"March Into Savings Sales Event" VIP Auto Sales, March 2019

Wow it is windy out here today Jimmy Jim Jim is here at VIP auto Molly Jamie and keV over here and we’re marching right in to savings here in March where you’re here that’s it get it you got it right I don’t know how to March I’m just realizing this like what’s the real what’s the right March since I I guess whatever you want to do ya know that’s it more sure there’s a lot of things going on in March and better yet as of last month we’ve done the home deliveries yeah it’s been phenomenal crazy unbelievable yes yes I mean going to Kenya Pittsburgh yeah try to think where else we went back to the Virginia we’d been Delaware Maryland Maryland it’s been working great the responsible way and as you said you didn’t think it was going to pick up I I did not when we first started I figured maybe we get some phone calls however so we’re getting people calling their facetiming us they want to see the seats they want to as if they were here they want to see the entire car which listen we’ve been doing that it’s been great there’s no people over the phone listen he do it every day that’s it it’s 2019 yeah well everything’s changed so much and yeah you got to adapt with the new error everybody wants to you know instant right to their door just like anything else that we’re doing the home delivery so zero down to the levers always here Maple Shade 2809 through 73 south and our other location is just trucks in South Hampton so we gotta give a shot to them so Kevin tell us about these cars I know we got to move along you want to start telling me you always got to move along we got a lot to show you know the first one we’re looking at the Dodge Challenger 2015’s xq+ look at the wheels backed out 51,000 miles I mean you see the price on the screen nineteen thousand nine hundred ninety nine it’s got the hood scoops in the front black interior navigation backup camera ready to go and this is the only one that we have yes in inventory such a saying your watch on the commercial that home delivery service pick up the phone get on your iPad get on any device that you have put that credit application in it’s an instant to you approval right to you and we make it that simple you can do all your payments everything on this website we’re going to show you that as we’re doing the Camaro we’re gonna show you a lot of stuff that the new changes that we have done for you guys to make it easy easy easy process and we love coming you guys come into the dealership too but the at home delivery works out well yeah have oh this Mustang here you got a couple Mustangs I know yeah another one coming in yeah also that’s a GT yeah I think it’s the same as that one red correct yeah so what go when you’re watching the commercial if you’re seeing something better yet pick up the phone and we can make it happen for it that’s simple that easy cars are coming in daily so every single day it’s unbelievable Saturday I had people come in we had three cars I didn’t even see that we bought and they’re already sitting on our line like you know even though the information on so this one 5.0 it’s the 2015 what color is this again this is what an electric blue electric blue very nice color it’s got again the hood scoops black leather interior 48,000 miles price for what Jim what is the price one eight four nine nine wow that’s crazy unbelievable it’s always a guy research it’s the 50th anniversary edition as well it’s like four thousand dollars below on Karger yeah ready to go and you got that Mustang or this one only 12,000 Moss 2014 with 12,000 miles it’s the one owner you can see it’s the race red it’s got the nice Mustang on the side a beautiful car again another one ready to go seventeen thousand eight hundred dollars all of these cars can be delivered to your house who were three that simple that easy yeah it’s unbelievable I mean we got new stuff coming in every day lobbie hot stuff I mean these are our AmericanMuscle on the front line ready to go we got a lot of trucks yes Jeep Wranglers SUV cars with $200 payments $0 down yes no payments until what now April isn’t it aren’t you getting may Oh zero down delivers no payments until May so to be a lot nicer out there and you got your first car payment so here we’re gonna bout to kick it off and show you a great TV commercial here with all three was here here at VIP we cheat like a VIP can’t wait to see it come on come on into our march into saving sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP marcha the savings here we got a lot of trucks come out yes sir no and we have just trucks in Southampton yeah but again we are keeping the trucks here we have some nice inventory and as I said fresh pieces coming in so you’re watching a commercial we are open Saturday extended hours you said it’s easy to get to but

better yet as we know that at home delivery service has been working great yeah and again we’re for busy people out there we make that process so simple you go on the website you could do up everything a twosie on this website for you guys it makes it that simple yeah there’s truck here and I’m shocked on this truck because we’ve had this truck for a bit yeah and I’m just I’m crazy because you think about it why why it hasn’t believe you know it’s drawn interest it’s nothing wrong with the truck of course it’s it’s up there in price rights right it is but again it’s it’s an expensive truck and it you know the more expensive they sit a little bit more nothing I’m worried about I know the truck is a hundred percent I mean mechanic own this truck previous we sold it to him he did some stuff I don’t know if you guys can see but you got the trim work along the doors and the bed there you got the hood that’s got the black paint on it you got the nice wheels nicer wheels bigger tires aftermarket exhaust you got the aftermarket head unit with the navigation cover on the back you got the cover on the back I don’t believe it’s dual but I know it’s got that for market exhaust it’s a little more a little louder go check it out windows or most are aftermarket headlights I mean you just I mean we just went through a whole list of things that this truck has again it’s 100% ready to go 44,000 miles on a 2014 you see the price on the screen yeah I mean it’s it’s a beautiful it’s my favorite truck to be honest with you on the line we’re always priced right that’s just say hello you have for a long time we’re always or there’s somebody always gonna find but I yeah when they come here no matter what the situation is you were the great credit people with the bumps and bruises that don’t think then get approved we had somebody here the other day and the same thing you know what’s the process and it was that simple they were ecstatic to come in and that quick test driving a couple of vehicles and we try to give options all the time so I said if it’s a forward if it’s a Chevy if it’s a Nissan you know we’re letting you take it home show your family all right it’s all about you guys out there the true VIP is everybody out there that’s got us through the years and the reviews I mean the Facebook you see the post I mean it’s it’s a great thing and it’s a great thing to work here and we have so many repeat customers today yeah it’s just crazy you had the other guy the other day yeah Rogers