Pokémon Emerald Version – Episode 02 | Oh Joy!

hey everybody and welcome back to let’s play pokemon emerald version I’m Zelda master 2010 and this episode we’re gonna be starting off our Pokemon adventure yes previous episode we started it off by getting our first Pokemon which is hot-wing I’ll go ahead and show it off else we got a pokedex from Professor birch yes I didn’t say this time yay and it’s so far level 7 so let’s go ahead and continue on and yeah start an adventure basically so ah crap okay that’s out of the way yeah hopefully yeah okay we didn’t find it out of the Pokemon let’s go ahead and heal first because well I’m kind of low on health well not me exactly but kind of me we’re talking about another thing cuz when I say I I mean the main character of the game but I can do that now I’m gonna have to say my Pokemon yes hot-wing which is missing an S but I don’t care so you’re on route 102 let’s go ahead and fight well our first real trainer may wasn’t a trainer it was pretty easy so if you have Pokemon with you then you’re an official pokemon trainer you can’t say no to my challenge Oh No let’s go ahead and battle our first trainer now almost like I’m gonna be fast-forwarding through most of these but I guess for the first couple trainers you know why not let’s go ahead and fight oh you have this Poochyena level 5 well art heart Wings will take it out easily so I’m just going to scratch yeah you’re like it’s gonna be all an epic battle you go do scratch you know look oh you know you stupid Pokemon yeah but yeah um it shouldn’t be too hard to since we’re level a and there’s nothing special about Poochyena right now so yeah I’ll also should’ve have trained mine more yeah go he’ll go just go kill more helpless pokemons in the grass so your other Pokemon it can become stronger so anyways here is as you could tell he’s dressed quite different this is a specific type of train instead of being a casual trainer it’s a bug catcher trainer his name is Rick I don’t know why they give him names even though we’re never gonna remember them but anyways Rick sends out a warm poll and now this would be a good chance for us to take out this Pokemon with ease if we knew a fire-type attack but we don’t so we’re just going to scratch you know normally and yeah we’re doing fine I mean it would double his level so there’s really no tactic right now no strategy and Kel well hopefully now we don’t we don’t learn anything I was really hoping I’d learn here’s another one Wow I’ll tell you this these bug catchers I know you may think that are creative trying to catch bugs you know trying to learn about him but they’re not in like to worm folds nothing else could have got me something else you know but now he just throws that again whatever anyway so yeah it was good we we trained a little bit from the him and we got some money yeah otherwise it’s gonna continue on so he’s a little kid he’ll it’s gonna take him I don’t know if they’re I’m not very tall so I sink right into the grass the grass goes up to my nose and that’s like you Oh he sneezed dad’s kid not really he sneezed on my face anyways um let’s go ahead and head here oh no another trainer battle did you just become a trainer for both beginners all right here we go and there we go we’re level 10 here and we learned ember yeah that’s the move that we’re gonna be using against grass type Pokemon so there we go I guess I won even though I was the beginner and I’m already level 10 that’s yeah I guess I’m overpowering my Pokemon or maybe it’s fine for now so anyways here we’re gonna pick up these Oran berries and basically we picked up two now the smart thing to do here and I’m only gonna do this once because I know I’m never gonna head back here but what you’d want to do if you plan on heading back here and see this soft soil you want to go ahead and replant one of them that way you get one for yourself and one gets a plant that can make two again so that will be helpful and here are two peachy berries we can go and pick these up and I’m gonna do the same thing I’m just gonna plant one and then keep the other one with me but for other types of berries I find I’m gonna keep it for myself because you know it’s better off keeping it cells gonna implant one and

there we go now I’ll show you what no no wait alright it’s planted here now when we head inside my bag and Sue’s on very would be really good to use for my hot wings it with it and it will eat it you can I could give it to it and it will eat automatically when it’s about to die other than I’m swimming it does thus with the berries you’re so anyways here’s another battle so I’m I’m going to keep winning and aim to be the best trainer help me help me further my succeed help me further to my career okay hello there trainer he has two Pokemon and the first ones executing now I’ll show you how helpful ember is even if you’re fighting a non you know pokemon that doesn’t get affected by that move whatever I’m gonna do Ember here and overall the attack is stronger than scratch he acts I was like the first thing freaking hot wings knew so yeah we’re just gonna go ahead and do scada here is where amber comes in handy because if I go ahead and do it now it should be super effective there you go so that does that because it had a weakness to fire and we gained 55 experience now most likely I’d want to catch my second pokémon I might need help on that but I do have an idea for at least my second one but for the other four I’m gonna need help on catching those so that’s when you guys come in like that’s where you guys come in and tell me like what’s good because I’m not a repetitive Pokemon balanar I every single Pokemon run I just kept my main Pokemon