UMN CSE Undergraduate Student Town Hall – Sept. 11, 2020

Good afternoon everybody My name is Elizabeth Duykers, and I am the Executive Assistant to CSE Dean Mos Kaveh I want to welcome you all here today and give you some general information before we start our session At any time throughout today’s town hall, please feel free to enter any questions that you have into the Q & A function, which you’ll find at the bottom of your Zoom screen We will do our best to answer as many questions live as possible, and we’ll also answer via text for any that we don’t have time to address I also wanted to let you know that we’re recording today’s town hall and that the video will be posted on our UMN CSE YouTube channel, and we’ll have that up by the end of next week So we’ll begin this session with introductions, starting with CSE”s Dean Mos Kaveh Good afternoon students Let me add my welcome to you to to this particular town hall, and first we’ll take some time to introduce the members of the panel from the dean’s office who are on the call for us We have significant expertise sitting here with us, and hopefully we can answer any questions you may have So I will pass on to Associate Dean Paul Strykowski first Good afternoon and welcome, and some of you may be not afternoon, you may be somewhere else on the planet and we welcome you. It’s not how we wanted to see you. But it’s great. So I’m Paul Strykowski, Associate Dean responsible for undergraduate programs, and a faculty member in mechanical engineering Ellen. Hi, I’m Ellen Longmire. I”m Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and I handle issues to do with faculty and graduate students, graduate programs, and otherwise, I’m a professor in aerospace engineering and mechanics Hi, I’m Joe Konstan. I’m Associate Dean for Research, and a faculty member in computer science and engineering Among other things, I handle the requests to return to campus for research activities and research labs, and so for the many of you that I hope are taking advantage of the opportunity to conduct research with faculty through UROPs, through REU experiences senior theses, if those research experiences require access to campus labs, I’ll be the one who’s looking through and, I hope, approving your requests to come back to campus Hello, I’m Susan Kubitschek. I’m your Assistant Dean in Student Services, and also the Director of Collegiate Life, and I have to say that I really miss seeing all of you in Lind Hall this week Hello, I’m Amy Gunter, and I am the Director of Academic Advising for the college Hi everyone. I’m Angie Froistad, and I’m the Director of the CSE Career Center Hi I’m Jim MacDonald I’m the I.T. Director for the College of Science and Engineering Hello, I’m Rhonda Zurn I’m the Director of Communications and Marketing for the College of Science and Engineering Well, thank you colleagues Let me go back and once again welcome you to this call, but more so, welcome you to fall 2020. It’s a historic fall; it has been a historic last few months I hope, first of all, that you’re all well, you’re safe wherever you are. As Dean Strykowski mentioned, whether you’re with us in the Twin Cities, at home still in the U.S., or perhaps even some of you elsewhere around the world, as was mentioned already, we all wish we could be with you in person. I particularly last year really enjoyed meeting with all our first year students during their UM CSE 1001 classes, and that was such a great delight to be close to you in person these in small gatherings And I’m really sorry that I don’t have that opportunity this year But the Zoom medium certainly gives us a a possibility that we could even communicate more frequently or as needed, or appropriately so. I hope we can take advantage of the technology as it

presents to us We have been. We, the the faculty staff the graduate students who are teaching assistants, and also a number of undergraduates who help us on our teaching mission, have been very busy, over the past few months, trying to adapt and adopt new modalities, fine-tune new modalities, as we have learned with the university, and through the guidance of the university administration, different ways of delivering on our absolute fundamental responsibility, which is teaching our students first and foremost I realized that this has been a few months of frustration for some of you. A lot of questions that have come up because it has been such an evolving situation We have been watching our peer institutions as they have opened, before we have opened, to see how things have progressed, how they have worked. And the University has adjusted its mechanisms, both in terms of campus housing transition to the campus, as well as the way we can deliver our classes and laboratories in many ways And we can speak about a lot of these things as we go on today. I do want to highlight another issue, and some of you may have been involved in these. In addition to the pandemic, this historic situation, and I should remind all of us that today, September 11th, is another day that we memorialize and remember the tragedy that perhaps for some of you was before you were even born And certainly, for some of you, when you were very, very small and may have no memory of the of of the event That tragedy, that loss of lives that happened in New York City, and its impact that has fallen elsewhere, in Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., really changed the way we operate in many ways I’m sure I don’t have to tell you. Maybe you don’t remember it for some of you. But it certainly has changed how we operate when we travel by airlines in particular So certain things have changed The COVID has highlighted other issues And as we go forward both this year, and in the future, some other changes may