vamps the vamps although the machine isn’t on well then it will be getting power but tinder isn’t work and that’s only 24 this power supply here is about 22 23 24 the solid-state mainly which isn’t switching on and off obviously but that doesn’t get warm at all that’s only about 23 it’s this thing here this voltage drop now these are meant for cars upon lease or would imagine this would be fashion to this shushies and I can think that that is wrong that is then warm it’s what I would call warm no no very very hot but domed warm so that’s in about half an hour so now remember enough pins can go on for well many hours and obviously with the lid on here on that would shut down some of the air I mean who cooked some more holes in the side I don’t have and that is one thing I was seriously thinking about putting some more holes especially down this area here because this is where this other fan at the back it’s been at the back here sort of flaws though those though the like the fins in this heat sink that’s down here but blue across here and tried to blow out these walls exist no no these are spread out all over here and as I say there are some bigger Shores there’s a big ashore underneath this there’s some bigger shores in the cardboard underneath the power supply so it backs are they don’t get me wrong I’ve had no problems with it where can this arousing Hotel unless that’s what’s been causing some of my layers shift and or don’t think so it’s Sam just that’s getting hot and all this hate is coming in this box on it obviously does gone over to the ramps to sadness and so the heat from this is going to the ramps that’s what my mean where he is this fan here is just like it filter fan it’s got a carbon filter behind it and a HEPA filter behind us with an order of fun inside in the capital box so what been thinking about doing is fitting this this is an AMD heatsink and fan base we have took off the clump that actually clumps on to the CPU that went through we saw slots there I’m putting that underneath with a hole underneath this clump will clumped on top of this to try and keep it a bit cooler I’ve also considered say getting a 12 volt this is 24 volt but another 12 volt power supply unit I think that could just about fit a book this one after watch for air intakes if I did that and

that would be another expense and like power in the 12 volt stuff off that way instead of 1200 12 volts so for this so basically I’ll just repeat that this is 24 volts basically it’s going into here this is dropping it down to 12 so it’s got the disappeared all that hate from 24 to 12 and that’s what’s causing the heat it turns it into hate the toad chips actually fastened to this outside sort of aluminium case which are added as I say I added two things there’s one you can see one the other one so down here I don’t want to move to coming too much look at my other video seat I added this little fun here 25 mil fan which is calm inside I mean a completely warm air blowing up through the holes are drilled in this sort of aluminium case let the air out well it’s still getting hot so hot from our liking now this don’t like the idea of putting another fan you can do here really not cause I have blown just cause of the noise levels I mean it’s not too noisy did on and this will be sound noisier than it probably really isn’t me Lafe it’s not too noisy this – one of my legs here but she says heat level and I have I can feel the heat coming out through these halls he if I put my hand there completely like the draught of warm air belong foodies halls so this other fund on there it’s obviously working to certain extent to make up to as a safe person I have marked out for putting more holes in here actually well I think just putting the holes in there the custard don’t think it’s going to call it down the only other way I thought of doing it is almost swapping these two paths around so that this is closer to this banner at the back here I mean that’s like of concern to me there so think something’s gonna have to be done and we’re gonna stop the video now you can ever think about whether I want the fittest oh no no it’s going to be quite a big job you know that will probably just about squeeze in probably just about your phone and I’ll come back if when I’ve decided what I’m going to do with it so drill four holes one up first of all at your four holes in his back so a plate of this unit and then a Mack top four holes and drill four holes in here and I’ve courted this with some so if this is going out accorded this with some a cake paste stuff sink compound I’m down I call the basically school obviously school that I’m told here for schools I hope then I’ll come back when I’ve done done that there’s a fart school they take no more quite tight just so basic standard would schools in a way or no it’s going into but some iminium to certain extent now you know put the unit on here screw into here I’m going to keep this fan on I could of taken a fan off maybe and just have a hole in don’t think I’ll keep the fun on I might actually have it so at the moment it’s blowing air in this way just want to make sure yeah it’s gonna come I think I might have it blonde air that way so that’s sort of sucking air in I’m blowing it out the hole in the bottom of the shoe box up for all this the only thing that’s got some I mean your