right well yeah II bought the Camaro the two SS a beautiful car right after he left we had a referral come in she bought a charger from us she brought her fiance and he was interested in the Dodge Challenger right not very good credit listen we test drove the Challenger we touched her of the Honda core we touched her of a couple of things that caught his eye then we did the credit application I want to make sure just like all of us do here that you’re happy with what you’re purchasing it’s not about oh well your credit you don’t know if you got good credit or not right that’s the last part of everything I mean if we can get you in the car that you’re looking to get into that’s that’s our goal yeah that’s what we want to do it’s not okay well let’s sit you down let’s do a credit application before you drive anything and I actually had a customer I went down to Southampton real quick right I had a customer on the f-150 Raptor that we had there right he told me he drove to New York an hour and a half away on a 6.0 f250 they had their diesel they wouldn’t let him test drive the truck because he was a younger customer and they didn’t let him test-drive it he drove an hour and a half again to not be a little test drive anything they want the credit application before he could sit down he said no forget about this it’s principle at the end of the day sure he ended up seeing the Raptor on our website came over down there right and you know he touched drove it did everything before any credit applications anything and then that’s when he told me the story got him approved he driving the truck he loves it that’s kind of that’s how we do its customers it’s not you know what can we do we think we know everything that’s not that way at all it’s again whatever you guys are looking to do so you go through that process do you have the other people you can sit here and tell you stories upon stories a customer might come in the other one lady say on Saturday night the daughter bought the Jeep and shit with the dealership yeah and her the key one guy was like almost parallel funny stories but don’t come outside don’t greet the customers and we go over and beyond for all our customers out there that’s that’s for sure it’s a hundred percent true you can see is eNOS believing that’s we said VIP auto pilot should be your only place to go yeah no payments until May zero down delivers again if you’re watching the commercial and you’re not looking for a vehicle at this time send us a referral you have 200 bucks we’ll just send somebody in yeah that is looking for a court yep that’s easy money free money yeah this is an extended cab this just came in right yeah this is a 2010 with 82,000 miles again great mileage for the year sandy cab has a longer bed you’re not looking to spend the $28,000 on the crew

cab with 40,000 miles 2014 well here you go I mean you got seats in the back it’s the smaller cabin size but you’re you know you don’t have a family you don’t need the extra space in the back you want the longer bed I mean listen these are two forwards which we only have two more to show you I mean we have about 15 Ford’s in inventory against Southampton they have 25 30 trucks there right now Brooks there and listen I mean you know we can we can move them you you live it over in Browns Mills you want to take a look at this board take it down there you got you live in Marlton there’s a truck that you see online over in Southampton bring it down here I mean listen everyone family we’re here to you know help out the Delaware Pennsylvania Philadelphia if you hear us you can get to us yep this Toyota is a TRD sport yeah this one is a really nice truck man I like the wheels I like the color it’s a beefier truck yeah this was a 2007 17 yeah the newer body saw is I mean they did a phenomenal job they haven’t gone that far away from what they used to look like I like the front Hey look you got the nicer hood scoop on the front there the interior they completely redid beautiful truck all right in this we have a couple Toyota Tundras this the only Tacoma that we do have yes as I said if you’re watching a commercial you don’t know what we get coming in and you’re seeing something as I will go on that website you can see everything and there’s cars that aren’t coming in like I said they’re not on the website so again as we said earlier face timeless all right we can FaceTime you show you whatever you want on the lot in and out of any vehicle we’re here to make it happen for you guys because you are the true VIP here’s a two wheel drive right yes – will 2015 it’s the double cab Chevy Silverado low low low low miles one owner no accident here to sell I listed 423 five if I remember correctly off the top of my head you’re getting a brand new truck with I mean a payment I couldn’t even okay do math in my head but now you’re getting a Chevy truck yeah you know zero down you know delivers as I said we fight hard to get you the best interest rate the best term ya out there it’s all about the customers and taking care of you guys and treating it like a true VIP I jumped in to this side Nissan to move it earlier today and I was pretty shocked how then the newer ones how the radio is the screens yeah it’s there because yep it’s got the bigger screen and it’s it’s a different setup yeah it looks newer right yeah compared to the other ones yeah they were kind of plain yet and this is the only Nissan Titan that we have in stock we had another one but that one again sold within a couple of days 2011 I believe that we had yeah right that’s yeah we’re doing our job I guess alright that’s it yes what we’re supposed to do we’re cold and tell people you know come seen as we’ll even get here it’s March it’s a great time this is a long warm yeah army yeah with the Hemi I love the interior on this one the wood that’s it now yeah I’ll just I’m talking to myself here it has the tool box on the side yes it’s a random storage box yep so you can it lifts up you can store your tools in there it’s a great thing to have if you’re one of those people who are working you’re you’re making money with the truck you still wanna drive and luxury you don’t want just the plain Jane truck fully loaded again like you said got that nicer interior 2013 to pull it out and see maybe I’ll take a Cosell but you can see all the photos on VIP Oh calm you can see everything there that we’re doing the videos now this one is priced like every other one here priced to sell priced it and this is another one here this for ya and it’s crazy I mean it’s hard you can’t see ya but underneath you got the lights now that are underneath that light up blue on this one yeah we put the lift kit on here yep so we’ve been doing a lot of the lift kits on jeeps on on the pickup trucks yeah we’re a sponsored rough country Dewart yes so we get everything through them it’s brand new org and parts in takes a couple of days to get these guys lifted this one’s got the six-inch Rough Country lift with my 35 inch tires moto metal wheels it’s the XLT like you said it’s got the rocker lights in there priced to sell I mean ready to go to be yours and everything is done for you this is a Auto Trader yep purchase well Kelly Blue Book Auto Trader this is a 3500 HD right yep it’s a selling model it’s got the crew cab what is that six and a half foot bed right yes six and a half foot bed on there SL e 20 there’s a brand new 1,000 miles I believe I like how the mirrors here they got the turn signals in there and they got the the sonar so yeah this is gas 4×4 you see the price you see the

