Disney's Animal Kingdom – The Big Fat Orlando Vacation – Part 5 (Flight of Passage in FULL)

morning where we’ve arrived just before rope drop to get to flight of passage its the only ride we couldn’t book a fast pass for same as all these people here who couldn’t book a fast pass either so we have come here early in the morning we’re on our way we’ve done well this morning we have done well because the que behind us is humongous so we’re kind of we’re in a good position unlike those guys pants… hungry bottom how you feel each other is it chilly is it hot and so it’s feeling nice now another smile them and the people just keep arriving and arriving and arriving this ride is gonna be crazy what’s the way trying thank you both lighter package now man this whole big thing attorney 20 45 minutes from here so we have we’ve or do anything under an hour we’re already on a winning streak I’ve been doing my research from people like hours and if you know after all like well you know that I want to do this but this was the challenge only opened in May the challengers are we gonna convict and challenge accepted challenged accomplished excited are you know this guy do 100 out of 100 Wow okay to get you flying on a banshee we need to find each of you and avatar how you guys beat him morning everyone we’re at animal kingdom this morning we arrived nice and early

we got into the car park around 8 2 o’clock we even managed to get some free parking because suck charmed the lady at the front and said what are you going to give us today and you know we want to have a nice day and is there anything you can do and she just said are you staying at Disney on Disney property and sook said no but I’ve got a van full of kids here and she said have a great day and just waved us through so there you go there’s a tip be nice to the car park attendant and you might save yourself $20 there so we got to the front did our back check went through security got through to the turnstiles nice and early we were there around 25 past 8:00 immediately got in they were Holdings crowds back so they were allowing a certain amount to get into pandora and we had to join the end of the line which seemed huge it was kind of sneaking all

the way around outside we weren’t even in pandora at this stage but it went pretty quickly we were kind of towards the front of a line in about 10 minutes and then we got to yeah then we got to the front of the Kin there’s only 45 minutes to wait the ride was absolutely amazing in fact amazing and mind-blowing feel like words which are not you don’t even do this ride justice if you guys want to experience flight of passage and you haven’t got a fast pass just do the standby it is worth it wise was trying on it I was almost in tears on the actual ride and when I got off it took me a couple of minutes just to get off the actual seating and the lady was rushing me and it took me a couple of minutes because I just had to catch my breath because it was such an amazing experience amazing is not even the right word I don’t even know what word to use extraordinary mind-blowing and out-of-this-world experience it’s definitely a must do if even if you guys end up waiting two or three hours we only waited about an hour and 15 minutes in the end but so worth it so if you guys can do it just to it we’re now waiting to do the Kilimanjaro safaris I’ve got a fast pass for that one that’s in about ten minutes so I’ll let you know how we get on on that but our so far so good at animal kingdom so far so good having a fantastic morning so far it’s convenient and now we’re just going to see balu and then we’re gonna go into manta rays oh you can’t see past the top

trucks broken trucks broken broken you want to see your life hold onto your pants truckers work back get ready Wow that is a ride in a half what a fantastic ride definitely recommend around so we’ve just done the Kilimanjaro safaris which was amazing it was so nice

to see giraffes and zebras and elephants we got quite lucky we saw cheetahs lion female lions tigers and bears lions and tigers and bears oh my so that was really good that was fun the kids really enjoyed that it’s a full 22 minutes takes around the whole kind of Safari area you can catch loads of animals on there it’s really nice actually quite a pleasant journey it’s a bit bumpy but you’d expect that for a safari so we really enjoyed our that was great that something will definitely do on another visit as well straight after that we went to Navi river journey because I managed to bag a fast car for that one 30 40 days ago now when I was able to cook my first pass window so we booked not an army where the journey went on that that was brilliant it’s a bit short but it was so amazing it’s so spectacular with the Navi song the animatronics we had a bus pass so we just literally breathed on and were on in five minutes that was great to do we’ve now we’re now having to join us or because I’ve got a rolling floor flat pad for dinosaur so we’ll do that now as well it’s so hot and sticky today is unbelievable it was really hot yesterday just rained a bit so it cools it down for a few minutes but then muggy and hot and humid again we’re actually in Dino land now Dino land USA we’ve got Dino Rama primeval world behind us so we’re just waiting for a fast bus window for joining us all we’re gonna get that done and then see what else I can book as a rolling Park us for later on but we’re really excited to be here today we’re really happy because we’re pleased with how its you know you build things up in your head and you don’t know how they’re gonna be when you actually get out here but so far so good so far very impressed with Disney the magic we’re still feeling the magic we’re still feeling excited every part seems to be getting better and better love the atmosphere and the animal love the atmosphere and the beauty of this place pandora is gorgeous we’re gonna have a little walk through there later so we’ll be able to talk more about that even though we’ve done both of the rides will have another walk through especially in the evening when it when it’s all lit up so we’ll go down there later and actually capture the beauty of that land on camera but well done Disney for making such a fantastic experience for customers for you know people coming just to enjoy Florida just enjoy the parks Pandora is a welcome welcome addition Thank You maestro if you please wonderful friends we just did dinosaur we were quite afraid that Shivan would be afraid of this ride because he’s quite we knew it was a little bit scary from what some people have said wasn’t scary for me obviously but it I can see why some people might think it would scare a little child he wasn’t actually afraid of it as soon as we got off he stuck his arms up Oh a raindrop just like went

