Siren: Blood Curse [Part 2] Episode 2 – Sight-Jacking with Little Red Riding Hood

hey everyone this is des : my cat’s a gamer and currently brings you blame siren blood curse episode two I’m much more awake now I’m more excited to get on now the first episode I liked it it was it was fun I enjoyed myself thoroughly I’m sort of tempted to go through it again just so I can do better this time that I know I’m supposed to do and when I was observing the edited video I sort of figured out how you can sort of tell what you’re supposed to do next a bit easier like in the first area of the last thing there’s a light that was pointing to the paths they had to take and then after that you whenever the guy the police officer went into his first sight vision you would see he would do what you were supposed to do next like he broke a window and then it says enter the house through the window or whatever and then after that when now science had the cover he broke open the back door and I’m supposed to go through that door at that point I was so confused what I supposed to be doing I didn’t realize that the police officer was actually showing me what I had to do next given being the police officer with shovel wasn’t exactly on my priorities list at that point but one word – episode – that’s like the chapter chapter one on also I looked a little bit more into the game I made sure have to get spoilers but according actually before I start because what I’ve heard is that what you could download off PSN in episodes basically you down when the episodes individually or you can download them in packs I download them in packs and the packs were episodes one two three four the second pack was five six seven eight and the last pack is nine ten eleven twelve and I’ve heard that the first pack is a bit off because the first pack has more of an action focus and the first two chapters are supposedly really really short though in the later chapters I hear that we’ll start with chapter 3 the game scripts will really pick up and then basically the all the rest of chapters are longer and have more of a focus the first chapter is more like a tutorial the second chapter I hear is supposed to be more action focused and I hear it’s with a third chapter that the game is supposed to start being a really scary and really more tense and starts to get longer as well with the stages with more sub objectives and then I’ve also the episode forest was we action chapter and I didn’t look into the rest after that but I hear that these the second middle pack episodes 5 6 7 eight are all amazing chapters that have a lot more scares a lot more tense moments Johnson have a Frakes the first chapter got my attendance even though wasn’t that bad and then the finales are kind of more story based though with more scarce tone and ways though when a star was upset too though I’ve been still I haven’t stole that I am ready let’s see slow chapter chapter one let’s do this thing they’ve just murdered her like that is this some joke for TV you never know what those idiots are gonna come up with Bela Melissa samurais family idea to archive I am really nervous to be honest God thing is this game Ness the potential to be so freaking scary and the problem is I’ve heard this game is really freaking scary I’ve heard from lots of people that this is one of the scariest games released in this generation I know that lots of people result to amnesia in the scariest game but if Anita is scariest for a lot of people this is just short behind it this gets recommended all the time for being a [ __ ] terrifying game and I can definitely kind of see how that could definitely work it was the mission search for the others they’re always really isn’t funny okay my flashlights currently on it’s probably bad that song because it’s so freakin dark the way is dangerous but they just put this wall cuz apparently that way is dangerous not the way that we came from I should probably turn off my life and I cannot see what what the [ __ ] music and also you think this guy would notice that the sky is [ __ ] red that’s just asking for all sorts of trouble you can’t emulate that TV I don’t think at least a TV studio couldn’t let’s see what what what options does he have on the d-pad flashlight off yell well there’s no one

here yet we’ll probably get cutscene whenever that happens I’m gonna probably wish I turned off my light later let’s see what’s down here before we go up the stairs though and probably just dead Oh Oh God because I was turning so fast first time as a person they always though yeah he’s just edge of the world there I guess we’re going into a mine that would be suggested by the minecarts the cave over there and got a mine I recently played Silent Hill downpour and I just want to say going into a mind with these type of game mechanics can probably terrify me Oh God turn off your lights Sam alert system when any when any an audio signal vibration alert you to the presence vibration function also available at the DualShock wireless controller wall is my controllers being like a heartbeat right now proceed with caution to avoid being spotted when you approach an enemy and audio signal on alert you to their presence okay their trauma for the flashlights reduce noise [ __ ] but you cannot see in the [ __ ] dark my spawn turn the brightness up in this game yeah I’m gonna turn the brightness up there is no options menu I guess let’s turn off up for this chapter didn’t I see the enemy though say if I did oh he’s just digging bro the ponds with long day I think I see a mountain trail up here if I can make up the details long enough there we go yeah now that I’ve got far away from him the heartbeat just stopped all together gonna come this way hopefully not see was crap she’s still digging I think he is thank God almost I cannot see the crap right now I don’t think I’m supposed to head this way I think we’re supposed to sneak up behind them [ __ ] this is gonna be scary they’re gonna probably do something to try and get me the scare too but there’s not really a way to go the other route though you’re not seeing me as long I’m going to quietly it’s dark I don’t think staying quiet you can stop to the sound of your footsteps by crouching down making it easier to pass by should be do Cerrito undetected past enemy’s name should be toes okay stick to the shadows and find a safe route around the shibito as I said I thought it Knology back here we should probably do something terrify as I coulda killed the original Japanese voices it shows the way look behind you should be though find the weapon he’s just digging around right now still okay find a weapon picking up items press X near an item to pick it up grab the metal pipe sticking out by the wall nearby thank you for telling me that game I see the metal pipe some weapons cannot be used by certain characters they will not even be able to pick them up fighting that shibito unarmed is a good way to get yourself killed if you run into one quickly find the weapon to defend yourself Oh God they made me pick up a weapon they’re gonna expect me to fight some enemies soon it’s making the mining office yeah there’s this should be done nearby again you can attack by pressing the square button or R 1 R 1 whole square button R 1 to initiate a more powerful attack if you manage to surprise it should be though you can do a lot more damage Crouch or to sneak up on this rabito and then attack to knock her out well I guess it’s a hurt again that we did see a female – the female we’re probably

sneaking up there in the distance [ __ ] that’s it work which is handcycle just a moped pants it was in despair to me yes in here open yes you can break rusty locks by striking them a few times to the weapon all right to do that where’s the lock open this mission accomplished go us oh you’re knocked out in the process but okay what happened I just imagine please damn now what are you alright you you’re one of them wait why what a terrible wound can you walk it’s dangerous by yourself let me take you for Howard right August 3rd 2 a.m. heya Dori housing settlement escape to cover weary with Amana oh god this is gonna be a fetch quest though she counts like a Little Red Riding Hood so there you go pretend it’s Little Red Riding Hood and everything will be fine I’m a fairy tale a big bad wolf can’t I don’t know how good I cannot see maneuvering someone else’s safety being a liable option ok you two have been given a very special gift site jacking site jacking is a special power allowed by allowing you to see through the eyes of shibito and other people it’s also an important way to discover hints on how to proceed through the game follow the instructions given in the lower-right to you on to amana’s view all the instructions given in the lower right – ok so press next to continue how you cite Jack there ok L to cite Jack and their site Jack Ma okay so L – OH our one there’s her view of me here’s an enemy who’s currently digging trying to look for anyone else though we got one me there this guy’s you there’s some guy in the water okay probably the best view point to watch right now let’s see if there’s oh there’s a guy there I’ll have to remember that it’s over there there she’s over there isn’t he digging there but this water and he’s probably the first one so let’s lock the camera on that guy release your sight Jack Locke on bail to try site jack and walking onto him Ana’s view concentrating no I want to a concert on the enemy okay there we go that should be good you can move while site jacking someone’s view to leave site Jackie Moda any time press l2 there are many useful site jacking features for more detail information press select and she’s helped from the main menu call you guys right side and keep before she is to the icon I can also do that for

enemies yeah this is helpful there’s nothing over there following you following you I need to trust you on this you asked I swear to God are you going we’re here okay there’s a shibito over there to one okay if you want us to get caught I swear to God if you do this to me God so you follow her I’m a nun crouching sis you go you’re what are you doing what we follow okay because we climb up something okay climbing climbing there we go okay Oh God I mean here well what’s going on but I just I didn’t hear then I don’t know what’s going on this thing is site check someone else what the what’s that it’s turning something on is he doing honest I have no idea since we train to serve well as much leave a map and menu press select open the main menu and select your current location on the map if you are ever unsure about what to do press select and check the map okay so according to this map I am currently right here look we can turn the mat like crazy so we are currently in the me tomorrow house escape so we let’s see our instructions follow am on this Direction’s we are doing that sub-goals site Jack and lock on the models you stay close to a mana that’s still our goals we have to get back to her find the place to hide and sneak past that should be that we did that escape out the back entrance and reunite with chibita so let’s see what was that little square on our map mean the one that’s right there is that mean that’s where I’m supposed to be headed that’s like my next objective let’s see left stick move right stick turn rotate up/down buttons change level oh oh there’s an upper there’s a worship hall there well it’s bigger than you would think let’s see other things I left right button zoom in and out okay that’s nice to know we’re set landmarks on and off okay I like the landmarks well what is that square right now it’s zoomed in not like that there we go so where right now we just escaped out of this closet hiding spot the only way to escape is to our left but that we’re not supposed to go outside the front door though the front door probably gets in trouble because a big [ __ ] huge field but and let’s see ok that’s just I’m trying to figure out what that red thing is by Australia’s it’s just the direct directions that we are so we’re supposed to escape to the left so what we probably want to do is take three left’s or maybe we just just get to a higher level because we crash the ceiling if we supposed to if we just crash the ceiling and the best route would be to go up here except I don’t see that working out too well there’s a second floor but what what what advantage would be on the second floor have for us honestly there’s a hiding spot up there those maybe they want us to go up there I don’t know okay that’s not complicated isn’t it let’s see I guess for the now I might fail this but probably the best route would be go to that blue square right now I don’t know what that is hopefully that’s not the enemy I am currently site jacking it is I don’t have so hard I’d have to redo this because I don’t know what that blue light stands for if that’s the enemy I am [ __ ] screwed but just turn the left then another left and then just go straight so just left left straight and ultimately I’m gonna be taking another left so just remember to take all the

left turns and we’ll see what that gets us if it gets us pwned that’s my own responsibility though I think there’s a right maybe we’re supposed to get into the rice shop that’s why I’m thinking maybe here we go or maybe that’s amana who I’m supposed to be with none of the goals right ahead of me so maybe our mom I know I said back jackass like Jack Oh God in a mistake I made a mistake so leaguers I didn’t need to get here I was walls baby Sammy Sammy Sammy Sammy Sammy runnin runnin runnin runnin runnin runnin runnin runnin runnin runnin runnin I know you can see the enemies outside Jack someone okay so this is where I am currently let’s cite jackal around a little bit so once there that’s who I’m looking for more enemies than just those well I’ll keep my eyes on where I want to go too it’s mine you get back to her she get so [ __ ] far ahead [ __ ] a diaper three now if I run away from a very far distance ma’am I know that screen effect means that the shinobi’s are looking for your shubee toes wherever they’re called here’s breathing you have to take care of this carefully just has to be you standing right there to find a way against a pastor luckily the water is pretty loud I would imagine so maybe through here wander here word and some sort of house at least make sure there’s no anything’s nearby not that uh okay so I’m in the rice shop I saw this on my map where we just went up is right next to where I am so I just need to go forward be a big careful as I’m doing this feel a little crack in the wall here oh don’t terrify me like that following you again are you going where are you going where am i following you to Kentucky is what side well that’s sign I see when she’s talking about first-person view and zoom you can enter first-person perspective by holding down our two you can zoom in and now depending on how far to is press down you can also press the r3 button to switch between first-person and third-person perspective once you spot the slide head inside the curve being a noodle shop and checked around the second floor where I was just in there so there you go let’s say well if this would have been different if I didn’t fall down on my way doing whatever so that’s the r2 is how you sue I’m not really all right into the second floor this noodle shop that’s or since we do way where’s the staircase this is the staircase

yeah it’s blocks Isis views so [ __ ] jacket cigar man we’re going oh we need gets the second floor that could been a new roll shop I’m next to the right shop not the [ __ ] noodle shop that explains some stuff escape Corral with Amana not and I got the shinobi near that could burn a noodle shop knock out we don’t have any weapons though where are we supposed to do start as I started ducking maybe she wants me to do something wait wait i okay you wanna do game not that I know it’s this button so now do the site jacking not this guy over there there it’s that anime I need to watch then we lock our view there and we have to wait for the pen time to pass through just for a dangerous let’s see currently there is think I see not supposed to do here just sneak past Barry this I will be right back though so be right back all right we are back let’s resume we snuck into the noodle shop my supposed to sneak for the second floor there’s dynami going there’s the ladder to this noodle shop let’s zoom in no he it still here stars I know that now that that blue circle is the enemy that we’re looking for it’s a sub-goal here that’s aweso crime site jacking right now and the ladder or the staircase to the second floor is right past his viewpoints I need the time as correctly so he does not see her so that’s the entrance I need this we really made it hopefully I need knockout this sign meant to correct normal action commands and certain places actually demands such as knock over sign will appear site jacking nearby shibito and wait until you see that he’s below the sign then knock it over there we go we did it now let’s get my helper lady on my thing the game runs a bit smoother when I’m not site jacking someone though let’s see where is she though why you make me go onto this noodle shop we’re just sneaking over there oh it’s something there that makes more sense come there in the second Missy of games where all this taking up half my camera as well as they get very hard to see there’s a sign I guess probably over the wire with a sign let’s go wrap here hello come on Little Red Riding Hood let’s continue our way and then we’re names like a mano she’s going so much faster than I like unbelievably faster taking all my we’ll just ketchup we’re almost there but we must do something about him perhaps we can for the truck search frappe all right well stars always release you who is digging there you go it’s that one I like that lock that view okay it was let’s see traps and flares if you find a hunting trap or a signal flare you can use them with the subcommands press one of the up/down left/right buttons to display the sub commands then press the down button to set a trap if you press the down button

near a set trap you can just disengage it lay a trap behind the shibito what the [ __ ] are you doing there hopefully stupid yeah I knew I had to yell oh yo fam is attention you can attract this Rubio’s attention by yelling this can be used for forgotten shibito away from other people press one of the up-down left-right button key to display the South commands and then press the left button to yell move to where Amana is hiding and yell to retract this Ruby those attention or the trap or rejection that works too Zurich on the [ __ ] trap I’m sorry but I just comes over here there’s not fall for that trap that’s my own chance it was a trap there though I’m gonna step on it probably just start running start running so running oh this girl needs to stop running excuse me bro going this way with her oh mission accomplished that I guess even though we have a faulty execution towards the end there because I got way too close to set the trap we can continue they should accomplish episode – Nikki denied cuckoo or Agana shinza would sit on the car that was still sort of in so not Josephine you get in I’d assume be else yes for now a badass with a gun okay Sam Monroe Mount Gagaku ananda shrine and august third escaped – hoorah sake with Melissa Gail and I like how they keep all the Japanese characters with an actual Japanese voice I wonder if in the Japanese version if the English characters still have their English voices I mean it adds to the sense of realism that’s an American TV crew over and some hidden village in Japan so I just want to say I know it doesn’t look exactly like him but the character who I’m currently playing as reminds me a lot of Ryu from Shenmue at least he kinda looks like him so he’s a con series I don’t know but someone from one of those type of games I’m really sorry Sam I am glad to see you and it’s good to know why I was so hard I thought you were one of them Phil McKenna weights enough plans the Japanese jump lei is this guy okay hold down the Batman to brace against a door while braced up against at the door shake the wireless controller to prevent and he should be though from entering this door seriously what door is there me in here with me [ __ ] restart sorry let’s see well I didn’t realize what door they wanted me to do and then there should be two just broke in and that ruined all point the objective right are you supposed to go on with it you fail the sub objective I guess you are cuz I mean I did anyways but we’ll just do it again let’s get the cutscene I have to find a way yes come on we start cuz that did not work

in the slightest okay I suck at bracing doors Bren we are supposed to hold down the button to the instructions say this time I have to find a way yes here hold the engines to hold down the button now it explains some things okay holding it down come on you’re not with me I can waggle my way off this white light on the ps3 right okay I was about your engine’s about window are they doing or something once try your best to make it let’s see right here the forest with a flashlight on this is a grand idea ever traffic I have to find another way around I begun yes she’s going over here okay so car sneakin let’s say you’re talking about this guy let me stop there we go that work push him down dad how do you like that okay so we guys hand gun ready your gun with l1 while the gun is ready press square or r1 to fire okay square master while the gun is ready shake the wireless controller shown below to reload it’s also possible to reload by pressing the square button stop sign relief please don’t know for safer it’s locked I know the Japanese sighs that’s right on four seconds so just a bunch of debris that would figure right there retching three over here to actually throw it probably as expected it’s locked all right we better try out for a lot oh [ __ ] stealing bag attack Stewart damaged I’m damaged all damaged load time okay it’s in our way or bad sours one should be though let me go tell my heartbeats though so that’s the car man dead end over there wrote arasaka over there I guess we won’t overheat your hair if you ever need you remember the games controls press select open up the main menu and choose the

help option hold two more enemies on a gun trying ways there we have the door mission accomplished we’re getting better at this somewhat I think we should go to the church Jimmy that’s what some murderers go to pray no no you have it all wrong from the screen hey where are you what were you thinking bringing her to a place like like I told you before just shut up I swear you’re completely useless I’m gonna find her myself come on the show mystery has a boogeyman daddy said they don’t exist they don’t exist well our bounty part of that rich let’s go is curve you know whatever students Martha I have to say this game’s story is both picking up and see my episodes was on the last chapter because in the first chapter he only had even though it was really short or anything between these chapters here chapter 1 which was the opening cinematic chapter 2 which is when you start from the building the police officer shows up chapter 3 which is the ending and the trailer from the next chapter so chapter 2 was a bit was substantially longer than the first chapter right here the next chuggers maybe even longer and selecting chapters chapter 1 which was the guy who had to sneak past the enemies you know this was the opening cutscene that was the chapter II if it sneak past the enemies then there was the cutscene where you met Miss Little Red Riding Hood and then there was when you actually had to sneak like when you’re actually playing this him and her trying to get through then it was the cutscene with the guy of the gun it was the part where we were with our ex-wife and we were gun Boulding peoples there was the end cutscene and the trailer for the next chapter there we go oh good next time I’m gonna tap two three but first thing I’ll be looking in our archives look at all the new stuff we collected that progresses the story we’d previously read Fabray we have watched that do we miss something because we don’t have before well I guess everything kind of goes out of order anyways how I’m concerned myself yet I will only concern myself that I beat the game out of it what was this yeah we’ve looked at that before I think it’s after this where everything’s you know okay so Melissa’s Gail self oh no no we we listen to this to this with the first name thing okay Matheson college professor of cultural anthropology salmon roe details cuz we see it so we have his facility ID and this is the guy who is I like him even though he is kind of airheaded that might be the best way to word it details a pamphlet cancel a pamphlet made for a course whose plan to teach canceled has been stamped on it big red letters salmon roe presents sacrifice in the past cultural anthropology seminar see a 1 5 0 s 1 unit time Tuesday 7 a.m fall semester location grant Oliver B 5 seats full our seats are still available please hurry to avoid missing this chance salmon roe is Matheson College Department of Anthropology snooze professor has previously served as distinguished lecturer at Pine gov Community College he is an expert in the field of comparative religion and widely respected by his peers all right it looks like only one person pulled out a forum for those though okay so I think that was all that was there there’s like doesn’t seem like it that’s all good so the only other one that we cottage was number 11 what’s this okay bellum ocurro Abele’s burrows diary August 3rd 3 a.m. like a hospital room 206 flee into the sage Hospital let’s go okay let’s see goth goth girl secret diary won’t be fair it’s

unrealistic for young girl maybe Bella keeps his personal diary with her at all times the cover has a cartoon drawing that a gothic girl with long black hair the Diaries out work reflects Bella’s unique taste and design unique meaning like lots of other teenager preteen girls well okay next page oh they got some nice things so let’s see and luckily they even have all the text there for reals I’ll just read it ever since grams went to heaven I’ve learned that daddy’s not very good cook he’s tried to make her special meatloaf tonight but he baked it too long and it was all dry and gross I’m going to hide the recipe so we can’t cook that again the other day daddy bought I brought home and organized her for me to use but it was way too uncool so I gave it back he just has no clue when it comes to what I like I’m flying to Japan now daddy says he wants me to see more of the world that I know he’s just bringing me because he couldn’t find anyone to watch me from 10 years old I don’t need babysitting oh well at least it’s something different the house is so boring with grams gone and daddy always sitting around reading I don’t know much about Japan but I hope I can do a samurai when I go there that would be so cool airplanes are so boring okay that’s pretty drab cetacean hey that’s all that for the archive we got some new weapons too and I just noticed that the new things are blue and things that we’ve already booked our black so there you go that would help in the future okay so we got a light bladed weapon which is a hand cycle let strength is average a hand held farming tool for cutting grass or harvesting crops a crescent straight metal blade is a fixed gate to the wooden hand then we have a metal pipe which is a heavy blunt weapon the strains are strong a syllable metal tube designed for transporting water although galvanized most of the coating has worn away and the pipe is rusty alright god the null pipe was actually better than the sickle I just thought the sickle be barracks is sharp I guess that was supposed to be better so strength is stronger at least okay short barreled gun strong a standalone issue point three eight caliber revolver that chambers up to six rounds and then finally a trap which is the bear trap and the strength is special a steel trap used for hunting a variety of animals a human who inadvertently steps into one of these will require time to break free I still know where the arrows for if you press our 160 to the options menu there is no arrow oh wait there’s an arrow back together our one option I said the bottom left corner in the dark though don’t know what that’s for whatever the case we will not know too later okay that’s all we have now for siren blood curse catch you guys next time

