2017 Toyota Sienna Limited Premium In Depth Review & Tutorial

Hey hey everybody, Brock Frady here helping you enjoy your ride. In today’s video, we’re going to over a 2017 Toyota Sienna Limited The base MSRP is $46,170.00 and after optional equipment and destination charge its $50, 371.00 We’re going to go over all the features inside and out, safety and comfort and let you see all around this beautiful 2017 Toyota Sienna The power plant is a 3.5 liter V6 direct inject engine. It has 296 horsepower and is more fuel efficient than its previous generation It has an 8 speed automatic direct shift transmission and 263 lb./ft torque. The fuel economy is 19 miles per gallon city, 27 miles per gallon highway and that’s due in part to the 8 speed automatic transmission. Starting from the front here of this beautiful blizzard pearl 2017 Sienna, you have a little dot that is directly above the fog light right there And that’s Park Assist. That is a sensor that can sense things that are close to you and will give you an audible beep in the event that you’re getting close to hitting something Notice the beautiful headlights. You have LED daytime running lights and then your main headlights there. And then you have your fog lights down here. We’re going to go over how to operate all of those. And there is a plastic panel there that is directly under the Toyota emblem. And that is your Radar Cruise Control That will keep you at a set distance between the front of your Sienna and the vehicle in front of you, maintaining safety. The key is really easy to understand. At the top is lock, unlock, power door openers left and right, rear door opener and panic alarm. And that sounded like a train horn so you’re going to be safe should you activate the panic alarm For the rear door, let’s open the right side door and there is a brief pause and you can see that the door is opening. And then you can push it again and hold and it will close right up for you. Now you also have a little physical key that’s embedded into the key fob itself. There is an icon here that says push and you push down and it removes the key. You’ll never use that to start the car, you’ll only use that in the event the battery in the key fob dies at which point you remove this, place it inside the door and put the key fob up here, up by the start button and it has enough juice to start it. At which point you will need to have the battery replaced You can see there’s a little slot right there You can just take that and put it right there, turn it, pop it open, and its just a simple watch battery. This one also has remote engine start. And you’ve got instructions right here on how to use the remote start. So you’re going to press lock three times and this is how it works. One, two, three and you hold on the third. Here it goes. That’s your remote start. Now when you do use the remote start, when you approach the car and you touch the door handle, it is going to automatically cut off. It’s running now. See that, it cut off. The reason that it cut off is in the event that a child gets the key fob and runs out to the car without your being aware of it, they don’t want the child to come out to a running car. So its a safety thing. It automatically cuts off. Now take a look on the door handle right there. There are two little marks and that is to lock the door So I just touch this with my finger and the doors lock. Now to unlock the doors all I need to do is grab the door handle, it unlocks, allowing me in There 18 inch, 10 spoke, machined alloy wheels with P235/55-R18 Goodyear RSA Eagle tires The front brakes are ventilated and you can

see a little channel if you look there at the brake pad that goes down in the middle of the brake rotor itself. And that allows the brake rotor to be cooled so that the brakes don’t overheat. The headlights are high intensity discharge headlights. They’re really bright You can also manually tilt them up and down in order to adjust for the pitch of the front of the vehicle. You can control the level of them up and down. Another nice safety feature of the headlights is the automatic high beams So they will actually adjust automatically if they are on high and they sense a person in oncoming traffic. So you don’t blind others in oncoming traffic they will adjust down Then, when that person passes, they will go right back up into the high beam mode. You do have LED daytime running lights there at the bottom. Nice. Its kind of hard to see but there’s a little sensor there on the windshield and that is the sensor for rain sensing wipers The wipers will automatically cut on when it starts to rain and they’ll wipe in accordance with the rain pattern. To operate the gas tank door, there’s a lever here and you just pop it and then the door opens right up for you. You have a little hanger here that you can place the gas cap on while you are refueling so that it doesn’t mess up your paint. It does use regular gas. 87 octane all the way One of the most important functions of a minivan is that beautiful back door. And the way you operate that is to hit the icon on the bottom left of the key fob and you hold it down and then it pops right open for you. That is obviously a power rear door. It’s power open and close There is a button on the bottom edge of the door and that’s where you can close it there when you need to. Now check out these seats There’s a lot of different configurations that you can work with the seats. But one of the neat things are the switches that are up here in this top panel and you can see that it gives you an option to fold just the seat back down or to fold the entire seat down. So we’re going to hit the button on the left and check out what happens with the seat back. Very nice feature. I’m going to go ahead and do the other one so that we can get an idea of the storage capacity with just the