2020 Mercedes GLB 250 // Introducing the NEW Boxy Benz!

What’s going on YouTube? We live in a time where crossovers are key So brands are introducing a ton of new name plates to make sure they have something for everyone This all-new Mercedes GL B is one of those models Filling the space between the swoopy GLA and GL c with something boxier and unique Now of course this review is only possible thanks to our friends at James Motor Company So make sure to visit their dealership or check out their website if you are looking for any new Mercedes So with that all said, let’s see if this is the Mercedes crossover to get So starting things off here with the exterior styling any similarities It shares under the skin to other Mercedes models is certainly not reflected in the way. It looks Besides for the flagship G Wagon This is the only Benz that could be characterized as boxing which is seen particularly in the very upright grille design This is the standard front end but there is also an AMG line package offered which Substantially changes not just the grille, but also the lower bumper areas However, as far as the headlights their design stays the same no matter which model you choose as You can tell these are fully LED headlights and for $900 you can add adaptive abilities and auto dimming Standard models also have fog lights. But the AMG line does without them As far as the rest of the styling you can really tell just how squared off things are especially in the sight profile now dimensionally this is sized much closer to the GLC than the GLA since it’s only 1.7 inches shorter though something about the styling does make it look smaller than it actually is and Then around back it is pretty rugged to look at with black cladding a large rear window and LED tail lights that set low down on the body And then finally at the bottom you do have a chrome piece with two integrated exhaust outlets So all in all the styling of this GLB will not be everybody’s cup of tea But that’s exactly the point It is designed to appeal to a different person than the GLA, which is something I think will be successful at doing And moving on to the wheels there are quite a few options as you’d expect You can probably tell that these are the base 18-inch alloys but there are also three 19’s options and two 20-inch options available Heading up to the mirrors they are always heated but power folding and auto-dimming are part of the premium package Additionally blind spot monitoring is further available for five hundred and fifty dollars Now in regards to the other safety systems Mercedes does also throw an automatic forward emergency braking with pedestrian detection as standard equipment and Then choosing the drivers assistance package will give you active Lane Keeping Assist Evasive steering assist and active BSM as well as the advanced adaptive cruise control system called active distance Assist Distronic But anyways guys that’s all there is to look at here on the outside So now let’s go ahead and see how much space and luxury is inside the cabin before we take it out for a test drive So on the new GLB you do have mercedes latest key fobs however You are going to have to pay extra if you want the smart entry system as far as remote start that is include a standard For three years via the mercedes meaning application Now of course stick it inside the actual vehicle So if all you have to do is just grab the handle since there is a sensor And your ears will electrically fold out as well All right, so taking a look here inside this brand new GLB

You’re gonna notice there is some family influence from that new a-class and CLA that were introduced earlier in the year Now talking about your color and material options. You do have quite a few since this is a Mercedes after all So what you’re going to start out with is the in VTech synthetic leather, that’s what we have here. That’s it and of course a standard You’ve got the option of black or macchiato colour schemes and then we go for the AMG line You can choose between never gray or black with dynamic inserts You also have the option of real leather That comes in some different color So you have black and Bahia Brown and then the AMG line has two-tone black and red or titanium grey And then finally in regards to your different trims You have the spiral look trim or carbon structure trim standard and then optional wood two different varieties Now turning over here to your dorm it is very nicely appointed especially since this is the base glv We have leatherette that goes all through here as well as across the upper part with the double stitching detail. So it looks pretty nice Here we have some of that standard wood trim or excuse me. Standard spiral look trim And then as far as our seats here, this is the 12 wave power adjusting seat with three person memory seating That is of course standard equipment You also notice we have seat heating that’s available for a little under six hundred dollars and you can also add seat ventilation as well Where your windows are one touch automatic We come over here to the seat itself, like I said, this is the mb-tex synthetic leather Does have a nice look you also notice you have your lumbar support as well as a manual thigh extension? Now beyond the door trim as far as the rest of the material quality you have a pretty good selection Even though this is considered an entry level bins So across your upper dash here. This is all going to be finished and a soft touch plastic You’ve got some more of this nice-looking trim. You also have a piece of I guess imitation aluminum, but it looks