payment now and no payments until May now everybody has approved here no matter what the situation is we’re getting you driving all right that’s what the bottom line is this is it’s all about the color one another one that’s lift another one I’m surprised that has been here and which is crazy because you know we’re not here to collect them what the other one is all there it’s got the the blind spot sonar right this yeah it’s hilarious some lariats out there they don’t come with everything this one I mean again like Jim saying you got the sonar backup camera you got the blind spot monitor it’s lifted six inch lift kit beige leather interior navigation you got your fog lights yeah that’s it easy your house now your work it’s that simple that easy get on the website you could put all the information in and we’re coming to you so we’re going to go on the other side start showing you some other vehicles it is marching and men marching Marshall yeah we’re going so we’re gonna see on the other side a VIP treat you like VIP can’t wait to see you come on into our March into saving sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP we’re a VIP auto mile at 2809 route 73 staff we’re close to the highway near Kevin yeah all bridges all roads lead to VIP and we have the just trucks location in South Hampton that’s our service center so we stole this one from them and put it right here on the point that was a two thousand and I see we got a dually it’s a 2015 ram 3500 six-speed manual transmission it’s got the six seven liter liter turbo diesel crew cab it’s a tradesman trimmed with the dually again eight foot bed I mean ready to go I research these trucks they ain’t out there I mean usually I find one in Indiana and paid 3 grand to get it shipped like we leave I guess can you bring it to you for free for free exactly sir that’s charge nothing 93 free free free yes this one is I mean it’s a beautiful truck again very rarely annual – yeah that’s looking to make that side hustle if you’re driving you want to put a car carry on there yeah this is your money making here and manual you can save a lot and gas oh yeah that’s a big boy hunter I mean it’s tough I’m looking at it down the tires I mean it’s nice a nice beautiful truck yeah ready to go you see that price we’re here because here we are yeah Marty all right that’s it that’s the only one that we have in inventory so if you’re watching the commercial stop what you’re doing you could go ahead give us a call put on the pasta on it put that credit happen dreams become reality here day in and day out over and over again the customers that come in can go anywhere and you can sit there and say why buy well there’s tons of reasons why to be a part of the VIP family yeah and come and enjoy a great buying experience as you can see the videos the testimonials the pictures on facebook everything’s working and your favor out there the true VIP baby no payments until May you got I like it I like it so seeing us believe we’re gonna go to some SUVs we are here in March zero down delivers make it happen here our VIP Kevin treat you like VIP can’t wait to see you come on come on into our march into savings sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP this is Escalade this is the big boy status right here and boy that it is it’s the big boy ESV look at these wheels here black I love a man they are lag on black on black they’re 22s yes yes and I love that chrome symbol in there with the black this is loaded the price is unbelievable here the I say no more and I mean I love the black on black like you said and this is the only ESV that we have here zero down delivers making your dreams become reality here at VIP auto that’s what we do every single day take care of the country day every day man I love it can you say you never know what’s gonna happen man you come in I need people you talk to them on the phone you hear you know stories going to other places and we went hey we dare you not a steak dinner price race is all about you see it and on our website or giving you the best price we make it that simple that easy for the negotiation once you see on car guru we’re always priced as you know cuz you have the pricing yeah we’re always what a creep it’s not only just price I mean it’s the way it’s listed we loose everything honestly I mean if this car has the leather navigation soccer if that’s what we listen if it doesn’t we don’t listen with that and that again we are just like you’re saying we’re a great deal good deal or a fair deal and that’s it doesn’t get any lower than that I mean we’re there and then up so go to CarGurus go to KBB go to all these different web sites our to your disposal yes do your research

like and I want you to feel what we feel when we come in every day which is the confidence to be able to put somebody in a car at the right price where they’re gonna leave happy and they’re gonna become one of those VIP all the tools everything there and wherever you are let you take the extended test drive and again that’s what I said being treated right and fair and you don’t think that you know you might have the best credit or you know or read bahara has the other kid the other day same thing we gave him a car to drive found another vehicle for him in the meantime because he had no transportation you had money down yeah top seasons you know still here yeah but you know people have big refunds or not if you’re looking to put money down or no money down that’s a we can to extend to turn yeah we fight for the the best rate out there for you getting back to the cars smaller yeah I love the pearl white oh yeah it’s got the the Vista roof yeah it’s got every are you think of so if you don’t want the big boy yeah as we say the big Cadillac Escalade but you still want luxury it’s got the lead departure so actually the seat like vibrates yeah when you’re Doug going over either way there’s so many different features in these vehicles that’s why I said better yet to take the extended test drive yep and see what it’s all about get to know the car that’s what they’re to be driving right I love this color this is my fav yeah I mean the Jeep Grand Cherokee listen this is the first summit we’ve had in a while right these things the way they handle the pickup that they have it’s got the magnetic steering right I mean the interior it just it’s something you got to see something got test drive I mean it even says since 1941 and the headlights I mean it’s like little things and this act like we fell in love 39,000 listen yeah 32 999 2016 yeah you wouldn’t believe it’s crazy on have you been inside it smells branded oh yeah I mean it like brand new so whoever was in there they took care of it they good yeah and you don’t smell smoke like I said it smells like the new car smell yeah and it’s priced thousand thousand dollars below yeah and you can see our price beats everybody that’s what it is baby VIP how we do it these little Jeeps we’ve been getting a lot of these and things they come in they go man yeah they really do I got the deflection back there with these in person yeah