(AV02179) Background Europe: Versailles to Yalta

In Russia, Lenin, and Stalin in the United States Wilson and Roosevelt and in England Chamberlain and Churchill these countries these men and their deeds cast historic shadows over our world today background Europe Versailles New York WOI TV presents a series of programs on modern Europe Now, the head of the department of history and government at Iowa State College Dr. Clarence H Madison. Today we are taking up bluntly could say that the effects of the depression upon international relations was the ending of the era of good feelings wasn’t of course felt at the time or at the same degree in various countries all over Europe the Depression hit some countries earlier vannacutt others but it was perfectly obvious that no country that was at all industrialized could escape completely unaffected from the effects of the depression that closed in over the world by 1931 it was felled especially and perhaps first as far as Europe was concerned in Germany and Austria where those two countries that have had their difficulties anyway in the whole of the nineteen twenties because of each anomic troubles sought to solve those troubles first by farming a terrorist Union that is in 1930 and 31 they came up with the proposal that one way to solve the problem of getting markets for their good was to form a tariff union abolishing the line of tariffs between off the in Germany and making good to go across their boundaries without having to pay any duties and furthermore that Germany and Austria would have the same tariffs against any other country even if the end of each year would divide up the profit so to speak from tariff rates on a pro-rated basis among themselves but this attempted on fluid as it was called it was blocked it was blocked by the financial and the diplomatic pressure of France the French saw in this merely the beginning of a possible political and truths later on and there an argument of opposition to any joining of Austria and the France or Austria and Germany may immense that they referred this thing first to the League of Nations and then to a World Court they insisted that this was a violation of all previous treaty arrangements by which all see a promise to keep her a sovereign and the result was that this untruth was thrown out and so they asked the intima Germans and failed in their attempt to lower a tariff barrier by the spring of 1931 however in Austria something even far graver was occurring at that time one of the largest banks of Central Europe the credit Anstalt Bank in Vienna reached the brink of failure and the failure of the credit on salt banks not only ruined many people in Vienna itself but because of the web of credit relations and so forth many banks in Central Europe went down with it banks especially in southern Germany that had relationships with the credit on stall and this failure meant that the whole financial structure of Central Europe was very seriously weakened and it looked as though there would be a sort of a chain reaction as one bank asked for another would fail as was beginning to happen of course in the United States well was at this juncture that mr. Herbert Hoover who was then president of the United States made his proposal of the famous Hoover more toriel which was merely a proposal at for one year the various governments of the world would not try to collect any death to many other governments now this meant immediately the question of war debts and the question of reparations is back on the board the Hoover moratorium proposal was accepted but it was accepted only and belatedly by the French who saw in this the possibility that’s the reparation that they were going to get from Germany would not be forthcoming and they somehow or other were always afraid the private debts would take precedence over more government debt and in the end of their first mortgage on Germany as they call their reparations would finally be passed it was finally accepted however after some delays by everybody even including the French and it was hoped during the year from June of 1931 to June of 1932 that somehow or other some

new solutions might be found to the serious financial problems that they faced and yet they hope to perhaps suggest the worst of the crisis might be over rapidly depression would solve itself but still during that year things went from bad to worse but during that year that England found it necessary to go off the gold standard and in the United States things were certainly still going downhill rather than getting better so but at the end of the year conditions worth anything worse and when the lien powers of Europe method lost on in June of mendel I of 1932 we consider what to do about it they did come up with a proposal and that they would write off a good chunk of the reparations in Germany was supposed to pay and instead Germany would deposit something over 700 million dollars worth of bonds at 5% interest with a bang of International Settlements in the Switzerland this bank would hold these bonds for three years and then try to sell it Germany would make good all of the bonds that were sold but at the end of 15 years all those that weren’t sold would just be written off when all the Joker’s in this loss on agreement was however that’s the other European countries besides Germany also came to what they call the gentlemen’s agreement which was that they would ratify this loss on arrangement only upon the satisfactory arrangement of their situation with their creditors well now these creditor of course was the United States and this was just a sort of a nice way of saying if the United States will scale down further our war debts by then we will be able to scale down Germany’s reparations in the United States there was no inclination to scale down more debt the American attitude toward that had been shown time and again and Cal Coolidge’s famous statement when asked about the war debt which was the question well they hired the money giving they reflected pretty much the American attitude toward the whole question of the writing off the war debt hence the loss on agreement never did mean very much and later on Hitler rejected or to d8 of any responsibility anyway for any bonds that Germany had issues all of this of course did serve to raise the war debt feelings so to speak in the United States it serves to increase tremendously isolationism in the United States and especially as in the next few years one country after another refused to pay on their war debts and that certainly engendered an agree more International ill-will another effect of the Depression was that the various countries of the world began turning to economic nationalism as a solution to their domestic economic problems the United States had already pointed the way in that direction as early as 1922 when we had passed the Ford anemic Humber Terrace thereby making it very difficult for European countries to sell goods to us at the same time trying to collect your debt from them and in 1931 we raised the tariff barriers even higher with the hawley-smoot tariff and Great Britain’s the free trade country par excellence of the world found herself abandoning free trade and raising a tariff barrier around Britain in 1931 and other countries were going in for the same kind of thing so that the result was another tendency not to try to team up together to solve your problem but to build further walls so to speak among the countries separating them all and then discouraging and choking up world trade rather than encouraging it the British went on in 1932 to follow Stanley Baldwin Dempsey the Imperial preference system by going to Ottawa and growing up in Canada the so called acaba agreements by which of course the British Empire in general was setting up a vast trade area in which they would give preference to each other and what is more or less space for the rest of the world United was on top of that the British did go in for making bilateral trade arrangements from one sort or another well now of course once one country does this the others follow suit in tariffs bilateral trade arrangements quota systems and campaigns to buy only home made in who made good appear in all the countries of Europe and indeed of the world all of these steps were of course in the direction of choking up trade rather than of making a trade easier as you carry on also it’s at this time that they go in for various attempts at devaluing their currencies in order to get an advantage over the other country in them in the world trade here it’s now that they go

in for flat restrictions and prohibitions on the goods of other countries and all sorts of political obstacles such as blocked currency and that kind of thing comes into the picture during the period from 1933 to 1939 except perhaps for the attempts of mr. secretary halt of the United States in his reciprocal trade program one could say that there weren’t any real efforts being made by important and responsible authorities in the world to lower the barriers to world trade so that once is saying that the overall result of the depression upon international relations was to divide people even further and to make them that shut them off one from another rather than to get them to work as a team with each other and solve their mutual problems and caris wars and economic nationalism certainly become added now to the list of things that one can list up as causes of World War number two besides this problem of reviving financial troubles and reviving the reparations debate and so forth in the 1930 another problem which had been developing ever since World War one was also coming to a head and this is a problem which had been disturbing the countries of Europe and including the United States ever since 1919 this was the problem of disarmament now disarmament was a question which certainly could be and looked at a temple mom supposedly and the United States took the lead in proposing a disarmament conference to be held in 1921 and in the first month of 1922 at the famous Washington arms conference now this came in some way surprisingly since the Treaty of Versailles had comets that there would be disarmament in order to get the powers of the world down to the level of Germany and it was quite true that public opinion in 1919 and 1920 was demanding that something be done he cut down especially the terrific cost of armies but it wasn’t the League of Nations it was the United States which amazingly has taken the first step now the Washington Conference of 1921 and 22 what’s called primarily the deal with questions in the Far East with China and Japan but it was also suggested that since there was so much demand for something to be done and cutting down the costs of armament that they could consider disarmament – so that was tacked on to the invitations that the United States sent out to countries to come to Washington in 1921 and discuss these things but immediately the conference in Washington found that it was going to be limited to talking only about naval matters the French flatly refused to consider any kind of a conference which might deal with land armies until at least they got some kind of a guarantee of security for themselves he takes the place of the anglo-american alliance maybe failed to get this conference at Washington coming in 1922 did show up right at the beginning of the period some of the problems that were involved in disarm that as you’ve shown that while it would seem to be quite simple to say that of course everybody wants to get rid of of armaments and so forth and especially does everybody want to get rid of offensive weapon the point on that what is an offensive weapon for one country may not be an offensive weapon for another geography makes the launch in the needs of one country different from those of another and right at the beginning of this whole period the differences especially between the British and the United States that were after all a two major a potentially major in naval power began to show up the British looking at from their geographic position as an island Kingdom near a large landmass wanted for instance to abolish submarines and aircraft carriers and large capital ships the British were in a different situation from a country such as the United States Great Britain had an extensive empire with locations all around the globe and while the British of course did have to have control of the sea lane so to speak in order to maintain that empire it also meant that misstatements of the to British probably did not have to fail more than eight hundred miles in sending a ship around the world to go from one fueling station to another meant that

they didn’t have to have the large types of ships with a long closing radio and in general what the British wanted was to have a large number of smaller tight ship the smaller types of cruisers for instance or the destroyers well now the United States wasn’t in that same kind of a situation the United States needed bigger ships we didn’t have bases from throughout the Pacific although we had commitment in the Pacific and that we had to commit ourselves to defending the Philippines for instance but we didn’t have bases every eight hundred miles therefore our naval needs were more those of large ships that had a large cruising radius and that could be away from home and from bases longer periods of time the United States also regarded the submarine in the aircraft carrier as Adi country weapons are naval thinking at the time involve the idea that’s what submarines we had would be used only off our own Coast and they would be used purely to repel an invading force and airplanes at that stage of the game anyway hadn’t acquired much in the way of a cruising radius and the United States furthermore didn’t to have many of the cruiser tight ship so we were in favor of abolishing cruisers but we were in favor of keeping submarines and airplane well now the British refused flatly to accept the idea that the submarine was a purely defensive weapon to them it was an offensive weapon the submarine had after all in World War one become in the hands of the Germans a very potent force against England the Germans had in the spring in the summer of 1917 almost starving without by the use of their submarines and so it was a pretty hard job to convince any English but the submarine was a purely defensive weapon when I was a Japanese we’re in a different situation they happen to have several large submarines on the way being built and they didn’t want to scrap them well they favor keeping submarines they also favored keeping the smaller type ship seafood because they had devised ways of making their crews live and even smaller and tighter corners and on other ships and they could get more fighting equipment so to speak on a ship than other countries could the French came in with a suggestion that why not limit the whole thing by money just say each country could spend so much and then let me spend it the way they wanted well that sounded reasonable until you realized that building costs in France were less than they were in England or the United States and under such an arrangement probably the French would come out much better the Italian came to the Washington conference with only one thing in my and that was the idea of parity in there maybe with French and the French who polish this I’m the very obvious point that France did have to protect not only the Mediterranean but also on the Atlantic coast which included the day of this day in the English Channel and if they had a total Navy equal only to that of Italy it would mean that in any situation they would not be able probably to have their total Navy against Italy and therefore they wouldn’t be able to in a sense be equal to Italy that was a comparable situation to the United States and the Japanese demanded parity with us well all of this ended up finally with an agreement only on capital ships or the large type of ship one of the things of course was that in the war of the year just before World War one and it become exceedingly expensive to build ships the new type of ships which had been developed had become a very expensive thing and furthermore there was the point to that in the World War one with all of the big capital ships that had been built and all of the money that had been spent on them still and they had been an action against each other only a matter of four hours in four years on the afternoon of the Battle of Jutland in 1916 and even in these battles which had been fought it also had been shown that means the design of these ships was such that they were not much better than death trap when the receivers would call him most of the actual naval fighting in World War one had been done by the cruiser class of ships it had been the British cruisers that had run down the Germans and had run them off of the sea and and they result was that those were the ones that seemed most important furthermore there was a great uncertainty as to what’s the effect was going to be marine and the aeroplane upon the surface class ship after all these were two new inventions that you’re coming out of World War one and it wasn’t at all clear as to what they had done to the surface ship as a fighting instrument the aeroplane had been used of course in World War one

it had been used in combat on land but I’m seeing it had been used largely for observation and there didn’t no real test that’s what the aeroplane had done to the surface ship but the popular demand that something be done did bring it about the capital ships were limited and aircraft carriers were limited it was agreed that there would be a ten year building holiday on building new capital ships no new ships were to be build except as replacements for ships which were already listed and replacements could not be made for a ship that was younger than 20 years furthermore in order to make sure that nobody started building battleships and Carlton cruisers it was specified that any ship of more than ten thousand tons or carrying larger than 8-inch guns would be called a battleship and the replacement ratios were fixed so that the United States and Great Britain could replace to a total of five hundred and twenty-five thousand tons the Japanese at 315 and the French communitarian for the hundred and seventy five now this was the basis of the famous five five three ratio England and the United States were equal or had parity Japan should have a 60 percent Navy and France and Italy had parity that is somewhat left hot the French were willing to grant parity to Italy here as much as anything because they were quite convinced the Italians when their limited resources would never build up to it anyway have they forced me missing philony they might have thought differently but it was also provided here that no ship could be built over 35,000 tons which was considered large for that day and no aircraft carrier more than 20 and nothing was done here about cruisers or destroyers or submarines five years later on a conference at Geneva they attempted to come to some agreement on the question of cruisers and of submarines but this conference got nowhere as a matter of fact they ended up in bitter disagreements so that the United States and Great Britain were further apart than they had been for years especially when the United States had discovered that it rather liked the 10,000 ton cruiser class and it was well adapted to our needs and we refused any proposals to limit the size of cruisers and also it came out that Great Britain and France had come to an understanding before the conference that they would support each other fundamentally here it was still a question the United States wanted a small number of large cruisers and the British wanted a large number of small cruisers at a naval conference in London in 1930 when it became time to do something about the ten-year holiday which had been begun in 1922 the powers met once more and this time they extended the holiday for five years they also agreed on total tonnage is four cruisers here and they established a ratio for destroyers that was agreed that there would be parity in submarines but that’s the London conference the Italians and the French refused to go along and the result was that they thought into the naval agreement the so called escalators pause which was the understanding that if for instance the Italians started to build on big Navy and threatening the British position in the Mediterranean then Great Britain could build to but that meant that Japan and the United States would also build the whole ratio system would just go on up and the Italians and the French remained out of any kind of limitation after it but it’s right at about this point that the Germans once more begin to enter the naval building picture the Germans restricted by the Treaty of Versailles where we fitted the ships of 10,000 tons and they developed through their technicians and their engineering the so called pocket battleships now the pocket battleships was a ship that in tonnage remained the same size as the cruisers but the Germans had managed to put a tremendous amount of firepower and also a tremendous amount of speed onto the pocket battleship so that while they had stayed within the limitations of the Treaty of Versailles they had developed a fighting instrument which were certainly something of a surprise to the rest of the world in 1934 the Japanese announced that when this five-year period was over our naval building holidays that they were going to demand terror in 1936 that is that they would be no longer be satisfied with the five five three ratio that hereafter it was going to have to be the five five five races well the United States things and the United Arab rate Britain wouldn’t have anything to do with this the result was that no Navy conference was held in 1936 and a naval

building race was on and from 1936 on the Navy building race is wide open and land even less was accomplished in the way of disarmament between the war that French insistence upon security and the refusal of the United States to commit themselves to a treaty supporting France did mean that the French would not go along with any proposed who cut down their standing army of 500,000 men now it looks like true that the League of Nations was committed of course here to sponsor disarmament and that was in the beaver side treaty but it took the League of Nations a half a dozen years to get around to doing anything about it as much as anything because France continually blocked proposals but finally in 1926 the league did form what we call the preparatory commission to consider what they might do if they had a disarmament country and of course since it would be fully to have a conference of this kind without the United States and Russia the United States and Russia were invited to come along well almost immediately here they came under these difficult questions one of them was what are effective in fighting now the French and others that had this conscription insisted that people in the reserves were not to be considered effective fighting men whereas Great Britain in the United States and Germany said that a man who just had four or five years of military training it’s certainly a very important fighting man and so they couldn’t come to an agreement over that kind of a thing who isn’t effective and who is not 1928 mr. ladino of Russia came in with a proposal that all countries simply disarmed completely over a four-year period that they take a 50% of their armaments and destroy them in the first years and the other 50 in the next three years this was rejected by the British if a communist plot to disarm the capitalist world while a communist spotted a world revolution in the meanwhile the Germans were demanding more than ever and Hitler was making much of it that the Allies should do something about disarmament and Hitler was pointing out that the Allies themselves were not living up to the Treaty of Versailles that they were forcing upon Germany well finally after much negotiation snickering the actual disarmament conference got together in January of 1931 but it bogged down on the French demand for security and when mr. Hoover proposed a one-third reduction of armaments around the world across the board that’s reject that proposal was rejected – and by 1932 and thirty-three after many adjournment and recesses it became apparent that the disarmament conference wasn’t going to be up any plainer and when Hitler came to power in 1933 in Germany obviously France wasn’t going to disarm by that time – Japan had moved into Manchuria and the situation in the Far East and become critical it was on this question that Hitler would rule Germany from the lead and the failure so to speak of disarmament was another one of the major failures that the League of Nations and companies and deaths meant that the lead no longer was looked at as an important weapon in international affairs Monday afternoon our lecture deals with the Alliance system and the Rome Berlin active on background Europe with dr. Lawrence H Madison head of the department of history and government at Iowa State College and co-author of a book on Europe development of European civilization Monday Wednesday and Friday afternoon at 2:30 by woi TV and the fund for adult education has established by the Ford Foundation production by Neil mailer John Clark Fred Mullin and Harry he technical director Charles Holly this is Roger lead bed bidding your fuzzies with afternoon until month