filings on that oh okay come back when I get to the next stage well I’ve decided to drill some more holes in the way of that couple of Falls and I’ve added a few more holes and partway through still doing this I need to deep air this these walls of just done them and I’ve drilled more holes on the other side that’s the letter little found 25 millimeter fun upon her here to blog or her yeah I should say that’s quite woof woof and ready as I said so this needs deep bearing still call file here and like a bone file of so half arm file to get any sharp edges off there you almost forgot that Sione ed where a cobbler tabs on here which to schooled him to see a she saw the car door for these are for well just bending backwards and forth and fun and snug them off and then file down the like a cheese a bit enough plate there and obviously it’s now will go onto here electronics back in if I do decide to power this fan I’m not sure if I want to actually power this plan I’ll probably powered off 2.5 amp so supply that is on here but from outside not actually connecting to the inside so he’s a facing next stage cut a hole in the bottom but some holes in for schools going for the fun know where to go on here I will have the found blown out I’ve decided to turn the fan around and have it blown off because I don’t want it like blow on the heat in I want it almost soaking it out okay so it’s just swapping a fun like Bank don’t reverse ways on these funds because they don’t have electronics in for speed sensing that minimum so yet door off these other holes in which I found in there yeah this is a power supply here this is a that’s the things you might just make up things therefore the heatsink that the solid-state really a son he’s a fan blowing applause in air and this one would be blown out there I think I almost definitely will have that thun turned on oh I am getting worried about then ampage on this like step-down unit because I think it’s 0.5 amps it claims and with a fan and all the LEDs on the hot end fan possibly a few other bits and bobs the fun here that comes off the same thing is yumping she’s probably getting a bit high to be powering all of that off that side like I’m about to pick this onto this so I’ll play it here now put some oops okay cuz I’ve put some heatsink Pierce round the edge because this isn’t gonna be all I could but they’re more contact on this edge to send a heat through here but then nothing so so I put heatsink all along this edge that will turn over and go onto that plate and some of that heat sink will actually be touching these fins not a hundred percent contact on the fins cuz those gaps obviously but hopefully that will be better than it was notice the extra holes or the fun that goes inside to blow more air out all right so that’s basically just going to screw on that plate and then I’ll screw the whole lot into this cardboard box basically you just make up the hole there you’ve probably seen the cardboard squares those are to stunned the nuts heads off but also get some air like the gap underneath for air to come out or go

in except except there wait I’ll put that onto there and I’ll probably put this all together I’ll see y’all cause if I hit any ideas on the wheel stoppin bigger than this is a messin I was just doin it nothing ready I wondered more holes in there to let the air out now with this finish fan here blown out don’t forget it’s going to be blown up not in so that one’s blowing in but this one’s blowing out at the bottom these holes won’t be quite so important anyway well I’ll show you the bottom now that front ends freely I haven’t waited up of school darling so there you are not the best-looking job okay well if it works it works now whenever I do stuff like this I have to make sure that these contacts on the ramps haven’t been even breathed on because even the slightest touch sometimes we’ll stop them where I can because I’m not the best plugs that are plugging into the pins on the lumps but that’s okay or wave up the fan to the 12 volt terminal superhub here which is coming from the 0.5 side of this unit 0.5 amps IDs as I said that’s pushing it with the amps as I’m trying to power this fan this turn I did x-ray the fan just fitting now the hot and found LEDs strips on the printer itself it’s the amperage there is probably getting to the limit but we’ll see what happens well it’s all why he ducked out so I’ll plug it in now I’m expecting quite a bit of noise from this because basically it’s a computer fan a CPU fan now there are quite a funds than this one that’s under here not this one on top I’m talking about the one I’ve just fitted on this heat sink she started to this cuz this gets very hot normally and how I get in just know it’s gonna be five four three two one so get me sorry get ready for noise pipe are three two one Negus turning slowly that’s cause of the straw burn on the camera all the LEDs are sort of working fine on a hot idea 18 2006 is turning everything is 20/20 but still 20 years that WK warmer a moment one problem with this idea is just the edge of this way we got touching their meatsuit down here there’s not much Fermo transfer expecially when there’s gaps in these bins obviously I’m going to give it I’ve gotta give up I know it just like this which is what you same as I got a ban yeah a little tender there now before putting up a little 26 20 right give it half an hour at this I

think you’ll send them to see I will see how hot it’s getting I should not become a porno noisy talking like this to this first we went over half an hour I pointed out the label cause you’re not supposed really get a good reading optional things you have detective series we talk to them by almighty please everything in deals so I don’t expect them to get caught destroyed on the Carmelite nakedness tonight please but my friends return this to know it was another didn’t like high-speed the Rayleigh this is always in heaven is absolute terrible I couldn’t fault but there is sterilized apparently one is pretty warm I wouldn’t call it hot the noise level is real the top dog but I think we play some fun in here I think it’s a girl or something I look for the details of the fun-loving faithful here and this made it a lot quite said the fun that wasn’t here wasn’t bad for the face a little quite a fun occasion here so the fun would be if this keeps the temperature down is to be clear so fun that’s under here with a similar type of fun as this one a crazy fun this is far too noisy I know you’re down a little because the lid on a forgotten some probe in the end and say actually I’m going to give it another half hour like it is there with the lid on and see if it’s getting any hotter so was unfair yeah bad too noisy driver say Daffy paint green join warm or not the point here phtt quick I’m putting up an easel daddy it’s wrong that’s all Severino suspension osika finding remembering that I am doing anything that amendments only when I come to being actual changes lots of little hate stink coming off any walls but of these aside one goes this side that’s right on the chick this one is slightly this CCP that’s the warmest definitely up to 20 feet superior

they’re obviously was getting sued he’s sitting hot even before I put this accent so he’d see something on the north his only thought to be better as speak wise Liuzza’s absolutely terrible obviously I could disconnect a fan and his timely lie on that you’d see if he had known from that somebody air would sentence nor the fins and the second come out the bottom but I don’t think that’s a really good idea if he off it’s not the sources that used to get them down there must be taken someone attempted to walk I assume well after those written supreme as you can hear the noise level is that fan is ridiculous sittin here listenin is that all the time no I don’t listen so much good scent the wind then Oh we’ll do something else come back every year from yourself that’s a new piece of that for now and not to get a wage of fun