so pretty pretty cool I really like I like how that interiors con as I said it’s hard to see during the commercial yeah but visit VIP auto outlet dot-com yeah and you can see everything like I said pick up the phone and we can like I said FaceTime yet we could say you can see the videos on the website yeah but again if you want more personalized Kevin said earlier we could walk around do whatever and deliver the car to you yeah so there’s only one Jeep still under factory warranty yep and like I said jeeps hold their value here you got another Jeep so we’re showing Jeep after the Jeep after Jeep yeah yeah we got a and these are only a few lime in terms of Wranglers in itself we have about seven or eight in inventory which there’s a lot on the front line which will still go over obviously but it’s that time of year I mean it’s summertime summers come around corner just sold a jeep to a younger lady again that we mentioned earlier on Saturday she’s a static the Jeep Wrangler is her her vehicle she dreamt it she’s never believed it but we got her in it on Saturday and she was again she was a static she’s asking how to take the doors off how to take the roof off hey man listen yeah I mean she she’s all ready to go she’s got the knowledge she’s she’s happy so that’s just part of that Jeep family yes as everybody knows you’re driving a Jeep they can wave to you and this one is a tank green as you can see yeah commando tank green soft top four-door Sahara Miss New Jersey was driving this so we just swapped her out put her in something different so again these jeeps are fun to drive and they do hold their value and we have a lot in inventory yeah when we try to do ones we have another one coming in that’s already lifted with some modifications done to it so I said if you see it and then you want the grill or you want different kind of wheels we have the company partnered with ya and we could probably include that in the financing too so you get all one shot ya all hooked up and ready to go yeah another Jeep that’s the Jeep Cherokee yes it’s a 2000 this is Grand Cherokee graceful Grand Cherokee it’s the 2012 if I remember correctly very slow model just like 65 thousand miles or something for the year I mean it’s great you got everything the roof yeah it’s considered a late Laredo so it’s of less value but it comes with all the options that you’re looking for in the limited so again so if you can’t get into that kind of Jeep and you want a Jeep and yet all the logs report and it’s it’s always what’s the commercial I was watching have it said about people always moving there like 11 times you know in your life that you have insurance same thing with course you know when people come in they want that first if

they’re first-time buyer yeah well then you see them want to upgrade and it’s great to know over the years and just like I was saying about your other customer they came back once twice and they’re able to treat the vehicles back in yeah and then a better interest rate and it’s just better for them and we’re giving you all the money we can for the trades yep in all fairness and it’s all about the customers out there this is another one that was a previous customer yep bought it from us traded it back in bought a pickup truck this one here is a 2012 80,000 miles x5 yep and again you see that price yeah you see that payment it couldn’t even get better right what’s the truth right what the payment yeah I mean listen based off a zero dollars then you guys wanna I’m not sure what the payment is let’s say it’s four hundred right you want to be at three hundred it can get done I mean listen you want this money down yeah we need everything the customer it’s what it’s all that’s what’s all about taking care of the customer yes I that’s you guys out there sir no payments till May who knows can we top on I’m trying to think zero dollars down you got the $200 referral fee that home delivery yeah you know the extended warranty we have we just launched a new partnership with Archie CC yeah they make great movement baby great sorry I’m not turning my back to y’all money is coming you see in this commercial that we’re doing it’s always filmed a little bit before here in March so we’re here at the end of February and it is and I’ll just waiting for March I have March it right into March right laughs so well more could still be not the best well we’ll find out this rather than this still under factory 14 that’s where we got the top on so a lot of one-owner vehicles yeah a lot of vehicles under still factory warranty yep so you don’t need you know which we can even extend that even that you gwc right yeah yeah go up to with yep yeah which is you got covered brand-new and extend that all the way this is priced I mean it’s a great price little this came through on at Auto Trader yep I say all the trade Kelley Blue Book guy was in the military want to get rid of it and here it’s priced right for you guys and I think that’s the only one that we have in inventory to see rvs yes RAF force yep we got a silver one you got the black one you got a white one so we got multiples of everything yeah this one here this one’s not even uh priced yet I haven’t priced well it’s no stickers enter yes sir free spring the test-drive is free you don’t have to put a credit application down you all got a plate cause you don’t gotta do nothing come on into VIP you wanna test drive not one but two or three make it five I’m trying to think oh my god I’m losing my thought I had the one customer he touched through eight or nine course oh yeah because he didn’t know it ended up being the CTS all-wheel drive right that he ended up going with because his wife was pregnant she had that truck the Black Widow it’s all coming back to me that was lifted up she couldn’t get into that truck he came in on the CTS it was low lower than what he originally thought it would be and he’s had back surgery right so it’s like you can’t go too high or too low so I’m like listen man I’m here you’re here it’s just not hot they’re too cold the options of yep you know driving something and taking the next day occurs in you know we do that because we want you to make the right design decision it’s the truth you know you get people that say oh my god I bought this car I regret it or you know we don’t want that yeah that’s why we said make sure you know drive it before you buy it yep all right we always say that you know taking that vehicle to you take that next step because we want you to be part of the VIP family for life fillet that’s it about the first one it’s the second to third another Cadillac SRX yep so this is the older buy saw – this is a 13 13 2013 mileages seems a little high but for the year again you’re right there on that 15,000 miles a year industry average smaller again then the Escalade obviously but still got the luxury all right black leather interior navigation look at pads rotors yes like brand-new tires and again you know you’re still gonna get a warranty from us even though it’s a hundred thousand miles we’re gonna give a 30 day warranty on this and you can get an extended warranty yeah you can get gap protection all that oh we had a customer the other day that one up crashing our car and didn’t have gap okay alright and then had to pay the deficient but we try to tell people you know we want you to be protected all the way around that wind is going deflectors I don’t see no but we’re gonna bout to go on the other side and show you some other vehicles here at VIP we treat you like a VIP and wait to see it come on come on into our March into saving sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP what’s up folks we’re here we’re in Maple Shade VIP saying next to Jaime jelly reto miss New Jersey and in front of this Escalade right here behind us