SCIENCE with/in/sight: 2013 Image Award Winners

good evening good evening welcome to the Koch Institute those of you who are visiting we have many members of the Koch Institute community here tonight as well including the Image Award winners and congratulations to all of them I’m really looking forward to their presentations to discuss the images that they have provided for the image gallery and I for one think they are terrific I’m really really impressed this is a third round of the image awards and I think they are spectacular the best collection of images that we’ve had to date and I don’t say that with every collection indeed I think this is really really exciting collection of images so I’m Tyler Jack’s I’m the director of the Koch Institute it’s been an eventful day for us here in the Koch Institute when I say that I mean it’s been a day full of events we we hosted the Koch Institute Leadership Council today and many of my leadership council members are sitting in the audience and it’s wonderful to have you here the Leadership Council has been tremendously supportive of the Institute since its inception and helps us do all the things that we do and I’m incredibly indebted to them for today’s advice and all the advice and support they’ve given me over the years I’d also like to thank the judges who have adjudicated the Image Awards this year Alex will give us the statistics about how many submissions we have but we rely on experts to evaluate the art and the science that is represented in these images and they do a wonderful job and we appreciate their efforts some of those are in the audience as well I also want to thank in absentia Charles and Ann Johnson whose gift provided resources to build the space on the east out of our gallery as well as a fund to allow us to change the art on a regular basis to renew and refresh these exhibits which is of course extremely important and so we thank them as well and finally I’d like to thank members of our with insight society benefactor group this series that you’re attending tonight and many of you have attended with insight events previously as well as an ongoing outreach from the Koch Institute to interested parties in our MIT community and our Cambridge community and beyond to teach you a bit about what we do here the science and technology behind it and the impact that we hope to have in the in the fight against cancer and tonight is an example of that it’s a very different style of event will be hearing from young people who generated the images but with insight society is a group of supporters of this of this activity and we thank those of you who are current members and we encourage others who might be interested in joining that group and if you do join you’ll be given a wonderful collection of images from the gallery shown by my assistant Carol Merrill over here they are spectacularly beautiful priceless images one-of-a-kind images and I think provide some incentive to to become a member of that society but but of course the the work that you’re supporting is also extremely important so I’m going to turn things over to Alex in one second but let me just say from my perspective how excited I am that we do this that we feature the science and technology that we perform in our laboratories in the way that we do out in the public gallery it’s actually quite unusual to show off the the wonderful science and technology and discovery an invention that takes place behind the walls to be honest the reason that we first conceived of having a gal lurie space is that the city of Cambridge which had to permit this building Steve Mahler who’s sitting somewhere in the audience is one of the architects can attest to this and the city said you know we don’t want just the blank face of your building and we don’t want to just look into laboratories we want it to be animated and so working with designers we came up with this concept of a gallery that would include these wonderful images and also other educational parts and frankly the more we thought about it the more we liked the idea and invested in the idea

partly because we can tell the story of what’s happening inside these walls in a really dramatic and exciting way that captures the attention of the people who are in the building and also are walking by and we find people stopping and staring and that’s exactly what we wanted to do we wanted to be arresting they would stop them in their tracks and they would ask the question what’s behind that image and they are strikingly beautiful but the science behind them is even more interesting and more exciting and that’s what we really want to capture so they can come in and read about the work they can go on the web and see a video from one of these guys describing their work and in that way learn and hopefully get excited to perhaps get involved in this in this quest that we have to do something important about cancer so congratulations to all of you that image happens to come from my laboratory Lenny good shaiva will be telling you about it but I want you to know that I had nothing to do with the choices of the images that one in this round but congratulations to all of you and I think it’s it’s wonderful that we’re representing your work in a way that we are so I’ll turn things over to Alex fiorentino who’s our public outreach coordinator and organizes all of that and much more including school tours to see what we do here and also take this opportunity to thank Alex for what is now years of service to the Koch Institute I say it that way because I can’t remember how many years but alex has been in this role for a while now and he’s done a terrific job and Alex will be leaving us in June I guess to go off to medical school Tufts and we’re very proud of him I consider him surrogates son of mine very proud of him and I just want to thank you for all that you’ve done Alex thank you so much Tyler a forgetting is going in for kind of things you said about me and and these these scientists who have come to share with all of you what they do so this is one of my my very favorite nights of the year you know we have these images up on the wall year round and I think we try to tell the stories as best we can in fourth on behalf of the scientists but this is the only night when really the scientists are here all together to tell the story themselves and to share with you really what’s behind the pretty picture and so I’m really happy to be able to share that with you tonight and the theme of the evening in a way is condensing condensation I guess although that sounds like weather but each of these scientists each of these projects represents months or years of work and we’ve given them the impossible task of describing it for all of you in three minutes and in fact the ten images or the eight theft you’ll you’ll hear from the scientists tonight represent only a small fraction of all the amazing science that’s submitted to the awards so I encourage you to check out our website i’ll share the link at the end of the night but where you can look at all of the submissions to the contest and see not just the ones that were picked to be the most beautiful and the most interesting but all the ones that didn’t make the cut that are still really amazing science but without further delay I think we’ll dive writing because we got a lot of a lot of talks to get through and a lot of great great science to hear so I’m going to introduce the first speaker for the night oh sure absolutely so we this is a essentially a lightning talk so each presenter will give only the three-minute talk and then at the end of the night if you can hold your questions until then at the end of the series of eight box you’ll have a chance to ask their questions so keep them in mind if you can and you’ll have a chance to ask at the end okay so our first speaker is Michael wells Michael comes to us from just across the street in the department of brain and cognitive sciences where he works in the fang laboratory and His image is entitled patch of light trying to understand a newly discovered autism linked G fade the light so we can see hey everybody uh guess yummy can you guys see me I’m very short I don’t think this auditorium was built for Hobbit’s peaches so I hope this works so let me tell you know something about this picture here these are mature Mouse glial cells so for those of you who don’t know what glial cells are they are the support cells of the brain so typically when people think brain cell I mean I think with brain I think a brain

cells to think of neurons and neurons are the cells that transmit information from one brain region to the next they would not be able to do that work not for these cells so if you have unhealthy glia cells you have unhealthy neurons you have an unhealthy brain ok so this image was actually taken as part of a large autism study in which I was studying a protein called patch d1 that’s the title of this image one of the first things you do so actually one should say is a approaching a gene that’s been linked to autism in human beings so one of the first things you want to do when you’re studying a new gene is to find out where it’s expressed so we’re talking what brain region we’re talking what kind of cell what cell types express this gene so this is what this was essentially we do that is we throw antibodies directed against patch d1 on to these glia cells and we also throw antibodies directed against glial proteins and if they overlap which as you can see in this next image which was not selected when they overlap you can see the two colors from each from each antibody you can see the overlap and so this theta would indicate that patch c1 is expressed in glial cells we’re still trying to iron out these details as to whether or not this is true but if it is true it’s interesting because there are not many known autism-related genes that are expressed exclusively in glial cells so the reason I picked the black and white image for submission if you go ahead go back to it um I don’t know how else to put this but I kind of fell in love with with the darkness and I know that sounds like I’m praising Satan right now but it’s not my intention I really like the contrast and how this two-dimensional image kind of took on a three-dimensional character because of the shading and the the yeah the shading fruit look pretty much does it I can’t take a lot of credit for this image because I feel like all I really did was used a one-million-dollar microscope to take a picture of something that’s already quite beautiful so I love this image because it it shows the inherent beauty of these cells that are morphology how they’re kind of out of control and they’ll take over things if given the chance so it’s pretty much it for the science I just want to say a few other things I first want to take all my friends who came out here I have a lot of friends in the audience who took time out of their data like that guy back there I also want to thank my mom and sister who flew out here from Columbus Ohio or I’m from to be here tonight so I on a serious note I just want to say this might just seem like a picture on a wall somewhere but my family we came from pretty much nothing and now we’re on display at the greatest university and face of the earth so thank you for that thank you so much Michael that was that was terrific so we’ll keep things moving and our next speaker is Lenny go Chava who comes from Tyler’s lab here at the Koch Institute and she’ll tell you about her image entitled cancer deconstructed investigating the role of non cancerous cells in a lung tumor thank you Alex thank you all for being here tonight so my main research interest is cancer and particularly the area that I’m focus on is a tumor microenvironment so what do I mean by that for a very long time cancer research has focused primarily on the tumor cells and tomorrow genesis was seen as a process where a tumor is a homogeneous mass of cancer cells that proliferate invade and my grade into the surrounding normal tissue and that was really the whole story however what pathologists have known for many many years that when they look at a section of a tumor they see an image that’s quite different from this picture so they see something more similar to this where there is a wide variety of normal cells that are present within the tumor so then the tumor microenvironment field is curious in knowing what are these other normal cells doing there so 11 possibilities that they’re just innocent bystanders and they’re just there as a tumor developed but as more and more research in this area has has come out it turns out that they can be very active players in the tumor joining process so for my research I’m focusing on one of these cell types and that’s the fibroblast and what I’ve done for this image is isolate two cell types so these are the tumor cells here in red and the fiberglass in green and I’ve

isolated these cells from a mouse lung tumor from a mouse model that we have in the jacks lab that very closely recapitulates the human tumors and what I what I’m aiming to figure out is how are these cells interacting so the normal role of fiber ross is very important they are secreting a lot of factors that are building the scaffold of many of your organs and they have a very important function during wound healing so when you cut yourself on these cells in green become activated then they sense the stress and they start secreting factors that stimulate all the surrounding epithelial cells to divide in order to fill out the wound now cancer cancer cells are very smart and they’ve figured out that these factors can be very beneficial for them to help out tomorrow so the figured out a way to trick the fibroblast into believing that they’re healing a wound when what they’re actually doing is helping you tomorrow so using such system in a culture dish what we’re trying to understand is this interaction and now we’re we’re we know that this is more of a dialogue so the tumor cells can talk to the fire glass and fire glass in turn respond by secreting different factors and what we’re trying to do is listen in on their conversations and try to figure out what they’re saying but the first thing we need to do is actually learn that language so it’s really complicated but systems like this allow us to gain more more insight into what actually happens in a tumor and the idea is that if we understand how these cells are interacting we can come up with better cancer therapies where we’re targeting not only the tumor cells but we’re also targeting their whole supportive network so that this gives us a better therapy for cancer Thank You Lenny our next image comes from Eric Williams who works in the door NT laboratory at the MIT department of biology and it’s also one of our extramural lab so its affiliated with the Koch Institute and His image is entitled on the scent investigating an anti-aging gene inside the nose so this is an embryo that is three days old at one point everybody in this room looked like this embryo whether you can believe it or not this embryo has about between 30 and 50 cells and one interesting feature of these cells is that they haven’t made any decisions yet and what I mean by that is as these cells divide and grow and the embryo develops into an adult organism these cells have to make choices about whether they’ll become different cell types such as brain cells or skin cells lungs or stomach muscle or bone or a myriad other number of types of cells and I’m interested in how these cells make these decisions so this is the experiment so I took an embryo and I made an embryo that had both half red cells and half green cells and I had this hypothesis that the certain gene might be involved in making some of these decisions so the green cells lacked this sirtuin gene and the red cells had this or two in G so I let this embryo developed and the idea is that as it develops into different tissue types I can look and see if there’s an equal contribution of red and green cells to that tissue such as muscle grain bone or whatever and if I see that there’s a lot more red cells or a lot more green cells as opposed to a 50-50 mixture then perhaps this or two and gene is involved in making some of these decisions so I did that and I’ve looked at a lot of different tissues i looked at lung brain muscle and this is a picture of one of the tissues that looked at which is the mouse olfactory system so I’ll use my nose as a way of showing what this is so if I’m looking straight at you guys and you took a slice straight down here you would see the inside of my nose it would look different because this is a mouse the mouse olfactory system is actually really quite beautiful compared to our olfactory system but this is the center this is would be your septum and these little spaces are where the odorants come in through the nose and bind to the neurons the neurons are here outside and you can see there on both sides and what I found is that on average there were more green cells than red cells so my take-home message was that you need to turn off 31 if you want to become an olfactory neuron I really like this image because it has both symmetry and

asymmetry if you look at the left side if you look at the structure of the left side and you look at the structure of the right side the structure of the muscle factory system is symmetrical on both sides you can see the same features but what’s a symmetrical is the the green and red signal and that’s a has to do with the nature of the experiment injecting non-random population of red and green cells into different regions though that’s why there’s a difference between red and green but the opposing symmetry and asymmetry is what thank you Eric our next image comes from the languor and Anderson labs up on the sixth floor of this building and the scientists who created it were omid vissa Joshua dola minglin ma allen chu and Arturo Vegas Omid is going to act as the representative that group for the evening and their image is entitled sushi implant seaweed encapsulated cells for treating diabetes this is what it looks like thank you out thank you Alex and thank you all for coming tonight yeah we have a quite expansive team upstairs and we’re doing some cool stuff that I wanted to share with you today so one of the technologies that we’re trying to develop is we’re trying to develop an artificial pancreas and the reason why we want to do this is as a way to treat juvenile diabetes so for those in the audience that may not know juvenile diabetes is that actually an autoimmune disease meaning the body’s own immune system attacks the insulin-producing cells for reasons that are not quite well understood yet so we have this idea that perhaps we can take these health cells from healthy patients that normally produce insulin or from perhaps a stem cell source and protect them in a plastic type matrix and the challenge with this project is what type of matrix do we use what type of plastic so we have a lot a big team and a robotic system where we’re experimenting and evaluating hundreds of thousands perhaps of different types of plastics that we put these cells in and the reason why it’s called a sushi implant is because the basis of this plastic material that we use comes from seaweed and it’s a unique type of sugar plastic type molecule in that it can form spheres very well which is the right type of format for this application spheres are good because they allow good exchange of nutrients so insulin and can get out and nutrients can get in and and this is actually what it looks like with these cells protected in this matrix and what we have here is actually a prototype device that we’re actually put in a mouse and we’ve taken it out after several weeks and we’ve evaluated what types of cells are actually covering this matrix and by doing these type of studies we actually want to get to the point where we don’t see any immune system cells on here and those are all the beautiful blue and red that you see on the capsule so this helps us understand what type of response we’re getting and by knowing that we can address it and hopefully come up with better materials and a better device which will ultimately hopefully be included in a clinical trial where we develop the technology so thank you as an added note about amides image I actually had a group of 6th graders from Norway main here today and they were dropping this same material into a solution and making balls that looked exactly like this so that’s another cool thing about this type of experiments you can replicate it at home using kind of off-the-shelf materials anyway beyond that aside we’ll move on to our next image which comes from tal de Nino Jeff hasty and Sangeeta Bhatia from Sangeeta’s lab up on the fourth floor here at the Koch Institute and also Geoff Hastings from the University of California at San Diego and their image is entitled bacterial supernova programming ecoli to release drugs into a tumor okay so there’s a really exciting and emerging field science called synthetic biology and what synthetic biology tries to do is engineered new biological systems with DNA so as you guys know DNA is language that encodes our genes and life of all biological rhythms planet and for a while now to understand biological systems what we’ve done is add a gene take out a gene and see how this biological system behaves we’re now at a point where DNA technology is so cheap and it’s easy it’s really easy to construct large pieces of DNA that we can manipulate

entire bacterial systems all at once and even create entirely artificial bacteria so the goal of this field is to create bacteria that produce fuels for us cents and clean up environmental toxins or treat disease now to work with this amount of DNA we literally have machines that printout DNA and whatever sequence we want requires an abstract language so it’s like if you wanted to work with a computer to work with the hardware you need a computer software so to do that we have an abstraction of this language called genetic circuits or genetic programs that we built these are elements of promoters genes transcription factors that interact with each other we can design these to produce a particular behavior so I’ve been working with these systems in particular to make oscillators which are rhythmic rhythmic devices and we’ve done this in bacteria using green fluorescent protein that we can visualize single-cell oscillators I actually design a circuit that makes bacteria oscillate all together at once and the way that we did this is by harnessing of bacterial system known as quorum sensing where bacteria produce a small molecule that allows it to go through one bacteria and into the nut into another and relay its face so the image that you see out there is actually experiment with that synchronized oscillator and I was really interested in seeing how how this pattern develops a function of space and time and I managed to get a single colony of bacteria stuck to the wall and capture this movie that’s pretty cool right so if you break it down what happens is the back here reach a critical size where they’ve accumulated enough of this quorum sensing molecule at that point they produce a burst you can see that only the bacteria with enough neighbors around them are producing this burst of fluorescent protein and the ones in the center produce at first and every other layers little bit slower that’s this colony grows outward the intermediate layers burst again and again okay so that’s my image and how does this relate to cancer basically it’s been known for a while that bacteria can actually home into tumor environments and they like to grow within the tumor because they’re sheltered from the immune system immune system is always chasing after them so what we’re trying to do now is take out this fluorescent protein and put a drug that bacteria can make so that they can kill it can’t cancer cells from the inside out and that’s what we’re working on now thank you thank thank you tall for sharing that that story with us so our next image also comes from Tyler’s lab no no nepotism here but this is actually I think this is the first two times this year that that images from Tyler’s lab have one I think it’s completely deserved there they’re both amazing images so the image is entitled switch to its you can see it a dangerous meeting blood vessels and a tumor come together thanks Alex never one for coming out so I’m Thomas and I’m a postdoc in Tyler’s lab and I’m interested in as Lenny explained how the cancer can use surrounding cells in this case cells that make up blood vessels to to reach a bigger size to be able to actually gain nutrients and oxygen so we know that cancers can’t become can grow beyond a very small size without securing their own supply of oxygen and nutrients and you can imagine that choking these this supply would really dramatically choke the tumor I I was interested in when I when I took this image I was interested in how lung cancers do this process and and to do that i injected cancer cells that actually expressed that same green fluorescent protein that’s originally isolated from jellyfish so we can we can tell the cancer cells apart from from the normal lung and allowed the cancer too in this lung and what what we did after that was labeled a blood vessels of the lung with with a red molecule and what you can see here in the normal lung is a very dense vasculature a lot the lung in fact is one of the most densely vascularized organs of the body and even though this is a still image what you can maybe appreciate is that there’s a lot of activity almost movement happening in this picture you can see the cancer cells invading to the right and and the blood vessel is actually invading to the left this area here is actually part of the tumor but doesn’t have any blood vessels so these cancer cells here are suffering from hypoxia

