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– Watch what I can do – Watch what I can do – [Dad] Look at you guys with these Top Wing toys Oh no what happened to Swift? (doorbell rings) Hey what’s that noise? (doorbell rings) Is that the doorbell? – Yes – [Dad] Who could be here? – I don’t know – You guys stay here and you play with your Top Wing toys daddy’s gonna go check out and see who’s at the door – Is it the Easter Bunny? – [Dad] I don’t know Who is at the door? Hey it’s James the T-Rex What are you doing here buddy? (roars) You and all your dinosaur friends wanna take Chase and Cole to the Easter train and meet the Easter Bunny? (roars) Of course Chase and Cole can go with you to the Easter Bunny Train Let me go tell ’em (upbeat music) – **Welcome to Chase and Cole Adventures! Chase man, Cole man, James the T-Rex is outside with all of your dinosaur friends They wanna know if you wanna go on the magical Easter Bunny train? – What, are dinosaurs our friends? – [Dad] They are your friends Do you wanna go on the Easter Bunny train? – Yeah, Dad dinosaurs wanna go on the Easter Bunny train with us – [Dad] They do Chase man do you wanna go on the Easter bunny train? – The dinosaurs will be so happy if the conductor says all aboard and he will make the train go Then the Easter Bunny conductor would blow the hoot, hoot – [Dad] Well, let’s go get changed then let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! – Chase, look who’s out there – [Dad] Are you guys ready to go to the Easter train with all your dinosaur friends? – Yeah – Yeah – [Dad] All right, let’s go – Let’s go – [Dad] Let’s go guys, let’s get on this train You guys ready? Let’s get going (dinosaur roars) You guys ready to go on the Easter Bunny Train? Chase man, Cole man, you guys ready to go on the Easter Bunny Train? – Yeah, look behind you (roars) – [Dad] Can the dinos come on or are they too big? – They’re too big – [Dad] They’re too big, they can follow us right? – Yeah (upbeat music) – [Dad] Go, go, go, go (roars) Chase man, Cole man are we on the Easter Bunny Train? – Yeah – [Dad] Wha, I see the T-Rex, what’s he doing out there? What we gonna go see? – Easter Bunny – [Dad] We gonna go see the Easter Bunny? Chase man where do you think this train’s taking us? (upbeat music) – Look – Look at that train! – [Mom] Whoa! – [Dad] Wow, look at those trains Whoa, look at them, that’s so cool! – [Mom] Guys, look at those (upbeat music) – These are cool – Say thank you – Thank you so much – There you go, you’re welcome – [Dad] Chase man, Cole man show us what you got? Oh you got pink bunnies for Easter! (upbeat music) Chase man, Cole man who’s here? Who’s here? – Easter Bunny – [Dad] Say Happy Easter! Wow, look at that guys! We’re 200 feet up in the air Whoa! Is Elmo here? – Elmo! – [Dad] Elmo – Give a high five, say hi Bye – That was cool [Dad] Cole man you wanna see if there’s any toy trains?