but before we get back into our cars we want to talk a little about Miss New Jersey so the most important thing we always ask you about what your platform is yeah so the issue that I advocate for asthma suture C is food allergy awareness so my platform is called don’t get nutty food allergy awareness and I’ve been advocating for this since I think officially since 2000 14 or 15 but it’s something that I’ve been advocating for my entire life unofficially my younger brother Michael has multiple severe food allergies Laxus I’ve always been his advocate and the other 15 million Americans with food allergies as well yeah so that’s that’s huge you know yeah there you go what in a nutshell ya know but again it’s always standing here with Jamie and she’s been you know great here for us doing the the commercials the Facebook so seeing is believing this girl here is great all the cars you get to drive and you meeting everybody it’s been a great great ride right or or March into March so again this kind of like Escalade here we have two of these in inventory and this one here is the the smaller Escalade so it’s we have the other one that’s ESV with the black wheels we’ll show you during the commercial this one here is a 2015 yes okay 2015 fully loaded gentleman he came in through Auto Trader yes the Jaguar which we never even got to get it on the commercial yeah in a few days the Escalade again we’ve had it for about a week now ready to go dolled up beautiful you’re looking for that bigger SUV you got a bigger family your limo service whatever it might be come check it out like Jim said we have another one we do on the opposite side which I’m sure if you can see catch it on the commercial you get here is an at home delivery service but you know we’re bringing that car to you you go on the extended test drive you know it’s a buy back on there also that we’re doing right at that home delivery service you have the extended warranty gap protection there’s so many things that we can bundle up here and again it’s cold yeah and I know we’re moving along and it is March and it’s March Madness but we’re having fun here and at the end of the day at VIP we treat you like a VIP can’t wait to see you come on into our March into savings sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP we are on the front line here 2809 route 73 south in Maple Shade and we’re about to show you another one this is an x5 this is the e so e e the e yes gasps and you can plug it in my hybrid yes sir hybrid priced right frankly brand-new and as I said it’s hard to see when we’re trying to show you the commercials or see the interior going on the website but I love the illumination in here lights up blue inside here at night I really love this vehicle we just had another one that we went up selling to people in Connecticut so that’s why it goes to show you you have that home delivery but some people want to call me when I Drive I am taking the drive and it’s well worth it good guy he took a four-hour uber Drive if I remember correctly yeah because I forget what the story was it was that ones customer right they apparently they were driving but then they pulled over for whatever reason and took it uber for hours to get here I believe they were priced right yeah bar easy and you’ll go anywhere to get yourself a great deal yeah and they’re paying to get here they painted over to get here because how good of a deal they knew there again so listen I mean the stories they don’t they just supply everything at the end of the day not only our stories go online again our views testimonials anything yes that’s why we love to show you guys and it’s all about the cars but you know hearing us talk and hear another relate with the customer saying you don’t get to see the whole ins and outs of everything and you know we have fun here joking with the customer so the other day you’re there you know the food we were pizza or a burger just in there hanging with us eat with us hot cocoa yeah popcorn machine yeah you know it’s a great buying experience and having fun and it’s great everybody talking to one another yeah that’s what said get here VIP auto Alan need i say more right we’re in the polls way man listen I want to shout out to a customer he hasn’t bought from us just yet but he’s uh he watches our commercial every single Saturday John Darden shoutout to John that’s right he’s coming in this week we found the core of his dreams a Lincoln MKS all-wheel drive oh yeah yeah he originally called in he said Kevin I watch you guys all commercial every single Saturday I record you every single Saturday we go over yet he knows more than what we say you know it’s very funny so John shoutout to you my friend he’s coming in again this week can’t wait to have him here he’s family and that’s a again it cuts the mind that’s another thing that we do we found the vehicle for him I took about a week week and a half it was a very specific that all-wheel drive it

was hard to find man but we got it the exact color he wanted color combination all the options everything so he’s going to be excited I’m happy for him and then yeah just said that in you talked about be careful there I know we got everything but it’s true doing the custom buy you hiding and taking the time and showing that customer we’re bringing it in they’re not obligated to it because we’re gonna sell it regardless money up taking that process and taking it in the next step further to get you really what you want yeah no this is a SUV just got it in this one just artist I believe this is an auto trader if I remember correctly the price you guys see it on the screen I remember it blew my mind when I saw what this is priced for it’s under 20 grand for an Audi SUV ready to go on the line yeah this is another one – I’m shocked that we’ve had this Jeep here for some time yeah and it’s got 9,000 in my correct aasumal’s yeah 2016 right um listen you know it’s just that time of year I mean we’ve had a couple of things it’s not that we’re priced wrong or anything the cars are ready to go yeah it just gets a little slower I understand that but we’re picking up into that time of year you see something you like where all these cars are gonna be going they’re gone and great February yeah that it gets good it was janitor was great so we’re starting a new year right 2019 and we are going to be part of the VIP family yes that’s what it is home delivery baby has the home dealer has worked out great it’s very I know it you know I want to show you on the other side over there but mr. Johnson give a shout out to him okay we just got his deal done we sent everything to him and now the cars getting shipped on it’s a Fairfax Virginia well I think that’s cause anymore that’s the Jaguar okay that’s it so I found you found a side Court guru okay made that process easy got the paperwork to him off and deals