seat backs folded and you see how the seat was actually stuck because it hit the seat there in the front and right now there a light there that is blinking that says Incomplete Operation. And that’s just letting you know whoa I got stuck on something and I can’t go any further. So what we did is just let the seat down but its actually going to come back up so that it doesn’t continue to move forward and possibly crush something. So let’s repeat and now she should go right on down Alright, so now what we’re going to do is fold this seat all the way down completely flat into that base cavity. And you do have to hold it the whole time. Really convenient Now we are going to fold the smaller portion all the way down to give you an idea of the storage capacity with just your captains chairs. And that is a really good storage area. Now a feature that is available on the ones that have eight passenger capacity, that is not this one, this is a seven passenger. There’s going to be a seat right there in the middle between the captains chairs but if you do have that seat, you can remove it and you can place it right there in the corner of the back So it makes it so you can store it there when not in use and that’s where its going to plug in. For more convenience you have a power plug. This is just like an outlet in your house. It’s a 120 volt, 100 watt and then there is a 12 volt power point there with an additional light. You have 12 cup holders in this thing. There are cup holders everywhere You’ve got two there and I’m not going to go through them all. But you’ve got four cup holders just for the third row seat itself But just know that you are going to have plenty of cup holders. You can get 7 people and 12

drinks in this thing. The exterior color of this vehicle is Blizzard Pearl. It is a gorgeous color and its actually a tri-coat paint. I am familiar with it because this Blizzard Pearl color was actually a color that Lexus had and its multi-layered. It’s just absolutely gorgeous. I hope you can see the detail of it right there. And then to go along with that luxurious external paint is a beautiful internal leather color and that is called Chesnut. And it goes really, really well with the overall look of the vehicle. Nice and sophisticated. Check out the contrasted stitching and the seats are perforated and they are very cushy. Take a look at how luxurious a feature this is. That is like a little recliner Isn’t that ridiculous? I love this. There is a handle down here and when you pull the little handle, the seat bottom comes out and it makes a lovely recliner and what good is a recliner? Well, when you have a massive screen like that that you can watch Blu-rays on. And its actually a split screen so you can watch like a Blu-ray movie on one side and even play video games on the other side Pretty incredible. But this seat is just made that much more comfortable with the fact that is has a reclining feature. AC 120 volt, outlet right there. Here is for your video, left and right so you can plug things in. And you can like this. It pulls out for some additional storage and makes the cup holders more accessible to the second row. You can keep things in here once you’ve closed this up though because this actually recesses into the storage compartment There is a power button here and you have a one touch automatic power there with your wood grain interior. You also have manual sunshades and that is really neat. In addition to that the back windows are tinted nice and dark but you can put that up for even more privacy. And what’s neat is that it going to shade the sun out of the cabin but look, you can still see really clearly out of it Now check out the shades for the back glass So all the rows can have their own shades So, you could actually take this vehicle on a road trip, put those shades up. You could recline back in your recliner here. You could watch a Blu-ray movie on this massive screen My goodness. There is a power button. There is a slide button right here and that is for the rear sunroof. So you actually have a double sunroof in this vehicle. And that back sunroof actually opens. Most vehicles, when they have a panoramic roof, it’s just for looks. This is actually a functional sunroof that opens and there is your other sunroof for the people in the front. Now you can see there that there is a little icon and that is an icon to let you know that there is a safety anchor for a child safety seat. Right there underneath My finger is on it right there. So that is where you’re going to want to hook your child safety seat belt to secure it. Check out the inside of the door. It is absolutely luxurious The padding on the armrest for your elbow is really really soft. You have the stitching here that is highlighting the beautiful color and the contour of the door. The power window is automatic and there is your lock and unlock button. You have the satin finish on the door handle. Everything is just really really classy You have plenty of storage there in the door pocket as well. You can see that you’ve got basically a big storage bin there and several different areas that you can put things. And that is a water bottle holder made specifically for a bottle. You’ve got your JBL stereo Alright let’s take a look at all the different little storage cavities and everything starting right down here on this panel. Two cup holders On the far left there you’ve got your heated for seats for the driver and the passenger