there they don’t have oxygen so that stimulates them to produce growth factors that actually attracts these blood vessels to grow and sprout towards the tumor at the same time the cancer cells are also invading the normal lung which is already more already vascularized now there’s already drugs used in human patients for some types of cancers that block the process here the growth of growth of new blood vessels but it turns out that a lot of cancers actually grow alongside previously pre-existing blood vessels and this process is called vascular co-option so instead of growing their own vascular supply the cancer cells are actually crawling on previously pre-existing blood vessels and this process we don’t know don’t understand that well currently so learning more about this will definitely be a very important step in in management of cancer thanks thank you to him us and actually I don’t think I introduced Hamas at the beginning by name but his name is Tomas tamela he’s a postdoc in tyler’s lab so our next image is presented in absentia because this scientist Fernand federici as you can see he works in a Cambridge University in the UK and actually his image appears here at the Koch Institute as part of a partnership that we’ve set up with the welcome image awards which is based in the UK and so each year will display one of their winners and each year they will also display at least one of our images actually this past year they displayed two of our winners they liked them so much so that’s a great partnership that will continue in the future and it allows us to display fascinating images like this one so I’ll give you just a very brief description similar to tall’s bacterial supernova image that you saw just a few minutes ago Fernan is interested in synthetic biology in kind of dissecting the components of normal biology and then using them as tools for engineering and applying them and combining them in interesting ways unlike tall however fernan here is looking at plant cells instead of bacterial cells so we’re looking at all the intricate components of a plant cub arabe docsis thaliana one of the most commonly studied plants and it’s it’s amazing to me just to see the complexity you think of you think of plants as being stationary and maybe boring but there’s so much complexity and interesting kind of machinery underneath the surface that’s really what stands out to me about this image so our next image comes from the Heinz lab also here at the Koch Institute from quabbin abbado and konsa and actually this is the third image of kwabba nose to win the contest so he’s a very talented researcher and we’ve been lucky to be able to display some of his work here and His image is entitled feel the pulse smooth muscle cells respond to stretching forces thank you Alex so instead of from Havana I work in heinz lab just under four minutes building and half of our lab works in vascular biology while the other half works in cancer biology but one thing that we are all interested to some extent is how the external environment around us sales influence the way to cells behave and what I like about this picture is that the most one of the things that you merely get from it is all of these cells are aligned almost as if they’re responding to something collectively and that’s what’s happening I’ve exerted force on these cells and these cells are aligning as if it’s out of it and so what we have labeled here is we so I died these cells of two chemicals one that binds DNA and so local I those two nuclei one abides a protein coding actin and actin forms long polymers that make up the skeleton of the cell is what we call the actin cytoskeleton these cells are called smooth muscle cells and so to give you an idea of why we’re doing this and how this helps us and you tell you a little bit of what stimulus of snails are so smooth muscle cells are cells that surround large arteries and emanate out of the heart and so as the heart’s beating blood you can appreciate the fact that they as a result of that they’re exposed to varying pressures and changing enforced constantly in all of our bodies as we speak and so that makes them a good model for for looking at how cells respond to changes of clothes because these guys are pretty much pros I’m doing that and and so what we’re specifically interested in is how does the environment around the sales

component environment that we call extracellular matrix change the way these cells behave in general and specifically in this case how it changes the way to respond to the force and to give you an idea what this exercise agents looks like I had this picture which I send it’s the same similar pictures before in a sense we’re looking at smooth muscle cells and in violet where you see a chemical that stains for actin cytoskeleton in red two nuclei but in white is a protein called fibronectin and it’s a component of this extracellular matrix so the questions that we want to answer are what happens if you sever the ability of these cells to communicate with their outside environment in this case with fibronectin or other extracellular matrix proteins how does severing that change the way these cells behave in general how they respond to enforces are applied on them or turn early how it changes the wigs are forced on their environment so pictures like these are really important in helping us thank you thank you qua Bona so we have one more image creator rob mathes who unfortunately is traveling and couldn’t make it tonight he comes from the gupta laboratory which is at the Whitehead Institute and another lab that’s affiliated with the Koch Institute as an extra mural faculty lab and Rob’s image is entitled molecular water color mixing fluorescent proteins to label families of cells so Rob is doing something pretty unique here at least from from what I can tell he’s interested in cancer and interested in how the cells within a tumor can be very heterogeneous some of them are different from each other and he’s interested in identifying the cells within a tumor that are most dangerous most likely to spread to other parts of the body and cause serious health problems but what’s what’s unique is that he’s not trying to identify the most dangerous cells here just by looking at them or characterizing shape or what proteins that express he’s trying to identify the cells that are in different families so there are many colors in this image and each color represents a set of set of cells that descended from the same common ancestor and so he actually can he’s looking at identifying which families which sets of related cells are most dangerous and maybe would be best to target with drugs and what’s particularly interesting to me is the way he achieved all these different colors many more than you would traditionally see in a micrograph and it’s actually the same principle that enables the display we’re looking at right now to display many colors and that is that you can produce a wide spectrum of colors by combining red blue and green in different amounts and so he randomly to assign these colours randomly infected cells with different amounts of a red protein of blue protein and a green protein and that randomness produced a wide spectrum of colors you see here another very cool image okay so moving on to actually our final image and we’re going in the order that they appear in the galleries is the one on the far end of the west end of the gallery and it was captured by Alex shalik who’s here and his colleagues in the in hong kong park slab at harvard university and in the Broad Institute and His image is entitled cellular injections using nano wires to investigate the causes of leukemia thank you very much Alex my name is al shalik from the park group at Harvard University and first I’d like to thank the Koch Institute for agreeing to display our image on the image in and of itself is a scanning electron micrograph of B cells on top of vertical silicon nanowires and just to provide a little context for this this is maybe one of the simpler images you’ll see the night in the park group were interested in using cutting-edge advances in micro and nanotechnology to study biological systems essentially what we’re trying to do is create the doctors toolkit studying cells so if you think about the tools that a doctor would use to study your body you think about things that are maybe a little bigger than you say an operating room two things that are a couple orders of magnitude smaller like a needle by analogy an average cell is about 10 microns in diameter so what you want are things that are tens of microns say a microfluidic device in case you’ve come across turn or things there are tens of nanometers like an ANA needle and that’s what we have here basically we have an ax syringe for injecting things into cells and it turns out that if you optimize this surface and you play with the surface chemistry you can penetrate the membranes of these cells in a

minimally invasive fashion and deliver just about anything you want into these cells and so what we’ve been doing in the park group over the past few years is using this technique to study the molecular circuits that drive cellular function and dysfunction in healthy and diseased States and to try and figure out better therapeutic avenues for studying these cells and this in particular is one representative image of our work with immune cells of which we’ve done a lot and if you have interest I’d be happy to tell you more about it offline thank you very much ok thank you Alex so that wraps up the talks and now as promised we’ll go into a Q&A session so I’d like to ask all of the speakers to just wrap around up here and I’ll just in case you forgot i’ll put all their images up on the screen and sarah my colleague is in the back of the room with a microphone I’ve got one up here and i will give one to the speakers she goes can just pass this does anyone have any questions about these images I’m going to tell by my question that I’m not a scientist what do you guys think about Jackson Pollock now maybe I should rephrase that how do you feel about abstract expressionism I think I think we get to appreciate his working one more now okay who else anyone else with a question I saw another hi hello um this is for a Lena is that your knee I was fascinated by the same picture but I was really fascinated because I think anaphase is going on in one of your nuclei and I was wondering if that was something of interest to you to see how cell cycle is progressing with in these cells you mean within the tumor cells yeah yep so of course that’s another ring that’s a process we’re very interested in studying um because today does it’s all lining up inside that nucleus yep so it’s I mean it’s very cool because in culture system like these we can actually catch exactly the processes that we see that happen in vitro in vivo so we can we can see cells dividing we can even do live imaging to watch them how that happens and using these call these coculture systems where we have multiple cell types mixed in together we can see how these interaction can affect these processes so we can test it with the stromal cells are without and see how the processor are involved are you gonna go on to a 3d system like a form of gel and see how the extra mile cellular matrixes you’re acting with all of this yeah so um from this the next step is 3d culture with matrix to more accurately mimic the in vivo system and then of course the ultimate test and ultimate system or we or we want to study this is he’s in a whole organism so that’s why the jacks lab we have some very very sophisticated mouse models of cancer where we can again study the same processes and using what we’ve learned from simpler in major systems then also take them in vivo and even test different drugs etcetera as a more representative situation thank you all of your images are beautiful by the way Joshua hi my question is actually for Thomas so using I guess fluorescent protein to label tumor cells and then watching how they interact with the blood vessels in a lung and since this protein a particular is not from a human I know in particular immunes resident immune populations such as macrophages are important for tumor blood vessel formation and infiltration into a tumor mass so have you looked at whether that this foreign protein is affecting the resident immune populations and whether or not what you’re seeing here is is in fact what actually happens when you have a normal tumor and a normal law that’s a really really good question I didn’t explain the experiment in such detail that that would have answered it preemptively but so what what I did in the first experiment that is actually the image was implant these gfp these fluorescent protein positive cancer cells into an immune deficient mouse that lacks t-cells completely so the so the tumor cells are not rejected nor is nor drink

nor does the immune system react to that very very foreign protein that like you say comes from a jellyfish the next image that I showed however was from an actually more advanced model of cancer that we that Tyler has pioneered in his lab where tumors actually start from a single cell within an immunocompetent mouse and this yeah this image up here this actually uh will be a much more accurate model in studying what happens in the human and this this image actually is taken from a tumor then started forming only four weeks for only four weeks so it’s a very early time point to first thank all you guys for all your beautiful images filigree all the science you guys are doing really appreciate all your hard work my question actually was for Michael Wells who had the top right image in black and white so we’ve heard a lot about a cancer biology and that sort of thing and but I was struck by Michaels image because he mentioned that had to do with autism research so I’m just kind of wondering you know how do you feel about autism research how it’s sort of progressing in relation to cancer research and specifically sort of how autism research is how you’re tackling that and what’s the sense in the field of the best way to look at autism and how are you particularly looking at autism with such a debilitating disorder so I can’t compare them too well just because I’m not exactly up to date with what’s going on in a cancer field but in terms of how we’re looking at autism at least on my end is through the use of knockout mice these are genetically engineered mice I think somebody mentioned this concept earlier this idea of removing a gene and assessing its effect so I comentary for I’m studying an autism related gene and so we don’t what we have done is removed that gene from a mouse with the idea of assessing behaviors see if their autistic like and the long term goal of using either pharmaceutical intervention or gene therapy in the long term so I hope that answers your question I know but nobody’s asked this yet but just to get that get this over with nobody’s asked me who I’m wearing this is calvin klein so i was waiting for that question I just went much time left so thank you for reading my mind Michael any any any other questions okay so you want back here this is for Alex shellack which was the last image and I was just wondering how did you make the needles so there are a number of different ways that we do it but the simplest way of doing it now is actually to spin a resist on top of a surface and then to use a gas to etch down the surrounding material so basically you’re protecting one spot and turning what’s originally a spot into a cylinder and as it pushes down into a wire what kind of materials is is that silicone yeah so the this particular sets made on a silicon wafer the outside of them becomes covered with a native oxide so it’s glass on silicon ok any other questions ok if not then I just want to thank all of our winners that for not only all their great work that they’ve done as researchers but also taking time out to kind of talk to all of us and help communicate what they do I think that’s a really important part of you know what what we’re trying to accomplish here the Koch Institute is to really talk about science and engage people in science and take it out of the black box and into something that people can approach and I think all the speakers tonight have done an excellent job of doing that so if we could just give them all and you can’t literally take them home with you unless you happen to be one of their wives or husbands or boyfriends or girlfriends which I know there are some in the audience but for the rest of us I’d recommend a couple of other ways if you want to learn more one thing you can do is log on to our website so we have a website for the galleries that shows not only their their images but also all the ones that didn’t win and for them in particular tomorrow if you can wait until tomorrow there will be videos posted of each of them explaining their image and you can watch that share it it also be on YouTube and so I’d encourage you to check that out here’s a sampling of some images from last year from 2012

that didn’t win and in fact there are over a hundred more images than this that didn’t win last year that are equally striking so I’d like to thank you all for coming out and joining us and one more thing I’ll mention is that if you enjoyed tonight and enjoy the wit insight series I’d encourage you to come back this will be continuing throughout 2013 so our next event will take place on May twenty-third and it will feature not like this it won’t be a night that features the images of the gallery instead it will feature a particular threat of research and three different expert perspectives so we’ll have our own professor Sangeeta Bhatia talking about very high-tech exciting innovations for detecting cancer and she’ll be joined by a physician and others who can talk to this challenging and exciting ways that is being faced so thank you all and have a good night you

A Choice Based Upon Sight BRO Dana Williams

and she’s pretty too good to be in the house of the Lord this morning it is an honor to come this way your pastor inviting I’ve never been in but you know preachers do a lot of eating so I have professed and confessed to being a full of fool I understand we’re going to do some eating after the service so i’m going to keep that going but is the mic not on says it is how about now can you hear me now okay is that better okay still it is okay I’m good I’ve been told that in a while so I appreciate it all right let’s take our Bibles if you will and turn to Genesis chapter number 13 i also am honored to be here this morning for the youth service as you can tell by looking at me I’m not as young as they used to be but I say on the other side of that I’m only as old as I let myself be and I found out how to remain yeah y’all want the secret well exercise right eat right sleep right and lie about your age and you’ll be you’ll be able to stay young but I appreciate the opportunity to to be here this morning and I do love to minister the young people I got safe when I was 14 and had never got over that still can hear me all right hallelujah wow I’m glad I didn’t get halfway through the sermon before that was fixed and again I appreciate being here and I was thinking as the security committee was speaking that I do appreciate a little bit of organization in that area I was preaching way down south and one of those churches it was filled with some of us rednecks I guess you can’t could say after the service so about 10 and 12 men talking at the back of the church and I was just curious I said any y’all carry guns and I’m not lying some of them had three guns on them some of them too they laid them all out on the back pew it looked like an armory back there and I got to think of man that you’ll probably kill more than the terrorists would trying to shoot it to terrorists I mean there wouldn’t be no organization about it it’d be one of them I guess you’d call redneck security systems so I appreciate those that are you know trying to get it to where it’ll work and let us all feel safe Genesis chapter number 13 and I want to begin reading in verse number five and i’m preaching i guess to the entirety of us and especially for the young folks here this morning i’m preaching on a choice that lot made that was based upon sight a choice upon which the criteria was only what he saw let’s read these verses and you can see the emphasis in the text and i’ll say a few words about it the Bible said in chapter 13 Genesis verse 5 in law also which went with Abram had flocks and herds and tens the land was not able to bear them that they might dwell together for their substance was great so that they could not dwell

together there was a strife between the herdman of abraham’s cattle and the herdman of lots cattle and the canaanite purrs I’d dwelt in the land neighbor him said unto law let there be no strife I pray thee between me and thee between my herdman and I herdman for we be brethren is not the whole land before they separate thyself I pray thee from me if I will take to the left hand then I will go to the right or to foul depart to the right hand then I will go to the lab lot lifted up his eyes and build all the plain of Jordan that it was well watered everywhere before the Lord had destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah even as the Garden of the Lord like the land of Egypt as thou cometh unto zeor then lot chose him all the plain of Jordan and locked journeyed East and they separated themselves the one from the other neighbor immed well to the land of Canaan and lot dwelt in the cities of the plain and pitched his tent toward Sodom but the men of Sodom were wicked sinners before the Lord exceedingly and the Lord said unto Abram after that lot was separated from him lift up now thine eyes and looked from the place where thou art northward and southward and eastward it westward for all the land which thou seest to thee will I give it and to thy seed forever i will make thy seed as the dust of the earth so that if a man could number the dust of the earth then shall thy seed also be numbered arise walk through the land and the length of it in the breadth of it for I will give it unto thee an Abraham removed his tent and came and dwelt in the plain of Mamre e which is in Hebron and built there an altar unto the Lord I would say to you in the beginning that I do appreciate vision and eyesight I’m glad that God gave us the ability to perceive to look upon things and it holds up part in the decisions that we make in life as we come to our crossroads I’m glad that I can see I heard about a boy that was going on a date and he said it was a blind date few weeks later someone asked him how the date went he said well it’d been a whole lot better if I’d have been blind well I’m glad that I saw my wife was able to look at her before I ever married her it is a blessing to be able to see the handiwork of God the beauty of God’s creation aren’t you glad that God gave us a site yet we find there is a warning in the scripture John tells us that one of the ways of which the devil contempt us is not only through the lust of the flesh and the pride of life but through the eye through the eye gate and so we must be cautious if we’re going to make decisions at the crossroads of life that are so vital and that are so important that as in lots case so in your case it could affect every aspect of your life your family your eternity your posterity everything about you could be affected because of a simple choice at one point in your life and you made that choice based upon what you saw and the soul ought gives us some truths about this this thought of vision we understand that sometimes it can be cloudy sometimes our focus can be blurred at other times our perception can be little more than deception or we could have tunnel vision so they might do us well that before we make these decisions and choices at those crossroads that we visit the automata stand we have an eye exam to make sure that we’re seeing very clearly so let’s look at this text and i want to say three or four things about a choice based upon sight first of all i would suggest to you that if lot is going to make this choice if you are going to make a choice if i am going to make a choice that has involved in it

contains within it this matter of perception or vision i think that lot first of all first of all he should have seen what God saw wouldn’t it have been wonderful if lot before he looked down would have looked up and he would have said lord I am going to have to make a choice I have come to this crossroads in my life i’m looking at a far off and i’m seeing things with my my earthly vision my human eye but I need more understanding than that i’m wondering god from up there how do you see what I think I’m seeing oh what a blessing it would be if we would go to God in prayer before we make these choices and he could have someone said well how can we with so finite vision be able to see as God with infinite vision well there is a way in this text and there is a word in this text that allows us to do so not only for a lot not only for Abraham but for you and I to be able to see things as God sees them if you’ll notice with me in verse number 18 the Bible said Abraham removed his tent and came guellen the plane of memory which is Hebron and built there and Walter well that was a key that jumped out to me an alter that place of worship that of that place of where you can present yourself before God that place of which you can tell God everything that is going on in your heart and your mind isn’t an altar a very precious place we have one here this morning to where we can come and as the songwriter said take it to the Lord in prayer and the Bible said that we can compose why should we make these life-altering choices these moves in life that affect every aspect of our world now and tomorrow and affect our children and so on why should we do so when we would before before we consult the Lord get down on your knees and you may not end down in sodom gomorrah on those places that are all the way down look up before you ever look down there was a there was a way there was an altar there there was a place of communion wouldn’t it have been wonderful if he didn’t went to uncle Abraham and set up a labor ham scoot over I need to talk to the Lord I want to use your altar or even better he could have said I’m going to build me an altar because I need to talk to the Lord all don’t we need to talk to him this morning don’t we need to talk to him but not only was there a way if you look back up in verse number 13 there was a word i understand that lot didn’t have a King James Bible he didn’t have any Scripture but I do know that that God Almighty had this in mind before it was ever pinned down and he could have told him what’s written here just like he told Abraham before it was ever written a revelation you understand as he said to Peter flesh and blood hath not revealed this unto thee but my father which is in heaven God has a word for us notice in verse 13 here’s what God knew that he could have told him but the men of Sodom were wicked centers before the Lord exceedingly young people listen to me young lady God knows all about that young man you’re looking at and and young man God knows all about that young lady that you’re looking at and and God knows all about those choices that you’re making as far as college and school and work and life and things of that nature why don’t you ask him he knows the beginning from the end there’s a way and there’s a word God can tell you Jeremiah said Colin to me and I will answer thee and show the great and mighty things that’s for you that’s for me and there’s no 1 i’m not just talking to the young people there i’m in all through life we come to those major crossroads that we didn’t plan on those terms of which were forced to make a decision but we don’t know what the dough seek the lord neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight but all things are naked and open unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do the Lord sees it all and he can

