2020 Mazda CX-30 Test Results; The Future of Vehicle Communication | Talking Cars #253

we discuss our test results of the 2020 mazda CX 30 while adding fuel stabilizer effect your car’s emissions test and we talk about some cutting edge safety technology that might be on your next vehicle next on talking cars [Applause] [Applause] hi everybody welcome to another episode I’m Mike Monticello I’m Jake Fisher and I’m Jennifer stock burger so before we jump into the news of the week I thought we’d jump into the Jenn stock burger news of the week because it’s my understanding Jenn you and your husband Jack recently made a pretty big purchase yes we did so I’m happy to be here yes we’ve been home of course but my husband did return from Vermont this week because we bought a new truck so very exciting for him I think I’ve shared that we have a teenage son who will be driving soon so we’re gonna pass down the other truck and my husband now got a 20-19 f-150 which he’s super happy about so yes that’s awesome and I guess a couple of questions I’m because you know everything has been turned on its ear these days with the corona virus pandemic I got to imagine the whole you know buying process picking it up process and also I mean are there some pretty good deals out there did you get a pretty good deal or good financing or yeah so I and you’re who’ve hit right on it the the deal on the price wasn’t that far out of the realm of what we’d expect in a normal time you know we did be able to get about six percent off sticker we got them down about five hundred below invoice so that was good but the real deal to your point was on the financing because it was a 20-19 we have a zero percent eighty four month it seems so long for us right now it’s awesome because we have college payments and things like that so just to keep the payment down it’s zero percent maybe we put that money on something with a little more interest like a credit card wherever it might go so it just allows some flexibility I’m hoping we don’t use all seven years of that loan but yeah that the deals are more on the financing and the other thing we found there’s these huge rebates that they advertise those are mutually exclusive you get the great four thousand dollars off or you get the great financing rate you do not get both so I think that was common we shopped on a couple other models of trucks well and that was pretty common it’s the rebate or the great financing and how did the whole you know picking up the truck I mean we’re used to you know at the Auto test center we’re used to buying cars these days for our program pretty much all online through text message or whatever we’re used to that I don’t know if many other people are but now you pretty much everyone has to do it that way but then there’s a whole picking up the vehicle process or did they deliver it to you yeah so so we absolutely did all the negotiating all of that was done by phone and text and email we did go pick it up they were they were willing to deliver but it was a little slower because you had to do mail documents back and forth so we opted to pick it up they were very you know the truck was sanitized we literally met with one person we interacted with one person with our face masks on signed all the documents with our own pen and talked to the business manager we were at the dealership in this room but we talked to her as far as offering extended warranty etc over the phone she just called us and walked us through all those documents you know do we want extended warranty do we want rust proofing all those extras over the phone so we literally interacted with one salesperson so in some ways Jen was it actually easier now than then typical with the way where they try to seem like they want to try to upsell you on things in the dealership and keep you in the dealership as long as possible was that like easier it was way more efficient yes the one thing that we recognized and we didn’t need it because of what we do is you missed the opportunity for them to sit in the vehicle with you and kind of go through the menus how you hook up your phone etc we didn’t need that because I was experienced enough with the truck but that’s what someone who maybe was buying a car that they weren’t familiar with they might miss that opportunity he actually said he was willing to have call us have us go out to the truck and he would walk us through some of that on the phone but we declined that but that’s what people might miss in this current environment purchasing but overall a pretty good experience piano does Jack does Jack love the drop he loves the truck I think they’re putting a picture up it’s very red but

he likes the color and and it’s funny how his preferences for what he wanted were a little different than mine and how we he wanted to only help more truck a little less features I was more allowed to get something a little smaller get some more features but if he’s the one behind the wheel so yeah and 2.7 EcoBoost v-six right correct yes yeah guys so okay I think well that’s awesome that’s kind of neat to get that like real in person experience of what what it’s like to buy a car right now yeah let’s move on to actual auto news not just Jenn stock Berger auto news and Jake we’re gonna I’m gonna throw this one to you the US auto industry recently committed to v2x expansion which if people don’t know v2x is vehicle to everything and they’re saying that they would install five million pieces of equipment over the next five years but it’s not quite that simple there’s some things hedging on whether they do this or not right Jake yeah that’s right so um so v2x right the ability for your vehicle to talk to other vehicles and infrastructure I mean it is kind of the really exciting thing of the future that’s gonna really save a lot of lives that a lot of people aren’t talking about and the reason we’re not talking about is because