funded yeah and now the cars don’t hold this fun man this whole it’s really changed so much yeah and you learn so much and you get to see you know really what the customer experience is on a whole different kind of level yeah you know then that whole process it makes it so much easier it makes me feel good at the end of the day because you have these people who are calling you hours hours away calling about your vehicle because they not only seen the vehicle like the vehicle they did the research they read the reviews they seen everything you got the seven day guarantee I mean the customer feels good enough with us yeah warm and fuzzy they’re loving it and you know we’re loving it – yes we all great experience it’s fun for us again doing the FaceTime and doing that whole thing so listen that’s what we’re here to do yeah man to take care of because I said zero down delivers have you got a trade if you don’t have a trade no payments until May all right I could go on and on and on that’s another one owner yep a jeep that’s no longer factory wards yeah this one here I love the color and the right 7,000 miles on this Jeep so again you could go to the big box store and buy a jeep and again jeeps hold their value but why you’re gonna buying it then it’s still under factory warranty one owner you got all the comforts but thousands and thousands and thousands below anyone else yeah so our price says it itself VIP auto outlet I’m gonna go this way we’re trying to walk yours going backwards this one just came into this another auto trader Kelley Blue Book vehicle this is uh what years this one can I’m not sure yeah I don’t know I see I got to sneak in through here hold that belly in 2015 Toyota Highlander Limited whoo all-wheel drive so it’s got every option you can think of in here only 34,000 miles on this one on a fit Jeanne yes Wow so under 10,000 mozzie it so as I said it’s priced right still got balance of factory warranty we can extend that and come 40 up to a hundred thousand miles all right we’re getting every bank to give you the best rate possible no matter what the situation is we work hard to get you what you want and so it’s almost like I say have it your way yeah I don’t want to say franchise you know at the Burger King but you know we do custom so much all the way around or the customer out there yeah that’s what it is so let’s all moving slide with me here we’re a laugh a 973 stuff here in Maple Shade it is Saturday you’re watching us on TV hearing us crazy saying whatever and you know something is here yeah that it’s you know we’re rocking we’re rolling we are we’re doing it we are doing it with Parsons bar these guys out there this is a 2016 Jeep Cherokee now this is the latitude four-wheel drive 27,000 miles on this one it’s got the big screen I really like these jeeps there’s so many different options and I said when you mess around it you can turn on heated steering wheel heated seats and so the big screens on you know there’s so much technology in these vehicles yeah that’s

crazy yeah they’ve changed so much and the new buy styles we’ve done a lot of these too yeah I know what I’m trying to think the other one the trailhawk in the trailhawk yeah they’re rare to come by and there’s a couple people that we got one of them coming in actually I think yeah yeah yep so again we got cars coming in that Williams that’s what I said if you’re watching the commercial and you’re thinking alright I didn’t see something yeah right what else let me check the website better here they said give us a call because we have vehicles that are even on the website that come in to go to South Hampton yeah that’s our service center yeah that’s the just trucks location we rebranded that over there and we don’t want to put any vehicle online until it goes completely as you see that yellow sticker in there yeah and then we get it to detail and then the videos so we’re doing videos now on our website we have a brand new website so VIP auto outlet calm you can see everything all the tools are there you guys we make that simple that easy listen like you said you don’t see the car you want you go to our website you still don’t see the car you want but we have 30 or 40 vehicles that are not on our west so we have about 150 cars in inventory between the two locations so pick up the phone give us a call again we’re not asking for your credit application we’re not gonna tell you you got to pay us over the phone in order to get information it’s just a friendly hello find out what it’s about you don’t like what you hear you know whatever it might be right it’s a phone call listen call us come here see what it’s all about we have fun I’m sure you’re gonna love us oh yeah we you know listen I love you but we’re always yapping fun we’re always reinventing stuff and we’re always making it easy for the customer yeah this is Chevy Equinox I know we have a couple of these in inventory yep same year same mileage so you know one over this one this was the 17 the one over on the other sides of 16 we got a couple of 12s I believe 13s whatever they might be but yeah well we try to have most of everything for the customer yeah because you might want a different color combination yeah miles or whatever else right you’re looking for blue Nissan Rogue that’s another one owner still under factory warranty have 2016 and this is your base model yeah so if you know and it’s something that’s looking for a real first time buyer you want an SUV that’s practical yeah and cheap yeah don’t need all the bells and whistles this is for you yeah listen there’s a lot of people out there I mean we’re car fanatics we love talking about cars looking at cars selling cars some people could care less about a car they just want to make sure it gets up to point A to point B and oh I should have liked artful it’s the ass of your board on here yes we’re marching marching into Mars ready keyboard hello all right everybody on the busy highway here there Brian looking at like crazy yeah we’re having fun we gonna go over here we’re gonna walk real quick I guess yeah my boss over here mano come on to dodge but both dodge Rams all right Kevin yes yep no this one here I love the black wheels this is the Express it’s got the shorter bed right it’s the 2015 again Express crew cab it’s got the Hemi motor in there the five seven liter pretty plain inside but again you’re buying the wheels you’re buying the full crew capsized you’re buying it for the price coming yeah man all about it is zero down delivers yes are we gonna sneak over there how we gonna sneak on the other side now all right I guess we’re gonna stop because with the highway here we got to stop like this this Ram the Express yeah it’s dirt they’re classy and all that truck but it’s still got that cool edge to it yeah as you can see the front and everything but we’re gonna go on the other side here at VIP we treat you like VIP baby come on into our march into savings sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP so you just see the RAM over there you think so tricks yes so listen we talk about variety differences having this truck that truck whatever it might be they’re both black they look like the same exact truck yeah obviously the wheels are in black but they’re completely different so this one’s a six and a half foot bed compared to the five and a half foot bed that’s got the double cab compared to the crew cab right so you’re looking at the price that the other one that one was also a year new or a little less mileage I believe this one’s a year older and again it doesn’t have those little extra amenities that people may or may not want you have the option it’s your option it’s up to you you guys y’all just give me a choice I’m the VIP it’s all about what you want what we can do for you we got Jimmy Jim Jim we got all the inside mortar newton-meters right baby that’s how we do it every day yeah and we’re so excited and Static I should say yes March is here but how the time just go by and every day is something new here and we love what we do