become part of the way we’re all going to be living, as well as educating ourselves, learning and educating and delivering on our mission. So this is another thing that we all have to be aware of, and we will do our best as instructors, as staff, and through our administrative duties to do the best we can to provide you the best education possible Another thing that has happened, and that’s why this is such a critical historic last few months is that, in addition to the COVID, the murder of George Floyd not far from the campus at University of Minnesota, highlighted a number of real challenges and issues that have been going on for a long time and keep coming back to us Unfortunately, in terms of areas of social justice but in particular highlighting the voice of the black community and the challenges that they have faced, as well as broadly, for communities of color and our indigenous communities. This is another thing that has created possibilities for us to re-examine everything that we do in those lights as well, and try the best that we can to improve our own sense of diversity, inclusivity, improve the climate the sense of belonging for all of our students, staff, and faculty within the College of Science and Engineering and University of Minnesota broadly It’s an ongoing conversation and ongoing discussion A lot of initiatives that are happening around this issue have already taken place. But it’s just the beginning It’s something that we have focused on, and we will do more and better as we go along. And some of you may have been engaged in those conversations as well, either through your departments or through the communities that you live in

I guess the last thing I would say before handing off to Dean Strokowski, and and we can come back and have further conversations, is, and I talked about this last year with our incoming students, is that under, I would say, pre-COVID situations we all would come to campus, and we expected our students to come and not only get their classes and get the first class education that we all strive to provide to you, but also to have great fun and I hope that you will, under the constraints that we all are operating, continue to have fun Continue to take advantage of many possibilities that are different That are much more constrained than in the past, at least for the next few months But do take advantage of so many possibilities that the University offers still under the conditions that we’re operating But do that in a really thoughtful and responsible way because, as you very well know, the way we behave, the way we follow the instructions and guidelines for safety really impacts all of us. Not ourselves individually, but in the way that what we do will impact the health and safety of everybody else within the community around us, your classmates, the staff, faculty and everybody else. So I urge you take to take all the advice and all the guidelines that have been provided to you seriously. And more so, take advantage of all the resources that the university offers, in particular with respect to health safety and and mental health in particular, and reach out to those who can help you. There are many, many resources available that you should really take advantage of to to stay well and stay positive Take advantage of all the resources that we offer and the classes that you all have signed up to benefit from. So let me stop at this point and go to Dean Strykowski Thank you, Dean Kaveh It is exciting to have you back. As I mentioned before, we’re not back exactly how we wanted to be. But one of the things that I pride the College of Science and Engineering, our undergraduates, is is the personal touch, and I want you to know that we are here We have been here all summer We have lived through this, like you have lived through this And I understand it it causes additional stress. But I want to stay positive. We have an outstanding class coming in. The college is very, very strong. We have the highest percentage of female students and highest percentage of students of color we have ever had in our undergraduate population You come from all over the the country, all over the world, and we look forward to. Actually we’ve we’ve created a curriculum, while I admit is virtual in many cases, almost two-thirds of you will have some opportunity to engage with with each other students and engage with faculty, teaching support in limited face-to-face activities Lind Hall is a wonderful place, and for those of you been on campus, you know that it is vibrant. The best Starbucks on the planet, I like to say We are student services. We are here to serve our students. We love our students We have Academic Advising Director Amy Gunter is here. We have Collegiate Life Assistant Dean Susan Kubitschek is here, and we have our Career Center and its is Director Angie Froistad, and we’re open We’re open for business. We have drop-in hours that we can talk to you In fact we’ve had more engagement actually with our students because, apparently, it’s easier to Zoom us than it is to, you know, walk into our offices And so, let’s take advantage of where we are right now And, hopefully, as as we move through this semester, as the dean mentioned, and we’re safe, and we’re thoughtful and respectful, we can we learn, and we can engage, and we can participate in the full rich life that college is really all about We encourage you students every Sunday night, make a note of this, we will send you a very detailed communication. It’s our once a week newsletter, and I get there’s a lot of things to look, at a lot of things to keep track of, but all critical information is there. We