Chase man you wanna see if there’s toy trains? Alright let’s go check it out (chattering) (dinosaur roars) Wow, look at this train! – Whoa! – [Dad] Chase man, how cool is this? Whoa, look at this train Look at daddy! (camera clicks) (roars) Hi Chase man! – Hi friends! – [Dad] Hi Cole Man! – Hi friends – [Dad] Hello everyone, welcome to Chase and Cole Adventures Today, we have a new and fun episode of Ryan’s World Surprise Egg Adventures Chase and Cole got awesome new Ryan World surprise eggs from our good friend Princess T – This is the best surprise egg I’ve ever seen! – [Dad] It’s the best surprise egg you’ve ever seen? – Yes – [Dad] How about this guys, why don’t we bring those eggs upstairs and then we’re gonna open em’ up (footsteps booming) What’s that noise? Whoa, what’s that noise? (footsteps booming) I hear big giant footsteps I hear big giant footsteps guys! Whoa! It’s a giant T-Rex! – Whoa, a giant T-Rex! – [Dad] What is he doing here guys? – He’s here to take our eggs – [Dad] No way Mr T-Rex, you’re not taking Chase and Cole’s Ryan World eggs, these were a gift! We wanna open em up! – Get away from the eggs giant T-Rex – [Dad] Yeah, giant T-Rex get away from these Oh no, he’s using his lasers! [dinosaur laser firing] T-Rex has magic lasers! Oh no guys, the T-Rex made our Ryan World disappear It’s walking away now guys what we gonna do? – We’re gonna go outside and get our dino trucks and find the dinosaurs and the dino eggs – Okay, Dad. We’re gonna go outside play with our dino trucks and find the the missing eggs – [Dad] We’re gonna go outside We gonna drive our dino trucks around We gonna find those dinos and find our eggs! – Yes – Daddy, who’s gonna catch it? Oh, it’s going to be the T-Rex’s baby dino – [Dad] No, we can’t let that happen! – Yeah, there’s some Ryan World prizes in there – [Dad] That’s right, there’s a lot of Ryan World prizes in there We want those prizes they’re not for the dinosaurs – Yeah, no Ryan World eggs, not for the baby egg – Let’s teleport outta here! – [Dad] You wanna teleport out of here? – Yeah – [Dad] Well if you wanna teleport out of here you gotta say the super-power words! – Super Adventures! – [Dad] There you go guys lets go and find your Ryan Eggs Chase man, Cole man you guys ready to go find your Ryan Eggs? (dinosaur roars) You guys gonna be able to get through all these dinosaurs that are walking around? Alright, lets go, lets go, lets go find ’em! – I picked up the T-Rex – [Dad] Is that a T-Rex behind you? Alright go go go! Hurry up guys, look at all those dinos! How we ever gonna find our dino eggs? (roars) Cole man watch out for that T- Rex! Chase man, did you find the egg yet? – No – [Dad] Where is it? – Maybe he went that way! – [Dad] Come on guys we gotta find these eggs! We gotta find the eggs (roars) (laser zaps) Chase man, Cole man the giant T-Rex hid the first egg We have to zap him back to the dino farm if we wanna find it On the count of three, use your super power lasers from your Jurassic Park trucks! one, two, three! (lasers zapping) Keep going. Get em’ guys, get em! (dinosaur roars) He’s gone, good job! Alright, go, go, go! Come on guys we gotta go on foot we gotta find these eggs! Come on, come on Chase man, is it there? What do you see? See it? – No – [Dad] Chase man is it there? – Nah – [Dad] Where do you think it is? – Someone’s tree – [Dad] You think it’s behind a tree somewhere? – Yes – [Dad] Coleman what about you, where do you think it is? – Smoky don’t see it – Smoky don’t see it? – Dad there’s a trail – [Dad] It’s a trail, is it somewhere there? Look, do you guys see it anywhere? Do you guys see the Ryan World egg anywhere? (pterodactyl screeches) Be careful Coleman, a pterodactyl just flew over your head Guys, I see the first egg but there is a giant T-Rex guarding it We have to sneak up on him We grab that egg, we get out of here Let’s go hide, hide behind the crate, go, go, go Go, go Coleman go, get down, get down