not happening very quickly and it really comes down to a lot of the ambiguity and whether or not well look so if you’re gonna talk to all these things right you need frequency alright just like your radio station you go you’ve got to pick a frequency band and the band that they’re using the safety band the FCC wants to basically give it away so they can’t use it for safety anymore why why do they want to do that well and they actually have a good point at the point is that it’s being underutilized so the HD oughta manufacture no one’s using it I mean there’s only so much band right so I mean there’s other there’s a lot of electronics that could use this so that’s what the FCC is looking to do now the auto industry is saying wait a minute we’re gonna use it and you know look there’s a reason why they haven’t been using it there’s competing technologies and and and all these things but what’s really exciting here is that the the biggest the Alliance for automotive innovation which is basically all the auto industry together they’re like hold on don’t take it away we promise we’re going to use it so they actually have pledged over the next five years to have five million installations of these so that’s part of it so don’t take it away we’re gonna be using it but the the kind of the latest news is what’s been kind of holding up a lot of things is like what technology we need a cellular we’re gonna use this DSRC which is kind of almost like a like a two-way radio kind of technology and nobody wants to invest a whole lot of money into one technology if the other one is going to be the long yeah that’s kind of like you know Betamax and versus VHS right I mean you don’t make the tapes if you don’t know which is gonna one’s gonna die so they’ve actually come up with a plan and what they’re saying is that they’ll use both technology for the next five years but then they’re gonna make a decision and you know it would be great if like maybe you know the government went and said okay this is the way we’re gonna go everyone go that way and that would kind of open up the floodgates but the auto industry is stepping up and they’re saying okay in five years we’re going to pick a winner and then become a star a phase-out of the other technology of the next ten ten years so this is look at the first most concrete solution that we’ve seen and there’s a long time going into this I mean our policy department has been working hand in hand with this Kelly Kelly Funkhouser has been really really involved in this talking to a lot of stakeholders so it’s really exciting that we’re kind of getting something there but the crazy part is that the FCC is still talking about taking it away so lots of pressure don’t take away our safety band that everyone from the auto industry to the department transportation is saying don’t do this bad idea there’s a lot of benefit to holding it open so we’re gonna be really closely monitoring the situation over the next couple months because the FCC hasn’t responded yet to this latest they have not said that there wouldn’t gonna take away this the safety band and start using it for other other reasons so so we’re doing everything we can and so are a lot of different organizations okay but you know I just can’t under you know underline this moment where it’s like the safety regulators the d-o-t the the auto manufacturers I mean you know even like AT&T I mean all of these they’re all saying no use this for safety use this ban for safety so everyone is kind of really fighting they actually see on that’s not you know most everyone there’s a few stakeholders that that want to use it for something else but um you know it’s some strange bedfellows for sure and why is the FCC pushing back so hard well they just see there’s other opportunities to use that band you know there’s only so much so they want to use

it for like Wi-Fi and some other things but but we we believe there’s other places that if you want to expand Wi-Fi there’s there’s there’s there’s other frequency bands they could use for that for okay go ahead Jeff I was just gonna say I call it the if you build it we will come No if you maintain it we will come we will fill it we will use it and I was saying you know this technology is truly one step better in terms of crash avoidance you know even when we think of automatic emergency braking or stability control they’re still reacting to an imminent crash the Vita acts be a vehicle the vehicle vehicle the infrastructure is one step better in terms of saying hey there’s this situation coming up or there’s this traffic thing coming up and in helping us one step further ourselves from crashes to avoid them in the first place and I just think it’s super valuable you know the manufacturers now saying so do we write well and even you know beyond the safety implications I mean if there’s a path that we want to do is towards autonomous vehicles or any of that I mean right now I mean there’s news of you know I mean Tesla is getting a situation where they can they’re trying to recognize the the traffic lights it’s not always perfect I mean this is a situation where they’re communicating the traffic lights so there’s data and they know exactly when not just what’s traffic light says but when it’s going to change so there’s just huge implication for this yeah not so not just safety but also just traffic flow which also in theory should improve safety as well right that’s right okay well we’re obviously going to follow this story for the next several months as long as it takes we have a very in-depth story on this topic up on our website consumer portal so definitely folks go out go check that out let’s move on to this week virtually at the test track I say virtually because we’re not at the test track but we have driven this car so this week we’re going to talk about the 2020 mazda CX 30 which we have put through our complete test program a