may at the last minute hear of a scholarship. We have an upcoming virtual career fair, which is a great opportunity to get connected, and of course get some first or multiple professional experiences We are open for business, and we’re here to talk to you, and we want you to reach out to us But that newsletter is very critical we give timely information, and sometimes we don’t know until we know it, and we will communicate it to you It is CSE specific, and it’s CSE undergraduate specific, particularly Remember the Career Fair which is coming up at the end of this month. We’ll not only talk about job opportunities, but internships, co-ops, as well as graduate schools. So we’re here. We’re open. I can’t overstate that. We certainly understand that there’s a lot of variables you’re juggling right now – classes. I think we work very hard to create an online curriculum, if that’s the mode that you’re in, that is dynamic, that is accessible, that is both synchronous and asynchronous, depending on the needs of the community But make sure you have as much access as you ever had to Student Services, as well as your faculty and your teaching assistants. Reach out We all are very cognizant of the fact that it can be a stressful time. But let’s look positive, and as dean said, let’s try to have some fun. And as as the scene behind me suggests, we do have a lovely fall coming up. It’s turn fall like rather quickly, I must admit, here in the upper midwest. But it’s it’s a lovely place, and we want you to participate in the whole experience of the collegiate life that we have here in the College of Science and Engineering And on that, others may want to jump in. Or, otherwise, we could certainly take your questions, which is very important for you to let us know what you’re thinking. We don’t know the answers to everything, and things could change. But so far our institution is doing a very, very nice job of keeping a close eye on things, being thoughtful, being respectful and trying to take care of each other, as we do the best we can to learn in this environment Dean you are muted Thank you, thank you, thank you, Paul See if Dean Longmire wishes to add a few comments Thanks. I’ll just say, from my perspective, I am typically dealing with graduate students But one point to mention is, for those of you that are juniors or seniors, if you’re thinking about graduate study, we’re very proud of our programs, which stretch across all of our traditional departments and also include additional interdisciplinary programs, and one that’s brand new this year is a Master’s in Robotics that’s just launching with its first Master’s students So I just want you to know that we’re a resource should you have questions in thinking about your future I’ll just add one more word in all of this which is to remember that the University of Minnesota is a phenomenal research university Partly, I say this out of the pride in what our faculty and our students have done Even since the onset of the COVID pandemic, we have people who’ve been in the lab working on everything from potential vaccines, to diagnostics, to protective equipment that keep the people who are administering tests safe, to sterilization techniques and everything else Some of those labs are with undergraduates working right alongside graduate students and faculty. But I also say that because it’s such an important part of your education to take the time to get to know faculty Go to their websites, learn about their research and see whether, in this time, you have the time and opportunity to engage in that We have lots of programs to support you in doing that. The vast majority of the research that students are engaging in can be done from their home, their dorm room, wherever you are at the time. Some of it requires on-site access

But at any time we have hundreds, and in some cases thousands of students, engaging in research activities. I really do want to take every opportunity to remind you that can be a valuable part of your education here at the University of Minnesota Thank you Dean Konstan. So we’re really open to questions. But one thing I wish to add, and you may know about this already students, is that in addition to the research experiences that many of our undergraduates are engaged in, of course there are many other experiential opportunities for our undergraduates, and some of them have been going on actually even during the summer, and they’re very active as we speak. An example, is the Solar Vehicle Project I know that, I think at the last count, there are about 30 students who at different times have had the permission. They have gone through the appropriate safety protocols and training But these students have received permission to be engaged so that particular solar car is being designed, is being constructed for the next race. So these things are happening all over, and you should be aware of those certainly. Let me see if any of our other, Assistant Dean Kubitschek, do you wish to add anything? Well, actually, I was really excited to work with a number of our student groups already this week: the Student Boards, Tesla Works, CSE Ambassadors You know, it’s so great to have our students back and start getting engaged in all of the activities that we never really stopped planning on doing Things are going to look really different this year. I was working with the light show for example this past week, and you know, just doing things virtual, and you know, there’s such a positive student group. So I think that’s the most important thing There’s still so many activities. We created a flip grid for all of our student groups to post little videos and just tell everybody, especially the new students to campus, all the exciting things that we have going this fall semester So we will see you on campus sometime. But it’s going to be a very efficient way of work for the next few months. Thank you