share with you and he can share with me what he sees so my first thought is that if lots gonna make a choice that is going to affect his his family his fortune his future if he’s going to make a decision that is going to affect his whole world and his family’s whole world should he not should he not first of all see what God saw and he could have he could have secondly I would suggest to you as I noticed in my text that they’re more than just one there’s more than just one set of eyes there are lots sighs and of course there’s God’s eyes and then there’s uncle Abraham’s eyes while a lot seeing certain things Abraham seeing certain other things because God is showing him some things if you notice in verse number 14 the lord said unto Abraham after lot was separated from him lift up now thine eyes and look from the place where thou art northward and southward and eastward and westward he said Abraham I want to show you some things I want to show you something so Abraham has some perception Abraham has some insight on some things why because they’ve been several times in Abraham’s life that he has come to crossroads and and because he met God at those crossroads he learned some principles to live by lot could have went uncle Abraham he could have not only seen what God saw but he could have seen what the Saints saw he could have went to those other Saints how many of you here this morning by raising him hand for a little bit of a participation would say I know Saints I let’s say it this way I haven’t I know an individual that knows God that I have perfect confidence that they know God raise your hand oh my question is why under God’s heaven would you make such a vital important decision without consulting those that know the Lord now Abraham doesn’t know anything about Sodom and Gomorrah he doesn’t have all the answers we none do but he does have those principles of which he has learned that that he lives by that would have helped lot in his decision he would have said now son I don’t know anything about I can’t tell you anything about that place but I got a couple of principles that I live by and I think they would help us let me just run them by I think first of all Abraham could have said to his nephew son first question I want to ask you before you make that decision based upon sight listen to me young people listen to me before you make that decision based upon sight the first question is who brought that to your attention who was it that showed you that we found nowhere in the scripture as God did for Abraham that God ever came to lot and said hey law come out here I wanna show you some things you know there are two powers and influences in this world that wants to point out things but I’m not interested in looking thing at things and deciding on things in choosing things that God Almighty has not brought to my attention the problem in this world is when that serpent went into the garden when Satan came to Adam and Eve and what did he do he did not point out all the pleasantries he pointed out the one free that God was not interested in them looking at lot would have had to answer and said well uncle Abraham I don’t know I was just I was looking for a pie i guess it was I’m to one that saw it it just I just and he wouldn’t he could have easily said it to him I’m gonna tell you son don’t choose anything that God Almighty hadn’t been the author of it Wow wait until god shows it to you then you know that it’s right and aren’t you glad for those things he tacked on uncle Abraham he said come out on to your tent Abram come I want to show you something aren’t you guy has he ever showed you anything oh as he ever showed you in it if you’re a child of God he showed you the cross he showed you salvation he showed you heaven he’s showing you things hey uncle in here Abram wall until the one can see come here boy I want to show you some things look northward looks out with rookies from up whispered you looky looky looky God is not putting blindfolds on his children he’s not shutting he’s not saying don’t know no God loves to show us his wonders for our

own personal lives haha and then we’re going to eat so I’m hurryin as any Baptist preacher would but I was thinking all of the many things one thing I love to to ponder on and think about in my life as far as Providence is called pointing things out I also was going to Bible College in Greenville South Carolina to teenager a young man moved from spruce Mountain North Carolina dinner had never been in the mountains never these parts of the mountains and born raised in west virginia but not in these mountain ever been and he came to school down there we boarded together to share expenses one day he came in to where I was studying and he said brother Dane I want to read you a Dear John letter I didn’t know anything about that I said well who’s John he said my girlfriend is breaking up with me I said okay go ahead and read I really wasn’t interested i was trying to study and so he read me this letter of this young lady that wrote him and in that letter she she expressed how that she wanted to serve the Lord and felt like he did too and and was praying that God would work both of their lives out to serve as he wanted but she did not feel like and she did it in such a pleasant way she did not feel like that it was God’s will for them to to be together well long story short the more he read the more I liked about this Dear John letter so when he quit reading I said to him you got a picture of her he said I do so he went to his bedroom got the picture I still have this picture was a graduation visitor he handed it to me now understand understand i am no Benny in I am no Benny of the hint I don’t have these wake-up calls but there have been a term of two such as in salvation the call to preach call to evangelism and also in marriage that God Almighty did did point he said I was looking at that picture gave me the picture I looked at it and the Holy Ghost said that’s her I wouldn’t even thinking about I said who said your wife dummy that’s her i said wow I’m telling you I’m telling you the honest truth I’m telling you honest truth I looked up at him didn’t tell him what I was thinking I said when’s the next time you’re going home he said two weeks I said I’ll go with you went up there to that little mountain church over on the other side of spruce pine between spruce pine in newland three-mile row she was playing went in and that 18yo girl is playing the pie and right there and I’m going to tell you now don’t ask me what the preacher preached I don’t know or what they sang I don’t know you said what are you doing I was going to look if what God had pointed out and I I borrowed his car and dated her twice I dated her an axed her to marry me whoo you say you sure she’s the one you better believe it you say how come because the Holy Ghost went like this hmm I like that you said preacher are you sure you in the will of god i shore him as an avenged you say why cause the Holy Ghost went like that huh he if he’s going to make this choice based upon so he should have seen what God so he should have seen he should have went up the way listen listen one of the ways you can know you can don’t let anybody convince you of anything that wants to say to you don’t ask anybody about this you know they get up whispering here and say how I got a real deal for you I got I got some ones but I don’t go talking to nobody about this just tween me and you oh yeah watch out for that now they say between me and you this is going to go on first and then I’m going to talk to my wife because I know she’s a saint and I want to talk to my preacher cuz i know he’s the same i’m gonna talk to my mom and daddy cuz i know they’re saying I’m gonna find their what the Saints say about it are you hearing what I’m saying don’t make that choice until you brought it to the attention of those who’ve had the attention of heaven third if lots gonna make a choice based upon the site you ought to see what God so he could have you ought to sing walk the saints all he could have I didn’t go through the other principle but I don’t need to but thirdly if lot is going to make this choice based upon sight this life offering choice he ought have seen what lot was seeing this can’t be a

flippant choice you can say what I just feel good about it well I guess you know I glanced down during it look good no you see lot not only should have looked up before he looked down but he should have looked in before he looked out are you understand what I’m saying because what’s going on the inside going on on the inside would determine everything that goes on on the outside and if flawed had gotten before a mirror here’s what he should have done he should have said no listen the way i phrase this he should have gotten before a mirror and he should have looked at himself saying he should have said lot lot listen to me have you ever talked to yourself lot listen to me is what you’re seeing keeping you from seeing what you need to see are you being blinded to the reality of what’s going on on the inside because of what you’re seeing on the outside you see before you ever make that choice you need to to analyze that heart and see if it’s where it needs to be and I look into lots I look into this scripture and I can tell you this there’s a couple of things that would have would have let him know that it wasn’t going to work out well look in verse number 10 there’s pride involved in this decision he could have recognized the pride in his heart listen young people any time your choice involves pride I’m right I’m going to have it my way I know what I’m doing you’re making the wrong choice underscore that when you saying they know better go and tell me what to do you’re in trouble look in verse 10 and lock lifted up his eyes uncle Abraham has said in him Abraham is all has operated on a New Testament principle even though it’s Old Testament he has said a lot you choose first and I’ll go second what lots should have answered back he should have said uncle Abraham everything I have is because of you you are my elder I’m following you I will not choose first I will go second but he does not that word lifted up there means to feel entitlement to feel as though you deserve something to feel as though that you are better than someone else and it’s just like he almost took up blame him and pushed in the back and said Oh buddy you’ve been making the decisions up to this point let me show you how to make a choice I am no prophet muhammad ‘i something had I been in the living room of the prodigal son with the attitude he had to his daddy and said give me the portions of good that falls to me I could have said to him before you ever left the porch son you’re headed for trouble and I could have sent her on I don’t know what’s down there but whatever that there is not going to be good for you because what’s on the inside reveals what’s going to be on the outside if there’s no humility if there’s no obedience if you have no desire to listen to anyone else and you want to control your own life I’m just gonna tell you in a nutshell you’re in trouble you should have said a lot hold it buddy we’re going to do a personal have you ever wondered about your eyes sometimes I you know you just don’t stay 2020 all the time it just changes and you know I’ll be riding down the road I’m looking in this and the sign I’m is little blurry I’m thinking well why is that is it my right eye is at my left eye what is going on and I’m trying to make I’m trying to find out why I can’t see so well oh I’m going to tell you spiritually we need to stop before we ever make the major decisions in life and not only see what God seasoned see what the saints ii but look inside and make sure that what we’re seeing is not keeping us from seeing what we need to see he does not see his pride and he does not see his privileges I’m gonna tell you what’s coming out of Washington but is this men taped well I hope you got good equipment the last church had taped me I saw the video and it was cheap I told my wife said look

come look this cheap video stuff this church she said how you know and said it make me look short and fat and gray edit but let me tell you all that’s coming out of Washington entitlement let’s march on what we deserve what people Oh us in time when something to tell you what you deserve we all deserve hell and if that’s what’s in our hearts young person if there’s no gratefulness for that bed you sleep in and that meal that you eat and those parents that work hard for you if there is no great you’re in trouble the problem with America at this hour is we have lost the appreciation for what God has done for us the very the Pandits in his heart and then this this loss of the of the realization of the privileges that he has goodness who would not have wanted to have Abraham the very friend of God in the father of the faith and so close to them and look at all the cattle he’s got because of that look at his prosperity because of that look it is and he is willing he is willing to chance it all for one vision and one look into a far country what are you leaving to get what you’re thinking you’re going to get it’ll tell you everything about it that’s good preaching thank you brother great minds think alike joke lastly if he’s going to make a choice based upon side here on the saw what God’s law he should have seen what uncle Abraham he should he wouldn’t even seen but lastly if he’s going to make a choice based upon sight he ought to have seen what Sodom saw my goodness lot could have said to one of his Shepherds or one of his steward so he could have said I want you to go down there I don’t know about that place i’m just looking from here it looks pretty good and see what the people alike see how they live what’s their spiritual condition and all matter of fact he could have said uncle Abraham I’m looking into the far country and I’m going to go down now I’m gonna test it myself could you imagine as he walked into Sodom Gomorrah if they had billboards wow that would have been enough to send you back home huh oh it hey think too good but let’s supposing ventures on into town and and and he sees maybe the courthouse and and he goes into the courthouse and he begins to inquire and he says I’m down here from the mountains and I’m thinking about making a move with my family financially everything I’m just wondering what kind of place is this and I can see the look on the face of the whoever it says him what do you mean one kind of play well I don’t know I mean yo uh I mean what kind of churches we don’t have none down here tell you that right now you don’t have no church no no I want to talk about well let me ask you this what kind of what kind of people what kind of people live down there I mean ah for instance I’ve got uncle Abraham he knows Jehovah God he worships God his wife worships got on him right hey wait a minute mr. you know that this is state property and we don’t mix religion down here you just get out there matta fact we don’t want noneya we don’t want them kind of women down here nor those kind of men are not welcome in Sodom and Gomorrah and if that’s the kind of person you are you just go ahead and eat he could have seen what Sodom song well you don’t have to look too deep to see how this world’s are looking huh here’s what I wanted to close with you don’t want to come down to the end as lot did you do not want to come down to the end as lot did as he’s down in salwar he’s already invested everything he’s raised his family down there lock stock and barrel he made a move he gave a hundred percent to what he thought what he saw he gave a hundred percent to what he looked at but I’m just imagining what lot might have said as he was being pulled out of solemn Gomorrah and saw

the smoke rising up i’m thinking probably he said this and i must confess probably we all have said this about certain decisions in life but hopefully they haven’t been major decisions you ever bought a car and looked at it and said in here and ain’t what I thought I saw because you couldn’t see the you didn’t know that that it had a valve that was bad or you didn’t hurt you know I mean you didn’t see all the troubles on the inside and i’m here i’m thinking lawd is looking at Sodom Gomorrah now when he was looking from from the mountains he said it looks like the garden down there it looks like a garden meeting it just a sucker well it looks so good but from down there when it all ends up here’s what you don’t want to say here’s what you don’t want to say it’s not looking like what I thought I saw law would have had to say it it ain’t looking like what I thought us young ladies I’m talking to you young men i’m talking to you you’re not married yet but don’t just venture out anything anything just because it feels good because you don’t want to go to five ten years down the road and look at old brutus and say he looking like what i thought i saw well I you know I i joined up with him in that business and i thought it was gonna it looked real good i mean the it ain’t looking like what i thought i saw or you understand what I’m saying let me tell you what you want to do what you want to do is this 46 years ago as a 14 year old boy was I was raised in a home my dad was an alcoholic my mother left when I was a year and a half old I’ve never heard the gospel up till I was 14 years old never read a verse of the Bible never a prayer prayed in our home never the name of the Lord mentioned what wouldn’t mention in vain and there was nine of us youngins was 11 to dine Ins babies and I was the last number nine and raised in that environment of nothing but beer joints alcohol all that stuff it’s been the vice of my family down through the years but as a 14 year old boy I heard the greatest news I’ve ever heard and that jesus love me died for me he would save me and he would change my life and I can take you to another’s no virtue in the spot there’s no virtue in the day but I’m just I’m just telling I could take it to the spot where the holy ghost took that message that I heard with my ears and I was all by myself walking down a road and he brought it down to my heart and it was on that day I accepted what he offered it was you talking about a cross-cultural conversion it was entirely different from anything I ever knew anything about but I said lord if you love me that much that you would die for me and you have come to save me and I want to be saved and thank God I gave my heart to him 46 years you say dit werk we’ll look and for those 46 years i have been stepping in his direction i have not been perfect don’t misunderstand me but what I’m saying is I have been looking in his direct 46 years ago I saw him 46 years ago I heard 46 years now I’m way down here 61 years old now people still guess me 60 but I’m 61 61 years old young people listen to this and I’m not the only one that can say this its churches filled with people I just want to emphasize it for them 46 years down the road there have been bumps there have been thorns we all go through life but I’m going to taste some 46 years down the road it’s still looking pretty good I wouldn’t change a thing he stand up baby with you please I’ve never done it this way but I just 46 years well we’ve been married 40 and she’s still looking whoo that’s what you want no I’m not want to tell you not gonna have flat tires I’m not gonna tell you you have true I’m not gonna tell you there’s not gonna be some sick I’m not gonna take oh yes that’s that comes now but I’m gonna tell you some if you will look at things like God looks at them if you’ll try to see things like the saints see them if you examine your own heart to make sure while you’re seeing it and if you refuse to look at it like they are looking at

it you will never ever ever be sorry because your vision will still be clear I don’t physically have twenty-twenty vision but spiritually my vision is as good as ever because it’s a looking just like what I saw hey here’s how I hope I leave this world I don’t know I’ve had no vision on that I already don’t want to know but I’m sitting here if here’s how I if maybe I can just come down to a day or two bed rest before I take the last breath time enough to bring my youngins I got 14 we got 13 grandchildren bring them in the room and I want to look in their faces and say to them I’ve seen things like God sees them I’ve seen things like the saints see them and I’ve seen things in my heart and examine them how I’ve seen but what I want to say to you young uns at the crossing it’s still looking like what I thought I saw la don’t just go like this oh yeah that’s good that’s good yeah look up look in look around I want to close this with illustration but i need a pair of sunglasses anybody how you probably don’t have no sunglasses here today but if you have raised them up i don’t care if they’re men on women there now young ladies what’s going to happen and this isn’t all life this is for all of us that great deals going to come your way sir but young lady an old boy is going to come up to you and he’s going to say hey I like you how about me and you going out I don’t care if he’s tall and handsome you just say well now hold it just a minute let me find out how the Lord looks at this Lord how do you see this ooh nobody I ain’t got no interest young sir I don’t care how tall beautiful she is get along with God and said Lord how do you see this down the road what do you think about it Oh got you lord yes honey we will go out because I just been along with the Lord he showed me some things see every day like God sees it Thank You Dora let’s stand if you don’t mind them i’ll ask my wife to come to the piano they’d be okay

Euro Road Trip – Short film Documentary

Next 9 days we are going to travel in the Audi Car covering 3500 miles, 7 countries Last 1 month in between support and development, we applied Visa and got stamping Day1 – we boarded into Ferry, going to Europe First day travelling from France to Belgium after that we are staying in Netherlands This is English Channel where Kutraleesvaran crossed by swimming Thats it speak to him Speak about Travel Itinerary Just now we started from Dover – He already mentioned it First we are going directly to Calai (Tease) -whom you are going to calai (Tease) First we are going to have breakfast then we talk about anything Will you take photo of Breakfast with your new Camera? Yes I want only English foods not vada, sambar etc Then what you eat when you are in France? -French foods We will change completely for that place somebody carrying food, I feel hungry by looking at it you asked vada, but it is Croissant Agenda is to travel all 9 days by car, thats the plan Especially Roadtrips should be like that That is the reason we rented Audi A4 Even if we drive 9 days completely, we don’t mind taking bath and freshup in Services We already planned and booked hotels in each country to stay so the trip looks like we would visit each hotels This is like lorries travelling from North India to South India They drive overnight Like those Lorry drivers, there are two drivers for this trip One is me and other is Prathip Varadarajan Highlight of the Trip is the drivers Pradeep and Prathip So these two drivers going to rock Europe (Stay out of the roads) Two other passenger’s life depends on them As they already have experience in UK driving, we trust them. Lets see how they drive in Europe Lets go in for Breakfast we are somewhere in France, all sign boards are in French There are few things to consider when you come to Europe by car First attach country’s name you drive from. GB – Great Britain

Secondly, Right hand drive in France, so Paste a sticker on the headlights like this Our drivers are adapting to Right hand drive now We entered into France and travelling towards Brussels For Right hand drive, these guys played GTA (Game) and got trained They practised all scenarios in GTA In half an hour, they will be alright The word Pressure reminds me my client managers This is Atomic Museum -Atomium -Yeah, Atomium museum Why it was constructed like this is If you see Atom, its structure looks like this from outside Then if we look at inside, will that be same as Atom’s inside? No, it won’t Car looks clean First advice for Europe trip travellers Get a Big car and little snacks In our car, 60% snacks and 40% luggage Did you place the parking ticket? What stadium it is? Looks like some football stadium It’s green Go in this Lane Take a right Look at the building

wow… Fabulous construction Stop… Stop… It’s Red Tram too going over the bridge? Day1 is completed We stayed in Maritime hotel Day2 starting with Pradeep (driving), Mani as a Navigator Buildings are good in Rotterdam Final destination is Frankfurt Don’t know why there are glass fences on the sides of Highway Whom are you talking to? Speak louder Boss, let’s drive in a dark forest so I will talk like in a discovery channel Why can’t you speak here, why do you want in forest? You don’t need to speak at all Mani is now controller, Navigator Mani going to change the gear, thinking of changing volume Mani, there is a parking brake button don’t touch it This is a parking brake, small button instead of regular handbrake Mani, can you show a Demo? And 1 CD player, 2 SD card slots, no USB As he opens, you could see SD1 and SD2 cards SD1 has Mani’s song collection SD2 has all other good songs Take that board Amsterdam, we are going for the first time Mani, is a Naturalist so he wants to visit beaches Karthi interested in History so he wants to visit Museums Me and Prathip just interested in driving There is something written on the boards like this We asked Mani to learn German and French It could have been useful now Another mystery in the highway, why there is horizontal pillar beams on the roof? Again the glass fence