very very realistic Altar here is piano black trim And then your heart touch plastics, there are some down through here. But like I said, they’re reserved for all the lower areas So you don’t really touch all that often? And everything does fit together very well Of course you do have standard push-button start And when you start up here you’re going to notice Not one, but two displays now these two displays are part of your brand new MB UX system. Just like in the a-class So what you have standard is two seven inch displays, but if you go for the premium package, which our model does have Both of these displays get upgraded to ten point two five inches to make this very nice long looking seamless looking display Now focusing on the gauges here exclusively This is the latest version So what you do is just control with this little touch sensitive pad and all three of these sectors. Here are fully customizable So you can just swipe through and as you can see, you’ve got a ton of different things you can put into each section, basically Even swipe over here and change different display modes, like for instance now we are in a full-screen mode kind of futuristic looking So like I said in past Mercedes with this system, this is one of the very best Reconfigurable gauge clusters in the business because there’s just so many different options Now you could also get a head-up display. But on this lower end model, we do not have it Now coming back to your steering really do have electric power assisted steering and all models will come with a leather wrap steering wheel As you can see you do have like I said, they touch sensitive buttons Up here for this side and then these are for the other display We also do have standard rain sensing wipers on every model And the steering wheel itself is manually tilt and telescoping heating is available as a two hundred and fifty dollars standalone option Now as far as the shifter just like every Mercedes model you’ve got the column-mounted shifter So for drive you just push down As you can see we do have paddle shifters. These are standard across the board And then for reverse you just push up the opposite direction Now in this specific model here we do have the regular back up camera with active trajectory however, if you go for the driving assistance package

You’ll have a 360-degree camera system as well as the ability to automatically park in both vertical and parallel parking spots and for park just press the P and There is an electronic parking brake right over here Now kind of related to that shifter is the amount of storage you have here in this vehicle because It’s out of the way. So it frees up all this area in the center console So we’ll start out just right underneath here as you can see. This is quite large It goes down a really decent amount of space there and it is felt lined There is one USB port inside of it as well Up in front of that. You kind of have some blank space if you have your cup holders right here And then you have a really large bin up here in the front. This is also very deep. It has nice rubberized material right there So things won’t slide around and then you’ve got a 12-volt outlet as well as your second USB type-c port Wireless charging is also available as a standalone option All right, so heading back here this is your MB UX controller one of these several ways you can control the system What I’ll focus on is not that but our audio controls right over here now On standard on the base model, which is what we have here is a pretty much an unspecified Sound system. They don’t really go into the details about it. But you also have the ability to get a 590 what twelve speaker BER mister sound system if you want to have a more powerful system But let’s go ahead and sample this standard version So overall, I have to say sound quality of this system is very good certainly doesn’t sound basic or anything like that All right, so now we’ll go ahead and roll on up here to our dual zone automatic climate control system This of course is very simple. It looks pretty much identical to what we saw on the a-class So you just adjust your temperature with this toggle right there and it does appear if they’re on the display Most of the controls are located physically here However, there are a few that you’ll have to press the menu button for and that’s where it will all come up here digitally So you can make adjustments up here if you prefer to do that for whatever reason Now this model here does not have the advanced ambient lighting with 64 colors, but if you did have that Of course, you’d having ambient lighting all around the cabin, but the coolest trick would be that these vents would be lighted as well So when you adjusted the temperature to be hotter, they would glow red and colder if they would glow blue All right, so now that brings us up here to our ten point two five inch main MBU X display So we’ll go ahead and take a look through a few of the features now we’ll be Super detailed about it in this video because we will have a dedicated tech help video Available if you want to learn more about the system and a link to that is going to be in the video description But basically this is just the all-new system You have brand new graphics everything about this system is brand new Like I mentioned a big thing about it is it’s a touch display You can control on the steering wheel the touchpad or via some really really good AI voice commands what I mean by AI is you can just talk to it with phrases like your hey Mercedes that’s the launch phrase and Then it will respond to different