little bit about the vehicle the CX 30 is an all-new SUV from Mazda it’s based on the Mazda 3 sedan and hatchback it’s going to compete against vehicles like the Nissan Rogue Sport and super cross track it’s bigger than the Mazda cx-3 smaller than the cx-5 there’s only one engine and transmission combo it’s a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder with 186 horsepower matched with a six-speed automatic it can come in front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection comes standard on all CX 30s blind spot warning and rear cross-traffic warning are standard on all models other than the base version we bought a CX 30 all-wheel drive with the preferred package which adds things like a power driver seat with power lumbar support heated front seats and a 12 speaker Bose audio system all told our test car came to twenty eight thousand six hundred and forty five dollars Jake I’m going to throw it to you first the car’s fully through our test program what do you think of it how did it do well look I mean we actually pretty high hopes for this because the cx-3 was always kind of kind of fun runabout kind of a sporty driving small SUV and the CX 30 which is really based on the Mazda 3 this newest Mazda 3 that came out that’s really you know it’s more grown-up it’s more mature it’s more you know it’s quiet and you know effortless I mean they really you matured this vehicle so it feels quite substantial so I’m like hey great a nice substantial small SUV you know Wow sounds great unfortunately once you started living with it I mean you look at it and like you look at the interior in the interior is pretty nice but really when you drive it it’s it’s not as grown-up as the Mazda 3 I mean it’s a little bit it just feels tinnier it’s a little bit noisier the ride isn’t quite as nice you know honestly you know especially you mentioned the price I mean it gives a really good reason to buy a cx-5 quite honestly because there isn’t that much daylight when you start growing up that smaller SUV you know the cx-5 is a great vehicle for so many reasons and if you really you know say you want to save a little money get a you cx-5 or even get a Mazda mazda3 I mean you could get the hatch you get that with all-wheel drive not that much smaller so um it’s kind of trying to be this goal that go to the next car kind of like right in the middle it kind of highlights some of their better offerings quite honestly yeah I mean Jen would you say would you agree that for a little bit more money you would you know say maybe the cx-5 offers some of the things that the cx30 kind of let you down like what are the areas that let you down about this yes 30 the biggest areas yeah so for me and again I always question like Jake says why sometimes the manufacturers squeeze

some model in there when they had two good offerings on either side I think in this case it is the competition I mean just look around how many rogues how many cross tracks do you see they felt I think like they needed something in that space those are some pretty good competitors to go up against and I think for me the size isn’t quite you know we described it as cocoon-like you know I would even go a little further that for me it’s a little tight bordering on almost like a claustrophobic you know we talk about those squatty windows being very close to the a-pillar I mean you really feel to me the tightness yeah Headroom you feel like you feel like the a-pillars would like right where your head is yes yes so so that to me and on the other end you know you do fit and finish you were saying the fit and finishes nice almost luxury like in this car so it’s this give and take to me a little too much take I would agree with Jake why not just go up to a cx-5 and and have the room back or a little bit more of the room back in that case so and I do think it’s some pretty tough competition for the cf-30 yeah it is funny how we do have these high expectations you know I think as a group pretty much at the auto test Center for Mazda products because we typically we typically like them quite a bit because they’re sort of like this they’ve become this sort of cheaper you know more inexpensive BMW but with the you know good handling and usually pretty pretty good ride and they’ve and for a while there they were loud inside but then they improved that on a lot of their models then and they man they really have stepped up the interior quality and presentation versus pretty much all their other competitors but you get in this thing and for me like you know 186 horsepower for a small vehicle like that should be fine yet somehow it’s not you know like it this engine really needs to be revved pretty high to get you know the real acceleration if you really you know need some real good oomph but then the engines kind of has this sort of what Izzy yeah it’s kind of a house of this weird raspy note that you just weren’t expecting from the vehicle at all and then it you know just it does some things like the transmission sometimes holds gears a little long you think well why is it not up shifting you know to the next gear and it’s not but I will say there are so good things about it too I mean you know the handling is really nice it has you know pretty eager steering I will also say despite being kind of us that hemmed in feeling once I sat down into the driving position I didn’t think it was that bad you know I was actually pretty good Headroom has comfortable well placed arm rests and and you know we talk about center consoles him and you in these days right it’s a problem in a lot of vehicles what Mazda actually padded that area slightly where they’re right needed so I mean they tried with some things but then when you think about the visibility and this kind of busy ride that it has on back roads you start to think I mean it’s just cx-5 just seems like such a better choice if you have to stretch a little