yeah we wouldn’t be here every day in the groin taking care of you true VIPs out there so now we’re gonna on the other side that’s today yeah give you a little variety little arch and everybody likes that a little bit of course yeah you got luxury got inexpensive stuff we got we got it all every budget for every type of situation to the great credit to the first time fire to somebody that just needs a practical vehicle yeah I mean we got some cars that have high mileage on there we have the banks that you can still finance up to 150,000 miles if somebody’s looking for you know still a nice vehicle yeah and you know maybe a higher end vehicle yep and we can again the extended warranties for so many options and we make it that simple that easy i VIP we treat you like VIP baby so you come on into our march into saving sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP hey how you doing everybody this is a great March is here man there’s a lot of things in more got st Patty’s Day yeah March Madness March Madness yeah bundle of savings every day is a special day here we don’t need to have a sales event no because every day is a great day to always buy a car yeah to make your dreams become reality we’re making it happen yes that’s what it’s all about it’s happening right now how about that’s right yeah so people are watching you know that you’re about to buy car paint like that you’re watching me you’re watching keV oh and you’re gonna buy a car you know the funniest thing we haven’t said yet and I’m curious to see if this is gonna happen in the near future is if somebody’s watching the commercial they go to our website and they start doing that home delivery process cuz you’re sitting there right now you can do that go to our website WV IP Auto alle dot-com you can test us see how easy that process is I mean you can do it right now go on here while you’re here go on to the computer yeah and yes see it’s a one two three step process I mean during the commercial we talked about it yeah showing the customers if you’re watching a commercial and you’re not having a computer or iPad or tablet whatever smart want to know how we’re going to show you the tip it’s a brand-new launch website we got just trucks in Southampton yep so that’s all your truck galore there to our vehicles there also and we are keeping always about 15 trucks here here at any given time yeah of different models different years a lot of one owners lot of it’s a factory warranty another a Hyundai Sonata we have a couple of these in a story yeah it’s unbelievable how well they can be priced and what kind of payment you’re looking at you’re looking at on the screen yeah I mean 2015 little over 20,000 miles and you’re looking at that payment again you’re looking at the price you’re getting that you’re coming in you’re getting what your what’s your theme yes yes all right yeah you doing it’s all about yeah until May here’s a I’m looking at here brand new tires yep on this little Honda clean got great miles on you want to say right keV oh I think it’s got 60 some odd thousand miles for 2012 right yeah and these are fun little economic are great first-time buyers somebody’s looking to commute you know or downsize whoever I don’t want to say it’s really downsizing but I mean it’s got everything in here it’s got the Eco button about 30 listen these are the cars I’m driving right now I live in Philadelphia I’ve driven the launcher I’ve driven one of the Civic’s I’m driving Lowe Miata right um and it just it’s the perfect car for me it’s easy to drive I don’t need something fancy I don’t need something special and I’m just driving whatever is really available for me to drive and I love these little cars I mean I’ve never I went from group yeah I went from a lexer size 300 with 180,000 miles that was the coolest thing ever I had 20-inch rims on it now I got the Jeep Wrangler which I can’t fit into my parking garage in Philly which I found out after moving into Philly so again I’m back here and I never thought I would be going from the one side of the spectrum all the way back to this side of spectrum and that’s what listen life you know it’s like Purple’s a when you down the time yep customs here you don’t need just like you said somebody wants that high-end car yeah right the Maseratis to BMWs Mercedes we have it all yeah and anybody that wants a practical reliable vehicle yeah and it’s even as I said I’m trying to think of the words I was trying to get tongue-tied here but referral no being reliable for a dealership that on our level that we are yeah it’s it’s really taking that trip taking care of the customer and as I said being reliable knowing and letting you take that vehicle home yeah you know we had somebody else the other day there they’re like no here’s the key you know check that out the car the guy was like alright well there was a check engine light they wouldn’t let him take it for a test drive okay you know and again it’s funny how you hear all their stories you have from other yep we tell them hey come on we show you everything pull the car out for you yeah well you would go on test drive me how that’s confidence man yeah and it’s because of everything that takes place before this car gets here right for sale I mean we do every single

little necessary thing that needs to get to take place so again for you and I think we said this last commercial when we’re talking about that home delivery service we would never have it if we never believed that it would work because if we were selling those cars I had check engine lights and scratches and weren’t properly maintained that would never succeed that whole portion of the business would never succeed so again we have that because of the vehicles that we saw the the services that we do offer to our customers and it’s been working out great like we’ve been saying from the very beginning of this commercial of how you know successful it’s really good to your door yeah or office now we’re bringing the vehicle to you and I’m just even look at the card and people to understand there is a lot behind the scenes in the car and the reconditioning and doing it right some of the other day same thing oh wow you put that kind of money into that vehicle yeah and again we buy just like anybody else buys but we want you to know it’s peace of mind that’s another word I was right there why would you want to buy something and even if you have you know two months your first payment and then know that you’re gonna need brakes net wiper blades yeah tires little things I don’t know stuff that adds that heads up yeah if people don’t