types of queries that you ask it in natural language Of course, you do have standard apple carplay and android auto both onboard On this particular model, we’re missing navigation. That’s part of a additional package the multimedia package But when you select the optional navigation system, you will get the augmented reality navigation Which as we’ve shown you and a few other Mercedes models basically it just shows you a live camera feed of what you’re looking at out in the street and then overlays the Instructions right on to it different arrows and street numbers and things like that very very neat. Very handy system Now coming on up here We do have the optional auto dimming mirror you could do also have optional garage door openers, which we do not have And then looking up here you’ll actually notice we are missing a moonroof There is no standard sized moonroof offered so you go straight to a panoramic option available for $1,500

But anyways guys that is going to conclude all of the front areas here in this all-new GLB So now go ahead and hand it off to Mason who will check out the back seats So checking out the new GL B’s rear door trim surprisingly you are going to have materials that do follow through from the front So all this area is leather padded and even the upper portion is also a soft touch leather route with stitching going through Down below that you have your door handle as well as a large amount of drawer storage. I Do want to point out before I get in that the seats can slide back and forth Now here in the center area even though this is a cheaper mercedes-benz product they don’t really skimp on the features So all GL B’s will come with a rear vents as standard equipment Down below that you have this little storage compartment and further below that you will find these pop-out outlets So you have a 115 volt household stock outlet back here as well as two USB type C’s And here in the center area You have any their traditional armrest with pop-out cupholders in the end And up top, of course you do have an assist crypt as well as a cookbook Now as far as the rear legroom is concerned in this new GLB This is one of the areas that I’m actually very impressed with it actually comes in larger than the Mercedes GLC at 38 inches of rear legroom and 39 inches of rear headroom Which is quite a bit larger than its main rivals like the Audi q3 It’s actually about 2 inches larger than that And as you can see behind Dru sitting position I have about I would say 10 inches of rear legroom and my feet definitely don’t have any issues sliding up under the seat. So I’m definitely very comfortable back here Now one of the things that I that is very unique about this car is that you can actually get a third row option As you can tell this particular model does not have that third row option However, if you do get that, I would expect the third row to have a pretty small amount of space. It’s rated at 29 inches And also it’s worth noting that if you get that third row, the second row is reduced by two inches as well Now heading around to the tailgate a power one is standard across all GL B’s And it’s also hands-free if you opt for the premium package So all you have to do is wait for it under the bumper to open it up And once inside the gops trunk you are going to find a surprisingly good amount of space you’re going to find 24 cubic feet of space behind the second row seats and that expands to 57 cubic feet if you fold the segment row now how that compares to other mercedes-benz models That’s right in line with the GLC and quite a bit above its main rivals once again however, if you opt for the third row option It is worth noting that you’re gonna have five cubic feet of space If behind that third row, if you go for that option and down below we do have a good carpeted floor board As you can see it pops up and you do have quite a bit of storage up under here I don’t know how much of this will be usable because it doesn’t look like there’s a floor But it does have quite a bit of smoke And off to the side you do have a little cup cubby over here as well as a cargo cover and some lighting Now looking at the passenger seat you do have your lumbar support right here and you do also have your standard 12 Y power adjusting seats right here as you can see Memory seats are also thrown in standard across the board as well And in front of the passenger you have this nice little area right here

Down below that a really quite large a glove box. I’m very impressed It goes back quite deep ways and it is also felt lined as well as illuminated And up top we do have a Sun Visor with LED illumination a mirror And it does also detach. However, it does not have an extension But anyway guys that sums up all of the rear stuff about the new glv So now let’s go ahead and take it out in the road and see how it performs there Now before we really get started here I just want to go ahead and apologize we’re having some technical Difficulties today, so we’re down to only one GoPro. And as you guys know from earlier in the video, we don’t have a moonroof So that’s why you could just kind of looking at the angle directly on us. We normally don’t Like to do that really we want to keep it facing out the windshield, but that’s not an option today who our faces Yeah, you get to get to look at our face today unfortunately Alright so that was our basically first acceleration here and the 2020 glb Idea why I keep getting focused I never get any phone calls. I just keep getting repeated over and over phone calls from different numbers anyway As I’m trying to say, this