Multi-level heated seats. You’ve got a USB and a power adapter there. And then a 12 volt lighter adapter. Down there below is your Blu-ray disc player and you also have, you can put in a SD card there to view media that is a SD card. That is so cool. You’ve got another power outlet down there, a SD, I mean a USB and why not, another power outlet. Then you’ve got a grippy pad right down there for storage and two more cup holders. More storage And this is the drawer and it actually is only going to be used for storage like whenever that is open. You don’t want to close things into that because it will, it won’t close if you’ve got things in there. You can basically just use that for storage while that is open only. On the dash here you have your transmission, your gear shifter. And it is an eight speed sequential shift transmission. Sequential shift means that you can actually shift it manually without a clutch and that’s what that plus and minus is. And whenever it is in S, you can flip it over from Drive at any speed and change gears manually. You’ll see two big dials, on the left is the driver’s side temperature and then on the right is the passenger side temperature controls. Inside of those buttons you have Auto and you have Off. Automatic makes it so that you can set the temperature automatically just like the central air in your house and it will keep it at that set temperature. And whenever you do put it in Auto, if you cut the temperature down, its going to increase the fan speed until the cabin reaches that set temperature The middle of the button on the right is A/C and recirculate. And then for the back you have rear temperature there. And you can control that from up front or you can give the rear occupants command. You can press that Rear button there and that is going to allow them to control the air and the fan speed and temperature from the back. You can see Sync. Sync will allow it to basically sync all three climate control systems together to give the driver full control. Front and rear defrost and Mode The frost defrost, obvious what that is. Rear defrost. And then Mode will change the fan direction. So you can actually control the fan direction manually if you want to put it to your feet or defrost or anything in between. Your hazards are right there. And then you’ve got this screen up here that is a flat panel screen and it is touch sensitive and that is just such a cool look. I love the fact that Toyota is basically making it so there are not as many buttons in the vehicle as there used to be. There’s a lot of flat surfaces that you can touch to access the information that you need to access. So starting with Audio, let’s take a look at the panel You can press Audio and it’s going to show you the different Audio modes. AM, FM, XM, CD, USB, Bluetooth Audio, Auxiliary, and Rear Now, the reason there are so many is because you have so many sources that you can listen to. Over here on the steering wheel, on the left side of the steering wheel, you have steering wheel audio controls. That’s going to be your volume, your station scan, mode, and then your voice commands. Where you see Mode, you can press mode and that’s going to change your audio source here. So let’s say you were listening to AM and you wanted to listen to FM. You could just press Mode and it would change it. Okay, now you see where it says Apps, let’s press Apps and press OK. And so now this is going to be your applications So of which are internet based and move from your phone. And I’ll explain that. You can see the Navigation icon there. And that’s going to show you your map. Real quickly, you see the green arrows on the map there That’s called XM Nav traffic and that’s going to give you a color coded way of knowing the real time traffic condition. If those arrows are yellow, its going to be congested. If they are red, its a parking lot at which point we can route you around bad traffic if they are red lines. And so now we’ll press Destination at the bottom. This is how you find a destination By address, point of interest, and you can see all of the different selections. Okay Let’s go back to Apps. And then you can go Phone. No phone is paired and this is where you could pair a phone if you wanted to. We’re

not going to do that for the demonstration here. Messages, this is if you have your phone set up through Bluetooth you could actually have the car read emails and text messages out loud to you if your phone has the capability Really, really neat. Eco allows you to see real time fuel economy information. Setup, this is how you’re going to control the settings that make the vehicle work exactly the way you want it to work. That’s something that you’re going to need to mess with. If you get this car, I really recommend spending some time in Setup so that you can really get it set up from the start exactly the way you want everything to work. You see right it says Driver Easy Speak. This is awesome You can go here and there is actually a microphone in the car and it can pick up your voice from the driver’s seat. And then its going to route your voice through the speakers in the car in the back so that you don’t have to yell all the time if you want to have a conversation with the people in the back. And when you see Driver Easy Speak volume settings there, that means that you can actually adjust it Low, Medium, and High. The sensitivity or how well the rear passengers can hear your voice. A lot of neat stuff. So, this is like a said you’re going to go and basically set it up to work exactly the way you want it to work. And then you also have a micro SD card right there and that is the map data for the navigation system. You don’t want to mess with that unless you are having the map or the SD card updated at the dealership How about for more storage capacity, a double glove box. There’s a little silver bar right there and you can press that up and you’ve got a really nice storage area there. A lot of times in these cars, the glove boxes aren’t even big enough to fit the owner’s manuals But look, there’s the owner’s manual right there and so you can see how the owner’s manual takes up pretty much the whole portion of that bottom box. So why not throw in another box