Chase man, Cole man that T- Rex is close do you think we can get by him? Chase man peak out, you see there? – Yes! – [Dad] You sure? How big is he? – Giant! – [Dad] He’s a giant T-Rex? – Smoky say yes – [Dad] We gotta be very quiet, I want you guys to run over there and I want you to grab the Ryan egg and run back to this hiding spot Okay Chase man, Cole man Be really quiet but be really fast Go get the egg go, go, go (dinosaur roars) Come on guys, you’re doing it Run back now, go, go, go come on Come on, hurry up Cole man, did you get it? You guys got it. That was so cool Chase man were you scared? – No – [Dad] No. because you’re a big boy right? Cole man, were you scared? – No – [Dad] You guys were so fast Did anything happen to it? – No, Smoky said anything didn’t happen to it – [Dad] OK, lets go walk it back come on Put it in your jeep – This thing is heavy – [Dad] It is heavy – Come on egg, let’s bring you home – [Dad] Bring it home Good job buddy. Let’s go find that other egg now Come on Chase Man, lets go find that other egg Go, go, go, go. Come on Chase man (roars) I don’t know how we’re gonna find these eggs guys There are so many dinosaurs here, what we gonna do? – Almost there [Dad] Yeah, look at that giant Ryan World egg! That is so cool! – Ryan World egg is going for a ride – [Dad] Okay (roars) (laser zaps) Guys, I think I know where the other egg is We gotta go find it, it’s up in a trail Chase man, Cole man, I think I know where the other egg is It’s in the secret trail And I think the Indominus-Rex is protecting it You guys think we can sneak up there? – Yeah – Yeah – [Dad] And get it without the Indominus-Rex seeing us? – Yeah – [Dad] You sure? Okay, lets go let’s go let go – It’s over here! – [Dad] Go, go, go, go. Come on guys – Big hill Mama – I think I gotta be careful – [Dad] That’s right you gotta be careful Someone’s gotta tell mommy that the Indominus-Rex can hear her Hide behind the giant tree log Come on buddy, you can do it! You can do it, go, go get behind there Chase man, Cole man do you see the Indominus-Rex? – Yeah – Yeah – [Dad] You think we can get that egg? You Sure? Right guys listen, when I say go you’re gonna run up there as quietly and fast as you can You’re gonna grab that egg and you’re gonna run back behind this tree log – Okay – [Dad] OK? – Chase, I’m gonna put the dino egg in your Jurassic Park car – [Dad] Okay guys, go, go, go, go Go guys, go. Go come, on hurry up! He’s not seeing it. He didn’t see you, go, go Get back here, go, go Chase man did you get it? – Yeah! – [Dad] You got it. You got the Ryan World Egg Cole man, you guys did it! – Okay, now let’s take this egg and put it in Chase’s Jurassic Park car – [Dad] You wanna put this egg in Chase’s Jurassic Park car and bring it home? – Okay, give it to me Chase, I’m gonna put it in the car [Dad] Aright, go, go, go, go (upbeat music) go, go, go, go Get up come on, get out of here before the Indominus-Rex notices us! Go, go, go, go Okay, we got Ryan World Egg one, we got Ryan World Egg two – Wait (wheels crunching) – [Dad] Oh no guys, how we going to get past this Indominus-Rex? Okay Chase man, Cole man let’s zap that Indominus-Rex with our Jurassic Park trucks and send em’ back to the dino farm On a count of three one, two, three! (clicking) What’s going on? You guys out of lasers? What do we do? I think those Ryan World Eggs have super powers in em’ Let’s use our Ryan World Super Power Eggs and let’s zap this Indominus-Rex back to the dino farm Go go go go! Those Ryan eggs are ready to zap this dino On the count of three one, two, three! (zaps loudly) Wow, those super powers are awesome! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go – Dino’s have ended – [Dad] Let’s get these eggs home so we can open em’ up – I can’t wait for what’s going to be inside – [Dad] I know, I can’t wait, let’s go! This is gonna be so much fun! – Let’s get out – [Dad] Alright, let’s go open these eggs up,