is just everything’s going bad today Acceleration is definitely pretty good. It really has a more scoot than I thought it was going to This engine is shared with the CLA, it’s actually a different version than our American version of the a-class so it is more powerful than that now as far as the actual numbers themselves looking at 221 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque from a 2 liter turbocharged four-cylinder and It is worth noting that the GLB 35 AMG will be coming that’s said to have 302 horsepower, but that’s not out right now yeah, there will be a 2021 and that would be at the end of next year. So you have a full year if that’s tomorrow wait out wait for And just kind of Cruising down the road. We’re going around 45 miles an hour This is where I kind of imagine most gops will end up being kind of in the city. Just kind of a little city car And you know, it does handle it very well. You know, I’m going to say that the ride quality It does feel pretty distinctly different than most mercedes-benz is still smooth and still quiet I just does have a little bit more of a rugged feel as you would expect from the outside styling But it still is very comfortable in here So that was our auto start/stop system just now engaging and in typical Mercedes fashion It’s it’s excellent. If refire is really fast really smooth. I Say I think Mercedes generally is best at the business Now as far as the transmission unlike a lot of the things in this vehicle that are shared with a class and CLA and the other compact models this actually Uses an 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission versus the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and the SIP dance One thing I haven’t discussed yet is the steering setup When you’re going low speeds is extremely light like in the parking lot you could turn the wheel with just one finger Once you get up to speed though, it does tighten down and as you can see it’s very fast responding So it does feel nice while you’re up to speed And like I said, it is very maneuverable in parking lots as well. Overall it, you know, it’s certainly light Matches with the theme of this, you know, like Mason says this is kind of going around the city Crossover, you know even though it’s boxy and square It’s not really an off-road type of vehicle. It’s more of just something that’s going to look rugged So you have real light steering a super tight turning circle you can turn around in just about any amount of space So that’s certainly very nice for having a compact crossover in the city

You know and with that another thing that might be really important to you for that type of Vehicle is fuel economy. And this car does very well with that So for the two gia the GLB 250 front-wheel drive, you’re going to be looking at 23 City 30 highway 26 combined And then for the oh-oh wheel drive model that’s actually gonna have a little bit of an increase in fuel economy So it’s gonna be 23 City 31 highway 26 combined So, you know, there’s no penalty for the all-wheel drive and that’s also a pretty good fuel economy to start with this time So overall a lot of you guys might be wondering you know, why why is the GLB exist You know, I was wondering the same thing myself But after driving it, I think I understand Basically Where the GLA is? Kind of the very urban looking vehicle, you know It’s going to be very sleek and appeal to people that like that type of design this pairs The driving dynamics the compact footprint the really good urban You know package, but with kind of a more rugged more masculine a little bit of cooler looking styling You know So that’s basically why it exists is just because we live in this landscape Now where crossovers are king and in the same way that mercedes has spent past all these past years You know getting filling out every little niche of you know sedans We’re kind of seeing the same thing happen here. We’re now gonna have a crossover for every type of taste and this is their crossover here for You know ultimate urban performance while still having a rugged design All righty, so you might be curious as to how this new GLB is positioned in a Mercedes lineup price-wise And I’m going to tell you it’s between the GLA and the GLC as you would Guess from the name So for the gob 250 front-wheel drive that’s going to start at thirty six thousand six hundred dollars And then you have this one here, which is the GLB 250 4matic for a thirty-eight thousand six hundred dollars now at the beginning of the production run it does seem like Mercedes is shipping out the more basic GL B’s so that’s what we have here We only have a few options so we have the Blind Spot Assist for 550 bucks as well as heated front seats for 580 and the Premium Package for $1,650 and then all told once you add the 995 destination charge this particular model as equipped comes in at forty two thousand three hundred and seventy-five dollars Which is definitely not a bad price point you are getting a Mercedes SUV With you know, it is on the more basic end We don’t have a moonroof, but you are getting you know, the shell and a really premium environment and it is worth noting that if you want to go for a higher-end model the GLB does top out around Sixty thousand and that can give you all of the goodies if you want to go that Well, Desmond enjoyed watching the first in-depth look at the all-new 2020 mercedes-benz gob We really appreciate you watching and be sure to hit those like and subscribe buttons if you haven’t already and we’ll catch you next time Is a sample more of the latest automotive delicacies?