And, Amy, Director Gunter Anything? Sure, I just think it’d be helpful to remind everyone, that as Dean Strykowski mentioned, we are open for business It may look a little different than walking into Lind Hall, but we do have drop-in hours in Academic Advising, for Study Abroad, as well as Career Services. So follow along on Twitter. Check those student announcements because all of those links are available there We are answering phones in our office live Monday through Friday, eight to four thirty. So, if you need to get a hold of someone, those are some great ways that you can do so immediately, as well as of course, reaching out to our Student Services team, your Academic Advisor, whether that’s in the College or in the Department We have remote and Zoom appointments that we can schedule with you. So all of the services that you have received, and are familiar with in the past, we are continuing to offer. We’re just doing most of those through Zoom. So reach out with questions or concerns, if we can help Thank you very much and Director Froistad Sure, yeah, I’d love to actually take maybe a couple minutes just to talk about what’s going on in Career Services because that is really going to look a little bit different this fall If you’re a returning student, you may have attended the CSE Fall Career Fair, which is still happening This year it’s just going to be virtual So we’re really excited about it. We’ve actually partnered with a vendor called Career Fair Plus to offer a virtual Career Fair for students. It will be the end of the month, Tuesday, September 29th, and Wednesday, September 30th, from 11 to 5 Central Time So, if you are looking for an internship for next summer or a full-time job, maybe you’re a graduating senior, we really encourage you to attend this event. Really the great part about a virtual fair is there’s no waiting in line So, if you’ve been to the fair in the past, you know that lines can be a little bit long That will not be the case for this event You’ll actually be able to sign up for preset times to talk with employers. So now is a really great time to download the app. You can begin researching employers. We have 165 that are signed up to attend the fair. So a really,

really great number. Here coming up on Monday, September 21st, you can actually begin signing up for those appointments with companies. So definitely get started, you know, researching, seeing what opportunities are out there Then you can sign up for those companies that you’re interested in. So to get you ready for the fair, we’ve got a lot of events, a lot of virtual preparation events coming up the week of September 21st Anything from resumes, to interviewing, job search strategies If you’ve been to a resume marathon event in the past, we will be holding that as well in a virtual format. So that will be on September 25th, right before the Career Fair. So if you’re interested in getting your resume reviewed by an employer, definitely attend that event. Just like Amy said, we’ll be doing a lot of drop-ins we even have some extended drop-ins before the fair. So check out our website. I can put a link in the in the chat box, too, with all the information about our Career Fair. So really in addition to the Career Fair, all other fall recruiting will be virtual. So companies will be holding virtual information sessions. Most interviews will be virtual as well GoldPASS powered by Handshake is really the best place to find out about all of those events, interviews, everything you need to know is in GoldPASS So be sure to check that. Lots of things happening in September and October, as they usually are, just in a different format. But we’re really excited So beyond the Career Fair, of course, we’re available to talk about any topics related to your career development If you’re a first-year student exploring majors, career exploration, graduate school, really many, many topics If you have any questions feel free to sign up for an appointment to meet with one of our career counselors or attend one of our drop-ins So we’re here and available to talk with you and really excited to have you participate in all of our fall events Thank you very much, Angie and I realized that for many of us, particularly with this Zoom medium that we’re all operating under and and other needs for for technology that it is is a critical issue often and I’ll just ask director MacDonald to say a few words about the resources that are available for our students and particularly the situation with the computer labs in the College of Science and Engineering All of our computer labs are open with their cleaning supplies and and some of the seats, of course, are closed to maintain proper distancing We’ve beefed up our virtual environment So, you can have Linux desktops through Vole 3D You can also get Windows desktops through AppsToGo AppsToGo has also been revamped in in product speed so it should be even faster than it used to be and hopefully most of the wait times will be very small In addition to that, we also have some equipment downstairs in cases of emergency like if you’re about to attend a class or take a test and your laptop blows up, you can contact us and we’ll try and set you up with something that will allow you to learn in an efficient way There are things like web cameras that are also available so please send mail to for any IT related problems or suggestions you might have Thank you and I guess I’ll end at least the formal part of the presentation if you wish because you everybody has been receiving a lot of communications from the University from the different offices of the University, from the president of the University, some of it from the college and others and it’s really important for us to archive all of this information and have it easily accessible to you So I’d like to ask Director Zurn to say a few words about the college’s website A good way for you to find all that information We have been working over the summer to do our best to try to help sort through all of the emails and all of the content that’s been out there There’s just a myriad of information and I’ll share in the chat after we’re done but we’ve compiled the information for various audiences on a website, on within our cse website and it’s and it really will help you sort through