and you should overpowered it it was hard at times but overall it was finds here on pill burg city we saw the news here now it’s the end of the news in the previous episode and here’s a gem let’s go ahead inside so hello father is dead huh well if it isn’t Luke so you finished moving in I’m surprised that you managed to get here by yourself oh I see it was your will your what’s your Pokemon hmm then I guess you’re going to become a trainer like me Luke that’s great news I’ll be looking forward to it um I I’d like to get a Pokemon please mmm you’re alright you’re wall-e right I’m going to stay with my relatives in frankerz coun I decided to be lonely by myself so I wanted you can’t get punky mine along I never tired of Pokemon before I don’t know how my see Luke you heard that right go with Wally and make sure that he catches a Pokemon Wally here I’ll loan you my Pokemon and he gave him a Zigzagoon oh wow pumpkin miner you should give it to him I guess they automatically listen to whoever they’re wit but alright anyways go ahead and follow Wally and basically walls gonna catch a Pokemon this is basically the way to hide the fact that they’re gonna teach you to catch a Pokemon so anyways alright so in tall grass and hopefully we’ll find a plug on whoa watch this it is a Ralts now this book was actually kind of rare to find here but luckily while he got to find it and he’s gonna use a Zigzagoon so yeah basically our dad who never gave us a Pokemon we got a Pokemon level 5 from the freaking professor he gives his read this random kid a level 7 zigzag oh and honestly I still think our pokemons a lot better but still I mean you could’ve gave us a Pokemon – dad you know but whatever so are you kidding me they’re putting a mist and the frickin is it random every time I don’t remember it missing before like I remember him just turning the Pokemon tell that’s enough come back Oh normally in a Pokemon battle to catch a Pokemon when you come to throw a Pokeball you wouldn’t put your Pokemon back because you could still get killed by it so yeah the Pokemon would still stay out and don’t use a pokeball so luckily I had one pokeball now as you can tell yes it’s gonna catch it because it’s only one pokeball and trust me they’re not gonna waste that much time so anyways there we go congratulation wall-e you catched a Ralts hopefully that helps you out later on in your Pokemon adventures and you got our dad’s dog it’s the executive it’s like right now I’m gonna call him ruff ruff yeah the sound that they make anyways so you got a Pokemon congratulations and I like my Pokemon better than yours dad no offense I bet I can beat you if we battled now Luke if you are gonna have a strong trainer he my advice Petrus borough city beyond

this town there you should challenge the gym leader Roxanne after her go on to the pokémon gyms and defeat their leaders collect all the badges from them understood of course I’m a gym leader ko will battle one day Luke but that’s only after you become stronger all right I still think I can meet you I don’t care God all right anyways let’s go ahead and guess I’ll healing right now so I’m here in my Pokemon okay goodbye and as you can tell you can’t run in indoors so yeah here is basically a city that has more than just two houses so um here’s a little kid he’s looking at his reflection my face is reflected in the water it’s a shining drain full of hope or it could be a look of a somber silence struggling with fear what do you see reflect in your face I see my head stretching two pixels wide is that good no all right whatever it’s happening to YouTube’s I don’t care anyways um yeah so let’s go ahead and when we tried to head out you’ll find this dude with the glasses excuse me let me guess from the way you’re dressed you’re a pokemon trainer hmm well maybe not your clothes aren’t er that dirty you’re either a rookie trainer or you’re maybe just an ordinary kid I’m roaming the land in search of talent and trainers I’m sorry to have taken your time yeah you sure did and I’m a good trainer you God whatever I know just go ahead and continue on in route 104 we’ll find more trainers and things yeah yeah so as you could tell this kid running now you can see his foot steps were here son you can stand here and surprise let’s battle yeah surprise battle this who wouldn’t want that anyways um Lulu I had a battle this young kid it’s a youngster his name is billing he’s seeking a battle with two Zigzagoon yeah that sounds like a lot of fun doesn’t it and I’m just gonna use ember now here in this actually route I am gonna catch my secondary pokemon and hopefully train it a little bit because I don’t want to just use hot wing because that isn’t good anyways hot wing is upgraded itself to a level 11 awesomeness and here’s a seedot now if you go ahead and use burn on it well you can see here that was super effective to those either grass bug or what else could be super perfect ice physics tell that that wasn’t even near to ice but you know basically fire is super effective to those types you know their weaknesses fire and they always have other weaknesses but you know you get what I mean so anyways um yeah that does that I’m gonna go ahead and check in the grass and hopefully find my Pokemon I’m looking for so no that’s not it at all oh my god it’s a Merrill but I don’t need it so yeah it’s a good water type Pokemon it will be useful but I don’t need it now and I don’t see a point of catching it so we’re gonna run I just want to show it off cuz so cool yeah those keep running in the grass and hopefully we’ll find as you can tell it is random to find the Pokemon you’re looking for oh my god and there we go we found a tally whoa yes and that is