Pokémon Glazed Legendaries | Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem and Victini!

what’s up guys and welcome back to Pokemon glazed I didn’t think I’d ever be saying that again and I’m the one that makes the videos so what does that have to say about me I don’t know I’m freaking crazy welcome back everybody today we’re going to be starting off a side series for this game Pokemon glaze which for those of you that have not seen my original play theater of this game go check it out first of all but I mean if you don’t really want to this was a very long running Pokemon hack that I did and it is one of my favorite if not my favorite because it’s the one I’ve recently played I guess so definitely in my top three overall favorite pokemon hacks ever and there are a ton of Legendary’s that we can actually get in this game in fact almost every single one of them up to the fifth generation so I decided since bolt lightness lock was very short-lived and yes I did lose the Nuzlocke I lost every single Pokemon I blacked out which means technically I lost and I’m not sure if I’m gonna bring it back at least for now I decided you know let’s do something different let’s bring back glazed at least until I figure out exactly what I want to do next it really sucks that I can’t run in this game because ever since the johto region or I updated one of my patches my B button broke in this game so I can’t run I do have the bicycle however which is kind of cool but I don’t like the bike music that much for this game I guess that it’s the Emerald music so maybe I’m hating a little bit on Emerald which is not very like me because I love emerald man I love ruby sapphire and emerald all right I need a flying Pokemon I don’t remember the layout of this game and there’s no map around but I’m pretty sure we go this way and I should probably also spray repel good thing the repels are literally right there anyway I decided I should do this just like I said to have a little bit of breathing room and think about what it is I want to do next what a lot of people suggested I do actually is go through both white again do a completely new nose lock up to a Norris gym and hopefully not lose as many pokemons hopefully also keep banana alive by the way this is where banana originated banana the Snivy it came from Lana banana this one so that’s kind of cool anyway I’m going to go ahead and deposit some Pokemon and also pick some back up I’ve already got it all planned out so no need to worry the return of Simba 2014 is now going to be gone again so it’s the return to returning of Simba and we’re actually going to pick up some other guys I want this exp share though I’m not sure why but I’m gonna put it on chippendale that’s right the return of I don’t know I’m gonna rename this guy though basically we are going to take destino back into our own hands you can interpret that however you want and also Jesus cuz I mean what’s wrong with having Jesus on your side you know anyway destino is gonna be returning I don’t know where the name Reiter is in this game I think it’s in North Coast town and we’re probably gonna be going there later on in this episode so it’s okay for now though we gotta get that fly hm on Jesus because you know Jesus fly that’s the historical fact and well this is actually my cousin hey-zeus not jesus the father figure of Christianity I mean it could be Jesus bird I think that’s why I named it that because of twitchplayspokemon but you know that makes a little too much sense so we’re just gonna say he’s my cousin hey-zeus the bird my cousin is literally a bird hi Jesus fly us to infinity and beyond and to our destiny which is actually going to be buying potions or sorry pokeballs first so we’re going to see pretty spray town as I’m spraying my spit all over that’s kind of gross actually but out yeah anyway for those of you that are new I don’t know if there’s that many of you but my videos have definitely been every day basically I gained a ton more subscribers so I always assume that there’s new viewers of social for those of you that haven’t seen this series before this region is very very big basically you go through an entirely new region that the creator of this game made why am I even going up I can just literally buy 99 of them let’s do that let’s go completely bankrupt buying ultra balls because we’re going to be catching legendaries man there’s going to be a lot of them but yeah there was an entirely new region which is this one that we’re in now then after you beat that Elite Four there was the entire Johto region re skinned with some new areas and then after that there was an entire other like kind of seve island-style quest with a couple of islands and its own pokemon league as well so there are almost two and a half regions I say three because catching all of these Legendary’s is kind of part of it as well but now that we have some ultra balls I guess we can start out by actually I don’t know what this area over here is I don’t think I ever explored this so he’ll straight there’s a lot of little islands everywhere trainer Isle I don’t think I ever went to that serenity we definitely went to but look at all of these little areas you know what we’re already here so let’s just head to this area oh my god