let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Go, go, go! – Do you have both eggs? – [Dad] Go, go, go! (roars) Hi Chase man! – Hi friends! – [Dad] Hi Cole man! – Hi friends! – [Dad] Hey everyone welcome to Chase and Cole Adventures Today we have another fun episode of Puppy Dog Pal Adventures We’re gonna take our puppy dog pals out of their crates We’re gonna have a ton of fun today We gonna play a lot of games We’re gonna play fetch We’re gonna play ball We’re gonna do all kinds of fun stuff with our puppies Chase man, Cole man, you guys ready to play with Roley and Bingo? – Let’s do it! – [Dad] Hi Roley – Hi daddy – [Dad] Hi Bingo – Hi daddy You guys wanna play with Bingo and Roley? Alright let’s get em’ out of those crates Come on Bingo, come on Roley! What are you doing Bingo? – Woof, woof, ruff Bingo and Roley are chewing their bones – [Dad] They’re chewing their bones? – Woof, woof, ruff, ruff – [Dad] Chase man are you combing Roley? Wow, does he like that? You guys got food You got combs, you got food, you have bones We have these awesome puppy dog pet crates Guys we’re gonna have so much fun with Bingo and Roley today This is so cool Ah Chase man, Cole man look at Bingo and Roley Wait, what’s that noise? (dinosaur roar) Guys, that sounds like a dino Is that a dinosaur? That sounds like a Pterodactyl (loud squeaks) It’s a pterodactyl Oh, no, guys what happened to Bingo and Roley? – The Pterodactyl got him daddy – [Dad] The Pterodactyl did get him guys! He took em right out your hands what we gonna do? – We’ll please have our laser blaster time – [Dad] You think we need to get our laser blasters and then use our laser blasters to send the dinos back to the dinosaur farm? – Yeah – Let’s get Bingo and Roley back – [Dad] Where are our laser blasters? Let’s get em Huh, there they are! Do they work? They’re not working? You gotta charge em’ up! Whoa! – It’s total laser time! – [Dad] You guys ready to find the first dino? – Yeah – [Dad] Let’s go find em Chase man, Cole man, check out that dino! I can’t believe there’s a T-REX down here in the house We got to use our lasers to send this dino back to the dino farm so we can find Bingo and Roley Okay, Chase man, Cole man, let’s send this T-Rex back to the dino farm so we can find Bingo and Roley On the count of three three! Get em! (lasers zapping) (roars) Get em’, You’re doing it You’re doing it! You got em’! Good job guys! – We need to find Pterodactyl – [Dad] We gotta find the Pterodactyl He’s got Bingo and Roley right? – Yeah – [Dad] Cole man where do we have to go to find the next dinosaur? – Maybe we have to find the dinosaur on top of his friend – [Dad] We gotta go find the Indominus-Rex? – Yeah – [Dad] Where is he? – It’s the indominus, it’s pterodactyl and his friend indominus rex, pterodactyl is friends with T-Rex – [Dad] Chase man where do we have to go to find the next dino? – At the park – [Dad] At the park, we can’t go outside it’s too cold The dinos have to be somewhere inside the house Where do we go? – This way! – [Dad] This way? Cole man do you concur? – Yeah – [Dad] Let’s go, let’s go. let’s go – Okay – [Dad] Let’s do it guys, let’s go find Bingo and Roley Okay Chase man, Cole man you guys found the T-Rex and you sent them back to the dino farm Now we have to go find the Indominus-Rex and send him back to the dino farm so we can find Bingo and Roley You got your laser blasters? Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Where’s the dino? Where is he? Cole man are you okay? – Yeah – [Dad] You sure? – Dad, dad, I don’t want the dinosaurs to be late Where’s the Indominus-Rex? Where? Chase man where is the Indominus-Rex? I don’t know (roar) Okay Chase man, Cole man we found the Indominus-Rex Let’s grab our super blasters and lets send this Indominus-Rex back to the dinosaur farm Okay Chase man, Cole man let’s use those blasters to send this dino back to the dinosaur farm, go! (lasers zapping) Good job, guys, get him! You got him Good job Chase man and Cole man – Okay, ladies and gentlemen, put your seat belts on and let’s fly! – [Dad] Here we go! We’re going so fast! Here we go through the speed tunnel! Whoa! Wow Chase man, Cole man that was awesome! Cole man, good job flying that spaceship You guys still got your laser blasters? You ready to go find another dino? I think there is one dino left