bit it just seems like that’s the way you want to go I would certainly recommend that people considering the cx30 absolutely go out and give it a good thorough Drive with all the drivers that might be in it because like you say you were comfortable but when I have to pull my short leg itself up it feels more yeah yeah um and what we didn’t touch on infotainment and controls Jake I know that’s always a big thing with you you know the way Maz is doing it these days is you they don’t have touchscreens like a lot of like really most cars out there it’s you have to control it the the center console controller or the steering wheel but we’re not really a big fans of the ease of use of this system right no I mean there’s a reason why there’s a reason my own with I mean like the whole industry has made a decision right I mean touchscreens have kind of one I mean even the the ones you know you look at the you know BMWs that were you know holding out for the longest time they’re even doing cut screens so it kind of makes sense at least giving the option of the touchscreen you know Mazdas zigging well everyone’s zagging and they don’t give you that option and you have to use the the knob some people like it I you know you get used to it you could remember the sequences and whatnot but I think it’s a shame not giving you that option especially when you start integrating things like you know carplay and android auto which are just you know they’re really designed for a touchscreen interface so you know to go and see the icons that you’re so familiar with and have to like kind of scroll through them is just you know converse them for really no reason yeah so unfortunately a little bit of a letdown but you know especially in light of there’s there’s better competitors and there’s you know a vehicle within Mazdas don’t line up that you might want to stretch yourself to the CF s– v to get that instead of the cx30 but we do have full road test results up on our website consumerreports.org please go check that out why don’t we move on to audience

questions how does that sound sounds good I’m in okay and don’t forget folks uh send those questions comments 30-second video clips two talking cars at icloud.com hopefully you guys like seeing us guess what we like seeing you too so send those video questions and those those just make it a little more fun and speaking of video questions we’re going to start today with Jackson from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania let’s see what Jackson has to say today sadly I’ve now had two Subaru legacies with blown engines and so I’m looking at getting a replacement something less than ten thousand dollars safe reliable as well as fun to drive stick shift is preferable I was thinking about a 2011 to 2012 Infiniti g37 but I want to get your take thanks see you in the next one okay Jenn well why don’t we start with you I we all made some picks for Jackson let’s hear what and we don’t know what each one of us picked so let’s start with you and let’s hear what your pick is right so so I again the Infiniti G that Jackson mentions good choice but my concern there was that he was going from a legacy to a G maybe feeling kind of the constraints of the roominess inside the G so what I said speaking of liking Mazdas was like a 2015 era Mazda 6 so a little bit sporty manual available maybe not such a jump in terms of room for him one thing I didn’t know is whether Jackson needed the all-wheel drive you know he came from a legacy he was picking the G not sure so as a backup and again I know we’re not supposed to have to but I said maybe something like a 2013 Audi a4 I know it’s a little upscale but the price is in the right range and I think you know when we show the prices most people are buying manuals are not buying manuals so maybe the prices actually were a little lower for it for the manually equipped vehicles and would would sink in with his $10,000 range but yeah little little sporty on the mazda6 side would be my first pick okay well those sound like pretty good choices to me Jake what do you think of Jen’s choices and do you have a better one for Jackson probably not of course every better one No okay first of all I need to get to know Jackson better too I really make a good choice here so all I could do is kind of guess a few things about Jackson and my guess wasn’t he needed a whole lot of room my guess was he was real looking for like sporty and when you look at the legacy I mean it is all wheel drive but it’s not front-wheel drive and when you’re a car enthusiast I mean you know front-wheel drive it’s nice you know but I think there’s something about either all-wheel drive or real-wheel drive so for me the G is one of my favorites cars I mean probably in the 20 years I’ve been here it’s probably one of the cars Ivers really really enjoyed driving if I was that was one of the first ones I was really you know drifting on the track with and just just really just amazing you know feedback and control so yeah I’m a huge fan and if you need the space you know there’s the coupe which is really nice and it was available with a stick shift which is very nice so I would say just go for it and the reliability was very very good it’s kind of interesting that you know I mean to me it was kind of like the the the high-water mark for I think for Infiniti was that G right yeah those two years 2011 2012 were very good especially the 2011 model was much better than average reliability 2012 was above average reliability yeah so I mean reliability for sure you know they took kind of a tumble in terms of reliability with the q50 that came after it but also in terms of just the sportiness and the fun everything about it was just because it’s high-water mark that you know if any was trying to find itself they were like fancy you know Nissan’s for a while now I think they’re you know a little bit lost in some ways that G I