Buildings look different in these places Wow Don’t know where they taking that flight It is on top of this bridge Could be a runway at the top There are so many cycles in Netherlands Boss, can you cover side also? Somebody going wrongly on the Tram route Yeah, they are driving in Tram route Yes, but not sure if they driving wrongly or we misunderstanding the routes Could be permitted during Sundays – don’t think so Buildings are so ancient And so many cycles In this city Traffic jams will be more due to cycles than cars We parked the car in Amsterdam Parking in all streets After parking, here we should pay, Paying machine in online These guys think paying machine as an attraction and taking photos with it No need to display the parking tickets It is enough entering our licence plate number in machine Same plants exists in our home town, still they taking picture here with it in Amsterdam Pradeep, look at this way If Karthik has another camera, he would take many pictures of his own camera We are in Germany now, driving towards Frankfurt We are driving for 1 hr and entered into Germany Its traffic here looks like an accident Seems somebody stopped the lorry and went for a tea break Looks like a fuel carrier Will it be blasted if we shoot like in GTA GAME? Let’s look at our passengers This passenger is always eating, since Day1 He is the primary driving Today rest for him Warming up for German Autobahn driving Autobahn is a German highway where there is no speed limit

There world’s fastest cars will be taken for test drive We are also in one of the fastest cars, Audi A4 Already we touched 140 mph City looks stunning Thank you Somebody take my luggage, I am taking Video We reached Frankfurt, Day2 Checked-in to Hotel Am I visible in video? Mani, wanted to say something This is Colour hotel, Looks colourful There is an Indian restaurant next to it These guys searching for biriyani wherever we go Let’s see the Lounge Day2, Frankfurt colour hotel I should see TV here at least Look at this Sit-out; open this we’ll go outside Wow Frankfurt city centre Boss, buildings are looks good Looks like a helipad on top of that building There is an Indian restaurant downstairs, smells good Our car parked exactly down, Audi A4 Did you see that tram? We searched and booked hotel in perfect spot Like in Netherlands, here also trams We came to an Indian restaurant These people interested to eat only rice not burgers We couldn’t find Pandian mess, so eating in some Indian restaurant It’s an Indian restaurant but menus are in German not even in English Main course alone in English Day3, checking out from hotel

Next destination is Munich n- BMW museum Today we are covering BMW museum, neuschwanstein castle and Alliance Area football stadium Am I visible? We are visiting BMW in Audi Nothing to see in Frankfurt It is just a stop over Started our driving towards Munich Another 370km to reach Munich This is Germany highway, no speed limit Today’s driver is Prathip Since there is no speed limit, we are going in 135 mph now Driver aiming to touch 140 mph We are in BMW museum In this section all are BMW sports cars There BMW Limo Now we are in Allianz Arena One of the biggest football stadiums Let’s see how clean the car is on day3 Looks messy with all snacks Driver looks very tired

All these snacks should be completed and thrown out by today Remaining 2 passengers are inside stadium, not coming out We are waiting for them After this Hotel for check in We are in Germany town side, booked Room here This is new Stadium constructed for world cup in 2006 After seeing one football stadium these guys talks more – We did an achievement We watched one European football club This is German streets Building looks different here too You drive, we’ll find the hotel As per Mani’s instinct, hotel should be on the left As per Prady’s instinct, hotel should be on the right Mani – told you Econtel This is the hotel we are going to stay Karthi, you told cylindrical building. It’s the photo of only a small part at the top But building is in rectangle shape We were searching for cylindrical building Day3 Here… here Finally we found Econtel hotel Mani’s instinct won There are Mcd, KFCs nearby so we would take rest few min before dinner We booked one of the biggest hotels in this city Attached restaurant And Attached Petrol bunk We just archived all junks That needs to be truncated and reloaded We are inside the hotel, searching for room no 310 Where is the key? Open the door See this glass here There should be a wired machine like Frankfurt For our safety we asked Karthik to open the door There is no bomb Wow Switch on the light -Switch on the light This is the biggest hotel in this city They are lying as nobody ever seen Munich hotels Driver looks tired Play some good movie Anjaan? Anjaan – most expected movie to watch We bought wifi for 12 euro to watch Anjaan movie This is a disappointment in all hotels, there is no free wifi Let’s take rest for few min, please don’t sleep Every time after we checked in all are going to sleep for 2 hrs Mani, it’s you – Not me Yesterday I try wake you up as the door broke, but you didn’t wake up from sleep I couldn’t hear anything Hey, I fixed the door before go to sleep

Before you I tried wake up Mani, he didn’t even move I just refused I was afraid door might fell down Ok, let’s sign off now The purpose of this mirror is To magnify Day4, we are starting from Germany Munich hotel This is neuschwanstein castle It is located in Germany border, outer ring road I think this was showed in Sherlock Holmes movie, popular castle We are taking a panorama view Next Mani So who built and when? Those answers we would know only if we go closer to the castle But for photo purpose, we stopped here itself This is Germany border on Day4 Since it is Germany border, the places look like Switzerland We are going to Austria after this He bought camera at right time This is Germany border (actually Austria border) This location looks good so we stopped for photos Finally the photo session completed Take the car quick If we start now we’ll reach by 10pm So not more stops We are in Austria now Just now we completed heavy lunch here Shall I take, do you want to speak? -it’s ok We are in Innsburck, Austria We know we are in Austria only after getting ‘welcome’ messages from Vodafone or Lyca

We had lunch in this restaurant Full Australian -Austrian Sorry, Austrian lunch We don’t know the language, so bought the food using sign language Innsbruck is in another 10km, it’s a good city in Austria Then night stay is in Italy We think today’s travel might goes till late night One of the longest travel days today, also mountain roads make the travel longer It would take more time in this mountain areas Roads are good though That Guy started speaking to offshore since morning We doubt it is offshore Face reaction looks like speaking to a girl friend As he is in our gang, sure he don’t have a girl friend We are check-in to Venice hotel This hotel is located in a forest Nothing in the surrounding Morning 9:30 is the checkout time We need to wake up tomorrow early, Pradeep always wakeup late Before we checked in, he got the wifi password and chatting with someone We need to raise a formal complaint in our group Hotel looks good – Don’t judge from outside As usual we made Karthik to open the door Boss, Room is very small Bunk Bed Switch on the lights Bunk bed, like in youth hostels Here Master bed Room looks smaller You remember I told Frankfurt hotel as small bathroom? -yes This is smaller than that We are reviewing bathroom now How a person can take bath in this? Day5 Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Today is Tuesday No yesterday is Tuesday, today is Wednesday -Oh yes We are losing Days count

Day5, Hotel in Venice What is the name of the hotel? Bryon hotel Karthik is ready We are in a balcony room This looks like our place, Velachery (Chennai) This is not Venice, some place outside I presume We found that yesterday after we reached here We should have pizza now Mani eats pizza in India, how can he miss in Italy He is compelling others too You can hear some breaking sounds inside, its Pradeep taking bath in that small bathroom We started from hotel Mani looks like taking picture, but he is taking selfie We are still in Venice outer; just now police checked our car Asked all the documents -Its a random check for all cars We crossed 4 countries, last 4 days no one checked any documents This means you can travel without passport and visa till Italy Nobody checked so far This looks like Pamban bridge We are in Venice entrance We tried going to Grand Canal by car Here we parked the car I think this is the last street in the city, beyond this water That’s why we couldn’t reach Grand Canal by car Spaghetti, meat ball Do you eat meat? – What is meat ball? This is Italian food menu Compared to Germany restaurant at least there are picture of the food to identify Prices also reasonable 1 roasted chicken -Lets order something we don’t usually eat Pasta, spaghetti and Pizza

3 and something for Karthik – Egg, spinach, milk No one should touch veg pasta We thought of returning in boat and searching for Boat stop This road goes for miles with this entire crowd Boats are going through these small streets (water) as well We are here; we need to go there where Car is parked We don’t know whether to take ticket or not Get in Day5, we were in Venice for whole morning and had good lunch in Italian restaurant Mani happily had pizza We had Pizza, spaghetti, pasta and went for boat ride Now travelling from Venice to Milan Shouldn’t forgot to lock the car This is Milan, a tourist spot in Italy Another tram waiting for signal We are entering into Switzerland We were roaming entire day in Italy We will reach hotel by 11:30 pm, called and informed them

One advice to the Audience is, if you drive in Italy you would pay lot for Toll 14 should be visible outside Stick inside out Is the sticket 14 visible? – Yeah We are in Swiss border – They stopped and charged 35 euro like a toll charge Could be because it is GB vehicle Couldn’t understand anything they say Shall we go? – Yes She said ok Let’s go If someone asks toll charge again She told something like 1 yr I asked if this is toll free, but she couldn’t understand Nobody knows English here Not sure, if they really don’t know or just acting As per estimated time, we would reach by 11:45 We reached hotel in swiz, this is the room Looks good Built in wood This is kitchen, self serve place Everything there to cook But for us, continental Breakfast is ready here This side, this side – That’s what I did Turn this side, you are using upside down Somebody opened the door and scared of looking at us Is this Day6? Day6, starting from swiz This is the best hotel we stayed so far in this trip As Euro traveller, we strongly recommend this hotel Karthik started with his new camera Even a car owner can’t take care of his car like how Mani does for rental car

There are so many kids here We are entering into Jungfrau in swiz This is Europe’s highest peak Even in peak summer, you could see snow here Mani, take that snow We checked alternative routes for this mountain Prathip and Karthik did some research and found a shortcut to avoid train We are taking that route believing them Hopefully, its correct route We bought the ticket for Jungfrau, 135 CHF Approx, £90 (Rs 9,000) If we would have taken that train, its 140 CHF We travel some distance in car to save some money, here also almost same cost Parking ticket will again compensate that cost Seems entire city depends on tourism Train started Its 2 hr travel from bottom of the mountain, from here 1:30 hr We are going towards that mountain Look there is a small waterfall

We reached top of the mountain Top of Europe, 3454m This is top of Europe, next is Everest We will cover that in another trip Full of snow We are thinking of doing some snow activities We are going to take pictures removing our shirts Like Ice bucket challenge Mani will take snow bucket challenge now Yeah, lift it up Higher Ok, 5:45 is the last train Everyone left, Entire Mountain looks empty. We are running to catch the last train If we leave this train, we would be frozen over night I couldn’t run in this snow Today is the longest drive in our trip, 730 km I think it will take 7hr to reach Paris On the way we’ll cover some places in Swiz and France We just entered into France border This area looks very bad People look scary We will reach Eiffel tower in another 3 km Parking is difficult in Paris, finally found a place for parking 1km from hotel We are starting from Paris; we have return ferry at 11pm until then roaming in Paris

We estimated 3hr for lunch in Saravana Bavan There is saravana bhavan, Muniyandi vilas Pandian Mess -Pandian Mess What you say about Paris? Some places looks good but other places are dirty Look at this hotel don’t stay here Hotel is not very good Located at the centre of city, so difficult for parking Let’s go, where is the map? I think we should go inside -did we get down from this boat? Exit is different Look at that side, So many people They are scattered around They might have come in a container, illegally Don’t take Video – But I am taking Did you check the exit? -last exit 4th -5th Checking will be tight now Mani, you gave incorrect name as well! Finally we reached Calais port, but we should be other side of the Fence We came here for a short break Karthik is looking at football score I am not getting the signal -All foreigners asking score to him But score is still 0-0 We are in Calais port, waiting for Ferry. Immigration check completed -Yes, Mani escaped All these cars are waiting for ferry, but its 1 hr late We booked Last ferry at 11pm, that too late for 1 hr I think we would reach home after midnight We are in J row -but it is irrelevant We are parking the car in Ferry -we are inside the Ferry now We should go for dinner quickly after this Note down the number -Check the floor number Oh… this part of the floor goes down We are in Ferry now; everyone came directly to food area Waiting in Queue Time is 12am There are many items, Fish, chicken nuggets, fries – He had a look and came For you just milk, egg and bread

Mani was sitting sadly Time is 1am; at least I had 4 chairs to sit These guys brought me to sleep in sofa, and we lost both See where we are seated There is no place even to sit Reached Staines – Successfully completed Road trip Mission Accomplished Let’s plan for next trip soon

֍ Road [BAD] trip #05 – Oliveira Azeméis ► Gondomar

mallamma look at the wiser give me a tow only way that doesn’t make you more easy holiday resume for natural open to open a cable condom ah with the constant MA I’m a lot [Applause] Oh and I know locals for the cream Paul Cox I will only wait Oh

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Oh Oh welcome to tomorrow’s meeting house

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crying gone boom aah my egg on the wash gonna kick it out [Applause]

EU Road Trip 2013

EU Road Trip 2013 5000 km in 10 days [Praha] [Praha] [Some big clock?] [Prague Castle] [Charles Bridge] [Zurich] [German highways … constant speed 180-190km/h for 200km] 😉 [Wojtek’s favorite beer] [Unfortunatelly for him … alcohol free … ;)] [Zurich Lake] [… and our camping] [Morning view from tent]

[Marseille] [Camping] [Cycades noise in the background] [Cycades noise in the background] [Cycad … 5cm] WOJTEK: Dady? Can they eat a person? ANDRZEJ: It depends which person WOJTEK: And whom will they eat? ANDRZEJ: They will eat you tonight WOJTEK: Really? ANDRZEJ: Yeap [Nice waves] [Marseille] [Vieux-port] [Pont du Gard] (Roman Aqueduct) [2 meter water jump …] [… yet another 2 meter water jump …] [… and finally … 5 meter water jump …] 😀 [Paris] [Familly meeting] [Louvre museum] [Mona Lisa queue …]

[Notre-Dame cathedral] [Bruxelles] [“Parlamentarium” … really awesome EU museum] [European Parliament HQ] [Rainy Bruxelles] [Amsterdam]

[Teamwork] [Bikes … lots of bikes …] [Red Lights district … and real ladies] 😉 [Berlin] [“Tropical Island” aquapark] [06:00 AM … wake up time!] [Over 100 meters high roof] [Baloon flight] [“Segway” ride] (youtube broke this video a bit :/)

[Bundestag] [Brandenburg Gate]

[Twitch Play] Forza Horizon 2 – InuYasha's Second Online Road Trip[HD]

all right it didn’t yeah okay so i have to stuff I have no idea i’m in a Ferrari transferred out so is this dark saber person I guess I have to start building a salon car 400 yards turn right I’m driving straight ahead things right there this i’m driving straight ahead this odo ferrari off-roading not smartest idea does gonna make it happen to hope I’m going off-roading i can see that i can see it no one’s around me good I think we’re playing on that king of this what everything again pretty much however I kind of wish I was an all-wheel drive with this so i could be cheesy again pretend i’m playing on the ground too so you’re in a Scooby right now how do you think I feel now I’m in a Ferrari I mean of course it’s not as bad as handling it see you know dark but still Boosie shut the hell up coming in my stream telling me I I know I up and lost to a Bentley leave me alone is that case i’m leaving this king of the hill and I’m just gonna start drifting every clock yeah that is true that is a road trip thing I should just pick my Sylvia then just to see that so those to start off is the king that’s it it highlighted like this before too though I I don’t know king of the car Wow is juggernaut I can’t accelerate the way I want he’s making a left give me that ah I lost it oh you have sniper hell out of them where is everyone okay they’re coming right down my hit this tree over here Oh first uttal go man no I’m not taking from over here scoot get over here Scooby oh you all will drop that all right come on you mid engine buzzing Ferrari you’re supposed to be I don’t even know what to look for how you chose to be you’re supposed to be something good here up bump it up mine

because Gubru rally car yo oh where the did you come ah nah that the hell it’s a [ __ ] you know I re vs ferrari I’m gonna go over here oh I flip and that made my car reset Chico I am surprised i’m holding itself oh boy I know right well it doesn’t matter now the timer’s over I was also expecting to lose it this time I’m like man i cannot accelerate it all okay so far so good alright where is the next thing going to beat let me get out of here Road Yasha oh that way lovely everybody else going to wrong wiki I’m like a lot well as follows in 400 yards turn left Porsche won’t let me buy I’m just saying it let’s just wrap this way nope turn that way turn that way trust me turn to the right turn right but your scuba uste all through I’m in a Ferrari and I’m doing this yet oh no oh no there’s a house stall I ran to a house seems about right for a Ferrari your industry recalculating route there are a lot of trees here breaking turning turning some more full throttling I can see it Rory’s in front somehow okay cuz it cut through here full throttle this right here is the race love our low oh oh I crashed Oh Ferrari come on you’re supposed to not be in this off-road but you’re supposed to do something I don’t know a position I placing that I know you got first man I gotta think of some tuning for all her old vehicles i said like i made a commentary video let’s play for my first trying the first thing

i said was this forza horizon one people love to take shortcuts this came there’s a rally cars that’s going to dominate the game other than the race is set up where you have to be on a roll but for the majority rally cars are gonna dominate I want to get that truck speaking of that that Ram truck whoo I gotta get one I got sent you a friend request but if i press the button they will show my broadcast pausing i’ll do it after this four races we do here that’s like this is jeremy clarkson the Richard Hammond and James makeup it’s Harry ok so we’re got to ruffs so we’re all back here get wet e this game has an advantage using clutch or is it like horizon one where it doesn’t matter use clutch your regular manual I do it on 5 & 4 I don’t know but I’m afraid of him killing me I’m looking at that truck and I Fleck i’m playing blur that is all yell descubrir just flip I don’t know what to say about that I don’t even know what to say about that that was almost as bad as what happened to me if against the Bentley you have your Subaru lowered or you have it stock spring I left mine stopped because I was afraid but bouncing losing first right now look Carly and I’m in a second this coming behind he come on that’s it past the finish line there we go oh it was the Mercedes collect those points Texan smoke because Stan’s sit in the parking lot car let me stop yo your points your points all right at that point system is real now he will get inside waves off road stop live everyone’s caught I’m behind everyone right now full throttle in this damn hand-me-down Ferraris challenged for them in 400 yards turn right right