for your convenience to actually hold things. Really nice. Okay check this out There is a button right here and it says rear vent pull and push. Now watch what happens when she does that. It allows you to vent the rear glass and its power. That is such a neat feature. Go ahead and do that again I love that. And then the other buttons right here on this panel right there. The next one over is traction control off, park assist, bacon sandwich maker, just kidding, blind spot monitor, heated steering wheel, and then the manual control for controlling the leveling of the headlights. And you can see down here, down below that you’ve got a little coin tray and you can see on the right side of that that you can store your coins and then you have power door off. That’s if you want to cut off the access to the power door. Then down below is the hood latch, hood release To the left of the that is your gas tank and then your push on and off parking brake. Now the steering wheel is nice in the hands. I love the feel of the steering wheel and you’ve got the little indentations there and that is perfect for your thumb to fit right inside of. The operation for your headlights is going to be on this stalk here and you can see where it says Auto. And that is whenever that is set, the headlights will cut on automatically at night as the sun goes down. At the bottom here is says DLR off. That’s daytime running lights off. As you roll it up, that is your parking lights and that’s your headlights on manually. And this is fog lights and of course your turn signals are there. And another neat thing is whenever you just press it up without fully engaging it, you can see I’m just going to tap it up and it will pop back down. It blinks three times. So that’s just to change lanes. And you can see where it says Auto here. That’s because the wipers are rain sensing and they’ll cut on automatically whenever it starts to rain. In order to activate that I’ll pop this down once. The wipers just wiped to let me know that that feature is now active. And I can pull it down again and that’s low manually. And that’s high. You can see the ring on the inside says Auto This will actually adjust the sensitivity of the rain sensing wipers. Your rear wiper

control is here and that’s intermittent and that’s on manually constant. I can roll it to the far top or I can roll it to the far bottom there and that’s going to wash the rear glass off. I can pull the stalk toward me and that’s going to wash the front glass off. There’ s a multi information display that is between the tachometer and the speedometer right there. It’s digital and I’m going to be accessing that by this little multi information or multi directional key pad that’s here on the steering wheel. There’s an icon here and that’s your cruise control. You set the distance of your radar cruise control. Your cruise control is down here. And I press the end of the stalk to actually cut the cruise control on and I can see the cruise control icon over in this display at the top left and that’s going to be right there. Little green. And then at that point I can press that radar cruise control icon on the front there and you can see three little blocks that are in front of the vehicle icon. You see the blocks I pressed it once, it reduces it by one block Again it reduces it to one block. That’s three, two, one. And the controls the amount of distance that the vehicle is going to maintain from the vehicle in front of me if I have the radar cruise control active. It will actually apply the brakes if necessary. Now I’m pressing left on that multi information display on the face of the steering wheel. You can see I need gas. That is the settings. And so I can push the middle of that directional keypad and I can move it up and down. ECT is electronically controlled transmission and that’s on. That’s going to change the shift points in order to make it feel like I have a little more torque on take off. I can cut that off or I can just cut it back on. I can press settings and this is going to be how I customize the drive info that pops up on the multi information display while I’m driving. So things that I can change are digital speedometer, distance to empty. So I can press digital, yep let’s go with digital. I can press distance to empty, yes I want to do that. But I want to do it with the average fuel economy. And now I can back out of that and I can go drive info 2 And so now what drive info means is going to be I’m pressing left now. And that’s drive info right there. So you see distance and I didn’t make any changes to the other settings so there’s actually several screens that I can change. It’s pretty awesome. I can really customize this to really any information that I want. That is for navigation and when I have a navigation in the navigation system, if I’m going somewhere, a destination in the navigation system, I’m going to see more icons, you know. Like the next thing that I have to execute. If I have to turn right or left and the distance to that next one. Audio, radar cruise control, and then more settings there. And that little pages icon, you can see that little icon is here on the face of the front of the steering wheel and that tells me I can hold. I can press it down and hold to customize the screens. Pop-up display, accent color. This is where I it can actually warn me if I am exceeding a certain speed limit. That is so cool. By the way, the little speed limit signs like that are going to be on your Nav system while you are driving in many areas. It will show you the actual speed limit in the area you are driving. Pretty neat stuff. Thanks for watching everybody If you liked this video and you would like content like this delivered to you fresh, hot off the press then pound that subscribe button and I’ll be glad to send it to you Have a great day everybody!