think about that so why buy from us need i say more it’s VIP treating you like a VIP that’s what you guys are out there and say they I look at this fusion that know everything tires brakes they’re all change wiper bleeds if it’s down to a cabin air filter you know touch-ups around the body of the vehicle interior touch-ups there’s a lot of stuff that goes into making a car right when you get your yeah serious that’s it listen however yeah but you know we’re sitting you’re doing these commercials over and over the people out there they said or watch a commercial and if you’re not looking now sooner than later you’re going to be part of the VIP family I know that for all the years that we’ve been here now and it does work yeah we’re gonna take care of you we’re gonna get you driving yep it make it happen the Malibu’s are still there sharp man I really like you were saying about the lights too but using horizon got the Chevy symbol in there you got the sensors all the way around the two-tone wheels yep it’s a bigger screen in there yeah I mean it’s a beautiful car dice you know that are on the street so much technology you know with a lot of young doors heads up display sorry I’m getting to say it’s the technology that are coming into these newer by saws 2016 or newer if you haven’t test-driven them if you haven’t seen them if you haven’t looked into them come to our dealership here in Southampton wherever might be wherever come ask us questions tell us what you need we’ll provide you with the information that you need everything to make a knowledgeable decision so yeah that’s it the end of day you could go anywhere I move this today oh my god I mean I’m I’m believing impressed yes I mean great role I mean it’s got very low miles but I mean smells brand new it’s not the big screen on there that’s pretty cool this little Corolla it’s a 2017 with seven what are you doing about it but a brand new vehicle yeah still the factory warranty in that price yeah talk about luxury huh talk about luxury that comes with the reliability I mean right it’s a Toyota Corolla it’s fully loaded you’ll if you saw that the entire car you would not think this is a Corolla because they are the bigger size not a fan yeah they stretch them out a little bit they said it’s too small absolutely yeah they it comes over time right – yeah it’s awesome the whole retro look – yes I said you know if you for a Honda person and now you want to try a Toyota or you want to go to the Nissan family and to say we got Honda Nissan suis got everything yeah the extended test-drive yep Kuehl it’s all about for you guys to take something home and make sure that you’re making this is another Kelley Blue Book yeah Viva that 2015 with 19,000 miles praising 19,000 miles I actually have a customer who is on this vehicle right now he’s coming back inside yeah well he’s like that hahahaha funny guy yeah beautiful car yeah 19,000 kidding me yeah yeah the price did we see the price on this coming up they they hold their value and you can’t go wrong with a Honda no Nissan joy I mean you can’t go wrong with any vehicle no you know we have them all here we’re collecting them to put you in that driver seat no payments until May yep zero down delivers yep all right we’re making half oh man I don’t know if you’re looking my hair’s on my house and tough Nissan Versa look one point six motor still a little little card zip in and out yep with 84,000 miles this looks

like my next demo this is like my perfect scenario car right here nice a moral in and out car for me to have reliable and cheap we very yep it’s all about fitting in the budget and that’s what it’s all about when people come inside I want to be 150 a month you know if there won’t be 150 people yeah and again if they feel that they can’t go higher based on their finances where we don’t know for failure not a within your means and that’s what we want you to do we don’t want you yeah yeah and that’s what it’s all about baby we’re a VIP and what do we do here at VIP hey we treat them like a VIP whoa let’s go to the next side next I’ll exercise come on into our March into saving sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP we are back here at VIP that’s it VIP very important person yes you out there that you’re hearing us you’re sitting at home if you’re at work you’re watching us TV commercial seeing is believing get here yep better yet we keep on saying over and over we can bring the car to you or or truck SUV low or right to your doorstep that process is that simple that easy all right and you’re gonna see this car right here I’m gonna have I think I might take this down myself okay bought this vehicle it’s going to Virginia okay all right we got it here it’s gonna get you know ship I’m not going to Virginia okay and I know we got to wrap it up but the thing is and just as you said yep the guy we hate body I mean we built up a report okay that home delivery you know it’s not a hop skip and a jump but lie that customer you’re engaging you’re getting them approved they got the money down he needed a couple weeks to make the extra you know down payment how can we kept the car form and we make its simple that easy yeah it’s not that easy so I want to go down there cuz I want to do a video with him a testimonial and go through process because I don’t get to see that yeah as you know we tried to do over over and so it’s more nervous they don’t want to be on TV I don’t want to be on Facebook hey I saw the Jeep the other day that Jeep and I said come on let’s put you on Facebook they didn’t want to and that’s understandable when I was first asked to do this job I said no but Here I am you know listen Autotrader this is another auto trader yeah I’m not sure of the facts but it came in in great condition they even have to get a detailed ran it down the South Hampshire real quick everything checked out the car was very well taken care of it’s here right into Garland like they don’t make them no more but a cheap nice luxury vehicle than all the bells and whistles this is an all wheel drive all wheel drive – yeah yeah so nice again we keep on saying at home delivery and work zero down delivers yeah we’re marching in yeah this March Madness everything’s going on in March why delay get here that be a part of the VIP family yeah baby VIP okay we got it yes we treat you like a VIP can’t wait to see you come on into our march into savings sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP and it’s that time to say goodbye it’s been a great commercial so Jamie you have anything to say to anybody out there you all need to come down and check these cars out for yourselves because I’ve been driving them since last June and I have nothing but great things to say so you all need to come and check it out so here we are March we are here and we’re doing deals every single day the at home delivery service where a car guru will Auto Trader Kelly Blue Book am I missing anything a car true car so all avenues everything every website you can think of better yet visit VIP or calm if you’ve been watching the commercial at the end see what the trying to hype what it’s all about watching – see ya – a man you know zero down delivers top dollar for your trade and here on VIP we treat you like a VIP can’t wait to see it come on you advantage broadcasting move ahead