all of that information and get to the right websites on everything that you might need There’s specifically is a button there for undergraduate students and we’re trying to keep that up to date at all times Also, as Paul mentioned, keeping you up to date on things through student news, that comes out to undergraduate students every Sunday night Those are the two areas where if you really want to keep up to date that’s the most important places where you can get the latest information Thank you, Rhonda Paul, would you like to wrap up the formal presentation so to speak? Well, yeah You can see the enthusiasm we have and we want to see you, but believe me, having a one-on-one meeting or you know a few students in a meeting is a great way to connect Stay connected, if you can for sure One of the questions here is just like what can we all do, what can you do as students and we can just be thoughtful, we we can study, and socialize but do it respectfully and if this all works well, the chance of us getting back to campus and maybe wandering around the lovely green space we call home can happen and it can happen sooner and we’re all we’re all pining for that and we all want that and I look forward to it myself and and I think we just have to be thoughtful and and we can still have a good time, but just be respectful of everyone’s concern for health and safety Okay, very good I guess if we could go through the Q&A Elizabeth, would you like to share some of these with us? Sure, we have some great questions that have come in We’ll begin with the first one that is what have we learned from some of the other schools in the area that have opened sooner? Well one thing that’s immediate is how the university decided to to actually delay its on-campus housing move-in days so and that’s one and connected to that as well, before it is for the university to decide to have the first two weeks at least of the semester be online These are important because some of the campuses that had opened early on, ended up having to actually switch They had in person students coming into dormitories right from the start and unfortunately because of a rapid rise in the number of cases positive cases, COVID cases that they had on campus, they had to pivot and either send students back to their homes or in many cases, for example, University of Wisconsin-Madison has done this now, is to go online for the first couple of weeks We have watched these and therefore the University has adjusted its plans and its calendar of how to more gradually bring students on campuses for on-campus housing, as well as the way we actually deliver the classes These are just some of the lessons that have been very important by being a late starter so to speak for our semester Any of my colleagues who wish to add to these? I might just add, Dean Kaveh, it goes to the second question, what can students do to pitch in? We all have to be in this together and I think reminding each other of the need to be safe Reminding each other that what we do matters to the community as a whole and if we’re thoughtful and we care about each other, we’re just a better community generally and yeah, be thoughtful, be careful, keep an eye on your own health, if you feel ill, get it checked out For sure Communicate with others Hand washing I don’t know how many times we’ve been talking about hand washing, but my hands are still here despite all the washing I’ve gone through the last several months and just be civil with each other and try to remind each other that we’re in this together I don’t think it’s good to poke holes at other institutions and how they have handled it We’re all learning from this But we want this to work and we’ll look back 10 years from now and go I think we made this happen and

I believe strongly in the integrity of our faculty, staff, and students to really be able to get this done So let’s be positive and enjoy a lovely fall on the Minneapolis and St Paul campuses I’d like to add one one thing to this is I think most of us, I know that I have, I’ve been meeting with fellow IT directors from around the big ten and we’ve been comparing notes for most of the summer on how to best prepare for what was coming in the fall We are learning from each other and I know that the associate deans and deans have the same kind of collaboration so we’ve tried to, we’ve tried to reach out as much as we can to our colleagues and all learn from each other That’s a good point, absolutely Another question? Yes we have another question and this relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion and that is as part of student groups , they’ve found that some of the initiatives that they’ve thought of to promote, DE&I, have been against policies that are related to COVID They didn’t get into specifics, but I’m guessing that, yeah like gatherings and things like that How can they bring people together while at the same time following policies that are in place? There are some outstanding programs that we have and you can have pretty deep conversations with each other and learn from each other in a remote environment like this My great colleagues here, I’ve been working with the last several months and I, in some ways feel closer to them and seen them more regularly