into my eye so as soon as we got off he said come he just do it again and I tried to get a immediate fast pass for it and I couldn’t so I booked the river rapids for later on but will definitely come back to Animal Kingdom anyway so he can get on to Dino dinosaur again we’re gonna we’ve decided we’re gonna watch Finding Nemo the show in a little while before our River Rapids Fast Pass is due and I wonder if you can actually see these properly today these are my Lion King mini ears these were actually I made 18 pairs of mini years all together and these are one of the last pairs that I made so there are a couple of bits and tweaks that I could make to these that I want to make to the to these but I think so far so good have had a few people asking me where I got them from a few people complimented me on them even the ones that I wore in Hollywood studios yesterday we had the monsters University ones and we had the Toy Story bosom woody ones I really wanted to meet Buzz and Woody yesterday because I wanted to show them my ears but we didn’t get a chance to do that but we’re definitely going back to Hollywood studios and I want to wear those because I want them to see those now we’re gonna head to Finding Nemo and then we are gonna do the river rapids which I really can’t wait for because with this sticky heat and this humidity I really feel like I’m ready to get soaked head to toe I will take these off though because the feathers and things are too delicate for me to take on to the river rapids just lurking in the back of me all the time like a shadow yowling he’s making sure she doesn’t drop the camera that’s all the valuable piece of cake we wanted to say dinosaur is actually identical to Indiana Jones in LA it’s just a dip it’s just a ride in a Jeep which is quite jerk it even takes you through experience obviously this takes you through a dinosaur experience and that takes you through obviously India like with boulders and snakes and things but well worth it and well worth even if you’re in standby and you don’t get a fast pass for it it’s it’s a well worth it right today I don’t want to get home then we’re going out for dinner up we’re on our way out of Animal Kingdom we just done the river rapids gokhale River up in which are great fun but I my kids are obviously a little bit too excited there Shalini and Shivan was trying to get in the shot where is he there he is arias fooling funny faces we were gonna

stay here till the evening and do the rivers of light but we’ve decided to come back on another day which we were gonna do anyway and take that in on another night because I’ve got a real craving for Thai food today we love Thai food it’s my face mask Indians have been nothing beats Indian food hands down for me but Thai food is definitely the second on my list so when we visited Orlando and we did our road trip around Florida in 2013 we went to a restaurant with Thai tarney in Orlando and a pony there’s a couple there’s one quite near where our villa is as well in Davenport so we are going to Shiv him you can’t pull the camera darling so we are going to try that one get our fixer of Thai food and then we’re gonna definitely come back to Animal Kingdom it would have been great if we could have done flight of passage the Sun is really right it would have been great because of jump like a passage on our way out of the park and we could have shown you pandora lit up at night but we promise to bring that to you in another vlog we’re definitely gonna do a neat new here because we’ve got the Tree of Life as well to do we’ve done the Finding Nemo Musical as well actually which Shivan reckons is the best one but he seems so far and we’ve seen a few now have a week so if you can see right now that’s the Tree of Life behind me there which is an amazing amazing experience apparently we’ve definitely got to do that I have seen it on some other videos before so that’s something we’re really looking forward to doing on one of the nights when we return but for now I’m gonna check out of Animal Kingdom and definitely to return on another day but so far so good and absolutely loving our stay here in Orlando and we’re definitely loving the Disney parks and I love Animal Kingdom