I’m going to make another this I need to make a ass one car for road trips as to for road trips in four hundred yards turn right too right getting a little bit more technical year I got there now I sure chose my drift car now that i think about it what would have made it would have made sense I think the only event where it counts if you win is the arm the king of the hill or wherever yep what our next events going to be it’s going to be some high-end race but although this bucket area when we were introduced this is high and you forgot what’s whoever’s cars floating that’s it I’m watching out for at Mercedes sl65 I think it’s pretty quick yes it’s points go and this is to the high end all got so I see where the top three right now here comes the there’s the Mercedes right there PS is in front with the rough we’re are in second followed by bins don’t worry my Ferrari couldn’t do that should it alright here i am in front there’s the bins behind me getting sideways this right here is no escaping this is all about high-end speed right here I am Richard Hammond Forza horizon 2 going at it clearly oh man okay you know it’s the same area I did come on TV now she’s been around a racing for quite some time this is your home territory maybe a random car with no tune yo I was just I was just telling my I was driving around this section yesterday and I was telling my girlfriend that if I ever gotten to race on this section it’s all about if you either keep your high end speed or if you make one mistake in someone who has the perfect line there you’re not catching them this is like a high speed run right here completely huh I wouldn’t expect him to be this far up

with this Ferrari but I’m happy here hey you can turn it off but I don’t remember what how my was on the first try I think it automatically tried it but i turn it off sometimes you know I just don’t feel like being on camera yeah with the whole what was the FCA worship and then they updated it when you got on the one yeah it’s probably still a probably still hears their Microsoft if you’re tapping my system right now I have one thing to say to you um can you do me a favor and get turn tend to put an evil 4 and evil 3 and 4 is all right thank you PS changes party system back Tyler 360 had it did it dude oh I want the test track back from four to one and that big ass over from four is the one yo-yo courtesy shut up you and your points think this is the part where we cruise to a very short section or something I’m almost tempted to turn around have a weird feeling about this okay we’re going the right way works Oh someone’s a little salty about last race take Jay killed me there riders on the stone that’s right winning the event let me get some points in this [ __ ] see now you want to be I barely used my one that much but quick question 2 courtesy and and where’s the other guy’s name love and tell them to I feel lost where oh okay there we go got you got you got out so how do you go to your players list on the one to add someone to your friends list I’ve never done that I’m here 400 yards turn right I’m still driving through the event no no I’m still driving to it I don’t know I’m not there I’m right behind you look yo share on you you should be in the the Ferrari man you’re sticking to the roads I’m going off-road I’m just saying I think they were worse see your you need to go on road man in four hundred yards turn left but fish I’m going offroad but we got like what do you mean by whiteout screen I’ve actually had that happen before on the single-player the first time I be the race it was just sitting there and I couldn’t press eight for like two minutes yeah if I were you uh Sharon I wouldn’t cross it yet there’s we got three

minutes to get points I’m collecting points this turn around when it is safe to do so wait now we got across it because that guy hit it oh well left turn left by with me that would be depressing I see you made I made it a five second meter 10 secondly wrecked send me a club invite when you get a chance to 20 mins to add up the math yeah yeah execution i’ll add you into the upper it’s not even showing it for me it foot yellow if push comes to shove I’m just I got my computer by me i’m just gonna go to notepad and shot your name down real quick you and the other guy make life easy let me show you in anything are you are you loading at all have you guys had your game freeze before I was going I was going 162 in my game froze okay I think he just froze there’s a guy here with a r34 skyline and he’s level 90 something he might mean business let’s do this you I’m gonna do my best to keep up with him but we’ll see that does sound smart but for whatever reason when i see a race i can’t help it straight away so you got me Monserrat come on Ferrari but I keep up with that thing that skylines leaving me well that it seems like he has this car I’ve built for this and that’s what i was thinking about doing myself I figure this make one for each car class might just build the same damn car sounds good to me hey was pretty fun you’re not gonna believe this oh he just crashed and then all of a sudden I crashed near the finish line I almost won but I just happened to hit a pole they wouldn’t tip over I had a chance to win but it didn’t happen I’m like oh look i have a chance to well ferrari is touching the were off of the row it looks yeah there’s no recovering from this there’s a pole yep I’m flipping you know how they are they’re trying they’re trying to incorporate themselves

to the newer audience in these games the new people to 240 series they’re probably just gonna be chilling hanging out with their friends are doing goofy stuff all players like me while I’m just gonna be racing true I’m locking the online racing though all right hold on I have no idea

Road trip home and Niagara Falls

hey what’s going on so my wife and I probably am NOT going look at the camera again as my wife suggested we’re leaving TF con right now and we’re heading out the convention was awesome we videotaped a lot of it you know there was a lot of cool stuff which you’ll see of course but you know there’s always a lot of stuff that just happens and it’s part of the TF con experience it’s part of the convention seen in convention experience I met some people there are some people I didn’t know you know just that’s what it’s about at a convention you walking up and down the aisles looking at stuff and you bump in the people there was this guy from around the Pittsburgh area I don’t remember his name but yeah we bumped into each other you know he sits him about my transformers jersey so that brought up conversation and he asked me where I was from him he told me at all cool and yeah we weren’t about our day so next day came and you know hey who do I run into again that and was like oh hey we made a can and you know it’s just stuff like that you run into certain people I conventions and there’s always certain people they kind of stand out and I might have stood out a little bit with my Decepticon Jersey that I was wearing I don’t think anyone else had one it’s on an Autobot one but and said i love that Decepticon jerz it’s pretty rare nowadays tell you know and it’s a cool seen something that happened that didn’t really have anything to do with transformers or the convention itself was I actually met someone who who knows me as Davy usher you know with my whole YouTube channel thing and uploading videos and you know he came up to me and he’s like ah hey I’m she would davetheusher and I was caught off guard you know because it’s not like I go I leave the house and I’m extruding the run into anyone to say that to me it’s never happened to me before as the first time it ever happened to me so that really blew me away and it’s and it’s like it’s just really crazy basically that that happened to me and you know he asked me if he could have a picture with me and I’m like no I want a picture with you like this is that’s nuts like what are you doing what do you think I’m like a big shot now like yeah let’s let’s have a picture so he took a picture of his camera and took one I had one taken with mine and uh yeah that that made my day like if that was anything for him it was like a million times more for me trust me that was just crazy so I don’t know that was that was really special it’s not like I’ve been to a lot of conventions overall you know I’ve been the vodka no one and then in 2013 my wife and I went to a couple like vodka 2013 power khan shahrukh khan and now TF Con 2015 up here in Ontario Mississauga and I got to tell you it was probably the best convention so far TF Con 2015 and maybe that was because of the convention itself meeting Peter Cullen oh that was extremely special of course but what happened with that guy you know knowing me as davetheusher that made it special it was actually it was my wife and it was our first trip on together as a married couple actually so far still so that made it special as well it was just a very special convention got some cool stuff met some cool people and it was just awesome my wife is holding the video camera and watching me babble on and on and on and you have any comments ty no I just really enjoyed myself it was great Canada was great city we were in was nice the hotel was good we had a great time so yeah it was it was a very special convention and I already told ty like we have to come back we have to go to another TF con it’s the world’s largest unofficial transformers convention and yeah it’s just it’s a real genuine awesome convention I told her recommend it to anyone watching these TF con vids and awesome stuff so thanks for watching these bits guys Abyssinia good stuff by the way but we’re in line to get back into the US and there’s a group all thanked for Falls

taisho Bailey is excited about the falls hey Bailey excited about Niagara Falls hey Bailey see the land work hey Bailey excited the excited button good stuff hey are you excited I am excited I’m kind of sad to be leaving canada canada is really cool apparently their money smells like maple syrup yeah is it like a scratch and sniff yeah it sounds good I think their money is cool pretty cool yeah like it’s weird but kind of cool and it’s like freaky ah my wife and I notice that in Canada I gotta tell you can say all you can t ins watch and you can say you don’t know what you’re talking about but there’s kind of a 90s fashion kind of a thing vibe going on in Canada let’s just different fashion no I think it’s it’s it’s a it’s a good thing it’s it’s kind of cool but I feel it’s definitely noticeable we’ve really liked our time in Canada I actually I did Canada a lot I think it’s a fun happy place one of the weird things we noticed that’ll think it’s just us as Americans just saying this but they have like really nice streets at least good bathing on like the paving of the streets this when we were going through like the may express threat you express why it was really nice and Hines and I they had like these very like prominent lit signs that I say like they don’t have nice signs anywhere but wow that express why I was nice cruising you know there’s good stuff driving on that so eat now we gotta get we got to get over we’re waiting to get back into our native soil see all the way down so I mean what else what else have we noticed got canada i guess i mean it’s just cool but I wanted to show Canadian flags different fashion different money it was a it was a really cool place and we hope to get back sooner rather than later right Bailey Bailey wants back I took bailey for a Canadian Walk school done and tomorrow we’re gonna hit the falls died yeah we’re not not literally we’re not jumping over hope now see all right nice hey so we’re driving home we’re actually very close to home we’re in Pennsylvania of course and we’re coming back from our Canadian trip ill away we’re coming back from our Canadian trip TF Con 2015 in mississauga ontario and last night we stayed in niagara falls new york at the sheraton and the Niagara Falls area niagara falls new york not the niagara falls in the canadian side is a very interesting place I don’t want to be one of those guys that just dad mouse and complains because you know I can only judge what I see and I don’t see everything you know who does but man the neighbor Falls area in New York is it’s interesting but well I mean what should what should I expect I and I kind of agreed on that it’s a very it’s a big tourist type of place you know it is just aimed at families and kids and it’s very it’s I wouldn’t you say but not really even like there’s not i mean just one arcade but the rest of it’s just very rundown so it was a little rundown and late last night after a time I went to sleep I kind of googled a little bit and yeah apparently the area is not a dorm too well and apparently the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls area has been more successful in the past and on a decade or whatever did look very beautiful the way before we cross yeah there’s like this squared section of Niagara Falls New York and it has all the little tourist type stuff little cutesy restaurants there’s a lot of Indian restaurants over there by the way but yeah there’s the restaurants and little things this and that and there was this right next to our hotel the sheraton there was this ill Avari oh this is the Safari restaurant rainforest in rainforest cafe which was okay it was totally of the kids you know I mean I can understand I can understand it but that was the thing there wasn’t a lot of it’s just nice nicer type restaurants

heartbreak nice restaurants and we asked a tourist info lady at concierge yeah concierge inside the hotel was really nice the staff at the Sheraton sandy uh her name was sandy season you’re Susan her name was Susan you could say anything and I probably would agree then she was really great we ordered room service twice and those two dudes were really great we tipped them well because they totally deserved it ah who wouldn’t deserve a tip would be the housekeeping unfortunately unfortunately the sheraton hotel was kind of a dump but then maybe at the same time maybe we should expect something great because we had our dog Bailey in the back who’s snoozing so we got the pet hotel by that pet room the pet room the same time you know pet room or not we you would expect things to not be broken looking or there was the forehead of wet spot hair like voices years in the bathroom Thanks made Dave really has a hair he does not like hairs in the messe and I shed a lot so it will be of my hair you know it wasn’t great yeah ah so we don’t want to be one of those couples or I don’t want to be that person jami whatever was the roof over our heads Simon Harper Dave the ushers coming boo it was a roof over her head you know we weren’t out in the cold where’s my royal treatment damn it it was you know it was fine I wanted nonfat milk in my coffee um nope you know the hotel’s still did at room service so yeah the employees were nice the thing about the the woman who told us about restaurants and such she told us to go like two blocks down like downtown look at the middle of nowhere no one nowhere at nine thirty nine thirty and it got a little like uneasy while walking we’re like bumpy I mean it’s cool this is know about this we know where we were if we were fast walking finish walking um so we didn’t like it and we went back and we were gonna be like all right let’s just do the room service but before we got back to the hotel we looked on the left side on the website was this big building literally across the street mr giant building this big building and it just we didn’t know what it was there’s no like hello I’m a sign this is what this is yeah little car lights colorful let’s just do it we were walking around I thought it was like another like tourists liked it liked or a thing maybe a museum I didn’t know we were having a workout we were walking around by walking around there’s a lot of families with kids and the families had death expressions like dedik dead eyes like a was on my help hey there’s a lot of kids and oven big tourist type town so we go to this big building and when we get to the doors we’re like well no I think this is closed I think they’re like repairing some thinner it was like dead I was I feel like I’m feeling I guess it’s dead man nothing’s going on we get closer and like all right let’s we peek in and what happens when we peek in Thai it was like it was a gigantic casino like like bustling and hustling and bustling it was like we opened up the sand cave from Aladdin like I’m fucking opened up out of nowhere and there was just shit all over the place I was like what’s going on in here nice restaurants cuz seen it it’s um it’s a big building it’s for what it is it’s a it’s a good casino considering we’re over here in New York in Niagara New York agri New York tie and i got married in las vegas of course fancy style at the Red Rock Hotel and Casino and you note I used to live there and we know Vegas man fake nothing will compare so why don’t I know my way around a casino you know and it was this may be where snooty snobby Vegas people now but it seemed like all the people here just didn’t know what to do with themselves and we’re just every all the people going in there was just confused like what is this thing this place it was interesting it was just something I don’t know what happened with Susan C never been to Atlantic City Susan dropped us all because there were super nice restaurants in there and it was across the street yeah um Susan or whatever her name was she didn’t mention the gigantic casino across the street if it had a couple of nice restaurant was like rainforest cafe or walk three blocks to a place that’s already closed like what there was there was a nice you know that’s a my garmin talking figuring shit out alright so we work that out anyway where were we tie Susan alright we went in the casino and a couple of nice restaurants as casinos usually do there was a nice Italian restaurant in there you know good stuff we saw the menu it’s fine fine menu she uh yeah there was

like a an asian japanese restaurant or something they had some sushi they had this and that you know that those two restaurants right there would have been fine we walked around for two hours looking for hey Bailey how you doing back there what’s he doing just looking out the window yeah but we would have eaten there but after all that after all that work we decided to go back to our hotel anyway and have room service so whatever yeah right I don’t know why she didn’t mention the casino it was like he was like staring through time like the time like it was like no no mention no one knows a casino exists it was a thing into a secret building from arriving there to leaving there it was just like a just a mind warp of confusion and oddities I don’t know how to explain it really uh about the sheraton the hotel I gotta tell you don’t stay there yeah we had the pet-friendly room or whatever I wouldn’t advise staying at that sheraton it was it was a dump well if you like staying at a college dorm with a bunch of loud people just I don’t know ty comments on that maybe you have the words dirty and someone was its kind of dirty in a blasting Europe up all night europop and it’s a college dorm cut atmosphere and on let’s just no go man no go the lobby was nice it’s it’s a deceiving it’s one of those deceiving hotels man it’s one of those deceiving hotels so I don’t know you know I I want to I want to try this whole Niagara Falls thing again but next year of course when we go to TF con which we will we’re going to come back and we’re going to stay on the Canadian side because i believe the canadian side is a little better but Canada has its share of shit holes and made touch upon this real fast canada was awesome but hey every country has its shit holes and i’m probably going to insert the clip into this video at some point i don’t know where yet but we tried to locate the kenny vs spenny house in the Toronto area as some of you may know I’m a huge kenny vs penny fan I just I love that show I used to stream at some of you might even remember that stuff if you live in Canada you know Kenny verse pending you got it and I just wanted to see the house it’s been several years since the show has been done but I just wanted this in front of it Empire and I would dance around like an idiot so we went there and the neighborhood where that house is located inside of Toronto is a terrible horrible place klaw-bak 10 it’s it’s a crack neighborhood a lot of homeless people there is an episode who can stay homeless the longest where Kenny and Spenny had to be homeless you know be outside they must have walked down the street and I think I even saw the park where the episode ended that I swear it the park was right there from that episode who can stay homeless longest we probably passed gold fields of pharmacy who was in a bunch of episodes of Kenny first many because there was like a lot of engage in stores there like what like a Chinatown kind of thing yeah um so yeah we were there but the reason why I’m kind of phrasing it this way is because we couldn’t exactly find the house one half-mile key right that’s Kenny has his voice as my garment by the way but we actually did find the house we went by it a couple times and while ty where was it it was gone there was an empty lot there we think it’s gone and yes I really messed up i’m looking up the address I tried it looked exactly like the same surrounding no it’s it might be gone a lot of empty because we counted down do remember the number 2 28 to 28 and it was 230 and then the empty law and the 220 I think it’s gone I I’m bummed I’m very house I was kind of bummed by a knife it’s gone it’s gone like what what are you gonna do so oh well where are you going I mean I’m pretty positive liked I know you you had the address that that was the address because everything else fed that part was definitely where they did the homeless episode and just anything else so there you go guys the convention was great everything was great the the road trip was great even the bad parts were great because they make up part of the story they make up part of the adventure so yeah we’re driving home now it’s dark and I need to see where I’m going I hope you guys enjoy these videos i hope you guys check out all the transformer convention stuff everything else and yeah man more adventures to come so

we’ll be seeing you you

Tahoe Treks: Northern Nevada Road Trips

so let’s get started we have where 603 we have 15 people and we got one more joining right now yeah so let’s get started I appreciate that plug-in yeah that’s I think how I met Kayla is that you are a library patron and neighbor here in Incline Village and also a freelance writer and author based in North Lake Tahoe so just one small reminder for everybody please yourself if you have a question please use the raise your hand feature or wave at me and we are recording this so it will be available afterwards and we do hope to do more of these programs in the future and if you would like to get Northern California road trips by ebook please use the library’s request an item feature if we get a couple recommendations we will add this to our ebook collection we do have the print version available for checkout but that might be a couple weeks away so we can get the e-book to you if we get a couple of recommendations so please do that and without further ado thank you so much Kayla for being willing to do our Tahoe treks program virtually we had you originally scheduled that March had to reschedule and thankfully you were willing to do this online so thank you everyone for registering and joining in and if you’d like to see more use that request an item feature and also follow our website at So I’ll turn over to you. Thank you Kayla take it away well thank you all so much for for coming and taking some time out of your of your evening to see this presentation and I I’m gonna go ahead and share my presentation now hopefully this works but yeah and I actually think I mean it’s kind of a bummer not be able to do this in person when it was originally scheduled in and March 17th but I’m also thrilled that that it allows other people that maybe not be that who can attend in person to be able to do its presume so um yeah I know that right now these are crazy times but I highly encourage everybody to stay home and stay safe and and I’m sure that some of these Tahoe trails will be even more beautiful when you come visit or try them out once we can all start traveling again because they’ll have had that time to restore and regenerate so um yeah please keep in mind that I am more of a writer than a presenter so I’ll start out with a little bit about me I was born and raised in Redding California right along the banks of the Sacramento River this is kind of this is a picture taken of my parents backyard and I was so lucky to have parents who were very who were really into camping and boating and snow skiing they took us all over the North’s day we went to use somebody and Patricks point on the coast up to the sand dunes in Oregon and I have a ton of fond memories wakeboarding and even house boating on Shasta Lake in whiskey town I’ve been Northern California and snowboarding at Mount Shasta I actually learned to ski at Mount lassen and when I was two years old and now that I’m really into paddleboarding I love paddling on Lake oh ho and also on the Sacramento River when I can and if you do have a copy of Northern California road trips you’ll see on page I think it’s for Oh mine my cousin summer is in the zoom talk right now and she is featured paddle in a photo paddleboarding on Lake Tahoe on that page that M yeah then I studied journalism and yep there she is right in the crack thanks for sharing John so then I studied journalism and creative writing at Chico State University and then when I graduated I’d moved to Florida and got