than sometimes Ido on campus Diversity and inclusivity is absolutely critical and there are chances to get together I mean there are, if you’re on campus and you can get together and you can social distance Wearing your face mask and sitting six feet apart You can find a classroom that’s open There are chances to have these conversations There’s chances to see each other and if you ever are curious about initiatives in the diversity and inclusivity space, Assistant Dean Kubitschek and her team are doing an outstanding job in that in that area for our undergraduates To be honest, our undergraduates are leaders, I think in this area very much These have been conversations that they’ve been having for a very, very long time and I think they’ve been ahead of the game in many many ways I’m very proud of them It’s a challenge for sure Maybe Dean Kubitschek has any other words of wisdom for them and ways to stay connected? Don’t give up! Something that I would like to say is this is how the D&I team always starts every single meeting and that is on the undergraduate side anyway, it’s this is everyone’s work We are all allies to this and our real mission is just to make an awareness so that things do improve in the college, on the twin cities campus in Minneapolis, across the nation Let’s face it We’ve had some really tragic news this summer in Minneapolis and across the country with the protests and I think for us, the most important thing is get involved Be aware You came to a very diverse Big Ten in research institution that’s known for their strong engineering and science programs and for me, it’s getting involved with other peers Peers that are like you and peers that aren’t like you It’s not all about what are we doing in the College of Science and Engineering Are you getting involved with things in research across the campus in the medical school? Are you getting involved with many research opportunities in the School of Public Health, for example and the School of Public Affairs I think students choose this University because there are so many ample opportunities but I do go back to who and what we are as a college and the most important thing that I can say is this is everyone’s work and we all need to be involved and it’s beautiful work actually it’s very rewarding work and for me the most important thing is just getting involved with the campus as a whole not necessarily just the like-minded engineers in your major but across the campus there are many opportunities and my lawnmower neighbor is really loud in my background sorry about that

I just want to add to that because I read your questions specifically That you’re on the University of Minnesota triathlon team and it seems to me that you can have a lot of training in social activities without violating any COVID protocols and I think your goal to have a more diversive and inclusive environment among your team is a great goal and I think it seems very achievable and I wish you the best in reaching out and trying to build your membership and carrying on with your activities which I could visualize you can do a lot of outdoor training without any difficulty and you can also interact either in place or intermittently via Zoom while you’re training, using phones or Facetime whatever you want I wish I were on the triathlon team right now so, thanks Thank you We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you for that, Ellen We have another question related to diversity and that is what professors are doing? Apparently there have been some conversations about interactions with faculty and some experience that they have had with BIPOC students What are we doing to create a more safe space for them in the classrooms? That’s an excellent question, it’s something that all of us as faculty are trying to better ourselves One thing that our students should know is that all of our departments, particularly during this past few months, have been having really serious substantive conversations around this issue The issue of better climate broadly within our college, certainly the university, but within each of our departments is front and center in all of our programs If there are issues that are raised that are problematic, we’re always here to hear from you and intervene as as necessary the department heads, the heads of the departments and directors of undergraduate studies, directors of graduate studies, depending on which space you’re in are all very much committed to diversity equity and inclusion and to improving the climate The college as many of you— I hope many of you, know about this and maybe we can put put the link again on the chat, has this incredible group of students, faculty, staff and administrators called the D&I alliance, Diversity and Inclusivity Alliance within the College of Science and Engineering and that group is incredibly active somehow in this whole space in helping all of us improve our climate and our culture I do understand we were educated and we are educators in areas of science and engineering and we understand the history of problems in science and engineering, in particular with respect to diversity I mean you can’t believe this, Dean Strykowski mentioned that we had, what, 28% women in the entering class in the College of Science and Engineering Well an old guy like me comes from my class when I was an undergraduate which had 250 graduating seniors in it, with two women Two women and a good friend of mine was the first Ph.D student at University of California-Berkeley in the area of electrical engineering and

