Ghost Town in the Sky – An abandoned theme park

In this video I’m exploring Ghost Town in the Sky, an abandoned theme park that sits on a mountaintop The park opened in 1961 as a Wild West Town, and became the most popular tourist attractions in North Carolina which featured gun fight shows, live music, roller coaster, and various rides and games At its peak, it attracted over 400,000 visitors each season, however in its later years, the numbers started to decline when the park suffered from mismanagement and lack of maintenance The park eventually came to a closure in 2002 and remained closed for the next 4 years, but it was reopened in 2007 and operated until 2009 when it closed again due to financial struggles Since then, the park has gone through different ownerships and multiple attempts to reopen the park have all failed They took down all the chairlifts and put them here That’s a female elk It has a collar on it’s neck This is a fire truck Look at all the moss grown on the seats

Here is an abandoned cow

MOOOOO This looks really nice Oh shit! look at the top Magician’s Apprentice

There’s a red piano in here Yeah I don’t wanna walk over there This looks like a blacksmith shop This is for blowing the fire I have to pull it from here This is another saloon Someone broke all the mirrors

Popcorn Machine Frontier Community Church Look at this Lectern It’s a tree stump So many pianos in here Oh this is really old This is a door What is this for? Ah this is for donation I guess Rocking chairs

Let me rock This is a pharmacy He is the Pharmacist That’s a dummy in the coffin Oh there is a Safe

Let’s see what’s inside Oh it’s a fridge I thought it was a Safe This is the barber shop There are other people exploring this place Let’s check this Bank Let’s see what’s in here Ooh they got a Safe in here This is an old adding machine These are really old This is the closet Ooh what is this place

There are bunch of guns in here