plants are in my way I don’t like it when plants get in my way you know what they say when plants get in your way use that tea or hm one yeah I don’t that could have been better but I’m not very good at coming up with these uh things swag Yolo 4/20 yeah alright so it looks like there’s not much this way there’s a lighthouse look at that or I guess it’s just a little Tower but I’ve never been here so I don’t know exactly what we’re going to find but you know we’ll probably run into a legend oh my gosh oh okay oh I guess that can happen you can just literally go through the sand I didn’t know Goldeen was Garchomp you know the sand shark or I guess in this case is the sand goldfish this Goldeen supposed to be a goldfish because it doesn’t really look like one looks more like a koi fish doesn’t it I don’t know what is that what is talking my Kindle just started talking on its own and I really don’t know why but that really scared me I thought you know y2k is coming back technology is taking over I was a little scary anyway here so heels house whoo so heal is I don’t know but he he has Healy’s so heal hey people don’t usually come to visit me not many people know it but I am an elite for in a different league really more elite for and more champions and more gym leaders as if this game didn’t have enough of them I’m pretty sure throughout this entire journey through blaze we’ve battled 21 different gym leaders and at least three champions so you know another one get hurt right let’s battle so he’ll also don’t know what level he’s gonna be at so we might be in for a little trouble but I mean my guys are very very strong the last league that we took on was actually ranked or that was the one with the little islands and stuff so yeah it was it was a pretty tough one I trained a lot and so our guys are actually at level 75 at least laser gator this dragon is only 50 so I think we’ll be okay I’m pretty sure we’ll be fine also I have the exp share on chippendale who’s gonna be gaining some levels they’re not sure why I did that but I guess you know if we want destino to come back it’s Destiny’s Child I guess it’s destinos child isn’t it alright I said I was gonna catch legendaries I don’t know what I’m doing right now honestly but you know what we’ll get to Reshiram Zekrom and the other guy at some point and for those of you watching this as a guide video first off I feel very sorry because I’m taking this really casual but I’ll probably put little timestamps in the description so that people can click them if you just want to skip to how to actually get to those Legendary’s also I’m kind of setting up for it right now I’m still treating this like I said I’m trying to just take it easy I guess and just think of what it is my next project is going to be because I have no idea and honestly I really really like blaze and I’ve seen a lot of other youtubers started up recently so I thought you know let’s go back to glazed it’s an awesome game I really enjoyed it and we actually didn’t get all the legendaries ever so I don’t know let me know if you enjoy this because there’s still a lot to do in this game at least legendary wise I legendary events are always some of my favorite parts of the Pokemon games so it’s kind of cool that this game has so many of them alright let’s go and surf you up Victini 16e doing here but the night gives a little peace sign I always found out kind of cute TVs a pretty cute Pokemon just in general I don’t know I should maybe consider adding it to my little list of most cutest little pokemons of course you guys know prolly manche know would be number one or stunfisk that means sunfish he’s stopped me it’s it’s just they’re so hard to deny the beauty of stunfisk really alright Shadow Ball Larry there he goes that’s so he’ll kind of took a lot more than I thought even though he was only level fifty I guess that was only because I wasn’t speeding it up but now Chippendale destinos child is going to be evolving and we’re actually going to change that name up later on because why not no no yeah well this is actually now the actual destino even though he makes a different sound that he should make also what is girder like those disgusting veins or like pool floaties I just I don’t understand I want to give you a gift please take it oh you have no room don’t worry I’ll send it to the PC okay well I didn’t think I didn’t know what so he’ll would be but I guess we ended up getting a legendary anyway out of it which was Victini well very very cool Victini is his favorite Pokemon so that’s nice I guess we got a legendary that I didn’t even plan to get in this video so that’s really nice anyway now that we’ve done that and we’ve got ourselves altra Balls we can actually head on over to catch red ram

first which is in mount furnace and I think mount furnace is actually very close to the two nod leagues so let’s head on over there and see if we can find out where it is okay so it turns out it is not actually in the path of victory it’s in the place before it which is the waterfall Gorge so if you actually head over here from Darkwood city you probably get here a lot faster unfortunately I don’t know anything this is actually mount furnace and I wasted a bunch of time so that’s okay with me though here we are finally in mount furnace and this is where we can actually find res Ram the white legendary of Pokemon black I think oh no those games don’t really make any sense as far as legendary goes all I know is it’s the Dragon Fire type guy and he’s white and he looks like the dragon from the neverending story so let’s go find him mean it seems like it would be a pretty straight path I don’t think I have like any ball swipe TM or anything like that so this might be a little bit more difficult than anticipated but we do have 99 ultra balls so that should be enough there’s a pokeball over there an item ball I mean and I am NOT gonna go get it because it’s already out of our way I’m pretty sure down into this cave is where we will find our legendary Reshiram that that’s pretty big I didn’t expect him to be that