computer science It’s hard to believe that’s not that long I’m old, but not that old (laughs) I’m not talking about a long time ago The point is that there is really this sad history particularly within science and engineering of lack of diversity and issues that many have faced There’s been great deal of improvement, a great deal of progress over the years, but a lot more that needs to be done and is happening and we have as a college, we’re committed You’re committed Students are committed Our staff, our faculty are committed to working on it It doesn’t mean that it will bring up some potential conflicts and some struggles with some of us as we learn Yes, that’s the nature of evolution of anything that we’re in and this requires difficult conversations amongst us faculty to faculty for example, we have many difficult conversations around these amongst ourselves to try to better ourselves Ultimately, all of us are learning as well as we try to improve ourselves that’s critical Particularly, this summer I know for me, I have read more, I have attended more webinars, I have watched movies to learn more in particular in the areas of racial justice in this case The bottom line is none of us have a magic bullet, but we are committed to bettering ourselves I don’t know if any of my colleagues wish to add to that Just maybe amplify on, we all are learning every day and the experiences that we’ve had in Minneapolis and now in Wisconsin and all over this country have really pushed us to make huge change, in fact, at three o’clock today, many of us are going to be on another call talking about exactly what the college is going to do to keep moving forward, to keep learning, to keep understanding perspectives of undergraduates, graduate students, post-docs, staff, faculty, how we impact with the community, we have a lot to learn and I’ll be the first to admit that and as I said at the very outset, I think some of the most progressive, most thoughtful ideas are coming from our undergraduates I mean you’re way ahead of us, you really are I’m grateful for that and I’m happy to learn from you as I learn myself We keep trying and we’re not going to give up We want to be the best that we can be and all of the students are with us in this and I know you feel the same way Great, thank you We actually have a number of questions that have come in and we’ll try to get to as many as we can I’m going to try to summarize a couple of them that are all somewhat related and then we’ll try to answer any by text that we can’t get to A common theme that’s coming in is kind of whatever the costs and benefits of being on campus versus off what resources are we missing by being off campus and or what are the benefits of being on campus and also how are student fees affected by this depending on the decisions that are made? Paul, would you like to start it off? Not really I mean I’ll be honest with you, those are great questions, the hard questions One of the things that you mentioned in the question, Elizabeth, is being on campus I pine for that We all pine for that There is nothing better in my experience as an adult being a young adult at a university campus at a Big Ten public institution It’s a huge thing It’s a time in your life when you get to talk to people about your future, about their future, you can argue politics, you can argue sports, you can argue is the grass been cut, I mean but it is a great time to be a young person and yes we’re all missing campus We’re desperately missing campus I’m not going to pretend any other way But, we also, I don’t mean to sound trite, we tell our students, as we tell ourselves on a daily basis,

adversity is something we deal with and we’re gonna make the best of this and we learn from it and don’t stop reaching out if one of you is on campus and one of your friends is not then go park your butt next to a big elm tree I doubt we have any elm trees anymore but by an oak tree and talk to your friends and say hey look I’m on campus, look at this, this is great We’re gonna come back together We’re gonna come back together This too shall pass and as you know, I’m those of you who know me and I think know of me, I’m a positive person, I think you have to be positive But again, if you do the heavy-lifting of all of us being safe, then the probability of coming back sooner is higher and that’s what we want and that’s what our goal is here Take care of yourself, take care of others, work hard, this too shall pass so just keep the long game in perspective and you will be back and it will feel wonderful that sunshine on your face as you lay on the mall or wherever you’re going to be, walking along East River Road where have it happened to be These things matter, it’s an important part of your life and want it! Want it desperately because it matters Let me just add a couple of words about the fees that were mentioned Let’s make sure what these are for I certainly sympathize with our students There are so many different fees that go into the statements that they receive and sometimes there’s confusion between these fees Some of the fees may be course specific fees and they are for expendable supplies for example, in some chemistry labs As an example As it happened with the way we pivoted last spring, when some of those expendables were not spent then those fees were returned to the students Some fees are broad, essentially infrastructure fees for programs that we offer, that support our broad laboratory needs and our advising needs and and the experiential learning possibilities and so forth that we provide and those aren’t changing If anything, so you know, if anything the cost of actually pivoting to these different modalities for our courses for our laboratories that have to be socially distanced so we cannot take a laboratory section and fill it up in the way we normally do These have to be split up so that there is enough appropriate distancing for the classes A lot of the, excuse me, IT infrastructure that we’ve had to beef