the Pokemon I want it actually took quite a while I guess it’s somewhat rare now what I don’t want to do is attack it so we’re just gonna have to use a pokeball just right on it without getting it too low HP reason being is because we could kill anyone hit yes because my hot wings overpowered these wild Pokemon so hopefully we catch Oh No damn it we didn’t get it and if using focus energy it’s mad and wants to attack us luckily we have more than just one pokeball we have four pokeballs oh well four more chances to go so here we go forget it you just should be easy while this one’s stubborn makes you really stubborn holy crap a critical hit Wow I mean even lose 10 HP then again it’s really weak come on don’t be a douche tell you what I think we got it oh yeah we got it and there we go our tally tally low I gotta stop calling it tally well I don’t know why I do that but yeah we caught it and now it’s in our pokedex is our first pokemon rakaat cuz all done we got four phrases go ahead nickname it I am gonna call it I am gonna call it well this is not gonna be creative either cuz I am just not creatable I’m gonna call

it Cali Cali oh it is a pirate’s third yeah yeah okay that’s all I could come up with so anyways now we can actually train it by switching it and here I’ll show you guys in a unique way to train let me just encounter a what’s it called a random trainer we can battle so this should be a trainer hello we must have we must have been fated we must have been fated to meet may I ask you for a battle okay kind of weird how you introduce yourself like that but all right here we go we’re gonna in battle lady Cindy she would like to battle and she sends out her Zigzagoon and her dog go Tallyho I’m gonna love saying this I swear yeah now we can go ahead and you should pack it but as you can tell Zig Ziglar wins level seven now let’s say you’re fighting over powered pokemon compared to yours and you have like an overpowered one so you like your fresh is starting a new pokemon that’s like level five right now you can go ahead to your Pokemon and switch now that will cause your Pokemon that you switch to to get some damage but it doesn’t matter because most likely should be strong enough for it can take it out Lee so that’s how yeah basically train like this when your Pokemon strong enough to take its so as you can tell right now I’m not fighting with Tallyho but it’s gonna take half of the experience that’s given to hot-wing in Toledo because basically they both fought together and there you go grew a full level up to level 6 it’s a basically smart way to do it enemy grew up 45 all goes well for 45 XP not levels that’ll be freakin crazy but alright and we got a good amount of money um each Shepard trainer gives you a unique amount so let’s go ahead and grab some more on batteries that’d be good for our connection and put it on a bag okay and we’re gonna grab some more beachy berries we found these earlier am I gonna have plant em so yeah anyways I’m gonna head to the Pokemon Center I know no no no no I don’t want to play anything I’m gonna head to the Pokemon Center and held my Pokemon so I’ll meet you guys in a second alright so I’m back from petalburg city and healed my Pokemon so let’s go ahead and continue our adventure now if you head over here you’ll find this guy over here to see huh I wonder what it’s like at the bottom of the sea he’s not a trainer but you go ahead and talk to him I fixed up a tough-looking Pokemon it has a magical quality to it it surely looks tough yes it does alright let’s see this tough Pokemon that you fixed up for all Fisher man it’s the Fisher man his name is Dorian and he has a Magikarp yes you should know about Magikarp it basically does nothing so all these teddy ho and you should tack it and even if it takes a while to take it out it’s just gonna be doing splash because the problem with Magikarp is it only knows splash and has evolved to learn another move and they evolved to a pretty scary Pokemon I’ll tell you that and it’s a really strong and good one but for now it’s like there’s no point fight with it because it’s almost gonna splash its punch has no effect to it just look likes watching in the water I imagine like a fish moving around like that yeah not much to it I should see it should be super effective if there’s a type called fish-like against fly that’d be actually really funny because you know they do eat fish so yeah it’s not really funny when you say it and we didn’t get a lot of experience from this Magikarp even though it was level mine because like I said I don’t really mentioned I said for trainers they give you specific amount of money same goes for Pokemon depends on what the Pokemon is and it will give you a you know a certain amount of experience it’s like put one’s really tough it will give you a lot of experience even if you like its level 50 and you’re fighting level 100 Magikarp you’re getting get much more experience in the level 51 because it’s stronger type of Pokemon so anyways let’s go ahead and head inside here it seems like a Deepwoods and what is this this is the petalburg woods so um yeah thank you good Pokemon for tallyho to train as well reason being and screen and white I’m hoping it’s a rare Pokemon uh nope it’s not it’s just a poach in abut reason being is because there’s a lot of bug Pokemon and yet bug to flies it’s basically bugs weaknesses can is fly it’s one of its weaknesses so it’s a good thing it looks like a sci-fi character I don’t know why basic you can’t really tell how they really look from their small marshmallow sprite animations but honestly it does so if you head down here we should actually find I think a pokeball yeah I never understood why they put this I was always hoping for something more special