into the recording industry a little for a little while and I was there for two years before I realized just how much I missed the snow and the four distinct seasons that we have here in Northern California and Lake Tahoe so I moved to back to Lake Tahoe to Incline Village December 2006 been here full-time and then I worked for diamond peak and the incline village general Improvement District and then also spent a few years at Mount rose and then in 2015 I became a full freelance writer and a couple of years ago I got this job with moon guidebooks to co-author a book that’s in one of their newer series called the road trips series and so I co-authored the Northern California road trips guidebook with Stewart Thornton who is based out of Monterey and he did the whole in or he did the whole coastal region and then I did I wrote five chapters of the inland Northern California region so part of that was um Lake Tahoe and so I shared a bunch of listings and things to do and see and camp and stay and eat all in the Lake Tahoe region as part of the Northern California roadtrip route and just wanted to share some of my a few of my favorite tracks and so they’re kind of my top five and you’ll see that I mean they’re kind of on the northeastern corner of the lake in the southwestern corner of the lake since I lived in Incline Village for so long I have a lot of favorite hikes there but then when I go on a staycation I tend to end up on the southwestern shore of the lake and so most of these are kind of short hikes except for this first one that I’m going to talk about Aloha Lake and so or lake Aloha I’ve heard it both ways I think the property was like Aloha now I was introduced to this hike I had heard of other locals who have gone gone up there and they just they just talked about how amazing it was with the with the blue water against these granite grey rocks it just looks like I always say the surface of the Moon but it’s like this extraterrestrial it’s just great balance of something that I’ve never really even seen anywhere else so this is a day trip and down in uh it takes five to twelve twelve miles round trip takes about eight hours and it starts at lower Echo Lake on Johnson Pass Road and you hug the water you hug Echo Lake for about 2.4 miles and you kind of climb up in elevation and going on this granite rock and passing through the forest for another few miles passing by Tamarac Lucile and Marjorie Lakes there’s Meadows there’s beautiful tree forest and I know that there you can cut off a little bit of that beginning part by a boat ride I’m not sure if they’re gonna do it or if they’re still gonna do it this summer that they do have boat rides that are like six dollars I think one way that go from low or Echo Lake to the upper lake so if you want to shorten your your mileage to Lake a loja you can look into that um but yeah then after passing by some of those other lakes in the in the Desolation Wilderness then the trail splits and if you go left you end up at the lake and lake in the woods or if you stay right you end up at Lake Aloha what I love about this hike is that it’s right on the Pacific Crest Trail so the yield you’ll often see some through hikers that are spending the night there and and it’s set like the water is so beautiful there’s tons of rocks that you can jump off of there’s a lot of places to explore and it does take a good

portion of the day to get there so I always suggest bringing a bathing suit and sunscreen plenty of water and then on the way back when we actually did this hike on the way back around desks some mosquitoes came out and so we didn’t really expect that because living in Tahoe it doesn’t I don’t really see that many mosquitoes room but maybe because there’s so many little lakes around there I just suggest bringing some bug sprays so that that’s the longest track where that you would do if you had a few days to to spend in Lake Tahoe and you could take a day to check out Lake Aloha or have it on your Pacific Crest Trail nap is there a big elevation gain with going out to Lake a law yeah there is and um let me see I can because I I had I have mentioned the elevation gain in the book so it’s that so Desolation Wilderness is at eight thousand one hundred and sixteen feet and I yeah it does I think it does go up like a thousand feet from there yeah I mean it’s not not that as intense is like Mount to lack but it’s it’s labeled a moderate to strenuous hike you definitely do feel an elevation game when you go up there or I have sounds like that a boat would be helpful yeah yeah but you know I would want to take the boat back rather than having to hike back cuz and I I mean the when we hiked back I mean that was kind of when we were the most tired like the boat wasn’t running then but I know that there’s some there’s some cool cabins that are on Echo Lake and I mean it is it is quiet out there because there’s a whole lot of activity so I have been wanting to take that boat ride and so this add this next hike that’s kind of in that same southwestern vicinity is the hike down to vikingsholm this is a historic cabin that was or mansion that was built by a woman named Laura night and she was a huge environmentalist and conservationist and loved loved lake tahoe and so um if you go around Emerald Bay and you stop at the Emerald Bay overlook there is this there’s a parking lot there and you can there’s like a little Hut and you can buy your parking pass there and I believe you can even buy tour tickets to UM to Vikings home and then how you get down there is you take a one-mile hard-packed trail and it’s kind it’s wide and very well marked down to the shoreline and it along the way I love this hike because um oh there it again like there’s a kind of a big elevation drop but you kind of you don’t even really realize that because the bees are so beautiful I mean you see Emerald Bay you see waterfalls and it’s just a really nice path and then once you’re down there and you can see in this left hand side picture of there’s these old-growth cedar trees all around there there’s a kayak company that rents kayaks and paddleboards on the shore that you can take to fit fan at Island where there’s a little stone tea house up there so i am i mentioned this hike because I love Tahoe historic mansions like Thunderbird Lodge and in vikingsholm and sugar pine State Park I wrote an article for Tahoe magazine a couple a couple years ago about um

famous ghosts and and ghost stories of of these places and there is there is rumor that Laura Knights presence is still there and from people from Park Rangers who have said that they’ve smelled fresh cinnamon rolls in the kitchen it was like favorite so anyways I’m getting off track here bitches what I did a lot in the book – Kayla that trill – vikingsholm was that EDA accessible wood that packed trail uh yeah I I believe that it is I mean it is dirt and gravel um so and it is wide but I feel like I hey I do remember when I went down there seeing people that could that took strollers and things down there the only thing is that it’s pretty steep on the way up I mean it’s it’s a good drop and I think there are some gravel parts of the trail too and so yeah if you if you go to the Vikings home website I think they explained that trail farther that because I do know that when I said of course they try to make sure that people are capable of getting down there and so um yeah so this next trail and that I that is one of my new favorite trails is the new short trail that that cane wood was built and completed and I think it was October 2018 and um so it’s right around the time when I was writing the book and so in the book it’s called the San Harbor Trail but I think the proper name of it is the esure Tahoe Trail and so it starts on the very eastern side of incline village on highway 28 in front of the tunnel creek cafe there is a big parking lot there and it’s a four mile paved path that goes along Lake Tahoe’s you sure over to Sand Harbor State Park and so yeah I these are some pictures of the opening day this was built by the Tahoe friend and what I really love about the Tahoe are not built by the top of fun but they coordinated the building of this trail and and I what I really love about them is is they look at projects like this to help improve connectivity of people viewing the lake and and so they looked at this one to help alleviate kind of the congestion and the people that park along the the highway and trying to kind of gear them towards a safer place to park and use this trail to to use this path to get to San Harbor so you’ll see like that I don’t I this is a the Tahoe fund I don’t know if she’s the executive director but she’s definitely the head honcho over there Aimee berry in Nevada Governor Steves to CELAC and you’ll see like it’s great to bike ride to run and get beautiful views of the lake there’s like a little underground tunnel that you can take along it it’s a pretty moderate nice path and I once I like to go skateboarding on this on this trail so yeah this is kind of one of my favorites it’s new it’s well utilized and and I think it works well for for getting people out too and see the Essure and then turn leads to the other side of tunnel creek Cafe is the so the tunnel Creek cafe in front of it is the parking lot that leads the East Shore trail and then behind it up on the mountain side is the tunnel Creek Trail and so this kind of gives you more of the overlooks of Lake Tahoe and it’s a you can kind of see it’s like a dirt path that and the it’s a seven mile out and back trail that you can access from the cafe and it kind of goes up into the mountainside intersecting with the flume trail so I think this offers spectacular views of the lake it shows kind of the infamous monkey rock and and I think that one of the best ways to explore this trail is actually by mountain bike and what’s nice is that rental mountain bike rentals are available at the flume trail

mountain bikes right there at the tunnel Creek cafe and they can shovel you from kind of all these different places from the esure and so that that’s kind of a great service if you’re if you’re low on time but really want to check out the rest of this whole trail um and then kind of last one on my list is a Spooner lake I love to to run around this lake and and kind of love to go here midweek it’s so peaceful and nice um you can you can get there from either highway 28 before it intersects with highway 50 there’s a parking lot in there or there’s also a parking lot right on highway 50 and it also leads to the Tahoe Rim Trail and but yeah this the little the path around the lake is um it’s about two miles and it’s just really peaceful out there are the only things I’ve ever really seen on the lake or like ducks and and birds and stuff and and yeah I was just out there the other day and chickadees were or what’s known here is the cheeseburger birds we’re just coming right up to me and and I just love the Aspen’s out there and I think this is actually a fun trail to check out year round so yeah and the so it’s a fun fact you know about spin their lake is that it’s part of the Spooner backcountry that is ran by the Nevada state park system which includes over 12,000 miles including 50 miles of hiking and biking trails so yeah I really love this one oh so that’s a 50 miles of biking and hiking trails yep 50 miles as part of the 12,000 acres of Spooner backcountry round by the Nevada state park system and so that’s just kind of a brief overview of some of my favorite Tahoe trails they’re all mentioned in my book the moon Northern California road trips guide written by myself and Stewart Thornton first sale Barnes & Noble Andy Bowne or directly through the Moon website or you can give it through the library and for anybody that’s in the Tahoe Reno area it’s right there on the third shelf next to the bathroom from the Reno Barnes & Noble and then and then just some additional resources and this is my website so if anybody is interested in seeing what else I’m up to I do a lot of writing in the area and for other magazines as well and then there’s Stuart’s website he’s my co-author on the book and he’s written several other men guides and then the Moon website and so yeah now I’d like to open it up to any questions but before I do that I’ll just cover some but so since writing this book and when I tell people about the moon but Bay the the questions that they ask me the most are number one did I go to all these places and yes the sections that the chapters that I wrote I have been to all those places at one time or another the timing of writing this book was a little tricky I had five months to do it in the winter and 2018-19 and so I was taking a lot of hot trips to some of these places like driving tioga pass in Yosemite and going up to crater lake and driving around the rim driver on crater lake before it started to snow so on this right-hand side this is me hiking in the Hoover wilderness in the Lundy Canyon and and that and that was like early October which was actually one of the better times to go hiking and to go camping there because the aspen trees are just popping and um the mammoth June Lake area is just so beautiful so um yeah it sorry I haven’t been to all of Stewart’s

places on the coast but I do love that region as well and and then next like everybody asked me if moon just paid me to travel around well they did give me a an advance but it’s there were also some costs involved in staying at hotels and eating out in and the travel was just fine the book and I would say that some of the other main main tasks of writing this book include the the research and the actual physical writing part of that more time on the research and the writing then I actually did on the travel and and then people ask me like well whatever I got paid from moon was it worth it would I ever do it again and um I remember staying on the moon was website before taking this job that um that people who have written a Moomba really want to keep writing more and that’s definitely how I felt in this process it was of the biggest challenges I’ve ever done and and while you know the the stipend they paid from them to do this is nowhere close to paying the bills luckily like I have enough flexibility in my life to to be to have been able to take this on and and I would definitely do it again all right thank you look I do have one question to start off as your native of Redding California and you covered some of the you know interior Northern California and that’s a place I’m kind of unfamiliar with and I’ve heard lots of amazing things about camping in Oregon so anything up in that area that you would recommend yeah there are some amazing hikes and even some lookout areas up by Mount Shasta and and that whole area like it is really beautiful like there’s castle crags which you see right off of i-5 and off of Dunsmuir which are just huge you know rocks that stick up and you can hike up there you can camp there and you can go even to some of the other little lakes like heart Lake and there’s there’s a bunch of over there’s a few of them out there and what’s great about air net is practically from any angle you get incredible views of Mount Shasta and I haven’t hiked to the top of Mount Shasta it’s pretty gnarly hike and it’s usually covered with snow most of the time but there’s a there’s a few rock climbing and snow trekking Outfitters that go from that area and in Mount Shasta City is a really cool little town with hotels and coffee shops and just a ton of trails around there and so yeah if you can go off of 89 highway 89 in cloud in that area it’s great and then another thing too that I that I really love is that there’s all these love there’s all these caves there’s like the lava beds upon kind of the Oregon border and the and the California border with just tons of caves and lava beds up there and then over by Burnie Falls there’s a nice there’s like a cool little like it’s like 0.3 mile long subway cave off of 89 it’s free takes like an hour to just go stretch your legs and um but but when I did that kind of doing my road trips um one lady was really surprised to hear that I went in there by myself because it is kind of creepy like when you get in like pitch-black darkness by yourself and you just have to kind of keep walking to and hope that you love it there’s an exit somewhere and so yeah and the organ caves are great too so yeah and there’s a ton of camping spots um all up in that area and and I mean I’ve been to waterfalls off of Highway 299 kind of between Alturas and reading where I mean I traveled a lot of places around the world and the waterfalls in

Northern California definitely rival anything anywhere else and especially since it gets so hot in the valley and growing up I was lucky to live on the river and and to kind of get that river breeze but I mean it would be like 113 degrees Fahrenheit down there so going to those waterfalls going to those lakes if you camp in the summer then I definitely suggest camping near a lake should we do the bonus question go for it all right well I did really want to thank you all for for joining me on this Tahoe Trek stalk and so I wanted to throw bonus question out there and John will help me moderate it and the first person to answer this correctly by responding in the chat box will receive a personally signed copy of my new book for me the question is and I I mentioned this about 15 minutes ago is how many miles of trails does the spinner backcountry have watching the chat we’ll see who answers that first oh man 15 oh man I uh I haven’t seen the message but I thought it six people responded which tells me that people have been actually listening what is the correct answer 50 miles 50 so I believe Lisa was the first to respond on that so yeah Lisa you’ll be receiving okay well yeah if you can share your I don’t know how the whole chat feature works but if you can share your address then I’ll make sure to get a copy out to the mail for you yeah Lisa are you with the library system yes okay yes three and I might be sharing everybody’s so maybe I won’t do that right now yeah is there I think that’s the last last slide yep and would really like to ask if there’s any more questions either in chat or and I apologize I’m getting an unstable internet connection message so I hope this is coming through but does anybody have any more questions oh yeah so now I’m looking and I can see that that guy said about how you can how you can I cup to the tea house in in vikingsholm and yeah that is such a cool hike I’ve taken I’ve taken a boat out there and I love like when people come into town to try to get them out in Emerald Bay and one day like yeah we dropped an anchor on the boat and swam in and hiked up to the top of the tea house and my friend from Costa Rica was just blown away so it’s definitely one of the highlights if you do take that hike down to hike vikingsholm ran a kayak and go up to that tea house we do have a another question what is your favorite trail to get away from people oh man see I was I was almost afraid that somebody would ask me that question you know a new a new trail I well I’ve known about it for a while but I just went on it for my first time is over in Blackwood Canyon in over on the west shore and what’s nice about that trail is um that and I’m not quite sure how far see I think it goes pretty far up in there but what’s great about it is that the California State Parks has this system I’m aware they manage these snow parks which are basically recreational areas that you can that you can access in the winter and it’s like a really cheap permit you can buy it at a gas station in South Lake Tahoe and and you get this parking permit um where I think it’s like ten or fifteen dollars to get access to these snow parks around Tahoe all winter long and so yeah black wood

and it’s there’s still quite a bit of snow up there but and the gate is closed but I notice that there’s like a little campground there there’s a decent sized parking lot and there were some people on that trail when I was there but you have a lot of space to to roam and so yeah that that’s kind of um one of my new secret spots and and then I really love some trails on the east shore that go down to the lake um that are kind of past San Harbor but the problem is is that they’re not clearly marked and there’s not very good parking so again that’s why I love the Tahoe fun because they’re helping improve the connectivity of bike paths around the lake and then and then also for the last 13 14 years I have been involved in this or participated in this boarding for breast cancer event called skate the lake and that’s a 22 mile skateboard ride and that starts at sugar pine State Park on the west side and all the way up to Squaw Valley and then sometimes they go up to dollar they come back down into Tahoe City and go up to dollar Hill and back and that is a total paved bike path and and I just love skateboarding especially that portion outside of Tahoe City and that’s like over by Homewood because you are just right on the lake so again like my favorite trails where no people are at are the ones that are usually on a spring or fall day that midweek day at you know it too at 11 a.m. to 2 o’clock or something so that seems to be the the only time that I found where nobody else is on the trail but did go to Spooner and if you don’t know winter – like when I went to Spooner midweek and just recently there was absolutely nobody there I actually forged a path in the snow around that Lake and that thought was a nice feeling for sure awesome we have another question from Lisa are there trail I what’s the status of trails in Tahoe now are they open can you access them yeah I mean it’s they are open usually they’re there are a few like Blackwood Canyon for instance they they put up the gates where they closed the gates on any Tahoe u.s. Forest Service Road um four in the winter after after it starts snowing in and you can’t access those through through a vehicle um I did hear because of CO vyd that there’s been a large area in South Lake Tahoe that’s completely closed down and so I don’t know how how the pandemic will affect open trails in in the future but there are a lot of people going on the San Harper Trail I saw people on the new dollar point of dollar hill trail that the Tahoe run just built so the bike paths um they’re still they’re still out there and inaccessible but also with that being said I mean I would suggest just trying through the pandemic like trying to stick I think it’s important to get outdoors but stick close to home there there’s a lot of people going to these trails that I just mentioned right now and um so parking has been kind of hard so if I’d say if you don’t have to drive anywhere you don’t but if if you need to get outdoors and try one of these drills because here in the area now then I guess good luck I think it sounds like going the supermarket you probably don’t want to go primetime but there are good times to go and everybody needs to get out there so yeah yeah yeah so it’s just figuring out how that fits into your schedule yeah agree with you I saw some places closed in South Lake like Pope Beach in

Baldwin Beach close to the public but as you said the parking for the esure path is open and I think just use some common sense and distancing and try to try to find that that sweet spot of day and time right yeah I mean I know that a lot of the beaches in the North Shore are closed right now and and the big reason for that is because people aren’t following social distancing so then it puts government entities in the tough spot of trying to regulate that and that’s what causes them to to shut down so I think just being mindful of that during this time and I mean who knows how how much will change it because of this pandemic I mean I was just telling somebody this morning that the tough part about writing a guidebook is that there’s such a long lead time on when it’s published and so things change and there is a disclaimer at the back of the book that says hey when you’re planning your trip to a specific area double-check some of these facts make sure that some of these places are still around because but because that’s just kind of how it is with this the lead time belong the long time span it takes to publish a book like for instance I mean last December the day that the book came out I one of my favorite coffee shops IV coffee lab changed ownership so I put like in my highlights of your Lake Tahoe trip stop by the ivy coffee lab and then the book comes out and the ivy coffee labs not there anymore so luckily it is still a coffee shop and the new owners are great and then I also mentioned to around that same time the Bank of America in Incline Village closed down so when I mentioned like oh if you need to go to the bank the Bank of America in the book these are one of the services and they shut down but luckily they they still have their ATMs there so there are things like that that I believe would happen whether or not there is a pandemic I’m just hoping to that a lot of the small businesses a lot of the restaurants and places that that I mentioned the hotels will be able to pull through and and still stay alive through and tourism here picks back up I think we’re very much looking forward to that and supporting all these small towns and you know campgrounds restaurants all the things you mentioned in the book so would like to thank you Kayla for presenting and I hope everyone will check out Northern California road trips on moon guide and tell us again where the best place to pick this up is Barnes & Noble indie band moon comm can go to my website you can go to Amazon or the library absolutely and please recommend so we could possibly get this ebook in our collection and you can also reserve the physical book at Washington County Library dot us for when we reopen hopefully soon well again it really means the world to me and everybody showed up to I mean I I just can’t believe the support that this has and and I hope that it’s it’s been worth it taking some time out people’s nights too to join us here nikohl thank you once again Kayla and keep an eye out for her writing in the tylo Daily Tribune and also freelancing with the Tahoe Truckee weekly sparks Tribune anything else I don’t think so yeah I am I also write for a magazine called enjoy Northern California Living magazine they’ve been kind of put on hold they cover from Chico to the to the Oregon border that whole region and so I love supporting them it’s a free magazine and they also have stores in Red Bluff and in reading with lots of goodies and so yeah they writing for them and and writing for the Tahoe Weekly and the sparks Tribune it really helped me get a good sense of what the area was like and to be able to revisit some of these places to write about them

for the book and then the book has given me a ton more story ideas that I’ll continue writing about so we look forward to that and thank you so much Kela for sharing your insight and now can’t wait to get traveling yeah thank you good night good night everyone check out the library website for more virtual events and access to so much so many additional resources I get an instant library card and have a great night