up for delivery of online classes and this remote delivery and so forth, all of these are actually have been extra costs Although the tuition has not gone up, has been frozen and that fees have not changed, the fact is the cost for a college like ours actually has increased Unfortunately, it’s not that there is a tendency to think, well, if the class is offered in a remote sense, then that’s somehow cheaper It is not happening That’s not the way it has been The effort that our faculty and staff and student TAs and others have spent on continuously updating the classes and the laboratories and making kits for the laboratories and so forth These are all things that were unexpected Even within the current system of tuition fees That’s really all I can share at this point Thank you We have one that’s more of a logistical question about classes and that is that they’ve noticed that every professor and TA has had all different methods of sharing Zoom links and sharing different information online and they’re concerned about missing

classes simply because they can’t organize Is there any chance that there will be more organization or that things could be streamlined more in the future as we kind of work out the online processes? Jim, maybe you I could open it, but I think maybe an IT perspective would be appropriate here I mean it there is no doubt, I experienced the same thing Entering Zoom can have a different flavor on any Tuesday versus Thursday, but Jim, are there some protocols that might make the process a bit more straightforward? Well unfortunately, Zoom is going to make it even more difficult coming up shortly They’re going to require passwords for everybody who has a Zoom link that isn’t and so I expect a few problems even though we’re going to try and advertise that fact out If I’m reading the question right, it’s not necessarily getting into Zoom, but having some consistency of where you would find the links and and what the links— where they would be, at least that’s the question that I’m seeing That’s a logistical problem that I don’t know that we’ve even thought about Some consistency was between classes and how they, where they put their links and how they shared I’m not sure if that is that the question that i’m answering? Are people really having that much Zoom problems? Well I think you’re getting it right and I think what this asker is running into is the age-old problem that when each faculty member came of age with a particular set of technologies and ways of doing things So some of them put them in their schedule in canvas and some of them embed them into a syllabus that’s a pdf file and some of them embed them somewhere else I think we can hear and relay the concern through the directors of undergraduate studies that students are concerned that there isn’t an equivalent as easy as looking up the classroom for a class and it may be that our departments should just have a place where you could find the table of Zoom classrooms, but there’s also something that probably can help on the student side, which is if you all are careful to log in with the single sign-on, the SSO of your ID, when you log into Zoom, that will also make it easier to find these because the restrictions that are being placed for passwords and other things, we can put exceptions in place for people that are part of the umn organization, but we can’t do anything when you come in from outside and so there may be a few things that we can try to relay that message, but I think the student is right, it can be challenging when some of your faculty put it on their canvas site and others don’t We’re all learning this together and I think if you’d asked any of us six months ago, we didn’t know canvas had a place where you could link to Zoom Actually six months ago, it may not have even had that place yet and the technologies are evolving perhaps faster than we’re learning All right well I think that we have done our best to answer as many questions live as we can and we’re coming up on time, but we will continue to answer a couple that may be left in the chat You can always email us at if you feel that anything hasn’t been answered and we will do our best to pass it along to the team and make sure that we address any questions that you have Paul has a comment? There’s been a couple of questions here on access to Anderson Labs 3D printing, laser cutting making, the labs are open But, of course, it’s COVID so, but and covet go together It means that we have protocols and they require safe spacing and so appointments are necessary, so students, do not be shy you want to use the Anderson Laboratories You make an appointment, the protocols Anderson lab has gone through very effective

situation, where you can be, where you can’t be, how they clean the machines and you might want to make that appointment ahead of time If you need something tomorrow night you may not be able to do it Plan accordingly, put your request in and the labs are available to you, but we’re gonna only make them available in a safe way because we want to make sure that we all get through this hole and so in the Anderson Labs are open there’s some in the mechanical engineering building, in the civil engineering building Please make those cases go to Anderson Lab and this is for student groups, this is for, obviously we have to prioritize Obviously, the highest part, maybe not obviously, but the highest priority is for classes and we have several classes that are built around making 3D printing prototyping and what have you, but absolutely please ask and we will give you an answer that is safe and appropriate You can get access, but it’s going to be on a on a request basis until further notice Thank you all for joining us and our very best wishes for a successful semester