like a rare candy if those of you don’t know where Newark any is you’ll figure out later on in the game so anyways let’s head back to petalburg woods and um continue our adventure so here we go this would also be a really good place for Torchic so anyways as I’m saying it’d be a great place for Torchic to Train as well because it’s filled with bug type Pokemon and their weakness is also firing you’ll always find bug type with grass you know you don’t you find – a bug type so anyway he’s just going to fight this bug catcher and as you tell us for Pokemon yeah that seems really exciting I bet it’s like a variety right so let’s go ahead and use Peck you know bring on your Pokemon you know I was level 3 you’re most likely with trainers have a lot of Pokemon their levels aren’t the same as most other trainers in that area is because they have more Pokemon it is harder to get through you know all the same level died be really hard but I mean not like is the same level for him as in the same level for the group of trainers if that makes sense and yeah as you can tell he’s not so creative he’s just using the same Pokemon on and on he’s caught duplicates of it and we learned quick attack they’d be really helpful move but it’s a normal type of so better off not use it it’s gonna take out hot wings now we’ll take out the second two Pokemon he has to offer and obviously as you can tell it has another Wurmple yeah there’s so much excitement in this area believe it or not it’s just ridiculous and they’ll just keep fighting him there’s no repetitive battling if you fight wild Pokemon if you keep running then this might be a small struggle because you’d be like level 6 from Mays battle they’re like she do fight a lot of Pokemon this is basically way out of the zone you you have to be overpowered because you would fight trainers as well so that’s a good thing you know they just gave you some kind of waste of time pokemon trainer it’s okay we got we leveled up so that’s a good thing anyways goodbye bug catcher you weren’t helpful you can tell you ain’t barely gives us any money get prepared to like the lady trainers so and by late I mean like gather lady you know Sara whatever that’s not really like a lady name but I don’t know you know just like rich people yeah makes sense oh hey how’s it going there what he doing hmm not a one to be found hello have you seen any Pokemon called true Shroomish around here I really loved that Pokemon I was going to ambush you but you had a doddle and petalburg woods forever Nenshi Oh I got sick of weddings so here I am you give on researcher hand over those papers honey you’re a pokemon trainer are you you’ve got to help me please huh what do you think you’re going to deal with what are you going to protect him no one who crosses tema who gets any mercy not even you kid coming back to me all right here we go a Team Aqua battle later on you’re gonna know about them and basically the rough tough grunt who just won a battle yes basically we’re gonna have a show off with battling yeah so you’re not gonna be like he’s a man right so you can beat me up and realize but he can’t do anything cuz we fight with Pokemon it’s kind of weird how that works I mean if you’re stronger most likely you take it but you know you get it you know I’m not gonna over explain and just ask what happens this is gonna keep doing Howell have his attack go hiatus we could yeah we just lost half of her house and we killed him with Tallyho even though we were one level lower and yeah there we go we got a lot of experience nice anyways so the player of the team octoprint has been defeated you’re kidding me you’re tough and he gives us barely any money but it’s okay oh you’ve got some nerve meddling with Team Aqua come and battle me again I wish I could say that but I’m out of Pokemon and hey we off-key McCoy also after something in rustboro I’ll let you go today yeah totally I’m gonna beat yo ass all right whew that was awfully close thanks you he didn’t rob me for these important papers and I’ll give you great ballast tanks and we obtained a great ball to put it away this great ball will be an easier way to catch pokemon um basically it’s just stronger than the pokeball and we’ll have a better chance on catching a pokemon now we’re not gonna get for

these specific pokemon because they’re not too rare so yell there you’re catching poke your Pokemon are doing okay if your pokémon are weak you and you want to avoid battles you should stay out of tall grass all right sounds good you can still run alright so anyways I am gonna fast forward through this because I’m not looking for another bug trainer so yeah here we go all right there we go that was a fun battle now wasn’t it I’m Susan spoke well we got a nether and we’ll see what that does in its second let’s just go ahead and head out of here I’ll find small trees that can looks like it could be cut down I’m like these ones which they all should be able to cut down and click small mushrooms or something I don’t know maze head out of petal Birds forests and woods whatever and however to route 104 so as you can see here there are some more small berries we can go ahead and collect for a collection and we’ll use it if some will be like potions for our Pokemon some will be things that will help our Pokemon like our status for our Pokemon like it’ll say its stats not status um like you’ll say it’s poison or something we haven’t seen that yet but you’ll see it later on anyways um I guess that’s it for this episode so I’ve been Zelda masters 2010 thanks for watching on Spike Pokemon emerald virgin and I’ll see you guys in the next episode good bye