think was just that the mark that the M was really nice to but I mean that G was just great car and and it can you could get it affordably right now so yeah I totally agree with you Jake that was my first thing was if you if you like that G and you can get it and if you can find one in a manual transmission there’s certain plenty of 7-speed automatic sout there might be a little harder to find one with a manual but yeah that G the first time I drove an Infiniti G was just it was so fun to drive like you said it was a great car for kind of sliding it around on the track just just has the great rear-wheel drive dynamics that did you know people who really like sporty cars would love I come up with one other option in case just you know as opposed to the G is a and and you may have already proved me wrong about this Jake because you said you know not front-wheel-drive but I thought well what about a 2013 mazda3 and this is not just to prove that we like Mazdas because I know we kind of

bashed on the cx30 a little bit but the 2013 mazda3 much better than average reliability you can get it with a manual transmission I could see it being if he likes that space of the legacy the mazda3 smaller rights but if you get the hatchback you then well now you’re free and space up again so or or if you just get the monster set yeah yeah you’re always right Jen Jax is far more practical than you guys are giving him I really like how we even this out it’s Weldon right okay all right Jackson hopefully that helps you a little bit or maybe makes you more confused move on to Jerry in Arizona Jerry says during my quarantine at home I’ve taken my Kia Optima out for two 20-minute Drive Steve to keep the battery charged as well as topped off my gas tank no one I won’t be driving as much I also added some fuel stabilizer my car is due for its emission test in a month and I was wondering how the stabilizer could affect the test if at all should I try to use that whole tank up before the test Jake let’s throw it to you first fuel stabilizer will it have any effect on an emissions test it shouldn’t you should be absolutely fine if anything there’s some probably some cleaners in there that are probably going to improve things I mean there’s a there’s a chance that your emissions might actually improve but I would not worry about it you could certainly go through the emissions and also the amount that you’re putting in there is really so small that in terms burning it’s just like it’s only a few ounces it’s gonna only be a few ounces right right so don’t worry about it don’t just use up you know go for a drive if you want to but don’t use it up just for emissions okay let’s move on to the next question Kurt from Cincinnati says I have never been disappointed in any vehicle Jenn stock burger liked oh come on Kurt you gotta be kidding me or don’t kiss up to her she already has a big enough very red head okay anyway Kurt continues so I’m hoping to get some of her advice I we rented a 2020 Hyundai Sonata and was very impressed however the performance of headlights is extremely important to me and I won’t even consider buying it until generates those headlights Jen how did they perform am i safe to buy this car for those of you that don’t know Jen stock burger is in charge of our headlight testing at the auto test center so Jen how did how what do you have to say to your biggest fan so Kurt is obviously again another very bright individual no bright bright headlights oh I didn’t get that very good yes but no it is funny when you find someone it may not even be someone who has similar tastes as you and it seems like you know it could be a car it could be decorating it could be fashion like you just like everything they do so I get that you know we have mothers that we work with and I’m like if they like it I probably like it but in a short answer yes you are good we have tested the 2020 Sonata headlights they are good they are standard LEDs just so you are aware Kurt so they’re very bright and white but they do a good job of lighting the road both low or high beam and they have standard Hyundai’s High Beam Assist or what we would call automatic high beams so they help you take advantage of that add additional high beam seeing distance more often so yes you are good if you like the car otherwise and that was the deal breaker be rest assured that you will have good visibility which is which is interesting because you have found out Jen correct me if I’m wrong that LEDs don’t always give as good of a you know distant seen distance down the road as you would like but this one actually was okay right and I would say the same about any headlight technology there are good and bad of halogen LEDs even HIDs which are becoming less less commonplace but you really have to judge you can’t say that just because it’s an LED it’s going to be better is it going to be brighter absolutely is it gonna be wider probably but is it going to get further visibility straight ahead down the road maybe not and we’ve seen that time and time again we’ve seen halogens outperform LEDs you know when we’re out there at on the same test night many many times just in terms of absolute seeing distance okay all right let’s move on to our final question this one comes from Brad Brad says I’ve watched talking cars for a while and became a CR member because of it I’m sorry to do this but I have to ask Jake to turn in his driving enthusiast card for only choosing SUVs as dis favorite vehicles to drive in episode 247 Jake Byrne what anything any Brad continues any way during that discussion you mentioned how cars must now have pedestrian detection to be considered a top pick these systems can cost a fortune to replace and knowing that cars stay on the road for an average of 10 to 12 years is there a tipping point where they will be on so many cars that accidents and therefore insurance premiums will go down or are we stuck paying more insurance and repairs forever Jake we’re gonna start with you because first cuz Brad called you out on your apparent complete love