big all right so dragon fire-type as I said I’m gonna swap out Gunther up first because he’s got those dragon moves and hopefully he doesn’t kill him in one hit I come to this volcano to recharge the fires in my heart you trainer the fire in your eyes burns fierce it intrigues me lets us do battle all right I should have probably saved in case I don’t catch this guy on the first try so I’ll just do that now pretend you don’t see that thing in the bottom just just pretend you didn’t see that anyway um level 50 so we’re probably gonna kill this thing in one hit well let’s just try an aerial ace cuz that’s not super effective at least and it’s really didn’t take that much damage so g-get out there and hit him with your best shot by that I mean ice beam because that should be neutral and will actually kill it that that is definitely in a killer yep all right well you didn’t see anything guys whatever what are you talking about all right I just want to get it as low HP as possible without killing it and I guess Jesus might be able to do that for us cuz he’s level 65 not are you kidding me so what’s going to happen here is I really don’t like catching legendaries but I know most people do like when I catch them so what I’m going to do for these battles is try to weaken them like you’ve just seen and then I’m just gonna cut to when we catch it on like that time Oh hey we did it and it only took about 2 million tries all right the vast white Pokemon from Russia Rams tail flares it doesn’t want to get caught that actually I took so freakin long but anyway we got it and that’s all that matters and I totally didn’t cheat to get it what are you talking about all right we’re gonna get the fire plume out of this as well which will actually be an item that allow us to catch even more Legendary’s specifically well I guess I don’t really want to spoil it but we’ll see when we actually catch the rest of this trio so next up we’re going to be going after Zekrom I’m actually going to use our handy dandy bike here to get this item which was this over this way and that is a Firestone if we had a beautiful fatty you know we could evolve that but we don’t so all we have are 74 ultra balls left realistically though you know with safe States involved I probably would have used up all my ultra balls and not even caught it but you never really know because it’s completely random which is what I don’t like about catching Legendary’s but hey I’m gonna just do that I hope you guys don’t mind honestly I’m just trying to show it off and like this is a Pokemon hack anyway so I can’t really trade these Legendary’s to my other games so I don’t really care that much about them I really just want to check out the events and show off where you can find them for you guys as well so anyway the next one we’re going to be going after is actually Zekrom which is apparently at the ocean view power plant so we’ll see where of view is first I’m assuming it had it would have an ocean view like this but that’s apparently stormy City so I don’t really know which one ocean view is up there it is it does have an ocean view it looks a little more like a lake an archipelago I don’t know what an arch peligro is I’m gonna heal up I know what a peninsula is it’s like Florida you know three sides surrounded by water one surrounded by Georgia and the people that live there all right this is actually the power plant we came here at the very first gym I think to go save the gym leader I don’t remember if we actually save the gym leader or if we

just came here for other reasons but zekrom is apparently located the roof of this power plant so we’re gonna keep on heading upstairs what did this guy say be careful some of my friends are upstairs ooh his friendly friends and by that I think he means the trainer’s that used to be here but we’ve already battled all of them a long time ago in a land far far away part of the neverending story of Reshiram more like never-ending catching because it took so long to catch him I was a really bad one all right let’s keep on going through this power plant though can’t use a bike in here and again my Run button doesn’t work which really sucks I don’t know if in this game at least you could run inside buildings anyway I’m assuming you could though because I don’t want to pull the switch I don’t think this power point is even on anymore so we’re gonna keep walking I don’t know what those switches would actually do I guess we can know that one doesn’t even work so here we are at the roof and never mind because he’s not here why is it here maybe we do have to press the switches okay how are you doing visual glitch I love you alright let’s switch is stuck it must be the one that deactivates the generator so which one activates the generator we need Zekrom to appear please it must not be the one okay so I guess there’s one of these that is the one aha the switch is stuck are you kidding me all of them are stuck can one of them not be stuck is this one not stuck over here hey hey are you stuck too that one’s already been activated so ladies and gentlemen I am a gosh darn genius look at that there is a path huh how are you doing buddy we didn’t have to push any switches after all huh all right kirim is Dragon Electric so again I guess we’re just gonna keep Gunther up first and go for some aerial aces those will actually be not very effective not neutral so it’ll do even less damage this place I come here to recharge my doing dueling electricity trainer I sense the power in your heart it rivals even my own I would enjoy the chance to battle you I didn’t know these pokemons could even talk but I guess they can so what’s up zekrom I’m munching