Let’s find him. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! – I don’t know – [Dad] We gotta run, we gotta find em’ We gotta be quick! Come on, come on We gotta be quick – There they are – [Dad] Where? I don’t see em’ I don’t see a dino outside? Where you guys think he could be? – I don’t know – [Dad] Cole man where do you think he could be? – Maybe the pterodactyl ate they were very, very, really, really cold – [Dad] He’s been very cold I don’t think he’s where it’s very cold Chase man where do you think the next dino is? – He’s in dino land? – [Dad] What! He’s in dino land – Yeah – [Dad] All right, let’s go to dino land then Let’s go find him, come on Let’s go, let’s go! (roars) Okay, guys, I found the other dino. It’s another T-Rex We gotta send this T-Rex back to the dino farm so we can find Bingo ang Roley There’s the giant T-Rex Let’s get him! Get em’! Get em’! Get em’! (loud roar) (laser zaps) Go, go, go! You got him! Cole man, we stopped the T-Rex, we sent him back to the dino farm I think he left a clue, where is it? What? What is it? – I found a clue – [Dad] What’s the clue? – There it is, can you grab it for me? – Bone! – [Dad] Whose bone is that? – Roleys! – [Dad] It’s Roley’s bone? Guys that means we are getting closer Where do you think they are? – I don’t know – [Dad] Come on. let’s go find em I hear em barking! (barking) Do you hear him? Do you hear them barking? – Here’s your laser gun – [Dad] I hear Bingo and Roley barking Let’s go, grab those lasers let’s go – Ruff, ruff – [Dad] Come on, where could they be? – Ruff, ruff He’s not in here – [Dad] Where? He’s not in there? You sure? – Look, no – [Dad] Bingo, Roley? Where are you? Where did the Pterodactyl take em? Are they in here? You see em’ anywhere? Guys you see em’ anywhere? Cole man, Chase man – How bout’ if Chase goes look down here and I’ll go look here? – [Dad] Okay what do you see? What do you see Cole man? – I see no Bingo and Roley – [Dad] You see no Bingo and Roley Are they on the table? Are they at the table? Do you see em Chase man, Cole man? I hear em I can hear them barking They gotta be somewhere where the Pterodactyl is Woah there goes the Pterodactyl guys! (pterodactyl squeak) He left something behind It looks like two eggs guys Let’s go check these out! – The baby pterodactyl eggs! – [Dad] They’re Pterodactyl eggs, baby Pterodactyl eggs? But guys I hear dogs barking (dog barks) You hear them barking? – They are barking in one of those eggs – [Dad] But dinosaurs don’t bark What do you think is in there? – Bingo and Roley – [Dad] You think Bingo and Roley somehow got inside of a dino egg? No! Wow! (barking) – Wait, wait – [Dad] I hear, do you hear that? – Why’s it so big? – [Dad] I don’t know, what do you think’s in there? – It’s a big, maybe it’s gonna be a dragon one inside – [Dad] Let’s open those up guys, what’s in there? Bingo and Roley! (crowd cheering) That’s where the Pterodactyl put em to keep them safe – Bingo! – [Dad] Bingo, let me see Bingo! Hey Roley! Wow Look it guys, you found em’ You got all their stuff – What about Bingo’s door – [Dad] Where is everything guys? Good job guys you saved Bingo and Roley from the dinosaurs We sent all the dinos back to the dinosaur farm Now Bingo and Roley wanna play (humming) (barking) What’s Roley doing? Bingo, what are you doing? (joyfully playing) – Hi friends, welcome to our next video – Hi friends, come to our next video – [Dad] Say, watch our next video! – Watch our next video! – [Dad] Thanks for watching everybody! Tap that little box below to watch our next video!