of SUVs and also so you need to do some Jay explaining about that and also maybe you can talk to his actual answer not answering the question no I’m trying to remember when I said my favorite cars to drive our SUVs I mean I’ll have to invite people to go back and check that I mean I know when it comes to SUVs there’s like some cars that are better for enthusiasts like this XY we’re talking about but it could be an enthusiast oriented SUV you might choose but you know you ever going out saying you’re you just said it to infinity gee I I think I just heard the G but yeah my favorite cars to drive incidentally are cars that have stick shifts and I’m not there’s not a whole lot of SUVs with section s right that’s that wasn’t the question okay right so um questions about pedestrian detection and this is a really good one so look a lot of these advanced safety systems so you know get these cameras and sensors and if you’re in a crash you do have to replace them and they do cost some money when it comes to a pedestrian detection it’s not a whole lot additional hardware it’s more of like kind of smarts to recognize the the pedestrian and when you have like you know some of the the sensors that are behind the windshield and they’re high up I mean they’re not probably not going to be impacted in a crash it’s not that they’re gonna wear out I mean these cameras and things like that it’s like oh it’s it’s old so it’s just breaking on its own so we don’t see a lot of that but absolutely crash damage they do cost more but the way to think about it is these are systems that prevent you from getting into crashes so if you’re having less crashes it offsets the additional costs in fact in many cases you’re actually paying less in the long run because you know if each crash cost a little bit more but you’re getting a lot less crashes you’re saving money and that is what the Insurance Institute has has seen this is what insurance companies are actually seeing this is why they’re actually giving you insurance benefits sometimes in these because they realize that even though it’s more expensive it’s preventing these these crashes yeah well in its and speaking of you know less crashes I mean right now because of so many people across the country isolating it at home that just aren’t as many people out on the roads right now you got to think we’re gonna have less crashes I’ve heard there’s in big cities there’s less pollution I mean this is this coronavirus has had an interesting weird effect on things yeah so just on that point UC Davis did a big study isolated to California but still and they put some hard numbers to the crashes that have been avoided since the stay at home order in California so they were saying Californians in the 22 days have estimated a 40 million dollar a day savings because of the lack of crashes and they broke it down and it was stuff with it what I found interesting it wasn’t stuff you think about you know like through this question yes insurance premiums but they brought up the ambulance drivers that have to respond the street workers to have to go clean up the crash the the fact that insurance premiums are pooled so all of us who aren’t crashing for are still paying for those who are and that investment money you know that the premiums don’t necessarily offset all the costs of a crash and it’s the investment of that money that actually pays for the claims so this whole thing about all these pooled resources medical insurance premium the injury and death you know costs related to motor vehicle crashes if those come down all our health insurance medical insurance premiums come down so what’s this huge picture of what avoiding crashes can benefit all of us in terms of pay maybe not immediately in that yes you have to replace your AE B or your pedestrian detection system but in so many other ways that crash avoidance has real cost benefits to all of us and it was a very very neat study at fifth you want to read it well and and it’s interesting you what you bring up there Jen because you know we we are I’ve been asked you know to isolate at home to stay at home as much as possible and of course you need to get out sometimes you know not just for your vehicles sake for your own sake maybe you just go for a drive or to go for you know maybe a hike in the woods but you actually should think about maybe not doing too much even excess driving because think about it the more people on the road the bigger the chance of getting an accident now you’re asking more health workers to get involved in something that they didn’t need to have gotten involved in whether it’s the fire fire people police the health workers at the hospital so I mean yes get out and drive your car a little bit and don’t go stir-crazy but you know it is a good idea to still right now minimize any excess of driving that you don’t have to

do well I think it’s driving and it’s kind of that sign up everyone has now it’s like stay safe and everyone’s kind of thinking about you know be careful and don’t get coronavirus but the truth is I mean it’s you know I think of it all the time you know if I’m running the trails I’m taking it easy past those rocks if I’m going mountain biking I’m not going down that that over that rock that I normally do I’m gonna walk it because you don’t want to wind up having to have any kind of emergency for whatever you’re doing yep all right well let’s all stay safe out there okay folks that’s gonna do it for this episode if you want to learn more about the cars and the topics we talked about you can click on the links in the show notes don’t forget to send those questions comments 30-second video clips two talking cars at icloud.com thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you all next week you