orange my real name is Ariel if you want to call me that you know no one really calls me that I could be nice you know people called me that but you know you can call me whichever one you prefer though I guess that doesn’t really help with people calling me Ariel does it you gotta be you gotta be uh what’s what’s the word assertive you got to go hey man my name on YouTube is punching orange but you can call me Ariel cuz that’s my mother given name that’s what I want to be known as man you got to be assertive you got to let him know man okay he’s at Red HP you know what time it is time to get thundered and on the ground Zekrom good one and now he’s never gonna be caught never mind as I say he’s never gonna be caught there he goes this Pokemon appears in legends in its tail it has a giant generator so we are literally taking the generator off of this entire city now I’m assuming he was powering the the city you know Ocean View but whatever we’re gonna take the Thunder plume now so we have the fire plume and the Thunder plume I wonder which one will be getting next it’s an ice Pokemon and it’s a North Coast town so uh let’s go find out you know what I find weird though is that North Coast is full of snow and it’s like here in the middle of the land but then freakin ocean view all the way actually in the north isn’t and then serenity why is there snow like in the middle of the map you know I don’t know man I don’t know so just just a little something I wanted to point out let’s go heal up again alright so I think the name Reiter is actually in this town I don’t want to walk though so we’re just gonna run there and I mean bike there I think this is his house let’s hope hello sir yes this is the name Reiter I don’t know how I remembered that to be honest but we’re going to go ahead and rename our pal Chip and Dale to of course be our best friend forever destino who this time around is actually a girl so we can actually name it destiny because last time you know in Pokemon volt when I was trying to name a destiny but it was a boy so I named it this Dino but now I can actually be our destiny so let’s see if things go better here than they did back in you know Pokemon but white okay so there is supposed to be a a cave around here somewhere it’s to the northeast of this town though okay why is there stone back there I was kind of curious you know what what is that little rock back there but I guess that’s not important so let’s head up to the blizzard slopes and actually I’m gonna spray a repel because I don’t know it’s also kind of laggy in here I don’t know if that’s just me but oh okay I’m guessing this is it icicle tunnel please

be icicle Tunnel is otherwise I will cry yes it is awesome alright let’s head in here and try to find our pouch erm as if you didn’t know that already we I said we were doing the trio so yeah we’re doing kirim you can also actually get both of his forms in this game so we’ll try and do that as well and that will wrap up this first video it’s actually taking quite a long time I’m pretty sure I’ve been recording for like 40 minutes or something so this will definitely be fun to edit down into a nice little video I don’t know actually how long it’ll be after it’s edited but I guess you’ll find out as you’re watching the video here is kiram though and you can see the little ball behind him it kind of looks like he’s grasping it with his tail which is a little weird alright dragon a nice type that’s actually gonna wreck günther both of those types actually are his only weaknesses so cool you look into the eyes of the cold one with no fear I’m impressed you desire battle do you not very well I accept your challenge you could have just kept it I I accept and then it would have brined I think but I guess you can you can choose whatever you want to do man so here we go erm gonna save once again because I don’t want to kill this guy and we could actually go for umm okay or we can try again you know I don’t know why this is doing so much damage to him I honestly have no idea this is gonna kill him even harder this is super effective so Gunther I guess you are too strong to fight the mighty kirim the mighty trm as I was saying he is very mighty or at least he’s supposed to be but he’s literally dying from one hit of everything up there we go okay that’s that’s perfect so you know the deal let’s catch this guy hey we did it then it wasn’t like like too terribly hard but we’re still kind of challenging and I also skipped his little pokedex thing so we don’t get to read is very important lore I’m sure but we’re gonna get the ice plume and with that I guess that wraps up that trio however those three plumes that we just got in case you didn’t know or I guess I didn’t really say this anyway their plumes there that means their feathers so you can kind of assume who they’re for that’s right it’s Zapdos vultures in Articuno I was I was giving you a little chance to actually say yourself kind of like Dora I guess I kind of uh watches Dora I watched or what are you talking about all right that is gonna wrap it up for this episode though next time on Pokemon glaze legendary galore battle I guess we’re gonna be starting off from the Kanto legendaries because we needed those three teams to actually start off Moultrie Zapdos Articuno I think now I’m gonna try to do them like in order of regions so we’re gonna try and do all of the Kanto legendaries in the next episode I don’t know where they’re going to be so I guess I’ll just stand here in the middle of the city which I also don’t know where we are it’s like we’re lost in a giant hedge maze kind of looks like a hedge meets actually see you guys next time